The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 11
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THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORWAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24,1986 Ukulele Ike Sued * ; by Better Half I-ofe ANQMLES, Sept. 24.— Suit for divorce from Clifton A. Ifldwards, known on the screen, as "Ukelelo Ike," was filed here today by Nancy Kdwards, professionally known as Nancy Dover. Tho complaint set forth that disagreements aboitt, finances and their professional careers brought about a separation March 27, 1930. They were married August 31, 1932. A property settlement was effected out of 'court, the complaint revealed. " • SS'OttKMETKtt SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 24. (U. P.) — A enoremeterj to measure the volume of nocturnal crooners, recently was exhibited hero an the Invention of a high school student. California Bills Frances Dee as Star in Comedy <$>- 'T'HRBIS grand attractions maka- •*• up the program showing today, tomorrow and Saturday at tho Fox California theater. The first Is tho baffling ;tnystery comedy romft'heo "Halt Angel" with Frances Dee, Brian Donlovy, Charles Butler* and Helen Westley. The second feature Is the thrilling story of •{Somerset Maugham, "Secret Agent." Bobert Young, Madeleine Carroll and Peter Lorre are the ' principal members of the cast. The third attraction IB the Terry-loon "Wolf In'Sheep's Clothing," Latest news events complete the prograrii. Outdoor Theater Plannedat Tahoe TAHO13 CITY, Sept. 24.—A natural outdoor theater to be known as Ttthoe's "Theater. O f the Stars," Is being planned for this district. The theater Is to be built north- cast of Dollar hill and Will Include a large stage, adequate lighting facilities and a pipe organ. , Promoters of the project said that Miss E. L. Buckingham, dramatics director, Stanford University, Is writing 'a. play specially for production In tho new theater, and that Alfred Here, San Francisco orchestra conductor, plans a series of concerts there. Site for the new theater was chosen as a re«iiH of the accidental discovery of the perfect acoustics of the area, It was claimed. GREEN ALWAYS A LEAP AH BRKET PARKINQ Corner California and Chester Avenue PPAL S Y0 Specials for Friday and Saturday, September 25 and 26 CAULIFLOWER Each 5 BELLEPLEUR APPLES CORNED BEEF Boneless Briskets, ideal for slicing. Ib. 19C CHOPS Veal, Lamb or Pork, center cut shoulder chops. . 28c Full Box POT ROAST Every cut guaranteed tender, from younfl steer beef, center shoulder cuts. Ib. 17C SLICED BACON Cudahy's Puritan Eastern Sugar Cured None Better 35 De Luxe Plums, No. 2^ can Suprema Cherries," No. 2 can Mother's Cocoa, 2-lb. can 12ic CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP . canGlc Salmon, Export Pink . . Pork and Beans, Armour's No. 2|- can • • , , , Corn, Palace . . . . . 10° 6 Delicious Flavors 4 lc OUR CHOICE TOMATOES . No. 21 can Sic ARMOUR'S STAR CORNED BEEF . . . 14}c ARMOUR'S DEVILED MEAT . 4forl5c DEL MONTE TOMATOES . No. 21 can 12}c DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE Np. 21 can 17ic CENTURY, No. 2 CAN BEANS AND PEAS . 131c SNOWDRIFT 6-lb.Tin . $1.05 3-lb. Tin . . 55c LARGE PACKAGE CREAM OF WHEAT . 22c CORN FLAKES . 3 for 22c POWDERED OR BROWN SUGAR . . . l-lb.pkg.7ic FONTANA'S EGG NOODLES Ib. pkg. 20c HILLS RED 2-LB. CAN, 65c COFFEE . . . Ib. can 28c OVALTINE Large Can . . . Small 29c 49 ZEE TISSUE ... 3 for 14c WHITE EAGLE CHIPS .... 5 Ibs. 30c FAVORITE MATCHES Crtn. 17c; box 3c RITZ CRACKERS . . 