The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 13, 1944 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1944
Page 16
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.-•' 15 Friday, October 13, 1944 ^~ ^^^^^^ . -. — • 1—•— ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_ For ••! Improved Property For Ttrn-bedroorn home with den. In Lorn HA Verde; nome in pnod condit ion. nire yard, double sarase. Pun'hawcr ran havo Immediate possession. Trice $8750, some tflrms- Three-bfcdrooni home on La F'esta *(rer*t in Lomlta Verde B'.iyer can have tni- mcdiate possession. Price J87BO, eome terms- One-bedroom home on North Bakrr, larire double rarafic; borne in «ood condit for.. Immediate po»ie«sion» Puce $31! 50, terms, ve acres In cho'<-e location on way north; has 477 feet fating highway; hac small buildinps, plumhlns and saa and electricity on property, has pood well for irrigation purpose; 13S fruit trees. An ideal location r*.r inHunirinl or motel or auto camp. Pmc and ternia on rcQuett. Three-bed room home with two hath*. In upper La Crept P. One of finest incft- tiona* Home hai large cniranre hall with clock room, tbrcr lamp bedrooma, clonet snace galorr, cervt* n porrh, bRHo- ment heat, double KHraite, aprinkhnc eyFtom. Price and terms on rrqu^t. A home any woman would love to own. ,0&n*> Califomfan fj^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^—^^^^^^— ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^P^B Improved Property Traitors JiliUL ;i OP THE BKST ranches in the UQSP- dale diatricU 25 Hcres Ipvel. 12 acres in alfalfa, balance in sudan coreum. Part concrete irrigation system, Kxtra good well with a new Buda natural cafl en* Cine* Pumps 1400 pa lion H per minutp. Good hog equipment for TOO li^ad. Mnd- flrn poultry houses nnd 60 laying hen P. Tested Jersey cow, team of work mares and harness; some larm implpm^nts. Good ranch houee, all rity conveniences, ^-ilh nice lawn and plrnty Fhndo, Oil well bcinr drilled nearby, one-fourth oil rights. J16.000. 6IX-ROOM country home with 10 ncros of irood soil. City Raw. lip hi» and water. Good well ami ditrh wai*-r- Oaaohne pump and tank. Good barn and outbuildings. Variety of lruit f grapes and bpr r te- 13 * BOUTHEAST—Nice 3-hcdrnntn liomo wilh white picket lento. Located on half-acre. $5500. FOUR BEDROOM country hnmn rlopft In on one-half acre. A small burn, good place for hor^e. J4500. 1671 Chester Avenue Phone 2-7BM 9-22-tf HOME AN!' INCOME. One 2-bedroom home, hardwood floor*, larpe -ivlnr room and dlnlru.- room, nice kitchen and serv'ce porch. Also 2-hedrnom homp, completely furnished : 3-cn r ga rn ge. all on larce corner lot with plenty of »hnde; near b«« antf markets, only $6000, $2850 dow.i. $S6 monthly. Will trade for small house. LE — Nice 2-hedroom home, 2-car Karage. large lot. plenty of shade, near bu« and markets, cnly S3S50. 12000 down, $30 monthly, or will trade for Kmall house. SOUTHWEST DISTRICT— Nice duplex. completely furnished, close in. income $65 monthly, only J5250. tlOno down. 145 monthly, or vclll trade for small house. ON THESE PROPERTIES phone 5-6924, •veninrs 3-1170. IJET'S TALK IT OVKR GLENN Nichols H516 K 10-7-if Beautiful G-room home with sun room. In perfect condition Jn southwest district, near Bealo Park. Han three large bedrooms with lots of window space. C!o»ets and linen closet i ar. plentiful. Lnige living room with fireplace end built-in bookcase, large dining: room with built- in buffet. Large well-arranged kitchen with tllo drain, large breakfast nook. Basement and npactous service porch. Large bath with built-in vanity and •tall shower, beautiful shrubs. Full price $6000. down. Invvn and substantial 1685 Chester Phone ]0-2-tf 12 acres—Has 3"iMoot frnnttiKc way and railrond. Idpal fur pany or trucker, fall for information. on oil rnni- tomplete In Arvfn—Five-room homp. aloppinsr pomh. 2-car garage, good lotaljon. JK'UO, some terms. 1708 K Street. Phone 7-7«4* CAS A LOMA, DRIVE— Extra neat 1-bedroom hoi?m on large corner lot. Almost new and In fine condition. Price $3250; down payment, $1000; month, $35. BRUNDAGEJ LANE— Large 3-bfdroom home on half acre lot. Can sell furnished for J6750 or unfurnished, $6000. ."Down payment. $2500. DEAN R. HURLTCY 411 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0275 FOR SALE— On Alta Vista Drive, corner, 63x150, 3-bedroom bouse, living room, dining room, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, small basement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Reduces to $9250. $3250 down. J. J. Consani. Phone 9-9614. 9-18-tf * * * mm% Wff/ffti'W ** '{'///'//h.< M 8713 12-20 4+. , h ^ t f There's a Ble«rk sophistication 1n every Una of this umart tunic frock; the beautiful gathering of the 1unic eniphu-si/..•-•- toe new fall silhouette. Buttons aud IOOPH of the dreuv material will form a tive flower motif. It's a dreua _ tor memorable occasions! Rich wools o* crepes are moat effective fabric*. Pattern No. 8713 comes tn ulzea 12. H. 6, 18 and 20. Siz 14 skirl and packet sleeves) requires 4% yards of 39-inch material. The new fall and -winter tstme of "Portion" 1» now ready—32 paces. It's ft compleU irulde to your full and winter Bend for your copy. Price 15 &':\- . . . Attractive pattern, aend to c«nt» In ootna. with your name, address, pat- tarp number and alze to The Bakers field •io« Today** Pattern Service, 709 Street, Can Franciecc t. ( 1,-S ^ f \-f" »*:<.