The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 20
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 20

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 20
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•'. L - -!.• .-I 1 . f-' •'-t ->' "-;- v .-• y *,- t' -* --*- 1. - ' < " i 1 -.' L.M I r - i P . \ J'.T I I - r < 'L - * '' -\ CALI F J f. THURSDAY^ .---;--- ••;- vv fv.t;! - ••{•••./•'• ><>*. *. •-. .v •. ;#*.r&&^>^ Av<V'^>:U^^ v >;•;-, .'v .'•; ,;^'. ^).y)V- '? ' • :•-• •'".•.-,.;.,--. ,.-..- -,.;•,-• ,:. ^r," l - 1 . : V, .,';•" !•", -- i '<*' --..:- V •' -, \ L - j \. /-= '* ~\ >v - - v. , : v, • - .. --?••• ,.:'- '.t .",- :,', • ,%*' • '- v ,- ' •."-'.- -:---•, -V .*; i: ^ /. *'- -i -• v '' -. ,-,'. ''..'"•• .-•••* 1 V s .-, -- •-,, *•;-.:'-.• /:/.. •- \ . -• •/;•••'—•- -•>.;- > - • v. • . <, -, -. -vv . i. i' - 1 ' * • -» i '- f r -* i LEGAL NOTICES **+^+++*+*^itil**+*^^^ ORDINANCE No. 312 AN ORIMNANC12 OP TJIfflI COUNT IT OF KBRN. STATIC OF CAMTOTl- \"1A APOPTtNO A LAND uSM PIM'N. WKINO A DTSTIIICTINO PLAN AH A PART OK THW MASTER PI-AN 01"* HA1D COUNT); SPKCIFV1 NO TT1K PUI V'<>£ ?S AND THIS KI'-TKCTS OP fHJB ADOPTION OF SAID PuAN WHBRBHV VARIOUS DISTIUCTS ARK KSTAHUSIIKD IN HA1D COUNTY; Sl'Kf'lKTlNa THIS OF I.ANP AND OF PRHM1TTKP IN HAtn THirTS: KHTABMSJIINU TAIN" HBIMHT UM1TS rtAlP OISTIlirTS; TU«J „,„„„ v'FlHTAIN YAHDS AND OTH15U MPKN SPAC'KM WITHIN 8 AID DISTHH'TS: I'ltlWlUBINn RI'IOl 'CATION'S FOH TIIK \Nh MAINTKNANi'F. OK I\'«iS STKnnTKKS AN'D OTHKK IMPIIOVIOMKNTK IN THAT PKHMITS SHAM, Ml cKItTAIN nr SI is. .s'ntrc ClinVKMKN'TS SAID PIH- Till*; HK- CKUTAIN A N 1 M - TMK I.AN1-; A N I * AND OF nri'iN'iN'i TMI: TKHMH ni:i;i:iN. SPI^'IKYINM TIIK rrnrnK P-UI TIIK AMI MKVI IIKIIK"I'\ AND PHF.H' 1 I\'»J PKNAI.TIKS FOll TMK I.AT1MN UK ANY OF TIIK I'KO- V1HM »NH LHQAL NOTICES ^^^Ji^^^^^. ^^r^^^^^^^^^^^* for the County, which plan t« In tho of preparation by the Plan.. Commission pi j rattan t to tho provisions of law and In Roeorrtancfl with tho Instruction* of the Hoard of Super* visors. Owing to tho territorial extent nf the County and tno diversity of conditions nnd Interests therein and to tho careful studios and analyson made by the Planning Commis- of all facts having a bearing upon the determining of a comprohon- nlvo I^nnd tTno Plan for tho County, considerable time will be required for the completion of fluid T*and Tine Plan. Hnlrt Hoard of Rnpf-rvlsors hereby finds that tho 'ftuhllc. Interest, y, convenience and welfare re.- thnt n« rnpldty an portions of T,niifl Ps* Plan shall he completed tho name Nhould hn wdoptod mid put Info full force and effect, nnd declares ItH Intention HO to with the consideration nnd ndnpilon. In the manner provided by i if Mich portions of sain* I*and Plan SECTION 7. KFFECT OF ESTABLISHMENT OF DISTRICTS hereinafter olherwlne LttOAL NOTICB9 In [it NH <u) H nd n.nvr nor ) nrdnli, SECTION Hoard "f Supervisors of the f'ounty nf Krrn Hintn of rallfornla. UN follow^. ADOPTION Or LAND USE PLAN herohv nrlofitf'l ti I*nnd n purl of the Ma»ler I'Inn of ' 'fill- a IIM No I. Ml Id I UK "hull MM "xMltiK hulldliiK Hhnll he , iilternl, adflcd to "r enlarged nhall any Innd, hulldlnK or f»pM l>« tjned, d'-Mlnned ^ir Intruded to IK* lined for utiv purpone or in nuy niunnrtr other thnn In Included nmonn DIP linen luM'Mniif inr llstoii aw hfruilfted In the dlwlrlrt In which tiulldlritr. Innd or preinl'ieft 1 for IH Pin n rij- i.f th" County of KITH. Htal*' l.,rniii. Mild l.nud I'He Pino bi-liiK ! j|.«i rirf IHK Plan UK provided by ht-v. SECTION ? PURPOSE OF ADOPTION OF LAND USE PLAN .Sit id IJind T-u. pliin IH "'I"!" 1 ."" 1 ' 0 promote ami pinte--t Hie public iioiillii. t af'-i v. [M ii''' . rnornlit, rmnfort, ron - vrnU-n'ri- n IH! ^fneral welfn n> H nd MM- arrrimpllKhmenl thereof ftdoptfl Jiin'.Tu: olb.-r pnrtl'-nlarly purpnf'OH. lo wit In providing a for I be anil r«« - nf ihn i 'oiinly plllll I Mm rharii''tf*r and and Mconoinlc Htiihlllly "f , rr-Htdonl Inl, rommcl'i nnd other ureiin ullhln nnil in iiN!Mire the orderly 11 fl('Vf'l"pl'l'-lit of fill I'll HI' To nbvlate Mi" menact- t" .• Niifi-M re-Milt INK from UP nf biilhltMK". nnd the UMI-M nf Innd. ndjiu-eiit lo h u nd i T'» County nnd tognld« !" th'- fuHif' Kf. jir-rrn-rla ?!'•'. with 'i Tr f h i N'o hullillnir "hall t." nrerted, rei-nnntr tiffed nr utriirl lira! I y altered In fxr'iMM) In height the limit lierrjln- nftrr defdKuatiMl ff»r t>i*. dlHtrlot In ivhlfh Hiirh htllldlnr; IK lorn ted. if* No hulldlnp: vhnll br "fM uop n hul I iiuy exlnt Ing hu ltd luff filteri-d. added to, itnlnrKed or rebuilt^ nor whftll any open HPHOHH Hiirrmind- InR anv hulldtnff he encroached upon or reduced In HIIV ninnii«r, except In • •ufifonnlly tn the yard, building «!'" areii aii'l l.ulldlnif location reKul«llon« hereinafter deH|«nated for Ihe dlmrlct ID wlilr-h niirlj hullrllfiK () r '»pi*n Hpacn In InPii ted. cdi N'o \ard nr other "pen Mpann provided ahoiit unv I MI lid Ing for the »t cKiiiplvlnif «, Ith th" pro of t blH ordlnnnci. nhull be con«ld'Ti»d MM providing a, \iird or ripen npn»'i» for it ny ot her tiiilldtntt. and nc VH I'd or other open Hpace on f>ne !<d Hhitlt tie coriNblerr-d tin pro e for 11 and ihn tfon mid v I d I rig M yard or open Npa linlldlni,: «n nny other lot. SECTION 0; A.I DISTRICTS \11 DM- iitilttforporaled Icrrltory ()H. f'tHiiitv nlil'b I" ii"t liK'lin under the tenon of thlM otdliiam-e, any other dlfdrlct IN hereby nnted nnd cliiMitlflcil UK A 1 of In whb'h n rr n purl of the Street Hltfhwit) Pliin of the MstHcr Pliin "f the f'ouii! v, or ivbb b nrr Impru Unit In Hii'-h murmur UH to with or on OF LAND nf !Mr territory nil or nntin lotorfc-ri'in n live traffic f aid blubwny'. SECTION 3. NATURB USE PLAN Snul J.nnd I *ne I'lun rr «"stn»>nnhmi-nt of vnrloi v/Itliln tb** unliM-nrpornted the ' 'ount * within Monie, of ivbb'h It "hull be lawful, nnd within «uini. nil 4ir none "f which It Hlmll b« unlawful I" ereci. ronstruct. alter i.r maintain rerlntn btilldliiKH «r r-nrry on rt-rtaln lindi-M or i.r t'n enndiifl ''-rliiln IIHI-H of land und nr of bulldliuCM ntid/or within v h;.-h On- h.-lKhl and bulk of fulwro li,il»*t1iiK« Hhnll be limited nnO/nr ,, n bin ^ bl'-h c*-!-'u I n open npii'-i'H •hull lie M-Mulred nbout fiilum bulhl- i nn»dHl linf. fill'MU'C. of up rr|.' nhi I Ion-- tn h-» <-nf 01 < ed <urb dlf.ii l«-tn. nil n-t net ftirtb In i tT'l I nn in r SECTION 4. DISTRICTS 1,1. lift <(i Id dlntrldn ni'o an fol to wll Non-Urhnn Orotip. •*1r!rlN. All the llllllH-or- i.-rt M«T> .if thn i 'ounly not In nn\ i-Mi-'r tltMlrli l. ii .suhurbaii AK'Icuttural It 1 \ '• I-.l 1 \ l\!-l I I l: i Community Group. I H Ml i tr-lft: < Hie Kimilly II:' H t i;i I U (H-nl in! I'M) U i 1 'MM'- 'i( 1,1 IF,! 1 ilPlr I 'IMl I'MM l.'t- I »!"( I Ir'lM T« o Family Il«»«ldnn- Klnilteil Multiple Itonl- . tienernl Multiple Hn«l- ] l H'.II I.-IH: Iteialf f M 1 I.llMll M 1 t al lrni<rul UeaW In(Uintrln) SECTION ft. COMBINING nnQULATIONB In fnltlitinn I" Mm rnri>K"litK di < .