The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 15
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THE BAkittSPiMJJ CAL1PORN1AN, i ' i ' , • i . - ' - ' , . ' • - WEDNESDAY* SEPTEMBER For Sale—Motorcycles 4* J. &_ __ _ _ J Jl L l ^ ^» J I : V FOR* SAUffi—1931 D. U No. 45 HaHey Davidson motorcycle or trade for equity tn can 2028 Nineteenth wtreet. Ask for Reed. 47 EDWARDS and Robtnhood shoes for children, sold at Family Shoe Storey X-ray fitting. ONE 3-bale cptton trailer, $80.00; two 2-bale cotton trailers, $60.00 each. Beaver's Bargain Market, 2408 Chester. -. . - 0. ••• • ^ J -- •• • • .^ —*- - - • ^ • I • • • !• • • .1 • JB • • • • i • • • ... ^ WE HAVE bulbs on hand now. cyclamen, primrose and ferns; also cabbage, lettuce and onion sets. Gold fish. K. Tanaka Greenery, C31 _ Sixth street. Telephone lfi63-J. 47 FOR SALE—Gaffers & Saltier htgh- roven gaa range In Rood condition, $lfi, Inquire 721 N street. For Salt—Furniture ^^^J^^I^^^^^^J^^^^M^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NBW Seamless Axm. Rug, 9x12 Knot Pine "breakfast Set Walnut Bedroom Set, 3 pea Double Deck Coll Springs Large Top Foot Stools Liv. Rm, Set, 2-pc. Vejour USED Full Size Beds $1.50 Large Ivory Dresser Mahogany Chiffonier Large Top Llv, Um. Set, 2*pc. $16.96 • 100 Steel Cota TTAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th, Corner 18th and N Phone 341 $27.00 $19.50 $49,50 $5.95 $1.60 $56.50 to .75 $7.50 $12.75 FOR SALE—Underwood typewriter In A-l condition. Also Spanish and Hn- wallan guitar reasonable. 2800 K street. FLAT-TOP, all-porcelain enamel gas rango, with Insulated oven, clock, light and regulator. Floor sample, never used. A real buy at $69.50. Davln Furniture Exchange, 2105 Chester avenue. 48 FOR SALE—I 100-lb. Illinois refrigerator, $10; 1 drophead Singer sewing machine, $G; t small oak dresser with mirror, $6; 1 Coffield electric washer, $5. Second house, wcHt side Stlno road. AT THESE PRICKS ON HIGH- GRADE USED FURNITURE: PER 1000 FT. No. 4 common . $24.7 $19.7 $19.75 $19.75 $64.50 $49.00 ROOFING SPECIALS 90*lb. Slate roofing with fix. Asbestos fibre coating, G gals. REDWOOD SIDING 1x4 to 1x10, S4S finish 1x4 Flooring 1x4 Chicken house flooring House paint, all colors, gal. 2-0x3-0 Sash, 1 light platted .Redwood posts. 3x4-6 , each SHINGLES, bundle LESS 5% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 BARGAINS 101 $1.67 ?2.50 <S> $20 $42 $29 $19.00 $1.25 95c 18c 70o Los Angeles 2100 East 38th »St. ADams 5171 40 QUO I) reconditioned washing rna- chlnes for sale. Maytugs and other good makes. Also 10 years of c,x- pert servicing MaytagR. I^ot mo fix your old Maytag. Call 1027. Bill Pfleffcr at McMahan.a Furniture Store. 48 fr •••III !•••!!• ^ ___ . _ _ __ _ __.^___^^_^^_ FOR SA1.K— Pulverized dairy and sheep ferlltlzer. For lawn and garden. Delivered by load or sack. Call 2762. 1118 Jefferson. '• 46 3-pc. en. bedroom set, perfect $17.05 3-po. solid mahog. bedrqrmi sot, $19.76 6-pc. solid mahogany dining set 6-pc. walnut dining room set 2-pc. velour living room set 2-pc. mohair living room set 8-pc. Monterey dining net, perfect condition, cost new $109.50 C-pc. twin bedroom set, burled walnut, cost new $219.50 8-pc. walnut dlnjng room set, very large size, table has 4 leaves; cost new $269 $79.50 Several fine living room sets in perfect condition, cost up to $150, special at $39.50 POPJ3L FURNITURE EXCHANGE Ardtal-Olcose Rldg. 623 Sunnier St. .lust west of Baker. Phono 1341. 52 FOR SAI-K—-Three-piece mohair overstuffed set for Kale, cheap. Phone 2740-W. 40 BUY on the highway und save tho difference. Flat-top desk, $4.95; two-pleoo living room nultn, new, $19.50; rockers of every description, $1 and up. High-low oven gas ranges, $H.75 up. Bargains too numerous to mention. Hlvervlew Furniture Store, 209 North Chester avenue, 3 blocks north of bridge. 46 ANTIQUE bod. solid walnut, good design, over 100 ye.i^H old. In perfect condition. A bargain buy. Popel Furniture Exchange. Phono 1341. 