• -' f SIX-ROOM fftticcn, epacinu* rooms, double pruflge, hardwood floors throughout, fireplace, lots of tile, 'arfce lot; fenced yard; Inunediflte ponaessfon. Cflll owner, 2807 Lake Mioet, 65 FOR SALE — South on 99 Highway, building; duplex and rottaKe, thr*»e nf Innd. water well find 1000-irallon ator- ape tank. J 95 Oft, termn. Sen Paul Sy- brnndf, ?12 En at Eiffhteenth. rhnne in- 0-1 f FOR SA T,K by owner, 2-bodronm in ; hn rdwond Moors, KH r age. fenrnd. prue $3500. I'hone Ti MIL rn .1 For Sale—Lots :o hO-foot lotH on Kast r' a vennn wjt h aidewH Ikn arid all ni ihiu*s in. Ma term] in ava i la hie for bsnlflint n temporary hous*? on the rear of lot. lot** ft re homff Hold on very Don't pay hiffh ren*. any l Mr! Hay thin work at In I 1 4 Kighl- htrrr(. or phono him at L'-OS78, For Sale—Improved Farms 1R5 AfT«>s--19 mSlnfl duo wrnt of houi-PH \\ i( h wood doings t ir 125 ariTH of f im- a If a I fa, ba I in <:o( trm nnd t-orn ; Pi*rf>rt fl Ifalfa and t lie pi ire i« $«:IS prr acre, 10 Ai res --.I list riiflt of town. WHI provrd wi( h Rood 2-hrdrnom homr: pipelines for Irr ii?Ht Mm ; 4 nrr H tpr HIM c 1m- tflnfl ready lor crop; In fine shape and worth $8500; rm part — On Fruitvale nvpnuo. Two fine or wellR. wood 2- lu-'lj oom hnni*>, plenty nT rhirkrn pquipnmit, nice fruit trt»t*fl* bM i !*>«, Krapm nnd fine Karden; ] 0 arrow madp 2400 mirks Rpurln Ihift yp;ir; bus B HITPB tomatoes now; 3 nrr^« alfalfa, AVill lake pome trarta on 1 hi*. •f*on Arre«—A rum me ma I m r/». Vr-ry nirp homo with Imwmnnt, equipment. f*pr ] 000 chlrkrna loin of hrrrieu and f rull. A dandy buy for Sfi.150. J. T. fsy) -\Vkkrr, IfifiO Chp&lpr Phono 2-0IMO. evening 2-;iS!»j or 2-64fin 5 nrr**« In But f (>n willow, lias house nnd nut build men* vrry Rood hHrt own \vrll. plus n n nhiimlant *liir|| \\-^ tor; alfalfa ft ml cent on, HTM I. * of In UIP l)pa rt of Pba f' pr f s pnialo A highly dn\ ^|op*»fl 40 nri p«. Rf> ^X'-pllont buildiiiKH: on^-half ojl f linnd. Here i» a rn re buy, S'-Vi, 000, CIIKSTKR X, ttKAUD 1807 H Street 6-5909 or WPlI, PAT.MDAT.K—4RO arrpn; TOO nrrpfl In nl- falfn» 1 fi HCJ-PM niilo; wo 11 fpru-nrt nnd rroas fonrpd. four wpllH. J 7 i mil OH prpp- lin*\ t onifortnhlo i nnrh home, walk-in rrf riEpnitor. ^*[ brail da it y rntllp. fi hpjul good horRpg, ample farming mprit to hfimllp. Thin ranch Hidprcd onr of t he bout In thin lorn lit y mid i hfl prlrp IR risht. $7T> per ui re, jncludinir Block and equipment. Ca 1704 K CATTLK "RANCH — Tpharhapl Ovrr 4TiQU n< TPH womlt-d and oppn _ A M-VPH r Btrruni running throiiKh i a ru h. j\ ii-,\ t-ii j n i11-i* in i UMM JHJ> i in uutt ii r M in n, Six-runm IIHUHP a nd oth**r butldiriKH. Vrire $40.000. J 10,000 dmvn. 160 ACRKH of n I fulfil nnd pntnlo land non hoaflt. of Drlii nn. liood well. Only HIL!."i i>rr ac rr-, Tnr m« I6'i ACRKS in T-frdo- KamoHn disl nrt. (Inod pntnto la nd. AYoll and piped, 5-00 IMT acrp. iro Af'KKS near PHnno with pxrpllpnt imp i -QvomrniH. f Innd farming equip- in cut inHudfd. j:tfi,(MK). Some 1nrm». 160 ACUKS mi Improved limiL AdJnlriH trond wpud land. Only &i*0 an arre, SO ACRKS nf thf! frnrst pntatn land any* whom. OWIIPP tiiuk $;;*;,ooo **tt nf fift acrcB Bpudii thin yi-ar. JIJ7& pur acre. iti<Mi.\m>sci\ & L'Df) ItopkiiiH Lln Nmeleetiih and ('hosier Phone 7-7031. eveniiiBH 6-«;m or 3-04'.'2 70-ATRB RANCH on Rosndnle Highway. Seven rental hoiiHpR, good wells with plenl y of WH ler, n 11 piped. Phut ted lo cotton nnd a Ifa Ifn, n IHO some potato land. $15.000 lo handle. 1704 K STHBKT Phone 3-1 L' 10. RKSIDKNCB 2-562S 7 1 FOR SALE—Due to iJlncss. thlft fine 80- acre farm ro»»t be sold. Two modern houses, ffood well, all under cultivation. Priced to sell. See Ray Branlger, 6 miles we§l of AfcFarland on Elmo Hieh- wa :.'. _ 64 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch; 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California, 415 ACHES of good vegetable or po tato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160 ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A, H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. _ 7-29-tf SEK US FOR FARMS W» specialize In ranrhen nnd farm InnrU. Let us h«lp you find the fnrrn you want. RIOHARDFON & S1DDALL £06 liorkins Buildlnc Phone 7-7031 64 31!0 ACRES in Famoaa district, unimproved land, ] ,i minerals. A good investment for $18.000, or will lease lor 10 years, very reasonable. Klmer Martin, 2-91:94. L'L'O Habor- felde luiildin. TWO and one-third acres with completely furnishrd 3-bedroom hotiHe, inrhulinjr ie- rat or. air cooler nnd Wendii* *M ; hnfl Kardon, fruit treoa and chk-k<>n»; J5500, J"- r ,00 cash. '» mi in of Pumpkin (Center on Taft llith- TWl-J rut N TY HO iif n IIOIIM cm i p MH ACRIOS ulluUa. jiwt ready in AVI 11 Know how \v«'ll this u round ; IfirKe barn, rould be lunn-d lUniK bain; rnrrals; \\'fH-lMiiH f-cii hniiMc, cliickrn rquipinfMit ; in nlc ni i-ii ts ii nd u Kood ennui rv a rt ly furtiishctl. Sec tliin fur an fcruud buy. Will taki- sniull lumsc litt. half nrro or m/it- mill hcum- dnwn iiaytnont. Klwoud'n, IUL'3 SIXTY ACKKS— llmiKC, other nut buildings, was niul electric-it v. K»'»d irrigation well. Phone 3-L'Ol'J. Mr. .Michael. Bcach and Mountain Property MOUNTAIN' RANCH on throuch road, 160 nrres, 8prlnff water, adjoins Sequoia National Forest. Timber, nostat. wood, fruit crops, should retire invoKtment. Sultnhlp renoi t, cabin «ltea, estate. Price S5600 Hob Font, Ralanre Rock. FOR SALK or exchange, 3-hedroom, mnd- i-rn home; Tf\1on Lndue. Lebec, lor hmnc In Hakt-rbfield. Write Box 123. Lobpcr, or phone 11. fi4 fcfcj— mlm 7*mimtm*m^—*v^*rf^*irim,, ^,•^•1 *f i, ni.i • •• | .1 • • +m^^rm^f^+imj*if1*m^i^ii^^^^^^ m ^^. For Sale—Trailers C. by own *> \ ru HI L'aJl P Hlret-t. 1«-funl Can For Sal UK\1>Y rash for Tcur »old on easy payment. ;ilan» ;mro our own contraris, McCLEAN TRAILKR MART FA^TORV-BCir.T houso trailer, lot A of lilt-ins, im Imltrif? ire box, two stove*. -Ballon watr-r tank. I'rlrrd to srll nt Cfl"h only. .Sr*» at 324 Good man ('nli r.. or Incjuii f Arvin. Want.d to Buy—AutomoblU* 1 Tor Sal FuntKiM, Fixtures PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH n: 3 MINUTES. 