The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 13, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1944
Page 14
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4 F'Moy, October 13, 1944 gfre Saherrtielb Ca Worn urn I TIIIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FEnGDSOX ^^ Kt*MG KHJ, RFRC, RGB,"KDB, KUON! KFXM. KVUE, KNII. Blue Network—KERN, KH'G. KFBK. KOO. KECA. Columhln BrMdriirttnv SmUm—KNX, KKOV, K8VV. KIM3M. National Brtindcaninr Company—KMJ. KFIrKPO. (Th«e trhpdulas corrected up to pr« time tntUj.'nsf responsible for oij«D{«« madt O«CM- *»rr by pro grim clunRM.) FRIIMY fitflO to fl:.w p. m. rayiif." KK1--WMU T,mr>. KF'AIO— (;*M-iU Hemler; 6:15. Stieen TPM. fi::*0 (o 7:00 p, m, KT'K.V — Pp'.jlte Bani'ii<; ti;j&. Cnrmipt Story T-liei. KJ-'I— I'c^t'!* 1 Are Funnv, KrMC—L.K..ihl« -or .N-uli-ns. 7:00 tn 1:30 |>. m. rn\—Clru-e Houth LIKC, I-'I - A mow aiirf An-K. "'.i'i;M •.« "War CommpniHry; 7:16, Thoni;i3. 7:.'W to «:00 p. m. KKKX- linn • HFI-- SI-OMS >>«•*!, f-l; 74', Ac, fptnn,.* Sp.~e<h, Da nmu.n Hooju-s, \'ice-l > rtsi^ KI'MC—I.n'ne'njirii,. !/ H:0(t to J*:30 p. m. KKP.N—M'ntch UIP "World Go Hy; S:16, P,n ker Kninil>. Kf-*/—MUMC b'h'.ip; 8:13. FItflwood TjRw ton. KI*MU—Jnn Kinr; R:lR, "U'Rltz 'J'lnie. R:SO tn f);00 p. m. Krn\-- O;if!Blii;MPi*. KT'I— I'Mitfv'g Tuvom. Kr.\H:—Trn« Dei.^-tiv* Myntrricf. »:OI» to 0:30 p. m. K KflN' — Tn l.f Annoiincrd. KKI — Km loni;h Fun. KI'MC—-News. 9:1',. Or 1 rirnwn. 0:»0 to 10:00 p. m. vF.nX—Tli-nry .1. Taylor: S 4'.. rlM^n's <'ntnmili<?p AKninst j'rnpnuit inn N'n. 12. Kl— Jojut P;M in nm) .In-k Hairy. P.Mr—FultiMi Lewis. KJ-, ; !t;4i, .\o\vs, 10:00 to 10:30 p, m. ' >f < i u~ I*.\J( '-^- S. .-< n Petrol Pete When you are building an airstrip in the midst of a "battle, and planes are circling around upstairs waiting to land, you are likely to be in a hurry. Naturally you will want to use asphalt, "because your planes can land the minute you're finished. And should some Nip nick your runway with a bomb, you're able to patch it up right now. It happens that we make lots of airstrip asphalt at Petrol, and as a taxpayer you'll be happy to learn that it doesn't cost much to make airports and highways with asphalt. PETE POMTIt'AI. AI>VKKTISKMKNT ON THE HOME FRONT Vote No on No. 12 HEAR M. D. Hermann Dept. Quartermaster Adjutant Veterans of Foreign Wars KERN Tonight 9:45 ITU'Al, ADVERTI^RMKNT 10:80 la 11:00 p. m . KKRN— Tim Dnrtnr Tnlkn It. 1UHS. Mf-nry Ownns Oi-rhfs KKI- Insirie ihe Kewn; 10:4 a. in Mu«i'-. KI'MC — $*n KrnnclPcn Op^ra. 11:00 fa 11:30 p. m. KKUN— This Mavin* Wnrld: 11 J 5, llpnry Kinc nud Hj 9 Oi.hpfin. KKI — KIpvenih Hour Nr\v«; 31 i:,, Tost I'HJ-H.IP: 11 :L'0. J^ir-r f}(» I,.nm KI'MC— News; 11:15. Kilvp r Nmturn*. 