-rtfiln iMimulnliiK M'KuhHi"HM nn % en i H hi tidied UK f el (or)h In I MM ordlli uii'-f, "nld oiunhtninn; rt-K'iln I h»nn lifdti ah fdllnwn. in Mil A AicrliMill in al I ' *<-' U: Ill^lnviiy fr-iiiiiiKM H^Kuliil l-un. IiulldliiK HHe Area 8KCT10N «B, GOLDEN STATE HIGHWAY Mi*- following districts lire herr-hy nlilli'herl, Ini-ludliiK therein, r^ftpf' 1 - tlvi'ly. all UIOMO pnrtlniiH of (lie unlit- corpoial"d tt-rrltory r»f the County lyliiK t" ' ween (tie fol In wlntf denrrlbed ilnillH and wllhln HIM fnllnvvliiK sped- fled dlMlnn--oft from the rxterh.r boun- dnrloH of thai- rnnd nr blKbvvay mm- monly linown IIM (loldf-n Htate lH(?h- uny and nf ((olden Mtaln Avenue, lie- li>K <'nilfornln Hlul" HlKhwny Houle Number Kotir. UN d"Sl|f tinted by tlie I'lvlMlnn nf lllKhwayn nf Ihn Jtepnrt menl nf Pulillr Wnrhn of the Hlriln of ('nllforidn: t l-'toin Mo- H<)H(hei!y boumlnry "f the 'Mty of liolnno to an OHM! nnd Tvent line drawn Munich u polnl on the. wr'Htfi ly hound a i y of I ho rUrhl nf \vn y of nit Id hlK n wii \ , whlrh point 1't nun thnnKd nd i 1 1)00 f f eol onrMiei h' from Mie in it I hi'i I v I n MI ndary of the i IK lit of way of PrrU I MM A \ Mine. Mcl'in land. HIM! v 11 hln n d lulu IP n nf M x hundred (CiOfll ffi'l finni th«i eXti-rlnr holio- dni \fn nt the r l|(bt of way of MU Id bljthwnv 'Mi IMIHi nidi- Mn'i'mif: A-l-M : dlnlrl.-l '.!. l''rnTn un t-iiM uiul w-iil llni. drawn thmujf h n pnlnt on tlm u rtit«-rl v I mini - ilaiv nl' Miv rlKhl nf \vay iff nald hl){h wa.v, wh I' h pntn I In nn« t hmtHn ml (loom (MI-I imrMn-rIv froni Mm nnrMi- fi'h I an nullify nf Ihe rlKbt nf way <>f I'tM Icln*. Avenue. Mr l^arland to tbn iM-rtheily houndnry of PerliliiM A\e- ntii', Mri''arti»nd, nnd wllhln n rlhtlanre of mm hundred fifty flliO) fret from tlm eTlerlnr hmindnrU-H nf Mn< rlwht of way of unld bl|?b \va v on ea*-b tddn thereof ('.;• -H iilhtrlrt .'I Kt nm an emit and xvewl line drawn MirmiKh a ptdnt on t b*' « »( 1 ei I v bnun - t he i l^ht nf M ii) nf rm Id \\ bleb pnlnt IH nm 1 tlmuNand iiMilh''r!y frnm lb» nnrth- it y «-f MM- t U:lil "f wa y of Avenue, Mr|''ai land, In the boundary nf Pi»rhlni Ave- I'arlaml, HIM) within a dl'dtnn-o huiMlreil lltOO) |'eet frnm the hnundarlf'n of MI Id biff nn fitrh nlde thereof. <MI ept [\\ff t ft" MI nil Mint pni I U ni of fiald I en Itory Mpp'-IMtnll\ In.•hided, under the lertiin "f Mil*, nrdlnan'-t'. tu any nlhi-i Irl.-l A 1 M dbilrlcl. I. l-'t "m the Mini brt I v Imunilarv of Ihi' rinbt nf M» Km land. In under tho terms of thin ordlnartoe, any other district 1 M-1-H dintrlct, . 13. Krom tho WflBtorly and oast or! V prolongflilon of the southerly, lino of Iy>f. 24, CftHa t,oma Acres, a« recorded In M, M. fl at pftffo fl8, In tho office of tho County Recorder of said County, to tho northerly boundary of T. 88 »., H, 28 1C., M, D. M., and within a dlH- tance of «lx hundred (800) feet from tho exterior boundaries of mild hlfh- wn,y on each side thereof: M-l-II oifl* tricl. U, From the northerly houndftry of T. 32 H,. U, a» M.. M. V. M. to the northerly boundary of ihe Hanchrt OriHtao, and within a distance of six hundred fflOQ) feet from the exterior boiindarleM of eald highway on each side thereof: A-MI rtlHtrlnt, 15. Krom the northerly boundary of the nanrho rrawtac to the noutherly boundary of the County, and wltiiln a distance of wlx hundred ((JOO) feet from thn exterior boundaries of Bald highway on oaoh elde thereof, nnd, In addition thereto, fill territory within view of nnld highway; A-I-II rtlw- frlot. 8ECTION 11, DEFINfTlONS Kor tho purpose of thlu ordinance oerlaln terms used heroin are defined nn follows; All word» tined In the present tertMO Hhall Iticlude the future.; «,|| wordH In tho plural nutnhor Khali Include tho wlriKular mimhor and all words In the MriKiilar number nhall Innludo the plural number; untesH tho rintura) con- fit ruction of t>i« wordlntr Indlcalos otherwlno, Tho word "lot" Includen the word "plot"; tho word "hulldlnn:" IM!«H thn word "utruoiure" and word "Hhall" IH mandatory and riot dlroftorv. The. word "County" Hhall ni'-an tho County of Knrn, ntatn of California; tho words "Ttoard of 8u* pdrvlnorw" Hhall mean tho JJoard of HttpervlHorn of thn County of ICern, Htnto of California; thn wordH "Planning CnmmlHSlon" nhull mean the fVmnty Planning rjommlcMlon of the County of Kern, Htnte of California; nnd th't wordn "County boundary" nhull mean thn boundnry of the County of Kern, Htale of California, und /or the boundary of any Incorporated tnitntr'lpallty within ftald County. Agriculture! The tilling of tbn soil. the ruining of omps, IiorM'-ulturn, nmnlt MvcMtoflt furnilriKi dairying and/or animal bunbandrv, lm!ludlng all unon e.ufttoninrlly Ineldental thnrnto hut 'hiding hlaiighter houHen, for- yardn. bonn yards or plantn for thn redueilon of nnlmiil matter or any other InduMtrlal unn which IN ntmllarly ohlertlonable bofausn of odor, MtnoU':, nr fum^N. Any puhll' 1 thoroughfare, not thirty CUK feet In width, use of pedffttrlHiiH and/or of vehicles whlrh afford* only n .secondary incuiiM of ncfts'jM to abutting property/ Apartment; A room or milte of two or morn rootim wlilch la deHlKnod for, Intended for and/or ocruplod by ono faintly dnliif? Itc cot Court -L or Let* list each bo more sticceed- nhall he living Allayi ecfl for th thoroln. Hotmc l^wulllng, i dm v ID hliih w nv rl\ imrt herl t HIM 1 , Ml nf ^ t Apjirtinent Hroup. Apartment Multiple Automohlla Cnrnpi hand m which IN unnd or Intended lo be lined, Inl or renlcit for O'-cupaiicy by ratnp- em traveling hy nutomolitfc or other* wlnrt, or for oi-cupjuii'v liy or of trnilisro or movable dwdiingH, roomn or /tloep- IDH (imirtern nf any Iilnd. Automobile Courtt A group of two building'* con tul nl UK Ktiewt rooms and or apar'nuuilN provided In ron- nertloii thM'ewllh, wlilch Krotip IH designed. Intended and/or unnd primarily fnr Mn' KccnmmnilatInn of aulmmddl') t ra\ *'ler?(, Including groups dRHlguated tin auin raldiiM, motur Indtc^i, and by filmllar dc.-dKnat IOIIM. Automobile Wrecklngj Sen Junk Yard Onitftmont: A Htnry partly unrlnr K round and having at leaat oue-ltalf «f tin h<MKh< aho\ «• Ki'f'dc A i nni Hhall hr cmint i<d an a Htory If the verllnil dlHlnure from K> ude lo tb« I'MMiiK I" over flv« feet nr If used for tiiiHlht'Hfi pnrpnHCH or If n««*d for dwHlltj;; purpoheH by other than a Innlior or dnmi'iiMc NerynnlH employed In t hr. Mfiinn bulldliiK, liK'llidIlitf the family nf the fianx 1 . Blank! That proper ty abutting on nf n utrnel und lying between iieareHt InterHert Ing or Inte.r- or nearewt InterHecting Ntroetn und railroad rl«hl of way, canal i l^ui tif way or ttiihuhdh Idetl acreaK n - Oulldlnpi Any fttrudiiro hitvlng n I onf Hllpporli'il by rnluinitH Ulld'Of by wall?) nii'l Intended fnr the nbelter, hnufdng and/nr rnclontirn of any per • nun. an] i nut nr rbattel. Wbeii any portlnn thereof IN completely wparated l frmn nv*.ry olh*-r portion tnemof by a | niHMonrv dlvl/dnn or fire wall without iin\ \\ Indow, dnur or other i»tienlng therein, which wall exlendn from the LBQAL NOTICES any of said districts with which any combining regulations are combined. The term "C district" shall mean any CM. or 0-2 district or any of said districts with which%ny comhlnlng regulations are combined, The term "M district" shall mean any M-1 or M-3 district or any of said districts with which any combining regulations are combined, District, More Restricted Restricted! In the following district shall be deemed to restricted than tho district Ing It wnd each diHtrict deemed to he lens restricted than the district preceedlng 11; K-l, tl-2, 11*3, n-4, O-J, C-2, M-1 anrl M-2. Dwfllllno, One*Pamllyt A detached building designed for and/or occupied exclusively by ono family. DweKIno, Two-Fsmllyi A detached building designed for and/or occupied exclusively by two families Independently of each othnr. Dwelling, Multiple! A building or portion thereof used and/or designed us a residence for three or more fatnt- lle* living