The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 14
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GAY SOCIAL Collegians Cast Ballots Today to Choose Officers "Amateur Slnlion"al Helhany Hall Will Present Finr Program Friday "Ainulcur .Stnllnn HC'C. television ! brondcn.HtlriK station," will broadcast i nt nn lee cream noelnl und prirly nt ; Brlhiiny hull Friday night of thin' WCP|< nl S o'cloclt under iiuH|i|f«-s of the Women's Council of First (,'hrls- tlnn church. "On the Air." "Jerry Joins In" and "Mis First Shave" (ire tho rrimcdloH lo be dnimiillK''d. All arc delleloiiHly funny, say I hosts who have enjoyed rehearsals. On (he Air "On the Air" In a comedy In a brotidciiKtlng stnllon. The rl in rafters Include Mrs. I,onlne White, M!HH Nr-v- Inn, nilHlrcHH of rercinonli'H; Mrn. Knld Krcclilow, Mrs. KIIIciibccK; MrH. I.iiiii'ii 1'lernon. Mrs Unrnbi-rgfr; I'Yye. mid Mr*. Until Hbelton, MlHH Orlolf Hltlcrlmw»r. "Jerry Joins In" IH n comedy with ii most nnnmiiil one-word fonvorun- lion dialogue The rhuriielfrs nre: Mr.-i l,e« vVllbllc, Kelly; l,ee VV'lllillr', llurold Jim Mo«en. Jerry; M|HH Miir- Jorle A|i|i"i MOII. ,luily; M|IIM KielIIIM Ine Wiill. coolt; Itob \Vnlt. milcsiniiii. "Ills' Flrsl Hlmve" Is n comedy crnninied wild fun and littiKhtei , ; cliiinictm'M Incluile MIM. Kutb Telle. Mrs. Norton; liobert Idide, Mr. Nor j ton; Jiii-ltle Allen. Kerch. Hetty 1,011 J Townpencl. I'lnrii, und Korolby Hurt, Janlee. The lunuteiir dour unit IH I'oin- I Mined of llowfird n nil Mnrjorlo Krmiter, the OIKIUI Krlnder mid monk. Art Wiilers will H|IIM'. "Then You'll Itemcmbcr Me." Mnttbew Klnpp \vlll mid "They do Wild Over .Me 1 ," and .liinieH I'li-rnon mill Konalil Nowlln will contribute inuiilcnl nu tube t'H. Thore will be an offering received w bleb will KH to ciiHb day Fnbrii- .ii-y I, Ilii!7. no itdmlHMlon will bo charged. In lulillllnii to lee cream and CM lie tbere will be pie mid coffee for naif. Mrs. CharleH Kurunti; ban charge of Hie dining room. I'ersoiiH curing lo do am Invited in wear Frontier rostiimcH. * •JV/TEMDERS of the Hakersflcld Junior College student body ore vollnjc (ndny on candidates for offices or the Associated Students. PollowinK arc the candidate** I hat arc running and their office*: IttiHlncNH maHnRcr, Robert Thoman and Hob KohlniMt; chuirmun of the rally commlttfcc (yell leader) John Hewine mul Jack IMrc; edi- lor of Ihc KiicnnU'ur, Virginia Jen- nliiBM and Cherry Herring; htiHl- II«NH manager of publlcutloiiH, William Noll; freshman r«nrc- Hob Sheldon, Holi and Jack Cooper. Fourteen From Hern Present nl Dinner of Vnlley Uuils; | President Spenks | :iuli rli'i'ii tneinliorH nT Hie li>i:nl i'NM n.nd 1 'rnl'i'HHlnnfi.1 XVoini'n'H Jo\irni-yi'd in 'I'ulurc 'I'nomlay I" hrur Mrn I'nrulyri \Vi»hrr >f Martini'/., "tain pi cHlili'lit , who ltd- | Iri'KHrd ini'inlii'i'M frniii T'orlorvllli*, | VlHilllii, Itunforil. (Viriinriin, Kn-Hiio Mid Tuliiri'. Tin' IniHtcHH i:lub IH einij if tin' ni'xvrHl In tlm valley; IL l« em- luirltliiK nn KM third KI-HHUII In iiddlllnii In MrH. Wrlier'n lall< on I he linpnrtariee of hiiHlnenH women lii't'oniliiK well Informed, them WIIH u diinee reviiii and iniiHlral nuiii- berH. KliarliiK the liaiuiui'l from horn were MrH. I'Jffle KarrlM, proHlflnrit; MlHH Monte Medwell, MlHH Ifnletl llelrnaiiHpnrKer, Mr«. M. T. Ueltrill, MlHH lleiiler Wllhlte, Minn Uorolhy iJonrihoe, MlHH I'Mornnee Mc(;nllon, Mr«. IjOllln Myern. MlHK ('harlotlo Myet-H, MlHH Anna, liudloy, Minn Myra Nnlile, MI-M. Maliel I lliiiillliin and Mm. llulnnlr Knilldi. LnHi'i'H In a nii'inlii'i H|I||I drlvn con- dueled by llal(er«rii'lil I'lnli will folu kmei-M at an llallan dinner at II Trn- vatorii eafe ul 7:11(1 n'elnek Monday evening. Mm. Loltle Myern In ehuh'- man of an iiiiKementii. Klfly-twn re«- erviitloiiM been madi' (o dale. Reports on District Meeting Given til Dinner; Offer Authentic Costume Hf-poriM of th« «oVBrit.h district of- fli'erK 1 fionfer^nre hold recently in I,o« AngPlpB wore pr.