The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 19
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if, .Xl t . • * Warning Against Social Security (United Preis Least* Wire) SAN FKANC1SCO, Sept. 24.—Th6 optimism over the nation's recovery las expressed earlier 'waa tempered, by speakers before 4000 members of the American Bankers' Association gathered In convention here today, The members, representing almost all the savings of the people of the country and much of Its Invested monies, heard wttrnlnjfs against per- mlttlnjr social security to become more of a burden than a benefit. Lt-roy A. Lincoln, president ^of the Metropolitan Life- Insurance Company, Said "wo find ourselves quite In accord with the avowed purpose of responsible authority, whether federal or state, In the direction of affecting a measure of social security for the American people." THE ttAKJBR9MELt> CALIFORNIA?*, TttURSlUY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1938 Gity Library Aids Parents on Birth of Child, Report tf OND DU LAC, Wis. ( Sept. 24. •*• When babies are born in Fon<f du Lac, not only are they greeted by happy parents, doctors and family friends but by a representative of the city library aa well. Miss Lctla Janes, staff librarian, explains: "When a new baby is registered, the municipal health officer notifies the library, furnishing the name and address of the parents. We sent out to the mother a list of books on the care of Infants." 'Not only do parents benefit, but potential library customers are secured, Miss Janes admits. STEWfiRT-WflRNER Hear Its Amazing New Copper PHOTO-TONE SPEAKER- ENJOY the whole world's music as you never heard it before! The new Stewkrt- Warner, with massive new Copper PHOTO-TONE Speaker, brings utterly new mellowness and purity to every tone. Beautiful world- range console also has new Shadow Beam Tuner, improved Automatic Bass Compensator, 7 metal tubes, and many other features. Hear it today. Find Benefits in Devalued Moneys (Vnlttd rreti leated Wire) GENEVA, Sept. 24.—The league of Nations' financial committee has reached the conqlusloti that those countries which devalued tholr currencies have reaped greater economic benefits than those who permitted deflation. As a result, an International cam- patgn Is being waged hero for a devaluation of; the currencies of those countries still remaining on the gold standard. Prime among those Is France. The League Issued tho September number of Its bulletin of (statistics, showing that the gold vuluo of the world trade for tho first seven months of 1936 wits 8.2 per cent higher than In tho corresponding period of last year, whllo iho industrial production of many countries In the middle of 1936 largely exceeds that of tho high level or 1929. Johnathan Will Meet Bill Hanson (Continued From Page Seventeen] CAPTAIN OP SHERIFF'S POSSE before and Is a groat man to stir a packed house into u frenzy. Tiny Roebuck, tiio giant Oklahoma Indian Is matched against another perennial masker, a hooded grapplor from the south that Is much hotter that) tho ordinary run of grapple™ Incognito, according to Buck Buchanan. All TIeavlcs These three matches, listed for this evening with tho opener slated for 8:80 o'clock, all Involve heavyweights with poundages running from 290 pounds down to 216 pounds. Bill Hanson is the pee wee of the squad and Roebuck the giant making the scales creak at 290. Sponsors of the matches are the Disabled American Veterans of World Wars, Bakersfleld Chapter No. 20. 4 » > WllKRK D IS AX HONOR SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 24, (U. P.) California schools In addition to teaching the A U Cs are now gradually adding the, Ds. Tho D stands for good aiato driving. All the New Stewart- Warner Radios Are Now on Display $24.95 to $154.95 Terms to Suit You Legal Notices Ivon D. Parker, noted southern California horseman and sportsman and cftptaln of Sheriff Eugene Blsealiu*' famous mounted posse of Los Angeles. Tho group of almost 30 horseman, each beautifully mounted, will bo one of the outstanding features Of tho Bak- oi'Kflold Frontier Days parade October 3. Pershing Accused by Lloyd George Japanese Reject Chinese Protest (Continued From Fngc One) DAVID E. URNER 1925 "Eye" Street Phone 1280 NOTICE OF STOCK ASSESSMENT Name of corporation: Union Avo- nuo Telephone Co. Ixicatlon of principal place of business: Bakersfleld, California. Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the Directors held August 12, 1986, un assessment of five ($G.OO) dollars per share was levied upon the shares of the corporation payable (o tho Secretary, Carrie A. Svvofford, Kt. 2, Box 85-B, Bakersfield, California. Any nhares of stock upon whlrh this aitsnsMmpiit remains unpaid mi October 9. 1936, will ho dollnciuent and unless payment Is made in the' meantime, s.'tki shares shall be sold nt the residence of the Secretary, Carrie A. Swofford, on the 2nd day t>f November, ISIIG, at S p. m. of said day to pay the delinquent ussenKtiient with n five pp.r rent (6%) penalty. CAniUE A. SWOF'FOnt', Secretary. Jit. 2, Box M-B, Biikcrsflelcl, California. Sept. 10, 17. 24; Oct. 1, 8, 1?30. who waa following tho Japanese. Suddenly the Chinese whipped out a pistol, firod repeatedly at the marines and then dashed down a dark alloy, the witness asserted. Tho shooting of tho Japanese. Asa- mltsu Tamlnatos, sixth of his race to be assassinated in China within recent weeks, caused grlm-vlsaged Japanese officers to declare that order must \>« restored. "Drastic measures," perhaps tho landing of more troops, were expected by observers. Troops Kclnforced Japan's 2GOO troops, maintained constantly In Shanghai, wens supplemented by B50 more who arrived on the cruiser Moroto. Word of Tamlnatos' assaatilnatlon brought a prompt response from tho j Japanese naval unit In Shanghai. Soon after Its commander had Issued u htatoinent Haying that "adequate steps" would bo taken to protect Japanese Hfo and property, troops occupied strategic sections of tho .Inpanoso part of tho International no.uiement. where the killing occurred. •4 * » $, $. i INTENTIONS TO WED I Autogiro-Motor Test Successful (AlKoelattit Pren Lratftl Wire.) PHILADBL.PH1A. Sept. 24,—A combination uutoglra and automobile has passed a maker's test SUCCOHH- fully at suburban llorham preparatory to Its being turned'over to tho department of commerce.* Tho ship, designed by A. B. t,ar- son, chief engineer of tho Autoglro Company of America, ls«a little wider and longer than an automobllo and can be placed in an ordinary garage. H wi'lghs 80p pounds. James Hay, vloivprostdont of tho company, mild tho ship wow designed so that Its owner might keep It In his garage, drlvo It to nji airport, tako off, fly to his destination anil drive It right up to tho door. Tho ship ha» a top Kpood of 100 nillos an hour In tho air and 25 to 30 miles on tho road. Hay said iho "readable auloglro" could bo produced In quantity to sell for loss than J2000. Tho original ship will coot tho government $12,500. (VMtd Prem Le«t»t« LONDON, Sept. 24.— -David Lloyd George, Britain's war time prime minister, today accused Qen. John J. Pcrshlng of having rushed "brass hats" to France when tho great need of the Allies was ''doughboys." The criticism of the American wartime commander was made in the fifth volume of Lloyd George's war memoirs In which, in vigorous language. he denied his own policies. Lloyd George complained that when the British army wiw feeling the full force of General Ludcndoff's last drfve, Amurlcnn Infantry was not coming over fnst enough, but staff and headquarters troops were being ae m Instead. - »-*-» Fortune Magazine BannedTby Nippon (.{»»orlatcd Prtut l,fanr<t Wire) TOKIO, Sopt. 24.— The September number of Fortune AlHtmzlnp, published in tho United States, was banned in Japan today boeriimc oftan article which. It was doelnrod, ti'cntNl Kmporor lllrohlto Indelicately. ......... •»«+- " — WAR ON RI.ACK S1MOIUI LONG BEACH, Sept. 24. (A. P.)— Tho city health department Is re- iwmnondtng to hoiifiohold^rs the uno of u sprny of oroosoto solution to exterminate black widow spiders. Resume Picketing as Mediation Fails (ConHnuedJ'rom Page Out) Higher Prices Slit for Walnut to bring peace to the strike-torn Salinas valley lettuce area ran Into brlck-wnU difficulties today with both sides rejecting one of the three points recommended as a basts for a settlement. The question of preferential hiring, which originally precipitated tho walkout of 6000 members of tho \ Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Union while harvest In tho "world's salad bowl" was under way, again proved a stumbling block to conciliation. j Governor Frank F. Men-lam, who j called the conference of representa- { tlves of the Salinas