The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 13, 1944 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1944
Page 17
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Government Bond* NEW VOUK. Oct. 1:1. <..pi_The ilunna prii-t's of bonds mi the .\e\v Vork Stock Exchaime: Treasury S'-js ;..".-i!i. inc. is. »•>, -"-:,!. n)n. •_•:. 2'j.». ."i 4-.'•:;. 2!»s. .'.n-.'ii;. !':•!•. ca-iM. June, ion.:, 2'..s. (i:i-B4. iiff, mlnr. Hi". I. "'.-s. Td-C.*,. inn.:;. L" 2 N. 7L'-liT. IIKI.K,. NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE SWKIST POTATOES for sale. ___ ^J^yy-^" 0 1 _ KiKht CPtii h. Krautpr'« I tl-5-t f ANMN*; F'KAR.S. SI. 25 n Im; \VatHon- vlllo DolHMouM applpa. $^ ."Hi and $:! R l>n\. Ne \vtun IMppeii n pjiltvi. ?^. i'.'i a hux. 1'. S. No. I Stork ton spuds. $:i. 73 R- hiindfnti. Uotwt Stockton potatoes. $2, 4. r . a Hark. I3ririff own containers for fruit. Opr-n Sundiiys. Knrl Coat's Marknt. H4 North Cht-atcr. 65 \VANTKn T*> Ri;y— Heavy icr hen}, nlso rod fryers 2 '.i to 3 Iba. Apply chof, Unkerafiel;! Jnn Phone fi-595 1 . _ fi4 ATTWNTM >N HOU LTK V Rl EN ! Our Market Is Open We Pay Topa tor fryers and Roasters One Bloo.H We«r nf Ko«t Rakerafkeld Post Office 1106 Kern Street Dial 2-2458 BRADFOKD POULTRif MARliKT _ ______ 76 BUT. SKIA. nr trade, al! kinds or livestock. Phone 2*8022. Roy Johnson. 1 mil* north Pumpkin Onter. ,200 yards cast on Hosklna Koad. _ 68 ro BUV—Hnrses. hoc*, cattle. 1 any Amount. L ArxleiBon, Route 2, Kux i 906. Phunc 2.700ii «« I FOH — Two apan 01 «o<Kl wnrta | marea. one brotKl mure with cntt. Mr I ft Groat. Phone 2-70<trt. _ 7-19'tf ATrCNTION I Blood-leutod baby chlcka. brnodera, poultry auppllra and feed. \V» buy your esan. Chickn <lb hundred. 2219 Union, or tIM T Eighth. Phone 7-7028 or 2-1Mg». 2-l-tt BABY THICKS. $16 per bundled. New Hampahir*- Red«, Rhode Islnnd Reds. Plymouth RocUa. Kock and Red (?rosa. Ne-.v ablpment every Monday order early. Also plenty nr metal feeders fountains and oouhr- medicines Ward'a Farm Stnre 2626 Chestci _ 4-17-tf OFFKHl^G n number ul outntandtng vetr- ling and 2-yeni -old ten tale ted Hereford bulls. A H. Ksrne Phone B-SMiVI. ___ 7.19-tt BABY CHrt'KS started on order. We have colored brnllera. roasting hens. Riverview Hatchery. 115 Koberte t^ane. Phone __3^3||B __ __ IlliliJ FOR SALK — Good Jersey milking row. 5 ypnra "old, priro $100. Frank Jfenaon. 'j:t^ Thu-'i Btrpel. Ruttonwillnw. _ 6_4 NKW XKALAND white rabbits: 6 docs and 1 buc-U and hut clips. $2,V or $3 each. _ 407 \Val?r Hlreot J'honc L'-4i)f>6. ____ 04 ON !•; sorrel quarter horse. 4 years oh], broke tn ridf; one <- year -old bay inure. broke, pen I le for women. Call after 5 _ P , m . ._ 'r_ A^_ Totlon .__ T»h_one__2 -7447. 64 BTK \VING and roasting hons. fryers. young 1 roasters, d rented, delivered. Order before SalurOay. Yountf Jersey While f I mnt hen's, excellent layers; pulletw, T'hone ^-1 1H2. ___ 64 FOR SALK — 15-mnn ihs-old .Terney hclfpr, Bootl milk slock. Phpn^JMi 1 !!U. B4 FOR SAlJO— A-l fresh cow, to ffoort home or dairy. No dealers. On Panama Lane. second house wes. of Kern I s 1 a Tid Road. C. KttjiPj^np^r ____ ______ lift I'OlTR Red Hampshire sows and piga for _* n 1^- Plioiu- Arvin 73. __ fi 8 FOR SALM — One team nf mouse-colored nitilnM with coin plot <> ha r.neHH. Phone 3-^1'SC or Imiuire at H'OU Nilea street__ fi4 ONK milk soat. one single hcd and innrr- viirinx mattrr.^s; prewar. 17 1.1 South M _ street. HouthKulq Tract . _ fi-i FOR SA1J-: — Clood Hoist ein and Guernsey milk cow. Kivitigr atound 4 yallons a day. Prn-c $100. rail ^-:i IN fij TOl'Nc; white New V^uland buck, also 2-con)p;t i 1 1 n lent r a hi) it h niches . 1 f< JO ^Inn terry si reel . fi5 Air Rittlurfmn 39 ;t * Allied <M»»niii-Hl and l»p l."»l U Amprlrnn * nn SO American Koromot ivr L':.''j Amf>riru.i Km), nnil Sul. SHU 1 li AnuTicnn Smaller a nil Kef 4 I -\ Armnran Trl. »ml TP! Ifi: 1 .-* A m i- fit '-a ii TohHrcfi H . 6R 'i- A rtlrrn an \' iwot-e 4."» ' j A mirnmlj! ... 27 \ A riiinur and < 'ompii ny (i' s A trillion, Toppkn A Santa I*V fif ^i Atlantic RcHninK L'K'a Aviation Corporal inn 4 T * Matflwin Locomotive C:i 7 fr HewJix Aviatinn 44 "4 Hot'iiip Airplane 1« HnnJen :U \ Ron* Wnrnpi . 401. 8 BISKRA MamifncturinB 4t\ California Pack L'7 ;: * f'uliimpl & IffM-ln H-V i'unada Dry :tO raiiHdinn P.M-trii- 11 '* t't.q*. (.