The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 2
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THE tJAKBUSPrBLO CALTFOttWAN, THUMPAY, MINING X FORMI TESTS Pelcrs nnd Banklinc Jobs In 1-Iuve Important Bcjiring on Future Development With tho intnntlrm of oxtcmlltiff Moiintnln V'lnw field Hllll fnrtlior NOiitholiHl, IloBiui I'clrnliMiiii Coin puny IH preparing two oiilpimts which will huvo nn Inipnrltint hourins: on fnlun development. Peters No. 2 In b«lnff rigged up at n location !>00 feet south and 330 west iif thr> northeast corner of section C, 31 2!), and IH Holierlulod to Hpntl Hut- iinlny. llnlf a mil* soutliPHHi, nn other derrick IB up for UnnUlliu 1 Nn. 2, west of lh« center of section •). In Mountain View proper the company IH putting Konler Community No. (i, Hftcttun :i2. 30-2I». through produellon leniH wlilfli are yielding oil mixed wllh water, Iridl- oillilB Cdflff! condition*. Cli Hie Wharlon l"n«e In (he north port of the Bimie Hpctlon the irrew IH drill llIK No. 7 ul 'IHHI f';el. NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED Uovlrti, II. IT. lle.ll iitiil I/oulB Dop- y<MT»r--A«HlRnmir>nl Intercut. In oK leami on northwest, tnmrlnr cif nnrthwwt nimrter Heetlon 0, II-B3; noutheiuU mi»rl«r of KonthfiiHl tii»trlr.r, (i, l t-2:l ; iiortliwem i|iin.rt«r of Mint rpuirter, «outh half "f no <iimrt»r of »f in then HI riiiiu-tor. 5 B.<:r«» In ttortliweot corner of noirtheiiHt nn".''" ter of noutheiiHt quiirlei- mid ti R«n>H In noiitliwiwl corner xeetUui U, M-i3; NrnillieuNt iiiiiirter of norl.hviiHl t|imr- trr. Herlliin II. 1 1 -21!. I,. II. IinjlK' 1 . KUiii'illiin f!»lnn> Dorm n ml l''iiv fmilRe, inliiiirH, In II. U. ('llller-.-t.MlNi' tinted Heptejnll«r 4, liKtfl iine-idKhth niynlly, il-yar etrlll- INK eliniNi'. HiiiKh hnlf <if wi-Ht hnlf In) Ui. »•••.•( Ion 17, 30-2». „„ , . . H. A llnrih. .Tr., to Tim Petrol roiniiiiny Aiwllfiinnnt f> 1'er emit. rovnli.v In Mi>rlb'-fi(il <ni«rt«r of nortn- iiiiHi t'lntirter nf HOiillieiiHt. i| or spi-diin 32, M-20. llnnn'i- VV. Wood, I'loreiifti I',. Briiwn 1'itiil. ciinrlnH M. t.:lyde, <>.. Tlieliiiii 10., l.mrolhy f). imd follello ff Wooil, MM h'lrw fir d«vlM««n of John A' Wood, flm. l *iiii''il, «tul I-. 'I. Helm, HKIIT thftt ««/.'ond unrly IIIIN note rlRliln to prtidnr^ nil from Wfi.1 Ml 1-.I n nl Hinitli 10(1 " .'! "'Ten of nnrlh I I! HCfeH (if I'HHl III! If l"f H«<:tl'lll W Illnenn-r «t n* lo Olil" OH ipmir — l,enn« rlnturt Heplj-rnlier III, , tine-*t.tlh royiilty, two-ynar drlll- elniiHe, MHilh Imlf "f nni'lliw CM! <liiiirter of northwest quarter and north half of HoiitltweHt. c|iiart«r of north- w«nt ttnarter Mttctlon H9, 30-29. n. J, (irfbhon el nx to Ctonornl Petroleum Corporation of California/— IMAKH dated AugDflt 2(1, 1020, ono- elRhlh royalty, threo-y«ar drilling cluiisfl, HoulhwnRt quarter of northwest qiinrler Hnfltlon 3(1, .'10-27, riuitnv Tlaeh et tix to Hall-Baker Company— I«MI«« datod July 1, 1038, orio-e.lghth royally, five-year arllllnn i-liiumi, wont, hnlf of riorthwcfd. f|unr- Icr of HiiiithenHl qilnrtcr Hccllon Vi, 20-24, nrnl Houlh hnlf of north«aHl of iinrLheaBt i|inirlor Hnctlon 7, il«.ri> L'lII ('. ' WUM,IN(J DKLAYKD IfrllllnK IIILH not stnrtcd at J'luto Holding Cotniiriy'fi wildcat No. 