The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on August 24, 1911 · Page 10
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 10

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1911
Page 10
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10 THS GALVESTON DAILY MEW£ THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 191L MADE THE TK1P FROM \VILSIIJ GTOX WITHOUT IXCIUE-Vr. . Klwi*ier. ITft mile* off SsMith Pass: yonitj*. fs rcS'.w nil bu: Monsvj, IfS m!^« «K bur; JUcipuat. IS niile* w»t vt Key Wejt «:U p. m.: CT*c4i. a^A*e4 t*r. S «- lot : Eve««:i, Tt ail!« »*»'. ot Babbie bar. 5 p. m,: £?«t;r8i»*. «« mile* »cuth ci Scct- !«e« lltht : S«a jMluo, crvvud bar. l:Sv p. K-: Siblo«, croued Motile bir. t . JUde rt Some DrrOsluK In BbUnr Cku- n*l--Murlue XotM. Tha government drtdjge General c. B. Coro- atock teacbuj port Tuesday uljht from 7T1V- ·nAngton. .N. C.. whsr* shr ha» bein (or ov»r «, ftar «asoged in rlvtr »jjd harbor work. Th» dre-ige wai ioitri it,;, 'WUmlrjrtoa district by the Uulvestcn district, uiu having wmsleted the v.-ork fjr vhlch she was borrowed bu been returuea to this harbor. The Comstoclc will twjajr. start work on a shoa; In the Bollvu channel, but beyond thai nothing can be ald ' K r *«" »» to- what disposition will be made of her. I'to Cowitoclc Silled from Wilmington on AUK. S. she put In at Jacksonville, Fla,. wners some repairs w«r,. snartr. utter which she vOUtlnuiKl the voraeo to Oulvealon. atoo- Plr.j; at Koj- AS'eat and .Tampa, for tuel oil. l-rom Tampa ihe iall»d direct to Gaiveiton The trip «,«, without Incident nnfl good w«Mn«r wa» encountered all the w»» down. Soundings o( too Bolivar channel show that »· channel han a nenrm] depth of twenty,. occu*-ed '" " V ° plncls 8hoalln B l»* Captain Brown has been notified by the r?.? 1 ^ American Drttflns Compuir that It will shortly take up the, work of finishing Its contract for- '.ho enlargement at the channel. Under a subcontract » Bowers Southern Eredslnj Company's dredge did considerable on the contract, ss Sid also the lovern- ment dredge Miller. the The North Germain Lloyd »teanier from Bremen « I p. n. Wednesday 45 putengert for Gtivestoff. with ^ Movement* ol Pen Arthu-. Tex.. Au£. SS.--Arrived: Ber- wmd (Am.), from New Orleans: tug Charles Clarke, from Teias City, towlag Clarke bue« 2vos. 1 aad ?. Sablne. Tex.. Aug. !3.--Arrired: City of Everett, Sandterc master, from Tampa. Sailed: Toledo. Xelson master, .for PhlUdelphls. with o. caj-jo of crude oiL ^ ..P'Tt Eada. Hi.. Aug. -S.--.Urlved: Grlb j or; ;. 'rom Olba: Imperator (Nor.), from glueflelds; Oionidn (Br.). from Antwerp: "''n; li!umb«rg (Ger.), from Cleufu«»o5: BluefleJda (Nor.), from Celba; Eta.vaacr (Nor.j. from Pearl Lagoon. Sailed: Alver (Oer.). for Rotterdam, rla Newport Nevs: Yorfc' '*' r ° r Pro|trMO: Crook. '"· New Band Key. Fla.. Aug. :2.--Passed: « p. m.. Ocmulgee: 1 p. in., Momut: S ^ m.. Northtown. »Sd. S a. m.. Mallory liner: 6 a. ».. El Cld: 1! noon. Ht-valliui: all bound west. New Y*rk, Aug. tS.--Arrived: El Valle, from Galveston: St. Paul, from Southampton. Cleared: Colorado, .'mm Key West and Gafves- ton. Barcelona, Aug. 5S.--Arrlved: Manltol Cavo. from Now York. ilOt trV JM V«I T* i port**!: *? Uit , . -- OMtovtUe. U* lucSes; Ha»:- hsr»t. 1.40: Port G:boz. t: Rweiail.; Kltchei. l.ffc C«rti-- Fort Gain**. Ut IM!K«. . Wd4 Velocity m*A Tntifitoilm. Obaerratlos. t*ken »t » a. OL. TltBal*rt«i«a statloo-- .IMlene Adarlllo ... Ashevllle atUntle City Ausuna on 8at Jadnto. Following li a list of passengers on iteaipshlp San Jacinto. Aug. 3: , Mr. Francis P. Bent.' New Tork; Mr. O. B. Uiialap. Miss Dunlap, Dallas; Mr. Wa!lln«(,-n. Oalveaton; Mrs. a V. Burke, Houston:" Mr! It. Leach. Mrs. R. Leach. New York: Mrs. P. Zolffler, Dallas: Mr. B. F, Chamberlain. Crockett: Mr. Heniry, Mr. J. L. BTown? Dal- ln»: Mr. Benton w. L. Qrooe. Miss Patience Oroce and colored maid. Mrs. T. J. Oroco. Oalveston: Miss Lillian Kelley. Ban Autonlo: Mrs. B. Tobln. New York; Mrs. W. HT Read- Ing. Galveston; Mr. Singer. Dallas: Mr. Joseph Degnon, Mrs. J. Detnon.'Ban Antonio; Mr, R. J. Levy, Mr. L. N. Bass. Houston; Lieutenant Inters, Mrs. Rogers. Ban Antonio; Mrs. L. B. Burson. Illlliboro; Mrs. n. a Fife, New Tork; Mr. Dan Sullivan, Mrs. Ban Sullivan. Master Dan Sullivan, San Antonio: Mr. FJ. Sehuena- mann, Mrs. E. Bohuenamann. Mr. John c. Goode, Mrs. J. C. Goodo, Now York; Mr. E. Kochmann, Houston. D. K. I.uckenbncb Brings Canned floods. The steamer D. N. Luckenbach of tHe Bea- noovd and Gulf Steamililp Company, which sailed, from Baltimore on Aug. 21, thu«. Inaugurating a new direot service botweon that fort and Qalveston, 1« due here the latter part of the month, with a cargo of oonnod S oods principally. It Is understood she will ock at Pier :o. Liverpool. Aug. from Nc\nork. 33.--Arrived: Campania. Sana Key, ?!»., Aug. 21 fansed: 13 midnight, £1 Occldente, bound east. Aug. 22: ft a. m.. J. l.unlcenbach, bound west; 10 a. m,. Aberiowe; 1 p. m., Rlverdale; 2 p. m., Corozal; p. m.. Terek, to Bablne, all bound west. New York, Aur- «.--Sailed: Galvtsslon. El Norto. for. Mlddlebam Nordykn, Antwerp, Aug. 11.--Steamtd: Castle, for Galveston. Rotterdam. Aug. 31.--Arrived: from GaWestcn via Newport News, Sharpnjss. Aug. S3.--Arrived: Almerlan, from Port Arthur via Newport News. Norfolk, Aug. 33.-- Arrived: Bloomfleld, from Port Arthur ant cleared for Shserness. Campana, Aug. 3J.--Arrived: El Lobo, from Port Arthur via Buenoe Ayres. Liverpool, Aug. 23.--Arrived: Arabic, from Boston Flume, Aug. 88.--Arrived: Carpathla, from New York. ·;·. Weather and Crops | ' '* M 4 M » M * M U » * * M H »' M * Scarcity ot Cotton Ftckers. Special to The Newt, Taylor, Tex.. Aug. 23.