[. i.) :ifj.' 4 Caiernitlur Traitor 4:1 < '"lanoHp f 'id t>nrn t ion :', 4 '•; f'heHappnk* & Ohio IT 1 * Chrysler - !*."i B n Cnhimhtu «!an «nrl Khntrir 4 : 't Cnimm-n-ial Credit 41! ComriH'ri'i.'il Invest monl TmM IK < Viinniprciat Sol \ on is 1 fi -\ CummomvruIUi Kdisun ~S'"'* i'nmmntiw<>alth * SnuHu-in l.">'lfi * *nn so II da ti't"' KdiHnn . L'.'i ' 'on solida It'll Vnltne 1 7 '4 < "cinla in* 11 ' f 'nrpont t ion . . L'*{ A . H Cmilinentat Oil IM -H 1 * < 'i u\vn ('ork ami SSual * ... 'Hi '* <Yown HpJIerhnrh .. l H 7 f, < 'urtiNH- Writ;lit , .*» 7 -i DmittlHH AiuTafl 7(Mi I>n Pont IV- Nrimmr !,"•(! Kasiern Airliner HW Kant man Kodiik Hifi ; t Klt'ctrir Anlo Light .. * 4. : . Klrwtrir Power and Linhi 4 r 'n CfMeral Foi-dH 4-"4 (Jfiioral Motors »!4 'k ("loodrich .... fil '-j Cuodyrnr The A Rubber 4!t Uryal Nortbt j rn Railroad pfd 40 1 .. (Jrt'VboUTul Corporation li- HnmoBtakn Minim.- 44'* Hniirt Hcrahrv H lti a * hi I* 1 mat ion a 1 Ha I-VC-HUT Si)' j InU'rmU ton.'i 1 Xk'kol < 'an :i" ' j Internal inm ' PHMM- . 1!) InUri.Rtloml T*l. * TM .lohna-Mflnville Uihhry-LHvf PB-Koi (1 iJIans J.oew's. Int..Martin «1 !,.> * Martin Parry j McKfRHnn A* RoblmiN Muiuttnmery Ward | N««h Kelvinatur i National Blwini i Natiuiiiil <';ifb RfRtntrr j .Vummil l^airy I'rodurts Nn l tonal Distiller* Nni lnn;i I Lead j \i»n-n).il Pn\v« j r * Liwht i \f-\v Vnik C.i'ntra( No i th AmpricHii 'Aviation North A merirttn (,'<impapy N'M'ihtM n I'at-1 fie Ohm Oil Packard Motors Pan-A nit*riran A irwn y« Parainonn Pii-iurpf* . Pennsylvania Kailroad PIlillipH Pfllf.lPUIH Public S"'rvl»'<? of NPW Jprsry , Pnllmnn Uad in ('orjiora t ion nf A nitTica Hayonler. Inr-. Rpptihlif Steel Reynolds Tf)l)a«M(i 13 Uii-ht'iHd Oil ShVti I'niiin oil .. ....'.''.. Soctiiiy Vac-uiiin . .. HnnlliM-n Parlfir Southern Railway Sprrry Corpora i ion Stiindard Mrands Standard (law A- Kloctric. $4 pfil. Standard Oil of Calil. Standard Oil of Indiana Siandard Oil of N. J Htudebakpr . T"xaM Company ... Tirlp Watnr AHSo<-|ntpd Oil TrntisHinericH . .... ... Transamerira ft Western Air I'lium Oil nr Calif. Cnion Pacific Cnit''d Air Lines I'tiiltfd Aircraft 1 'tiitPd Corpora lion , t'nitrd (lap Imp. Cniled Statr>n Ruhhfr Pnltcd States* Jfiopl \Va rner Mrot hers Pictu r«* \\'"HtPi-n I'n ion TolPKt'H ph Wnohvorlh Voiingftou-r) Shert A- Tube . I !t S I1 - 8 16'j 1R| 4 Ifl'I Iti 'A UN 32 H 44 n H i: :1 * 47> + 10 ;1 4 gfte Sabergftelb Caliform'an Fridoy, October 13, 1944 17 AROUND THE GARDEN Wi!h ALVI.V PERKINS rllsrusslon ck I foillll] Jill 111 pi i< "s. Th'-i 1 ' ;t aro still sninr> «\ tli;if ;ir* 1 t..'vnml btit thf iiUI sian ay t-\ i-r. Tn . k \\,- s'a:-t n ),•• I'l.inifii ibis fall. I.ast ! ii' i,iii"il I'd fiivr .1 : i 1 MI, li ii-is. \\'hilp lookI: t his. year's listing, I ! !<t 1'a ^ , iril '•« at In\\ or tli' l , -titnt- as rhrap UK Of course Thf»r'' f Tirur-r varifMies s aiv as t'-mifting 1-0 crtHH' Of VOll ^ In- ;))•*• rittr I'.imiliar v. :i h \ ii i.", i: is ni' th»- iris l;mi- i Ii\'Xinn« i like th<- iitstfati HtfMiis from ii* i n top si/* 1 al>out. last t<ip ily. hm n,, IM-H j'dt'd ii is, a bull) l i s l i; i nn inch in (liiinn-l'T, Auain, n yar. I ad\ is** nut huy t h 4,-, T^ . 14'*. '. 24 . . 1 S s i ios : u . 44% 107 •1 I six, 1 or Xo. ! luilhs. T!i,- r,asons ai' s tliin: Ciihu.illy a top M/V liulb v.ill not last over a peri,',! of innrft than (no years. At I tic iml of tins tint". as n general rule, ihc bulb iisd; (Ictci ioi a:,'s. an,I tln-n- is nothing left but a .scant six bulblcts or no. Is mrant to UPP thrm In croups in thp rock tcardrn. nr among the shruiibcry whrr' 1 thpre are annuals am! prrcunialB planted also. They c.-m b<> [ilantpd in straight rows UK they arc growintr purposes in the inn .series. Thi* saves much work, am) usually makes for better and more flowers. Th» how- of it is last hut by no means least is the. how of the planting. Dutc-h Iris, like all bulbs must br planted ,T>..j times their height. A rich sandy loam IK host, but Dutch iri.