47 Poultry and Livestock Poultry and Livestock FOR SALE—IB tons baled barley hay. One good riding horse. One Morgan -'filly bred to 6-Railed horse. Three good HolsUfn cows. One extra good registered Guernsey hull. Two registered eastern bred Collies, male and female. Cheap. Will trade for saddle, young cattle or hops, Lee Pollard, 1 Semltroplo .School. mile north 46 FOR SAI^K— 300 white puttcta, will lay soon. Half mile north, 3 miles west of Shatter. Phone 43-Y-2, Shatter, Dave fuller. _ 45 _ Dogs and Other Pets a^ji^^^j^^j^j^j^^^^^F^^— ^^^^^^^^— ^^^^^— ^^^-^^^t^— ^^^^— ^^^^^^^^^ * ^ ^^^»^^^^^ F ^^ r ^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^«^^^^^^^^^^*^^B^^^^^^^^^^^*| FOH SALE— Beautiful Collie and Shepherd puppies. Great pets for children. 308 Moneta avenue. Itiver- HEITR ARE IRREGULAR Western Slocks Quiet Today as Several Gains Appear on Board for Trades vlew. Phone 4474-J. 4G SIX chicken-feed Beaver's Bargain 2788-R. hornen Market. wanted. Phone GOVERNOR URGES HARMONY MONIH v Soys Harvest Month Should e Set Aside for Deep Worship, Toleration (Untied Prcait Lcnttd WlrcJ SACRAMENTO, Sept. 23.—October should be set aside a8 a time for "deliberation, discussion and worship," Governor Frank K. Merrlam decreed In a proclamation urging that the month of harvest be made an occasion of "great Inspiration." Commenting 1 upon the.mibjox't, he said: Among: tho many movements of modern times none Is more significant than that which has for Us major purpose the development of a clearer understanding and bettor appreciation of the various national and International religious bodies. "Today, Jews, Catholics and Protestants aro cooperating In tho promotion of spiritual enterprises to a degree never before attained In all the history of religious progress. They aro emphasizing tho necessity of properly appreciating the common interests that make of us a united people. They have come to understand that religious advancement la the result of neighborly cooperation, rather than antagonistic competition." vSAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23. (A. P.) AVeslnrn stocks were quiet, with irregular price trends today. The stock exchange saw Caterpillar move up a point to a new high at 79, Hudson gained 1U, and several others substantial fractions, while Oliver Filters A. Gallancl and San Joaquin Powers 7« sagged 1 or so. Trans-America firmed to 13*4. H. but sagged back. FINANCIAL LETTER SIX-YEAR IHS NEW YORK CLOSE I • up L. A, PRODUCE MARKET (A.inociottd Pretia Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES. Sept, 23. Best local Kentucky \\VmderM 4<fj*He; brown seed Kentucky Wonders S^fff He; green pod 2H<fr3e; black eye 8H# 3c; Llmas 2(jf2Hc; San Diego county Kentucky Wonders ----1 J. A. MOQLE A COMPANY Members New York Stock Exchange Today's midweek pemton added nothing conclusive to tho market po- ult ton. Characteristics woro essentially the same ae for the last pro- vlo\t« two day*. Volume was JUKI short of the one and a half motion share mark. iSarly «trenrlh, well distributed during the early hours. Rave way to HelHnR and profit-taking in tho afternoon. During the morning the average,* moved well above 170 hut at thfl close the market was off tn clone at lft*».05. i leads tn the conclusion that tho market Is doin^ well In tho absence of any outstanding news. A not o of en u t ton con t In uo« t o pro - vail since the Industrial nvoranos have so far foiled to confirm rail action In that they have not closed In new high ground. Hut for the present the burden of proof is on the side of the boar A if there are any at tho present stHffe. Motor stocks nave been Knowing a romimptton of activity with production of new models about due and the private showings scheduled and tho motor show clue the first of November* Auto accessory ISSUGN nnd rubber equities move with the group und arc pointing up. Coal production and consumption has bAen holding up well because of the, well-sustained level of manufacturing. Winter tg soon due and Increased business Is about to commence for thlw lino of endeavor. Do- Spcciallics Hold Spotlight on Market al New York as Several Push High (United Press l,caftd Wire) NEW YORK, Sept, 23.