The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 13, 1944 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1944
Page 5
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WATER ATTENTION URGED 1Y SMITH DOWNEY PLEDGES AID TO 90,000-ACRE PROJECT An urge that more attention be paid thp \\atcr supply situation in the soiilhei n end of the San .luaquin valley, was made today by 10. LcKoy Smith, who recently represented the Kern district at a meeting with Senator Sheridan Downey and fish and same officials held in l-'resno. Allont support to legislation that Would Riiarantee water to a flfi.OOH * acre paradise for migratory birds was promised by Senator Downey ut the meeting. Downey expressed particular In- •tereHt 111 two siiKKestinns: one by Alanaser Anthony .Mallos of the "Western Co opei alive Dairymen's I'nlon, that Hie wild life conserva- tioy benefits of the project, could be made reimbursible costs, along with flood control, irrigation, river navi- galii^n, salinil.N' control, and electric power. 'Jllie other siiKfjestion was made by Cienrno Alerrio, editor of the Los Kanos lOnterpi'ise. who holievi s that R chain of slate parks should be established along the San ,loac|tiin i iver, "Any act to deprive this flywa> of water would be in violation of a wist. 1 national policy," Senator Downey declared. The area where the project would be placed Is west of the San Joai|\iin river and north of Los llanos. Sportsmen termed it a major stopover on one of the nation's three fl\ ways. .-Vecordin^ to Air. Smith. "If something is not done now. it will he oiilv n few years until our lakes and fwamp lands will In 1 dry and the horned toads and lixxards will take the pluie of ducks and fish. The I'lyway would slop at the San .loa'iuin river, which would resemble a transcontinental railway with ii gap ill tile middle." Kern fanners and cattle raisers lire urged by Ah. Smith to attend the meeting for discu<.-ini: the problem in the hitter part of this month. He said that anyone interested in attending may contact him at Uoulc 1, liox 1-1. fellows. Churchill Plunges Into Parley Work Polish Problem in Fore as Task of Conferees Al Martin Malinger Holmes Supply Co. • New Merchandise • Everybody Welcome 1101 D STREET Trlrplioiu 1 3-1.>6G MOSCOXV, del. Kl. <URI — Prim" .Minister Winston Churchill and his staff today plmiKcd into heavy \voik on the detail^ of the Anslo-Itu^slan conference of which the delicate Polish question pppeared to he the most Immediate task. After two days of entertainment Which stressed the great atmosphere of cordiality in which thn meetings with Marshal .Josef Stalin are beliiK conducted the conferees were Betting' down to brass tack.s cut practical problems. Confronted with the fact that the Polish question Is of utmost delicacy and that this may present (he last opportunity for a settlement, Premier Slanlslaw Mikola.jcx.yk of the London Polish r< giiiic was exercisinu inmost discretion so as not to upset the delicate balance. Tito Pushes Nazis Toward Rai[ Junction LONDON, Oct. IS. <Un>—The free VitKoslav radio announced today that Marshal Tito's Partisans and Soviet troops had driven a wedge between strong German force.'; in Serbia and Ulii-rated the southern AUirava valley towns of Leskovac and Knjaxevae, approximately L!(i miles northeast of Xls. Following up the capture of Knja/evae. Tito's forces were reported pushing one German force toward the important rail junction of NIs. As a result of the combined drive, the German forces in Serbia were now split in two, divided by a line running from Nis. through Kraguje- vac and Cacak to t.'