-- will trrovv well in almost any soil. I think that it. ia best to point nut richt now that it Is not wise to use commercial fertilizers for moet bull,s. Although the nutrient value is there, the bulk which is in animal t'ertili/.er ia not. I'inU Daffodil I find that all eardeners are inter* esicil in new inlroduntions to th« plant \\orUI. One oC the most startlinpr in the lant five years is the ; pink daffodil. To Quote the listing: "MRS. SAFKTY" FAINTS— In observance of lire prevention wee!;. Franklin School sal"ly play Ibis week. Included in the cast were (left to riKhl) Charles Snail, "Look ten:" I'eier Hradlord. "Miss Careless;" Dale Compton, "Mrs. Safety;" Lemuel John hoechner. gardener. PtiMlf nis )iroscnt a ' Hilly 1 >i\on. " I ,i^. J'uiniy, "Air, Saft. i t> ," and Tlies.-. of CIMIISC can lie planted, but '. " A f inc infoi-mal perianth of Ivory it will be from two to four years ! white, and beautifully proportioned, before I hey bloom. Instead, buy No. s li'». ' n n" trumpet of apricot-pink, L' or :! bulbs. They will bloom the '•banking' to shell-pink, at the deeply first year, and a "ureaI dial more ! frinfred erlt,'e: delicately beautiful. •\V.\NTKD-Ollo cn]L. Phom' Active Turnover on Los Angeles Market 1.(KS AXGEM2S. Oc:t. 1 ;•. (^P)— Kariy stock prict-s ended higher today in tin Ui'live turnover of l-.OOO wharfs with 10 issues up, 7 down ; and 4 unchanged. j Bolsa Chira Oil, 1J int i oln Petro- j h-urn. Son tag Drug Stores, Trans- I amerlcu and l T nivers:il Consolidated | Oil gained fractions to points. On the dec-line were Berkey & Gay, Blue Diamond Corporation, Menaseo Munufacturing and Union Oil of California. Stock— Close Ilorkey & (lay '2 l ii Itlun Diiirnond 'J.40 HnlfH Chlcn Oil A 1.80 Lincoln Petroleum 47 MemtHcu Munufat'tunnB 1.70 KopublM' Pet rolcuni . ft s i Ryiin Aeronnutu'iil 4 7 % Trading Active on N. Y. Mart Houthern Pncific TriiliKaiinM-ic:i fiiiiui Oil nf Callt'iirnia I'liivi-rsul CnllHolidlltcil Oil 3(1 '4 (I s t 1 » Cotton Futures FOR SALIC—Fdllr New HiunpMhire ITfd roosters. 1) months old. Phone --7036 (i;'' FOR SALK— -Must IIP soli] by Saturday. 51. Ml c;nli. piwlil heavy rod laying honn, 1 year old. alno 1-1 I'ryi-ns, uHc each Yon c.kc Jill, v ill Ihrovv in pooil <-;\x<valued ;i t ?."», 411! Lloytl Htreet, Golden Foil K — Om> 3-yoar-oId .saddle iiony. iln-tn Itrnko. Ki-nilo lor childi <.'n. Prirf * 4 1 . I 'hoiiejyfl i 2 . _______ 6fi A T H E N S fur sal f- . _ CnJ 1 ; - 4 fi il 7 . _ KOK .S. \LK~-Onp small Il-yonr-old jiiHre. one Buod broke, brown liorHe, Phone ;--'.'7S!»__ '>•'- OVKRSTOCKRn—Six fine New Zealnnd ^VbltPH. .inn toe 1 nicks; 11^ d»ndy NHW Zealand - WhUn bred dot'H ttnd junioi dne«. Ai-.a8nmtbtc. Stinora, 320 Hell Doga • DOHKRMANN PtNSCHER pups for sale 200!) Oregon street. Phone 7-7383. _ 65 FK.MALK IJobernmnn Pinscher. old. , Phone 4--l'J,'ir>. moinhB or, TWO young male rats. Would Hkp good homes. Call 2-S144. 243 Highland IJi-ivf. fin WANTKP—MHIf rollie pun before Chi'isl- nursv (_'a IJ_^-Sjrj li after li p. in,. KK FOR S.M.te—I'orki-r Spaniels. $."., while I In y Phone L'-SKdK. FOR SALIC—Rc'tfislered Wirehaired Tcr- Yutl H'Khwtiy. Pumpkin Cente! between See Hie Panama unrl . fir> FOR SATiK — C.'unarieH. SinKers. $4 to J6; !Vm;tl«-s, ?1 lo $;). Directly across from 4'MH Kiusl NiU-B .street. Saturday and S FOR SALK— A beautiful Hai'nt Hcrnnrd dutf, H i:,ontha old. with paper«. Xiec: liel for children. $"•."'. Phone 5-5r>(i7. 6V 5162 By MRS. ANNE CABOT These leyen smiling llttl* busylwdv klt- tenn will brinR culety (o vour kilchtn. Embroider the eras* sllU'h and outline, figures li» red. blue, yellow and irreen on lea loweln. nn I he corners of B tan or unl« vcllow breaUfnst cloth. To obtain transfer uatlerns for all seven klUeiiK. sketrhes of stitches used, color rhnvt for wnrkinn the kitten deslnna <P«t- tern No. 61«S(. lend 15 cenli In coin, plu* 1 cent iiosliise, your mime, address and the pattern number to Anne Cabot. The Bakersfield Callfornliin. 