— Railroad Stock— Atchlson Baltimore Chesapeake Close Ohio Ohio 25 t * Great Northern pfd 41 ^K\V YOHK. Sept. in.--Specialties hold the buying piny In today's market, » number pushing up to -2 or m« ro points to now tops. On tho othor hand, an assortment of re-ocnt loaders wore unublo to make tho grade and prices were un* ovon nl tho done. Transfer* approximated 1.4»0.000 shams. ttonrdroom Homlmont was huoyod by continued Rood news from IndUH- try. Tho trading paoo. fust at the Htart, Plowed considerably near tho fourth hour. Corporation bonds, rfipooially woo- ondflry rails. edged forward. Commodities and foreign rurronolos \voro IlllnolH Central Missouri Pacific .. New York Central. Northorn Pacific .. 27 AGREE RESER1RIE * r '• . --—- it.-fr.-in.-iB. LI.i -. " . '- • , Location Definitely Fixed by C\VA; Delay Action on Water Allocation * • 4 I * t » 27% • t i i > < • » • Southern Pacific Pacific .......... . Industrials ft.ititcd Prr.«it Lotted Vrtrr SACRAMENTO, Sept. 23.—Paving the way for actual start of work on tho Friant dam and eventual completion of the Central Valley water proj- American run .................... 124*\ ect. tho California water authority American Tel, A Tel. Hordetts tor 174*4 28 7St* A la to yesterday agreed upon the for* the Friant reservoir, but delayed notion on th« allocation of wat«r Cnntaloupes: bocal H-Bs, standard i partment more sains of standard mer- 6s flOc®J$l t 23s TSfffflOc. 27s 70©85c, 36s i chandise h Btand " 35?HOe. ard 27» DOtffGOo. Cauliflower: Oceano Snowball flfiiff 75c; Venturn county 7fi^SOo, ordinary Cfiiadalupe BO^fGOo, local Snowball 50 H>6Gc crate. Corn: Best Chlno Evergreen fair S5Q>40c lug; IOCH! field corn 4 Or lug of 2 dozen oart*. lettuce: Rnnta Maria nnd Oundn- lupe dry pack 48 $2. 25^2.50, &H $2.00 tff'2.25 crate; bmnpon 48 $2.50(^2.75; fair Sallnaw 4s J1.75fif 2.00; local loose puck SRffHiOc- erate. Onions: Street sales local Spnnlnh B0fff55c, few 60c per BO-lb. sack, Idaho white Ktobo* $1.05, white hoilor» $1.35 per 50-lb. wick, local Spanish 26(lf30c, pome 20o IUR. Poa«: Best Ouadalupe pole peas 1% lh.; fair C@GHc. Home 6c; Berron . Ooeano peas 5c Ib. Peanhes: T/ocal and Cucnnionsrn Sal ways 48-GO«, 2V4#3r Ib., 70s. 2(ff 2Hc; 80s. m$f2c; Beaumont and Vu- caipa Krummels and Champions 48- 60s. 3®3tte; 70-848, 2(^2»^c; 3- layer, olds about oven but tho most interest I UK item Is the largo percentage tncronne of the HO-OHlled luxury linos. December wheat yeMertlay went into new high ground deBplie noft • noss of corn and tho nenrnnaR of final trading in the September option. Today trading WUH narrow ami final quotiitlous were nt breakout ycslerdn the IOWH but the is significant. POULTRY. BUTTER, EGGS i i (United Prrs* Lrntrd 1,08 ANUKI,KS. Kopt. I Butter 3. Stantlards— 34 Kbaros oonspUiuous on tho tipsklo Included Chrysler, General Motors, J. t. CHPO. Deere, International liar- voHtcr. Crown Cork. I'nlon Carbldo, Undlo. Klootrio AutG>I,lte. UHP. Du Pont, r. s. Rub- bor nntl \\. S. Smelting. A shade either xvuy wore IV S. Steel. Hethlehcm. Montgomery AVnrd, ScnrN-KoehucU. National 1 M»- tllld'H, Srhenley. HI rain Walker. American Telephone, Western Union. ConHoltdiitiMl Kdiwon, (ioneral Kler- triiv Standard Oil of Now JorNry. Soeony-Yaouum, N. \". I'entml, l.lul- 11 more & Ohio and Southern Pacific*. * nit oil Aiivraft. International NlrUol, American Smelting and Kennooott. Consolidate^ Gas rorn Products , . Curtlss-Wrlght KlrHl National Store* 4" Fox Film "A" 30 General Klectrlc 46H General Foods 40H Gold DuRt Good year Tiro A Rubber International Harvester SI A Tel u 120 Montgomery Ward North American . Pacific Oaa KleolrU- 37 Radio Corporation Safeway Stores * t *ii I*. S. Hubber ..................... 