Independently of-each other, and doing their own cooking In satd building, Including apartment houiien, apartment hoteln and flats, but not including automobile courts. Dwelling Group! A group of two or rnorn detached or semi-detached one- family, two-family or multiple dwellings occupying a parcel of land In ono ownership and having any yard or court In common, Including houno courts and apartment courts, but not Including automobile courts. Fumllyj One or moro persons occupying a premises and living an a single housekeeping unit, us distinguished from a group occupying a ho- tol, club, fraternity or sorority house. A family nhs.ll bo dofmnd to Include ner'osnnry servants. Front Wall* Tho wnll of the building or other structure nearest tho street upon which tho building faces, but excluding certain architectural features' an Hpedfled In thin ordinance. Oarage, Private! An accessory building for only tho ntorago of wclf- propettnd vehicles. Q«rao«. Public: Any premises, ex- rept fhoso herein defined as a private or Mtorngo garagrt, used for the stor- iind/or r-nrn of self-propelled vein or wheru any such vehicles are equipped for operation or repair, or kept for rfturnnerattoM, him or salo. Q«r«ge, Storagei Any promises, «x- oepl thosn herein defined as a private garage, used exclusively for the storage nf seir-propelled vehlHcH, Grndet 1. Kor bulldtngH adjoining one street only, tbn elevation of the sidewalk at tho center of that wall adjoining Ihe ntreet. ^ 2. Kor bulldlngn adjoining moro than one Ntrent, Huj uvuragn of the wleva- tloiiH of the nldewalkn at the center!! of all walls adjoining wlrents. 3. I'^or bulldlngN having no wall ad- Joining the street, the average level of the finished surface of the ground adjacent tn tbn exterior walln of tho UttOAU NOTICES term "placed" a* ufced t Jri the definition of "outdoor advertising sign" and iall LKQAU NOttO-36 • L ^ ^^^ m ^ j i_ j ^^L ^^_ ^^^ ^^^L .>• ^^^^^ ^^^t ^""^^"^l^^a^'^B^'^l'''^^'^'''^^^^^^"""^"""""'^"""""^"""""'^""""^^"""'^^'""^^'' Hne nor within a jilstitnce of fifty LBQAL, NOTICES LBOAU -'i. - parallol (5) foot ho con- In to Inho I I miit nhto tlm (\vo • 1 ihrtlv liiMinilurv of ' Inl ; ' j" M1 of IVrhlim Avntiui*. I 1 * ''"'i 11 I1R • •••^•^••K| J.T K run ml to tlm miper mi r face, of roof al c\i'iy point, (hen each «urh portlnn Hlmll |>o dpemod to be a aniif tiulldlMK Dulldlng, Acoetiory; A Miihnnl UHM of which hi Ini'ldeniiil Unit of a ttmln building on the name I'M an> Inl upon which IN located building which IN Inrl- »f (tin ilKhl Spf'lal IIMC. M Of f'llt' wnv of IVrUliin Avcmue,!" "»«*"K any Uillldlnir which IN In n th* noitbriiv boundary I' 1 "! 1 , ul J" lh " «T»ndu<-||nK »'f uny MR of \vity ,.f Sherwood Ave- ' OUMuml IIH " "hull he deemed lo b» md. ami within rt mmuih-e "'ll''"/.".'''*' '^H^tfr SECTION fi OF r:STAOLIt»MMI oiarnicTs NT of pfilH t lif>n«of me h"I'eh> *'••; fur itH MIC d<"<l)t ntt M»ii>' hoiindjtiU"i tl>i>re<if titt In n t |»>MM crl In "« -H t l"t?(t. inul t ftirlh and . *>h. tllld i-lh«t' M'lll *ll nil ru'O, i-U'"h nf \vhl< h ?, deMKTtrttrd l»v tin 1 ntiMiln-i' by M l>'tli>r (»r l^lli-i 1 "f 'h It TH| In M»-f I |n in* 'l t V,t , ''h, fi< -'I IrlllC nf I t|l'< lif.llnil lli'O w hi. h <it IK i M-. Mnli- In i S Of till!' r<tlli'\vi'd ml l t'JU'lj "!l t I'd «.f -r u "f the iil|thiiln4i I' 1 Ifljt, 101. and nlhi- "tdlnitnrn. t-ifh ni \ t •if rl IN ih"d(;niH In' f and In I r-rt II.IMI nf (hlii hli'h fthiT HOC i h<< nuinhcr to IrtfiT nt U'MiMH nf the ij, s MI. Kli ami i»1 her i . i d t UK in'*' , «>u»' h nf iii \r i\t<t<\K i MI I I'd "f nnti'd h\ IP! I iM 1 01 nf li riff ^ a iid «-ji |.>- a i I MM "f n \\\t< t tuin t'f nnd dlwIrl'Mn ^:,.,-i|i.n ''. Hn. Nh nlhcf N»"'(iiAii'' nf IhlM ni'dlnn in 1 !-, h't'h nllier ..... Iliinu |. t tho nntnhi'i- '• fnlinw let in * nf ihe alpha ho ( i-m. niup^ t" vnvloii" ft-cii! mil 1 H mill {•"•'f i IntiM I d, 1 MU / nf I MM 01 til n oihm <hi- tninil.- i in H of ihn tiei-tloiuil dl",(rl.-1 M the d'»Mn nn 1 inns. rlfN ni t'l'Maln nf nntpfi and till nn taiU»nM. refni t'lifc.'i, iiata and tdher In i )rm »hnw n t h«t rmi nr»» hrreh v a purl of iliU' nrdlnuncn tiM<-i>rlalnl y i-xIfiM itt in n nf anv of lln> iifnr 1 1st rJctfi IIM dri«i'i I hod as afnrf'Mald on r>nld "i'"Unnnl dtnt rl-'l lollou (UK r\ilrn wnull appl «lx '"l"i t n loMer nf I' whl.-ti «4 iind •«/i!'l h!n>w nld t . tho \Vljor I HHI 1 1 da i m* HI In *tr*»rl ;iUev i u-*h (hi ultd nlley rdmll Hitch cnnntrn<'d to in U«l a Whero f4>n mi-h me as mi; i oxlnvit^lv fnlUnvlnu 'h lot linen nhnll h* nonnt to ho such botmdnrli'N (c) In uni»\lbrtlvldert pi upn I y •whern n dlfitrlct boundary rtl\ idr lot, the location of any mu-h tmunttHt -v. •inlf.'-H the nume In tndlrnt*<l '•>• d). nionnlonH Hhown nn t>nld HiM-ilonai <UH- UictM nmpx, Hhall lie d.'tel ininnl t.y Mlf UHt» of IllO HCUle KppPtirtllK nn Ntirh illHtrh'tH ma ph. (d) In CMiwe further nnrpnainly ox- the IMannlng Coinml»*«loi\. \ipnn written applloutlun ur upon UH own motion. Hhiill ("lotonnlno iho Inout Ion of Much boundaries. Tho Suctions of thin nnlttuinro Mftttinsr forth and Indlcatlntr the clmig- natloni. lorntlonn and honiuhirli>n of nny of th« ftforpwald dlHtrlotp whleh am IMHU> H port of thu m-- ut ttu- tlnio of ih** 01 i«inai adoption thnreul conhtltuto thi» •ionf than compl*t.«rJ of n ^o hensive Lunrl U«# or District inn hundred (lOOt f.-««t from the bouiiilnty of the iluht nf wny h luh wit v nn Ihn n r»H erly r.hle M- I dliilM.-l. I'min the h.nil hiM ly boundary nf il«hl nf WMV nf I'l-rliluM Avnnuo, n r hind, tn t he nnrt herl v hiMindn ry nf the rlRht nf \\-\\\ nf Nher\vood Ave' nu.'. McKniliind, und wllhln n dlntance nf nun hundred MO(U feet from the c \ 11-1 lor IH »n mint \ tif t hn i U;hl nf way "f MM hi Mrh wnv on tho eiuilerlv Md'n thei .--.r ,\\- :> dbiirh'l 11 l-ioin Hn« >inutht<il\ linundtilv f»f the rlHht of \\t\\ nf Htlr'rw I Avenue, Mi I tirhind, l.) ihe northerly lioumhiiy "f Sec 10. T, I!'' S . It. 1!7 I'*.. M |>.M , nnd \\lthht n dlHtnucn of -d> humlreil net from the ex tei lor boun "f Ihn i IwM of \\ ll V of Mild i »>n fa. h nldn thereof A I II dlHirtct. Mm northerly boumlarv of T. 2!* N - K '!7 K.. M 1> \\ , in tb-\ niirtbei'ly biMiudinv of the I'llv "f IliilterHflehl. and wllhln a dlntunro "t inn- hnndn d lift v ( 1MM feet f t oni tin- .-\t K r tor hnnndartpM of hiilil high"«> J».'Ii hide thereof: M 1 u ,T| H t rh l **• l-'roin the northerly hnundurv ' ll T ?:» H , u. ^; in . \t i» M' . not lhcrl\ houndarv of the i Ml y •i>f|«>ld. Mini \\ltliln u dtntuiiiM* li'imlt e,| ,f,0(H {,-,.( from Ihe ex boundnr'i'H of nu Id hlKtuvHv i 'dilo thereof, e^.-eitltiiK Ihmefrom nil thM( pnrtlon ,»f r m ld terrllmv nper- lfl« ally In. holed, under the teruui nf lhln oiiiinau.-e. In nn\ oiher M V II dlNtrlct . " Ii>( "tu Ihe fioUlherlV butindMI'V of ihe cily of huUrrnflfld, al I'lillfornla Avi'inie. d. the Montheilv line of ) ,ol ti, l.onia A'TeN. UN i IM «i iied In M ni pane ,ns in Hi.* ,,rrii-,, of tio» - Ho nrdei uf f.ahl i 'ounl> . nnd n dlwiitme of nit- hundi < 11'iM fei-t finni the "f f.atd hlKhwiiy on t bei enf : 1 ' y diMi 1 l-'rnm Ihe Mnulbeilv Unn of Lot ii l.oma ACM-:., .,., mronled at niiftn "IS. In !),,• nff'l 1 \ Itp'-ni dei of 1,,-t-d i 'onnti In Ihe tnuitlmrlv line of l.i.i ;M ,>f ..,,) CH/UI l.nnm Ai'reM. und viMhln >.