«Hcnte(l to tnetn- bor-H of th« local Kontu club at a din- nor inoetliiB hqlil IdJjt rilffhl at the huinn of Ml«if' Mlnnlo I^reliift on KlKhlh ftri!«t. Mm. Viola O. Hlodgot, preHldorit, anil MlMH Frctno wero hoHtoHsuB at tho tneollng. Plafinlni? of tho yc-ar'x work occupied the biml- III.'BB KflHBlon. M|HH OeorRla Canflold who won a prlsso roranlly at. tho Kox theater for tin) ntont finthontli; Krontlor JDay co«' tunin, modeled the n°wn for tho r;|nb. The Hiilo of IhlH gown which will bo won by I ho lucky purchaser during Kronller UayH, will finance a worthy club H(>rvl<;n jirojoct. A Npcclal gueHt at tho moellriK wan MIHH Mlldrod Pclchnnr, a former '/onlu mnmbor of tho Hanla IJarhara Hmni'h, I'rijHont at tho rneettnir wore: MeHiliiiiK'8 Viola BloflKClt, Maude Conroy, lloulah Curry, Llna OavlH, Alien KnrlH, Carrlo O«lo, Alfred Hlo- irion, (leorKla Wardon, and MIHHOB I'YelHe and Mrta Hleinon. 4 . » Camera Club Will Convene on Monday There will be a mealing Monday xvoiiliiK of tho IJukerHfleld Junior CoIleKe Camera Club at 7:30 o'clock. OfflclnlH of tho group urge all otu- dentn Inti.'rcHti.'d to attend. ThlM (irgnnl/ulIon IH planning a pholoKrnph exhibition and contest, featuring Hcenea of Frontier lJayn. I'rl/fH will he awarded to BtudontH of the Junior r.ollego for first and Hecontl beiil pictured. ~ i i ^^ ^ Moose Schedule Party on Friday MOIIHO in'-mherH und their farnl- lien and frlcnilH will hold a social evnnlng and ilancn I'YIday night at IJnildH' ball. TlioHn earing to do HO may wear PYontlerH UayH costunieB. ItefreHlimentn will l>n HCrved. A delpgntlnu from llnkerBflold lortK" will visit n inoollng of Tuft Women of tlm Mooso tnnlght. Allss Cordonl to Wed Clever adaptation of the pioneer motif! marked a linen shower compll- mcntlng Miss Julia CordonI, tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julllo Cordoni of White's Lane, who Is to be wedded late In November to Henry K, Carson. The party was given last evening by Mlfts Hose CordonI and Mrs. Otto Oaley at the Oalcy residence, CO? Orace street. A. miniature newspaper "extra" wan circulated, containing the betrothal announcement, picture of tho brldo-ftlect and decorations In keeping with Days of '40, These were fashioned by Mrs. Lowell Ball and served also as bridge and monopoly tallies. The menu was In keeping with Fontlor Days as wera appointments which Included a red and while checked table cloth. The linen shower WOH persontod In a mtnlaluo covered wagon, Prizes wore won by Mies Ireno Houx, Mrs. M. McChesnoy of For- tervllle and Mrs. Fred Costollano. Attending besides Mrs. CordonI and tho hostesses were; Mendaines— Lucille MoMahan M. McChesncy K. K, Norrls Lowell Ball Paul David IDrrest Clemens Andrew Bono Kred COstellano Walter Bmlth II. R. McKlnloy Blanche Jones (Fresno) Mlsflos— Frances Hwartout Dell Hhlvely I'oarl KatK Irene Uoux Clulr Mohr Blrdlo Hamilton ICvelyn Morgan • » » Home From Hou thin nil Mrs. I,. R Martin, 281B Man Kmkllo street, has returned from a two months' visit with her sister, Mrs. J. I'. Greene of Hunta Ana, and her son, A. W. Martin and family of Olondale. FRATERNAL of Veterans A rngtilar bitslnesH meeting of Daughters of Union Civil War Vet- orariH IH not for Friday evening at Memorial hall with MrH. Mary It. Hmllli pruMldlng, made on the famous PLUS'FIT Lasts /lii-rc's something about, llicse smnrlly- Rlylfcl now NATiiHAi.i/iins thai, is irresistible. It's I he way 11 icy flnllcr your feel, and I he Miprrincly coinrorlablr feeling they give the instant yon step