194ft S('Hri-T trailer, good tircw, Hl^ppn 4: hnilt-m ire box, gas heat**r f electric hot plntf>, ph-ntv of rnpbonrd spare; $550 ca«0i. 717 Wilson avonue, Oilrlate, phone «4 8-11-tf 24-FOOT trailer honno, sleeps four, but fine SU*VP: I i good condition. Will take urnall trailer hoM« and difference, at bargain r i i 2 II 5 Kd i o nl Rri a y, ______ 6 S feet rea- 65 NKW 2-WHKEL house trailer, 7x16 lonff. 1 6-inch wh*el* t good rubber; sonable. 701 \V«M Casa Loma, SALK— Ono 16-font trailor. Cood ruhher. One iron wheel horne wagon, TWO-WHKKL* box trailer, pxcpllont con d it ion, Htpp! frnmo. l*honn ^-L'7K9. For Sale^Automobiie« ____ EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY— AH "For Hale" advertisements of automobiles/or trucks carried in the columns oC The Bakprsfield Calif orn Ian must (1) give license number nnd state (if not California) of Issuance; 12) must ntate v;hcther Tor sale by private owner or don ler; (3) each rar or truck advertised for sale must rarry price apked— **fls is" or "warranty" If advertised by dealer, "as is" if advertised by private owner, Ceiling prices may be obtained from Automotive Sarvica, Parts COM bETB body and fender repatrtnv. also front wheel alignment. Charles Vigatrom's Garage, 1680 Twenty-el vhtb stuet. Phone 2-7987. 4-H-tf GRANT piston rlnre last longer. Motor tuned UP, srreitsins; and nllln«; car storage. Blue Ribbon Garage. 191s* Nineteenth. Phone 2-0674. 1-li-tf WE CAN FAINT Tour Car Immediately. QMAC Budget Plan Call for A. Carter FRED C SCHWEITZER ' pLDSMOBILE DEALER Phone 5-5997 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf FOR SALIC—One rear end of 1929 model Ford. In sood condition. Price 110. S. V. Funderbiirk. phone 2-3974. 65 Motorcy cU« and BicycU* 19.T8 HARLKT-DAVIDSON. model prarticaHy new tires; motor tn excellent condition; price $550, Can be neen at 600 66 lorn I OPA office. 10-3-lf SELLER OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional cash to complete purchase of car? If eo. Just phono or drop by the ACME) FINANCE COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. J.ocally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential service. W. ,1. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone __«E-fl7flg. 1-12-tf WILT,, TRADE FOR LATER CAR, 3935 li/ 2 -TON FORD TRUCK, AI.LrSTEEL. BODY. NEW MOTOR, GOOD TIRES (LICENSE PCF7108). INQUIRE ORIGGS PRODUCE, 1128 Q STREET. 65 FOU SAM-:. $500, plus rnurt costs. 1939 Chevrolet. by owner. (2^087 Okln.) Can h" sft-n from 8 to £»:30 at 1!,'IO Bak'-r N ! ! ( I' I . _ ti 5 Foil SALK hy private owner. 1833 Ken truck <UKi;84!):t) wllh a ^-oxln »emit ra i lor. Has a power winch » mi brown e 1 ransminHion ; $-47") as is, Jl'JOO J'hnne 4-4H47. 70fi FOll HALK— By ownor. ]<)34 Y-8 sedan. As is. Jl'Sfi. (83W^^9.) Tan bo spi-n HI. DIM* K street after 6 P. in. Phone fi4 - '2 I'JL'II MODKL A coupe, limnpe No. 3BH935. $135 cnsli, HS is. Jlcmto u. Box 8'), S t fvr i n KUoa <1 . *'» > SALK— 1934 HuilHon L'-door sodnn. , Can lie KPPH nt M. & M. fiaruKe. ti5 1!)41 DODCiK dolnxe hupiru'sa roupe: 1'hiirl drive and radio. $1000 us is. (Cnhf. !i\TiIi8;t.) In army, must sell. fVe at FOFl SAM-; — 1938 Oldsmoliile 4-dnnr do IUXR m-dan, com pi* 1 1 e motor overhaul. Hood tiros TI nd fxi ras. S*-e it at (-or nor of Ha Uo-rs field High way mid Lor nut . Y;ill"v Ar-n's. (Hc'STSIl). Private . JXIMi ;is i.«. KOH HALF, or tradr. 11HI Hnirk 4-donr Horlnn (fil!/,70JO. $173« wnrranty. K04 ii ant Drive, Oildalo, .TVOII blocks west. (if. THAI)!-; equity in 1J»37 Huirk Sp<*ri«l; «ood iiifchnnicdlly. Rood t ircw. Would like 'i. 'it; Ford coupe In pxrha nun. 10 01 r. GiliiHire Sorvicc Station. *ifi FOR SALE— Large tricycle. Call 3-1407. GIRL'S PRKWAR bicycle. $45; boy's bicycle, $40; alno basketball ring and _ back hoard. Phone S-2727. _ 65 FOR KALIS— Boy's bicycle, old but ride- able, liron okay. $15. Write Box P-980. TlieTa 'onna \\. 65 FOR SALK — Boy'H bicycle in good condition. or will trade for Rirl'H bicycle. Call 2-91! 36 or 1320 Twenty-sixth street. TWO hiBh- pressure bicycle tlrea, handle- harw. now seat, pair fenders, rim, all __$ ;'» . _ 12 22__IL __ Phone 2-2992. 6 5 SJ/K 2(J boy's bicycle, .lust overhauled, in fine condition. 243 Hnrmosa, La Crenta. ' R5 For Sal Lumber 3x4 Ixfi 3x12 2x2 O. P. 2-4 2x8 2x12 and 2x10 3x4 3x6 3x12 6x6 redwood. Location, Standard O!1 Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near Rate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING .COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 10-7-tf IKiit FORD do luxp 5-piisfwnKnr ronvprtible cnu pc, excel Ion I t irr-», radio, heater. for hojiviiT car. $74."» MS \». Private ownor. <!iL'Cti14). __ t'.:50 "Kye" afler f. p. m. <i5 OU SALK — inisn Ford rnupe wllh built- in pirkup back. <!iAfiKOi ralif.) !' 14 Mant Trnxttni. JIS5. Privately owned. Man oxcrllnnt tiros. ___ _ FOR SALK — 1939 Xanli sodan by private ownor. <!ir9!)43.) Price. $7S& afl IP. Phono?