/iee. One part was said to consist of six German divisions, most of which were concentrated In the Damme region, Scouters Plan Paper Pickup October 21 Scouleis of the llakersfield district belli their first, round table meeting of the season at liie scout headquarters ibis we<4: upon the direction of IMsiriet Commissioner Leslie I>c- llart. Plans for the paper pickup to be held October _'I, a scout leader's liaining course to begin October -'•', and a district camporce to be held November LMi were discussed. Those present were Scoutmasters Louis Goss. troop 1,V. .Mark Linseott and Charles Warner, troop 10; Paul .Mallory. troop :i7; Adrian Bellinger, troop 2: Juan Villarreal. troop II: Ted Frooland. 4--oop J4: Charles A. Griffith and Bill Gayland. troop 0; Commissioners Leslie Dellart. Itichard Powell. Kd Goss. Troop Cmnmitte Chairman L. ('anapa nnd Field Kx- cciltive Clayton Herbert. KI'XKIVK:, (ilNNKK'S \\1NOS (Jus X. Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Harris. 1116 Seventeenth street, was given his silver gunner's wings when he completed the flexible gunnery course tor radio men at the Yinna Army Air Field this week. Sergeant Harris graduated frani the radio operators and mechanics school at Sioux Falls. S. D.. prior In his training in flexible gunnery. MONEY CAN'T BUY aspirin- faster-acting, more dependable than genuine pure St. Joseph Aspirin, world's largest seller at 10f!. Why pay more? Big 100 tablet size for only 35<i. BONDING COTTON SAMPLESJOPIC INSURANCE MEN MEET WITH WFA OFFICIAL The most expeditious manner in which bonding of cotton samples can be accomplished in the San Joantiin valley was discussed at a special meeting of llakersfield and Kern county insurance representatives I his week at the office of lOmory (Jay Hoffman, manager of the Kern County chamber of Commerce. The insurance men conferred with \V. H. Lanham. manager of the western area of the Cotton and Fiber Branch. Office of Distribution. War Food Administration of tile I'nited States Department of Agriculture, and A. L. Smith, chairman of the examining board in charge of cotton classing. .Mr. Lanham stressed the point that samples drawn at a cotton gin by a bonded sampler will be accepted for classification by the hoard of cotton examiners, but the hales of cotlon to be sold under the purchase program must be stored in an approved warehouse before the purchase is completed. It was pointed out that there Is no effort being made to confine the bonding to Kern county men; any rinalil'icd representative can handle the business in his own community. .Mr. Lanham recommended that Mr. Hoffman, who is president of the San .loaquin Valley Association of Commercial Organi/ation .Secretaries, request his organization to draw the matter to the attention of insurance men in adjacent counties of the San .loaqiiin \alley. Definite liilormnlion Uefinilu information regarding the specific kinds of bonds and complete details will await additional Instructions from Washington, D. C. The following communication from the I'nited Stales Department of Agriculture was read to the group by Air. Lanham: "AVar Food Administration w accept Form 1 Classification Memorandum (commonly referred to as the Sniith-Doxcy classification) evidence of the grade and staple of cotton under the Ifl-M cotlon purchase program, provided the classification is based on a representative cut sample drawn from both side? of the bale and delivered or for warded to a board of cotton examiners for classification by (1) the warehouseman executing the Warehouse Certificate and Storage Agre ment in the Cotton Producers Sales Agreement, or IL'I a bonded sampler. In the latter case, the notation. "Bonded Sampler" iniiBl be marked or stamped on Form 1. Information relative to the bonding of samplers will be available In the area office of the cotton and fiber branch, office of distribution at 1 ( "> Progressive building. Bakersfield. Altemline MeclliiK Present at the meeting, in addi lion to Mr. Lanham. Mr. Smith and .Mr. Hoffman, were .1. F. Alslaetter. Leslie S. .Robinson. Ray Lnbre. Walter Alortensen. Herb Vaughn, and F. G. Harrington. The area headquarters, which was recently moved from San Francisco to Bakersfield. supervises the Phoenix. Ariz., and 101 