32% rnlon Cnrbldn & Carbon l^nlte-d Aircraft Warner Brother** ...... IWmlern Union i WrMlnghnufie Kleotrlo : Wool worth ; .1. r. fVnnoy TnuiHftiniM'lon MetAla American 2M Sfi * * The authority passed a resolution whereby H declared tho general loca-, tlon of tho Friant dam on the San Joanuin river would bo "in the weat one-quarter of section 5, township It south, rangf 21 east. Mount Diablo base and meridian*' and that th*? strut'tvim shall be "a gravity typ* dam." The servicing of water. Involved by application of tho Fresno irrigation district for 150.000 acre-feet, was unsettled and Karl Lee Kelly, director of public? works, asked Milton T. Farmer, legal adviser for the Fresno district, to present his recommendations at n future meeting. John r. PaRo. acting I*. S. recla* mat Ion rommiRnfoner. Raid he wa* 'VonfUlent" the ontlro project would j bo propped to completion. * . * t - 4 I • * I LOS ANGELES STOCKS ! 4St|, 24 • " » 4 S. F. LIVESTOCK "A 1 "ir 67 PS pressure pump, will lift water up to 25 feet; capacity GOO gallon per hour; demonstrator; cost new $&fi; for quick sale $50. 181 8 M street. _ 46 PIPlS FOH SALE—Ollwell nnd water well caning line pipe. Irrigation pipe. fence posts, etc. Western Oilfields Supply Co., 99 highway and Pierce Road. Sign of tho big valve. 67 No. 1 USKD grain bags for mllo, OUc each In lots of 1000 or more. Alfalm seed. Cane molasses In drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. San Joaquin Grain Co., Fourteenth and P streets. Phone 385. 9-5-tf FOft SAI^R — WestlnRhoUse automatic stove, $18. CalU 1128 Truxtun avenue. _ 40 FOR SALK — One house trailer, completely furnished; reasonable. 1122 King ntreet. _ 46 TRACTORS FOR SALK One Model b-20 "Caterpillar* 'tractor. Completely rebuilt. Also ono 45 IT. P. Cletrao tractor. Priced for quick sale. Cousins Tractor Company, 1414 Cheater avenue. 48 FOR SAlvK — Guernsey and Jersey milk; special prices In gallon lots. Miller's Dairy, first house south of Para-Dice Auto Courts on Union avenue. Phono 16-F-22. FOR S A UK—-Wood cook Btove with 4 lids, $8.00; also a few nice red fryers, 20c pound. Phone 8704-R-l. 46 SEWING machine bargains. Singer electric portable, $29.45. Minnesota electric portable. $17.45. Singer treadle, $12.I»C. Guaranteed rebulUs. Repair*. 170S K. Phone 6330. GO TIRES sold on time payments—no finance or carrying charges. A. Friedman Wheel & Tire Exchange, 1310 Kiffhlenth. Phone 6373. 83 JQ13R electric portable, $29.45. Treadle, $10. White electric console, ' like new, $4n.fiO. Expert repairing. Parts. 1708 K street. Phone 6330. 60 FRUIT Jars, whllo they last, washed, quarts 24o and 34o dozen; pints 19o and 29c dozen; glasses, lOc dozen. 717 Sumncr street. C-12-tf FACTORY to you. Standard computing scale. Freezer cases. Store, restaurant and beer fixtures. Complete, new and used. Valley Store and Fixture Company, 2019 Chester avenue. 63 FOR SALE—Four-wheel"* trailer. Will haul two bales seed cotton. $76,00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1815 H Street Phone 1298 9-12-tf " USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1912 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS. SHOES. ETC. 54 FRUIT JARS—QuartB. 24c; pints, 19o. Wo also buy rugs, bottles, junk of all kinds. Phono 1786 for pick-up wagon. 132 Eaat Twenty-first street. 6-9-tf FURS—Factory samples. Fur coats. Jackets, foxes, collars. Hugo stock. Furs remodeled. "Tho Hous.0 of 1000 Fur Bargains." Dow's Wholesale Furs. 133 Kearney. San Fran- 8*10-tf BABY and Btarted chicks, folks, tf you want nice winter fry- orn, buy your chl6ks now. Closing full hatch Hoon. Have now reds, rocks and pure Hanson strain Log- horns, day old. Have also 100 10-day- old reds. Better hurry. Rlvervlew Hatchery, old Fresno highway. 47 DELICIOUS fryers. Hods. Battery milk fed.' "Their feet never touch thp ground." Tender, Juicy. Dressed, delivered. 121 McCord. Phone CC57-J. 4D FOR SALK—16 feeder plgw. Phone 4039-U. FOR SALE—Rabbit does. S530 Jewett Lano. AUCTION Community sale Thursday. September 24. 