'i eiiHt of Itmirul Mountain flold, seo- tliin 17. ;!H-i'(), ntul the durrlck IH Mtlll nlundlfiK without. ImlnK rigged up. The eompnny drilled No, 1 to MOO fool nnd almndoned It saVoral yniirn ago In this oppowlto cornor of Ihn IOUHU. »V INHKCT VICTOIUA, Knn., Hopt. M. (U. P.) A wriiKHhopper flylntf Into her oyn pi'i'tniinenlly hllndml Mrx. Anna M. .lay, fiirui woman. Standard Drilling Near Shell Stri Nearest well over ilrlllod to Old River Is HUndard Oil Company's now KCb 9-1, thrni! and a half miles west and north of the Taft highway on section 20, 30-28. This Is shooting for the deep oil discovered by ShfeH Company In Ten Section field two and one-half miles farther wast, and Its outcome will reputedly havn a groat Influence on the possibilities of oil at Old Hlver. Htandard's crow already has advanced to 1000 foot and cemented 13%-lnch surface pipe. ,— « « ». Oil Compact States to Meet in October OKIjAMOMA CITY, Hept. 24. (A. P.)—Governor Murland today sent official notlccH of a meeting of oil compact states In Oklahoma City, October 2, to govnrnOrB of mmnbor states and to the heads of 14 other Oil producing stated. Marland MB Id purpose of the compact was ddopllo.i of uniform laws regulating the production and mar kctlng of oil and ri.tte.mptH will bo rnado at the meeting tb fowler I«K!R lutlon In other states which will allow them to join the compact. pi'»-»V^ 4 . { *. *- • .-.«( * 4,.t-iv U .: -' -' f^^'-m^'^-'^] ^^*Vi$3W*< .W 1 * ,ii*^^Ml»M ; «> W double breasted Cnglisk LOUNGE SUIT ... is .-Fall's 13 ig fashion Ylews Tlie new English lounge is an important and permanent contribution to modern clothing design. It is a suit which feels marvelously"right"the moment you slip into it. The deep fullness in the chest, the rich roll of the lapels, the soft"break"at the waistline, all combine to produce a marvelous sensation of relaxed, natural ease. Cleverly, this new model conceals your imperfections.. .magically,it enhances your good points. Don't take our word for it. Try it on yourself and see. 29. 50 /A' FINE, LONDON MELLOWED WORSTEDS H A R R V C 0 F F E E F R E S N 0 * BAKERSFIELD IS HALTED Honolulu Finishes 3 to Suspend Drilling There for Present Consurnallng Its drilling campaign at Hound Mountain field for tho present by completing three more good wells, tho Honolulu Oil Corporation will roBt on Us laurela there while tho drilling crow and equipment are working In south Premier field. Outputs of tho three Round Mountain wells were not attained with maximum pumping Htroke and 4-Inch tub- Ing, and therefore do not represent the true capacities of the wnlln, but approximately one-halt or one-third of what they could do If pushed to tho limit. Well No. J In an undrlllcd part of a Inano which comprises ull of section IH, 28-20, Is pumping 225 barrels daily of 17.1 gravity oil from 1020-1054 feet, with two nnd ono- half Inch tubing imd 40-Inch ntrolio going lit slrnUim per minute. This In tho northwest quarter which Is an Important outpost completion opens up u largo portion of tho properly to future drilling. In tho southwest quarter of the same section, No. 37 has been completed yielding heavier oil as It lieu down the dip and on the odgo ot tho field. Uoplh l» 2275 feet and (!