The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER Pemiscol Fair To Open Oct. 4 Horse Race Program i Will Be Attraction • At Caruthersville CARUTUERSVILLE, Mo., Sept. H —The eleventh annual American Legion Pair will be held In Caruthersville nt Legion Fairgrounds Park October 4 llirougti 6, it was announced today by Harry E. M ; I|- loure. secretary of Hie Fair board. The grounds will open Wednesday October 4. wllh free day arimis- sipn lo the grounds, so Hint all may participate In the new rides, shows and games tlial will be featured lUlractlom on Hie midway. The running horse races start Thursday afternoon, Oct. s, with a number of fust races lo be booked Hint day. One of the features on this dale will be the "Governor's Derby" in honor of the vlsltine governors of this and surrounding Governor Forrest c. Council has been given a special invitation bv the Fair board to be present this day, and act as host to governors of surrounding stales. Governors will be Invited from Arkansas Ms sisslpiji, Tennessee. Kentucky', Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas Ncbrntlri nnd Town. AtoiasKa Friday, Oct. C, h,, s |, 0(?n a j hated as "Children's Day" when special features and aUrnclions' including acts on the grandstand platform, will be designed lo appeal lo Ihe school children of Pemlscot County. H ls . expected that those- schools now in session will dismiss, at east for the afternoon, and several thousand school children are expected lo be prescnl for the spec- mi "Children's Day." Saturday, Oct. 7, will be "Digni- laries Day." with United States benalor Harry S. Truman." and -niocralie vice-presidential nomi BLVTHEVILLR (ARK.) COUKIEK NWS Even Ten-Year-0ld Nazi In Army ' Amon the prisoners taken at Antwerp was this or prun*. *» EPSON IN WASHINGTON A Rubber Program Checkup p/r^ , , , **" 11 n,ii nuuii- ,,,ee, to lieiul the delegation of county, district, stale and national dig- inlanes wlio have boen Invited lo •War al the Legion Fair on this Sunday, Oct. 8. the closing day of the Fair, will be "Visitor's Day" wllh a enliixy of running ,-nces to I.e booked especially for the after- providing oiil-of-tov/ _„, , • " *> «"w-«i-Lovr-n and out-of-stnte visitors a Ihriliing afternoon of fast, exciting races vis- liors Day in the past has proven lopulni- to residents of a wide area the crowds usually numberin° into several thousand spectators George Gray of Vienna, ill mas ter fair man, has been engaged In «ct as general manager of the fail °" vel .,I] as bce !' t)us i'. fur the past Tor the fair. He reported lo Sccrelary Malloiire this week that approximately 80 to 100 racing horses would be present when the running races opened nnd I 1 " 1 , ''\ ls ., 1 '? ai ':. sta '- s of the tui-f K_Y I'KTHR EDSON Courier News \Vuslilngtun Correspondent Here on the home front, this is he slaye of the war when you can begin to laugh at a lot of somewhat needless frenzy that people worked themselves into, worrying about crisis that never quite developed. Yon can appreciate this now as you read about the ne»' presidential directive which abolishes the office of rubber director. In il-i place will be stuff a Rubber Bureau in WPB. with all | C. As back nomy has been able to keep roll- IK because of tire and gas conservation— and because synthetic rubber was -better mid Us production further along than the Bnru?h report eolild foresee. 5. 