70* Million Street. Han Francisco (3). The hnndsome new Issue of the famous Anne Cabot Album—fall and winter Issue— Is now ready. Thirty-two pates of smart sweaters, hats, gloves, socks, Christmas clfls—crochet and knitting Items for tbe home.' Price 16 cents NKW YORK. Oil 13. (/P>—Cotton fn- t u.'es di ifu'd Uiwc-r luday in quiet t rad- iiiK pendintr trade r-onTerenrp^ with I be ('(*'' a I Wa^binmon next w^ek on the dompHiK' and export cotton programs. Iled^o Ht'llinu; and litiuidation waH ah- sorbcd t hrnuirh sea le diwn mill buying. Late a Her noon pi icon were 5 to 65 con Is a bale lower, October 2 2.09. De- Knturop cloned 10 to 8. r i cents fl balu low^r. October 22.08. Dec-tniber 21.S6, March 21.XI. May LM.SO. July 21.5U. Middling KPOL ^2.41 nominal. Los Angel«» Produc* LOS ANUKLKS. Oct. 13. (>P)—TfHdinn in f I'uitf* u nd vege tables was modoniie today. Corn and cauliflower slightly si ronenr; beans KliBht ly weaker tendency >n Ivf-ntiickys Hitd steady on Li mas; can- (ah>upes iind totniilopH firm; Italian squash ivnjik. Corn : Local Oolden Cross hiRa, "-3 ' •• - doz. $1.2") '& LfiD; Kern county c-rates, ."•-dti^. $:i. 2">; 7-doz. $ii; Oreaon Bucka, ."i-doK. $2^1 2.."»tt. Caulif lower: Local Snt»wf n 11. lei t vice era it's. tin trimmed $ 1. ,"iO ^ 1.75 ; Kant a Maria *HM.2,'>. Heans: Keniu< > kyH, wide ransp quality, local, San Diego »aunty and northern 10 IT 1 !'• ,ib. ; Limaa. local and Sun Dipgo :uuniy. bush 10 (tr lie Ib, Cant a loupes: LOCH!, Suusuf and Liti le Flock Hull*), Situ and lar«er $2.50^'3.aS; Lit 11 (1 Hock lidded crales, jumbos. Jlfls andk- lilt «er $:>. 7, r >; San Joaquin valley jumbos. •Kis and larger $3.00; Hnneydews, San Joaquin valley jumbos. fis-Ss and atnnrtarri !»s-l '_'s $2 <n 2.25; Ctisabaw, San Joaquin va I ley jumbos. (is-8s $2 (& ; 2. 2.'>. Tomatoes: Local, San Diepo county and Ventura county. IUBH 4n5s to tixtis $2(6 '2. ^.'i; Santa Mar in, uxiy and 5x(iH $2. -*"i. Sun Luis Ohispo. fix5s and ,"»xt)s $1*. L'5W -. r>0: Santa Barbara, "-layer. 4x5« to 5x6n Squash: White summer. local. San Di- PKO county and northern, lugs $1. 25(&' 1.7f>; yellow erookrierk. lugs II.^»& 1.75; bnnunw local und San Dieuu county U U fff Ht* lh. : Table Queen, local mid San Joatjuin valley lugs Jl f n KIT,. Los Angele* Livestock LOS ANOBLKR. Oct. l'.1. (UP)—Cattle s.-.lable 1000. Fairly active. Kit My steady. IM-W common to medium graay steers $10(&> 1 .'I. '2't : medium to good cows and heifers $10.7f»£('l3.lO; common to medium rows $$.[>0(&10.fiO cunnerw nnd cut tern f6€' 8.2."). Bulls scarce <'alve» salable 'JfiO. About steady. Medium to Rood I'unge calv«B $1 - <S> 14 ; common down to $10. HnpH salablp 230. Steady. Medium to c-hniee 180-340 Ib. fl!i.?6; heavier montly $l. r »: gm.d to cliojcf aowii 514. L'5 014. 75. Sheep salable 400. Largely common to medium ewr-s. No sales. Late Thursday load No. V pelt ewe» H round 25 cents higher at KI. Sorted. $1C; head cull and common at t'~ ® 3. Los Angeles Cash Grain T.OS ANC.KLUS, 0..-I. Ill, (JP)~ drain iiuolattoiis from the Vederal-Slate M» rkel News Sei'Vice. (Priced quoted are cwt.. field run, in carloLu only). Call torn I a barley, (jradiriK 46 Ibs.. bulk $". liTi 1* 2.30 : California yellow mllo. No, 2, bulk $2.1 L''/« (fa '2. 17 l -2 ; California wheat. bulk. No. 1 hard or wo'lt white $2.70^ L'.TR: No, -' om«, 35 Ihn.. bulk $2,57 !a ^? Los Angslss Hay T.OS ANCKLKS. Oct. 1.1. (>P)—Alfalfa a nd grain bay prices were nncbanned to- dn y. C'ariot. arrlva Is: 11! wheat. >l ba r- ley. !l i-ji-.i, 2 oats, 5 flour, 1 cereal, 102 hay. Legal Notices NOTICE UP HAI.R OP KKAI, I'KOI'EIMY AT I'RIVATK 8AI.K No. 2003IB In tbe Superior Court of th< Statt of California. In and (or th« County of Loa Angelet. In the Matter ot the EMate of ALFRED EDWARD VENTON. (alio known •• A. K. VENTON), Decemtd. Notice 1* hereby given, (hat the under- ilgned, Dorothy Agnes Venton. Admin- istratrix with the Will annexed nf tbe estate ot laid Alfred Edward Venton. de- ceaied. will aell at private ill*, tn the highest and best bidder, upon the termn and eondlUoni hereinafter specified and eubjeot to ronflrmatlon by (aid Superior Court, on and ifler October 21, 1944. at the office nf laid > dmlnlilratrln with the Will annexed, Roome 801-2-1-4 Neville Building. In the City of Monrovia. California, all the right, title. Intereal and estate of laid decedent in and tn all that certain real property described as folio we: The Eaat Half of the Eaat Half nf the Northwest Quarter; tfce Emt Half nf tbe West Half nf the Northweat Quarter: the Snuthweat Quarter of the Northeaat Quar- «r of the Northwent Quarter: and the Southwell Quarter nf tbe Southeast Quarter ot tbe Northwent Quarter, and the West 20 feet nt the Northwest Quarter of the Boutheaat Quarter of tbe North- weat Quarter. «ll In