The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 10, 1971 · Page 27
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 27

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1971
Page 27
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Use Imagination and Save Money BUDGET BEDROOM — In this bedroom, unmatched blues and reds, plus lots of white, have been used to reinterpret the 'popular tricolor scheme. The bed is a red painted plywood platform with mattress and box springs and built-in headboard. Rows of hubcaps and coiled lights made of flexible conduit lend an imaginative touch. Apartment Residents Say Improvements Worth Cost By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures The do-it-yourself movement is bigger than ever, and apartment dwellers have joined the cult. The fact was evident recently when a business meet- Plan Your Workshop Carefully By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures Got a home workshop? Or planning one? Here are some tips that may help you: While the shape of the workshop often is determined by available space, choose an area that is square if you have a choice. A table saw is best placed in the center of the shop. A radial arm saw can be located along a wall. The workbench should be located where there is plenty of light and ventilation. Whenever possible, attach the bench to the floor or wall studs. If the top of the workbench is not made of hardwood or fir plywood, it should be covered with tempered hardboard, screwed to the wood at the four comers. Keep the most-used tools in the handiest place. Store Overhead Lumber is best stored overhead on some sort of supports hanging from the ceiling if possible and as close to the table or radial arm saw as is feasible. The more air that circulates around the wood, the less chance there is of warpage. The area where you will use finishing materials (varnish, shellac, etc.) should be away from the place where sawing, sanding and other dust-raising operations are performed. If you plan to use a sprayer very often, use a turntable arrangement on which to place the articles being sprayed. It then will not be necessary to touch the items once the spraying has been started. ing dissolved into a discussion of amateur work projects—how to cover walls, mitre corners, fix faucets, install bookshelves. "You can 't live like a dog because the landlord won't do anything for you" said a girl in explaining why she had invested money in an apartment she leases. Another young girl explained she had put more than $400 worth of improvements in her living room, and then she had moved to a more desirable apartment. You must figure improvement money as part of the rent was her opinion. She'll make improvements in her new apartment. Wallcovering Discussion The mention of wallcoverings began a lively discussion with various people expressing different points of view, and which at times resembled a Charlie Chaplin movie—men standing on chairs to show how to ease the covering on the wall, girls kneeling on the floor showing how difficult it was to work around baseboard heat ers. One girl argued the merits of pre-pasted papers, but a man insisted that only the paste-it-yourself kind can be manipulated easily—you can move it around until you are satisfied with its position. Another group argued the adhe sive problem of vinyls with a man holding out for wheat pas tes and a girl extolling the qualities of another adhesive. And there is a tiny roller, she advised, that helps you smooth corners of vinyl, only she didn't realize what it was for until she had finished the job. Is lumber too expensive to install on someone else's property? Not if it provides you with a good built-in bookcase, much more attractive than the temporary kind, the group agreed. "You must look at such proj- e c t s as decorating investments," one bachelor explained. "It doesn't cost anything to use your own labor, so why worry about a little material." Fears a Complaint One man has installed floor covering, wall covering and mirrors that he just won't be able to remove when he leaves his apartment. He hopes the landlord doesn't sec it for fears of a rent increase. Hiding behind this investment has educated him to other things—he has learned to fix his own pipes, faucets and so on, since he fears a complaint, will briny the landlord to his castle. A lady executive makes her own curtains and draperies and upholsters her own chairs, in addition to repairing gauged walls. She is considering making furniture when she finds some good patterns. "Most of us want to prove wc can honestly work with our hands," said one girl. But another girl thought that "subcon- sciusly, we arc preparing ourselves for survival in a dwindling workers market. We want to be sure we can live without the services of others," she said. A young man felt the do-it- yourself urge was a hangover j from the do-your-own thing youth bit. "We worried so about cleaning up the environment and so on . . . we want to do the best in our homes." Waiting