The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 3
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1 '- -'HC '. THE BAkERSPlELD CALIFORNIA^, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1836 Guests at Wedding of Couple in Shatter Church sept. 24.—Before 800 j M guests, Miss Viola Toews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.:J. D. Toews of Hermosa, was married to Ray Oblander of Shatter in the German Advent Church lout night. Elder P. J. Qaede of the church delivered tho wedding sermon. Edith Franzke presented jpolo numbers accompanied by Virginia Hare, Following: tho ceremony the bride and groom and their guests went to tho "Wednesday Afternoon clubhouse where they attended a reception banquet. Tho bride, at U rod in white silk and satin, was given away during tho Impressive church ceremony by her brother-in-law, Roy King. The bride carried an armful of pink roses and white stock. These colors and that of somo small bluo flowers were carried out in the decorations throughout tho church. Pete- Laub a,nd Lloyd Mercer acted aa best men while Mildred Oblander served aa bridesmaid. Llllcna. anrt Beverly King were flower girls. The foregoing and following group sat at the bride and groom's table at the clubhouse during the reception: Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Toews; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Oblander, the groom's parents; Mr. and Mrs. Leland Oar- gatz, the groom's sister and brother- in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Roy King, the bride's sister and brother-in-law; Edward TOOWB, Jolan Toews and Dorothy Toews, brothers and sister of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dlrksen and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence served tho. table, Miss Molly Herman of Wasco arranged tho flowers both In tho church and in tho reception hall. Opal Barhart, Virginia Helnee, Emma Isaac, Laureno Ratzlaff, Mil dred Buller, Helen .Meyer, Georgia Leo Oblander, Vclda Wall, Ester Ratzlatf, Evelyn Wyn,» Mlldrec 1 Heinz, Dorothy Vpth, Ella Ralzlatf and Veana Toows/ +4 * . BOMB INSTRUCTOR KKKS HONOLULU, Sept. 24. (U. P.>— Captain Dewey Mookinl was show- Ing a class of police recruits-how to handle tear gas bombs. Captain Mookinl dropped the bomb. The class was dismissed. Listen In . "California's Hour" KMJ • KERN Monday, 9-10 p, m, Flavor-Famed Meats GRAIN-FED BBANDED BEEF ROAST GENUINE 1936 SPRING SHOULDE LAMB ROAST Ib. 15c FANCY MILK-FED SHOULDER VEAL ROAST Ib. 17c Ib.ISc each 19c Wasco Girl Guest of Hortor at Fete WASCO, Sept. 24.—Tho homo of Mrs. Alvln Raven was tho aceno of a lovely party recently when friends of Miss Edith Nerltng gave her a shower of gifts In honor of »er approaching hiarrlago to Robert Stlern of Bakersfleld. Assisting lostessea woro Mesdtinies AVilllam sCroeach and Fred Tuebncr of Shatter. The evening was spent in playing games and In watching the honored guest open the gift packages, which were presented In a daintily decorated basket. The decorations were green and white and gifts wore hid den in a mass of water lilies. Serving of refreshments closed a Joyful evening. Tho guest list Included Misses Betty Campbell, Audrtt Wlnn, The!ma Prather, Elizabeth Qrotncr, Doris Qromer, Edna Kraft, Violet Millie- sledt, Viola Wedel. Evelyn Wedel. Mildred Ehrhorn, Hannah Ehrhorn, Jessie Owlnn, Margaret AVIebe, Rhoda Funk, Margaret Funk, Win nle Humphry, Miriam Raven, Char lene Tuebnor, Nonna Rosknm, Mar Jorlo Ellemvood, Thora Uoskam Betty Dolan, Lolu Roskam, QUidys Roskam and Mesdamcs I31lztibeth Heess, Walter Stlorn (Bakersfleld) Julius Nerling, Dan Marshall (Ana ! helm), and Robert Stlern (Bakers field). Miss Nerling has not as yet so a definite date for the wedding. Many Improvements Made at Antelope High School EASTERN GRAIN-FED- SHOULDER PORK ROAST gS=;a FANCY EASTERN '/ r LB. PKQ. SLICED BACON EASTERN SUGAR-CURED RAPflN Half or DfiVUPi Whole Ib. FRESH LEAN GROUND BEEF Ib. 15c ARMOUR'S WHITE CLOUD BULK SHORTENING Ib. lOc STRICTLY FRESH NORTHERN FILLET BLACK COD Ib. ISc FRESH , SALMON, Half or Whole Ib. 19c Ask Your A & P Manager About BAFFIN'S Highest Priced Corned Beef GROCERY SPECIALS 39c BUTTER 2nd Quality SNOWFLAKE CRACKERS 2 N -ibf bo°x 27C FLOUR %% lb .. 