Section 11. TnwnahlP •2!i South. Rnnce 2« Bast. Mount Diablo Baee and Meridian, In the County nf Kern. «late ot California, and containing kl acrei. more nr lesa. Terma and condltlona of aale are eaih. lawful money of the United Statee. on confirmation of atle- and delivery nf deed by laid Admlnlatralris with the Will annexed. Said real property will be eold aubJect tn County Taxes for the fiscal year 1944-46 and aubject elan to all condition! reterva- tiona, covenant*, reetrlcttona. eaaement*. and rlahte nt way or record. If aor. affecting eald real property and eublect further to a raaervatlno nf one-half of all oil. gee. petroleum and other hydrocarbonau eub- etancea found or undervlylni aald land or that may be produced and eaved therefrom. Bide or offere for the purehaee of eald real property muet be In writing and will be received by aatd '.dmlnlatratrlx with the Will annexed at the office aforeeald at any time after the flrat publication of tbla notice and before the data ot eal*. Dated thin :ith day nf September. 1144. JlORUTHt AQNE8 VENTON. Admlnlitralrlx with the Will enneied of the Eatate nf Alfred Edward Venton. alao known aa A, K. Venton). deeeaaed. Dunn * Sturgeon. I01-M-4 Nevlll* BMs.. Monrovia. California. Attorneye for tald Admlnlilratrlx. C. T. A. September II, Ocubt; ll Incl I)0\V-JONES AVERAGES 1'reliminary closing: Dow-,IoiipR avorascs: Indtistrlnl 14S.TO, olT «.0!(: rail 41.57, off 0.0:': utility L'."> 76, up 0.011 and 85 stocks 25.7(1, off 0.02. Sales amounted to (!8.".r>95 shares compared with 717,150 on Wednesday. Curb turnover totaled 291.- L'45 shares compared with 267,635 Wednesday. XK\V YORK. Oct. 13. (UPI — Strength In a t'pw individual Issues which had gains ranging to more than two points featured a •slightly more active, firm stock market this morning. Steels were steady to firm, rails firm, oils mixed, and chemicals irregularly higher. Budd Manufacturing $5 preferred made a new high at 73"s, up 2%. New tops on smaller gains were made by American Locomotive and Lima Locomotive. In the utilities, new highs wero made by the Columbia Gas preferred?. Commonwealth and Southern preferred and Commonwealth Edison. Consolidated Edison equaled its high. ^_ Stocks Edge Higher on S. F. Market SAX FRANCISCO, Oct. 13. 0*)— Stocks edged higher today, with Hutchinson Sugar, Rheem and Menaucn hitting new highs on small gains, though the latter turned about for a small loss. Transamerlca also turned down U to 9U- Stocks— Close California Inkwell 37 ',a Crown X.ellerbach 1 !t Crown Xe Her bach ul'd Hi: 1 Didioiffio pfd KO Hawa iian f'ineui pie 24 "'i, Honolulu Oil 27 "* HutchinsiH! Sugar 9 Alasnavox 8-Is Marrh ('alrulutiiiB AJa chines 22 Menasiro Manufaciurina , 1.7o Natoman Cr-mpany lft*» Oliver Filter B 7 I'acific Ci.jiHt ARKrenates 4 Pacific Cas and Kleoiric 33 Pac 'Ir Lltfl t 45 U Hlu m Ala nu f art n ring IS la Hyiin Aeronautical 4 7 fc Sotindvw. Pulp 19'/a Southern Vacifle :il Standard Oil of Cnlifornia 36 s g Thomas AI A 2.7." ( Tninaamorica !>'4 I T nion Oil of California 19V* Vie tor Hquipment ft 'u Wallalua \zr. 3i^i Poultry and Cggs T.OS ANGKLKS. Oct. 13. (U.R)— KSKf. Wholesale price.-* consumer grade: Lurse. crude A or)^7 p ri6c-; grade B 34 f#37e; medium, grade A 47(^ 49c; smwll, urade A Kt'tjul pri«jos to consumer: L-urge, Ki'adr- A A «7fir «8c. urade A ft4 f tf ttfie. grade Ti 42$i44(;: medium, tfrade AA &6&60c, grade A fi4@€0p; Hinall. grade A .1fl^86c. ('andled gradeij etfKH to retailei H (rase**): Large, grade AA "iS 'j (&\ r i9c. grade A Sfi^ 1 f»7r. ffrnde H 37®aflc; medium, crade A A 5U*t( C'lic. grade A 484?o^c; small, grade A 2*Hr29c. Butter unchanged at OP A ceilings. Clare Luce, Kerr to Speak Tonight CHICAGO, Oct. IS. (UP.)