Lists Ixmg Older people in this enthusiastic group could remember when it was virtually impossible to get professionals to work and the waiting lists were long—still true in some areas— and they believe people gave up depending on others and began working indoors as they work outdoors in their gardens. A newlywed said proudly her husband does a lot of the work in their apartment, and that lie never had held a hammer until they were married. Imagination costs less... Decorating a room in the conventional way is often more costly and less appealing than putting together touches of the unexpected to make personal decorating statements. This is the thinking of Emily Malino. design consultant. Best known for her imaginative use of color and her ability to turn drab into dramatic with minimum expense. Miss Malino says, "I don't believe you have to burst your handbag to make a real decorating turnout. In fact. I think it's harder 'o decorate with unlimited funds, because then you don't have the discinline of nutting your imagination to work. So- called 'budget apartments' usually have more decorating verve than posh Park Avenue penthouses." Both Approaches Bad On the matter of budgets the designer believes homemakers often make one of two m i stakes—either "budgeting" over a period of time to purchase only expensive items; or, the opposite, "budgeting" every furnishings element at the lowest possible price. Neither approach works, she says, since the first way really means your home is always in a state of transition, awaiting the next major purchase: and in the second there's almost never any flair when the home is finished . . . and, even worse, usually the merchandise is so shoddy that it doesn't last. "The wiser way to plan your decorating budget," advises Miss Malino, "is to put the bulk of it into a few good pieces to carry the main burden of visual simulation, then to 'splurge' on the expendables — those smaller, less expensive items you don't expect to last lifetime. And, of course, you should bring your imagination into play, using ingenuity, not dollars, to fill your home with personality." What Miss Malino is calling for is a reappraisal of the word "budget": Placing larger proDortions of the budget on furnishings or touches which are important for comfort, maintenance and visual appeal; making up fur these expenditures by decorat- ig innovations which arc not costly, many of which y o u can do yourself. For example, some people plan wall - to - wall carpeting as their final purchase, the "finishing touch" to a room or home. But, when you consider that carpeting is one of a room's chief sources of color and that, as Miss Malino says, "like a cosmetic, carpeting can establish a mood", plus the fact that it's easier to vacuum carpeting cthan waxing a floor and vacuuming a rug, then wall - to- wall carpeting becomes a decorating "bargain". Case in point: A living room which has a minimum of furnishings, a maximized effect. The HOMES FOR AMERICANS RUSTIC CHARM: This popular "ell" shaped house blends rustic wood shingles and brick in just the right proportions. It requires 1,679 square feet, plus the garage. There is a partial cellar with crawl space under the three bedrooms. Plan IIA693V was designed bv architect Herman II. York, 90-04 161st St., Jamaica, N.Y., 11432. I buy brands I know, and here's one I really like. You will, too! i: IF YOUR HOUSE IS F-R-E-E-Z-l-N-G COLD in the winter time Gontral Electric HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING Combination. The greatest houseful ofLcomfort you ever saw. Better Buy the Benefits of FEDDERS Heating and Air Conditioning For Free Estimate Call Harland Legg GENERAL Air Conditioning & Htatino. Co. 706 W. 2nd Phone MO 2-0141 Havt a warm winter and a refreshingly cool summer, too. ALL IN ONE PACKAGE — AMI ONE INSTALLATION. /1EMED A I A,R CONDITIONING \7EllERAL and HEATING CO. 706 W. 2nd MO 2-0141 major purchases — three love scats in a silvery plush upholstery, and a terra - cotta carpet. The carpeting continues up Hou se Siding Bonus It wail came as no surprise to today's sophisticated liomc- owncr that it. is now possible to have exterior house beauty without sacrificing any of the other essentials — protection, weather - resistance, or low- maintenance. However, in the bustle of home building or buying, he may neglect to take full advantage of beauty bonuses like the wide range of siding styles. The variety of available siding styles, like an embarrassment of riches, may make a choice seem difficult. Actually, it allows selection of the most appropriate—and most visually effective—siding for your home. If you are using hardboard exterior siding, an engineered wood product that is rapidly growing in popularity, here are some of the style choices open to you. In most cases, selection is guided by the architectural design of the house. Thus, you might, use simple board and batten panels for Colonial or Early American ar- '•hi'ecture. Rough - sawn lap panels are a natural for ranch homes because of their