11:30 to 12:00 MMnleht KKRN— Tcrl Weema Orchp.«li; t ; 11 :15, News. 6:00 to C:30 n. m. KKT1N*— Tlbyihrn for Siiiunlay; fi.Hi. JJ(»moLTatn for l>p\vny. «:30 (o 7:00 «. m. KKHN' — Fif-Pfjom on the J^nd Forever; »'• 4Tj, MuMlcAl ReVplllr. K^l-— Ted O\v»ni; 6:4;",. N>^«. Kf'MC -MiiPic-Rl CJoi k; fl;&G. On tha J-'a I'm. 7:00 to 7:30 «. m. K KIIN"— NPWH; 7:15, Ala Mm Agronnkv, Kf-'I--Tnrtay*« Heroen; 7:15, Flpptwood f.RWton. Kl'AIC— NPWB; 7:ir>. Mftlndira of Today. 7:110 to R:00 p. m. K KRN* — Nr-\v« f 'ommpntary; 7:45, «h.vthm lianrh fain. KPT — Mmvh to Victory; 7:43. Sain KPMi' KKRN — p Tiinen; 7:40, \Vnill'» IVB. H:(M) *« «:80 n. m. J.awton; 8:15, Vii Kiry KKI—K. r. Jon KPAIC—Alti*ir; H:lC, t Rainbow Wouiie. (1:30 to 9:00 •. m. KI^RN*—RrpnkfflHt ("Muh. K (•") -Mplndy Roundup. K PMC— Hit (uhow >|DIJ«». 9:00 to 1);30 A. m. KKRN—N>WH of the World; 5:tO. l.ocnl Nft\v«; »:H, 10-2-4 Ram.h. KFI--News 1'crlofl; 9:15. Connunrn r Time, KJ'MC—Hrllo. Mom! 1»::iO (o 10:00 a. m. KKRN—rhiilham Shopper—'Lois Long; M&. Trans-Atlantic Q»lx, KKf—Alex Drlnr; fl^S. Los AnRMes »'nnnt.v Modirfll AflMorlation Talk. KI'MC—Satimlny Hrrnpbook. 10:00 tn 10:30 n. m. KFTHN—MUSK ; 30:U/, Collins Callin*. K Kl —Aflvi-nturo Ahead. KI'MC—N^WK; lO-.lft, AI Wi)]lRm«, 10:30 tn 11:00 n. m. KKU\—'What's CnohiM 1 ; 10-5.1. Oigun hili-r KKl--llrri''R to Tl«li«' llulli; 10.U. >;ews, KI'.MC—Liin-lirnii With Loppz. 11:00 In 11:30 n. m. KKK.V—Radio Kid* RihU; Cluh. K FI---Opnnrtunit.v Tlic-nlc-r. KI'.\H.---A (o 'A in Novelty; IMS. Tu ho iinnnnnr rd. J 1:3f> to 12;0ft N'mm KKRN f —Fjiniiii! Hurwf Prf-rnU. KKI ---Wlir CIlCNl Spi'lllTIK KfT. KPMC—(icoi-Kc Slrrnry'H (H. he-tin. l',':00 tn K>:30 p. m. KKRN—PurdiK'-lowii I'M'-FUtjht Koolhfill tin me, in i^.'io. KKI — Noon Fnrm UppnrlL»r; 12:U>. Trannci'lptinnii. KI'MC—New.v. 12:30 In 1:00 p, m. KIT—Smllin 1 Kd Mrflunnpll. KJ'MC:—Ohio Stnlo veraiin WlnLonsm, tu ii:30. 1:00 to 1:,10 p. m. KIT—Ohio H l ril*:-Wisconsin I-'oulhall 2;00 to 2:30 p. m . KPMC—2:15, U. C. U A. VPIHUS Kt, Alary. :::30 In 3:00 p. m. KKUN— M\jR\r; 2MB. Hnllo. Svvpnt MPH 11! KKI — Rupert Hughes; 2:4,1. Munir rtotnn. KPMf— u. C. L. A. VPI-PUH St. Mary. lo 6:30. BrtM) In H::m p. m. KRRN—Kdwnrd Tomllnnon; 3:in, Hfirry Wlsmer. KKI — Hlnrp ppnrJ Harbor: 3:15, 1 ft M — * f m f I KuHinln \\ lriK». 3:30 tn 4:00 p. m. KK.RN—Cnnt^mpornry Comi»6»er«; 3:S&. New*. KKI—Curt M«H«ey; 3:45, Hellglon In the NPWP. 4:00 tn 4:30 p. m. KKHN—P-litp rnrr*>*pondptitfi Ahroftd; 4MB. HlHfl MHdnep. KKI—The Worlfl'H <lreat Nt.vela. 4;SO lo 5:00 p. m. KKRN—Rox Vnu. KKI—On the St-oulliiff TrHil. 