The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 30, 1963 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1963
Page 7
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World's Young Men Waiting And Ready By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) - All around the world younger men are in the wings, waiting to take over. It looks like some wait. Power is like glue. When a man has it he sticks to it unless he's pried loose or there's a rule against sticking too long. There are few such rules. So the world is run mostly by old-timers. President Kennedy at 45 is the only leader of a major nation under 69. The oldest, 87-year-old Chancellor Adenauer of West Germany, is the only one who shows signs of stepping down this year. And that's not certain. In between Kennedy and Adenauer are Macmillan (Britain), Khrushchev (Russia), and Mao Tze-tung (Red China), all 69; Tito (Yugoslavia) and Franco (Spain), both 70; De Gaulle (France), 72; Nehru (India), 73; Salazar (Portugal), 74; Chiang Kai-shek (Nationalist China), 75. In the past 10 years only one top leader stepped aside because of a rule. This was President Eisenhower who served two terms and could not have run for a third, even if he had wished to, because the Constitution bans it. In Britain Winston Churchill, Cooking 9 s Fun LADIES LUNCH Bake this tart shortly before serving because it's best warm. Seafood Chowder Rolls Apple Tart Beverage APPLE TART Vt cup sifted flour l / 2 teaspoon salt % cup butter or margarine 4 ounces cream cheese 3 cups drained canned apple slices % cup cultured sour cream V4 cup confectioners sugar % teaspoon cinnamon Sift together the flour and salt. Stir butter and cream cheese together until blended; work in sifted dry ingredients. Roll out 1-3-inch thick. Fit and pat into a 9-inch pie plate; make a slightly high fluted edge but not on rim of plate. Arrange apple slices in a circular overlapping pattern over pastry; spoon over sour cream. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Bake in hot (400-degrees) oven 10 minutes; continue baking in moderate (375 degrees) oven for 20 minutes or until pastry is browned. Serve quite warm, sprinkling with extra confectioners sugar. PRINTED PATTERN Peoria-Cole Meeting Held A Peoria-Cole Community Meeting was held at the Cole School Friday with entertainment including vocal solos, instrumental music, skits, poems and readings. Mrs. Ray Evans serve refreshments. A potluck supper will be the feature of the next meeting with a lastday-of-school program presented by the Peoria School children. The time will be announced later. Harper Man Star Farmer MANHATTAN (AP) - Vernon L. Mathews, 19, of Harper, is the 1963 Star Fanner of Kansas. A $200 award was presented to Mathes Monday night at the annual Kansas Future Farmers of America convention. Marvin Creager of LaCygne won the FFA's state public speaking championship, keeping the title in the family. His older brother, Gary Creager, won last year. Norman Conard of Columbus was second, Jack Traylor of Emporia third, and Boyd Newley of Caney fourth. There were 23 contestants. Seven $100. FFA foundation award winners also were announced: Galen Eklund, Lyndon, farm electrification; Craig Carmichael, Plainville, beef production; John Price, Emporia, sheep production; Norman Galle, Moundridge, swine production; Harold Topliff, Jewell, crops production; Harold Younger, Lebanon, farm mechanics; and Mathews, the Star Farmer, dairy production. The state safety award went to the Simpson chapter, which had helped organize a rural fire district. The members also sold and installed 40 sets of car seat belts, sold 34 fire extinguishers, and presented 32 five-minute safety programs over radio stations KNCK, Concordia, and KFRM, Salina. Young Mathes milks 26 Ar- shire cows and has a Grade A milk program. His father, Lloyd E. Mathes, decided to quit milking two years ago, so Vernon stepped in. He borrowed money from his father at 6 per cent interest and bought the cows. He also raises Yorkshire hogs, marketing 45 head last year, and is raising 49 acres of alfalfa and 35 acres of grain sorghums. The vocational agriculture judging and farm mechanics contests are expected to be completed today. That soft, summery look is YOURS to enjoy in a young, pleated style with a scarftied circle collar. Choose cotton, linen, shantung. Printed Pattern 4966: Half Sizes 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 24%. Size 16% takes 5 yards 35-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS in coins for this pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of The Ottawa Herald, Pattern Dept., 243 New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Just out! 304 design ideas plus coupon for FREE pattern — any one you choose in new Spring- growing feeble at 80, showed no desire to quit as prime minister until in 1955 his Cabinet prodded lim into going. His successor as prime minister Atnhony Eden, was pried loose in 1957 after bad public reaction to he failure of the British-French- Israeli Attack on Egypt. In Russia, Georgi Malenkov, who became premier when Stalin died in 1953, was pushed out in a power play. So was his successor, Nikolai Bulganin. The power- player was Khrushchev who became premier in 1958. Even in a country as small as South Korea, power had its fascination. President Rhee, really dictator Rhee, saw his country through the Korean war but at 78 in 1960 was thrown out by a military junta which has ruled since. In one of his bubbling moments last week Khrushchev