--With an Increased demand for labor In the cotton fields also comeJ the usual scarcity of domestic help in the city, whwe It Is almost Impossible to secure domestics and others to perform necessary house, yard and kitchen work. Tho price ot picking haa advanced from 600 to 76c per 100 pounds in some Instances, and still tho cry for moro pickers is heard on (ivory hand. 8?1»» Clly Bfit«s £rownsviUa Bu'UIo C»l»ary Cbiul.sum Chlqsgo Corpus Christ! ... Dtl Klo D»nver Dn Mointi Dodg. City Dulutb Durango Kuttport Kprt Worth Gsjvvston f»rc«n Bay ^latteras Havana Havre Helena Houston Huron Jacksonville .... Mlcml Kajnloops Key West"'.'.'.'.'.'. Knoxvllle Louisville Uacon MempMff Modena Montgomery ..., Montreal Moorhe4 ..../.. Xaesau « New Orleans .... New Tork North Flatte-.... I ukiahona. ..;.... Palestine Phoenix Pittsburi Portland, Ore.... Raleigh Rapid City Roseburg Roswell '..., St_Louls St. Paul ....i.... Salt Lake City .. Run Aatonlo- San Diego San Francisco .. Sau)t Stc. Marie Savannah Seattle Bherldan Bhreveport Spokane Swift Current .. Tampa Taylor " Toledo'.... Washington .*.. Wllllston "Wllmlnpton .... Wlnnemucca ... Winnipeg · In 24 hours. At time LowMt oJ«b- la« Yrt. ·ervaViLlght. Triad, ton, .... n 74 - .... 66 .... eo .... 7s .... 7! .... 7: .... 5S '. Has Cotton for Havre. The Hogan line ateozner Montauk cleared Wednesday for Havre with a "cargo of lO.JOO bales of cotton valued nt $874,768, and 3,329 pieces Gl pine lumbar, ·V(^»^i~tit $768. This !» the first cargo of 19H" "cotton to go to Havre and Is the largest cotton cargo of the 1511-13 Benson to dato, The Montauk will pall today. j August Cotton RcoMpta Henyv Receipts of new cotton to date are 107,118 bales, against 57,053 bales the tame date last season. \ Wednesday's receipts were 11,80s bales. Tho movement is heavy, but not a* henvy na wns anticipated. The labor difficulties In Liverpool have caused a cessation of dSraand and has delayed" the sailing of considerable tonnage for this port. , Sea Captain 111. Captain Abraham Jakobsen, master of the Norwegian steamship Fagertun. now in port from Frontera, Mexico, on Wednesday woi removed from his vessel to St. Marys Infirmary, seriously 111. MarlnS Notes. The.-Kows acknowledges receipt of ft list of proposed Ballings-Issued by B. Sproule A'Co. /The Mallory^-llno steamer Nueces -arrived Wednesday from New. York, via "Key West with general .cargo and passengers. The Norwegian fruit steamer Fagertun it-' rlvcd Wednesday morning fromiProntera with 16,000 bunches.of bananas and other tropical fruits. . ' ( . Tho Morgan/ line steamer . El Orients arrived from New Yorjc Wednesday morning with general cargo.- " . . · . . The Hamburg-American ' steamer : Reglna sails today for Hamburg, via Norfolk. The MaHpry line steamer San Jaclnto sailed for New York Wednesday evenln 74 «« ss si C2 78 IS 54 68 (8 t» 13 (4 74 so- la to so 38 4 " «4 4« 82 (8 72 73 70 EO 73 60 44 84 74 «« 62 It 71 70 8 63 72 48 62 C! 64 60 6 7« 62 C! 64 78 60 64 84 74 74 60 68 SS 78 44 10 ft ei cs (8 62 62 74 SB 34 7C it (6 56 J4 I I it I I 80 48 70 SS 44 76 50 68 74 4! ' c; 78 64 I/I 70 68 50 88 60 40 76 7! 6! . s*.. "S6 7070 66 6! OS 48 63 68 64 48 . 60 76 62 . 60 CO · 8 60 88 72 B4 34 68 7460 c: .00 1.04 .00 4 4 i 4 12 8 It 32 4 6 t It 4 e 8 s 4 S 4 4 4 4 « 10 « i: s 4 4 C * e 10 i 10 »t ·-ii" 4 4 MNKOIEUEi STOCK TRAXSACT'OSS ALMOST THE SMALLEST IX SOME \VSEKS. . * L*t. Erie.. « Total ia!»* today. ,»T1.!» 4 S 14 4 8 4 4 4 4 6 4 4 8 4 18 4 0 4 4 10 . .00 .00 .06 .00 .04 .00 .00 .03 .00 .10 .00 .:« .00 .00 .00 .00 .02 . .01 '.00 .00 .00 .00 .08 .01 .00 .vv .06 ".00 .00 .00 .04 .00 .00 .16 .00 .00 .20 _ .00' -- .00 - .01 !oo .00 .00 .08 .CO .14 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .66 .00 .00 .00 .00 .04 .74 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 TotaU S«l« BoEtsv Fat Vodur, Valttd Si«te« t frr Ce«t Bo*** t'p He « Call. ,, with pas- including 6,000 sengers and general cargo, bales of cottoa. \ " - . : . ; r Arrivals and, Departures. !' · ^ Port of Galvoston,-Aug.'23. ' - '- ' · ARRIVED. .· . Ss Nuecas, 2,460 tons. Johnstone master, from New York, to. B. T. de Milt. ' S» Fagertun (Nor.), .-478 tons, Jaconsen miS^ ter. from, Frontera, .' ' V .-' ' Bs Bl Oriente, 8.747iion, Presoott master,' from New YorK, to Morgan -line. Cotton Crop Is Detcriontlnc. Special to.The News. - . Taylor, Tex., Aug. 28.---Well-lntormed . cotton' men of .this city state that the present condition of · the cotton crop of the section Immediately mirrmmdlng Taylor Indicates deterioration of fully 40 per cent during tho past thirty flays. Tbl« nas been caused by the excessively hot weather causing the plants to shod profusely. The outlook for "/"bumper crop In this section Is not now so optimistic as a few weeks.ago. .*/ Drouth Conilmu* IB Smthwmt. Special to The News. ' KerTTllle, T«r., Aug. It--The hot, dry weather continues. 'There Is no hope for more than half a crop of cotton In this county. Some cotton Is coming In from Olllesple County, six bales arrived loday for shipment. Rain Is badly needed to help out on the fall pastum,- Tnere. Is an abundance of oati straw In thli section, and It will be extensively used Io: feeding. , . \ ~ Cotton Bmlpfa »t Special to The News. , '- ' . ' . Edna, .Tex.. Aug. ;2S.-~Cotton Is'oomliig in steadily, receipts Increasing dally. Receipts' are nearfcg the^OO-bale mark, and will no doubttea«li the 1,000-bale mark-"before Batur-J day nlghl-iat the rate It Is coining In. The weather continues hot- and cotton Is opening rapidly/ The heat is not unduly-.unpleasant There was a good breeze at noon today.- · . / "' '-. · . Cotton mil Be Opal by Sept. 1. · SpBcienfsiTheNews. ' " . ' ' · ' .Tanglewood, Tez., Aug., 28.