The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 12, 1944 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1944
Page 19
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Radios, Musical instruments Quirk service nnd srnnlble prices. DiB stock of prewar part*. We hnve R few lined radium Tor nalo. Buck Hadin Serv- • Ice, 71", Washington nvenue. Ollil.ile • f Phone 2-ri1!)3_. 67 TVAXTKD TO IIUY—A trumpet. Phone Poultry and Livestock T~ TO BUY—Good used piano, either upright or grand. Must be in good ronditon. Write Box 74-4-W, The California n. fi.'i Typewriter*, OffIco Suppllos WILL PAT CASH for typewrllere, tddlni machlnea. oheokwrlteri and rash register*, t,ynoh Typewriter Comes ny. l«60 Cheater avenue. d-19-if Fruits and Vegetables CANNINn TOMATOES' T.CQ 81)0 No. 1 TOMATOKS I.fO $1.l>5 ORKKX TOMATOKS LL'C. $1.15 , » roTATOUS. lirRSlST. 100 I,RS 13.65 D-ELICIOf.s AI'I'I.KS FROM WASIllNftTOX ALT, KINDS OF FRP3SII MEATS AND VKfiKTAUI.KS. RKASOXABI.F PKIC'KH. OI'HN 7 DAYS A \VKKK Tll.f, 8 I 1 .M ITTOXK i-UT.'iO OAK AXD BRUX- $1.89 Full Lug Brine your own containers. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 9-7-tf Vine Ripened Lug. 75c K119 Baker St. East Bakersfield 10-6-tf SWEET POTATOES for sale. Nursery. 501 lilnhtrenth. Kramer's lo-r.-if WANTE.i TO HUY— \Ieavy ttf hens, aluo red fryei a 2 '.i to .1 IBB. Apply ch*f, Uiikernflel:! Inn. Phono 6-EH51. «4 ATTJDNTHJN. PUULTHKMBNI Uur Market In Open We Pay Tops for Fryer* and Roaetere On* BtbrX West of Eait Baknfirieia Post Office 110« Kern Street Dial J-S4S1 BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET It BUY. SELL, or trade, ill kind* of livestock. Phone 2-3031. Roy Jnhmnn. 1 mile north Pumpkin Center, 200 yards «««t on Hnakln* Rn«d. M WANTISD JU BUY—Hnr*e* ho*., cattle, any nmount. L Andereon, Rout* 1, Box DOS. Plionc 1-7008 «I FUR 8A1>K—Two epen oi cond work mare*, ona brand mare with colt. Mr. Gro»t. Phone l-70««. 7-19-tf ATTENTION Blood-te*tad baby chick*, brooder*, poultry •upplle* and feed. W- buy your we*. Chicks llfi hundred. 2219 Union, or 814 Eighth. Phnne 7-70H nr 8-»4H» l-l-tf BAH* CHICKS 116 per hundred. New Hampiblrv Rede. Rhode l*l*nd Red*, Plymouth Rook*. RocK and Red Crow. New shipment every Monday: order early. Alio plenty ot metel feeder*, fountain* and ooultrr medicine*. Ward'* Farm Store. 2525 Cheater 4-17-tf OFFERING n number of ouUtandlnf yearling and 2-ye*r-old rerlatered Hereford bull*. A M. Karpa. Phone V-»eil. 7.19-tt BAUY CHICKS (tarted on order. We here colored broiler*, roaetlnu hen*. River* view Hatchery, 215 Robert* Lane. Phone _9 :. 9 3 96. 7-1»;] f FOR KAL,13—Good .Terney milking fow, 5 yearn old. price $100. Frank Henaun, L':i2 Thirl Btreet, Buttonwlllow. 61 NKW ZEALAND white rabbit*: « doe* and I buck and hutches, $'J5, or 13 each. 407 \Vut»r Blrcct PhoneJ^95«. f>4 OXK poirel riunrter horfle_ 4 yearn old, linike lo ride: one 4-yrnr'old hay mare, luoke, geulle for women. ^Call nfier ii II m.. T. A. Tot Ion, phone 2-7447. (!4 STEWINO and roasting henn. CHOICR APPLKS "V\'ff have received anothor load of AVatsonville apples. These apples !trp all of choice quality. You will find tlif Belll'lcur antl Pippins are largo, fine canning apples and can he purchased for the following low price*: Bellfletii-K. $J.(i9 per box. Pippins, $:!.4ft per box. Also Delicious. $3.8!) per box. We al:o have Tehachapi commercial Russett potatoes at SU.49 per sack, sorhe Xo. 1 Tehach- npl long white potatoes at $3.79 per p:ick. Mooney's Market Spot, Kighteenth and Union. Phone :ui;iiii. 67 FARMKRS ATTKNTIOX KOW IS TI1K TIME TO GET YOUU ONION' SETS. WARDS FARM ' STORE HAS A LIMITED QUANTITY, SO BE SURE TO GET YOURS EARLY. THIRTY CENTS PER POUND. WARDS FARM STORE HJIKJ CHESTER AYE. PHONE 7-7871 65 , FOIt HALIi—WHITE HEATH PEACHES I till!) luivc Homo It'fl. Brintf containers, j Out KdiHou Hialn^ay to MaeuiulPti store, i pouth riii Fairfax Ko;ur to ranal. tUfii i • ivtiKi to ihlrd houwe. !•'. it. Jtorley. lihono 'JI-F-5. jK\vii\u ana roasting nenn. iry«ri. young roBHtei-p. drea«e(l. delivered. Oi-der before Saturday. Younff Jersey White • Hunt hens, excellent layers: pullets. _ 1 ' hone_2-l 1 (i J . __ 04 FOR SALE — iri-month«-old .lerney holfer. _ K oocl milk nKick. _ Phone 2-lil 2 ^ __ « 4 FOR SALE — A-t fresh row, to Rood home oi- dairy. No ilrnlerB. On I'ananlH J.anr. serond lio\lHe \veft. of Kern l.»lnnd RoaO. C, Eli-heforia r O.'i FOI'R R"d Hamushlre BOW* and piss for _ KII I*. _ Phone Arvl n 7a. ____ ^8 S FOH SAUO — One team of mouse-colored ninloH with cnrnplele liarneKO. Phone 3-;:'S6 or inquire »t ItiHC NileB street. _ ___ _ fLl ONIO inilk Boat, one single bnl and inncr- Hlu-lntf maltrpss: prrwar. 