The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1950
Page 11
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TOTSDAY, MAY t, 1950 BLYTBBTILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PA31BLWTW Careful Planning Guts Cost of House ^ In home-building, careful planning comes first and the lamily must •E/de upon the minimum' space that will nt its living needs conveniently without crowding. The house should also be planned lor future economical expansion Adequate storage space must be provided, and the first decision Is whether this requirement can be met without a basement. Eliminating (lie basement and* erecting the house on a concrete slab saves about six per cent in construction cost. The slab serves as « sub-floor and obviates the expense of excavation and deep foundation walls; A well-planned utility room in the basementless house provides storage space and accommodates equipment usually.located In a basement. BuiMiriR Board Costs Less Walls, roof and framing represent about 20 per cent, of the cost of a home, Savings can be effected by usfng structural building board for sheatliing Instead of -tonguc- «nd-groove boards. The former goes up faster with a saving in labor cost. The live per cent of the total cost of the home represented by lath and plaster walls can be halved by using dry wall construction with largp sheets of plaster board. From 23 per cent to 30 per cent can be saved on the heating plant cost if the house Is full Insulated with full-thick mineral wool In the exposed walk and between the roof and top-floor celling, according to University of Minnesota engineers Non-combustible mineral wool Insulation also-reduces the annual fue bill one-third allrt more. Smaller System Usable Because the insulation prevents rapid escape of heat, a smaller heating system keeps the house comfortable. This saving In heating system Initial cost made possible by mineral wool Insulation represents almost two per cent of the home's total cost. Although a house can be insulated with mineral wool at any TRY«A'P!NT W OFFER tffl£i KEMGLO ' ft in* hi A »r TIADE MAIIIC WE MKAOE-tUSTRE ENAMEl THAT LOOKS AND WASHES UKE BAKED ENAMEl 98 PINT Regularly $1.39 Bring in thrs ad — get year pint of KEM-GLO Sl*y- white at thii amazing »Tings! It's the plastic-hard finish mat you ran wash « easily as your refrigerator. Ofortt •*<! GolloM m M talon.~ $2.39 QT. $7.»» GAL BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Inc. W. H. PCOM South 1 J. Wilson Henry Phone 2434 Save Oil-Save Money THIS WINTER ENJOY THE NEW EXCLUSIVE Coleman Modumatic Comfort INSTALL THE FAMOUS COLEMAN OIL-SAVING WARM AIR AUTOMATIC WORK-FREE HEALTHFUL DIRT-FREE A BIG STORAGE TANK Will STORE NEXT WINTER'S Oil IF YOU INSTAU IT NOW *Motfumalic comfort means constant circulation of air at an even comfortable warmth modulated to suit.out- side temperatures. N'o excessive fluctuation of heat and cold. Come in today and let us explain the many advantages of CotEMAN MODUMATIC COMFOKT. 2-Bedroom Home Completely Installed For As Low As $650 Frank Simmons Tin Shop Ilk O_ ' %»__ i "* • Asbestos Siding Shingles Reduce Upkeep Expense The siding of a house, architects say, k one of the most important parts from the standpoint both <,! weather protection and appearance. They advise prospective home builders to consider the respective characteristics oJ various aiding materials before making selection!. Among the modern types of siding enjoying widespread popularity Is the kind made of asbestos fibers and Portland cement. Produced by a number of manufacturers, tt possesses an unusual combination of qualities. Immune to the ravages of weather, It last indefinitely without preservative treatment. Since It does not deteriorate from ordinary causes, It virtually eliminates upkeep expense. Primary .advantage is its fire resistance. Available In several styles, surface treatments and colors, asbestos-cement siding shingles lend a charming, eye-nleasing appearance to any home. They can be obtained with the exposed'surface smooth or textured in wood grain or tapered designs. In either style there is a choice of straight or wavy exposed butt linos. The textured type also Is available with a staggered butt line. This design gives the siding the effect of shingles applied in the thatch method. Both the smooth surfaced and the textured types usually are made In white and grey. The latter, however, sometimes is available in green and buff pastel colors. So.' Broadway I'hone 2fi;>t time, it costs less