%• Inch caning la cemented at 2248. A. "%-lnch pump tit 16 strokes per mln- ulo In making 127 barrels of 14 grav- lly crude oil dally and flO barrels of waler. Houlh of this on section 20, well No. 12 IH producing 4U2 barrels dally of 17.U Bravlly oil from tho Veddcr Band at 1S40-10BO foot wllh a 40-Inch Hlroko of a 3-Inch pump traveling at 40 strokes per minute. C. K. Molt Is Htiporlnlondent of the company, and J. 71. McMaator is pe.- Iroleum engineer. .». » Universal Suspends Lost Hills Wildcat Falling to strike a productive horizon In drilling to MOD foci, Universal CoiiHolldated Oil Company linn HUB- pended 71elm No. 1, mi outpost half a mllo OHHl of Iho middle porllon of I.OHI MIllH flold, section 20, 20-21. A Hiring of wildcats ban beon drilled along a lino paralleling boul UlllH nnllcllno on Iho valloy side, searching a Hoparuto accumulation in an overlap which is believed to exist there. Mont of them have struck oil but have not obtained commercial producllon. It Is thought that this surmlMfd structure muy tic up with the now field four nillos northwcul which recently VVOH discovered by Associated Oil Company. • » • » - OCHAN AIR TKAVKh RISKS WASI-MNdTON, Hopt. 24. (II P.) The bureau of custoinn. In an announcement, plucen alrplano pusscn- Ifer traffic from furelgn countries to tho United Ktules at 28j68B pas- uengora, 2.11 rnoro passengers than In l»:i(). 1'rlor to 10:!5, tlio bureau said, the largest number of pitRnen- gers arriving hpro from abroad totaled 20,007 In 1931. Kern River Girls Will Hold Dance •WTSLDON, Sept. 24.—On Saturday evening at the Woman's Club ball in Weldon. the CJIrl Beouls of the Kern Hlver area will give a barn dance tat a means of raising fund* to finance the activities ot their organi- sation.. Overalls and gingham will IKJ h order for the occasion and gentlemen will not be renulred to doff wldo- brimroad straws, and cowboy sombreros" .upon entering the ball. A largo.crowd Is expected to bo present as a number of people' from surrounding communities have made plans to- attend. A charge of 76'cents will bo made for the dance and the supper which IB to be nerved at It o'clock. Mrs. John Nlchol, Hcout leader, will be in charge of tho affair. IMAHHIAOK KISVISKSES NAME UAINITAM, England, Kept. 24. (U, 1.',)—Miss lUma Temmo retained her name after marrlnge—only re. versed. §he married 1-Iarry Bmniet. Attempts to Srio^ Bushel's for Hawaiian Islands (Untied Preit Leased Wire) tTO,NOfcULU, Sept. 24. —The American official invitation to Switzerland to have its fleet participate in the opening of th'c San Francinco exposition of 1015 has been equalled by an optimistic manufacturer in Springfield, III., who Is trying to find a market for snow plows in Hawaii. Roger J. Taylor, deputy United States customs collector in Honolulu, got the request recently. Shoving the electric fan to one side and gulping a glass of ice water, he opened the letter and read: "Huy the snow plow. The greatest plow on the market for speed, performance and durability." Hold Futierkl f 6r Slain Detond DB1UANO, Sept. 24.