--It Is still extremely hot and dry here, and'cottbnj* open- Ing very fast . .There Is a scarcity of .ploken.' Of early cotton the crop is alV'made, and will bo all open by Sept. 1. If pickers can-be hod tho crop.wiil.all be gathered'and ginned by Oat 1, There will not be any top .crop.' : ·' ' Temperature Reword. . Yeaterday.4 temperatur'e:retord : at Oalveston, T«x., as shown by the thermograph of the Ibr cat office of'the United-States weather bureau on the roof of the.Trust building: ' . .; - ·Time-- Temp. Tlma^- -Temp. 7-a. m ..81 1 p. m..,.........fl ' 8'a. m;.:....,;...88 ,8 p; m...,'.'.......76 11 a v m .86 . 6!-...; 79 Hirer Bulletin. (In feet and tenths. »0th meridian time.) Flood Stage at *Raln« Brlnlly River-- . staje. 8 «.m. ·CTiante. fall. 40 "'- ~ " ' - Dallas Long Lake Riverside Liberty (Aug. 22). Braze* Rlrer-- Kopperl Waco ...' Valley Jtmctlon ... Colorado Rtver-- Balllnger Marble Falls Austin Columbni 4.3 J.7 --0.5 S.6 31 22 40 II SO U 0.5 l.J 0.9 1.4 --0.1 0.0 --0.8 0.0 --4.S --0.1 --0.1 --0.1 --0.1 --0.1 River Conditions--The Trinity, Brxzoi and Colorado have not changed materially and continue low, and no Important changes will occur in the next thirty-six hours. . . Ss Montauk (Br.), Henry master, for Havre. Ss San Jaclnto, Staples master, for New York. - Sa El-Mundo, Parker master, for New Tork. 'SAILED. · ·*=*-· S* Ban Jaclnto, Staples master, . for ' New York, , ' -^ . . · Havre:- Per Ss /Montauk--- 31229 pieces plhe lumber, 60,840 fest, $758; "10,600 square bales cotton, 5,665,000 pounds, (674,756. · . ' New. York: Per 3» San Jaointo -- G.OOO bale* eotton, 1,580 tara le"a. 2.^30 bars copper. 270 piecea lumber. ' · New 'York: Per Ss E] Munflo -- 000 ban cop- par, 200 packages merchandiw, 200 barrela asphalt, 800 boxoa drlftd fruit, 200 bales cotton 200 bags wool. v . . Weather Beedrd. ., Oalveston weather record for Aug. .'SS, 1911, "with temperature and precipitation daia. for corresponding dates ot the last thVee years:' '· .Time-- , Temp. wind. VeL Rain. Weather. ' a.-m - 8 1 NW 9.. .00 Cloudy. 7 p. m 13 . . " - -' ~' Maximum temperature... Minimum temperature..'.. Average · temperature Precipitation ..V..' *' 1.04 Cloudy. .1908 ISO* 1910 1911 87 84 .00 90 . 76 -i .01 81 74 '85 ' 80 ;oo 1.04 Temela In Poit. '- STEAMSHIPS. · - · ' Veaael, Flap, Tons. Agent. De«lnat(on. Pier. Anglo-Canadian (Br,), 2.6SO, 8. Bgitcovloh Co., - Bremen 18 Anselra* de Larrlnaga (Br.), 2,832, Fowler Movltie, Manchester sc AntUllan (Br.), 3,678, S. J. Jackaon, Liverpool 10 Oheruskla (Ger.), 2,052, Fowler McVltle, ' Hamburg .. ** ?e Cothbert (Br.) t 2,274, Liverpool 37 Dictator (Br.), 2,659, Win. Parr Co., Liverpool 10 El Mundo, 3,747, Morgan line...,New Tork B Bl Orients, 8,747, Morgan lino, New York..."B Fagortun (Nor.), 478. Frostera.-' ;, 20 Fam (Br.), 2,736, - B. - Sgiicovlch Co. Bremen ; ·* 1S- Frnnklurt (CJor.), 4,739. A: Holt. Brtmen....29 Infioro (Br.i, 4,775, S. T. Jackson, JIttrtaznn (Br.). 2,193, Havre Texas City Mattewaa (Br.), 2.107, S. Sgitcovlsh Co., Kavro - 16 Montauk (Br.), 2,202, S. SgUcovieh Co., Havre 18 Zv'uooes, 2,460, 9. T. de Milt, Now York 16 Ossabaw, 2,048, Nw York 35 Ponrlth Castle (Br.. 2.3S7, Fowler Mo- Vltle, Antwerp and Ghent .' ...SS PrInclpe*3A L,A«tiHa (Ital.). 2.S22, Barcelona and Genoa 34 Heptna (Ger.), 1,82, Fowler McVltlo, Hamburg ,. ;35 Santandcrino (Sp,), 1,909, Langbfhn Broi., Liverpool 12 Vessels I)c*tttuo' for Gftlreston. STEAMSHIPS. Abcflour (Br.), Earnott.,.. .Golhcnburs Brazos. Evans NPK- YorK Dalton (Br.), H^'Pc nt 13ii"no3 Ayres O. X. IjVicUcnhacb. "Coonr.n Haltltnore Kl CU1. Dclultanty Now York Kl Mundo. pRrker N'ew York Kl N"rtp, Knnwk-s Ncvf York Klfa Monrol! (Ger.) ftt Port Inclis Kalloclor, (Er.) : Hull Hubert (Pr.). Confh nt Pni.i InUuln (Br.. Alclfl«-s A n t w e r p M l r a n i l r n l (Tir.). Iliislon noltcrclnni touglbeno (HaJ.. Pcha'flno Naples Mf'nvl5f ( 1 L ) . f i - i f l l o Baltimore St. KEbcrt fllr.*. Jonrs Prim Thurl'inrt CrFt]-- ( M r . ' Antwerp WUt^nl^rg f G c r . ) . f?c!imlts.. .nt Knvana 8-19 7-19 f-20 8-19 S-J5 8-52 ?- 6 "-18 7-SO S-J1 S- « S- 4 8-11 7-!B f- 3 ? ' Cotton Region Bulletin. .For^he^twenty-four hours endlng'nt 8 a, m, 7fith'meridian time, yeirteraay:. ,,' ' · \ - ^-Temp.-- Rain. .?S rt n'v««tern group-- *Mll. tMln. fall ·Abilene, cloudy..., 100 Blllnger, clear.... ..... 103 Brownwood, clear.... 10G. Clarendon, raining. 86 Baatland, part 'cloudy.,.-,... 108 ·Fort Worth, part cloudy Haskell, cloudy 103 Henrietta, cloudy 108 Quanah,- part cloudy 95 Woatherford, clear 102 Northeastern group-- Dalloe, part cloudy 104 Greenville, cloudy..:. 100 Long Lake, clear , Longview, cloudy 91, part cloudy 90 Palestine, clear 9 4 ' ?arlfl, cloudy 98 Sherman, cloudy " 99 Central group-. jrslcana, clear 98 Dublin, clear i 105 Kopperl, clear.-. r ............ .. r^ampasac, clear..' 102 Mexla, part cloudy 102 ·Taylor, clear Temple, clear J 99 Valley Junction, clear ·-,.- Waco, clear 108 xahftchie/clear 104 o-ithv;«tern group-Austin, clear .. BcevIIle. clear.... :.... 98 Corpus Chriotl, clear - 86 Cuoro, clear 104 Hondo, clear 152 Kcrrvlllc, part cloudr 101 Llano, clear IDS Lullng, clear 101 Marble Falls, clear ·San Antonio, clsar 100 Alice, clear 101 £an Marcos, clear..... 98 Southeastern group-Brenham, clear 101 Columbus, clear ·Gaheston. cloudy 88 ·Houston, par! cloudy 95 ituntsvllle, clear 97 T,'harton, clear ]01 Blutrlct Time H.-...- Xotltf. fj.ilv^ston, Tex., An p. 23.--Tht United F lra:ich hydro.crarhlc offlc? *itn« ball on staff of the City National Bank buUdinif Cropped tofi.iy nl exactly J l a, m. fOth meridian. L o., nrcr. 75th moriilian. or 6 p. m. Greenwi-.h m-jGn tlm«. Na^'^iitors *nou.4 understand thnt th? mcrliliin ?Icnal '.