The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 10-10 liLYTHKVlLU! (AKK.) COUUllOK NKWS Will Not Raise Cotton Margins New York Exchange Says Increase Would Destroy Liquidity IVJPl — WASH TUBES How It Fits NEW YORK, Mar. 13. The Neiv York Cotton Board of Malingers IMS notified economic stabilizer Chester Bowles that it will not raise the refliirlemonts for futures trading, contending dial nny lurthcr iiicrens would destroy the market's liquidity. Bowles niKt Price Administrator Porter last week requested the New York, New Orleans and Chicago markets raise margins as a means to curb speculation. Imply Ing that if Die action was not taken voluntarily. the government might initiate the step. Interest in the cotton margin- questioned has become intensified since Sen. Elmer Thomas, o., yesterday advised the three exchanges to ignore the. threat b\ OPA to regulate the requirements Thomas, in telegrams to the three exchanges, .said "there can be b" one reason for the recent domain of OPA and that Is to beat dowr the price of cotton." Exchange officials, it was understood, feel that the present rates. which were raised in January, have not had sufficient time to be tested, but indicated a desire to discuss the question further with government officials, and to explain its reasons for not raising the rates at this time. Current margins are S10 a bale nt Chicago, S15 a bale at New Orleans and $20 a bale at New York. ^Tlic New Yolk rate advances $5 ~B bale for each one-cent advance in price. Under the government proposal margins would rise $10 a bale for each cent advance. Based on 26-cent, cotton, the rale would be $30 n bate compared with the present requirement of S20 a bale. Th c New Orleans Cotton Exchange Board, it was reported, has also declined the request for higher margins, and is .seeking :m opportunity to discuss the question further at Washington. Chicago exchange officials also voted to do nothing at the margin question at this time, it was understood. ro MISHTV, \ BaiE'/E ANV FACT'S i HWP THAT CONFLICTED WlfH VCU FIMP / HAL'S 30LKIET / MIS MURPER PROVEP HE WAS RIGHT! 1!Y LESI.1U TUUN10H f NO,,. AMP IF HE WERE THE ACCOMPLICE WH0 ESrtf*D THE POtlCE TBflR WIN WA* HE NEVER SEEN ASAIK *. COPS HAD NO PKCRIPTlON CF HIM, SO HE DIPNT HAVE TO HIDE J...ANP WHS' THE FDNERBL FOR HIM HERE. A WEEK OR SO LATgR '. SUT IF-JIR0ME WOMEN THE OTHER. ACCOMPLICE , TUB ONE KILLED ftND NEVER IDENTIFIED- AND IF 1 ACCEPItP HALS MORI mSTEAPffMLKS, THINGS N TO A\AK& SENSE ' Plane Will Bear Glennon To U.S. Need FcjfclfrS. Spy System Will 3e Revealed Soon, Editor Soys House Members Decide Against Retirement Pay WASHINGTON, Mnrcll 13. (UP> —House members have decided it is easier to face old nf;c without pensions than the November elections with them. They voted. 217 lo llfi, late yes-' tci-day to side-track a bill which would have cut them in on the Civil Service retirement program. And as far as its author, Rep. Carl Vinson, D., Ga., was concerned, the ^ whole idea is dead "for n long, long • time." "It just doesn't look as if tlic House members will ever want to approve a retirement plan," he said. He attributed death of his bill, at least partly, to the fact that it came up "too close to election." Rep. Adolph Sabatli. D., 111., was less subtle. He said bluntly that House members voted against the bill because "too many wern afraid their opponents this Fall would use it against them.'' Vinson's bill would have allowed the law-makers to participate in (1 Olvil Service contributory retirement program. It would be entirely voluntary. To be eligible for a pension, a law-maker would have had to be 55 years old. retired, and have contributed $2,500 to the retirement fund. High Mass Of Requiem Held For Cardinal At Mullingar Cathedral By l>Ol!GI,AS La CHANCE MUUJNGAR. Eire. Mnrcli 13 (UP)—Eire paid a last formal tribute today to John Joseph Cardina Glennon of St. IjOUis with a ht£l mass of requiem in Mullingar Cathedral. President Scan O'Kclly of Eire Premier Eanion Devalera, three car dinals recently elevated to the sa crcd college with the late cardi nal, and the diplomatic corps joinet hundreds of Irish peasants for tin memorial to Ireland's native son. Later today a military escort will take the coffin to Shnnno Airfield for a flight back to St. Louis Cardinal Glennon will !