1 he nnrneli report, recommended expansion of the production of Ihiokol to 00,000 tons a year, for use in retreads. This entire pro- tram has been dropped— after making 750 tons in 1943— because the not needed. mission whs > , ' s '•"oniHie.i.e.ti mission whs ami research hnnded, sent La Moscow to learn how the t , w o earn o Secretary of Commerce Russians made synthetic,, rubber, but it learned little not. .ilrendv known. , MORE HUTADIHN'E KECOMMENDlil) 7. Production of nn additional Jesse Jones's Rubber Reserve Company. Remember all the excitement about this rubber director Job two vZn T ? '/ ™ S S r, CPt ' , 10 ' l942 ,' '•"—" °' an acm.lionni v.hen the famous Baruch report irjO.GOfl tons of butadiene a vcnr was j c out predicting ^ a national recommendecl, and the' rubber di- rnrtnh 5 ' '" °'r •' colla|)SC lmlKB fcctor .iniUiorfucfl 12 additional re- certain corrective .measures were finery conversion projects with a ? kc " at """l Thereupon William total capacity of HO.OOClions a yen? nihi r r s m , WC1S nai »«> L ^«r. be canceled eight of them lUOOel dll-ffini- nnrl Mio nir v,n.,n., - ,, , _-- . and the to turn blue. Big Bill quarreled \\-ith . , of 105,000 „,,. 'causp they were not needed everyone] 8. Construction of facilities a year, saying his job "was , e urf . He turned H over to Col would mclude big-track headlincrs. ' 3 ™«lcy Dewey, who in less than a » XT- • tvL-iyuiK: o. ivoiiscruction of facilities to —Aiiny, Navy, Congress. OWI's El-|pro<!tice an ndditioiml HOOOU Ions lller Dnvis. tint prsprrnlni-,, of Knni Q .-HKI^^ ..... , ut win t ui ouna-b lUDuer was rccommeiul- e'd. This was not curried out be- nftcr - Patterson. Jcffers resigned " Mi._ M0lll lllln to provide the "free nets oil' ti'io-'b^abolished.' grandstand platform, and among t! e ~ " newer 'acts she has booked for tlID Iive-oay fair is a performing elo- f phiint. act. This will prove especially tfjHwJar and amusing lo the 'cliil- Fcatured on (he midway W lll be 'Sutton's Oi-ealer Shows,'"' one of the largest truck-transported c.inii- vals in Ihe nation today. Sutton's reports that many modernistic rides iiml shows have been added for the midway attractions, with several designed to be of special interest lo the children. Tlie Legion Fair board, which is in .charge of arrangements for this annual event, is composed of (lie following officers: James T Ahern president; Jack Dowdy, vice-presi-' dent; Harry E. Mnllonre, secretary R. C. MulHniks, Irensurer- nnd di- reclors James T. Ahern, R. c Mul- hnlks, Jnmcs M. Reeves, Ralph Hul- chfson, Jack Dowdy and Harry E Malluurc. Local Marine Awarded Order Of Purple Heart IN TIIE PACIFIC (Delayed)—Marine Pfc. Mrs. W. B. Ray O 'f BlyllJeville? Art'' has been awarded the Pm-pie Heart for wounds received in the invasion of Saipan -.(anceri ra ™> « an «..•«need base where he was take., to lecuperate from his wound tll!lt llis IIKKE'S HOW THE REPORT WOI1KKU OUT By way of a checkup, here are a number of the leconime.ndntimis .of the Baruch committee, the actions of government agencies in carrying out these, recommendations and Mint actually happened. 1. The Baruch report called for no speeds over 35 miles an hour. Thi has been maintained for passengc cms, but has been relaxed for Iruck carrying priority cargoes. 2. Recommended nalional rratric lions on mileage and gas ralionlin were impaseri on n 5000 miles pe car, per year basis.' They were fur tncr cut in Ihe east, because of a gasoline shortage. 