*i the Instant tlma tal! t^Kln* to fall. 78 . .00 74 .01) ·72 .00' E9 .22 73 .00 74 ;00 74 .00 73 .00' 70 .00 74 .00 75 .00 73 ' .00 .00 74 .00 73 .00 76 .00 72 .04 74 · ..OH 75 .00 74 .00 .00 70 .00 7! .00 74 .00 76 .00 .30 78 .00 76 .00 .00 74 .00 76 ,00 77 .00 76 .00 72 .00 76 .00 77 .00 .00 76 .00 74 .00 75 .00 High temperatures · continue In Texas, but tbVcool wave In 'moving slowly southward"* and temperatures .have fallen cotulderably In Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. In the latter section heavy'rain has accompanied the. change. v There hare also been some heavy rains In Loalslana, Mississippi and Georgia, and light-to moderate rains Tn Alabama.' Tennessee and Arkansas and'at a few-points In the North. Light., yarlable winds.: with un 7 settled, showery weather,-, are Indicated for this locality for the next day or so, ··- .W.'P. STEWABT, Local Forecaster. ·Galveston, Aug. 33.' ; - . I-otal Weithw Record. T.mpeTatuie^and^ precipitation ^r.Oord, - at Galveston for ''24 libtirs ending at T-, a.- m. this date: ' . . -. . ' -·.'.. , : · · . MaTlmu'ni temperature. SS degrees; .minimum temperature; SO degrees; mean temperature, 84 degrees, which Is 2 degrees above the normal: accumulated eicesr of temperature since first of month, '15 degrees; accumula.ttd deficiency of temperature:since"JanV Iffffre'-'deKrees. ··. : Total precipitation,-.0, :whlch ls..l« of an- Inch below tho.normal;'accnmu1ated deficiency of precipitation slncei. first: of month,' ·!.·« Inches; accumulated'deflctency of precipitation since;Jan.-. 1,'6,68 Inches. : '. - , · . Bl;'Campo.-Tex.^ 'Aug.' 28.--Cotton has been" coming-in steadily, for several days., It Is abr normally, dry and-the puttlng-on process seems to :be at E standstill, Hnntsyllle, Tex.,. Aug. 88.--A light fata fell. .here.three days" ago, but the ground-Is ^now drjt and the weather sultrji There are-plenty -of melons on the market and poultry IB being . brought In sufficient:to supply the demand. -· . Cuero, Tex.,'-'Aug." 23.--Cotton Is coming in- pretty lively. · -The-'-'farmers-; are -somewhat handicapped for want of pickers. The weather Is..fShe for handling the.-crop, ,but- a .rln is badly needed' for. stock watering and for pasturage. . . . . : - ' . . ' '. "' 1 : Karncs City. Tex.,,A«g,..83^rC6ttan is doming In^cBpldly. The,three_clns are running full time.'i'Prices--arc" B»od~"it ! i»-very dry and-.'hot. · cisterns' are getting low and a large number of : people are having their drinking'water ·hauled. : · - . · ·: Mul! hi. Tei M Aug. :23.--The. extreme, hot weather has cut".the cotton,"crop~sho"rt In thin · p a r t , of the country^ The-best farmers, all aKree that cotton has been g]t Rhort 60 -per 'cent' Half-grown cotton" bolls are burnt up on the stalk. 'All vegotatlon has ceased 'grow-^ ing here. Over half of the cotton In sight will be gathered" by the middle of September. . Ban Marcos, ' Tex., Aug. "23'.--The 'present 'contlnueo'.dry weather- has reached a 'point where It is conBidered a record-breaker. Already trees throughout 'thef country are dying, In many Instances these being cedars. -TTnles? rain comes Boon the fall feed crop will not materialize, and will bo an absolute failure. All the cotton of the present crop wilt soon be -pathered. The situation is far from encouraging. ' . - . K»w Torlc. Aug. !!--Stocks today lapsed Into the extreme dullness that marked them in the early suramvr. Transactions were almost the amalleat ot the day for some weeks. Such tendency as the list manifested waa mostly lu the direction of lower prices. Southern Pacific and America:. Tobacco preferred established new low records. From the first hour. In whlcfc prlcw fell abruptly except In Canadian Pwlfi?. the .-nartet ros. and fell sometimes within a 1-polnt rang., but oftcner than otherwise chances were more circumscribed. In fact, Irora 11 o'clock until an hour before the close only 111,000 shares changed hands and the total output \vu less thaa 2T6.000 shares. Such discussion as the d«y 'evoked dealt largely with the policy of economy and general retrenchment to which masy of the lure, raiiroaas are officially comnatted. A father p-Mlmt»Uo Interview attributed to the head of the Atchlson road was- In line with this proB.'am and confirmed the belief now generally prevalent thai coniorvatlim and extreme caution are to guide all corporate undertak- ngs for'he balance of the year If not for a longer period. ( Bonds easier; total rales, par value, 51,158,000. unlt«d States 2 per cents advanced (4 on call. / Kondi. Unltefl States refunding 2s. registered... 10094 Ua led States refunding 2s, coupon. 100% J)n ted States 3s, registered..... 101% United State* Is coupon loiu }jnl«d States 4s registered lllg United EUtei 4s coupon in? Allll-Chalmeri 1st Is : j» American Agricultural [ mi v. American Tel. a Tel. cony. 4s I04g American Tobacco 4a f g u American Tobacco 6«. 108 li Armour i Co. 4tti « 2 u Atchlson general 4s 99-2 Atchlson «onv. 4s losit Atlantic Coast Line 1st 4s «« Baltimore * Ohio 4s $au. Baltimore Ohio 3',i» 92 Baltimore ft Ohio 8oulhwe»t»rn IHs... 90W Brooklyn Transit conv. 4s ss2 Central of Georgia 5 io» Central Leather 8s |7« Central Railroad of New Jersey gen. Is ItOH Chesapeake Ohio 414 looS Chesapeake Ohio ref. 5«.'. J««? Chicago Alton 3tts 65 Chicago, Burlington Qulncy Joint 4s.. 96 ii Chicago, Burlington ft Quinoy gen. 4s.. ««i Chicago, Milwaukee St Paul gen. SV.i 928 Chicago, Rock Island Pacific col. 4s.. 72« Chicago, Rock Island ft Pacific ref. 4s.. 89 Colorado Industrial fis 74 Colorado Midland 4s 82 Colorado ft Southern refr.and ext. 4fti. 87 Delaware ft Hudson conv. 4 ~tt Denver ft Rio Grande 4s to Denver ft Rio Grisds-ref, Is... 89'S Distillers Si ..'.- u Erie prior lien 4» , 87 *i Hrle general 4s 77' Brie conv. 4s, series A. nu Erie oonv. 4s,-series B 74u General Slectcic conv. 69 160 Illinois Central 1st ref. 4s 96^ Interborough-Metropolttan iUs 1TV International Mercantile Marine t«s.A (4T Japan 4s. ,,.... M Japan 4 U s 94^ Kansas City Southern 1st 8s...r. 74V Lake Shore deb. 4s (1081).. .· SJi: Louisville ft Nashville unified 4s tsl, Uissourl, Kansas t Texas'lst 4s »7i Missouri,.Kansas ft Texas gen, 4Us.... 8C Missouri Pacific 4s..................:: . "tl Missouri Pacific 5a * floi National Railways of Mexico 4Us...... tit New York Central gen. Ilis...... 88 New York Central deb. 4s;...