1713 South M _ sj ri'el. SoillhKalo Tl'iu • I . _ 64 FOR SALE — Extra fine Jersey cow. heavy (MH-inKer. T. TJ. anil abortion tested hy boll Htote and county; II -ii. Dickeraon I-'Hi-mn. Mcachem Road. Rosedate. I'hone VISITS LODGE—William .T. I.a- cey, grand councilor of the California United Commercial Travel- era Council, will make his annual visit to (he BnUernfleld Lodge (lfi:i, of the United Commercial Travelers and will he honored at M banquet and meeting nt C:45 p. m. Friday at Knights of Pythias hall. It WHS announced today by Arthur ]J:ily, senior councilor. In charge of general arrange- inents is Mr. Daly and Ostin Trog- doii, secretary. FOR SALE — flood Holnlein :ind Guernsey milk cow. givirip aiound 4 gallons n dnv. I'rii-e » ll)(i. __ O'iLJi-ri" 4 ' __ (i4 yor.Nf! while New Kc;ilnnd Inirk, also L'-nmiparlnipnt rabbit hutches. l.'iL'O Monterey Hlreot. fin Dogs and Other P«t» DOBERMANN PINSCHER pups for Bale. 2003 Oregun ttrect. Phone 7-7883. T 68 FEMALE Doberniann Pinscher. 7 monthn old. J'hone 4-4D!i5. 65 TWO younir male cats. "Would like Rood homes. Call 2-8144. 243 Highland Drive. liji FOR SALE—Cocker Spaniel. 2 years old. female, U',1. Phone L'-MSR. li:1 Poultry and Livestock ONE gentle 5-year-old mule. Bar O Sta- hlen. east of China Grade on road to Kern Rlvor Park. 63 NOTICE OF SAI.K OK RKAL AT FRIVATK SALE No. 200819 In the Superior Court ot the State ot California. In and Cor th* County of Lo* Anceles. In the Matter of th* Eetate of ALFRED EDWARD VENTON. talso known a* A. E. VENTON). Deceased. Notice IB hereby given, that the under• Igned. Dorothy Ames Venton, Admin- istratrix with th* Will annexed ot tn* estate of said Alfred Edward Venton, deceased. will sell at private sale, to th* highest and best bidder, upon th* term* • nd condition* hereinafter specified and subject tn confirmation by laid Superior Court, on and after October 21. 1944. at the office of tald Administratrix with th* Will annexed, Room* 201-2-8-4 Neville Building. In the City of Monrovia. California, all the rlEht. title, Interest and ••tale of eald decedent In and tn all that certain real property deicrlbed as follow*: The East Half ot th* East Half ot th* Northwett Quarter; th* East Half of the TVeit Half of th* Northwest Quarter: th* Southwest Quarter of the North<a*t Quar- •r of th* Northwest Quarter; and th* Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter ot the Northwest Quarter, and the West 20 feet ot the Northwest Quarter ct the Southeast Quarter of the North- welt Quarter, all In Section 11. Township 25 South, liange 26 East. Mount Diablo Base and Meridian, in the County ot Kern. State of California, and containing- 111 acres, more or less. Terms and conditions of sale are cash. lawful money of the United States, on confirmation of lale and delivery nt deed bi laid Administratrix with the Will annexed. Snld real property will be sold subject to County Taxes for the fiscal year 1944-46 nnd subject «l*n to all conditions, reservations, covenant*, restrictions, easement*. and right* of way ot record, if any, affect- 'ing said real property and subject further ; to a reservation of one-half of all oil, ga*. petroleum and other bydrocarbonat* *ub- etances found or tindery-lying *aid land or I that may b* produced and saved therefrom. , Bids or offer* for th* purchic* of laid ireal property must b* In writing and will be received by said Administratrix with th* Will annexed at the office aforesaid at •ny time after th* first publication ot this notice and before the date of sale. Dated this £9th day of September. 1(44. DOROTHY AGNES VENTON. Administratrix with the Will annexed of the Batata of Alfred Edward Venton. also known as A. E. Venton). deceased. Dunn A Sturgeon. 201-2-8-4 Neville Bldg.. Monrovia. California, Attorney* for (aid Administratrix. C. T. A. September 28, October 18 Incl. STATEMENT OF THE OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT. CIKrUI<ATION. KTC., KKIJI JREI) IIV THE ACTS OF CON- r.KESS OF AI'Ol'ST 34, 1911, AND MAKfil .1. Itm Of Ths Bakersfield C'ailfornian. published daily except .Sunday at nakornfleld. Ciillfornla, for year ending September 30. 1»44. Slate of California Comity of Kern, us. I-ipfure nip. a Notary Public in and for the Ktale nnd county aforesaid, personally appeared Walter Kane, who. having been duly nworn actordins to law. deposes and says that hn Is the Ceneral Manager of The Bakerslleld f.'allfornlan, and that the follovvinff 's, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the own- ei-Hhip. manHKement (and if a dally paper. the circulation), etc.. of the aforesaid publication for tho dale shown in the abuve caption, required hy the Act of August 24. l'J12, aa amended by the Act of March 3. 193:1. embodied In section f.37. I'oaial Laws and Regulations, printed on tho reverse of this form, to-wit: 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are: Publisher. Alfred Harrell. P. O. Bin 44(1. Rakersfield. Editor. Alfred Harrell. P. O. Bin 4<|n, Bakersfic.d. Managing Editor. J. F. M. Day. P. O. Bin 440. Bakersfield. Business Manager. Walter Kane. P. O. Bin 440. Bakersfield. 