10 a. m., G miles south' of Bakersfleld on Union avenue. Poultry, some choice hoifs, pigs, cow, heavy Hprlnffor; other livestock. Purebred Percheron stallion. Bring: what you have to sell. W. K. O»borne, auctioneer. Phono 13-F-2. 46 AVhoeler 15 years Legal Notices STATEMENT OF MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS HELD MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1936. Board mot at 10:29 A. M. with Supervisor AVoollomes absent. Supervisor Abol was chosen Temporary Chairman of the Board. Minutes of the meeting; of Sept. 8. 1336, were approved and statement of Bald minutes approved and ordered published. Letter In re numbering of houses in unincorporated areas referred to the County Surveyor. Allowances to indlffents wero made. Reports of County Officials and Departments wero filed. Permits to move Indivisible loads were granted. Applications for business licenses wero granted. Application of C. A. Bcaty, Auto- Wreckinff, referred to Sheriff. Claims against the County were •ill owed. Uoad Petitions 411 and 412 referred to County Planning Commission. Resolution Amending Interest Rate Adopted, Rio Bravo School Bonds. Grace Avenue and Kern Street, Bids for construction of bridge over Beardsley Canal on Snow Road opened wnd contract awarded to Opperman and Company. District Chairman, Co-Ordinating Council on Recreation appointed. Bids for Semltroplc School District bonds opened and bonds Hold to Dean Witter & Co.. and resolution amending interest rate adopted. Purchase of portion of Villa. Lot 4R. IDrury'« Addition, for Hospital Purposes, from C. U Taylor, et al., was consummated. < Transfers of \ budget allotments were made. RequlHttlons wero approved. Ordinance No. 312, First Unit of Master Plan, Zoning. Districting, regulation of building, height limit, etc., hearing had and Ordinance adopted. Board adjourned to the next regular meeting. Monday, September 21, 1036. F. R. SMITH, Sept. 23. Clerk of the Board. Kern Matron Dies at Wheeler Ridge Mrs. ChurloUo St. Mary, 72, a resident of Wheeler Ridge for tho past four years, died at her home yesterday. She was the daughter of the late Mrs. Marie Marquis, pioneer of the Exchequer Dam area, and VVOH a native of Marlposu county. Previous to making her home at Ridge. Mrs. St. Mary for resided at VSsnlla. She Is survived by her husband, George St. Mary, and 10 aons and daughters: Airs. Louis Myers,. Mrs. Alma Tatman, Mrs. Estello Ooatreich and Bugene Sehwartze. nil of Bnk- crsflelil. Mrs. Norman Craig, of BOH* ton. Ed Schwartze, Gorman, Mrs. Marie Johnson, Monterey, "W. 15. Schwartze, Mactara. Edwin Schwartze, Los Angeles, and Stanley Schwartze, of Colorado. She also leaves seven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren, as well as several sisters and brothers in different parts of California. Funeral services for Mrs. St. Man' will be conducted at Payne & Son chapel Thursday afternoon at a o'clock, with the Reverend Mr. ICueffner officiating. Sheepmen to Hold Pomona Conclave A meeting of sheepmen will be held at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, at the LOH Angeles county fair grounds at Pomona, It was announced today by H. T. Strong, assistant county farm adviser. The program includes talks on conditions of the sheep industry by W. P. "Wing of the state association, use of pastures In sheep production, by A. L. Campbell, assistant farm adviser In San Bernardino county; and diseases affecting sheep in Southern California, by Ur. A, A. Douglas of the Los Angeles county livestock department. Open House Slated, Montgomery Ward Latest fall merchandise will be on display tomorrow night from 7:.'lO to &:30 p. m. at an "open house" to be held at Montgomery Ward Mture, which will display .u special exhibit of modern furniture. One of the main attractions will bo a demonstration of upholstered furniture covered with "Ev-R-Drl." a processed fabric which will repell water and resist spots and Potatoes: Good Stocktons, $2.005f 2.16 per cwt., ordinary $1.&01T1,6&; Klanmth UussetH U, S. No. 1, ullRhtly immature, $1. 