-. 98 New York, New Haven ft Hart conv. 6s 180 Norfolk ft Western lit con. 4s.......... 971 Norfolk ft Western conv. 4s..... 104^ Northern Pacific 4s 9!1 Northern rPaolfls 8s :..-....,:... 70 Oregon Short Line ref. 4s ;.... 9S^ Panama 2s .-.·.;.. 102^ Pennsylvania conv. 3Hi (1916).., 96? Pennsylvania con, 4l lot Reading general 4i ,18' Bt Iwms ft San Francisco fg. 4a... K.w Ori«a«*s!ihL!t!" ii dlt CiekaM. at N.w Terk. Today. Et.rltng--Dtc-jji-l. .. (4 «.!} ·aj'l. to dayi C-n,'i. SO days 4 fjii 4 SI? Totarday. 14 ».! Com'U 40 day Costfl. 90 dais Fra»ic*--Sight ... . Cuai'l. 10 days Com'l. iO d»ye *5 10 ·6 i:y. t5 })$ ·6 toy' 5 :»'J ts ziyj ·Plaa S-S2. tt«e» 1-16 MKSOIHOUBUII MOOT S11TABIJS lOCATIOJf FOB L A O . X. OFFICES UAJU) TO Fl.VD. Twe»ty Thownutt Sqvture Feet of Floor I» Keeded--Wamt All Df- ptrtmrnu Under One Ito«f. . Mallory Line Galveston to Key West and New York Xew Tork MoDej. N«w Tork. Aug. 21^--Money o-l tall highest. 2i4 per cent: loweet, «; ruling rate. I U : lart loan. I"4: closing bid. !»; offered at 2^. Tlm« loaziB soft: sixty days, per cent; ninety days. J: Ix monthi, Sii. Ql·.··«: Prime mereontlle paper. 4U per cent sterling .xchanie firm, with actual business In lanker.' bllli at 14.88.60 for fixty- day bllli and at »4.:6.10ff4.81.18 for demand: commercial bllli, 14.81. Bar illverT ij^c! Mexican dollar*. 4Bc. Government bondjflrm: railroad bondi euter. ChJcaco Bank Clesurlno. Special to The News, Chicago. III., Au». S3.--Clearings today. 149,501,113; balance). |!.1I7.000. Money, 4S6 ?5 r "/"-' E « lla ''K« on Kiw Tork et Chicago. JK/, ni-jount; M CtM',r,r,itl, p»r; it HJun^ apoll^ lOo premium, Boltou MUlug Stocks Boston. Mais.. Aug. 23.--Closing: Arijona, Commercial, 1115-16; Butte Coalition. London Money. London. Ang. 21. -- Consols for money and for the account, n\i. Bar silver steady at 24 %d per ounce. Money. 1V4 per cent; dl»- Honor. P«rl«, Aog. 23,-- ,Tbrc» per cent rentes, 94f nf J i S*5? r * ho "ccount. Exchange on London, 25r 26He for checlu. GALVESTON COUNTY NEWS Algoa. Special to The Mew«. Algoa, Tex.. Aug. 28.--»r. C. Backus spent the day ln~ Qalveston on business. Mr. Bentley of the Planet Junior Manufacturing Company Is In Algoa today, purchaslnc town lots ana looking over the coJntVy gen? erally. He Is very enthusiastic about the country and. the cltrui Industry. A light shower fell here at noon today, but fleIds° U * UI1 '° k ** P th ° '*""" out ot the Special to The Houston, Tex.. Aug. 25.--Officials ot the Jtnte,rE»tlonal Gieat Korthern Rall- j way aro tai-ing some trouble In finding; s. suitable location. In Houston for the general offices o f ' t h a t road, which ara to be moved to this city from Palestine a» Boon as sufficient floor space cen be secured. Twenty thousand square feet 6( Hoof spaco, suitably arranged. Is needed ana while that amount 01 space could easily be found In the various office buildings, the officials of the road are anxious to have all of the departments under one roof and-as near tcsether as possible. The^strternent was made on Wednes- «ay toat Einj u^Dired amount or space could be secured In the Carter building, but owing to the fact that space on avery floor is steady occupied by tenants it would be nectisiary tu scatter the railroad employes and offices all over the building. The officials hope to be able to secure several whole floors In the bijlldlntr. but If this arrangement io made »oma of the tenants now In the building obliged to take other quarters. In addition to private offices for the officials of the road, several large rooms or halls are) needed/for the various departments, which ore under the supervision of chief clerks. The revising department, the freight claim department, and the passenger department are usually Ipoated In extra large rooms for convenience. It is nald that at least 200 employes of tho International Great Northern will move to Houston when the general offices of the road are moved here. With their families the move will probably Increase the population of the city by 1,000. S«b]tei to duuuc* Wltieuf Xutlor.j as. NUECES .............. SsL. Aug. !8 S. S.BRAZOS .............. Wed. Aug. SO ·B. R COLORADO ............ Sat.. Sept. 3 S.S.ALAMO .............. Wwl.. Sept. 4 · Carries freight only. B»il from Galvwtcn at 8 p re. Bitardiy steamers call at Ker West, making connection for polnu tu Florida and Cuba. For Information as to reaervations, rates, etc.. see or -write t. T. DcJIIL/T, Ot.'l ABC»«, OstlvcMtoa* Tex. TICKETS TO AND FROM EUROPE OIK2AI FBSIGHT A815T8 Noilii German Lloyd GalvestoivBremen NEXT DEPARTURES. Bo. KAKKOVSK .^. ...Bert- ?i sa BRESIWV.U Oct. i 86. FRANKFURT Got 18 88. HANNOVER Nov. II Si HANDOVER Jfciu'U The right of changing or canceling toy wlllnc ii reserved. ' ALFRED HOLT. G«»rr»l Ac rat. Membcm . of T«uu Gfe^gnU Affeuta* A»»ocl*«on Mold All-Day In Gmlve«ton. Alt* Lonm. Spncta. to The Newa. Alta Loma, Tex., Aug. 23.---Mr. Frezll Alvln WM here today on biulnesa." Mrt. Ho!ma.n of Louisiana la ipendinr th« week with her niece, Mra. J. H. Stoner. T *«"*£"* HCCk ° f AlVln Vl " lU ' d Mr- ' ****** Mfai^JeBtfle Gilby left Tuesday mends in Michigan and Canada home. - CommUiioner Lan«e, Captain Drewry and City Engineer Dickey of Galvwton came up Tuetday morning to look after the city'» in- Uresti. Mr. Fletcher met them with hi§ auto ana vhowed them the rood roadi the county ii making. , of to viatt her old tlV Htt i5 ,, 10, iO'A C.OU !.*· Tlnin-- Stat'ni r»port'ic -1 No, -- Temp.-- tri. or mor*.- Sta'no, fMax. IM,ln. No. Kew York- 01 In. Spoclal to TheJJews. New Tork, Aug. 28.--Linseed oil was unchanged. Refined petroleum continued on the basis of 7.2Bc for standard white, In barrels, at New York, standard white petrtfieum, liv" barrels. New Tork and, Philadelphia, 7.26c; lu bulk,. 