rustic look. Vertical panels with deep V-grooves make an elegant siding for classic and traditional homes and horizontal lap siding suits contemporary achi- tecture. Panels are available unprimed, preprimed, or pre- finished in realistic woodgrains and textures. one wall in a graphic and tactile mountainscape, taking on a lion's share of giving the room drama. The multi - level coffee table is an imaginative idea, and an inexpensive one- nine separate plywood boxes covered with silver paper. The result: the rich combination of textures punches up a neutral setting, and the effect is rich without being possible only for the rich. In a master bedroom. Miss Malino utilized unmatched blues and reds, plus lots of white. "Matching colors is a drag. A color scheme is always more interesting if • colors do not match exactly, but, rather, approximately, like colors in nature," she said. And, in a family room, Miss Malino turned a non - view window into the room's focal point, once again by expending imagination and not dollars. The opaque window became a "leaded" one with liquid solder straight from the tube. Walls, bookcases, table and chairs are clean white. . . Color bursts from the burnt red love seats, bright red chair cushions and tractor seat (used at the desk in the wall system) and in art. The neat geometric carpet is engineered for long wear, easy care. So hearty, it can even be spot-cleaned with pure strength bleach without discoloring. The gray-on-gray geometric patterning is both practical and sophisticated. Speaking of color, Miss Malino states, "every color is basically good; it's how it is used that makes it good or bad. The impact of a large color area can be the major ingredient in furnishing a room." And Miss Malino's advice: "The only clement less expensive than color in decorating is your own imagination. Go ahead, be free!" ••••••••••• $3 Building or Remodeling O) S3 Call #) O ED WEIGEL • fj 3304 No. Elm S) S3 Hutchinson, Ks. 663-9804 O) How can such a big bank fit into such a compact building? It's not the size of Rebuilding that's Important. It's the size of the services, COMPACT •BANK NORTH GATE NATIONAL BANK 601 East 30th NG- 663-1201 / Hutchinson Is your furnace ready for the long winter months ahead? Don't q«t left In tin cold this winter. WCM glvt your furnace * complete checkout, and make rer'n and ad- lujtnientj at the lowest possible cost. II you need a new lurnace, we'll recommend a Chrytler - engineered unit ported tor your home. Chrysler Alrtemp hat a complete line of gas and electric furnaces and air conditioning equipment lor every dome and business need. "We Service All Makes" Joe's Air Conditioning & Heating Company Route I Phone 3lli-662-0770 Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 JOE THAXTON, Owner "^irtemp CLINUrt INQINIINID STOP INDOOR DRYNESS! Don 't spend another winter plagued by the many problems of too-dry air in your home. With a Chippewa Humidifier on your furnace, all you do is set a dial in your living area, and the proper humidity is constantly furnished, automatically. No water to carry. No pans to fill. Ideal for coin- pact furnaces . . . rustproof Phenolic housing . . . no "white dust" . . . and uncomplicated, trouble-free operation. HUMIDIFIER Call Harland l.esw GENERAL AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING Page 28 The Hutchinson News Sunday, Oct. 10, 1971 Alaskaii Editor Is Seeking More Fails KODrAK, Alaska (AP) Karl Armstrong, editor of the Kodiak Mirror, says the tiny community is being swept by rumors that its waterfront is rising after sinking nearly six feet during the great earthquake of 1964. Armstrong says it's believed a portion of Kodiak Island has risen about two feet since the quake. He's asked persons who might have information on I lie possible rise to step forward with any facts they may have. NEW KIND OF t FURNACE Carrier •A Steady, quiet operation •k Wipes away cold drafts ir Loss Stopand-Go heating * Corrosion-resistant, Stiato- steel* heat exchanger + Powerful blower to push air In farthest corner Inc. Since 1902 225 S. Main Dial 2-3351 Surround yourself with Comfort Install a SINGER Homo Environmental Control COMFORTMAKER HEATING — Pleasant warmth with the fuel of your choice. Gas —Oil —Electric COMFORTMAKER COOLING — Invigorating freshness even on the hottest day. ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANER — Removes up to 90% of dirt, pollen, even tobacco smoke from circulating air. POWER HUMIDIFIER — Adds moisture to heated air — Helps ease dry nose and throat conditions. DEODORIZER — Neutralizes offensive odors. Keeps the air in your home pleasant to breathe. These are the components that provide the ultimate in indoor comfort. Plan on the complete system and save or, install the basic heating and cooling units now and add the rest as your budget permits. Get the FACTS from your SINGER Decker-Mattison, Inc. # HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING 500 West Second Phone 662-2339

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