2. That the owner Is: Uf owned by a corporation. Its 7iame and address must be stated and also immediately thereunder the names and addresses of stockholder* owninsr or holdlnp one per cent or more of total amount of slock. If not owned hy ii corporation, the names and addresses of the individual owners must be given. If owned by a firm, company, or other unincorporated concern, its name nnd address, as well as Ihose of each Individual member, mnsi ho Klven.) Alfred Harrell. P. O. Bin 440, Bakersfield. 3. That the known bondholders, mortga- gees, and other security holders owning or holding: ] per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securilles are: (If there are none, so atate.) None. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners, stockholders, and security holders, if any. contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the hooks of the company hut also, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appeal's upon the hooks of the company as trustee or In riny other fiduciary re- lallor. tho name of the person or corporation for whom such triiHtee Is acting. Is Riven: also that tho said two paragraphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and holief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and securll;- holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees hold stock and securities In a capacity other than that of a hona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason lo believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect In the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him. 6. That the average number of copies of each Issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the malls or otherwise, to 'taid subscribers during the twelve months preceding the date shown above Is 22,fi24. (This information Is required from daily publications only.) WALTER KANE. General Manager. Sworn to and subscribed before me thil lllh day of October, 1844. 'Seal) M. I.. FOLLANPBEE. (My commission expires November 14, Bobby Sock Gang Mobs Frank Sinatra BIG POLICE FORCE SENT TO TIMES SQUARE AS THEATER STORMED | NAVAL LEADER An»wcr to PrevloM Paule HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured Canadian na\ftl officer, Vice-Adm. 13 Withdraw 14 Obtained by theft 15 Heavy blow 16 Italian river 6 Us 7 Nova Scotia (ab.) 8 And (Latin) 9 Dangled 10 Lady Literate in Arts (ab ) 11 Exclamation of mild fright 12 Scoff 163.1416 17 Hawaiian bird 18 Body of water 20 Eagle (comb. 19 Sane 22 Follow after 25 Tar anew 28 Present month (ab.) 29 English statesman 30 Symbol for calcium 31 Nickel (symbol) 32 God of love 35 Pastries 37 Bird 38 Poker stake* 40 New members 43 Abettor 16 Belongs to me 47 Silkworm 50 Stair parts 53 Tip 55 Eludes B6 Provides with food VERTICAL 1 Surgeon's instrument 2 Even (contr.) J Route (ab.) 4 Kind of clouds > 5 Year (ab.) form) 21 Exist 23 More dainty 24 Trap 26 Doctrine 27 Herb 33 Executed the commands of 34 Siamese measure 35 Diminutive of Patrick 36 Interpolate 37Gaze 39 Bridges 41 Ream (ab.) 42 Marne champagne 44 Livre. (ab.) 45 Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries (ab.) 48 Scottish sheepfold 49 Noun suffix 51 Of the thing 52 Steamship (ab.) 53 Chapters (ab.) 54 Rough lava NKW YORK. Oct. 12. GP>— Heavy police vclnfori'pments were dispatched to TlmpR Square toduy as a pnlice-psllmatpd crowd of 2,").000 toon-age Frank Sinatra fans stormed flip I'Mranionnt thoater where the singer is appearing on the KIUKC The shrieking, shouting crowd rushed police lines about the theater, ripped the sl-.irt of one patrolman and smashed the window of the theater's ticket booth. Several persons fainted in the street. Police said the Columbus Day hollduy was responsible for the pxtra-larpe crowds oC school-age boys and girls. More than 200 policemen were stationed In the area shortly before noon after several outbreaks of disorder in the early morning. An estimated 2000 girls in sweaters and bobby socks and saddle shoes and boys in polka-dotted bo\v ties were at the theater at 7 a. m., police said. Acting Assistant Chief Police Inspector John Vf. Conway estimated the crowds at 2!),000 at 11 a. m, in addition to about 5000 inside the thoater. When Sinatra made his first appearance on the stage, the audience stamped their feet, screamed and ran up and down the aisles. The outbreaks were too much even for Sinatra, who several times asked for quiet and threatened to forget about the show unless tho uproar subsided. Los Angela* Produce LOS ANGKI.IOH. Oil. 12. (/I 3 )—Trading In fruits and vegetables was rather slow today. Tomatoes and cantaloupes firm to slightly KtronKcr; fius anil avocados sllgluly fiironger: r-aullflo\vpr. lettuce slightly weaker; celery, peppers and lima beans firm Tomatoes: Loral. San DieKo counly ami Ventura, county, lues ^xfis and f>x6s $1.7!il» 2.2,-i; Santa Maria Sx(I» $::<!