into lliern. It's the youthful way llu'v inlcrprel. the latest style trend, and the fact that NATUHAI,I/,KHS are fashioned of such lastingly beautiful materials. If you have not as yet. exposed yourself to these flattering new arrivals, we urge you to come in NOW. Don't Sp«nd Your Ufa n.lin TO CONVKNK KKIDAV WhnodauslH Club of Bahersfleld 'hapter No. 12S, O. IB. H. will meet Friday aftrrnoon nt. 2 o'clock at the mine of MrH. William Ii. Bradshnw In 'IIHII l.oma Aercs to com|)lolo iilnns for a Homl-annual fall card party November 13. MrH. A. H. ICaul IH tho general chair- nan In charge. PiM-Hotm wishing transportation or Information on how to reach tho Helling of Friday's mooting arc naked to bo at tho Masonic Temple at 1:30 o'clock Friday afternoon. Tho refreshments committee, of which Mrs. A. W. Freeman Is chairman, Includes alao Mrs. I./. H. Aench biie.hRr, Mrs. 11. IT. Hrnlth, Mrs. Wil Ham MclClllgott and Mrs. Kvu Harris. BIRTHS -Horn to Mr. ami Mrs. A. l< lluulH'H, !I5U Mci'atur Hlr«ot, Ollilulo u iliuiRhlcr, I.larhnra .l<tan, un SPII- tnmliPr 21 at MlBH Frelnn'H Miiler- nlly Homo. _ KUAUHK— Horn to Mr. and Mrs. JncU .1. KraiiHc, 1122 HIIRO nlritpl, a rtauuli t«r, farolyn Hun, on Sovitninher ^2 a Minn Krelsu'ii Maternity Homo. HHWSTON— Horn to Mr. and Mm IfMward H. IlcwNton, 221? llnrl<i>lo> »lr*«t. a son, Lnnllo noh«rt, on Hop- tombor 22 at M|HN KrrlHe'n Mntor nlty Homo. Ot.lSNN— Horn to Mr. and Mrs. (I. H (llenn, !I07 It Htroot, a NOII, Law rnnofi l^tHoy, on .September 2,1 a Mlns Frolno'H Maternity Homo. UAFIi'lOTTO— To Mr. and Mrs. I'-re Joseph Haffetto, -132 Truxtim nve nue, a HOII, Jn.ioph Htaplicn, Sup tonibor 20, at Mercy Honpltul. WIIKIOI.KU— To Mr. und Mrs. OPOI-RI Hiirolcl Wheeler, Houte 4, llox Ili7 u HUH, tlary Wiiyno, Svptnmbi'i' 21 at Mercy Hospital. lieirollial told The betrothal of a pdpulat* pair won the Incentive for a dessert bridge parly given by Mrs. Frank C. Hodkey, 222-1 Nineteenth street, when Hho told of the engagement Of her daughter, Miss Mario Rotlkey, to William Slemen, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John ,8temon, 1307 M Mtrent. THo wedding Is set' for No* vomber (1 and will bo celebrated In Bakersflold. Tho bride-elect attended high chool arid junior college here and jer flanoo waH graduated from the ocal HchoolB and the University of allfornla at Berkeley. lie became dentlflotl with Kappa Bella .Who raternlty at U. ('. Mr. HtCmen IB now connectod with tho Standard Oil Company. Favor baskets, containing Imlta- lon candles, tho wlckn of which irovod to bo scroll announcements, were at each place. Tho tables vore centered with flower pots of narlgolds, which also contained candles, The general yellow'and vhlte color scheme was accented by lankoU of garden flowers In that :olor combination. Prlzefl worn won by Mrs. Tjoln feath, M|HH Mary Helen Glasgow, Mlns r.oralne Daloy and MlHH Matilda JJtnhoverry, Tho hostess was asslHted by Mrs. "leorge Hamilton and Mrs. John Htomen. Those hidden Included: MosdarnoB— Leslie Heath William Homero Jack Parish Hobley Miller Donald Ilurgo William Persel Fred .lansen Paul David Wllllinn Steelo Alx Price Arthur Moono John Hamilton Charles Anspach Kd UroetiHtreet Oernkllrio Margaret Pristine Hoffman L. P. Casselberry Misses— Heatrlco Allen Matilda Mary Helen TClchoverr'y Olaagow 1'jleanor Knowlca Martha Graham Jean Christie Nellie Nicholson Ksther ICueffner Frances Ollllam Oonevlevo LoulH Hamilton Kratka Betty Oi-aham Dorothy Johnson Doris Doughty Juno Myers Lorena Daly Mary Dlxon lOlalno Dlxon Kloanor Champion » • • On First Anniversary Celebrating her first birthday anniversary a party was given Hop- ember 18 for llttlo Marlcno Palmer ly hor mother, Mrs. Kva Palmer, it tho home of tho little honoro.o's (randpiiri'tils, Mr. and Mrs. J. b!. Miller, SOI Eighth Btroot. A pink ond white color scheme was developed In toy balloons and inlmal crackers. Uuestn proHunt Included: Mosdames— Carl J. Miller R. Pylo (Los Angeles) O. H. Dean F. DeTray Children— Clayton J. Miller Shirley Mao (Los Angeles) Pyle Maureen Vernn Ann O'llrlen Nnwcomb Marlee Dean Rabbi Abramson to Deliver Sermons for B'nai Jacob Congregation /Vdm Klppur, the Day of Atonement, holy day on tho Hebrew liturgical calendar, will be observed by the membera of B'na! Jacob Congregation at services that will begin at sunset Friday and end at Hunset, Saturday, Sermon Topics llabbl Maurice Abramson will deliver sermons as follows: 1 Friday evening at 8:30 o'clock, "The Meaning of Kol Nldre and the Day ot Atonement"; Saturday morning at 11:30 o'clock, "Tho Departed Souls." Kot Nldro prayers will be conducted by Rabbi Benjamin Coh'on on Saturday afternoon at tho memorial servlcou. Spiritual Ilctledicutlon An explanation of tho spiritual Ignlflcanco of Torn Klppur was ;lvon today by Itabbl Abramson as ollows: "Tho day of atonement Is of the amo character OH Rosh Hashonoh, nit of far higher sanctity. It. Is he most solemn "day In tho Hebrew ulendar year. On that tluy at tho louses of worship every member of ho Jewish faith asks forgiveness or the sins committed during the mst year. It Is tho day to make resolutions for better conduct, to ;lvu up bad habits, to plan noble Incds. Tho, members of tho faith be- levo that although God Is merciful und pardons the transgressions of man against himself, but he who ins wronged his neighbor, must fain the neighbor's forgiveness bo- ore ho can claim the mercy of tho jord. Must Forgive "Tf a man Is called upon to pardon ils fellow, freely ho must do It; else low can he dcira of tho Day of iVtonemont ask pardon for his sins igalnst tho Internal? It Is customary on this day for all members of he Jewish faith to cleanso themselves bodily and spiritually to array n white fresh linen and clothing. Mostly whlto Is worn to typify the words of Isaiah: "Thou your sins be is scarlet, they shall bocomo white as snow." Modern Beauty Demands Modern Methods A Knlor-Wavo IB So Slmplo, Ho Cool, So SallHfylng. A MuchliiulosB Porntunont Wave That IiiHiin-8 Comfort and Satisfaction. <&*S7 No Electricity Suitable for All Shad us and ToxturoB of. Hair White House Beauty Shop checking over other Improvements made In the clubhome thta summer, occupied the members of the board of directors of the Bakersfield Woman's Club at their first meeting of the fait season on Wednesday. Mrs. H.' J. Brandt, president, conducted the meeting at which accumulated business was transacted. The upper and; lower halls of the clubroom were re-tinted, the new hardwood floor on the stage dressed for use of professional dancers; and the caretakers' apartment was re- tinted. Mrs. Brandt appointed a committee to take charge of decorating and furnishing the rest room at the club. More tapestries from the Truxtun Beale collection were presented to the club for perpetual care by the Bakersficld club members. TO MEIST AT AIIVIN A mooting of tho Arvin Farm tome Department Is scheduled for Friday morning at 10:30 o'clock at ho homo of Mrs. C. C. Russell. Jamied goods will bo studied at tho noptlng, the demonstration being led jy Miss Dorothy Wilkinson, assisted jy project leaders. Election of offl- •crs for tho year will bo conducted. Reception Will Be Held at Oecbsli Hall at First Methodist Church In compliment to the Hev. and Mrs. a rover Ralston and. their daughters, tho Misses Phyllis and Alva and their ^tfcJlv Barclay, tho Ladies' Aid Society of larst Methodist Church Is entertaining aPui reception Friday evening atf 8 o'clock at Oechsll hall of tho chu -ch. The TJev. Mr. Ralston Is pastor if the churm, having come hero from thq Southland a few weeks ago. \ To the i jceptlon are bidden all old and new lembers and (friends of the church. A special invitation Is being extended tb teachers. / Henry Dtolch will act as master of ceremonleH,\ntroduoi/ig Ronald Clark, vocal solol8t>vMrH,/C. 13. Boydston, reader, Alfred Slemon and Mrs. L. H. Aenchbaoher, who will present re nmrkH of welcome. Elaborate decorations will give special charm to the sotting. Refreshments will bo served. Mrs. Ij. H. Aenchbacher Is presl dent of the Ladles' Aid Society. One o,f Hie largest undertakings ever sponsored by .the Roger Willams 'Baptist Young People's Unlori of the First 'Baptist Church, located on Truxtyn between .ti and M, IsOJie Spanish Fiesta, to be h^ld on the north lawn of the church, Friday evening from 6:30 to 11 o'clock. To Raise Funds The fiesta ts being held to raise funds for UIB treasury of! tho oft ?anlaitlon, to raise money for the 1 building of the church and to start a special fund to send delegates to the summer conference at Idyllwllde. Each of the five commissions are sponsoring varied booths. • Tha devotional commission, under the leadership of Alvln Streblow, has three booths, two shooting booths and a pastry booth. Tho stewardship commission head-, ed by Miss Nina Blackford Is In charge of a soft-drink stand and a museum. Misses Miriam Shull and Louise Johnson of the Service Commission arc preparing "penny-a-peep shows" and also In charge of fortune telling and a "bull fight." Those assisting in the fight besides the ''bull" aro U*red Harding' and Richard Stanton, being toreador and matador, respoc-, lively. Other Concessions Tho fellowship commission directed by Miss Monteen Poteeto Is present-. Ing a novelty booth In which several , hand-painted dishes by Chester Do Haven, cactus, Mexican candy, balloons and pottery will be sold. Orders will be taken for pictures to be painted by Miss Faith Hawkins. Spanish food Is to bo served In the Cafo De La Fiesta, In charge of Mrs., F. P, Allen, assisted by women of the women's union. The cabinet, under the direction of Donald Ayer-, president, is sponsoring a "house of horrors." . * The Hl-B. Y., In charge of Harriot Dennis, Is presenting a special concession. Music for tho evening will be played by members o£ the'Mexican Mission at Shatter.. Norman Hugu- nln will be masteqgbf ceremonies. -*•• •»-£« : MRS. HAHN'KLKCTKD CLEVELAND, Sept. 24. (A. P.>— Tho American Legion Auxiliary formally elected Mrs. Lorena Hahn, ot Wayne, Neb., as national president today In the closing session of Its sixteenth annual convention. She was unopposed. JLOOK THROUGH T-HEWJNbOWIN TH£ PACKAGE w»ar Naturallxori 6 $^% 85 Stylet lor •vary occasion All Shoes Scientifically Fitted by X-ray K IRBY'C Smart Shoes ^^ 1406 Nineteenth Street "Tin- Hinne of ('ourlvunx niirf Kfficivnt Sendee" IS WHAT YOU'LL SAY WHEN YOU SEE AND TASTE THIS NEW CEREAL MAXWICI,!,— To Mr. and Mrs. Km ••Hi Kent MHXwell, rtinito 3, llo: A, u duuithtur, Judith Kllen Suptetnbnr 21, at Mercy Hospital. Phono net 1912 Chester Avenue IIuycH, M«r. I lent rice Si'hmldt, Operator ClOonMAN— To Mr. and Mrs. Jnaop) PurliH Cloodmnn, 100 Uniirdnloy av'o nun. Hlvprvlew, a ilaughtpr, 8 toinbor 23, lit Merey Hnspl'il. LADIES' U I. given dellclou. Properly filled by our trained lady attendant. Why go elsewhere when you can get the type, suited for your case, priced less than you puy in metropolitan arena? Fit guaranteed, and besides you can drop in for adjustment uny time. KMBALL & STONE Tht Particular DruggUt* Phone 53 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DEUVERY Bakemfleld, Calif. • ,'i, *. i .<&.

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