1*0(^2.00; U. S. No. 2s", $I.r.O cwt. Squash: Ixiotit white nummer 760> ftOo, fair BO®T60c lug; dark colored Italian 75r<ft>l.OO. light colored 50<WtiOc; yellow erookneck 7&c0>1.00. best $1.25, ordinary f.OfTfifio; Conchella valley white summer 75o^l.OO lug; local pink banana $16.00$17.00 Ion. Sweet potatoes: Good Chino Jor- eieys Mnfi'dOc*. Tomatoen: I«ocal and Grange county Htones 4-6n, &0@f»0c lug; 5-&«. 60^'65o; ft- 6s, 3f>(f7-50c; Venturn county Globes und I*ondern?*Hs and Car pin - lerla Ponderosns. 4-. p »H. 7G(ir85c: 5 -5s. &5c(frl.OO; ti-fin, 60^7f.r and San Dlcgo county 4-Gs. Cr>(&'75c; 5-G«. 75fp!»0c; 6-fiR. fiOt-; Ixnnpor, San huis obltipn Uuudalupo fi-fiH t 7 GOc lug. Eggs i—Camllod Hran extras. 37r. Candled clean light dirty standards 3Co. Candled rlcan light dirty extras \ * * t rd l.ctturd Candled clean Rlandnrdi*, 2Sc. Candled chock*. 2fk\ ModluniH—Candled clean extras 30*\ Candled light dirty extra*, 28r. clean standards. 25r. light dirty MtandardH. 2 Candled chucka, 24e SmalI~--Camllod rle-nn exlrup, Ii*c Onndlod tight dirty oxtran, l?r, Case count*, 2fir. VTT Poultry Priceft Hens. Leghorns. 2»S tn n*4 llif . Mr International Nickel Kennf*cntl i"*oppor . Rnptiblto Steel r H. Steel Vanadium Steel TobflCco and Sugar American Kujrar . , American Tohaci-o American Tohacco Culmn American (Jrcal \Venlern S»iRf\i U. .1. Reynolds "IV . Oils Atlantic Ueflnlntt 2T\ CottMolldated inv, Mexican Srahoard 32 * » • » • • • ***••• soi'Tii SAX KRANnsrn. sept : ngn—Receipt* 42ft; tnp and bulk, 110.65 on almut a lomlft around 1SO- 2On Ills.: California Uiilrhnr*. purl- load Rood Jt.S lh**. sUuiRhlcr pigs. > p hn nn B !>*ti>nl«iiin 1-11 Lincoln Polo llftff?*' hnlU rmr-Ulncr vnvvn t?-r,- lnt« ilhl " ms ' t»ll nlrtltn 42Mi **'"* «>»'> l «, . . . JIO,«M. nuiK panting NOWB, ?-.,.». ln '« ' shell Union 22% ! L. A. O.a» nnd l-:i A fiAncintfd /'rr.M I .OK ANORI.KS. Sept. 23.— Trading xs (luiet on Uie I*OH Angrlea stock oxohanpc today with a small turnover in (stocks. | Taylor Milling, however, hit a new ( high of 204, lh« only new high on , tho board. Seven ISHUOS were up. 10 were down and 12 unchanged, Dealings wore in S200 Stock— Claude Noon Kleo. Prod «"ons. Oil KMIHOO Derrick Kxrter Oil A High 11 10* • » • • « • 20 • •••*•* • A * * Tuawday about n l^ftdw. loral butrhor«. mainly $10 00 Cattle—Receipt H TiO; Hhort •lont) mod turn-good lOfiO \\\* wttrined-tin Call- fgrnta nteern, $7 T>0, nor led Iwn head: few inndium light stoern. $G.(HKrti.M). or. n Standard of California art filT IbM., liens, Hon», • «»r>""-"*'««'t •* '4 \«' " ^ («»* . tT», j Leghorns, over 3 ! 4 and up to I and LpgboriiH, colored, .1 rolnrod, 4 H, over 1. s over nvor 4 4 to 4 HIM. and up to and ths 20< Ifi .. l»ftc. up, U3 Hit*,. up lu Standard of New Jert«r> Sorony Vacuum ! Texas t'omprtuy j Tidewater Ansn's uiew) llftht fed uteerp nuotod around j Motors JR.OOIlf s.fiO; biM tor-tirade who ^ stork ! Auhurn Motors prurt Icnlly altpont, cow* q\loted nidHtly $,%.":> down. Mlort<load medium IhH. range n»wi«. $4.fiO, few dairy «, $4.26. odd bullft up to K» CO; lale loud lots deatrntde grami J7.00fti7.3r.; feeder Mocr* at fi.OOfff'fi.50. C'alveH. reoelptN 2f.; narl - I'uid good Mttht weight vertlt!r*>, $000, rholre i)noted arounrt $'J.C>n: odd bend pfd. .16 107 .is 107 » » • • 4 * • t I-. A. Investment < '* T'nrlHo Finance......... Republtr Petroleum. . . . Secunlly Firm National. So. Cal Kdlson So. Cal. ICdtson 6 pfd Taylor Milling. O* I ' *i * « l lt 52 28 20 «S^ i'hryslrr <ifriieral Motors Hurlson is 1'ttrkurd Motors Studehaker .... Tlmken 1 3 -H i i oil California I'nlverKiil Cons, oil Wellington oil Mining Stocks 21 T >r n.>nrlnp Equipment! American <*«r Koundr\ . * i t »*' 0i * t * • t • * * i Cardinal (;old. 1.03 GOVERNMENT BONDS (AMioclatcd /'re« ?*caard Wire) NISW VOnK, Sept. 23-— U. S. bonds closed today: Treasury 1 4'.$B. 47-52. lift. , *3-4ft. 108.20. 44-54, 114.4. 46-50. 112.11. 40-4:t.June, 108.8. W».8. March. 109.5. 