to apply when the house is being erected. Prefabricated chimneys that save about half the cost of conventional chimney construction: with brick and mortar are now available. The economical, plumbing system holds to a minimum the amount of piping used. Placing bathroom and kitchen adjoining, .effects a large saving. In a two-story house, the bath should be placed directly above the kitchen. Keep Floor Level When the bathroom is to be floored with ceramic tile, many builders reduce labor costs by extending the sub-floor of the j house into the bath at the same level Instead of lowering the bathroom sub-floor to compensate for the floor tile thickness. An even greater saving can be made If a good composition flooring Js used. Locally - produced or abundant materials usually are cheapest. If stone Is available without costly transportation, it may cost less than brlck> lumber or concrete. If sand is cheap, a stucco exterior may cost less than wood or other materials. Rooms should be planned to use standard ^lengths of lumber. All lumber '. isV manufactured' in 'even lengths'of-"Brio. 12, 14, 16 feet and longer. An 11-foot Joist means wasting one foot from a 12-foot piece of lumber, or about eight cents. ' Attic Construction Although the high, roomy attic Is Ideal for future Economical expansion, many facilles prefer adding ground-floor rooms. In such cases, truss roof construction saves money because the trusses are put together more quickly than conventional rafter framing and require less material. If attic rooms are planned, the heating pipes or ducts and electric wiring should be extended lo the attic when the house Is built to avoid future tearing out of walls and ceilings. A bathroom In the attic also should be considered and plumbing pipes brought Into the attic during construction. Open planning of rooms, mien as combining living and dining areas, eliminates partitions and Is another money-saver. Since on-slte labor represents about 40 per cent o( the cost of a home, a contractor should be employed who uses the numerous la- tar-.savlng ideas developed since the war. These Include . mechanical equipment, -careful scheduling- of material dsli/ery and placement of materials on the Job so that workmen do not waste time In reaching them. WCMM a* *MM Ml m *• fROTECT you* JHftHT TO D*IVl . . . fOI/ft [AKHIN6S ...HOME...MNK 4CCOUNT fc «W te«KM Wlfty fnura wWt r*rmtn SAVE MONEY W.L. Walker, District'Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. Color Gives Individuality To a House Color gives a home Individuality nd personality and sets It apart rom lt« neighbors. Color can af- ect a family's moods; make small paces appear larger, larger ones mailer; and even banish the bar- en look, from a sparsely-furnished * tv TE> LIGHTING - A """We feature of'the new home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lane 01 South Highway 81 is the "touch-plate" lighting system, mstead of conventional light switches, the switch- plat* mountings contain rectangular centerpieces that, when touched, turn the lights on and off Each o hTT ?!!*»>, ^ * "^ C ° lmeCt<!d ^ a lm < Kt °»™ '" «» »«ta, Mr. Lane explained. The h v, > I", S ° Ulh ° £ BIi ' Ulevllle °» »"""», 61. h"s two bedrooms, living room and l t» b " akfa5t r °° m and kllchcn - Floors are hardK'cod except In kitchen and bathroom, In which as The h™, h ^? * aUS are °' the SealC<1 lyPe WhlCh haS bce " COVCrcd wllu canvas ™« The house haa an attlo Ian and Is heated by a floor furnace. , Real Estate Transfers (Chlck»s«wb» District) Susan Moore to Sam and Lolelia Robinson, Lot 30 of Block 4 of the w. W. Hollipeter Second Addition, $250. Oscar and Delia Alexander to Charles C. and Lula C. Purcell, Lot 15 or Bock "D" of the Barren and Lilly Subdivision, $950. Jame.s and Modie L. Green to Virgie Mae Ellis, a plot 50 by 150 feet In Lot 13 of the replat of the J. P. Pride and Gateway Subdivision, |1,750. Tommie McNeal to Ki' and Hattie James, Lot 3 of Block 4 of the west End Subdivision, $1,500. Kemp E. and Mary M. Whisen- :iunt and James R. and Elizabeth 3eal to Hershel and June Besharse Lot 12 of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, $7,400. Norman and Claudlne Shields to Russell K. and Marguerite Marr, Lot 5 or Block 2 of the Country ilub Drive, $3,400. • Max B. and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold. B. and Marie D. Wright o Lafayette Heal McCormick and Willie Ploy McCormick. Lot, 10 of Block'"E" of the, John B. Walker Addition, $900. ' ' • ( Jnmes R. and