5:00 (o B:HO p. UK K KHN—11 ;t i ry OIVIMIH rir'-hc.'M i a, KIT—Traffic Tribumil; 6:1;,, i\ows J'eridd. ft'.HO <n «-.OU p, in. K KrtX—li'iwt cm I NI[>H Sym phnu v. KKI—-I'Viotball Jit-vjcw; 6:45. Klaier KV'MC—(Vnvhny Trnuhnrionr; B;4r». •WH Wirp. YOUR BLUE NCTWOKK STATION KERN 7:30 P. M. ADVERTISEMENT TEXANS! Listen to Senator W. Lee O'Daniel (Pass the Biscuits, Pappy) and His Hillbilly Boys In a Program Sponsored by The Democrats for Dewey Every Morning Mondays Through Saturdays KERN 6:15-6:30 THE MOST iMPoeiANT RAN&E OF A\OUNrA(NS, THE APENNINES, IS 45O MILES IN LENGTH, AND CONTAINS 3,OOO PEAKS, RAN6lrJ6 UP TO 19,000 FEEf /N ALT/TUDE. .COPR. 1»4« BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U, S. PAT. OFF GOT TRAINING DOESN'T TRAlM THE BOOTS AT ALL ~ TOM ALVEY, ONE-INCH CUBE OP CONTAINS ABOUT &OO, OOO.OOO AIR CELLS. 10-13 SIDE GLANCES B G MO. MT. OFF. "All I've NPi-ii IN pirfur«H «f (ho«o forelirn IIU fnn't nt»t|i DihikhiK tiow Huh fihv»>H \vnni N it> THESE WOMEN! nic nur Knlilh-rs, nnd I In Uir thick nf tliint;-,:" liy d'ALKSSIO of cliMngr-nvrrn, how nhnut Kfltinie me a nt>w Hr hnri fihuiit fill I he rrcddvrr-^loti it t'lin Mil ml!" J'hin FUNNY IU S1NK88 • —' — — • • "• ^ • •^^^••^^F^^^H In fiiNft «f reflci nrtion tn hi* iltrp whrn Hi? narKe wnlkn by! 11 HOME DOCTOR BOOK ri Von rHiinot find health between the invern of n honk! nut you run learn a Kient de«J about ih» •ymptnma anrt traudnont of common ailment* from the Home Doctor Book. Au nuthorltntlva nubhcutlnn. deBlgnpd, not tn take the Jtlace of a doctor, but to help you to co-operule vim him Intelligently. Care of the Hick. Diet for the Sick, Infant Care, Home Modlclnpn. Personal HyKiene are other •ubjeufi Included, all aljihabettcally arrvnired. Forty paees; 3S ce Thia Coupon The Bajterafleld Callfornlan Jnformntlon Bureau. 316 13ye Btr««t. N, M.. Washington 2, D. C 1 . herewith 15 cents in totti (carefully wrapped tn for a copy of the Home Poet or Honk, • * Street or Aural HoUt* City, , , ^.. — •.«.»«.» O til tO -"Tt*.BtffM (Mail to WBBhinuton, D. C.) OUT OUR WAI VOU COULD THROW A MATTRESS DOWM TJH^ OWE GUV'S NECK, BUT NO— IT'S A POOR COOf WHOSE COL HARDLY LET A CRACKER CRUMB IN) WHO GETS TM' HOT CHIPPOWM HIS BACK/ -v By J. R. WILLIAMS b MMMMMMMMVi K1Nt> OF A WORLD DO NOU WANT TO LIVE. IN)? WE ALWAYS EXPECTEP GRANPPAW'S BEARD TO KETCH FIRE SOME DAY, BUT HOW FAST HE COULD RUN AT8i WAS TH'BIG KICK 1 LAUGH VET/ .Vi ' . i^ rn V, X' '•" '*< *. ^M r-' f. ^\>i VV - • V \ *y r THE UMEXPECT IS BEST r « ICG u ft. PAT orr 'O"*3 COP* i»M tr NEA firnvicc me OCR BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLB MECK9 SO ROPULS ON PO KMON PR03ECT A CONCEI NiD lGM ^iUL \M\T HE rw M/VTEVE BIG THE GLMl'S YOUR 60LPEN CHARIOT AWAITS » WITHOUT M'LAPV.' MIN PEAR-I'LL WRPTE EVERV PAV/ BON VOVA<SE / CWNU^ WE'RE PROUPOFVOU? Fate Takes Ming ANPYANP TRfSHA TAKE ,. -F FOR rne WEST COAST LET 'LOOK IN ON THAT OTHER PLANS IV/Vtf/A/tf IN FROt* THE HOCPrrALf By GUS ISDSON AMtP+TALL THIS tfAIETY ON* F/6UXB 5/Tfi x HEAPING HOV.E.' I CAN HA.RPUV BELIEVE JVAS6F/ME FOR A MALTEP? AMR0A9V? THAT AIN'T ALL? *? JLK^ iW-il GASOLINE ALLEV - . *>ii I WANT Y0U TO W££T 80B8LE, $eg$£AM JESSICA ANP I PRACTICALLY TOCETHE*?. YOJ, :L On Second Thought MY HUSBAMP W^S IN ^If I CAN'T S4Y I PID AF^IC4,Toa H Cie PIJ7NT. BUT I VOU «^M 1H MET 4 LC7T (?P HIM TMeee- 11 NICE PEOPLE TO VOU; -Sr- '- TEJ.L YOU TUg HE WAS CM A PASS AT SlPl <3A700< WHEN WALLET ANT t WEI?e. AU' H£ rV4S SUCH 4 I COULPMT By KING THAT'S ALL SIGHT. i r '.I •* p i j ' UA- ;,' . ^ ^ fr *r *. *.' fi X V D. L'/, U\ ' L,l V 1 --BOOTS AM) HER RUDDIES VOO Getting Nowhere VS.Y5K.Wb VOO By EDGAIl MARTIN WtOK^.OO VOO p acitvice. INC etc.«.«. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Boy, GET you s SUPER , PUBLICITY / THAT EXTRA BUN01F OF MY CUDTH6S ALONG WAS A TERRIFK IDEA/ I SPREAD THEM OUT ON TME BANK OF LA^CF »**TMEN i TOSSED A BOULDER. AND MADE A BIG A LFG MOW.AMD MURRV IMTO TOWM / Brilliant MimT By MERRILL BLOSSER 1 JUST HEARD TMAT UR.D SMITH. CAMDIOATE R^^ COMNAISSIONER. OP ATM LETKTS ts MISSINO STAUFFER/S LAKE/ Y SKIOCO SPEAK TOLD WASH TUBBS Welcome! TURN R16HTAT TH' TORK, CAPTAIN '/>/*. CLOSE WATB (S PtQEC 10 THE HIPE0UT OP THE HALF- LB6BNP/S SEQ (JC A WT t •>•%•' •,:"/'/ Sf •"V,S-j- i . • J I'MCAPTAIMEASX as. Aftiw AIR INTCLLI^ffWCE, SER^EAWTLINKJ By LESLIE TURNEB ^^UMi T W*» ^\fc I ^b ' WELCOME WSTORi WE'VE HAO INI NEAPLV THREE 1 BY UP* MAUir RED RVDE;R •••••i i ME RYDER TROUBLE.' Reinforcements STOPPED By FRED HARMANT I'LL nwisH oo£ 1 5 JO* FOR FIREWATER. GIRL/ COM. 1M4 IV' OOP OooFa Now Pitching YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE YOU THIS CRAZY LUG INSTEAD OP SENDING HIM BACK TO JAIL CERTAINLY/ SINCE THAT _ MAULED YUSSUF, f W MIS EXCELLENCY'S HOUSEHOLD IS SHORT- HANDED/ SERVE A COMMON HOUSE BOY? YOU HEARD WHAT SHE SAID— NOW GET IN THERE OR ELSE/ SAY LADY. WHAT'S J LOOK, AZRO, YOU SAID HiS HOUSE BOY/ >OU WERE ALLEY'S STUFf ? AND /FRIEND/ IP EVER HE WHYDJUH KICK) NEEDED HELR IT'S MY SHIN? ^- RlSHT NOW/ By V. T. H AMI/IN "" •' i ^FlKStTKY TO OH. THAT'S VOOKUHE YOU'RE IT, 6H? OKAY. FLOORS/ t v ' • n W.S: V;. i/»/ ^ * " •' \'< ir A I I Y * •

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