20c White King Powder, Large Pkg. 10 Bars 31 Swans Down Cake FLOUR Large Pkg. Baker«f eld'« Mo»t Unique Cafe CHOW MEIN CHOP SUEY 25c Served From S p. m. to 9;30 p. m. Dally FREE COCKTAIL With SOc Order or Mora Chlnete or Anierloan Dl«h«i THREE FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY DELECTABLE MEALS with a menu offering tho best In numerous dishes with a variety of prices at the E3L ADOBE MOTOK HOTEL Union Avenue at Terrniw 'Way Slj.vrd DrlnUh 11 S|M-clall.v HVl all room Presents MERLE CARLSON and His Orchestra Direct From -Alexander Young Hotel, Honolulu TONIGHT ONLY Featuring Pauline Burns, Soloist Dancing Till One ' Admission 55c ON FUN BILL Lew AJTCII CHOWINU at the Fox theater to~ day and through Friday la an all-fun double bill. Tho first feature showing Is "Craig's Wife," tho Pulitzer prize winning story of tho great American home. Behind drawn curtains tho town whispered about her as she lived her life of sham In a house locked to tho world. In the cast is John Boles, Rosalind Russell, Blllio Burke, Jane Durwcll and .Dorothy Wilson. The second feature showing is a riotous comedy of a bewildered gob In a love affair that takes the whole navy to straighten out. I«cw Ayres, Mary Carlisle, Ixirry Crnbbo itnd Grant. Withers are features In tho cast. A colored travel talk "Cherry Blossom Time In Japan" nnd Melrotono News completes this program which ends Friday. What College Does Revealed in Film "Wo Went to College," which opens a three-day run today at tho Granada theater, must have been expressly designed to make people forgot their troubles, for It keeps tho audiences laughing from Its opening shot to Its flnul faduout. Charles Butterworth, Walter Abol, Hugh Herbert, Una Morkel nnd ISdlth Atwater aro tho principles In an outstanding all-comedy cast. Individually those players have provided tho comedy highlight of many a film production; collectively they supply a barrage of laughter and good humor impossible to resist. "Gentle Julia," second feature, brings the Kparkllng kid team of "CJIngor," Juno Withers and Jackie Searl together In a Fox feature. Booth Tarklngton wrote the atory for tills picture which goes back to tho prewar days of peg leg trcuiM- ers and bustles to furnifih 11 hilarious comedy of American small-town life. On the Air SiOO to 5*80 p. m. KHUN and network — MaJ6r Bowes' Amateur Hour. NBC network—Marshall's Mavericks. W6XAI—Recording ». KNX—Dick Tracyj 5:16, Maurice's Orchenlrn, fciSO to 6)00 p. m. KEUN «iid network — Major Bowes' Amatmlr Hour, NBC network—Dinner Concert. W6XAI—Recordings. KNX—Buddy and Ginger; 6:45. Jack Armstrong. 6:00 to 6i30 p. m, KlCKN ami network—Sear*, Thon nnd Now. NTH! n^twork—Muslo Hull.' \V6XA1—News Flushes; 6:16, Dinner Concert to 6:<5. KNX—Musical; B:16, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KKTVN mid network—Republlcnn National Committee, NUO network—Music Hall. \VGXAI-~6:45, Tonic Tunes. KNX—,1nncs Boyo: 6:45, Vlnmes Townsend. 7:00 to 7lJO p. m. KKTIX and network—William Hard; 7:15, Renfrew of the Mounted, Nile network—Amcia and Andy; 7:16, Show Boat. W6XAI—Home Folks; 7:15, 20-30 Club. KNX—Elmer Goes Hollywood; 7:15, Pomona Fulr. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KERN and notwork—Hopubllenn Campaign Committee, NBC network—Show Hoiit. WO.XA1 — Rublnoff-Jun Vccrce; 7:4B, Cecil and Sttlly. KNX—Newlywodx; 7:46, King Cowboy. •8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KKHN—atu<lelmk(<r Chmnnlons; 8:16, T'hll Harris Orchpntro. NHC network—Sliow Bout; 8:16, Symphony Hour. •W6XA.I—Hollywood on I'wrude: S:15, J'runk Wntan»bc. KNX—Calling All Cars. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m, KICKN Hiid network—PuxHhiR 1'a- r«<io; S;4G, Corner Store I'hllos- oplinr. NBC network—Symphony Hour. W6XAI—Cub Reporters: S:45, Hlt.s «nd Enroroa. KNX—I.nrry I.oo's Orchestra; 8:45. Huron Fltts. 8:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKRN nnd network—MngiiElne of the Air. NBC network-—Symphony Hour; 9:15, to bu announced, WflXAl—News Washes; 9:16, ICohos of StuK"> and Screen. KNX—NCWH; 9:46, Al liyoiiH' Orchestra to 9:45. 9:30 to 10100 U. m. K13RN and network Hurry hewis mid Orchestra. NBC network—To be annoniu'Pil W6XAI—9:45, Rhythm and Ho- malice. KNX—Crocket IP. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN-—World In Review, 10:10, Ciena Colo OivhoMrii. NUC network—News Klnwlios; 10:15, Hotel St. KrunelK Or- Cheotru. \VliXAI—All HenucKi Program. 