<: 2.:;r,: Santa Rat-ham 2-layer uxris and fixCs Jl.riodr". Cantaloupes: Local and SaufftiH Hales' Rest, jnmljo 36s and larger IZ.'lafi-'i.STi; San Joaiiuin valley .iumlm 4"iH and larger >3.!)0; lione.vtlews. San .lonqtiln valley, 6s-Ss nnd standard Hs-12s |1.7. r i*i>2.:ri. Finn: Local tirunnwlcks, 12(«15c Ib.: Kadotas. 2-layer flats $1.50( Avocados: Is'abals 35o In.: Anahplms 28<FJ>.1f)c lu.: Dickinson's lOHSSo 11). Cauliflower: Local Snowball, lettnre rrntes, untrimmed $1.25© 1.50; Santa Clara county fl.ilSOM.TD. Lettuce: Dry pack. Santa Barbara county, San Luis Obispo county and \Vat- sonville. crates 4 doz. $3. ,10 if 4. Celery: Local Pascal, 20-22-inch crates $2W2.r.O; Golden Heart. Santa ilarla. 20- 22-irch crates $2^:1. * Peppers: Bellp. local. Pan Pleco county and northern 7ft J 9c; Kreen chili 10<til2c Ib.: yellow chill J2ffilKc Ib.; .Talopinos 9«i.'12i- II).: Frenno chill 10"il2i' Ib. Henns: Kentucky*, local. S;tn Dleffo county and northern 101f'12e Ib.: llmas. local and Sun Diepn county bush !4<#'tlc Ib. Los AncoUs Livestock LOS ANGKLUS, Oct. 12. <U.P>—Cattle salable 1100, active steady to 25 cents higher: l.fil pood fed steers $14.75. medium to sood grassei-H $ 12 <ii- 1.1.7:1: medium to eood BI-.IMS heifers $11.501(12.50: common to medium cows $9tf/'11.75, fed medium to pood $11.506? 12.50, canners and cutters $5.!IO£i 8; medium to good bulls $9.50(310.75. Calves salable 100, steady: medium to good calves anil vealers $11® 13, cull and common $7.f>0®'10 Hogs sala.ble 400. active, steady: medium to choice 180-240 Ibs. $15.76, heavier weights flo: good to choice sows fl4.CO@ 14,75. Slice. salable none: pond to choice wooled lambs tiuoted $13.50014. Poultry and Egg* LOS' ANCiKLKS. Oct. 12. (UP)—ERRS: Wholesale nricns consumer grade: Large, grade A 55(S'56c. KIMI|« 13 m&31c: medium. Krade A 47&49c, small, erade A 25W26c. Hetall prices to consumer: Large, grade AA CGlijMiSc. KiadB A 62!&<i6c, grade B 40@43c: medium, trade AA 5C@61c, grade A 5G(fl' 1 IiOc; small, grade A 2«<3'32c. Candled graded eggs to retailers (cases): Larse. grade AA 58U 1 'S'fiflc. erade A 56I9-57C, grade B 37Si'3Hc; medium, grade AA 60<9<52c, grade A 48ti'62c. sm»ll, grade A 26@'29c. Butter unchanged at OPA cellincs. Los Angolos Hay LOS AXOI3LBS. Oct. 12. UP) —Alfalfa and grain hay prices were unchanged today. Carlot arrivals: 19 wheat, 1 barley, 4 corn, 1 milo, 11 flour, 2 bran, .1 cereal. Sfl hay. L«|«l Notice* CEKTIFICATK OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS FIRM NAMK The Undersigned does hereby certify I hut ho IB ' onductliiB a Barber and Heuuty Parlor nuiineai at 923 Baker Hlreet, Bakere£ie]<], California, under th* fictitious firm nama of Baker Street Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor and that Bald firm is composed of the following persons, whose names and addresses are ns follows, lu-\vit: John P. Province. 616 Jeffrey Street. Wlti)enx my hand this 9ih day of October. 1944. JOHN P. PROVINCE. Slate of California, County of Kern, »a. On this 9ih day of October. A. D., 1944, before me. Josh Clarke, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared John P. Province, known lo ma to be the peraon who*e name Ii lub- scribed to the within Instrument, and acknowledged to me that he executed the same. In Witness Whereof. I have hereunto get my hand and affixed my official seal the day and year In this certificate flrit above written. (Seal) .TOSH CLAIIKE. Notary Public In and fnr said County and State. Oct. 12. 19, 26; Nov. 2, • NOTICE OP INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN THB SALH OB ALCOHOLIC BEVER- AGRS—October 11. 1944. To Whom It May Conoe.n: Notice !s hereby riven that fifteen ilayx after the date posted, the underlined propose* to aell alcoholic bev- ernat* at the** premises, due r I bed a> follows: Mll!n Rd. & Morning- Star Drive. Bakerafield. Pursuant to such Intention, the underlined I* applying to th* Htate Board of Equalization for Issuance of an alcoholic bcxerate license (or license*) for the** prtrnlM* a* follow*: On B«l» Beer and Wlno License. On Sale Olitllled Spirits License. Off Bale Distilled Spirits License. Anyone desiring to protect th* Issuance of such licensed)) may file a verified proUst with tho State Board of Equalisa- tion at Sacramento. California,. stating grounds for denial a* provided by taw. Th* premises are not now licenced (or lit sale of alcoholic beverages. > Oct. 13 GEORGE CURTNER. POLICE CAPTURE SEABEEJMS CONFISCATE AMMUNITION GATHERED OVERSEAS BERKELEY. Oct. 12. (UP.)