\ dl»- tunre or fluei* hundred nlm<t\ four t.MMl feet ftoin the exterior bmimiai v of Mild hUthwny on tt»e pusini Iv iddn thereof H 1 A dlrii let 11 I'Vnm the won t herb boundary ot tho rlKhl-of wu> of rirundHfie Ijtne to the wt'MiM'ly prolimiiallnn of (he Houtherh line of l.nt -J4, CHMU l.omu Arre«, UN rernidt'd In M ilS. in the nffli e nf the i-urdnr nf K.itd fount y, dlHtum'e of iine hu ndl'ed feut from thn exluilor bnuiidaf> »ald hlKbway on the wrntrtrlv I * . f « t | A . h . . • * .* hertHif. < -U- HII hulldlu« upon Uu- nf tn of nf on ll ll :i ''bi ''" Bulldlnp. Mnln: A building In which U conducted tbn principal UNO of thn lot upon which It In nltunled. In 'H" or "A" hlwtrlct any dwelling bo deemed to be a main the lot upon whlrh the name In « a led. Bununlow Court: Men House Court; H. iiwi'llinjr Uroup. ESunlnea* or Commaroat Thn purchase, nale 01- other trannnctlnn In- Vii|vln«r tho handling ( ir dlHponlllon (ban manufacture, reduction or tbtn) nf any artldn, nubHtunce or rommoilltv for pnd'lt or tlvidllmnd. lifludhirf. In addition, office ImlblluRH "ff1c«n. Kara«eH, liiundrlen, lumber yardH, on i door atl vert Inl MK H!ITIIN and nuldoor nd vert |N!MK Mtructuie», auto- imthllo I'ampM, automobile cnurtfi, rec- rmit lomil and amusement en lei prln^M '•omiuctHd for profit, and cmnmerdnl *'\''a\atln,; nf hulldlng i.r rnnMruotlon maierlalN, hm not luchidlnu Jtinli yardN, UN defined In thin ordinance. Cant»r Llnei The center Uun nf a street, n., referred to in thlh ordinance, v.huil menu thn center linn 'hereof UM e.,t.ibllwbed by tho (Bounty Surveyor of Ihr County .M* by thn Pity ICtiRlneer of any o {| y v |,hh, (he i• ounly or liy the HtAte IMvUInn of Ml|;b\\iiyN nf (he Oepartmetit of I'vih II.* \\orh^ ( ,f tho Htntn of California If no mich center Hue ha* been en taldlNhed. Die center linn of a »treet "hall he M linn lylnjr midway between the Nbh, linen of the right of way thereof; provided, however, that (f a part width rl«ht of way anv portion of any ntreet "•/ line f,, r HU ,, h j,,xrt.width n Hhall be determined b> iirolo ••entiM- Ittir'i on each Nlde of Jjai-t width portion juimllel to the wide "f nui-h part-width portion. In t- 1 " 1 l" which the fnregofiu; defl- '"•t iippllcnlde. the IMantiliig h'li ."Imll dtndnnnin (be center 4. All WM.HH approxtmatelj to and nol morn than five from the ntreet lino Hhnll sldered JIH adjoining the Quest Room: A room whir tended, arrangeil or dnHlgne occupied »-«r whlrh IH occupied by one or morn KUOHI«, but not Including dnrmltorlcH for Bleeping pnrponnn. of Dulldlng: Thn vertlral from tho average level of tho and lowfftt point of that portion of thn lot covered by tho bulld- _ to the rolling nf thn topmont wtory. Home Occupatloni Any use tMintom- urlly cotuliK-led entirely within a dwelling nnd carrlc-d on by thn Inhabitants thereof, v hh-h UNO IH clearly IMC I dent n I and necnndary to tbn use of the dwelling for dwelling ami donri not change, tho thereof. PUnlrN, howpllaln, barber beauty purlorH and animal hoH- nhnll not b« dnomod to be homo OCC\lpHttf)MH. Houne Courtt A group of two (2) nr morn dwelling;* on thn name lot, whether dntuched or In connected rowH. ' hnvlng a Heparate utitNldr en- tranro on the ground floor level for earn family unit of nur.h group. Hotftli Any building or portion '•obtaining six (tt) or more rnnniH iiKed, dnnlgned or In- tn he iiHitd. let or hired out to he occupied, or whlrh nro occupied by wlx '(I*) or morn gimntn, whether the ronipeiiHntlon for hire he paid directly or Indirectly In money, goodn. merrhatidlne, labor or other- Inrludlng lodging and rooming , dor ml tori en. bachelor hoteln, hhidlo holeln, public and private rlulm, and nny mich building of any nature whatnonvr MO occupied, dentgned or Intended lo be occupied, except Jalln, any Inn IN, nanltarlumn, or- prlnuMH, detention homcH, and other Hlttilhir bnlldlngn. Junk Yardej Tho unn of moro than two hundred (i!00> nfjuaro foot of thn urea of any lot or of nny portion of thai half of any lot, but not exceeding a depth or width, an tho cane may bo. of one hundred (100) font, which half adjolnn any Htrnet, for tho of—junk, Including aiirap me- or other ncrap material, and/or 'outdoor advertising ntruclure" s inelude erecting 1 , constructing, post piilnUnfc prlntlnff, tacking, nail n» L gluftlnif, sticking, carving or otherwinc fasfdnlnir, affixing or mftkinff visible In any manner whatsoever. . ." Outdoor AdvsrtUIno Stcuetufat Any fctructure of any kind or character erected or maintained for outdoor advertising purposes, upon which any outdoor advertising sign 'may- be placed, including also outdoor advertising statuary* Small Livestock Fsrmlno* The raising and/or keeping of • more than twenty-four fowl of any kind and/or twenty-four rrfhbiw or twenty-four sirnllar animals or any goats, sheep or. similar livestock; or tho raising and/or keeping for commercial purposes of any cats or dogs; provided that tho term "Bmall livestock farm- Ing" as used In this ordlnanco shall not Include hog farming, dairying or tho raising and/or keeping of horses, mules, or similar livestock an determined by Ihe Planning Commission. Storyi That portion of a building included between the Hurface of any floor and tho surface of the next floor above It, or If there 1« no floor above It, then the space between tho floor and t.ho celling next above tt. Story, Half! A Htory with ut least two (2) opposite exterior si don meet- Ing a sloping roof not moro than two (2) f«ct above the floor of such story. Street; A public or private thorough- faro which affords tho principal means of accenH to abutting property, Including avenue, place, way, drive, lane, boulevard, highway, road and any other thoroughfare except an alloy as defined heroin. Street Line: Tbo boundary between a street and abutting property. Structure-. Anything constructed or orerted, the use of which roqulroH location on tho ground or attachment to something having location on the ground. Structural Alterations: Any change In tho supporting member*) of a build- Ing, Huch as bearing walls, columns, beams or girders. Use: The purpose for which land or prcmlHflB or a building thereon IH designed, arranged or Intended or for which It IB or may bo occupied or maintained, LUe, Accessory: A u«o Incidental and aocesHory to tho principal uso of a lot or a building located on the name lot in the accessory UHO. Any agricultural UBO In any "U" rtlutrlct or In any "A" district shall bn deemed to be an accessory UBO to tho use for residence purpose of tho lot on which Miu-h agricultural UHO lw conducted. Yard: An open space other than u court on the* Name lot with a building, which open Hpnco IH unoccupied and unobstructed from the ground upward, except UH otherwlHO provldcd.ln Hectlon 27 of (hln ordlnanco. In measuring a yard, an hereinafter provided, tho lino of a building Hhall bn deemed to mean a line parallel to tho nearest lot lino drawn through tho point of a building or tho point of a dwelling group nearest to such lot linn, exclusive of the respective arch I too turn 1 features enu- mtirtitcd In Section 27 of this ordinance as not to bn considered in measuring yard dimensions or as being permitted to extend Into any front or roar yard. Yard, Front: A yard ex turn! Ing across tho front of tho lot between tho Inner sldo yard lines and measured from tho front line of tho lot tu the nearest lino of the building; provided, however, that If any Official Han Lino is established for the street upon which tho lot faces or If any future width lino Is specified therefor by the provisions of this ordlnum-R. then mu-h measurement shall ho taken from such Official TMan I,lne or such