—Two major political addressee, one by Representative Clare Boothe Luce, G. O. P. glamor girl, and the other by Governor Robert S. Kerr, of Oklahoma, keynoter of the Democratic national convention last July, will feature tonight's opening battle for Illinois' 29 electoral votes. Mrs. Luce, famous for her "G. I. Jim" speech at the Republican national convention, will speak at Chicago's Orchestra hall under the auspices of the Republican State Central committee, and Kerr will address a Democratic rally ut Joliet. Mrs. Luce's address will be broadcast over the Blue Network at 7 p. m. P. W. T. Both speakers participated in warm-up addresses last night; Mrs. Luce addressed a Pro-American Republican women'H organization rally at St. Louis, Governor Kerr spoke at Duluth, Minn., where he replied to Governor Thomas K, Dewey'n Oklahoma City speech. Jap Cabinet Meets to Discuss Problems By United Preea Tokyo radio reported that the.Jap- anese cabinet inet today with Premier Kunlakl Kolso to discuss "various Impending problems." The broadcast, recorded by FCC, gave no details of the "problems," but the cabinet meeting probably was called as % result of the heavy American fleet attacks on Japan's inner defense*. Announcement of the cabinet *es- g|on was made almost at the lame tim* «s with Admiral Chester W. NImiU'* dl*cloiur« that United States carrier plane* had attacked Japan's Uland tortreaa of Formosa, off the coast of Chin* Fl'S HEALTH OKAY: mm CHARGES "WHISPERING" CAMPAIGN ON PRESIDENT XK\V VOUK. (Jet. l:', (>P)—Dcnui- r'|-;itic Xiitlnnnl Chiiiiinan Knbrrt 1 lanni.'giin s;iid torlny "npimronl ly llifre Is ii whispering ciinipnimi BM|HB on iind hi-ing inlonsificrt ulxnil tho Pro-xldrnt's hoiilih." .llnnnfRiiii niiulp the c'lunniciu nt ii prt'ss conferi'iii'i! nl'lor i-.'illiiif; intention t(i ;i ncwspnpt'f story quol- ing \'icp-Adniir:il Rows Mclntiro, the President's pei-sonul physiriiin, as saying "the President's health JK perfectly ol\:iy." When Ihiniiogaii remarked that a "whispering campaign" was on, he was asked who was conducting it. "The people who don't want Roosevelt—the opposition," Uanne- gun said. Asked if he meant Republicans. Hannegun said "they are the people who don't want Kou«evelt." lie sn^ geKted that his statement "about the opposition" stands. In Washington Mclntyre said today the President is "in good shape, no colds or anything:." He added that there has been no recent change in Mr. Roosevelt's health. Some time after the President returned from a month's rest in the south last spring, Mclntyre reported that his weight was four pounds lower than he would like to keep it but that actually Mr. Roosevelt felt better at the lighter weight. llaneg-an brought up the sub.lect of the President's health after he was asked to comment on a published report that the Democratic high command was confident President Roosevelt would "wage a full-fledged campaign in the final weeks of the presidential election drive. MORE SI GAK SEKX WASHINGTON', Oct. 13. (UP.) — The war food administration said today that now-short supplies of sugar on grocer's shelves soon may be increased due to increased production of beet sugar in the west and mid-west. Dope Ring Suspect ^PB ABOLISHES Arraigned in S. r. SAX FI:A.\cisro. Oct. 1::. • .liisr-ph ("Tin* Kvr") 'I'tH-rn, New Yuik Kiin^sti'r iniliiMod for iiiirtic-i- pa!i<iii in nn :illr>K^<l intiM niiliniiiil dcipe rim; ruiiilueleil lirliind ii Simla I'm/ lioiirilwiilk concfsslini. \v.-is ar- raiKneil today in Kodoral District ('miri. Tcicco in.'idf lii.--- lonp schcdnli'tl np- peai'ann 1 In roni't (in Ilio lasl day possible \vithuul rurl'ritintj tlin JJ.'i,- IHMI Imnil ho posted ill Chicago shortly after lie \vas indicled Aiinust -4 on charges ol' transpnrtution and conrpalnient of $."(i0.onn worth of unroot Irs. When hp wa.s arrepted in ChlcaKo, fpdf>ral (iKents reported he ' hnd Tl'H cniiioes of drugs in his jios- 1 Hpssion. j SHlvnliirn (Sam) MfiiiRorl, Santa i Cr<r/, conresslonnire, \vlio pleaded I Riiilly to charges, and .loseph Harry. i .still at larffe, nlso were indicted. I Tocco w^ll ploiid oetolier -'!!. Mutual Aid Plan Set for County Continued From Page Nine needed to mal<e an ndei|uate investigation." Chief Powers snid. The plan will V'robahly he presented to hoards of supervisors nnd city councils throughout the state in the near future through the ]>-apr\ie of California Cities and the County Supervisors* Association. Chief Powers slated. The digest of the law enforcement Inuiiual aid plan emphasizes that j there is no need nor desire to attempt to superimpose n new organization upon existing: agencies, but to provide for co-ordination find integration of existing agencies. The chief of police or sheriff in whose jurisdiction the emergency occurs Khali continue to be in command in connection with nil matters pertain| ins lo luw enforcement, the digest j mates. I An annex to the plan provides for ! the use of federal troops provided j such a request is granted by the ' governor. INTERNAL RECONVERSION PUSHED, OFFICIAL QUITS ; AVASIIlNC.TdX, Oct. 1:!. (.T) — Pushing ahead its internal "recoil! version." the War Production Hoard today announced the abolishment of a division and a bureau, tin 1 departure of five dollar-a-year men from operating jobs and the resignation of another official. The cont ruled mateiials plan ,(('.