10:30 to t1:00 p. m. \V6XA IAll ll<H|U*M PruKriiin COOPER'S NOVEL NOW DRAMATIZED ROSALIND RUSSELL Blllle Burks Jans Dsrwell in "Craig's Wife" ALSO Randolph Scott and Ulnnto Unrm-s "IDAXDOLl''* SCOTT and Btnnlo Darncs will be »tx?n us tho fiunouy sweothoarts ot James Fenl- more Cooper's "Tho Lust of tho Mo- hteniiK," which opens for a limited r-nitngcnii'nt i«t tho Nllo theater Saturday on a now double feolutv program with the snappy musical ronmmv, "Stnr Kor a Night." Othor Hlellur names In the cast arc Bruco I'nbot. Uolxirt Barret, Honry \VI1- coxon, Heather Angel and Phillip Rood. June Dorwcll, Clnlro Trevor, Arllne .Tudgp, Rvelyn Vennblo, ,1. lidwuixl Uromliorg und Uoan .lugger arc the featured players In the companion feature "Star For a Night." .^^^ and every (thurtday)Night MAJOR BOWES AMATEUR HOUR Station KERN—5 to 6 P, C, T. COIUMIIA COAST- TO-COAST NETWORK SPONSORED BY PLYMOUTH-DODGE DESOTO CHRYSLER LEW AYRES MARY CARLISLE In "LadyBe Careful" TRAVELOGUE—NEWS '. .'.. i . " ' — TONIQHT 7 AND 9 P. M. 2 ACE HITS TOM BROWN- FRANCES DRAKE SIR QUY STANDING "I'D GIVE MY LIFE" PLU8- "DOWN TO THE SEA" ; BEN LYON RUSSELL HARDIE; SATURDAY Daring Di»t! Nlthtt »t fUminct: DEALERS NOW | ENDS SATURDAY SKIN TENDER? ~ • - *- " SOAP and OINTMENT _V.I R G! N I A_ LAST TIMES TODAY Pr«Dton jane wy.ilt "WE'RE ONLY HUMAN" Norman Foster, Joyce Compton "SUICIDE SQUAD" Comedy, News iind Novelty 3 BIO HITS I staked my last dollar on my plan to sell Mayonnaise Robert YOUNU "SECRET AGENT" Thrllllni Mj.l.r,! Brian OON'LEVV Praaccs DKE "HALF ANOEI." T*rry.(<«n "WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING" by JOHN J. MACK, prtsidtnt, DATBD MAYONNAUSE, INC., Los Angeles GRANADA Tod*y, Friday, Saturday TWO SWELL FEATURES Chas. Butterworth. Una Merkel, Hugh H«rb«rt in * Big Comedy "WE WENT TO COLLEGE" JANE WITHERS TOM BROWN, JACKIE SEARLE "GENTLE JULIA" Comedy, News and Cartoon MAYONNAISB of course is a delicate perishable food. But it has always been sold like .aimed goods -delayed in warehouses-left standing on grocers' shelves—reaching you from a month to three months old! This used to worry me when I was an official of a big mayonnaise company. Chemists said such mayonnaise was often technically rancid under cover of its spicy flavoring. I'm sure it wasn't actually harmful. But 1 knew women would like fresh mayonnaise better. I formed a plan-staked my last dollar on it • and started my own company. We make our Nu Made Mayonnaise fresh daily and rush it to stores in small quantities by fast auto service. We date every jar. And we always pick up unsold jars after a very short tim<j and replace them with a fresh supply. Thus Nu Made Mavonnaisc is always fresh when you buy it. Naturallyit has a pure, delicious flavor notfound in the usual commercial kind. The Safeway people call it "the biggest advance in 16 years." Women everywhere are welcoming it. Won't you try it? If you don't agrtt that this fresh mayonnaise /.f bater, return the jar to your Saft- u ay and Til gladly refund all yo 20< ui gin LAST DAY—2 BIG FEATURES Frnnou Lederer—Ida Ltiplno in "ONE RAINY AFTERNOON" ind Rlcirdo C«rt»i--M«rv«rtl Churchill In "MAN HUNT Cartoon Aot News ENOS TODAY Jack BENNY, Una MERKEL "IT'S IN THE AIR" and FRANKIE DARRO in "VALLEY OF WANTED MEN" Also Comedy and Ncwireel *.^>s?s?! ^ MAYONNAISE>; MAYONNAIE At all SAFEWAY STORES Floor Show All This Week KeuturhiK DUNFEE & COLLETTE Count lo Cuiiht Dancers of New York City Collottc and Her 300-Voar-Old Vlulln Dinifw—"The Top*" In Tap Train—I ji Curnrncliit: C'astluet; Hu.illc n lit llnrn, and Cnrlwa 9 ACTS EACH NIGHT 9 I'lrtit Show 9 o'clock THE KAVERN ) !i Miles Kits! on KUIson Free Chicken Sandwiches and Oth«r Kindt, With Purchase of a Drink TODAY Thursday, September 24 at our Grand Opening NEW KINKY DINKY . I Oc HO USE ISI4 L Slrnl VH« G»l««tJl

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