The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 18
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 18

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 18
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v^^^l^A* **~ - ——- -' -cALiPonj^rA^ftimbAY, ^-- - ^' - J ' lt *- - l EDUCATIONAL *C/\KTOONS CURIOUS WORLD By FEliGUSON LIGHTHOUSES ARE SPARED BV THE IN TIME OP WAR. GOLDEN-EAGLES PREPARE THE PREV THEV CATCH FOR, THEIR. VOUNG/ THEV SKIN THE FUR. FROM ANIMALS AND OLUCK THE FEATHERS FROM BIRDS dA iidvicf. ABOUT-4-1 PER CCNT O(= THE /VNOOM NEVER IS VISIButt TO US SIDE GLANCES By GKOHGK CLARK OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS HAAH-1 PONT B'LIEVE THIS WILL DO IT- IT'S GOTTA TWATS WHAT FITZSIMMON5, TH 1 FI6HTEK, POES~ PICKLE 'EM IN BRINE, TQMAKE 'EM TOU6H~AN' HE OJGHTA KNOW.' A FIRM BELIEVER IN CALLUSES 8EIN' TH' BEST, BUT 1 DON'T LIKE WELL ENOUGH 6ITANY BE CALLUSES FROM, PLOWINVER, SMOV6UN' S A LITTLE DIFFERENT THAN CRACKED WITH AWOOD RULE, BUT IF IT WILL WORK, THIS WON'T BE SUGH A BAP WINTEfc WHV, THAT FARM KIP IN MV ROOM/ CAN STAND THERE WITH A HAFPA SNEER ON HIS FACE AND LET HER LAM AN 1 LAM HIS HANPS. WHV, HE EVEN SMILES/ runt BV NIA nrrwicr, me T M. KtO. U. I. TAT. Off, BORN THIRJV VEARS TOO SOON OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR &OOPLE WOW ABOUT BACK TH' SEVEKi L,OMt>S OF you BORROWED ^1 OUT OP MV ^ •BOWL. LKST MOMTH? YOU Wff/C fc//j HNN" OW THE BOYS f THE GUMPS The Supersalesman f 3UT BUYING THOSE ^ DEAUTy TREATMENTS WOULP PUT AN J AWFUL HOLE IK) ( MV SAVINGS , \ MRS PE STR.OSS f _ .—J r AMP, MV PEAR. QIRL , IT'S WORTH IT/ YOU'RE YOUNQ YET- VbU PONT WANT TO BE AN) OUP 1 MAJPAL.L VOUR LIFE- r WITH THIS CONTRACT TM . PRACTICALLY CjlVlNQ AWAV, YOU CAN) QET PRETTIEP UP AMP-WHO KNOW^? VOU MKaHT INTEREST A NICE YOUNCi MAfO — . IM NOT / THE WORST j LOOKINQ ^ QIRL IN I <d - j I YOU'RE RIQHT, MRS.PE STROSS - &Y QOLLY- I'LL DO IT / CiANQWAY, HEMR1ETTA.' m HEP.E J COME / ~~Wf «n*«. u. s. P«L OIT.: PrHlht. KM. br CMu«» "bunt -N. Y. Nm SjnliuU. Inc. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES That's Out By MARTIN "Nonsense, old llmer! You're not bc>Ki;iiiK f«r n thing. Sonu- ilny you'll be buck on top and I'll w«nd you n hill for every mrni you've hud here." FLAPPER ylvia- -e »Y KM «WVK!«. mo. r. M. nia u «. FAT. <M>r.- "Once upon a tune there wns A prlnc««« who uhvayi w*ntcd h«r own way—" "I know—then she got married." SOO'WE TOO , FOR ONE • (FI193S BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Setting Them Right By BLOSSER TtXJ DIDWY LIKE ME 10 REMIWD MX) OF KK PXTTQALL ABILnV....V/HEM I TOLD MDU WHAT I DOME: iw COLLEGE BOOKS....FT DOESN'T DIDM'T LIKE ME TO BRAG ABOUT MYSELF! WELL, WHAT I SAID / veSTCRDAV CAW BE / WRITTEN OFF THE \ I SAID THOSE THINGS TO SHOW TtXJ JUST HOW UNPOPULAR A FEtLOW CAN MAKE HIMSELF, BY CONSTANTLY REMINDING MO ONE LIKES A-BRASOART! CONCEIT HAS NO PLACE ON A FOOTBALL FIELD, AND 1 WANT ^U BOYS TO REALIZE THAT! AND I LIKED THE W/tf ^jtXJ REACTED WHEN I MADE s rOU BELIEVE I WANTED TO WIN GAMES FOR MY OWN SELFISH REASONS !t Sfi JUST KEEP THOSE THINGS IN MIND. 1 AND REMEMBER THIS THE MOPE TALK TAKES TO RUN THINGS /THE SLOWER THEY MOVE THE BUNGLE FAMILY Frieltd or Foe? 7 • By HARRY J.TUTHILL AFTERTHOUGHT VACATION ItOMANTK? TUo mttBter of thu liouuo wn» 1,1111- ; Yoiiih— "Now on tills rlu K I K)I<HI|.I i gry at breakfast, and mvullownd u | Him y ,,,, to enirriivo: 'Kor mv ' " good part, of hln Uucon hofdrn ho Murlrl.' " tauted It. Then IIP bugan U> pro ' .Irwrk-r- .-"\Voul.l It not I,P better 1 teat violently tu I)|H ull't) uboul the ' in iiuvr ».liu|i|.v. Tor niv ilnrilnit"' flavor Of lh» fouil. V,ni >„-,•. Mi. It will Im .it IniHl n wiMt ' HU) wlfo offered no iipoloKy. bul i dr-fon- wo run li>i >.,M rang for the ninld. i rlnx " llminnrO. "Maggie. " film Imiulred, HI>I-OIIM|V, "what did you do with the IMU-OII wo '• ihirinn i>.. poisoned for HIP rntu?"— -Vmn'ouver , ( i:i-nin:t \s I Dally Province. jtiuiiii-' Uitvi- tl,o' ' Ple.isp calinJ /NO! Nov»r! Him calling my )/And again.Mister Doodl»,^ /Someone at the yourself, tf,.d name Glue Is a insult toFl I say go before I forget J\ door Prob'lu for Misey-fy ^11-1 mu very soul, r-^ S I'r -'- J ^ "• ~^^ ..« _ m a ladu and * Ah my evvif potato, or, violent eue Hash like lirebug v on hot Ahem! 'fou. II have to make better iikl Spik. guesses on her name or,.. Rosie. It's me. Your little lambkins. f Oh oh! That >i voice. I'd ^ > know it ^anywhere «r in

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