-7f»SO. liCI.'t 1'T.YMOrTH L'-door Hodan. No 1T.V1S4). Thrp.o now roroppod Sa HP. "Un 9 t'a( if ic Hlroot. GI'tA'IfAM sedan by owner. Now tiron. excellent condition; woa t cut for sleeping; n hoanlifnl ivell-cn rod for car. Pan! 8mi:h. Hakersfiold Inn after 6:30 > n . (l.l 1! 9fi> $ 4 J,"i a si ». V-8 Podnn, Rood running condition. 1 tat nt and tiro,«. Price $4!jO :IH is. f 9 WHO S 4 >. Privato owner. 4 08Cra w ford. FOP, SATJ-": — 193fl O. M. r. tnuk and s.-ini-tiailpr. I.Ircnflc No. BB4'J'J4. Pricn JJiLTiO as is. Private owner. Jlob- ort M. Homo. Itox 3T.1. Hinhop. Calif. BS Wanted to Buy— Automobi!»» WANT TO RTTT from private party. 1040 or 1911 a uloniublle in good condition. Phono ?0109. 64 VVANTKD—C.ooil old. hoavy rnr, 192T> to l!i;il model. Route «, Hox fiC2. Onc- )m If mile south of Kairfnx School. 66 ,Iv TRADR Hill? OldHmohile (Calif. ^131701). good condition. $570 as is. or piiy i-;i*Jh, for 1910 or 1941 ronvertibl* 1 . Hotel r IVKo)«r, between 6 nnd 8 p. in. 69 HOUTS & BOX Cut Rate Lumber Yard, 2200 EdlBon Highway. Bakcrsfield. 9-SO-tf For Sale—Furnitur« f Fixtures 4 mire Maple rockers with springs, beautiful covers, $44.50, Writing desks, mahogany or bleached, $49.50. 2-piece living room sets, carefully selected covers, full spring construction, $159.50 and up. Hollywood beds, twin size, mahogany or maple, $23.95. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of the _ con rthouse. _ 65 ATTENTION, mothers. We carry a full lino of baby furniture, at reasonable pricoa. Soo us before you buy. Victory Furniture Rxchanee, 618 Union avenue. _ 1 ( h o n c_ :MOOS. __ 86 FOR SALK — Three-quarter size couch with prewar sprinKs, like new; makes nice Hollywood bed. 315 Arvin street <Hi»h- liind Park), phone 6-6104. _ 64 FOR SALK — A extension breakfast set, J13; ConKoletim rugr, 9x12, tf>: baasinptte on stand. J2. Phone 3-1497. 2008 . 64 PKKWAR matchinff davenport and chair, in Bood^condjtion. Phone 5-5661. _ 64 GAR RANGTC. with trash burner. $20. Phone 2-0094. _ 64 f*^^^^^^- ^^4^tow^»B^^T^^^^Bd^^^«B^*v^^^^^rt^» ^^F^^^.'^H^^ta^PB#4^P^H4^B^^P^lVfl^^^^B^h^P^Bt^B^^B l ^t^^B l ^4fe^^^^^l^^V^^B^^^WV^*^^*^^~* FOR RALE — 100 -pound Ice box in (food condition. Inquire rear 420 Bernard pit feet. 65 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles Wanted to Buy—Automobiles FOR USED CARS SALE DRIVE YOUR CAR TO TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-2MJt WE BUY ALL MAKES OF CARS Imi BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue BUCK ROGEKS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. I) Phone 9-9745 7-11-tt End of the Line USED FURNITURE, tooli. stovM. mi«c«l- laneoui artlct«i nf all kinda. W« will buy anythtnv. Call 4-4828. AuthnriMd ilaytag iervfc« and parU. Furnlturt repaired. Bob ilmlpy'i Nerr and Uaed Fu rnlture Store. 1800 ^. . gl U8H.D rtlRNlTURB want#a. W« call any place in city and »ivt fr« Mtlmaua. Brown'a Vurnltura, formerly Roy Whit* Furntturo Phone t«7Q2i. _ <-l»-tf FOR SALE — Vacuum ftweeper. Jiving room set, end tablet, prewar divan, curtains and miflrHlRm?ou*. reasonable. will n1m> trade for dinette set. Phont 8-8620. _ 320 Wi lunn. Olldfllp. __ (14 FOR SALE— Niw and uaed mattrtaita: all kinds of furolture. radio* told, traded and repaired. First class worfcmansblp. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store. On Taft Flfhway. m mllea west of Or««n- fleld. TWO Iron beds, coll nprlnr». mattressea. divan, cheat drawers, chairs, nig-ht Xandw; cheap but usable. 717 Woodrow a v P nue. Oildale. TWO-PIRCF5 blue prewar living-room set, S100; occasional chair. $10; end table*, 75 cents each; beds, spring* and mat- trei»«. $1S; round coffee table. Phone •? - - 3 * 3 - ^° 7 Wood row. fi5 -- _ .^B. — '- ~~~ ••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^•^^ ^_ laby bed,' buggy and car bed. all for $12; also hfgh-oven box spring* and mattress. Phone 6-6166. • FOR SAL $5 each or RHB stove, dinette net. $69.95 $139.95 IRON BKD, sprinKS, new mattress, dresser, t'hest drawers and 2-burner electric grill. ] n qinre^a* 1 "019^Kent ucky^strpeU fio 6-Pc. Plastic Dinette Set $69.95 5-FV. Eastern Oak Dinette Set, sky blue leatherette seats, blue trim table Mnderne Walnut Junior Dining Group. U.blp, 4 chairs, buffet $94.95 8-Pr. Blonde Mahogany Dining Set 8-Pr. Wfllnut Dining Set, 8-fnot tabFo. 66-inch credenza, host rhair and 5 side chairs, exceptional value 9x12 Axmmstpr Rugs "A Small Store Bulging With Values" ATZ-SMITH FURNITURE Eighteenth and L Phone 2-6277 65 FOR SALR—One living room suite, prewar; two bedroom suites, springs and mattrrss. prewar; one dining table, four rhairs; two linoleum rug*. 9x12; one Philro radio, one rook stove, high oven; one lawn mower, one floor lamp, dishes. Buy furnituce, rent house. 703 PI- avenue. $ .1R. R S FOR SALK—High oven gas range in condition. $14. Phone 2-527G. good 66 FOR SALE — Studio couch, gas heater, wins: typ° chair, two chests drawers. Phone L'-7 .".96 or 4 19 Do u glias. 6B J mattresses. 300 chairs, 115 fold- room tables. 30 PTBLTC AUCTION SALE by order of owners nf Palo Alto Airport. thpir United States Army Air Force vispd air cadet training school. Del Rpy Airport, King r*iiy, i.'alif.. Monday. October 2.1. starting at 10 H. m. — 380 mn**r spring beds, 900 atrntght back rhairfl, 6fi dining e desks, 50 office chairs. 14 typewriters, 4 adding machines. 1300 blank- ptfl. 1450 sheets. 200 coil springs. 400 Pillowe. sewing machine, vacuum cleaners. cawh registers, showcases. 8 Hamilton mixers. Toast-Master, waffle irons. C'oca-Cnla and root beer dispensers, electric grill, hot cups, steam tables. Ace Klass washer; 1600 assorted cups. sa»r- *>!