future width line to the nearest lino of the building. Yard. Rear: A yard extending across tho full width of tho lot and measured hot ween tho rear lino of the lot ami the iionreHt lino of the building. Yard, Side: A yard between the Hide lino of thn lot and thn neareHt lino of the building and extending frtfcin tho front Urns of the lot lo (ho rear yard. SECTION 12. A-1 0) feet from any r ... IV. The conditions under which cows, goats or fowl are kept shall be subject to the approval of the County Health Officer. (b) Bulfdino H«!ght Llmltt . Two and one-half (3tt> stories but not exceeding thlrty-rlvo (8B) feet in height, (c) Bultdino dlte Area Requlredi Each one-family dwelling, together with Its accessory buildings, hereafter erected, shall be located on a building site in one ownership having an area of not loss than flvo thousand (5000) square'feet; provided, however, that any parcel of land having an area of less than fjvo thousand (5000) square feot, (I) which parcel was under ono ownership at the'time of the adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining land, or (II) which parcel Includes not less than one (1) ontlro lot us shown on any subdivision map which was recorded In tho office of the County Recorder of tho County prior to the adoption of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not less than three thousand aovon hundred fifty (3760) square feot, or (III) which parcel Is shown an a lot on any subdivision map which may hereafter bo recorded In the office of sAld County Recorder after approval of said map by tho Board qf Supervisors.*in tho manner prescribed by law, may bo used an a building'site for one (1) ono-famlly dwelling by tho owner of such parcel of land or by his successor In interest, provided that all other regulation*) for tho district, as proscribed In this ordinance, shall bo compiled with; provided, further, that In lieu of tho foregoing building-site area regulations In any R-l district In which there are also applied tho regulations of any "B" district under the provisions of this ordinance, each one-family dwelling with Its aocessory buildings hereafter erected shall bo located on a building site In. ono ownership having an area, not less than that specified for. such "13" district. In no case, however, shall there bo more than ono (1) dwelling on any one (1) lot. (d) Front Yard Required: Iluch lot shall have a front yard not lean than twenty-five (25) feet in depth except as otherwise specified for any "n" district In which such lot may bo located; provided, however, that In case a building lino for the street upon which any lot faces In established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master TMan of tho County or IB epeclfled by tho provisions of this ordinance, then tho front yard on such lot nhall have a depth of not less than the distance from (he street lino specified for such building line. (e) Side Yards Required: Kuril lot, except UH otherwise specified for any "B" district In which such lot is located, shall have side yards each having a width of not less than five (B) foot; provided, however. au follows: I. On any parcel of land having an average width of less than fifty (50) feet, (I) which parcel was under one ownership at tho time of tho adoption of thla ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining land, or (II) which parcel included not letm tha'n (1) entire lot aa shown ou any subdivision map which was recorded In tho office of the County Recorder of tho County prior to the adoption of this ordinance und which parcel has an average width of not less than thirty- seven and one-half (37H> feet, or (III) which parcel Is shown UN a lot on any uubdlvlalon map which may hereafter bo recorded In the office of said County Recorder nfter ap- a depth of feet, iiot> as hereinafter groups. conducted except the use agricultural purposes, so kt- A *«A that- tns. REGULATIONS FOR DISTRICTS Tho following rpgulatlonn Bhall upply In all A-1 dlHtrlctH and fdiall bo nub- Joct to tho provision*) of iSoctlon 27 of thin ordinance; (a) Uflea Permitted; All UHOH not otherwise prohibited by law; provided, however, that none of tho following UHOH Hhnll be established In any A-1 district unlcHB and until. In anv Huch CIIHO, a UNO permit, an provided In Hertlon 33 of this ordlnanco, ehall first, have boon socurod for mtch for tho dlHinnntllnn or "wrerkhiR" of nutomnhlloK or othnr vehlrloa or machinery; provided, however, thai tht« definition shall not bo doomed to Include any cn«o of any of tho furpRo- \MK UBWI which IH aroen«ory. and Innl- dnutnl to any nRrlcultural UUP. Loti Land oooupled or to he oro\iplnd hy a hutldliiR and HM arcPH«ory build- or by a dwolHiiK t?roui> and Hn build lup, toRctncr with 1 t th J' i"ne», liny C i.ltlnn tho por- in thn n In of i.r more court c-ertu in H '( ut p ARl . County Hi.- iul wllhln n twent j'ther bulM f 1 the tin- of to l-'rom tin* « ( .uth«Mly boundary rlKht'Uf way of limndnifo'e Wt'Hterly pndouguttou nf hi'ily line of Uut -;4. Cima l-mnu n. nit recnnlcU In M. \\ .t u( in the offU-i. i.f tbp Coiint> corder of t.ald rounty, nnd wMbln a dlnlanc* (tf t.l\ hundred i Hum fiom the e\iprUn lmiiiid;ny ».f nn (h. u«>ln|) ;.|iir Mi- Un-iefrom ill! thai unrilon of ',aiit inriltifi'v rt)>ni'iflcu)l,v included Ceurti An ..pen, iimviMiplpd npnce, than u >nrd. on the .Maine lot a bntldlMK or huHdlfiRH and whlcb h- bnunded OM i wo •v MU.-b bi)lhtlM B nr t'i|F th« opiMi fipuc.i | n or cmiri apartment provitlliiK the titiiK. thflreof. Dlitrlrt; 1 A portion of din unlncorpornted of tho County within whlrh \\*m of land, promise* nnd are permitted and certain PH of hiiHl. prcmlneH and me not pnrmltt«il and within which certain yard« nnd other open pg nre required and certain tmlUl- «lte BI-PRS are PNtablUhed and rer- Uln hei UmltH aro DBtahllahml for all n« net forth and spool- In iblH ortllimnce. V. A portion of this unincorporated territory ( >f tlut Oouuty within which «ro applied certain ro«uiationn lUHly- UH ooiubluln« roRulntions u« net hi thin ordinance. term "A district" chall mtmn 1 , \.n or -A district Or uny dlwtrlct* wllh which uny oom- i'0«u lilt (OHM fti-o colubli\»*U, forth any »>f The tern* "H dlMrlat" acrnsiiory Hueh open spaces IIH are required undnr the provisions of (bin urdluancn. having not IPNH than this mtulmuiu area required by thin ordltutncirfor i\ building Hllo lu the district tit which such lot In situated, and having lt« principal frontngo on a street. Lot, Cornert A lot situated at tho Intersection of two or moro streets, or bounded on two or more adjacent eldes by street lines, provided that tho anglo of Intersection ilooH not exceed oMe hundred thlrty-flvo (IM) degroew, and having a width not greater than m-veuiy-flve (7f») feol. Lot, Inaldot A tot other than a corner loti Lot, Keyi Tho fln*t lot to the rear of n corner lot, tho front lino of which It* a continuation of thn n!d« line of the rumor lot, exclusive of Ihe width MI an> alley, and fronting on tho Mi-net which InterHeotH or IntercnntH the Mroot upon which tho corner lot fronlH. Lot Art*! Tho total horizontal area Included wit lit n lot lines, Including one-half (V*> the width, but not to oxrtM'd ton (10) foel, uf any alloy or >orilon thereof abutting uny such lot Ine. Lot Depth t The averngo distance from Iho Hlreol HMO uf tho lol to Itn rear lino muuHunid In the general direction of Iho nldo HMOS of the lot. Lot Frontage) Tlmt dlinoiiHlon of a lot or portion of u