3.75cj"standar4'white, In ctwtes, New York and Philadelphia, 8.76c; water white, in barrels, New York and Philadelphia, 8.2Sc;' In bulk, 4.7Bo: water white, In.cases, New York and Philadelphia, 9.76C. Lin««ed oil--American seed, city raw. 3f@-86c; out-of-town raw. 8o®86c; Calcutta raw, "H5c. Lard oil, 68@75c. There was a ^uiet trade In the market for cotton Peed oil, but prices were steadier, closing at a not advance of 2@4 points. Offerings were small with bears leas aggrcsslvoj owing to firmness in Europflan anG In other groaaes generally, but thero was also only an indifferent demand and consumers are not anxious buyers. There appears to be considerable difference of opinion,"regarding stocks of old oil, but holdings are believed to have been well hedged In the future markets by sale?, and for this reason tho stocks are believed to ^iave been discounted by the decline In vnlups which has occurred during the past month or six week*. Tho range of contract prices In the local market today wan a51?i- lown: Open. High. Month · Bpot £·6.BO B.OO I al to Thr NCTT«. w Orlettn*. J^., . Savannah A t l n n t d . . . Now orle.iiw, I.ltUc Ro^k. Houston . . . Oklahoma .. IB h 11 IS , 14 13 , 12 , I* , 17 . IT Sfi 78 M Pfi 90 , r,\ fis .00 .09 .00 !oo .00 .90 .20 1.10 1.30 .50 ' 130 · M i n i m u m for IE hoar*. M t Kor 24 hours cndlnB at P d. in.. - 2J.-- The following th meridian nine i r n r e innicnus jnnpy^CiW' f n l n f a l l . Note--Thp morse" THH.ximnrn auS minimum tCTiporruur** are* up nt cncTi "CWT from thp actual nurrl,fr df-rcpo;^ rec*lv*d. and 'Ji« nver«K*! fro.n th* number of ulAtlna rcporilnc .10 Inch or rnnrt*. It i* cooler In th* mftlrt3* toUon belt, Ok!*- ar.ct cAtrem* N'orthwA.*t Tcia*. and th« t?mp*mt,urft ii b*'cr?r ths normftj In all districts except Texw. Shower* ee«rr*d chiefly . - " - % October .. December January .. February March ... ?ff:v York Irj Goods. New Yorl:. Autr. 23.--A nt«»dy demand for cotton KOOds for prompt nn«I nrarby Phlprnent chflrf^tcrizofl t h e piirrmry market (lurirlg lh^ day. Finnnelpue? "»! gfnghnms --vcre ealU-^ fc-r in f;ilrly pon-.l~«i7."(l quniitltl^s for quirk Oollvorv, and wrapppil Kfir,t\s, ··f,f\\ a? Cutton flannels ttnA dlmltirji. wcro w,intr] p,]?o. Sloro inquiry wa* In PvHence for print C70th«. hut only a modtraf* volumr? of ]UIP!MOSR won put tbmuRh. \Vors!rd yarn* were qn!"t with qu"- tMirni* Irrcsulnr. A *tif:lit ninvf-moiit wn»r fllfi- f f n l b i e In yarn* AM rrir*"* nro r a t h r r firmer "titoT. S*-«1 AiUpnri-* f£ YfT Ton. p^cU! to Thi KCWJI. ^ Brj'ftn. T*».. An*. 23.~-Co1(An «c^4 advan X p*r ion here today. - U h*d b*rn CMoa at $13 ?on aad'ioday w«at io | ^Bt. txjuli San FrancUoo.gen. 68;.,.'.. 17% Bt. Louii-Southweitern con. B . . . . .79^ St-Louii Southwestern'l«t gold 4s....,, '93"54 Seaboard- Air' Una adj. D.-......'.. . v .,, " 77%' Southern Pacific'obi. 4i..... f'i .- Boathern Pacific conv. 4i .. .J6U : Southern Pacific lit ref. 4s.:...,,..,,, "flltf Southern Rail-tray. 5s. ...*...... iOTU Bouthern'Railway gen. 4»,.;........;.- Tfl ; Union'Pacific 4s.. ..:......... 100%" Union-'Pacific conv. 4s....'..... ' 102%· Union-Pacific lit and ref.-4a.,; »6U United -States Ilubber' 6s i.... .~;-'-'i04 u. United States Steel 2d GB... 104% Virginia-Carolina Chemical Bs 99% "Wabaah let Bs... ...... 108 ·Wabaah 1st and-ext. An,..:., 6214 TVeatern.Maryland 4s " 87 TVeptinghouae Electric conv. 6s .98 "Wisconsin Central 4i... 92 # ' · i ' .^ StOCJM. ' " ' - ,-\ ' v ' . , · - . : : : " . . - , Cloning - . . ; - · . 'v Sales. High, Loir.-'· bid.- Allls-Chalraers pref.. . . . . - , , . . .... 1* · Amal.VCopper...;.... 6,800 61 " · 60H -60# Am. Agricultural .... Am, Beet Sugar. Am. Can "...;..'....... Am;,Car' v . Foundry.. Am." Cotton, Oil Am.-Hid* " L.-pref.. : Arh."-TcQ Securities.... Am/Linseed ; 'Ami 'Locomotive .... Ani. Smelt Ref i£o pref.-.:.'.: Am. Steel Foundries... Am. Buff'ar 'Heflnlntf.. Am. Tel. . Tel...;, Ani. Tobacco pref...; Am. Wbooien ...V,.. Anaconda Mining Oo. Atchlson .... A...... do nref....,V.'-.... Atlantlo Coast Line.. Baltimore Ohio.... Bethlehem-Steel;.... Brooklyn Rapid Tran Canadian Pacific.... Centra] ^nattier/,,., =,, , do pref., Central of N. Jersey. Chesapeake Ohio... Chicago Alton.... Chicago'Gt Western. do'pref Chicago N. W ChL.'MU.-ft St. Paul. c. ( c.; c. st. Louis; Colorado Fuel . Tron .Colorado Southern. Consolidated Gas.... Corn-Products Delaware Hudoon. Denver Rio Grande . So pref Distillers Securities.. Erie do_lst prof.....'... do 2d pref General Electric Great Northern pref.. do Ore. certificates Illinois Central Int-Mct. ... do pref. Int"Han-ester Int Marine pr«f Int. Paper Ini, Pump Towa Centrnl Kansas City Southern do pref Lacledc Gae,.^ LehlKh Valley Louisville Nashv.. Mlmf. 'St. LOQYB.. .. M,. St. P. ft S. 8. M.. M.. K. T do prof..' Missouri Pacific National Blfcutt National Lead NJit.-Hy.". of M. 2d pf Now York Central... N. T.. Ont. West.. Norfolk Wcntprn... North American Northern Pacific Pnclffc Mall · "Pennsylvania r*nplfts Gas P.. fl., C! A Pt. Loulft Vlttahiirjr Coal ^ Art»ai«. Ipeclal to^TheNewi. , Arcadia, Tex., Aug. M.--Mr. Croier went to .Alvln. ."- . Oscar Link went to Qalveston. In the last nine montha the Highland farmers ; have made substantial advancement p. J 7 * 11 t h i"/t rt . 5 L f, c " undir culttv»tton »nd 5 'I'Sf?? b ? th -"* " na or » n *« orchard!. He ha« 100 fig trees andV-60 orange treei. Mr. Oarlow hu 10 acres, 150 fltf- tr.a§ and 100 · or »B«.fees. Mr. Weeflle has 10 acr.s under JS Hv»' ° n »»*·»«' »t out oranges and fll *hl».:'««- Mr.-C., C. lllbbs has. ZO. acres and ??" %*P*l '"e* 0 Mr.''Traverse ha. 10 acres! Mr, Oats ha. 20 acres ana B. J. Smith Co. have 40 acres. Mr. 1,0-lls Perkins has 20 »!«s, 800 fig trees-arid 600 orange trees. · W. E.i Davis of Alvin visited Arcadia on QUstnesc.'