Paso. Texas, offices as well as the local headquarters activities. S. R. Gohvnert is tire assistant manager of the office. AT NAVIGATION SCHOOL First Lieutenant Kit-hard 10. Adkins, I!: 1 , son of Mr. and Mrs. \V. 10. Adkins of SHI; Pacific street, has re- i ported to the A. A. F. Navigation | School at San Jlaivos, Texas, for i duty as a pilot. Lieutenant Adkins has .served In the European theater of operations since July. 104". He ! has been awarded the Distinguished : Flying Cross, and Air Medal with j three Oak Leaf Clusters, having completed L'S bombing missions. He was originally commissioned in April. 1943. His brother, Captain Edward \V. Adkins. Is also a pilot in the ail- corps. A Good Place to Buy CYNTHIAS* FOR WOMEN The season's newest and best styles. ^1,49 Smooth leather and rich suede. MEN'S TOWNCRAFT* De Lux* Sport and dress models in fine £,79 leathers. Comfort plus style! BOYS' AND GIRLS' OXFORDS Good-fitting, long-wearing styles in rugged leather. Sturdy soles. 12-3. Sltei 8Vi to llVa BOYS' JIM PENNEY' OXFORDS Handsome moccasin toe styles for O*98 school or play. £i/.es 1-6. STYLES FOR GROWING GIRLS Moccasin oxfords and slack shoes 4,49 that are tops for school. 4-9.. ^ *-Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. — f. S. Nan Photo From NKA SO.MK HONCi!— Lieutenant David Stanley CrnrUelt, I'nited States Naval Reserve, nhnve. of Indianapolis. Ind.. wonders if it was the SOUK nr the shells thai ransed ."inn Ca'rnians to surrender to him. Crockett, a fishier pilot, was shot down over Toulon. France, and raptured. lie and fellow-prisoners saiiR "Uod Bless America" ii urine; mi iill-dny Allied Immh.-irdment of the Naxls. Then the Hermans' eomniandinp; officer snniinonerl Crockett and surrendered himself ninl men. U.S. HEAVIES BLAST VIENNA POWERFUL AIR FLEETS FROM ITALY IN RAID IXi.VDON. Oct. i:i. i.! 1 ) —Powerful forces nf American heavy hnmhcrs from Italy .-mucked the X'lpinia area, ('ip.rnmn Silesia ;nul western Hungary Unlay while fleets from Britain anil France pounded heavily nt Nazi front HUP positions on the \\estern front. The MOMvy homhrrs from Italy nt- tai.'kpil industrial ohjectives and railroads over which the Germans were supplying their troops in the sway in£ lines In Hungary before the Ut-d Army march against Hudapesl. Overnight, firltish Mosquitoes from I'.ritain homhed the (iennaii port of llamhurK and unspecified tarpets in western (Jerinatiy. One nlfiht plane was lost. A fiei- man minesweeper was set al'ii-e off the Dutch coast last ni^ht. I'nited States medium and light bombers based in France added their weight to the sleep of Aachen by attacking brltlRes and road .junctions outside the frontier Prussian city. The I'nited States N'lnth Air Force yesterday flew more than i:!fl() sorties, loiiii of them by fighter bombers. In attacks on Aachen and German eninmunicntions In (lie Ilnlir. where liL.' locomotives were destroyed and :'l ilamapcil. Railways were cut at -II places and 2<>~ railway cars knocked out. A C'anadlan whm racked tip cifihl on two airfields tin miles south of I'nmnc Oildale Rotarians Hear Paul Howard Paul Ili'Uaiif. \vlio spnkr on the methods iisnl in as.-essliiR properlv. was the Riie-t speaker at the recent meettntr "f tb" Ollilale llotary I'lnb in Kllloit hall. .Mr. Howard Is deputy coiin'v assessor \YinnrM til tbr vvcoklv stamp avvaid was I.on Miller, who tut tied I he stamp over to the Cub Seoul fund (!ue?ts of the dav included K. \V. Walker. K. .M. (Joule- and It. (>. Ueucknuin Visitors were Carl A. Hroekman presidrnt of the l)e!an<> club: Bill llallocfc and Joe M. lie.