—A dozen police officers armed \vllh a m;n liino gun niul tour gas safely raptured a veterun seabre early to- tiny whose personnl "ammunition dump they had confiscated on the complaint, of his wife that he was "going to shoot the plnce up." Held in HIP police sintion for the Federal T'ureiui of Investigation were the senboe, Ernest Pfafl'enheser, 3.', just returned form service in Italy and France, and his atore of weapons—a German machine Run and rifle, 200 rounds of ammunition, two live, Gorman grenades, a jungle mn- chete iiml assorted knives. Ills wife, Irene, .TO, told police that Pfaffenheser. buck from the, wars Monday, had loft her yesterday morning "10 go on a date with another woman." Last night she returned home to find things "in a henp" and discovered firemen had extinguished a small fii'p during the afternoon. Sergeants -I. I.. Ross and .lack Mann led a detail of officers to the house, in the center of this university town, and confiscated the weapons and ammunition, which the F1U said were illegally mulled home by Pfaffenheser. Fearful the missing senhpe might still be heavily armed, the officers surrounded the house and waited with machine gun and tear gas. Pfaffenheser Bin-rendered quietly, and said the weapons were "just .souvenirs." FIERCEAPENNINE BATTLEJAGING NAZI REINFORCEMENTS TRY TO HALT DRIVE CROWD EXPECTED AT CATTLE SALE EVENT SCHEDULED AT SCHOOL FARM SATURDAY in can!.- -•!, j n crowd of :i 1 is cxpecii'd Hi.' nuT'-asma iiit<T<'«i .un liy KI-I 11 rc«iil»'in :--. -omul f>0tt lo r,0o iipr^ims I HIP first invitjitlnniil NEW PASTOR—The Reverend Father Vasilios Miirl<oponlcis, as pastor of the local Greek Orthodox Church, will conduct his first service :tt SI. George Church, 401 Truxtun avenue Sunday. TlOMK. Oct. 12. (UP)—German troops, reportedly bolstered by reinforcements from northern Italy, waged an all-out defensive battle in the foothills of the Apennines today In a desperate attempt to halt three American columns driving toward Bologna and the Po valley. Bitter fighting raged in the southern outskirts of Livergnano. less than 10 miles south of Bologna, all hut halting the main American force, pushing northward on the main highway from Florence. The Germans, who were believed to have received reinforcements from Verona, were fighting desperately as the Fifth Army offensive neared Bologna and the To valley's open plains. Increasing enemy resistance also was encountered by two other American columns east and west of the Florence highway after they had reached points approximately 12 miles from Bologna, gateway to the Po valley and the key point on the superhighway to Rimini. While the Germans built up pressure against the Fifth Army front before Bologna, Eighth Army forces In the Adriatic sector were reported meeting weakening enemy resistance. The Eighth was moving ahead along the entire 15-mile front stretching from southwestward to the town of Mercato Sraceno on the Savia river. New Greek Pastor Welcomed^ Church Reverend Morkopoulos Will Conduct Service Sunday I Members of P.akersfield's fireeli ! Orthodox community are welcoming the Kevorend Father Vasilios Mark- opotdos, roeonily arrived hero to lake up Ills duties in St.. (ieoi'KO I Church, 4"! Truxlun avonuo to which he was appointed by Arch- | bisho|i Allienasoras, Greek arch did- i cesan of New York and head of all Crook fa I tli in the United Slates nnd Canada. The Kevererul leather Markoponlos will conduct his first .service Sunday from U::iO a. in. to noon. A meeting of the church committee will be held today at 8 p. m. Active in lied Cross, United Nations. War Kelief and (Jreelc War Keller, ns well as other welfare work, Ihe Itevoroml Father .Markopoulos h«« taught school and officiated in many churches in the eastern states since coming to this country In JOlb' from Greece, where ho received his religious training. Prior to his P.akoi sfiold appointment, he was affiliated with tho church of Saints Constantino and Helen, in Cheyenne, Wyo. He Is married and has a family of six children. One son. Philip, is in the United States Army .somewhere in Jlaly. Ace Bong Gives Real Zero Demonstration ALLIED HEADQUARTERS IX NEW GUINEA, Oct. 12. OP)—Major Richard I. Bong is again America's leading fighter ace with 30 planes to his credit after giving a class under his instruction an unscheduled demonstration on how to shoot down Japanese planes. The Poplar, Wis., army flier is a gunnery instructor who is not supposed to be fighting. But he went into action again when a class ho was leading was jumped by more than 20 Zeros. He shot down two. Tomato Growers Seek Parity on Ceilings Irving Williams of Bakersfield Is In Washington, D. C., collaborating with a representative of the Western Growers Association, in urging the celling price on California winter tomatoes be kept on a parity with the prices on crops In Texas and Florida, It was announced today. The current maximum allowed is $5.26 per 30-pound lug, but the Office of Price Adlminlstratlon is considering: lowering the figure to $3.30 on November 1. The California growers feel that since this state does have a short season because of early frosts, It Is entitled to the higher celling. Los Ang«l«s Cash Grain I.OS ANOKLEH. Oi't. K'. (/P)—ll'ricen quoted are c\vt., field run, in cm-lotH only, t California barley, KnulinK 46 Irm., bulk l:.22'-4@J.27'<i. Ti'xnn yellow mllo. No. L'. bulk J2.12'iii8>2.n',i. California Inir- ley. urnilint: 4li lb».. Imlk 12.22 14 <u-2.27'.b. Texnn yellow mllo. No. :. bulk 12.12'f:'«' 2.17'Xi. California wheat, bulk, No. 1 hnrU or mifl whlli- >2.07 Ii ff 2.72'.i. No. i! oats. 35 IbH., J2.fl2 1 a©2.