. Special to The News. ' . ' . . " · -.Difekihsoni; Tex.,- Aug. ;«.--H. ,A, ,DeaU, county commissioner, Tiewed'ihe improvementi .on. the rodsrat: FrlentHiwood Wedne«flay.' ·,C.-A..Gavin-.who hai be«n at'Bolivar for a few days laying out irork for.the ihell teami, returned--Weflhesday.morning. ···' · .. .· 1 . Thomas -Evans IB In Galveston on buiineBB, Rev. HXK.-Moorehead,-who has been at tS Epw.orth -League; meeting at Corpus · Christ" for the put two'weeks, Is home again; ·, H. .A, 8hand«,: who .come down Sunday to spend a :few days /with hi! family. lefV for Houston Tnosf ay raornlnff._ Mike Tamborell^wiis In Gatveston Wedne»- Tile members of the Association, of Texas' General Freight Agenta held an all day session In Qlveston, Wednesday, convening: early In the morning^ and .adjourning shortly after E o'clock In the evening. There was a short intermission for luncheon at Hotel Galvez, where the meeting waa held. The sessions were Private, a number of rate matters coming up for discussion of the proposed agreement between the carriers and the American antt English bankers. In thin no definite agreement was determined, however. . The railroad men present at the meet- Ing were: J, C. Brasher, assistant general freight agent of the Sunset Central lines In Houston:.H. L. Hedfleld, assistant general freight agent of the Texas Pacific-at Dallas; General Freight Agent J. S. Hershey, Assli^int General Jre'eht Xgent A. C. Fonda, Assistant General Freight i Agent A. Landry and THE OLD RELIABLE CREOLE LINE Galveston to Barcelona and Genoa S. S. "PR1NCIPBSSA LAETITIA".... , '..About Aug. 28 S. a "ASPROMONTE" , .About Sept. IS S. S. "MONGINBVRO" About Sept. SO Regular sallinge will be maintained and through bills of lading Issued to all principal points In Italy. THB TEXAS TRANSPORT AND TERSIlffjAX, CO. (Inc.), Agtl. ; . P. H. SACK. Manager. Chief Clerk Arthur HV Fonda of freight traffic department, all of Gulf,.Colorado Santa Fe, of Galveston; H. Wyatt,. agent of-the Texas Tariff Bureau, Fort Worth}: Guy B. Wood, general freight agent of the Texarkana Fort Smith; MT J. Dowlin, chief olerk of the Chicago, Rock Island IQulf, Fort ·Worth; W. C. Preston, general freight agent of the Fort Worth : Bio Grande. Eort Worth; C. P. Dowlli/ohlef clerk oL the - Eort - Worth Deflfrer. (Jlty, Fort Worth; -Horace Booth, ^general freight agent of the International QreatNorth- ern, Palestine; ,T. 'H. Horan, chief clerk to the .traffic manager of the Kansas City. Mexico Orient, Sweet-water; F. B; Abbey, chief' clerk of the Missouri, Kan-' sa» Texas ot Texas, Dallas; J. C. Manghan, general freight agent of the San Antonio Aransas Pass, Sen Antonio; J. F. Lehane, general freight agent of the Cotton Belt Route, 1 Tyler; W. F. Murray, general agent of the-Cotton Belt Route*. Tyler;' B. Cray, general- freight agent of .the Q., A.' P., Quanah; -A. B. Buck and J.- B. W; -Fields Jr. : Porto Rico Line Direct Service to Principal Porto Rican Ports s. s. BERWIND From Galvnton Augutt 26 from Port Arthur Auguit 25 For rate* and freight engagements, apply to HBW TORK ANU PORTO RICO tTEAJtlHU- CO. «. T. DeHILT, /P. C. FITBtPFBIl, AsjM*Jlfe Port Artkmr. Ten*. 1,200 1S3-4 1,400 90H 200 123 123* 2,800 101 100V .100 8014 805 'HO 76 764 9,700 23314 232 73 H . day .on business connected with his house here.. , / ·/k^°^ s *' v ' ato -" na w| f«!'«'er« Qalveston' visitors'. Tuesday. '. . -- ~ ·William' Hackworth and C. C. Pettlt are In .Galveston for v a .'ew -dayi on .business. .. C., G...Bishop returned from a fow days spent.-in. the Island City Tuesday evening. .( Mr. and Mrs H; A..Peats, Mill. Temssa May Parke, Neva Owens, Ifozelfo Murrav Berry Owens, H. K. Moorehead, J. M. Parke and -Merlin · Deals: enjoyed .a hay ride to League City Tuesday .evening. Supper wai eaten en route and a few hours were enjoyed" to.-the.lullcst. . -XTVOET TO-FOKCB EICTSN Sn* Will Be Made br Palesttae la Rrf- . erence to Shop*' of .lternatioiml " '. ; . . " A Great Nortliern. -:'":..· ' . . RELIABLE SERVICE HOGAN LINE TO , , Havre arid Bremen GiOBiTLiNE · - , ' ; - ' ' TO Bremen and Hamburg S. SG1TCOVICH tL CO.. Agents 100 141 U . 141U HO 2,400 114H 114 300 ZC.H ZOO (9',i 1,000 1SH 114 65 28 - 29 49(4 49 '/i 186 100 25 400 ,63% 26 53% 136 "4 12% 164% 5,100 600 200 3014 29^4 49Vi 40 153 800 -15 /IB 15 ,.^, .... 10 \'.\'. ',','.'. '.'.'.'. 29 ft ; - so 200 104H 104 % 104U 1,800 366, 163% 164% 200 148«,- 143H 143 100 34 £ 84Viy BO 300 m;$ 132 X J.82 200 31% 81U "31 POO 42 . " . Hitchcock. . * ·Special, to.The News." ' ' r Hitchcock, T«~ Aug. 23.--G. B. Moller was in'Qalveston today. "-' ' / ~ Miss Helen Helftmstetn, .who n»» bera spencl- \ng sevsrai months .with-j^r. and 'Mrs. John D; RitjvwrB."hHS-'rcturntd-io.Qalveston. ' - - - " Mrs. E. Hoffman and daughter, Mias Bdna, .Twre Galvcaton .visitors today; · »trs. Irenfl B.' Mollor visited in Galveaton tcraay. . · , , · / J. C. Kelso '-was her* today looking after road matters. · Extra teams wero added to the onloading gang thls.w«ek and the ehellinff of the road through Hitchcock is now .progressing rapidly. , . " ' / Hhowery weather prevailefl in Hitchcock today. I* Marqua, Biwclal to The News. ...La Marqus, Tex., Aug. 23^-Mrs. F. B. Butler and children and Mra. C. Stafford and childreir'bf Taxas City, Mtaacs Florence Too-- tlls. Rose May Tickla, Ethel Hausinger and Johnnie Tickle of Galveston spent a pleasant day at tho home of Mrs. W. E. Smith last Saturday. ,, Little Mlea Evelyn N«om^- Mills entertained a . f e w of her little friends with a party'in honor ot- her fifth birthday ' last Saturday evegjngr' Those present were: Little Misses "-Jafmle and Ef.t*lfa Smith. Loreno "WcstotJagfe, RORlc and Toy Miller, Phena Pizzitola, Lycy Mills, Masters Edwin and Gus Rust Collia Wssterlag*. Johnnie and Edwin -Mills. Re- freahment.n conslntlne: of lea cream ard cake were served. Special to The Newi." "..,.;: . -- ', ''-''"/., ' ' Palestine, Tex., Auff. 28.