lot abutting ou u H(rout, except the nlde of n corner lot. Lot Llnet Thn iinea bounding a lot rtH defined herein. Lol Line, Rcnri Ordinarily, that line of n lot which Is generally opposite tho lot line along the front»ge of mild lot. In any oa*e In which this definition IB not applicable. tht> Planning Commission fhull dtslgnnto tho rear lot linen. Non-Conforming U««t A building or land oivupted by a UHO that doee not conform to the regulations for the district in which It IN situated. One Ownerthlpi Ownership of property (or pONtt*«Nlaii thereof under a coutruot tu pmvhtifco or under a km«f iho term of whlc.h is not leuw than ten yearn) hy a pemon or pennons, firm, ouvuoratlan or partnership, Individ* ualfy, Jointly, In common or lu any other man tier whereby such property in under single or unified control Tho term "owner'* shall be Ueomt-tl to mean Ou parson, firm, corporation or pai'tuemhtp oxeiv" u** herein defined. Outdoor Advertising Sign; Any card, oloOi, paper, metal, painted, wooden, planter, Mono, or other of MM.V kind or character whiitsoevei fur outdoor advertising pur- on Iho jtfuuud or on HM>' t roe, 1. Any use sought to be established within a distance of one-half (H) mll« from any dwelling- for which UNO a uso permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, Is required for tho establishment of tjuch use in any M-2 district. 2. Any Junk yard sought to bo established within a distance of cue- half <"S4*» mile from any dwelling. 3. Cemetery, crematory, niRiisoleiim or any other placo for tho burial or other disposal of thn human dead, or any addition thereto. (b) Additional Regulations! No building Hhall hereafter bo erected, nor shall any use of land ba conducted except tho use of land for agricultural purposes so that tho namo will bo closer to tho right of way lino of any street than any Official Plan Une or any building line which IH established for such Mroot by tho Htreet nnd Highway Plan, or section thereof, of thn Master TMan of the (.'ounly, or than any future width line or building lino which Is specified therefor by tho provisions of this ordinance. proval of said map by the Hoard of, Supervisors In the manner prescribed by law, the width of each sldo yard may bo reduced to ten (10) per cent of th« width of such parcel, hut in no case Khali the width of any Huch sldo yard be IOKS than three (3) feet. 2. Ono-famlly dwellings on adjoining lotw may be built to the common lot line between such lots upon approval by tho Planning Commission of plans therefor and In CIVKO a width equivalent to tho width hereinbefore required for tho side yard thus occupied on each such lot be added to iho width pf tho other side- yard on tho eame lot. 3. On a corner lot adjacent, to a key lot tho side yard ou the street flldo of such corner lot shall have a width In addition to that hereinbefore specified. 80 that tho total width of such Ride yard shall bo equal to not less than forty (40) per cent of tho front yard depth required for tho lots to the rear of such corner lot. to a maximum width of ten (10) feot for such Bldo yard, provided, however, that this regulation shall not ho no applied as to reduce tho bulldable width, after providing the required interior aide yard, of any such corner lot to less than twenty (20) feet. 4. In case a dwelling Is so located on a lot that the front or rear thereof faces any side lot line, such dwelling Hhall bo not less than twenty-five (25) feot from such lot line. (f) Rear Yard Required: Each lot shall have a roar yard of a depth equal to not less than twenty (20) per cent of tho depth of the lot, to a maximum required depth of twenty-five (26) feet for such rear „ (20). main building on the same lot, estcept an hereinafter specified for d-weltlng groups. (h) Dwelling Orouptt ' The following additional:regulations shall apply to Dwelling Groups: (A) In case the buildings of the groiip aro so located on the lot that tho rear of ihe building: which faces the street Is faced by the front of a building to the roar, et seq. (I. e., In a "front to back" series), no such building shall bo closer than twenty (20) feet to nny othor such building. (B) In case the buildings of the group are HO located on the lot that the rears theroof abut upon ono sldo yard and the fronts thereof abut upon the other side yard (I. e., In a. single row "side to side" series), the side yard to the rears thereof Bhall have a width of not less thrip seven (7) feet, and tho side yard to tho fronts thereof shall havo a width of not less than twolvo (13) feet. (C) In case the buildings of the group aro no located on'the lot that tho rears thereof abut ,upon either side yard and the fronts thereof face a court (I. e., In a double row "side to wide" series), each side yard shall have a width of not less than seven (7> feot and the court, shall have a width of not less than twenty (20) feet. (D) No building shall be so located on tho lot that the rear thereof abuts on any street lino. (K) In no caso shall any building of the group bo closer to nny other building of the group than a distance of ten (10) feet. (F) Kftch lot upon which n dwelling group IB constructed shall have a rear yard of a depth of not less than ten (10) feet; provided, however, that there may bo deducted from ouch width u portion of the width of any street, alloy or park upon which- such rear yard abuts to an extent not exceeding one-half (W the width thereof and not exceeding five (fi) feet. SECTIQN 17. REGULATIONS FOR R.4 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all R-4 districts and shall bo subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance; (a) Uses Permitted; 1. All uses permitted In R-l districts, without regard to the securing of a use permit for any such uso. 2. Two-family dwellings, multiple dwellings and dwelling groups, .1. Hotels. 4. Clubs, lodges and fraternity and sorority bouses. B. Museums not operated for profit. 0. In an apartment houso designed, constructed and/or xised for twenty- four (24) or more families or In tt hotel designed, constructed and/or used for fifty (50) or more guest rooinn, there may be conducted a business incidental thereto for tho convenience of the occupanto and the guests thereof; provided that there shall be »io entrance to such business except from tho Inside of the building In which tho same IB located, and that the floor area used for business purposes shall not exceed twenty-five (26) per cent of the ground floor area of such building, and provided, further, that no street frontage of any such building shall bo used for any auch business and that no sign shall bo exhibited on the outside of any such building In connection with such seotibn thereof, of the Master an of wi t e County, or than line or building line which f led therefor by the .-. provtaloni business. 7. Tho following uses, subject to the securing of a use permit-In each case, us provided In Section 33 of this ordinance: (A) Hospitals, rest homes, sanltnrl- UMIH, clinics, and other buildings used for the treatment of human ailments. (Ill Philanthropic und charitable institutions. (C) Automobile courts and automobile camps. (b) Front, Side and Rear Yards Required: Same as specified /or R-8 districts; provided, that for any building of moro than two (2) stories In height, the width herein required for each side yarfl shall bo increased by one (1) foot for each ptory by which the height of such building exceeds twp (2) stories. SECTION 18, REGULATIONS FOR C-1 DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall apply In all C-1 districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted: 1. All uses permitted in any "R" district, without regard to the securing of any uso permit, except that in spec of this ordinance. SECTION 19. REGULATIONS rO» C-2 DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall Ply In all C*2 districts and shall subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted* 1. All uses permitted In any "K 1 district. 