•» and dishes; 1200 knives, forks nnd spoons; Well's French fryer, 400 divided mess trays. 2 pianos, 2 bowling alleys •with pin setters, 2 pocket billard- tables. snooker table. 96 Foamite fire extinguishers, stock pot«. ladles, roasting pans, bus >rays, frying pans, dish trucks, meat blocks. Hobart meat alicer. 50 heaters. Simplex time clock, nips, Karage equipment, etc.— Milton J. Wer»how. auctioneers, Los Angeles. 21. California— TR-5676. 65 9x12 ALL-WOOL rug. fi20 L street. Price reasonable. 65 FOR SALE—Bed, davenpdrt and arm chair in good condition, prewar make: one mahogany extension la r icre dining room table. Duncan Phyfe style. Phone 2-4235. 65 FOR SALE— Dining room, bedroom, front room set; four nearly new wool rugs, mangle, 7-way tamp. Mlxmantpr. Hoover vacuum with attachments, fireplace set. _J Mi one 4-4626. 65 HEAVY brass Lawsnn 10-burner heater. A-l condition. 1915 Verde. Phone 7-7_7_46. Price S35. 65 FOR SALE—Hotpoint stove, almost new. To see. call at 304 Wiikins in Oolden State Tract, east of Union between and California. rt6 For Sal* sc*llan«ouft BLACK fur-trimmed coat. Tuxedo style, sixe 14. Also black fur-trimmed suit. Bi7.e 14. Phone 3-0280. 64 MAN'S Rlackntone bag, steel fishing: rod and reel, bedding, dishes and cooking utensils. Blllie Hutto, 707 K street after 4 p. m. 6_4 FOR SALE—Electric meat elicing machine. practically new. Phone 2-6Q44. 65 FOR SALE—Baby swing and stand, $4. €0 Walnwright Drive, 517 Roberta Lane. 64 FOR SALE—Wicker baby buggy. $7.50: crib, complete, S10; play pen, $4. All prewar. 2801 Kentucky street. 65 FOR SALE—Three-piece tailor made man's brown suit; 37-32 trousers. 42 coat, excellent condition. $20; 22 feet new Sunray cloth, $1; ateel frame baby •wing or Jumper. $2; baby crib. 32x18. ftteel springs with mattress, $8: lady'a forest green 2-piece suit, else 18. perfect^condition. $5. _ Phone 3-7579. 65 FISH WORMS have moved from 1114 Flower street, to Dad's Fish "Worm Farm, where Dad grows them, about 4 miles south on 99 Highway to Collins Market, turn left on Garden Drive, second house on left. Hoping to see all old and new customers here for this week end and al' day Fridny until noon Saturday; and all day Sunday. 65 FOR SALE—One skunk fur practically new, price $100. or call at t!203 N street. coat, size 12, Phone 3-1411 68 LEATHERETTE baby buggy, In good condition, half price. Call at 2209 M street. _ 64 ONE COMPLETE 10-Inch Lftyne & Bowler water well pump. 7%-horsepower motor and switchboard. 60-foot setting, 7-inch culumn; ueed one reason. See it pump; price $500. Also one 10-horsepower solid uhaft motor, 1850 r, p. m. ; guaranteed O. K., $75. 2 J /i miles south from Panama Cotton Gin on Ash Road, % mile west Eberle and Lindsay Roads. Phone 2S-F-15. 65 TWO men's all-wool sport coats, size 38, one green and one brown, slightly used; one lady's lightweight coat, size IS. Phone 6-6394. 211 Flower. __ 65 SEWING MACHINES SINGER and White. Repair all makes of sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and Irons. Hemstitching while you wait. Kille- drews Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1509 West Eighth. Phone 73 __ _ NEW 3-piece all-wool beige suit, size 18, at a sacrifice price. Call 3-2786 after 6 . m. 6 We carry the BeGe line of leveling scrapers. These are hydraulic-control type nnd can be easily adjusted tn build borders. from 6 to 12 feet. 6 and 8-foot models available for Immediate delivery. We also have a large selection of hydraulic pumps, valves and adaptors for your tractor. COUSINS TRACTOR COMPANY 424 Twenty-fourth St. Phone 6-6711 _ C7 BOAT TOR SALE— 16-foot 'marine plywrod: ideal for duck hunting and fish- Ing. Phone 6-5683. _ 65 SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Com- nanv Phone 8*8581 _ ••IB-tf 100 PER CENT white tfoose down comfort: one pair 60 pe. cent white goose down pillows. Wool comforter, blanket sheets, pillow cases, towels, dishes, wet of silverware, electric toaster, Silex roffeemaker. card table, man's new dark blue suit, size 38; miscellaneous. Phone S-8184. 304 Woodrow. _ No. 1 ALFALFA, hay for sale. $21 per inn. One-half mile west of Rosedale Service Station on west aide of road. 67 SMALL cash register, $75; a good grocery Hi-ale. $65. Both in eood condition. _ P hon e_ 9-91!15. ask for Mrs. Black. 66 FOR SALE— A boy's size 16 tweed mixture euit with an extra pair of sport punts. Like new. 154 H street. Phone 2-4977. For Sal ror Sal WE HAVE THE Metal lunch kits Slide rule* Tin funnels and strainer* Phillips ncrew drivers Pocket clip steel rules Flex socket acts Baldwin thirkness gauges Overseas tying ord Electric fence controller Wop wringing bucket Milk Cans Metal fly sprayer* .Chicken wire "-8 Rarbed wire BX-Cable Thermos bottles Dog harness and leaahes Bamboc rakes Snap clothespins pas heaters Coal oil heaters Iron cords Fireplace gas logs Rubber belting Welding rod Klectt ic wire, 8, 10, 12 and 14 ra. Drop cords Wire wheel brushes Flashlights Flashlight batteries, all sizes Steam tables Restaurant sinks Stack pots 4 'leavers Meat blocks Silverwfl re Light fixtures Baby beds Baby strollers Crib mattresses Overstuffed sets Bedroom suites Vn pointed beds and chest* Ironing boards High chairs Footballs Boxing gloves Toys of all kinc'.s THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- TION hat set dollara-and-cente celling prices on used refrigerators, waihini machine*, vacuum cleaners, typewriters, bed •prints, camera'* and photographic equipment. These maximum price* apply to every Mller. even to an Individual •ellmv his personal household effect*. For information concerning these and all other celling price*, call the Bakem- fleld War Price and Rationing Board. Phone 9-9419. 