69C CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP 2 for ISC WHITE HOUSE EVAP. MILK EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE Blftft DEL MONTE—TIPS ASPARAGUS DEL MONTE PUMPKIN Tall TT r Can 'C 17C No. 1 •q. can No. 2</, can 9c DEL MONTE PEAS EARLY GARDEN SWIFT'S JEWEL SALAD OIL b'o'tfe 17c QHIRARDELLI'6 MU-MALT Va'n SPERRY'S WHEAT HEARTS *£ MENA8HA NAPKINS Colored tffc 5C 3 b c u .r25c DEL MONTE CATSUP TOMATO DEL MONTE FRUITS DEL MONTE CORN KERNEL 12c .1f 12C DEL MONTE— SOLID PACK TOMATOES 2 "^ 25c HEINZ SOUPS ASSORTED 2 cane 1-lb. pkg. 9c CLEANSER SUNBRITE COMET WHITE RICE DURKEE'S TROCO M»r fl «rlni ZEE—Ivory White, Oreen, Orchid TISSUE TOILET 2 rou* 9c KEN-L-RATION DOG FOOD 3 c.' nh . 25c "KILLS QUICKER" ANTROLuTc P F O^ SUNM AID—SEEDLESS RAISINS ftS BEN-HUR MUSTARD 6 i.°; 9c RAJAH-SALAD DRESSING Lib. m« can IOC HERSHEY'S SYRUP SUNSWEET - ' • _ _. PRUNES Tendered• J^.SC TOiMATloES 3 N e°inT l 25c TENDER , . SWEET PEAS N c°. n2 10c CRUSHED SWEET CORN ^ 9c ANN PAGE—PORK 4. ' BEANS 3 c.'n b . 17c IAKED BEANS Nc , n1 ioc IRIS—VACUUM PACK COFFEES FREE! 1 School Tobltt with Purchase of 4 rolls "Cottonsoft" •" Toilet Ti»»ue rnlEKi • *«nv«l iwwtvi wivn ru SEMINOLE effective FRI., SAY, & MOH., SEMEMIIX as, z< 6 21. (We Rewrve The Rloht To Limit Quantities.) 4&P Food Store "I kept on losing weight ... what did I do?" (SpeeM to Ttt« CttHfortiton) regain lost weight is a simple matter when certain bodily functions are restored to normal. Of forc- nost Importance is the stimulation of digestive juices In the stomachtotnakc )eltcr use of the food you cat.. .and restoration of lowered red-blood-cclls .o turn the digested food into firm flesh. S.S.S. Tonic docs just this. Forget about underweight worries f you arc deficient in stomach digcs- .Ive juices and rcd-hlood-cclls.. .just .ake S.S.S. Tonic immediately before ;ach meal. Shortly you will be de- Ightcd with the way you will feel... rour friends will compliment you on .he way you will look. S.S.S.Tonic Is espcclallydeslgned to julld sturdy health...its remarkable value is time tried and- scientifically proven.. .that's why It mokes you feel like yourself again. Available at any drugstore. ©s.s.s.Co. ojAVE. Sept. 24.—Many improve- i ••'•*• ments have been made at the Antelope Valley Joint Union High School during the summer months. A now sun dial, a gift of the graduating class of 1935 has been placed front of the science building. New shrubbery has been planted and new sidewalks laid. Tho room formerly occupied by tho wood shop has been remodeled and converted Into a convenient and modern physics room. Classrooms have Ueen built In the building formerly used as tho girl's dormitory, and on tho extreme north end of the campus Is the now domestic sol- enco building. The grounds have been leveled and a sprinkling system Installed. Tho Antelope Valley Joint Union High School district Is tho largest In area In the United States and twelve busses serve the. students residing In tho rural districts. Three of these busses were purchased this year. The districts served by bus .transportation arc: Mojavo, Rosamond, ' Rogers, Gorman, Lake Hughes, Mint canyon, Soledad, Little Rock, \Vil- sona, HI Vista, Borax mines, Redman and Roosevelt. The Interior of the central build- Ing has been remodeled and a textbook department and reading room arc adjacent to the library. At tho present time there are 6004 books In circulation In the library Including reference, fiction and nonflctlon books. Mrs. Elizabeth Utt Lorboer, who for tho past eight years has been the Hcliool librarian, \s again In charge. Approximately 28,791 people attended the various