- kin. Pelano; A. I/. Tielze. Tall, ami Jack Gordon. .Monty .Montgomery and (leoi-Rc K'inst, Rakersl'ield. State Cities Having Finance Trouble | T.US ANC,l-:i.l-'.S. rii-t l:; i/Pi - ('alil"i iiia eitlcsare having difficulty financing necessary services heeiinse I they have shared "very inaclo- ! <|uatelv" in slate revonues sneh as I the gasoline and liquor taxes. Mali colm Jiavisson. lax consultant and : head of I he departmeni of eenni-nncs ; at the I'nivrrsil.v of California, said I today. i "Between l!!j'i ;uid l!lp'i The |iopu- jlation in inenrimi aled cities In Cull; foinla douhlcd. and with Hie limited • property taxes and stringency of j municipal revnues, eliies have had !a haid time financing their serv- i lees." he told "el" officials of southern Ciillforni.i tun nil ioalii i< s. ! tCfie itoferrsftflb Califorrrinn Friday, October 13, T944 PERSONAL MENTION .MI: AMI MR.-- IVAN' AST;xi><>!•.F c>! 1 >''i.i]in i !.!• i :.i ni'-d .it :\ 1 <-ci.|,i dinn-i-! inu- .Mr. and Mr-- \\'a\ne i'i'Mi.l-,1, who w-r» ler.-ntl'.' I! 1:1 i 1 I'-'l I 'I • :••' I!! U i! h ' 11C] i! 'A >'[ i> .Mi .in.I .Mi- ' :bri-- ' 'hi• nun n and il.nmh!'-!- . Mi -• I..IVVT"!!' •<• c 'hroin.i n. M i and M''-'. A : ii':->-v Blark and •<>.. .-:. H- u ,,! |'..nd t l.c Mi--, s !,'i! i F.I v •• I I; eer. Kve 1-. n I lend! \ liilhi- .|.,an Pati i-nii. I ini "I In' 1 ':' 1! I ; inn'h.i A -<-M,J,,J f. and 'he h.i--t .mil hi.-tc--. sTtiRKKF.Ki'F.R THIRD CLASS ISF.TTY scin.rr/ of thr. SPAKS. is ^p'-n«iini: a lr:i\»> in IV! ID-' at the hi inic i >! hi ;• in< *; her. M rs FloIPIICP Sih.ii-. \\itii h'-r brut h<T, C,)en Sehlit/.. -mi! lie] L; ! , I |; i i 1111 t\ h •'•; . .Ml-S. I.IICV i ><>!•-,".. Mi: AN'D MRS \VARi> RAKI'.R. u h" h.i ve spi nl ! be IIMM iiinnth in I t e 1 a 1111 a n e r > • 1. i -: i H •.; ') I < i r s a 111 - nier home at I'llatiei- R.H !-. !.<:'i ri'd-'ii'Iy fur Ii ikei -•-, iel.]. Tal't and nt her count v cit ii > WILLIAM c. i:i:rx.\T.i: ,.f ii.-Ia on speni a da v in T:il.i i' : -'- cently as the UMest 11!' his lir-i|)|e|s (leorm 1 and I'.duanl P.runner and t bcii' fa mi lie- .Ml 1 ,. AM" MKS. .IA.MKS CHAU'!•'( >Kli ba\e i, | 1;: neil to I.cist Hi'ls attei- s[iendln^' the week end at. i heir ra in-h at A rroyo (Irande. MKS. Pllll.ll' MA KltZKK of I)elano is i-i ui \*a Ics'-in- at the I)*''lano ilns- pilal from a n-cent appendei-loniy. Ml:s. \\' .1. c.\i;TKi: is • -onvalesi inr; at her 1 >ela no hunu* I'l nin a spiameil \\ri.-t. .Mi: AND MUS. .T. RV.KVKS nj- \'i- salia \\e]»> recent business \isit- in - MI ! ie|:ino. All:. AM> .Mt:s. filMK [-'IKK and d i 'r-ri.ii i -. Aiicr. and Judith. i'f K'-i nvjljp ii.i.e i returned to Delano ti- lj\e alti"! 1 an nbyenrc fit" a year. Mr Kike ha- !ea--ed F^unn s ^erv- ii e -'aiii-n ai.d ir.eica n 11 Ie pf'ie on tic- i 'mil.' '• Line Koad. i •iir:.-"n:i; \vi-:vci<r:r:. sun or .\ir. and ,\li . X. .1. U'.-yi l-;ei. who has bpeii spending a nirloush in De. latin v. itb his parent", sis.ter and n'hir iclathes. has win* to L'i« Angeles I'M a visit of several days befiiie Na 1 . iim for N'ehr-nska. .MI:S I--KKI.) SIIKDD of i...~t iiiii« i- spending two w-eks with hei' da uu'h In an'l son-in-law. Air. anrl Air!'. Chaile.s Jones, and small i.'! a iiddmis'hrr-i-. ("harleiie. in Fiuri. nua me. MI: AXD AIRS. p.'i.MAixr: TRAT- X' >l: !. r. e |<-ft. for their home at li"ti '-I. ''Hi.,, after a vi;ut in Delano, vt'li .Mi-. Trainor's parent*, Air. and .Mr-. Karl Staeey. .Mi;.-:. Cl.!-:(i SCniVKX was able to I'^Min to her emjiurv home north\vest Hi Iirlario recently, from an • Mldale hospital. «lvi-r> she underwent a major operation. MKS. LYLK PKXrtuD of Delano sjient a \\'r-e!\ in Pasadena, re- lently. \i.siiiiiL,' \\jth relatives and t riends. HAP.IIV SI<;s\Voi:TI[ of Arroyo Grande was a recent business visitor in Lost Hills. FOR COLD STUFFED NOSES 12 drops in each nostril I open clogged nose, you I breathe freer. Caution: I Use only as directed. IPENETRO NOSE DROPS CALIFORNIA 6A FAVORITE Number one topcoat favorite in California is gabardine. Smooth ... comfortable... versatile. Warm for chilly evenings, shower proof for rainy days. Harry Coffee tailoring smartness and quality refinements distinguish all our gabardine ... $45.00 and $50.00 BARRY C FRESNO AND BAKE

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