43-47 IflS. 10. JOT Hs, 3H, 3s, 3B 41-43 41, 44-4G. 40-49, 40-52. 46-48, 106.3. 51-5.".. 104.31. 55-GO, 102.7. 45-47, 104.11. 48-51, 102.21.4 51-54. 101.25. f.6-. r »n, 101.4. Federal Farm Mortgage 42-47, 102.29. 49, 103.23. . «4, 105. Home Owners Loan A52. 103.15. , 49, 101.28. 4-42x44. 101.28. to 3 IbH., FryorB. 15o. colored 70-SO liunhn, ovnr S 2H and up lo 3>. and up lo Fryoi-H, rolorc-c). nvor 4 Iba., ISo. RonMorti, soft bnuo. Hiirrod over 4 Ibs. and up, 20n. Hnnslorp, noft bnim, Barred RorkH, ovor 4 11m -KcH-t'lpt M soo . ni*'dhnn - 1I)H, (Ufdluin-pelt Cullfurnlii JS.r.O^i 'S.tiO, Horti-d ifi per cent. inodluni woolod DreRtm ?S : 2r». ported 10 per rent top around $8.00 on Rood inedlum 107 Urn. J6.40; rhotr« up to * • • » r.s Stewuri Warne • t * • t I L, A, CASH GRAIN . $3.7iV quoted LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK I othor than and up, 20c. t COTTON FUTURES t F old roost nrs. H 4'^ and up, Mr H 11>M., li!e Old duckm. llo. nepf»*», ifie. Younjr torn turkeya, 13 llm. and to 1R IbH., iRr. YOUIIR torn turkoyn, over 18 HIM.. Men turkny«, n IbH. und up. 20r Old torn turkey*, 14c. Old hen turkey*, 14i\ under 11 Ihn. per dozen. l»i>r doz. und up, 7 Ib*.. 20*'. Capon*, 7 IbH. and up, 2Kr. Itnhblt**, No. 1 white, S»4 to 4' 2 lb«. each, Ki'\ TlabhUs, No. 1, ml.\od ct and 41^ IbH. c:«ch ( llr. HabbitK. No. 1. old. Co. t \ AJiorjn/f'rf Vrr** /.rtt.irrf S(juHl>s, 11 under 7 IbH. No. 1 26c. NM-;\V YOHK. Si»pt. 2:1 I'otton nd- vnmod (hin morn lug on reliitlvely Mt-ailN Livrrporit rjiltlcw and the bullish vt«w <«f HIP HtnilFiirtt) outlook but nil IT hint winy nc-t gut UN of !* to 11 off uniler hndgin^. I*e- advancoil to 11.1*S, w»« Hilling nrmind 1 1 !»3 with the mid- aft«*rn tH>n market ruling about 4 to ti not higher. Hod biift»ly H toady. 1 to ,1 lower 11.S4; Man-li U.Rrt; May II. Hi!; July 11.71: n»>remlifr ll.Kr><U-11 S8; Janunry 11. S". f>leady; intddltnR ^,4*Jl»rirtfrrf /*rr.«j» J.rnurd LU8 ANUKLKS. Sept : steady to 10o higher; (jrain ft-d 'U.nfi; loca IK $10.00^1 lO.iio »*r «00; holdtivern , f i2!i; nlow and fed HtoorH $740<iS.oO; Imperial tin $&.65ff 6,00: heifer* 18.24 *Tf ) fi.Kft; COWH l4.fi04fA.riO: riitler urade» $2 75^4.25, bullH tn $fi.oO f i eM: 200: uteudj . few \ealerH to . i ralve« |fl.OmV7.fiiV Hheen: 1000. inoludlii« 000 billed no snips, good lamb* quoted Press LOS ANtiKLE.S. Sept. lor H! grain quota dona were reported by the Fedornl-Stato Market Now* Service a.s follows: »I'*rlces quoted are cwi., field run, in carload? only: ArRffntine corn, quick delivery, hulk J2.05Ti2.IO, California wheat, sacked. No. 1 soft or No. I hard white. $1.70. California barley. «a»'ke,d. 44 Ins. No. 1 brlRht western. $l.«74: No 2. 4t» lb-s 1 j ^ i "'O- i*'aliforma milo. sacked. No. 2 yel- to $9.00. FUN RALS BAR SILVER t f 4 mnctaltd /'rri* NKW VOHK. Sopt 23. — Ba quiet nnd unchanged at sliver SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS METALS MARKET CHICAGO GRAIN Mftftorfnfrrf I'm* Leaned M'irt) NISNV YOUK. Sftpt. 23.—Copper quiet soirolyllr ^pot and future $n.7f». port $i».Rfi^9.!»0. Tin harely H Kpot and nearby $44,7f>(fr44.f(7Hi: future Lend steady; npot l,cftt>i'<t \\'irtl ( SAX 8 took 'row M row it LI--AVIS — Funeral HorvicoH for Mrs Ktntly N. Lewl», ;1K, or U20 Sovon to«nlb HtreiM, will bo iMinclurtrd a o'clock Wrdnoculny afternoon at Iboun - (VMearu rlmpe.t, with thn Urv. WlllUim K. PalHok of. Phil CollUiM will be vin:al wltb Mrs. Pearl .Smith nl the orit ail. interment will be In Mvrnorlnl Park. com. Vlr . ..104 104 1*1-?** l,ca»r<t Sept. 23. --Grains September. Vork St. $4.4. Htntn (".> iil Call'. A i:. Lid nun 2 27 Wheat ber. 1 .1 4 Corn— September. cemlior. I»4U(&H4Ho; May. OaiH— Keplcnibor, 42%r Hc; May, 43r. Itye — Septomber, 84 %r, turo $4.S aluminum, wolframit rlull: KaKt St, Lmitf* Hpi.t and fu nnttmony, platinum Iron. nn<l J*ar PHI*. Uw Pub. Pub Sv*' Kv« 1st pfrt ri)ni. . . mm ..... find pfd ; pfd ns • H HOIU>KN— haul rlteH for Alfrod liar- rlnon Bordcn, 4S, of Arvln, worooon- tluutod by the U«tvnren<l Mr. Pack ard at FllrklnK«M''Dl»fi«r 10 o'clock thl» mornini; was in rnlon remctory. chapel at Interment T i* * *" S. .1 l 1 *4- ; May. Hurley— ticptembpr, bcr 77 December, December, INTENTIONS TO WED P Oil pr pfil c.f ('al i'orp'n t 4 in 30*1. I 113 U — Ui«t rttfift for tbr infant dan Rh tor of Mr, iind Mr«. i"lyd« Coolny. 