<17 1 '4. NWLB Takes Over Hollywood Dispute HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 12. UP)—Tho NWLB hits assumed jurisdiction In the dispute between two A. F. L. unions that caused a walkout oC GOO workers at five studios. Immediately after the board stopped In late yesterday, the case was certified to the Tenth Regional War Labor Board, which notified the kilo workers it would start adjudicating tho dispute as soon as they returned to their jobs. Business representatives of the set decorators, painters and machinists who are out said the men would be usked to comply with the board request. M. G. M., Columbia, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Twentieth Century-Fox studios have been affected by the work stoppage. The dispute arose when Set Designers Local 1421, and the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employes both claimed jurisdiction over the set decorators. In expectation that the War Labor Board would act, a 24-hour truce to maintain status 0.110 and prevent further walkouts was called by A. F. L. officials yesterday. tllcil lo lie-in til in n. m. SatunlMY Ml tlio Hak. i-sficlil liif;li Srli.M.l !a;ni lalionitory on Slim' lloail. II. K". l)irk.«<m. in HIMII'IM| rliMrK'' of Ih.- Halt 1 . 4innoniii , <1 today. Mr. Dirks. ,n said that a lartro par! of tho rru\\d \\iil prohahly IK- vi-it- "fs and thai ymini,' hnvcrs nmsi not IIP ili.urum-.ici'il by tho largi> amount I'xpci-li-d. Hi. i xpiaini'd that In- t-x- pi't-ts tin 1 pin i-hi i'ds to In' iiut'tiont-d Ml ri'.ison.ili|.< pi if.'s. Thi' iiiii-tiiui is Ibo first to bo held by i In? llalii'i-sfii'lil IliKh and .Innior I'olli'm' in co-operation with UK;'ii'ld i-hapirr of th" Future Fa rmrrs of Ann-rira and tho California Cuernsoy Cattlo Club members. Tho aiicliou chairman said that tho ovent In IIP featured is tho sale of the sons and dam;hlois of l.atit;- walor K'orn. famous bull from the l.annwaler t'ai-ms in Miissaehusetls. nationally known farm hjivirifcr the rpputation of bousing- thp bost bred c-iilllu in the I'nilod SlntP". .Mr. Diekson, \vho is asrifiill uro Instriic'tor at H.-iUorsflold Iliijh School, s.ald Ih.-it sovoi'al Fnlurc Kurniors are plannin.i,' to part ieipatp in the bidding, lie also added that bidders from many western stall's are pxpecled lo attend, ineludlm; .Mr. Meadows, of Oropon. \\-esioru repro- senlalive of ihe Guernsey Cattle Assoeiiition. Tho .'iKrioull ura] insirtu-ior said that persons from all over the stale will look lo tills auction wllli interest MS the Bakorsl'ield Future Farmers hayp boon active bidders la stato iiuclioiiH for several .\ears. Aeeordinf; to !•:. K. (Inrilon. a livestock judRo nt tlic roront l.ivostoclc Sho\v, ''Kern county is rapidly l'ie- comimr one of the most concent i ated centers for tho brooding of purebred (lueriisey cattle." The auction will include tin 1 sale of .1" pnrelirod (luornsoys. L 1 ; of which -iro to bo consigned liy Uakors- field Ilieli School. Othor consignors from Bakersfiold Iligb School are Bob Diokson. Ilobort Phalr, Dennis Daly, Ronald ] Intchingfi, Phyllis Walker, Wayne Jlonley, Aldo An- tonglovannl, l^oren Yaussey and Wesley Combs. Dairies from thp pntirn slute art' placing thoir pui'O- brods up for aiiclloii. Mr. Dickson pointed out that box lunches will bo sold during the noon period and visitors may make a tour of tho farm and view projects of tho students. gfofeetSfielb CaKfornfan Thursday, October 12, 1944 J9' l Corns Those Frnm MCA MAKING KNDS MKKT-Slirnal corn-mion often run Into difficulties in their job of keeping- t ommnnii al ion iiiu-s open at. the battlofront. In this case, un:-nccessfnl in three efforts to string telephone lines across the Moselli' river in Franco, !hey swam cables to tho opposite shore. Tough Battle Ahead Until Victory, Eisenhower Warns Leaking Gas Valve Is Cause of Blaze A leaking gas valve on a stove .caught fire at ti:3(i p, in. yesterday at IL'-O Pacific street, doing no damage to the kitchen but causing shock to Airs. Pearl Allen, 24, who had been cooking dinner when the blaze occurred and who collapsed on the front steps of tho house. She had taken her baby to the safety of a neighbor's home lifter calling the fire department, city firemen report. Mrs. Allen was revived by the inhalator squad. Dr. Joseph Marsch- mayer was called. City Offices