2. All uses permitted In C-1 districts without regard to any limitations specified "In this ordinance for such uses in said C-1 districts and without regard to the securing of any use permit for any such use. 8. All other uses not otherwise prohibited by law, except tho following: Animal hospital Automobile assembly Building materials yard Carpet cleaning Chemical laboratory Contractor's yard Cooperage works Dray Ing- terminal Electric welding Electroplating Feed or fuel yard, distributing or storage • Fruit canning or packing Junk yards, except as otherwise provided In this section Machine shop Manufacture of: clothing, cosmetics, feed, furniture, macaroni or shoos Paint mixing Poultry or rabbit raising, slaughter or live storage Stone cutting or polishing, excopt a^ an accessory to a jewlcr's shop Storage elevator Tinsmith shop Truck storage, service or repair Uses excluded from M-1 districts by tho terms of this ordinance. 4. Junk yards only when conducted entirely within a building completely enclosed on all sides or when entirely enclosed within a fence approved uy the Planning Commission. 6. The use of power-driven machln* ery Incidental to any of tho UBCS permitted In said C-2 district. I n>) Yards Required: Non? except: 1. Every building or portion thereof which Is designed, Intended and/or used for any purpose -permitted In R--J districts or for any automobile, court shall comply with the provisions of this ordlnanco as to side yards and rear yards which are required In said R-4 dlAtrlctw, provided that when the ground floor of any such building Is used for any commercial purpose, no side yard shall bo required adjacent to a street line. 2. .Them shall be a side yard along, the Bide of every lot In a C-2 district which side Is bordering on property In any "R" district, which side yard shall bo of a width not loss than tho width of a side yard as required ti> R-4 districts. There Bhall be a rear yard on the rear of every lot In a C-2 district which rear is bordering on property In any "R" diHtrict. which rear yard shall be of a depth equal to not less than twice tho width of a alilo yard as required In R-4 districts. 3. No building shall hereafter be erected, nor shall any use of land t*» conducted except the uso of land for agricultural purposes, BO that the same will bo closer to the right of way line of any street than nny Official Plan "Line or nny building lino which IB established for such street by the Street nnd Highway Plan, or section thereof, of the Master Plan of tho County, or than any future width line or building line which Is specified therefor by the provisions of this or- dlnanco. SECTION 13. REGULATIONS FOR A .2 DISTRICTS Tho following regulatlonn flhall apply In all A -2 dlMrlotn and shall bo subject to tho provision;* of .Section 27 of thin ordinance; (a) Uses Permitted; All UHPH not otherwise prohibited hy law; provided, however, that no mm which la not pormitiod In nny R-I dlw- trlct Nhall be established iu any A-2 diHtrict unloHfl and until a u«o permit, as provldnt] In Seotlon 33 of this ordinance, shall first hove boon so- curod for much line. CM Additional Regulation*: All rogulHtlonn specified for dlMHctn whall also apply In all dlHtrlctn. A-l A-3 7 mean j wall, bush, ruck, powl. fence, bvilUHng. SECTION 14. REGULATIONS FOR R.1 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all K-l districts- and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uaea Permitted: I. Onr-famlly dwellings, r. Uolf cournvn and country cluhn. «. Public parlta und public playground*. 4. Crop uud tree farming and truck gardening. "i XUI-NPI IPS and RroonhoiiAeN uiod only for tho propagating and cultivating of plant?*. tf, llmno occupations, provided that tbcrr Mmll bo no rxicrnnl ovklouco of uuy *i|i«h homo occupation o\ropt :i name pinto not oxcoodlrig two (2) fret In Hmn. Accessory buildings ami accessory uses. 5. Schools, libraries and churche*, mibjeci to the securing of n u^o pttr- mlt In oarh rase, nn provided In Section as of this ordinance. !>. Pending residential development, cow«. gouts and fowl may bo kept In any 1U1 district subject to the following limitations: I. There may b» kept not more than one (1) cow or two (2) goats for each one-half (H) acre In area of the parcel of laua on which the wuno aro kept nor moro thnn one hundred (100) fowl for each une^qtiartor (U) acr* In area of tho parcel of land on which tho same ar« kont, II. No OOWH or B OH IB vhall be kept within a dltttH.nct) of two hundred (200) feel from any dwelling other than a dwelling oil tho parcel of land oti which tho name aro kopt nor within n dlrsinneo of fifty (50) feet from any dwcUlug, III. More than twenty-four (24) fowl hhall nol bo k*pt within a SECTION 15. REGULATIONS FOR R-2 DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall apply In all R-2 districts and shall bo subject to the provisions of Section 27 of thla ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted: I, All uses permitted In R-l districts, subjoct to tho securing of a uso permit, ns provided In Section 33 of this ordinnnco, for any use for which a use permit Is required In an R-l district. 2.- Two-family dwellings. Mi) Building Height Limit: Two and one-half (UH) Btorles but not exceeding thirty-five (35) foot in height. . _. (c) Building Site Area Required! Same as specified for R-l districts; provided, however, that there may be not to exceed ono (1) one-family dwelling or ono (I) two-family dwelling on any one (1) lot, except as oth- erwUn provided In Section 27 of this ordinance; and provided, further, that one (1) additional ono-famlly dwelling or two-family dwolllng may be erected for each additional flvo,thou- Hund (ROOO) square, feet of. area by which tho. lot on which such dwelling Is erected exceeds fivo thousand (6000) square feot In area. (d) Front. Side and Rear Yards Required: o as specified for R-l districts. Distance Between Buildings on Same Loti main building shall bo closer thirty (30) feot to any othor main building on the same lot. SECTION 16. REGULATIONS FOR R-3 DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall apply In all R-3 districts and shall be subject to the provlalona of Section U7 of this ordlnanco: (a) Uies Permitted! I. All UHOH permitted In K-l districts, without regard to tho securing of a upo permit for any such use. 3. Two-family dwellings, dvvolllng groups and finis. (b) Building Height Llmlti Three tin dorlo« but not exceeding forty-flvo M5) feet In height, (c) Building Site Area Required; Same ws Bpeclfled for K-l districts. except that there may be more than one (l) dwelling upon ono (t) lot, fd> Front Yard Required! "Each lot ahall have H front yard not less thnn twenty (20) feet In depth except as otherwise specified for any "»" district in which such (e) No than «»iy n \, H-8, U-3 wr H-4 district or Utruotwo or thins whatsoever. Tho ' tanoe uf fifty (50) teot from any «tre«l t lot may be located; provided, howevor, that lu case a building line for the street upon which any lot fac«i Is established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of thu County or U specified by the provl- sionH of this ordinance, then tho front yard on such lot Bhall have a, depth of not test* than the dlatcvnoe ffom the street lino specified for such building line. Side Yard* Required:. . as specified for R-l dlatrlcUi except a*" .hereinafter specified for ng ttroupw, Re*r Yard Required! 