3. Compulsory periodic spcction tire in was instituted, but wa , wa abandoned in 1944 because it was found unnecessary and a nuisance 4. Recommended release of ' rubber to civilian., for Ve,, " re:apping to maintain essential civilian driving, has been possible to a degree, but the bottleneck is n snortage of manpower. These variances between program ccommendations and Ilieir eJccu- tion do not mean that the Baruch report wns wrong in principle The geared to rubber" national' cco cause plants previously authorized were found able to produce at over 120 per cent capacity. 9. Making of 30,000 additional tons of biina-S from grain was recommended, but never ordered b v the rubber director.' 10. Increase of ncoprcne proc-i,',- tion capacity by 20,000' tons a' year was recommended . The rubber director ordered tills In November, 1!)42. canceled In February, 11)43. reordered it April, 13J4.: • in short says the Rubber Kc- servc report: "Thi! present .synthetic rubber program Is basically the -same as (hat which had iilrim- dy been put Into effect prior to the date the Rubber Survey Com- miUeo .was appointed, the on'^ changes being the addition o'f the four rcinnlii.'iig refinery conversion projects, reduction of butyl rubber productive. Capacity, the Increase of ncoprcne capacity. Ace Is Satisfied GALVESTON, 'Ic.x, (UP) — Maj. Robert (Thunderbolt) Johnson, th who shot down , 21 German Plane.'; in 14 months of combiit service, is studying gunnery at the army airfield, here. Voicing the •ienlimenls of most men who have been across, Johnson says lie Is satisfied with his record and docs not want to (;o hack. "1 wanted to, do Just what rdld nnd come home," he says. LOOKING AHEAD w <HO.«of i UNION TAX I.KAKK • of liiislmws trends for • years before fcarl ihirbur >|-«lk'lltin n biilJdiiiB boom to liragrcss nboiil now. They ,.„...-v r V m , 1 OIK ' ""'"'Hi <>( Amer- iiii. iKnniliillon. im unusimll., uuye *"'"•" wmild lent-U an line to br I between ISHO ,i] H | jrm; (l ---. reasonable enough (o guess !!!,i i'", V '' J) ',''"'"""" f< "' '"'«• Humes would doveluji ijiiiie nntur'ilty World wm- N U . •> Kim thls . f(1R ,. <»M n .vibnrk but did mil ,.|,UH B ,. he fticls much. A r.rord-breaklni; n bcr oi new families ure belim » ,i TV w " hollt " l>w lll »' s « s "HI (he lookcd-for building boom "• urowlng while H w ,,ll.s "When r ends nmi restrictions m-,, «.. »>oved from lumber and hardware" biB 'hum'" ' S " y ' " I '"° k "'" '<"' '" lo ilve." ' " ' Hulld (iiinil Homes A home is a valuable Ihlmr wm-lli oivnltiB: every new one Inings l"sl- "is benefit to n community' If Ua> ><>iise -Is worth ivhal ft coils, Dill nouses Unit m-c not of .sound rnii- slruclion me pnWlc llnbllldcs The owner of u gtimi house in i, rood communily pays [nsi's on his prop- Hy wlllintiij. but an ubandoni'd louse yields no taxes ami lowers Me value of every oth,.,- house foi blocks around. MOM, residences tire built before uii'y are sol.l ami arc boutilil with uoi rowed cajiltnl. Hie i, )onO y ,,,,„)- f-r holdliH! 11 mort B a B c. There wus a lluie when n iiioil[;iiBi' wus imnilc yrolccllon because land yuined viihu- nsler than houses lost II. but not "Hely. Houses cost five to [en times "" niucli as lots and, buck in IMC Yvvr Flavor-FlILl "vitamin rich FALL PLANING SEEDS WINTER WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, RYE and HAIRY VETCH. Rccleancd. Purify and Germination. Blythevilie Soybean Corp. , J W! ( ij - ** IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Acno jiimrlM. cczcnrn, factorj' <Icrma- lllia,Elmj)lcrinj.n-orm, loiter, salcrlioum, Lumps, (blackjiomU), and ugly broken- out skin. Milhona relieve itching, burning nnd soiencss of these miseries with fimjilc Lome treatment. Goes to work nt once. Auls healing works Die, nnliscplic <viw._ Use Bl:,ck nnd \\ lute Ointment only nsdirecteil. Ilk-, «c. 50u sizes. 