\I PI division, which handled , WPH's machinery for allotting war : materials, is being' abolished along ;\vith the Production Controls Hureau. Their work is being taken over by ! WPH's program office. Liquidation i of two other major W PH nulls, the conservation division and the redistribution division, has already begun. Walter ('. Skuce. who was director of the CMP division and deputy director of the abolished bureau was named executive officer to lliland 1C. Ratcheller, chief of operations. ' .lohn Cregg. Washington, D. ('., who ' was chief of staff in that office, has resigned. The five departing: dollar-year men. all in the textiles division, are to be used hereafter only as consultants to WPB. The textile division director. George 11. J^anler, Jr.. said WPB i was "happy to Vie able to relieve | these men who have served so long land faithfully" from day-to-day dull les but would call on them for ad- j vice in the future. | "The fact that we are streamlining lour organization should in no way : be interpreted as the end of the enier- i genc\," Lanier added. "Overall pro- iduction of cotton and synthetic lex- ! tiles Ibis year will he an estimated i -5 per cent short of meeting stated requirements." fiKTS PROMOTION Promotion of Vernon K. I.unn, Route 1!, Hakersfield, to the rank of corporal in the army air forces at Chico Army Ail' Field has been announced. Corporal Limn is an aircraft mechanic. th" 1 second, third and fourth years. The luilhs of the Dutch iris multiply to tlnee times the amount in about three years. It must lie understood that the multiplication varies according' in localities where the hulhs are grown. Melow are some of th better known varit for any garden. As aluays. \Vedfrewoorl heads the lisi as the finest blue there is in the 1 Mitch iris family. It is an intense blue flecked with n bit of yellow at the tips of thi' upper wings. This is one of ing a height of !M inches when properly cultivated. (•'or those persons who are lovers of white flowers for house use. the Hutch iris White K.xcelsior attains the. height of Wedge-wood, hut has purest of while falls with excellent flower form. This is a trifle more expensive, but it is well worth the extra, few cents. The last of the three best Dutch iris is Yellow Queen. The best of yellows. Us thin wiry steins hold a bright yellow flower excellent for Its quality to withstand blight. This yellow, like all Dutch Iris are the finest of all iris for house use. Csimlly on a stem one foot high or over, there will be a foil-nation, of three buds. It is best not to pick the blossoms until the first two have bloomed and blown. For this reason as well as that of brightness Dutch iris are a must in any fall bulb garden. And now. you're wondering about the planting 1 . Where, how. and when. We will start backwards, and discuss tho when of the situation first. Your Dutch iris can be planted any time from now until late November. Where? Anyplace where there is sun for at least half a day. The more sun the better. These iris are fine for naturalizing:. By this, but of exceptional nubstancc; long lasting: early, it belongs in every collection." T line this description because I have never had the (food fortune tn see, this daffodil. The first listing 1 ever saw priced the daffodil at $5 a bulb. It is now ties' that"are"good i llnwn to J ; Jl50 ' When ll *&'}°£*£. I much a dozen, or even Jo, I think we will all start thlnkinc; serlounly of obtaining a few. Tho name of thH beauty is Mrs. R. O. Backhouse. n.ilfodils like a t-andy loam and good drainage. Moisture should be tallest Hutch iris, attain- > lcntiful wnl)n tlley are dol . n * m °" fc .if their growing, which is from the time they are planted (now) until about January. Krom then on tho watering should he done as you do the rest of your Ka.nlen. Tn the garden It is -well to plant your very strong or large bulb» 5 j 10 7 inches deep, using a little bone I meal mulched Into the soil beneath tbe bulb. Weak or small bulba should not be planted too deep. The plan I suggest on the Dutch iris, i« with daffodils, like all other bulbs . the scale to go by. The belt way to assure yourself of having good bulbs is to apply a layer of manure, anl- ] mal. to the top of the soil in the early fall. This is done after the first application of animal fertilizer is mixed with the soil. If bulbs such as daffodils are not moved until a period of at least five years has passed, and not less than two, the gardener will be assured at a good multiplication of said bulb. It is best for the gardener never to apply too frenh a layer of fertilizer on any plants as it is very easy to burn young growth by such method. Next week I'll discuss some of the varieties of daffodills. Persons wishing garden questions answered are welcome to write Alvin Perkins, 308 Adams street, Bakersfield, Calif. Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. HICHAM FIELD WRECKAGE DECEMBER 7, 1941—Damage done to the Hickain Field army alrbase In Hawaii during the Japanese bombing attacks is shown in this phc.lo of the barracks. This is one of thu first pictures released of the attack, " ' RRIX.PBVILS BACK—Wounded, unshaven and weary, but grateful to be alive, these British Red Devils down thefr first drink at NljmeKen,-H«Hand, after their evacuation from Nazi ttap at Arnhc-m. Of the 8000 airborne troops who took part in the nine-day battle, 2000 came back. I ' TIIKIK TURN XO\V—Germans in border town hitherto safe from war's ravages are learning what it means to bo in the path of an invading army. Top photo shows inhabitants of a German village scurrying to remove their belongings from shell-wrecked and burning? homes as Yank troops march through. In lower photo. German housewives ruefully inspect the ruins of. their shell-smashed home after American troops had brought war to "impregnable" Fortress Germany. OBITUARY NOTICES ISI.MI'SON. KTANKTII KKKI»—K'lm-nil | nn M.I'M fin Ki'imi'th Itui-il SiiniiHiui. IT. i Him ih.Ml (li OitU'l 1 I 1 .' t. :i l.n;il ' \\ ill !»• h.'lil (H lull,•!• II ul •( l>. m. lit ! H.JII^ J 1. nr. •n;'. ul'l iim t in« Inii'iiiu'iu i w:ll In- ir t'liiiin ' Vmuu-i y MU.-.I,' will Im.v .-'I'M' n'i's I'ii'rlils! Mi 1 , ail,I .Mrs.'".!. II. ! Mill-Hindi Hivi'iM.'W n siatur. Jji.'kuj .Inn,- M-iLMlKill Ku-i'i'vifw. I'rul hi'i-.i. In.-I,i,. ,\l:i i th.ill :in,l J.ilnuiii: Marshall, i uriiniliiiiii'iitn. Mr. aii'l Mrs. A lU'i'il, ' i iklaht'in i : :IUMI ami nm I,'. Mr ;ind[ Ml *, l>ni SlK'l'liu r,l h.ik, rsl'it'UI, HVIIH. .Mrs I.iiuii Ki>i>h>z. Hiikxrxrirlil. imi-lw». .lanici .I'.ixlis. '.inv II. oil. i-liarlii. lU-tfil lin.l Kit luli.U. nil "1 Uaki'islU'1.1. KKANKKK. CIIAKl.KS KICANCIS-Fu- IHM a I M.TVK.-S for rhurleM Fi'iinoi* ManktT, ^,">. \\ln» ilii'.l O.-tnbi?r y at Ytuaipa. ui-i-n In-lit O.-ttiher 1- at ^ P in. it Ciri'CiilHWii rhapel. the R«v- fiemi Dillon W. Ttirockmortun ot'fielat- iii-r hu^'i-nH-nt w:ia in Greenlawn Mitrnorrul I'tuk. ijurvivins Mr. Sl»nk«i' ii-^' his daiib'I't^rs. Mm. Virsinia K«y. ll.iU-ixt'idll Clara Hook»rd. Bakeri- fi^lil. Mrs. JBHU-M Morrluey. Los An- B.-I...S: '.');- suiukcr. L.inu Island. N. T.; .Mis i'. [talker. \Vllhtta. .St I.I.IVAN, INFANT GIRL—Funeral HiTviroi tor tho infant duuehtel' oC Mr. ami .\li«. flifi'ord tfilllivan. Huute 3. Box S>8. I'.ak.ti'al'iokl, who died October It a; a in. at hospital, wtn-e held October :! p nt. ;i L Oret-nhivvn Chapel. In- IL was in <'irt;rn|Hwn Memori»l Surviving; the <''hild. baiid«H b«r i>ai-»-ni^. arc a bi'iiliei. Jerry .Sutlivftn. HaUersf lcl'.l. a uirfter Judy 8u)Uvnn. Hakfi-.sfifki: Biamlpari'tita. Mr. and Mri. CLi;,-!-,,-.- Snlllvun. liakersfleld: Aocl lli,-ka, Bakeradold; Mia. May Franks. Tutai-o. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digler CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Photi* 7-7991 Cheater Avtnue at Thirteenth J. C. Flicklifir • Ffirt Dlgtar AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT

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