6-lS-tf COME AND VISIT OITR NEW FURNITURE AND TOT DEPARTMENT KardwHre and Reatauranf Supply Twentieth Phone 3-0581 1322 FOR DAVIS 1400 See the FURNITURE CO. AVENUE. CAN DELIVER at once the following new Case machinery: Model L tractor; also hay chopper; also 3-bottom plow; also 55- horae pumping engine, and Adrian bale loaders. C. L. Stancliff, Twenty-fourth and N street^. 65 GET TOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's lead in; rubber stamp company. Ton will be satisfied service. Pads, Inks, makes. 1808 "Eye" 8-8102. with its prompt (Inters of all street. Phone €9 LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers svallable only to persons having; old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory part* anl service. Oall Weill's service department. 6-6851. 7-S-tf VACUUM CLEANERS, irons, toasters. heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. 917 Water street. Phone 2-4670 or 2-9354. FENCING We still have a good selection of poultry netting and stock fencing, Including heavy-grange barb wire. COUSINS TRACTOR COMPANY 424 Twenty-fourth St. Phone 6-6711 67 FOR TALE—Portable welder, 200 to 300 amp., General Electric; driven by V-8 motor; cables, torches, hose and regulators included; mounted on Chevrolet 1H- ton truck (Calif-EE5663); will sell as a unit or separate. For particulars, call __3-1377. 66 YES! WARDS HAVE FENCING FAMOUS TOP-QUALITY, LONG- LIFE AJAX HINGE JOINT STOCK FENCE. HEAVILY GALVANIZED TO RESIST YEAHS OF WEATHER. PRICED AS LOW AS $12.70 PER ROLL FOR HEAVY WEIGHT 32 - INCH FENCE AT WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 64 ELECTRIC Shavemaetcr 2-3861 after 7 p. m. razor. Pbone 64 ONE new square skirt black western saddle, 13 % -inch tree and double rigging with bridle and blanket. Price, $185. Call at 2026 Inyo street between 6 and 7 p. m. 65 FERTILIZER-Pulverized sheep and barnyard fertilizer. Fertilize your lawn now. "We deliver. Phone 3-9351. 74 GOOD ALFALFA hay for sale. 1 ton or 30 tons. Call 2-2856 after 6 p. m. 65 FOR SALE—Layne & Bowler slow-speed pump. 112-foot column, 10-horsepower motor with switchboard. Phone Wasro 4962. 65 FOR SALE—R. C. Ford generator and regulator, 1940-1941; model 20 Kodak F-3.6 movie camera; combination radio- phonograph and recorder with floor microphone. Must be cash. Call 2-7754 after 6pm. 65 VEGETABLE and flower plants, ranucu- lus, bulbs, onion seta, shrub, camellia, gardenias, stepping stones; renovating done. Fowler's Nursery, 1124 or 1316 Third street. Phone 2-4587 or 3-0888. 65 ONE 7xl2T& high steel truck Phone Arvin 73. body, 9100. 68 ONE heavy team and leather sale. Phone Arvin 73. harness for 68 DAFFODIL, TULIPS, RANUCULUS Garden seeds and onion sets; very choice. Strawberry plants, fertilizers. »30 Eighteenth street. Phone 2-3451. M. P. FLICKINGER 65 EIGHT TONS alfalfa hay. cheap. Phone 3-2287. 66 LIVESTOCK auction sale every Tuesday. Sale begins at 11 a. m. We have fine fresh and springer dairy cows. Heifers, veal and baby calves, horses, saddles and harness, sows, fat hogs, feeder pigs, sheep and goats. Better buy now, prices are going up. Clark's Auction Yard, 3 miles south of town on Highway 99. 66 FOR SALE—One large black bear rug, one Marx electric train. 412814 Chester avenue. 65 FOR SALE—One new 12-foot offset International disc. Inquire quarter-mile norlh of Fruitvale School. Phone 2-4408. 64 FOR SALE—D-13.000 Caterpillar pumping engine, with Johnson gear head, drive shaft, 200 feet 2-inch coll. also John Deere tractor, Model D. Frank's TriiPtor Shop. 1224 High. Delano. 66 FARMERS ATTENTION NOW IS THE TIME TO GET TOUR DUSTING SULPHUR AT A SAVINGS. SWIFT'S GOLD BEAR BRAND DUSTING SULPHUR FOR MILDEW CONTROL IN 100 POUND BAGS AND SWIFT'S GOLD BEAR BRAND BLACK GAS DUSTING SULPHUR IN 100 POUND BAGS ARE NOW 60 PER CENT OFF AT WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVE. 65 FOR SALE—Two black ladies' wool coats, one lady's tailored suit, size 14 to 16. Phone 6-S140. 64 FOR SALE—Drop head sewing machine. Good condition. 137.50. 1609 West Eighth. 64 FOR SALE—Fur coat, good condition, also pair of lady's black shoes, size 5%B. almost new; little girl's coat and red jacket, size 6. Phone 6-6'tl8. ONE 16-horsepower Elto outboard motor, with extras. Phone 3-1521. 66 DON'T DARE f XPLODETHE\ / WAP HE AD ON J THr3ROBOT--v OMB'TWAT'D) BE SUICIDE r- — —^— - ^^-^^ ^r^^f—m-m—r^m-m—^^ BUT I'VE GOT *v TOSTOPTmS) FLYING OEATM BEFORE -LSALOT _ OF WOMEN AMD JET-TUBES.' , I'LL BLOW ONE (OF THE TUBES OFF/ OUT I'VE GOT TO H\T IT JUST RIGHT-OR MY BRIGHT IDEA IS A DUD/ By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COUPON IS GOOD FOR v?v->i ^,1. CARTOON . r¥ i L'tJ FOR YOU TO '*'. . • * r.wA A*.,-— i /^NOW GEE: WHAT U APPENQ / fc V4EPE«S;WMERI *VIGETOTF/ MAIL ruts TO 0VCK / Fly!n» and balsa model nlsne klt«. Jeeps, trucks, tanks, ships fittings, balsa wood carvlnv knives, dope and cement. Come In and look around. Edward's Camera Exchange, 1609 Nineteenth street. FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY S Miles South of Town 9-B-tf Highway 99 WASHING MX Repaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf 801 ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S Nilea Phone 8-1402 CABBAGE, cauliflower, broccoli, chard. lettuce, relery. onion «eta. strawberry plants, raspberry, blackberry and flower planrer bulbs, sctds and fertilizer; fruit. shade tree& and shrubs. Plant them now. Krauttr Nursery. 