^; WliJ1.3 i '-iioth- ing^ptfIciatJa^ been' given 'out cbucern- ItiR ,the removal^of,..tlie^International A .Great Northern 'general, offices to Hous-' ton,; it Is said. that, orders have-been received .that the removal' be 'accomplished 'by the- 'middle, of September.' and· the omce men -are makinr. their · arranpe- merits -acc6rdingly. -While .many of the employes-, own their.-homea'here, It is doubtful whether any. of them will sell' on their .departure; as it Is -known that the .city . and county will soon make' a determined effort to force the.- road" to return the -headquarters to; Palestine. Inspecting ttnty Road. » Special to The Kcws. . - -,'-- - '.- -' -- -'-. San Atnbhio, Tei._, Aug. .23.--Chief Engineer Parker of the" railroad commission; accompanied by a number of · officials of the Missouri; Kansas v Texas railroad, left this .morning in a special train to go over the entire Texas system of the road. . Those, accompanying Mr. Parker were A. D. Bethard, vice president and general manager, Dallas; C. M. Bryant assistant general manager and chief engineer, and Alex Atcheson. Mr. Parker will prepare a written report for the commission at the conclusion of the trip. Harrison Line Regular Service Galveston TO Liverpool and Ha.vr« Wm. Parr »S Co. - AOBINTS - Car.. C Car.. 1,300 104% 103*4 103% 100 40 40 40 BOO lOtK 102U 1021,4 7ft l.Snfl 119^.^18^ 11PH 100 29 ~'rf 30 l.SOO 121 · 120R', 120*i TOO 103% 103% 108(4 , S3 100 ]8V 1^% I S ' f r . . . ' JP.4 !!)! '.'.'.'. '.'.'.'. 32 S2.00ft 1 4 4 % 143^ 148H 92" PJ" Si; * liron So«lM*rn Pflcifir Hnuthtrn R f t H w n y , . . . da prrf TmncuFCc Cnppcr.... T.. Ft. T- A W«i«?rn! t"n(nn P f l p l f k ! ! * . . . . . . - n 4 i ^ (!7% 67" ii?; lii'i; fiS^t 6S 1 6 30 J!* fiOO 000 TOO 71 A; » 2 ; US'! U S ' U \ ( 4 MftryUM... 809 SIU 39% 67$ CltT. Special tq The News. League City, Tei., Aug. Sa.-^MIss Bertha Dick of T«x»s City Is visiting friends her*. The Y. F. U. Cluh has postponed Its monthly dance, which occurs on the last Friday of each month, on account of tho children's social that takes placo on that date. The club will meet tho first FT 1*1 ay In Septpmbcr at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Walker. A Inrare cro.wd from htrj attended the danco M Webntcr plvon by tho young boys and girls Tuesday evpnlng. The Tennis Club met at the home o£ Mrs* Allr* Rtoddnrd. After the meeting tho club played t«nnlr. S. M. LcScsne, o Qnlvepton News corr^- Rpondcnt. visited this place yrMfrday Catherine Information about this city and ReeUcn for a wriieup In the annual trado Issoo of Sept. 3. The following parties attondcd the dance at "VWnptcr last night: MIsicH imartel and dpr- irudr t'rlcjit, Florentine Berry. Artrudc Dugat. Frank Ketr, ^'allricft Walker, Lcultc Han»un, Vincent Culver and Lee Walker, Texas City. Spoctfll to The N'cwu. T^xai OHy. TMC., AUf:. ?3.--Mr. Stanley G. Ppencer of Gnlvwtfta Is In the city on tiusin'jpa today. Mr?. V.'. J. .Stonehurnrr, Mrs. T,. Smith ard -Mist Catherine Secor nre Galveston visitor* to^ay. The «;l*amcr O.s.iftbkw f i n t n h f d (llJ^hftrRlna at Oalv*5i rt n nn! sailod this cftfrnoon fo;- Xtw Yoik vin K f y Wen. Mr. Jnmc* W»htf»w Is in G a l v ^ m n n toclay. Mr. .T. It. Waroy ot HfiU-slon is (n T*»jea« ':ny toilny on iiu.itn·;?.«. * Mr. .J, S. Carothtra is a buftines* vlcltor to A mays mcctinfr n* th* cltlrcna was h*Itl this I . ersnlnc at I-oiignhoremen's Hall to discuM the' Train for Shrlners. Bpecli to The Newa. ' . "" Houston. Tex.. Aug. 33.--On Saturday , afternoc.Vi the Sunset-Central lines will | run a special train to Galveston'to care for the- Shrlnera. The train will leave the Grand Central Depot at 1:30 'T the afternoon and (he regular Sunday fare will be charged. Saturday night the Sliriners-will give a grand ball at tho Hotel Galvez. New Texan Pncltlc Appointment. Special to Thfl News. Dallas, Tei:., Aug. 23.--Effective Sept. 1, 1911, Mr. Henry G. Herbcl Is appointed Interstate commerce attorney of the Texas Pacific Railway, with headquarters at St. Louis, Ho. Notice ot Hearing. Special to The News. Austin. Tex., Aug. 23.--The railroad commission has given notice of hearing Sept. 12 on propositions looking- to many changes In the Texas classification Snloon JK Otirglnrixcd. SpirJal t-i The N'cws. Seguln. Tex.. A U R . 23.--Home u n k n o w n PJi-tj- effected an entrnnce In the saloon of Mike Fnrreli Isst nlgiu antl serurc) about $15 In- cnsh n n H ft Kmall amount of stock. No arrest has licen made. ~"T. L. CROSS ~CO~.'~ ·(IncorporntciL) Ship Stores a.rvd Chandiery MASUFACTtTREUS' AGENTS. Keep a f u l l stock on hand of every- thlny in our line. Call on.l be convinced* 8OUL 2010 nnil £(-18 Slrnad. Leyland Line S. S. " A N T I L (Captain Japha) Sails," jGalveston to Liverpool On or About Aug. 30. / \VIUQL-E1SS ISQUlPoCBllfT. trlrst-olsUM Fare 984 Fredfc. LerlRnd Co* 14, 'Affomsj. 8. J. JACKSON, Hanncer, tialvenvon. Saint Line" REGULAR SERVICE GALVESTON T ° BREMEN FOWLER a McVlTIE, Agents OalvMton. Tex. Two Routes to Old Mexico '"VIA BAGGING AND TIES LOW PRICES - HOUSTON. TEXAS MBXIOAN-AJIEIUCAN STEAMSHIP . SERVICE. Foot freight and passenger service from New Orleans and Texas Cll;- to Tamplco, Vem Cruz and- Fjcrto 7vtexlco, esttllnff every ten dnys; from New Orleans the 1st, 10th and 20th: from TeraB City dajB. Through bills 'ji lad- r connection ivith all lintis ttt points In Mexico. For further information apply to R. B. THTON, Oraenl Frclsht Ajcent, Tc-m« CltT. Tel. every fltt£5n Ins f u s u e a m c all points In 8 Langbehn Bros. TBDCAS-EUROPEAS STEAM.SH1F Wff «ALVKvrO\, TKXAS. CBBA STKAMSICP J.l.V'R. ·BSTJU.V £All,;iUS TO LUMMOX. OALVESTOX DAILY 'SEW*,

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