— B'uneral aorv- Ices were held here on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock fOf Sebastian Domingo, who died Sunday morriintf- In a Bakefsfleld hospltat from g'un- shot wounds, from 8t. Mary's Catholic Church, with Father Philip- Kennedy celebrating the mass. Interment was in the local cemetery. , •••.'He Is survived by a wife living In the Islands, two brothers living hero and a. jiepnew und cousin In this Coroner N.-.Z. Hoiize conducted SM, Inquest here on Tuesday afterrtoort " Which resulted In d verdict of death from gunshot wounds. The inquest wan held at the Delano Funeral Parlors, where the body was held pond- Ing the funeral. •> •» . — STREWS TACKS HIAWATHA, Sept. 24. (U. P.>— This town Is troubled by a new- type of public enemy. • Someone haa been scattering tacks on driveways here, Don't Sleep on Left Side, Crowds Heart GAS PRESSURE MAY CAUSE DISCOMFORT. RIGHT SIDE BEST. If you to., in b.d »nd oan't tle.p on rlfiht «lde, try Adl.rlk*. Juit ONE del. r.ll.v*. itomach QA8 pr.dlno •n h.urt 10 you il*«p loundly. Adlarlki «et. on BOTH upp.r And lower boweli and bring* out foul mntt.r you would n.v.t* w»» In your .y.t.m. Thl. old niitt.r may h.v. pol.on.d you lor month, and c.tued QA8. .our .tom»oh, headaeh* or ngrvousn.o. Dr. H. t. ShfUb, Nw York, rifortu "In nMlllon la Inlnllnal olMnilni, Adlirlka tr*«tly rldutti bfdtrl* fnd union /nrllll." Mrs. J... Flll.ri "Qa. on my atom* aoh wa. *o bad I could not eat or •loop. Ev.n my heart ieemed to hurt. The rlr.t doto of Adlerlka brouoht mo r.llef. Now I .at aa I wl.h, .le.p fine and n.v.r felt 1 ' Give your bowel, a REAL olean.lno with Adlerlka and ••.•how qood you feel. Jutt ONE do.» relieve. QA» and «on.tlpttlon> Hughe. Drug Store.—Adv. Largett peneral manufacture and repair plant In the San Joaquln Valley. HOPPER MACHINE WORKS, Inc. Office and Shop 2316 M Strut Phont 29 Supply Store Planing Tool* Tanks to Order Belting Jobbers of Acetylene and Oxygen Machine Work Forging, Foundry, Boiler Works Manufacturers of Portable Oil Wilt Hoists and Rotariis $25.00 Reward Will be paid by tho manufacturer ; for any Con* «BEAT CliniSTO- I'HER VOHITIVK Corn Cure «>nnnot tvmovA. Also remove* Warts nnd CuHoiiHeN. BAo at Stive-More Drue Sloni, Twentieth untl Clumsier uvrnuu.; SUN KONQ HERB CO. CON8UUTATION8 FREE Wonderful h«rb» for chronlo nud •vute «Um*nlM of t.h* kl(1n«y*. ilver. " liver, Momm'li trouble, cii>. Ksite- olnlly offwlivo tor nil kind* uf v»m«r<;ttl i!tm.'tt»<-H. jlerlm uffof 1m- mmtlHlo rtllof. S230'-K St., Corner of Twenty.third AM S AII IN 1 HPll i fttni. B ll > URt fEELSHOT TO PIECES ONIGHT-«ANK GOLDEN GLOW WILL BRING YOU AROUND--THfc WIFE HAS SOME ON ICE AT HOMB -C'MON YOU THINK THIS'LL DO THE TRICK?, \ YOUBET-THIS BEER'S GOT SOMETHING-PACKS A LOAD OF PEP-YOU'LL SEE SAY-THIS IS DARNED GOOD BEER! , \ YOU'RE TELLING ME\ THIS IS THE BEST-TASTING \ BEER PUt OUT V SURE THING ...IT WORKS GOLDEN GLOW BEER I — . . ; :; : ;|v?; f f • ::¥:¥:>^ for glowing jj energy m 0tfcar»to»»la»re|>ofttoa Otker itoet ta prtpertiMi BARNETT TIRE COMPANY Locally Owned and Managed 2130 Ch**t«r Avenu« Phon* $60

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