Growers-Ship- j per* 1 Association and tho State Fed- ( oration of Labor, proposed a prefer- j ontlal hiring clause which would j have Included not only the utrlkors j but also tho strikebreakers and othors employed to movo tho "hot" lettuce. Shippers Oppose j Tho federation committee said tho i hiring plan was acceptable to them, i but there was no need of their net- ; Ing on U at tho governor's conference, because tho phlppcr.s were not 1 going to agree to It, ! The shippers group Bold they j lacked authority to give a definite answer to the proposal. The federation committee, while It can make proposals In behalf of tho strikers, cannot ratify an agreement without union approval. MMMfdtorf Prtti Lctutf fflftf '• " 1X38 ANQE1.E8, Sept. 84,— Higher prices for the 1938 tf&lntit crop, animated at the bumper total of 769,877 bags, were set today by the California Walnut drawers Association. Supplies of almost all other nutn Ire reduced this year and their prices considerably Increased, said Cartyle Thorpe, association general manager. Surplus control provisions of the walnut marketing agreement 'Will continue In force, It was announced, diversion payments by the government on nuts shelled or exported being scaled to equal returns on un- shclled walnuts sold In the United States. Largo sizes bearing the diamond brand were given a basic price Of 19H cents a pound .freight paid to eastern destinations. Non-brand walnuts were priced from 13»i to 16 B i cent?. Prices to Pacific Coast and several mountain states were not definitely fixed. Getting Up Nights If you naffer from O«Ulne Up . Nervousness. !*« P«Jn«, Swollan Joint*. rn*iIn«M. Headaches, lx>«» of Pep, Burning. Smarting, Itching Acidity duo to functional Kidney or Bladder trtublis, try tha Doctor'* guaranteed prescription Cyatji (Biai-toi). Must bring njw rltklltr . ?«,V ^ 1 ^^ jewU only )g ft 4o*o M drurtUt*. of Tnfl, urul Kalhryn V. Palmer', 24^ of McKlttrlck. i CI-TN'K-l.Ainn—Clus nine, 2f., and Mary I,, l.titrd, 11', liotli of Arvln. CATHlSy-MoUSMOIUC-.-Urtmon Path- i ' p >', <P. Btid Uora V;. McljCinore. 31, , both of UakcrRfleld. PHILLIPS SCHOOL OF MUSIC All Instruments Reasonable Hates OFFICE: 1512 Nineteenth Phone 1398 »1» £& •>£*• MARTHA NORELIUS, holder of American »nd World's records in long-distance freestyle swimming, member of American Relay Swimming Team at 1932 Olympic gamei. fM AND READ WHAT THESE ATHLETES SAY! M *^ mM LEO SEXTON, a real "hu»ky" and Olympic Shot-Put Champion, tells you: "HUSKJBS—there's the best cereal FTC ustcd in years! They help build muscle, tool" HENRY -HEINIP' MANU5H, the Boston Red Sox .lug. gcr, and "clean-up" man, sayj: «A four«b»»ger-a no- bit *»me-»nd HLTSKIIS-they're what I c»!l Vlafi 1 !" VINCENT RICHARDS, internationally famous tennis star,,declares: "I sure go for HUSKIEJ—they / bare the iwellest cereal flavor I've ever tasted." f Why Huskies "Go For" HUSKIES! T ASTE one spoonful of HUSKIES ... just one . . . and you won't ever want to stop! That's how good HUSKIES are! But these crisp, crunch? flakes of whole wheat have 4 lot more than a brand-new flavor. In every tempting bowlful you get all the food essentials of the whole wheat berry: Iron for blood. Phosphorus and other valuable mineral salts for strong bents and teeth. Carbohydrates for food-vncrgy. Pro- ttlns to help build muscle. Vitamins A, B, E and G, important to good nutrition, No wonder athletes say: "HUSKIES have what it takes!" Start eating HUSKIES today! •&& MORE BOOSTERS FOR HUSKIES iO DON GEORGE F«mewi WrtitUr JANE SHARP F«rtn*r National lndo»r ' t«nnl» Champi«n HARRY HILLMAN Dartmouth Track C«a«h Farmer Olympic Champion JOHNNY REVOLTA F.O A. Oolf Chaatpla* MNMtM. It ourselft Natural Gas Heating Means Rooms Evenly Warmed Throughout HOLD A THERMOMETER in the center of * room heated by a modern type Natural Ga* furnace. Have another thermometer elsewhere in the same room. You'll be amazed at the similarity of temperatures! SUCH EVEN HEAT means winter-long comfort, health, and economy in fuel bills. Be sure to see the new Natural Gas units at once. Choose yours now and be ready for winter ahead of the rush. Prices are low-terms easy. PLOQtt FURNACE See Your Dealer Now! An adrortlsim«m in th« tnt«re»u of Natural GM u»erp an* BpRlt»pc» dealer* b; S»n Jonquln asd Powfr Corporatioo. CENTRALFURNACI iai*

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