601 Eighteenth street. 10-2-tf FERTILIZER—100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized. $6 per load delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy, 2-4027. f 81 VACUUM CLEANER. Irons, clock* and all •mall appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company. 911 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good stock of leather and accessories for re- palrlnc. Paul Hornunv, 1606 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf DECORATE your home with mirrors. We specialize In morrors for mantels, wall* and doors. Bakersfteld Olass Company, 1715 Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or service, call your authorized Electro* lux serviceman. Marvin H err Int. 2-8070. Electrolux Corporation. 1811 Orange street, *6 TIRFJ RBCAFPINQ ONE-DAY 8EBVICB CLEROU TIRE COMPANT 1717 K STREET PHONE «-eO«9 2-29-tf "Paris Liberated" and "Tanks Capture Guam" and other newsreels, 8-mm end Itf-mm srcnlc, adventure and sports pictures. New cartoons. Little Kin*. Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse, etc, Edward's Camera Exchange. H09 Nineteenth. 9-l»-tf and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest • toe It in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 70 RANCHERS. builders. Prefabricated metal buildings. No priority. Any size or design. Daley Company, Mills build- Ing, San Francisco. 64 ONE pair of 8-inch hard-toe driller'i PUBLIC address music Instrument. and amplifiers. Gore's Radio Arvin. boots, pickup Shop. 66 NOTICE J. A J. Electric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Street May have heating elements to fit your iron. Cords and a few motors for sale. _ Hearing with my VACOLITE. I can laugh with the others when a food joke is told. Clement Hershey. 2735 Center. Phone _ 2-0571. _ 10-9-tf SAN JOAQITIN and Lacey's feed delivered to you. Sudd's Market. Oildale. Phone 6-6721. _ 66 FOR SALK — Sand box, with shade; swing set. with tetertottpr; one small and one crib size baby bed; baby wardrobe chest; one pair of men's riding boots; one pair of boxing shoes ; also one pair or lady's black suede pumps, like new. 111. West Monela. Phone 4-4625. FOR SALE — Five-horsepower Fairbanks- Morse electric motor; reconditioned. F. W. Beavers, 489 Wilson street, Arvin. 64 TOUR LAST CHANCE—Good clean oat hay, $22 50 per ton; until Saturday. Wanted, jointer and bench saw. Phone 3-2078. 65 FOR SALK—Heavy duty hemstitching machine, $95. Herb Loe's Furniture, Lamont. Calif. 67 FOR SALE—Garden tractor. One-half mile east of Pumpkin Center on Taft Highway. Phone 2-1050. 67 IDEAL FISHING or duck hunting boat. 15 feet long, 5-foot beam, built-in game and tackle locker; bow deck. New oars and paddles. 10-horaepower outboard motor. Excellent steel trailer with good tirew. All in tip-top shape. $375. 128 Bedford Way. Phone 2-2129. 66 BIRD CAGE, 16 feet in all. collapsible Va-inch pipe frame, galvanized roof and bottom and removable cleanine tray, hardware trough sides. $20. 128 Bed- f on! Way. Pho ne 2-212 9. fi 6 EVERHOT roaster, Hotpoint cooker, steamer cooker, Hankscraft egg cooker, 1-burner plate and traveling iron. Phone 2-317_3. 65 FERNS and plants. Large, potted, beautiful and green. Suitable for reception rooms, lobbies, porches or patios. Aa- sorted Jardlnlers. Phone 2-3173. 65 FOR SALE—Dark green wool coat with fox fur, size 18. Phone 7-7746. Excellent condition. Price 125. 65 THREE MEN'S Boy's bicycle. street. SUITS, reasonable price. $35. 2110 Twenty-fourth 66 FOR SALE— Remington automatic .12- gauge shotgun. Call 827 Nlles. _ FOR RALE — Three acres alfalfa hay. more or less in the shock. ^Phone_2-732 1. FOR SALE — Victory baby buggy, never used, $5. Special covered atudfo couch, prewar Simmons, must be seen to appreciate. Must be sold by Saturday. Cheap. 416 Lloyd street, Golden State Tract. FOR SALE — Child's crib and nursery seat, $12. Dark living room extension table. 439 Douglas. Highland Park. 65 FOR SALE — 40 does. 5 bucks. 100 young rabbit-. Good hutches; 100 crocks, 6 dozen wire stretchers, bench saw, hardware cloth, ^-inch and -%-lnch; lots of good lumber suitable for outbuildings; 2-wbeel trailer. A. L. Keck, Route ft, Pox 232, on Edison Drive, % mile south of P. G. & E. substation. 65 FOR SALE— One G. M. C. A. C.-262, 1940 model. 1 ^4 -ton ; good rubber, motor, completely overhauled. (PC3197.) Phone days. 2-7421. after 6. 2-6181. _ 66 4x7 TWO-WHEEL box trailer; new, solid, extra well built. Almost new Western Field .22 repeating rifle. Several boxes cartridges. L, A. Wiemcrs. McFarland, No. 53. _ _ FOR SALE — A portable Corona typewriter, also corner bathroom sink and toilet bowl. Phone 2-6112. _ 66 GIRL'S maroon all-wool coat, with sweater nnd ekirt to match, size 8, all for $10. Call at 205 West Belle avenue, Rtver- v I ew. _ 66 FOUR-QUART pressure cooker, good con- dltion. Call 8-8175. _ 65 .32 REMINGTON automatic, rifle and 8-power field glasaee; two boxes of shells. 1402 Shasta Drive. Oildale. Phone 2-6967. _ 64 DIAMOND RING, beautiful dinner or engagement ring, three large and twelve small diamonds with all-platinum mounting. $900 cash. Sacrificing on account of sickness. Only boy serving overseas. Thone 3-0346. For Sal Miaeallanaoua FOR SALE — Good clean bsled alfalfa hay. on Rosedale Highway. Phone 2-3092. D GOOD Reffina vacuum sweeper with attachments Call after 6:30 p. ra. or Sunday. 