sports held on tho recreational grounds of tho Bchool during the summer months. Tho sports enjoyed were baseball, tennis, swimming and dancing. At the presnt time there are 750 students. CO of them are attending the Itandnburg High School branch The fiiculty consists of 29 advisers, five of whom wore added to tho staff this term. The new members of tho staff are: Mrs. A'lolct V. Cobden. a graduate of tho University of Southern California, will teach mathematics. Miss Ellen Anne Cabell, a new Instructress In art and English, Is a graduate of U. C. L. A. Austin V. Menr.les, Instructor of public speaking and newspaper English. IB a graduate of U. C. L. A. with A. B. mid M. A. degrees. Fredrick J. Booker, teacher of physical education and agriculture, was born In Kynoks, England, and came -to America In 1019 Mr. Booker also attended the University of Southern California, .where he obtained hl« A. B. degree. Phillip Wilson, u for- mer resident of Long Beach and a graduate of U. 8. C., is now teaching physics at A. V. Roy A. Knapp Is tho district superintendent. Forty-two students have entered the Antelope Valley Junior College which offers a choice of two general courses for bnrollees. The first is a certificate course which pro pares students for admittance to a college or university with a junior classification. This course Is similar to the high school preparatory cource and Includes all college preparatory subjects, Tho other con rue course Is for business training. J. C. Roach IB dean of the.rollego. Leslie Still Named Judge by Merriam ttJnittd Prni Leaned Wire) SACRAMENTO. Sept. 24.—Governor Frank F, Merriam today appointed Leslie Still, Liong Beach nt- lorney, to tho Los Angeles Superior Court bench to succeed Judge Lester M. Roth, resigned. Tho governor also saW the resignation of Judge Uoth. who will return to private practice, would bo "a distinct loss to the bench." lie praised the ability of Still, rORKBU IS .TAILED STKUBKNV1LL13. Ohio, Sept. 24. (U. P.)—When a 540-pound pig toppled from a livestock truck, Sergeant Mnt Phillips!, Jailer, WUH forced to place th« porker in a cell j until It wns claimed. Weed Patch Grange to Meet Tomorrow WEED PATCH, Sept. 24.—Plans for the construction of a grange hall In this district will bo discussed at a mooting of the Weed Patch Orange to be held hero In the Vlneland School at 8 o'clock tomorrow morn- Ing. Plans will also bo discussed concerning the grange booster program to be Inaugurated soon. • •««•' SOVIET BUYS BRITISH IAMBS LONDON. Sept. 24. (U. P.V—Virt- ually all the pedigree Lincoln long- wool rains In Lincolnshire lire being purchased by the Soviet government, the National Farmers' Unlqn reports. Itnosln l« belne restocked with sheep, and Lincoln xln>ep have been chosen because of their heavy wood whleh \vlthctands the cold. Epworth League } Holds Elections WASCO, Sept. 24.—On Sunday ev»» ' ning in the annex of the Methodist. Episcopal Church, the Epworth*" League elected the following of fleers, J for the year: Miss Mary Benedict, president; Miss Luclla Elmea, seer*- tary; Bcrnlce Ellis, treasurer; Mlsa Freda Ellis, first vice president; Mlsa Beverly English, second vice preai- dont; Kenneth Little, third vice president; Wendell Schaeffer, fourth vice president; senior advisors, Miss Leota Buckingham and Gill Wright. On Thursday afternoon, the cabinet consisting ot officers who served last year, held a meeting at the parsonage to transact business. Miss Luella- Elmes, presided. Party Enjoyed at Buttonwillow Home BUTTONWILLOW, Sept. 24.—A party was given In honor of tho eighth birthday ot Rodney Bunker, sou of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Bunker, at their homo Monday afternoon. Games wore enjoyed and refreshments were served to Tommy Three- wilt. George. Freeborn, Donald Bright, David and Malcolm Crawford, Harold find Diaries Ralney, Hit-hard Murphy and Hruro Brlnkcr. 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