The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on July 25, 1975 · Page 9
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 9

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1975
Page 9
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Friday, Jwly 25, 1975 9A Public Hearings On Bell Rate Increase Continued OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The State Corporation Commission has continued until next Tuesday public hearings on Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.'s request for a $35 million rale increase in Oklahoma. The commission had scheduled three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, to hear Bell's arguments for the rate hike and arguments for opponents. AS THURSDAY'S session ended, however, only the six scheduled company witnesses had testified and been cross-examined and commission chairman Rex Privett announced the hearings would reconvene at 10 a . m . Tuesday in the Jim Thorpe Office Building at the State Capitol. Most of Thursday's session was spent listening to Bill A t h e r t o n , a Southwestern Bell rate engineer, give a detailed explanation of Bell's rate structure. The company proposal include a major restructuring of rate classifications in Oklahoma. Alherlon said the firm now has 10 rale classifications with Oklahoma City and Tulsa in classes by themselves. Under the proposal. Bell would have 15 rate classifications, again with Oklahoma City and Tulsa in separate classes, because of their size. THERE WOULD be two classifications held in reserve to account for future growth in each city. Also, the flat rate charge for Oklahoma City's wide area dialing system would change to a three-tier system. Under the proposal, towns on the fringe of Oklahoma City would pay a higher rate than the city area proper. Norman, for instance, would pay a basic residential one-month fee of $8.10. Oklahoma City residents would pay $7.35. And other towns which might wish to enter the system al a f u t u r e d a t e would pay a higher monthly charge. Other Oklahoma communities would fit into one of the remaining classifications with the smallest communities getting the lowest rates. Contract Bridge You have the following hand, both sides vulnerable: 4AKB4 *AQ93 47 *Q642 1. Left-hand opponent bids One Spade and yeur partner bids Two Clubs. What would you bid after right-hand opponent passes? 2. Right-hand opponent bids One Diamond, which you double. What would you bid after partner responds One Spade, both opponents having passed? 3. You bid One Spade and partner responds One Notrvunp. What would you bid now? 4. Partner bids One Diamond and the next player doubles. What would you bid now? 5. Right-hand opponent opens Three Diamonds, which you double. Your partner responds Three Notrump. What would you bid now? * · * 1. Two spades. It is hard to conceive of a hand partner could have that would not offer a good chance for at least five clubs. But rather than leap directly to five, it is better to cuebid spades first. This has the advantage of encouraging partner to bid six after you later jump-raise him to five dubs. A slam in clubs is by no means impossible. 2. Two spades. Partner may have a simply dreadful hand and it is inadvisable to do more than give him a single raise. Game is highly unlikely unless partner bids again over two spades. The double, in conjunction with the spade raise, shows approximately the values you actually have. A raise to three is admittedly tempting, but unfortunately you lack the values to guarantee nine tricks opposite a forced response. 3. Two h-iarts. A pass or two clubs might prove better, but, counting all factors, two hearts will do best in the long run. 4. Redouble. The redouble does not guarantee support for partner's suit, though you may have it Rather, it indicates 10 or more points and suggests that the best result may be obtained by letting the opponents play the hand -doubled. 5. Pass. You would have preferred a suit response, as your hand lends itself more to suit play than notrump, but all you can do now is accept partner's judgment that the best spot is notrump. It would be too dangerous to start looking for a suit contract at this stage. T. D. White, Bell's top Oklahoma accountant, told the commission Thursday t h a t the firm does not use the same set of figures for tax purposes that it does in seeking a rate increase. WHITE SAID Bell uses the "book value" of its holdings for figuring its tax liability and uses the estimated "fair market value" in seeking rate increases. Book value is the price the firm actually paid for the equipment or prop- .erly. Fair market value is what the equipment or property might bring if i;old on the open market at today's prices. The difference is about $300 million. Bell claims it should be allowed to make a return of 9.64 per cent on the fair market value of its holdings, which the firm places al $884 million. The commission's auditors placed a value on the holdings of a b o u t $550 million. It will be up to commission members to reconcile the two sets of figures and arrive at one they determine to be the fair market value. The commission's final figure will be the basis for determining any possible rate changes. New Admission Standards OK'd NORMAN, Okla. (AP) -- A more liberal policy of admission to the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine was announced. Thursday by the OU Board of Regents. The action, approved formally earlier by the OU regents and the State Board of Regents for Higher Education, raises the required m i n i m u m grade average but allows an entering student to substitute a good entrance examination score for a low grade point. Under the new admission standards, approved only for Oklahoma students, the minimum grade ooint average was raised from 2.5 to 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and