809 Knott street. 65 FOR .410 6:30 SALK—Double-barrel Springfield shotgun. Some shells. Call after p. m. or Sunday, 809 Knott street. 66 FOR SALTC—Football shoes, size 1S: other shoes. 75 cents and up; scout pants, other articles. Phone 2-7126. FOR SALE—Wire chicken $10. Pbone 7-7728 or Dracena. house. 18x7. see at 2217 FOR SA Phone 2-2075. hay loaders, new. n L BLACK flannel jacket. Plze 14; black i»ilk dress, size 16; good Earth 2-pieue suit, size 16; lady's shoes, size 6Va: tile sport coat, size 14. Also radio and phonograph combination. Pbone 3-2364. NEW Baron vegetable seeder, made especially for letture, carrots, spitiflrh, etc., will be demonstrated on the Williams Ranch, between McFarland and Delano (3 miles east of the 8. P. between Elmo and Peterson) next Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Sold exclusively in the valley by Linder Hardware Company. Tulare. 65 FOR SALE—Fairbanks-Morse scales. Weighs to COO pounds. One 2G-ton rotary swivel; one 35-ton rotary swivel: one 200-bsrrel steel oil tank with sprinkling attachments to fit trurk. Phone 2-4058. 65 Rainbow collection of gladioli, packed for gifts, tulips, ranun- culus, narcissus, choice mixed colors. Fertilized and peat moss. "VVattenberger's, 2521 East California. rowers NEER NURSERY Plant now for fall and winter (far-* den. Cabbage, onions, BOc hundred. Head and leaf lettuce, 40c hind red. Celery, 3 doz. for BOc. Cauliflower, broccoli, other vegetable plants .cheap per dozen. Special prfce per 100 and 1000. Calendula, stock, snapdragons, other flower plants for winter bloom very reasonable. Cut flowers, funeral d&signs, wholesale price. Corsages, potted plants. Open Sundays. 715 LJ street. Phone 2-4748. 65 FOR SALK — Two cotton mattressel, boy'n black shoes. 13^D. won once, $4; boy 'a white glee club puit, size 12 or 14. $2.50; rural mail box. la'g*. $1; heavy 1-inch rope block. 1222 H Thone 66 Radios, Musical Instruntnts We Have Facilities and Avillable Parts to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12-2-tt PIANO WANTED—Hlgheit ctih prlcn paid for new and tu«d planoi Phnn* ^ 8*8981. ; »-H-tf CAR A BRIANS for any mak* of tar. S4.ll and up. Potton Radio, eornar ot K itrtet and »!) Highway. : ] 9-1-tf HIGHEST PRICES paid for us«S radlnaT Baker*field Radio Supply. 380! Cheater avenue. Phone 3-6150. 8-11-tf Expert repair service on all makes. Adequate stocks of parts and most types of tubes. Pre-war <!PA approved prices. URNER'3 2006 Chester Avenue Oldest Radio Dealer in City 10-9-tf. WILL PA7 blKbeit cash prlc« Cor your piano. Call 8-8871. 1-28-tf RADIO RRFA1RS Quick fterlvc* General Service Company. 818 Baker. Phone t-t278 4-24-tf TOP PRICKS paid fur late mod! radio*. Poetoo Radio Service, corner it K and 99 Htghwaj. Phone 3-0498. J-l-tf FOR AUTO-HADIO SEIVICE We now have facilities tor noun ting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials installed while pu wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Hfhway _ 3-27-tf PIANO for sale, Klrnball pracke piano. walnut caae, in good condition, has been thoroughly reconditioned and is fully guaranteed. Full price $125, tttns 18.84 per month. Free delivery. Baldwin Piano Distributers. 1513 Sventeemh ctreet. 65 CLEVELAND trombone, with alligator case and music rack. Exceltat condition. reasonable. Phone 2-1243 >r 8-8431. f _ 64 THREE-OCTAVE Deagan marlnoa, metal Pipes, with muHic stand. 110 Fourteenth street. No calls Satuflay. 68 Quick service and sensible prt«s. Big stock of prewar parts. We h(/* a few used radios for sale. Buck R0io Service, 71.', Washington avenue* Oildali*. Phone 2-5193. 67 Phone 64 JTED TO BUT—A trumpet 8-S234. WANTED TO BUY—Goot used piano, either upright or grand. Must be in good conditon, "Write Box 744-W, The California*. 65 FOR SALE—Player piano rolls 2-1118. 66 FOR SALE—Almost new trumpet. 150. 1^1*2 H streel Phone 2-2992. fi5 Cameras and Photoynphy h COMPLETE 8-mm. movie camia outfit. screen, projector, carrying caiMand extra reels; all for $65. After 10 4 ra. Sunday only. Phone 2-6723. Typewriters, Office Supplies WILL PAT CASH for typffwrltck addlnv na«chln«», obeckwrlteri and c*h rtctv* tars. Lynch Typewriter Coraptny. 1660 Cheater avenue. <-S9-tf Fruits and Vegetabbs CANNING TOMATOES No. 1 TOMATOES GREEN TOMATOES CRANBERRIES POTATOES, RUSSET, 100 DELICIOUS APPLES WASHINGTON ALL KINDS OP FRESH MEATl AND VEGETABLES. REASONABLE RICES. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TILL (P. M. PHONE 2-9730 OAK AND URUNDAGE: • its LTJ) 89c LUO.ll. 9 S LUG'S 1.15 LI 5Rc LBS. 13.65 FRO4 Vine Ripened Lug, 75c , 1019 Baker St. East Bakersfield . ; iO-6-tf CHOICE APPLES We have received another lad of Wataonville applea. These apples are all of choice quality. Yip will find the Bellfleur andiPipphs are large, fine canning apple* aid can be purchased for ttyle ft alow ing low prices: t Bellfleurs, $2.69 per box. fippins, $3.49 per box. Also Deli don fe, $3.89 per box. We also have Tehachapi commercial Russett pita toe a at $3.49 per sack, some Noj 1 Tehachapi long white potatoes it $3.79 per sack. Mooney's Maiket Spot, Eighteenth and Unioil Phone 3-0961.67 FARMERS NOW IS THE TIME TO GifT YOUR ONION SETS. WARD] FARM STORE HAS A LIMITED QUANTITY, SO BE SURE pO GET YOURS EARLY. THIRTf CENTS PER POUND. / WARDS FARM STCRE 2526 CHESTER A>E. PHONE 7-7871? 65 CANNING CORN., SOc per dod»n, in f leldT Last cbsnce for pear* and beans before frost. All day 'Sunday, punwanderfn Farms, Frultval* avenue, thona 2-7093,

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