caused more talk than understanding when, mentioning he was 69, he said "everyone understands that I cannot hold for all time the position I now have in the party and in the state." Besides being premier, he's also secretary (boss) of the Russian Communist party. He has had some ups and downs — like the split with Red China and having to pull his missiles out of Cuba — but there's no reason to think he's shaky. Like the other old-timers of the world, he'll probably stick to what he has until he's pushed out. The departure of each elderly man now heading one of the countries mentioned above will mean some change. But in none of them can any safe prediction be made of drastic change of reversal when he's gone. Adenauer's Christian Democratic party, over his protests, has I picked a successor for him when he goes, if he goes: Vice Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. If there's a change it probably won't come before next fall. Erhard may reverse Adenauer a bit, swinging more toward the United States, less toward France. No one is suggesting he'll fuss with the NATO alliance. Chances are he'll try to make it stronger. Khrushchev loosened son/; of the tyranny of Stalin and loosened the unity of world communism by THE OTTAWA HERALD Tuesday, April 30, 1963 Typhoon Olive Is A Bad Girl AGANA, Guam (AP)-A radio message from nearby Saipan Island today said Typhoon Olive, packing 110-mile an hour winds, destroyed 95 per cent of the homes and nearly half the island's public buildings. The message said no deaths were reported. One person was injured as the devastating Pacific storm—the second to slam into the Mariana Islands in six months -flattened Saipan. Summer Pattern Catalog. 50 cents now. Send Good Topping Delicious topping for ice cream: mix together brown sugar, melted butter and flaked coconut; toast lightly in a moderate oven for about five minutes. Spread the coconut mixture evenly on a sheet of heavy foil or over the bottom of a shallow pan before toasting. RIDING HIGH — By combining parts of two bicycles, Craig Santarpia (on the bicycle) and Larry Wightman, have produced a machine which gets the rider high in the air. They had a little help with the welding. They have figured out they can improve the bicycle further by elevating the section holding the scat. Both boys are freshmen in Ottawa High School. Their Parents are Mr. and Mrs. George Santarpia, 513 S. Cherry and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Wightman, 723 E. 6th. (Herald Photo). Osawatomie State Hospital Has Annual Community Day He Favors US Bombing PHILADELPHIA, (AP) - Sen. Barry M. Goldwater, R-Ariz., says the United States should bomb certain rail and road facilities used by the Chinese Communists, to head off further Communist buildups in South Veil Nam and Laos. "It would be a risk," he told newsmen Monday, "But everything we do is a risk. If we are going to back away from risks we ought to quit." Goldwater, in Philadelphia to address the annual convention ol the American Warehousemen's Association, said supplies from Communist China to die fighting front in Viet Nam could move along only one railroad line am one highway, both in the Comma nist-held Red River valley a North Viet Nam. He said lie did not think the Soviet Union would become in volved if the United States at tacked those routes. his downgrading of Stalin. He talked about getting along in a peaceful world. This didn't mean he wouldn't try to grab all of it, if he could. No one expects his successor to be less eager. Still, it's unlikely the new boss, when Khrushchev goes, will try to revert to Stalinism. He probably couldn't if he wanted to. Mao Tze-tung in Red China has gathered around him trusted men dedicated to the same view as his: conquest. So things will hardly be better under his successor. France, after De Gaulle, is completely unpredictable. He saved it from chaos. Judging from the erratic history of the French, when De Gaulle goes the tide of chaos may sweep back. Britain, with its ties to this country, will probably follow the road it has taken since the war: close unity with the United States. But the glass is too cloudy to attempt to say what the future holds in India when Nehru is gone, in Spain after Franco, on Formosa after Chiang, in Portugal after Salazar, or in Yugoslavia after Tito. OSAWATOMIE - "Mental illness is more than a medical problem: it is a problem in the art of living — living with one's self and with one's neighbors. Just as is the case with an individual so Garden Club Plans A Sale WELLSVILLE — The Wellsville Garden Club plans to have a plant sale starting at 10 a.m. May 4, under the canopy at Ruddels. Many plants and bulbs will be available. At its meeting Thursday afternoon, April 25. .at the home of Mrs. Mary O'Neil, the club continued working on preparations for the annual spring flower show. It will be at the schoolhouse, May 25. Mrs. Lee Chamberlain gave the opening. A lesson, "The Planting Of Roses" was given by Mrs. Wayne Wild. Mrs. Bernhard Fleming and Mrs. W. H. Moherman gave a report on their trip to Atlanta, Ga., for the national meeting of the Associated Garden Clubs. The Little Show was a line design, and tulips and daffodils, the horticultural display. Reheat Rolls A moderate oven (375 degrees) does the job when you want to reheat rolls. Be sure to cover the bread, in a pan, in a bag or with foil. Count on the reheating taking at least 10 minutes. is with society, and we won't olve the problem until we are in- ividuals and groups outgrow many old