an average score of 500 on the m e d i c a l college a d m i s s i o n lest (MCAT) was set. Dr. Mark A. Everett, chairman of the College of Medicine faculty board, said "this is an attempt for greater fairness toward applicants who may have low grade point averages perhaps due to poor work early in their college careers. Under the new policy, students who have an aptitude for medicine but some low grades will still have a chance." In other action al Thursday's meeting, the OU regents approved a 526,734,081 budget for the OU Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City for fiscal 19715-76. The budgei represented an increase of S8.5 million over last year, Woman Killed By The Associated Press An Oklahoma City woman was killed Thursday wen her car skidded on a rain-slick highway and was hit by another car. Her death raised Oklahoma's 1975 traffic toll to 431 compared with 373 at the same time last year. Oklahoma City police said Janice Witte, 26, of Oklahoma City died when her car went out of control on Oklahoma 152 near Oklahoma City and skidded into the path of another car. Found Guilty Crossword By Eugew Sheffer McALESTER,Okla. (AP) -- A jury has convicted an unemployed Oklahoma City man of the May death of LeRoy Harris, manager of the downtown IGA store here. The panel of eight men and four women ended a four-day trial Thursday when they deliberated less than an hour before deciding that William Hammons, 33. was guilty of first-degree murder and should be put to death by electrocution. No formal sentencing date has been set but appeals in capital punishment cases are mandatory. Corrections Head Eyed ACROSS 1 Letter 4 Affirmative 1 London district 11 Above 13 Part of circle 14 Heathen deity 15 High hills 16 Kentucky bluegrass 17 Turned to the right 18 Woodland deity 20 Bang noisily 22 -- au vin 24 Overly- modest persons 28 Golf clubs 36 Actor: 32 Rogue John -33 Turkish 37 Guiding regiment 39 Chests for 34 Underworld valuables eod . 41 A pun dog Avg. solution time: 25 min. A R . I L B H U E B A R E Answer to yesterday's puzzle. « Title 44 Tumult 46 Rays 50 Indonesian island SSHaul 55 Fixed quantity 56 Founder of Troy 57 Undivided 58 Embankment 59 Nearest 60 Grain 61 Actor: -Ayres DOWN 1 Corrodes 2 Portico 3 Classify 2d 41 Sfe 59 29 5) JO 52 12, 19 38 20 31 39 zi 40 IT S8 to 4 Yelp 5 God of love 6 Deprive of top growth 7 Founder of psychoanalysis 8 Lyric poem 9 Garden tool 10 Aged 12 Alienist 19 New Zealand fern 21 Temple chest 23 Which was to be shown (L abbr.) 25 Venture 26 Always 27 Stitches 28 Charts 29 Medicinal plant 30 Seasoning 31 Thus (L.) 35 Distress signal 38 Biblical name 40 Lie 42 Part of a motor 45 Theater award 47 West Indian shrub 48 Microphone (Colloq.) 49 Fret 50 Storage compartment 51 Pub drink 52 Unit of illumination 54 Tiny OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Gov. David Boren was to meet with the State Board of Corrections at noon today in an effort to select a new State Department of Corrections director. Board members said privately, however, that they may not be able to make a choice this week. Boren has urged the board to name a new director soon, but the board is dominated by appointees of former Gov. David Hall and the holdover members have not always heeded Boren's wishes. John Grider, formerly warden of Ihe Granite Reformatory, has been acting corrections director since Russell Lash resigned under fire by Boren last March. The list of candidates for corrections director reportedly has been narrowed to four men. They are Ned Benlon, an official with the National Clearinghouse on Criminal Justice Planning and Architecture in Champagne, 111.; Joseph Cannon, former corrections director in Maryland and Kentucky: the Rev. Don Adams, former head of Hawaii's m a x i m u m security prisons, and Bill Ensign, former mayor of Toledo. Ohio. Authority Counsel Named OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has named Robert Mitchell, former chairman of the "Yes All Eight Committee," as the authority's new general counsel. The action was taken at Thursday's meeting after Harry McMillan, appointed general counsel during the administration of former Gov. David Hall, announced he was resigning Aug. 1. Morale Of Sooner Guard Troops High FT. CHAFFEE, Ark. (AP) - Morale of OWahoma Nations] Guard troops is "the highest I've ever seen," says Oklahoma Gov. David Eoren, who commanded the 2120th Supply and Service Company until his inauguration as governor last January. Boren wound up a two-day visit with Oklahoma guardsmen in summer training al Ft. Chaffee Thursday. When he arrived in the working area of his old unit, the governor was presented with a cake decorated with a broom made of icing. The broom was the symbol of Boren's campaign promise to "sweep out the old guard" when he ran for governor last year. Boren, spent Thursday visiting various units of the 45th Infantry Brigade and other Oklahoma guard units, said he was impressed with the attitude and morale of the troops. He said the National Guard "is more important than ever before. "With the regular Army reduced, the National Guard is no longer just a standby force," he said, "but it's the first echelon of our national defense." Boren watched the first firing by an Oklahoma National Guard unit of the Honest John rocket during his visit. The unit, second battalion, 158lh Field Artillery, was formed in May w i t h headquarters in Oklahoma City and units in Marlow, Walters and Healdton. As the governor was ending his two- day visit, most of the 5,000 Oklahoma guardsmen were winding up a three- day field training exercise 916 'C' AVE. Magnifying Reading Credit Available Them quality magnifying reeding g la tin or* d«ifln#d lo aii'nl fhoie proplr who h o * * IroubU with cloia viiion iun ai reading na«\- paf«rt, reading yov 8ibl«. 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