Close for Columbus Day All city and county offices with tho sole exception of the county clerk's office were closed today, Columbus Day. R. J. Venn, county clerk, said that it was necessary to keep the office open today in order to complete tabulations of registrations by the end of this week. Ho expects that sample ballot envelopes containing proposed amendments, propositions and laws, will be hi the mail the first of nexl week. Mr. Veon urges that those expecting to vote by absentee ballot make application immediately. Group Launched for Valley Water Continued Prom Pnee Nine representatives of the irrigation district. Kopresentatlon will he sent from Kern county to the bureau oC reclamation convention to be held in Denver November 15, Ifi and 17. It was voted that a member of the committee be sent as well as from (he Chamber of commerce and board of supervisors. Those attending tho organization meeting Included Ceorge Osner, Delano; Mr. and Mrs. John Xale, Wasco; (J. I... Klassen, Shaftor- Wasco district, and E. J. Thessen, representing the same district; Fred Gribble, George Peters, Wasco; Edwin Jacobseii, Albert Davis, Roland Curran, Frank .Stockton, Arvin; Kmory Cay Hoffman, A. N. Dueh- ron, Shatter: T. N. Harvey, M. A. .Lindsay, Harold Fox and George Henderson. I5y .I.A.MES 1 SFI'RKME llE.M.tQl'ARTERS. | A. E. F., PARIS. t)ci. 1L'. (UI 1 .)—General Dwight L). Eisenhower expressed "coni|ileli! confide nee" today in the home and fighting fronts of Hie I'nited Xalinns "to nee this war through lo final victory" but warned that while victory is certain, "wo have. a. hard job ahead. Eisenhower, looking fit nnd confident, discussed lh(3 entire war situation nt a conference of more than I'M) corespondents. I Itiinalimi Not I'recndeiit The supreme commnnder said Ihe surrender-or-dlo ultimatum lo the Aachen garrison should not be considered a precedent, but was the decision of the field commnnder who was left to his own devices as how best to kill the Germans. After (saying that the people at home were, going to see the war through to victory, he added that "as long as they \vill see it through,' 1 I know that all the soldiers, sailors, and airmen posses the indominlt- uble, will to win." lie emphasixed that the hard fighting ahead would bo made tougher by the fuel, that (he coercion methods of the Xaxi hierarchy now are being used more than ever. Jf the Gestapo pistol were not now being held at the hack of the German people and .soldiers, there would not be enough Germans resisting to prolong 1 Ihe war, he, said. Jio said that while nobody can say the collapse of Germany at any moment Is impossible, nevertheless the Xaxis can be expected to fight lilce fanatics, going into mountain Ray Pitzer Gets Judgment for $1274 Judgment for 127-1.SO plus Interest was awarded Ray Pit/or yesterday by Judge Robert B. Lambert In .Superior Court, Department 1, in settlement of a. claim brought against C, R. AVodcl. administrator of Ihe estate of Lewis Lee PiUer, deceased. The claim against tho estate was based on n, contract between the plaintiff and the deceased made In IfKifi. according- to tho original coin- plaint. Alfred Siemon was atlorney for the plaintiff and II. K. Schmidt represented the defendant. Trash Paper Blaze Damages Wall of Home Sun magnified through a bottle of donning fluid probably slartcd UK; fire in n heap of trash paper, which damaged the wall of the homo of Charles Hanning, 20UO P.radfnrd Way today at 11:1!) a. m. according to tho county fire department. Loss was an estimated JH>. "CANT Sl'KRKNHKR" Jly A*HijriaUHl J'rc.s.s TV-rliti said today that a lieul'-n- ant-colond named holer was in command of the garrison at Aachen. A broadcast designed for overseas propaganda, use said Leler had given this reply to the American surrondor ultlniattim: "Kven as an American one cannot nsk a city lil<o Aachen, where 117 (Sorman emperors wore crowned, to surrender." . McGLINCY hideouts and underground bases at Iho end. "In Germany there will be no fraternization," Eisenhower said. "\Ve go in as conquerors. Wo shall treat them justly in conlormlty with the civilized standards as exemplified by our governments. We will have nothing else to do with them except in the necessary official relationships." Praising the morale of all the Allied troops on the western front, Kiscnhower singled out the airborne forces for special tribute. Kisenhowct- warned that anyone who discounted the nature of the tough battle ahead of the Allied armies on Germany's frontiers was Kuilty of wishful thinking. However, lie said tho war was going steadily and aggressively forward despite weather and terrain and would continue until Berlin was reached and Germany smashed. Kisenhower's confidence In the morale of his troops at tho front aa well as that of tho peoples of tho United Nations at home was emphasized by his repeated