prejudices and fears nd acquire new attitudes toward mse who are and have been mentally ill," Dr. Robert A. laines of Topeka told an audi- nce of 450 last night at the Osa- atomie city auditorium at Com- nunity - Hospital Recognition light. The director of Kansas State In- titutions pointed out that the gen- ral public's lack of understand- ng and frequent misinformation bout mental illness are basic auses for the rejection of the mentally ill patients and the pro- rams to aid them. "Having watched for several •ears the progress at Osawatomie and the relationship between he community and the state hospital," he added, "I could not ay that the citizens of this area ould be classed as 'general pubic.' Your interest in the hospital irogram and the progress of that irogram has done much to create he wonderful climate of under- tanding and acceptance both in- ide and outside the hospital." Dr. Haines paid a tribute to lospital personnel and to "my good friend and brother alum- iiis," Dr. George Zubowicz, hos- ital superintendent. Awards were presented to 57 CORONADO Space-Saver Refrigerator Regularly '168.88 $' Delivery Extra NO MONEY DOWN A lop value for kitchen* where every bit of ipace counts! Only 24" wide, with big 9.31 cu. ft. capacity, lots of shelf .space and door storage. Full- width 36-lb. freezer, wide-range cold control, interior light. 44-3011 "Priot and ofUfl apply lo all Gamblt-ownnd itor»i, and in moil Dialer ilorti." The Friendly Store employees reaching plateaus of 10-15-20-25 years service and to 30 individual volunteers and four volunteer groups. One of the volunteers was a year-old baby; another was an 83 year-young great grandmother. Also honored were the 11 employees who have retired within the past year. Their length of service, ranging from 8 to 41 years, totaled 214 years. The award for the most valuable employee suggestion of the year was won by Mrs. Robert Crumpley, secretary in the hospital's public information office. Lowell Gish of Ottawa, lecturer and banquet entertainer, was master of ceremonies. Music was provided by the Madrigal Singers of Paola and the Osawatomie program. Paul C. Peterson of Paola was chairman of the arrangements committee which included other hospital personnel and Paola Chamber of Commerce President Rex Sutherland, Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce President Leo Thorup and Mrs. Robert An-, derson, co-operator of volunteers from Ottawa. Plan Baking If your kitchen counter spao is limited and you like to bake get in the habit of measuring anc sifting dry ingredients as th first step in your baking. Thei you can put away the container holding the dry ingredients am have free counter space for th rest of the procedure. Property damages were «stt« mated at $2 million. All electrical ower and telephone lines were jowled over and water service as knocked out, the messagf aid. Saipan and Tinian Islands wert truck by Olive after the storm ealt less damaging blows to uam and Rota Island, also in ic Trust Territory chain. Jose Benitez, deputy high commissioner for the Pacific Trust 'erritory, said he had asked 'resident Kennedy to declare Stl- pan, Tinian and Rota disaster areas. This would prepare th« >vay for federal assistance to r«- >air storm damages. The radio message said about 45 per cent of Saipan's 2,000 pubic buildings were destroyed or damaged. Most of the island's 12,000 latives were left homeless, Ben- ctz said. The Trust Territory administration building and two Catholic churches were being used o house the homeless, he said. Trust Territory official;) were still awaiting word from Tinian and Rota Islands, also to the north. Earlier Benitez said the eye of he storm apparently passed directly over Saipan. He said all crops on Rota, a small island where the natives are mostly farmers or fishermen, were destroyed. All of Saipan's crops were lost, the official said. Typhoon Olive buffeted Guam Monday and Tuesday before moving north. Many of the home damages on Guam were the same structures flattened Nov. 11 when Typhoon Karen slashed across the island, virtually leveling it. The island of Rota has a native population of about 1,000. Tinian has about 500 residents. rinting What do you need? Call CH 2-4824 printing Ottawa Lions Club PRESENTS THE Need a New or Used Sewing O See Machine Albright's WHEEL HORSE, OF COURSE Miss Ottawa GREAT FOR GRASS AND GARDEN You can't beat a horse—the Wheel Horse lawn and garden tractor— for getting more done and having more fun. Wheel Horse stands unmatched in the 6 to 9.6 horsepower class for down-to-earth working power. Add the sharpness of true automotive-type steering, the convenience of attachment operation from the driver's seat, the big tractor "look" of its streamlined chassis—here's the thorough' bred of lawn and garden tractors. EASY TERMS Scholarship Pageant BEAUTIFUL fl ^ POISED I i TALENTED I Mm YOUNG LADIES Competing For The Title Of Miss Ottawa It's A Two Night Shew Attend Beth Nights Friday, May 3rd -• 8:00 P.M. Saturday. May 4th - 8:00 P.M. MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM General Admission Either Night $1.00 Reserved Seats Either Night -- $1.25 Combination Reserved Seat Ticket for Both Nights--$2.25 — TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM — LIONS CLUB MEMBERS CRITES APPLIANCE, 419 S. MAIN BOX OFFICE — NIGHTS OF PRODUCTION HARDWARE APPIIANm 116 S. Main CH 2-4565 Reserved Seats at Crites OFFICIAL PRELIMINARY OF MISS KANSAS AND MISS AMERICA PAGEANTS

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