Elizabeth Deal to Kemp E. and Mary M. Whisenhunt, Lot 13 of Block 8 and Lot 13 oJ Wione >4M Re*. *11J Block 9 of the David Acres Subdivision, $1 and other consideration. Ocle and Mildred H. Smith to John H. and Wilma Crim, east 40 feet of the west 100 feet of Lot 8 of Block "C" of the Morris Addition'; $1 and other consideration. Willie Nebluit to nay P. and Alia N. price, Lot 5 of Block 7 of the Marsh Addition, $12,000. . W. C. Cales to Marth Chester and Mary Parker, Lot 13 of Block 6 of the Elliott Addition, $275. Marshall and Jewell Taylor to H. A. and Nora Ruth James, Lot 13 of the repat of the J. P. pride and Gateway Subdivision lu the SE;4 Of Section 17-15N-11E, $288.40. James L. and Grace .Ellen Verhoeff to Owen Everett and Addle Marian Knudsen, Lot 13 and the west 5 feet of Lot 14 of the Jackson Addition, $10 and other consideration. H. V. and Glady Smith to L. C. and India Mae pierce, all of Lot 4 of Block "I" of the Nelson's Second Addition to Leachvlllc, $3,600. Claude L. and Terla Barnes to Wayne P. Baker a lot 50 by 130 feet in Section 17-15N-8E/ $115. Susan Moore to C. w. and Ladye Mae Boyce, Lot 26 of Block 2 of the W. W. Holtlpeter''Sccarid Addition, $200. .•:• > • . Holly Development Corporation to Mrs. Olco T. Langstott; Lot' 1 of Block 1 of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Second Addition, $12,000. Minnie Sadler Reed to Floyd ant Ciertle Ash, r.ot 0 of Block , 2 o the town of Yarbro In the SW|4 o the NW|4 of Section 27-16N-J1K $750. Edgar P. and Harriet Q. Bomh to Philip S. nnd Mary Borum Alex ander, north 100 feet of Lot Block C of the replat or the West gate Addition, $314.25. John and Edna .Wagner to P. F nnd Bessie Green, 1|4 acre In Sec lion 8-16N-8E of the town of Leach ville, $1 and other consideration. R. M. and L. B. Thompson ii James and Modle Green, South 5' feet of west 100 feet of Lot x 13 of the Pride and Gateway Subdlv Islon, $350. J. A. and Lola May Stribling t June Wagcnhurst Bcslmres. a n acre In Section 14-15N-11E, $3,600 Imogcne Trumble to H. C. a" Artie Blankenshlp, East 120 feet o Block 7 of the E. M. Bryan Addl tlon, $4,500. .. • H. A. and Merla Ashabrnnner if George and Lola Imogene Davis, n plot 50 by 150 feet In Block A o the H. A. Ashabranner Addition t Manila, $350. Insulation Guards Home Against flectrif Sparks Hat and-sparks from a. defectiv wiring short-circuit cannot ienlt« house if the wiring Is surrou'ndei by non-combustible thermal Insu latfon in waits and other conceale. WATER is your Cheapest Commodity - - - Use it FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark. paces. Because It Is a non-conductor, ilncral wool thermal Insulation in Mills, ceilings and other spaces .round electrical wiring' compiles i-ith the National Electrical Code. room. Most satisfying »olor»-«r» ,—__ or aubtl* off-thidw, r»th«r thma pure primary red, blu«, jrellow. Dark wall toiler oontrist eff«ctlv«ljr with liglit-colored Jurnlture. Dark gny with whit* trim, or'KeUr (r«*h with osiiaty yellow c*llln* ar« tood comblnatlorei. Mapl« furnituw I* brought Into foou agalnat thadM ol blue or yellow, bark mahoi»nr or oak Is enhanced by mxHum greens or deeper »h»dej of blu*. Before deciding on a room color scheme, 2-foot square* or mtehe* of paint or paper In preferred colors and patterns from th» ittltr will make '.election* cuier, u colors may be tried on walls, behind furniture and under artificial light. A black substance obtained by burning oily nuts U uaed lor U- Uwlng by Formos*. native*. You can make them !ook like new with Vane-Culvert Quick Drying Enamel We have a wonderful assortment of beautiful colors. Quart .. 1.92 Pint ... 1.09 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "Dirt, smudges, fingerprinb wash right off S" SHERWIN-WILLIAMS WALL I' FINISH! So easy to keep clean.;. so sanitary... here'l just what you want for kitchen, bathroom, laundry and all heavy-duty u-alls. Dirt and grime jurt c»n't get a toehold on satin-smooth Sherwin-Williami Semi-Lustre. Plain soap and water quickly, mily, safely remove even mcrcurochrome stainil Semi-Lustre is so economical.,. to iturdy you'll want to use it on all tht woodwork in your house, tool Th« _ cheery, tunny-looking colon will ^J Gal. makt your home happier to lift in, easier to work in! Ask for a color card. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. . W. H. Pease J. Wilton Htnry JSouHi Highway 61 Phon. 2434 SHEKWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS

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