1012 (Iftn* stn^t. who dlrd .V*»Bti'rdMy In n local lumpltal. \vt>ro ronduriMl HI tbf liravttHldo in Union cemetery fU 2 ti'rloch tbl» afternoon. Arrnnj>4'iiifnt s u «rr under direction of llupson mortuary. S5*i EN'NS.LOKWEN~.joh n and Martha Ixieu-en, HhnHer. & both 31. of TREASURY REPORT Plan Grange Social in Frontier Theme HAHDKU.KiCNV(iN-u.MH' Hinder, 25. nnil Fwrrlll Kf?riyon, J8. both of Hut- tonwlllow. Wlrct WASHINGTON. Kcpl, 23. Tho piiHl* lion uf 11 if- irrn*«urv Scptfinher 21: (JflKKN — Ornventdf services for Oreen Infnnt dRUKbter of Mr. and Mrn. lAwrnncQ <jre«n. of Huko Hold, were conducted at Union ci- «»u»ry al 3 o'clock ye«t«rday after- IUM>II. Thft rblld died al a local ho»- plial September 1!0. HopHon mortuary wax In chum* of THE WEATHER San Joaiiuiit and Sacramento vniloyn Fair nnd continued wurm tonight and Thursday, gottlle var- tahlt* wind**. Sun KramrlNtH) buy region; Fair nml milit tonight and Thursday; fug tonight; modemt«t west xvlndn. Northern California: Kutr tonight and Thursday with fog on const. liltle I'h.'tnge in t^mpor»ture. gen- lie rlmngeuhl« winds mostly north- i-rly off lhi« coaj*t. Sierra Nevada: Fair tonight and Thursday: littU? ohange in temper- aturr. gontle otmngirablo \vtndsi. Santa ''lara aiui Salinas valleys 1 Fair and mtld tunlght and Thursday; nuirning fog. northw«>3i winds. Southern California: Fair tonight and Thursday; overrasi on coast in morning; no change tn temperature; gentle to moderate northwest wind* off the coast. - ! HICK-HANKlNH^Inmon H. Hice, 21. . , . ..... PANAMA, Hr^pt. 23.-The Home! »'"] »^» ^ lUnkinn. 18. both of j ' "^'j' 11 ^ r«'fl|.u th« month. $2J.. BconomlcH Club of Vanmna Urungo! ll » k ^« f '^^ , I fi^ipVi, for the n.r»i year n.inr« will wponHor a Frontier DuyH cos- ] 8MITH-AVIUTK -\V1llliun r. smith ! -'"'r ' '- Il,0fi!.66«.a41.21i; expenditure*, tiimo social at the Qruiigc hall on 1«. and Murgle White. 18, both of Arvln. Wlblo road ut 7 o'clock Hnturday ovonlnK. H wiw announced today. The public In Invltod. and refresh- mcniH will bo served. of WANKUM - UAMKKV - Clarence K. «1obt Wankum. 25. and Oraco A. Rainney, > of $1,252. '. 23, Ixith of t>elftno. Uold n f. undor iho J10. 785,231,305. da. iroiUry BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Bad I os, M us I o a I I n s t r u me n t s THK largest and best stock of pianos In Kern county. Guaranteed, uaed pianos, rebuilt In our own shop. Uprights and grand**. Largo selection of new pianos, Klmbalt and other makes. All guaranteed. Low prices and rental terms. Valley Mualc Store. 1023 Nlnoteenth. 49 BAILKY'S RADIO SHOP Now open. Fine line of PhUco, Delco and O-K radios on display. Also re* frlgerators, washers and Ironers. Why not trade in your old one? Terms a« low as 60c weekly. I, J. ' Bailey, formerly at Welll's now at 1808 I street. Phone 7121 for free demonstration. 71 PIANO for sale, email bungalow, brown mahogany caec. Looks like new. Good tone and action. Terms to responsible party. Inquire Galbralth Van and Storage Co., 2712 Chester avenue. 49 Destroys Generators Uy PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS • i n For Sal urniture I*1SAVJNG town—sacrifice good Royal vacuum cleaner^ $10, Hewing machine, runa like new, $10. Holier c» ; narles anil cngeM. 317 BLA THE 7VNHEL AND /N THROUGH 7HF Aff? LOCK A\-/AY TEGPATOR T/V/T THE ATOR NOPE TV1EV RO TAK BOAR NOT ONLY A FEW MINUTES BLAST EVERY MACH ESCAPE eUARO HOUL WON TO FROM EASY PALLAO.AN? AN AN GA FLEW POSS BLY TU AT FAS BACK -me TO GENERATORS. eiw >OHN *. wui co, tellig en vestm ent emands CO HOGLE teenth •fill .**'!• -..I -.'-•• J. .0 I ^ 1 -.' I I t"'- . '• T ^ h j •.' ,•

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