1 ' ICach lot nhall have a'v«ar yard of ajiy C-1 district which Is entirely sur- rnuncled by "H" districts or by such districts and the County boundary, a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, shall be required for the establishment of any use for which a UBO permit IH required In U-4 districts. 2. Stores and shops for the conduct of any retail business; automobile service stations for only the sale of gasoline, all and minor accessories; banks; barber shops; beauty parlors; conservatories dressmaking, millinery, shoe and tailor "shops; messenger office*; professional offices; storage garages; studios (except motion picture Htudios): telegraph offices; theaters; and other business UBCH which, in the opinion of the Planning CommlsBlon, are of tho same general character an those enumerated In this sub-section and will not be obnoxious or detrimental to' tho diHtrict in which located. 8. Outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures, except that 110 such UBO apart from a place of business herein permitted shall be permitted In any C-1 district which Is entirely surrounded by "R 1 * districts or by such districts and tho County boundary. 4. Public garages, automobile repair shops, automobile service stations at which general repairing I« done and undertaking establishments; subject In such caso to tho securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance. (b) Yard* Required: None except: 1. JSvery building or portion thereof which Is designed. Intended and/or used for any purpose permitted In U-4 districts or for any automobile court «hall comply with the provisions of this ordinance aa lo rear yards and Hide yards which are required tn R-4 district*; provided, that when the ground floor of any such building Is used for any commercial purpose, no aide yard shall bo required adjacent to a street lino, except as hereinafter In this Bor.tloti provided. 3. In tho cnse of a C-1 district which U entirely surrounded by "R M dldtrlctH or by mich districts and tho County boundary there shall be provided on each lot In that portion of such dint riot which l« located In any cmo blank a yard adjacent to the street bounding such block of a width or depth equal to that required for yards adjacent to iiald street for the remaining property In the aame block; except that on n corner lot In cucli C-1 district which Is adjacent lo a key lot the side yard adjacent to the street shall be of a width equal to not less than one-half of the depth required for front yard* on the lots to the rear of such corner lot. In case any portion of such C*l district occupies the entire frontage of any block there shall be provided adjacent to the street bounding such block a yard of a depth or width equal to that required in the next adjacent block of such surrounding "K" district (or lu the leant restricted of •uch surrounding "H" districts, in case they differ). 3. There shall be a side yard along the side of every lot In a C-1 district which Hide Is bordering on property In any "R" district, which side yard shall bo of a width not leas than the width of a side yard as required In R-4 dl»trlcts, There shall be a rear yard on the rear of every lot In a C-1 district which rear U bordering on property In any "U*' district, whlrh rear yard «hall bn of H depth equal to not l«fc» than twice the width of a »td« yard a* required In R-4 dUtrlct*. 4, No build I nr thall hereafter be '- �� l _ l , •7* ' - H fc V SECTION 20. REGULATIONS FOR M-1 DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall apply In all M-1 districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: Oi) Uses Permitted: 1. Commercial excavating of building or construction materials, subject to tho securing of a use permit tn each case, as provided In Section 38 of this ordinance. 2. All other uses not otherwise pro* hlblted by law, except the following: Raff cleaning Blant furnace Boiler or tank works Central mixing plant for cement/ mortar, plaster or paving materials Coke oven Crematory Curing, tunning or storage of raw hides or skins Distillation of bones, coal or wood Distillation of tar Dumping, disposal, Incineration or reduction of garbage, sewage, offal, dead animals or refuse Fat rendering Forge plant Foundry or metal fabrication plant Hog ranch Junk yard or the baling of rags or Junk, except when conducted entirely within a building completely enclosed on all sides or when entirely enclosed within a fence approved by the Planning Commission. Manufacture of: acetylene: acid; alcohol; alcoholic beverages; ammonia; bleaching powder, chlortn, chemicals, soda or soda compounds; brick, pot-» tery, terra cotta or tile (except handcraft products only); cement, gypsum, Hrm*. plaster of parls; celluloid or py- roxylin (or treatment of same); chewing tobacco for treatment of same); creosote (or treatment of same); dls-,. Infectants; dyes tuffs: emery cloth or sandpaper; exterminators or insect poisons; explosives; flreworko or gunpowder (or storage of same); fortU- ! zer; gin us; glue, size or gelatine; grearie, lard or tallow (manufactured or refined from or of animal fat); Illuminating or heating gas (or storage of same); lamp black: matches; linoleum, oilcloth or oiled products; Unseed oil, paint, oil, shellac, turpentine or varnlah (except mixing); paper or pulp; pickles, eauerkraut or vinegar; potash products; rubber or gutta percha products (or treatment of same); shoddy; shoo polish; soap (other, than liquid soap); starch, glucose or dextrin; stove polish; tar roof- Ing or waterproofing or other tar products; yeast. Pumping, refining or wholesale etor- agn of crude petroleum Slaughtering of animals (exoepV poultry and rabblta) Smelting of tin, copper, alnc, Iron or other ores Kteam power plant Stock yard Stone mill or quarry Sugar refining Wool pulling or scouring All other us«s which, in the opinion of the Planning Commit I on. are similarly objectionable by reason of odor, dust, smoke, gas, noise or vibration, or would Impose hazard to life or property In the neighborhood, fro YarcU Required; Same aa specified for C-2, districts. SECTION 21. REGULATIONS POR M-2 DISTRICTS The following regulations aha.ll apply In all M-3 districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Section. 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uves Permltttdt » All uses not otherwise prohibited by. law; provided, however, that none of the following uses shall be, eitab- lUhed tn any M-8 district unless and until a use permit in each case, as provided tn Section 33 of this ordinance, shall first have been secured* for such use: Distillation of bones Dumping, disposal, incineration or reduction of garbage, sewage, offal, dead animals or refuse Fat rendering Hog- ranch Manufacture of acid, cement. «* plosives or fire works (or etoragt of ham*), g*s, glut, gypaum, Urn* et plaster of parl« Smelting of tin* copper, nine, Iron or other 1- * I L .'

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