>c buried i) the SI. Louis Cathedral, in a cry]) he designed. Peasants began arriving at th twin-towered Mullingar Cathedra more than ati hour before the mas began at 11:30 a.m. (5:30 a.m. EST Many arrived in two-wheeled fan carts. The cathedral square was crowd ed with vehicles long before th service. All Mullinsnr shops \vei closed dining the morning. Shut ter.s on private houses were close as a mourning sign. At 10:30 a.m. Bernard Cardin; Griffin of London, Norman Car dinal Gllroy of Sydney and Jame Charles Cardina! McGulgan of To ronlo arrived at (he cathedral fro Dublin. They had silent the nigl as guests of President O'Kclly When he arrived at Dublin la night. Cardinal McGuigan praised the late cardinal as "one of the great Irishmen and churchmen of all times." "In the history of the United States he was one of tlie great citizens," the cardinal said. "He possessed great, personality, fervent religion and an eloquent tongue that nfluenccd Catholic life not only of :iis -own country and Ireland, but of English-speaking Canada and the whole English-speaking world." The Rev. Peter Doyle, a nephew of Cardinal Glemion, died yesterday in Dublin. He went to Rome as part of his uncle's entourage and l.v NEA Service NEW YORK, Mar. 13. INEA1 — Vorld War II did not end at Helms r in Tokyo Hay and the United states should develop anil main- ain a xvorlci-wide espionage nel- vork for its own protection In the ion-shooting phase of the Intermi- t Kurope they can only look to Russia—and we wouldn't want a I3Ul- Hiirlii In the lirltlsh Isles." :). support, a strong peacetime Army. Navy and Air Forces and a powerful National Guard. •t. Stop gasping abiiul Russian spies in Canada anil yet our own IHtl. JAMKS WHITE Executor. Reki, Kvrnrd A: Roy, Attorneys for Executor. MOT1CI! OF ritOBATK Ol' WILL Notice Is hereby given that the ast will and testament of Den Uteh- nond was probated ill common fcnin >y the Probate Court of the Clilvkn- iuwbu District nf Mississippi Cium- ly. Arkansas, on the Mm day ol February, 191(3. An appeal Iicm such probate can be effected only by filing n petition, stating the grounds or such appeal, with this court, within six (6) months from the date of tills notice. Witness my hand and seal this 'J5th day of February, 1946. T. W. 1'OITEH, Clerk of said court. Held, Kviard As Roy, Attorneys for Kxecutor, Don't Say Bread Say • • • -— ional conflict now raging I spies mi the Job. That assertion was made to 200 5. cii'i bi'hlnd the United Millions ncmbcr.s of the New York Lions i —never mind whether H functions -lub by Boyd Lewis. Executive Edl- tu c.ene Tunney's pasture or the .or of NKA Service, Inc.. and (or- Hunter girls' gymnasium, but got :ner war correspondent who coyer- " ~ ' cd the peace conference at Reims. "If you have been .shocked to dis- NOTICK OF ADMINISTRATION Oi l-'ebruary as, 10-10. letters tes- taiiK'ntory upon (lie estate of lien Hii'lunoiui. Deceased, were grantet I" 1 the iintierstBned. James White whose address is No. «8 West Asl Klrevl, lllythevllle, Arkansas. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit I lie same (o the, executor, properly authenticated, within six months troin the date of the lirst pnbllca- ti»n of this notice, or they will be forever burred and precluded from any liriu-lll;, in such estate. Dated this 25lh day of Kcbriuiry, cover that the Russians spied OH lanarta and the United States, you will shortly be very more shocked to learn definite details of what the Nazi spy ring discovered about our top military and political secrets." Lewis said. "The detailed, documented story of German espionage has been obtained by NEA Service from Stockholm and will appear in American newspapers starting next Monday. It should shock Washington to the core. "We learn, for example, that the Germans in March. 1045, cleared through their spy nest in Stockholm specifications of the American jet plane, the Shooting Star, and that soon after the Yalta Conference they knew what the rest of us did not learn until alter the peace at Reims—how far Russia was permitted to advance into Germany." Lewis, who covered the battles of Antwerp, the Vosgcs and the Bulge as a front-line reporter, urged the cjub members adopt the following "what-I-can-do-to-a void- anothcr-shooting-war" nrogram: LET CONGKKSS KNOW 1. Take an intevcsi In world affairs and let your Congressman know how you feel about issues. "They're ordina-y men like we are and will not raise to the occasion if we don't," he said. 2. Get behind that loan to Bri- , tain. "If we don't befriend western i it functioning somewhere. ti. Stop worrying about who was caught with his punts down at Pearl Harbor and hitch up our own HART'S Bread CAUTIOM: UM wily M lewis described the v-1 and rocket attack upon Antwerp, where lie spent three weeks in the early winter of 19-1-!. sis a preview of the \viir of the future. "When they start shooting again, the war which correspondents covered last time will look like 'Cowboys and Indians.' " the .speaker asserted. "Correspondents won't RO out to cover front lines. Thc front lines wlil be right here and all ol us will be the casualties. New Yorn will be the Antwerp of any future rocket war." Read Courier News Want Ads, fvti r Rcici Courier News Want Ads. THE BEAUTY CLXNIC MARGARET DEKN SMITH ETHEL GOODNER GEORGIA LEE WALLS became ill upon his return. The 49-year-old priest died during an operation. WARNING ORI>FR In tdc Cliuncpry Court, Chickn- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkrtiis:is, J. w. Aklns Plaintiff, vs. No. 9501 Elfn Lcc Akins Defendant The defendant EIJa Lee Akins ib hcrchy warned to appear within thirty clays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the comyilnlnt of the plaintiff J. W Dated this G day of March. 1946 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Preida O'Neal.' D. C. H. G. Par-Mow. Ally. lor Pltf. Gene E. Bradley, Atty. ad Litcm. 3:6-13-20-2' FOR SALE 300 TONS GOOD ALFALFA HAY 3 Tons D & PL No, 12 $100 per ton 20 Tons D & PL No. 14 $125 per ton All Seeds Cleaned and Ccresan Treated Roseland Gin Co. Roseland, Arkansas LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 South First Street Helps break up cold's local congestion so . . . AWAY GOES COUGH'S TIGHTNESS IUil> I'cnctro on chilrl'a chest, throat, bark—.vour child feels quick relief. Thiil's becniisi' Pcnulrn activates flow ol rich, reel bloot! (whun npplit-<l with inassnjjc) which la-ings v/urmtiiE* comfort to t hroal. chest nnd hnclt. Chest muscle soreness is enscd, and pain nt nerve ends in skin is relieved. And as I'enctro's medicated vapors penelrateuppcr breathing passages, phlegm is 1 oose IK; rt, ctmHhlnf; lessened,your child brcnlhos easier. Penelro nets fast for its specially prrpjired mutton siicl base melts instnntly \vhpn nppltcd to ])ody. Thc whole family will like Pcne- tro, We. double supply .Me. Uc sum to demand PENETRO For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CAM, Dr. W. A. Taylor VKTEKINAK1AN I Specialize in T All Forms of Swamp Fever Day lime— I'honc 484 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co. Night t'honc— 2138 Como Hotel. K. Main St. Refrigeration Service! Phone 415 We hove an Expert- Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; also Electric Motor Service. We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main St, Blytheville, Ark. FOR RENT ... Frozen Food Lockers Equipped to Cure Your Hams, Bacon, Shoulders, Sausage A Complete Meal Curing and Storing Service FROZEN FOODS Phone 2602 Main at 21st Street Be on the safe side—don't let the lack of accessories keep you from u playing ball" with food production. Better check up on chains, grease guns, filter elements and other accessories so you can "stay in the game." Ii you need supplies, come in and see us. We wani to help you "PLAY SAFE1" Headquarters for Genuine IH Paris DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blvth.vilU, Ark. A Natural AM fw Rheumatism Arthritis Neuritis Don't neglect what ni»y seem to be a trivial ache or pain and allow a M- rluus ailment, to develop. Make the palatable Mountain Valley Mineral Water your "ounce at prevention" against stiffened Joints, stabbing nerves or aching mtu- cks, • Phone for a' case today. .... - ••-.•' rtOUNTAIN VALLEY MINERAL WATER From Hot Spring* JU*. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main * Division, BljthnOI*, Alt DC wise-BE ax tarty Bird once R MOW New circuits to carr/ the load on Long Distance... In 1938 there were n little less than 3 million long distance calls every day in the United Stales. In 1942 there were 4 million. Now, more than 5jx> million cnlls crowd the wires every 24 hours. Some of these cnlls nrc delayed, but building and installation of new circuits ami equipment (held up by the war) is beginning now to cntch up with the increased volume of calls. Delayed calls will become fewer as this new equipment begins its job of bringing you belter and faster long distance service. SOUTHWESTERN BEll 1 E I E P H O N E COMPANY Bring It In Before 9 a.m.! Well Have It Ready 's New 8-Hour Cleaning Service Hundreds of People are daily taking advantage of Our Sensational Dry Cleaning Service! Any garment brought into Our Store be- for 9 o'clock in the morning for Dry Cleaning will be Ready for You by 5 p. m.. SAME DAY! Just Think Men! You can bring in Your Suit—or Your Wife's Dress—on the way to work ahd pick it up on the way home at night: ,': : and you Pay NO PREMIUM for This Service. HUDSON CLEANER 320 West Main St. CLOTHIER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR Phone 2612

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