25 ware' Buorcss. Afoniy-liiick Birarun(cc. Vital in cIcaiimiiK is Kourl «,a,i. Enjoy fn- tnoua Uliu-k and White Slaii Soap dally. nve Tines /AJ THE LAST HOUR PRACTICE HAl/£ HAD TO FEINBERG'S- t!ie jKii'ermm'iit 'hcBnii ..„„„„» moi I aiigiw (o keep buMiuvis nellvc, <.'ns(s Vim und Me Tin; d«pri'sslon-born Uien still tvi's, The bunker ciirrli-s Hie house-buyer and -|he .nallonnl irensiiry carries the bnultcr, but wlin cui'iles the '1'rc'iisuiy? AiiwiT- tin! inxpiiycr i[ Mr. Buyer's DMV houst! Is a "Jerry" he abandons u Hie bunker hikes It over mid Hie livasiiry pays off but th,. .puver o'f federal (uses Is stuck. He iius a Mmiicliil interest in every govcvu- meni-ilnanciHl liomp, . t I.oiml taxes arn Involved mn mure. JJullilluu h,,!,,., „ twvn , deed l.,ich new home In a 1!OC|1 . tilidlvlslon means n-ncw man to Help ; |.ii.v the cost of runnlny n,,. <•»)'. "Immdeiis the inx baw." llin viu-uiil houses pay no (axes. Thpv "ill- raise the rnlci on oilier II|,|,T homes In in-jve substanilnl pans () f iwvii, sucli leaks of revi'iuie oiitlii 1« Mop. will, every economy, lux' os will be liltthf.,. nfter this svar llniil ever before. liuildliis booms ,,if(, t .( O veryliodv. iniMnpss Improves when (hey stmi l>i<>«|ii.'i-.s while they |ii., t nt id ««,.« ..--•-jfcm Slip imo-your Ablimoor coit and ch pounds dissolve into the soli ttntving lines of youlh! I, »clever v.-!)- of tapering your figure 'and turning jou out smoothly! f n joy the casual comloil of ihii Clici- tcrficld slimsicr or the easy giace of this (iucil Abbmoor fashionable. Irfmmcd «-itli I'enian l.amb. IJoth ate ctaftcj of i famous all wool fabric . .. and.lineo' with uiltous Satin clc Sylvi. Siiei i" 4V.J.Colors: Bljck, lU.Fi Blue, Cofftc Utot^n. 24.50 to 59.95 Feinberg's Fashion Shop Bl.l... V BlyHievilfe Phone 2221 Cape Girardeau • Mo n lull when Ihey jilop, Hut a Mom Viin be a coiuHcrMt. Loans ought lo be easy on wcll-bultl noMses and impossible on jioor ones. When government "underwrites u shoddy slmck It to making taxpayers {jimrimk'O <i sweet profit lo any dishonest builder who cnn fool n banker. 1 It'has been, done. At ti very small additional cost miy lionuruMi. builder cnn give ns- Hirniicc of u quality stiircliire lo HI* customers, ( 0 their bunkers nnd certlflcat ' " lo W e "Trcpsury, with of ."tructiir*!,, rgt|ng' cf. MtnWIshed ^i «|t e ^ have power to cii/orce fanteid,,* Jj «* India s uopulatloi?- figures have* shown an Increase, of >lo>per cent In 10 ytiis. her tola! '• '"^'•- J now 3 GO 000,100 ,"•' prces. H U D SO N Cleanor—Tailor—Clorhlw Fresh Produce Daily! CELERY s RUTABAGAS ,„. SQUASH CABBAGE CARROTS 18' I'uuml I'oinul RADISHES GREEN ONIONS „„„„ Hunc'h ' Large SWEET POTATOES , . '•'- CiiliWriiiii |,h. PURE LARD Itcsl Grade 72' PORK SAUSAGE ^ 30 OYSTERS .nrisr,-,, 78 C Kwifl's I'rciniitni OC^ lies! Aft' ;iik>. 1,1). O3 LEG 0' LAMB Red Brckerstaff and Glenn Alley In Our Meat Department - ' STEAK Loin or Short Cut I'omul 39" ti',' lA'iin and Mealy, [•!,. ;f^ 1 . '• '*:-^V7^ Tall Can Joan of Arc No. 2 Can No. 2 Can TUKNI)' Greens No. 2 Cun lOc Corn Style No. 2 Can 73c Spinach No. 2 Can 12c ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU VIC10R COFFEE /s Better! Pound Package. 3 Pounds 59c 5or Coffee Pleasure DRINK VICTOR lUQ] LIBERTY CASH STOKM Ot1£ POuwo HST _^* r "n Victor 1.22 Mea! • Victor "25 libs. FOLGER'S , Coftee I'ound I I i 1 I g- a

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