assertion that Germany will bo whipped and that there will be no let up by any field commander until the job is done. Eisenhower looked fit. and there were no visible signs o£ his recent plane accident. CHOOSE A. F. of L. SANTA ilOXICA. Oct. 12. <JP>~ Douglas Aircraft Company's' Santa Monica plant workers have chosen the A. F. of L. International Association oC Machinists as their bargaining agent. PERSONAL MENTION ATTEND LAUNCHING—Kern county residents attending the launching: ot 88 Buena Vista Hills at Sau- •allto recently Included (left to right) Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Wonzol. Raymond HmiLli, Miaa Ft an tea Nuoii, Mra. Noon and Mr. Noon 4, TTTr: HKVEREXD ALVI.V C. STRKUFKUT, pastor uf Delano Churt'h oT Our Savior-Lutheran, lf>ft roroiitly for Oaktlalo to attend tho fall session uf the Lutheran Pnstors Clroup of tho Sierra Nevada ronforonco. He matlo tlio trip north with The Iteverend I'M AN'es.sel of Las Vepas and with The Kevorend R. J. Juegels of ].!alu-rsficKl. AVIATION' CAOKT n. \V. KINO, HOM of Mrs. Sally Klnff of Delano, has left Liverniorn i'or Noi'iniin. olda., where he will continue his primary training. Jlrs. Kins vis- Iteil with her son al Llvcnnore beldre he left. SKAMAX SECOND CLASS UICK CAHKATT has returneil to San Diopo after spending a week visit- inK his wile. Mrs. Colleen Unrrutt, and daughter, Janieo Lee, of Fellows, and his mother, Mrs. Teasle, of Tal't. ROY PATTISON" of I he United States Navy, stationed nt Jacksonville, Fla., has returned to Do- laito for a 1'urlon^h with his mother, Mrs. Mabel I'atllson and other relalivos and friends. MIT. AXD MRS. FOIMOST I'H'M- Ml'^R and son. Klohard, and Mr. and Mrs. <'. II. l-ont,' nnd son, Tommy, of K1U IIIIN. wei-e reeent tlinner Kiiesls of Mr. and Mrs. «.'. A\'. Jones of Follnwc. MRS. DAVID r.. CONTlAn, who r"- iiiMill.v suffered a broken left knee cap. has lici-n able tn leave the Delano Hospital and is with her d'lUKhlrr, Mrs. Herman Chandler arid Mr. Chandler of Delano. MRS. lOl'C, p:\l-: F. MnoRK has returned lo her Delano home from a uvek's visit, in Tal't. as the guest (if her (laughter, Mrs. Kugeiio Ar- in.M riinl family. MRS. IIAliRY HAKFR of Porterville was a reeent yuesi in th" j of Mr. and Mrs. L!. E. 1!.,>\- j nrd of Delanci. i .MRS. MARY SCOTT of Delano had' as her recent guest her daughter. Mrs. Mervln AVi-bslor and granddaughter, Marria of Fresno. MARJORIIO J'RYdR has returned to school at I'asadciia alter a recent visit in Delano \\uli her parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. 1'ryor. MRS. EDGAR R"U.r;ns and small .sou of li.i\e goiio to .Denver, Coin., to !«• with Mr. Rogers, who is stationed there. MRS. DAVID H. CONRAD of! Delano is u pal lent at the Delano liospital. I MR. AXD MRS. GALERA of Delano. have JIB their house guests their sons, First Clasa Petty Officer 1'eter Galera, who has bean for the past year and a half on duty on a submarine; and Joseph Galera of the merchant marine, who has just returned from a six-months' trip. SERGEAXT RICHARD NELSON of tho marines, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred (i. Xelson, of Delano, has arrived in San Diego, after 2S months in tho south Pacific, where! he look part in the Guadalcanal Tarawa, Saipan and Tinlan campaigns. MRS. WILLIAM PER"ELLI-MIN- F.TTI and children have returned to their Delano homo from a six weeks' vacation spent at Newport lieach. MRS. WILLIAM BEXTOX and children, Hilly and Connie, have returned to their Tulare home after a recent visit In Delano with Mr. nnd Mrs. Mitchell E. Benton. Mil. AXD MRS. LEOXARD PLAUMT and daughter, Pegge, have left Delano to make their home in Visa lia. where Mr. I'latfii has been transferred. MR. AXD MRS. SCOTT LADD havo returned lo Delano from Orange. where they were called by the death of Mr. Ladd's mother. MRS. EL'GEXE F. MOORE of Delano is vlsi^ins in Taft with her daughter, Mrs. Eugene Arnold, and family. SAM PETERMAN' has returned to his homo in Fellows after receiving medical treatment at tho Santa Fo Hospital in IMA Angeles. OBUARK t AIM)i;\ \s, l-'KANK Ar.BKRT— Grave" : i!^ .-".'I \ •••'•- lor .Krank Albert C*r- ; ..:•>, in!.jiiL «un of Mr. nnd Mr?. \ ML u'i M. C.irdenas. Juokrabba :n-l- . Arviii, who died October 1 1 h -t h v in-., will im hcM October I-*1 L i . m. at I'nl-m Cemetery, tho ',-r ' --'i'l l'"i iht.-r Joseph A . Losada of- ia l :n j. t>ur\ iving tho child, beside p.i ' '.Mits. a iv brothers. Raymond C- nl r i i.i*. l.'n it ft I Stauvs N:iv> ; E<1 waul r-(!.M :•!.-*, Ilifhrinl Cardenas. Daniel i . f-'iias ami Krnrsf *.'ar donas, ult of v M- : aipti'i «. MA ruin Ta rdonAfl and M.;.! i L'.inloruis, l.nuh ot Arvin. 1 N A P P R E C IATI 0 N \\ •> u-;--;h to express mir approbation f.T i ho KiM'.inPsa ;tnil sympathy of our ] i",-iU|H ,i:i,l I'.T i tioir beaut if ul floral i>['!'.-1 n.^a during our ru<-ont bcvreavement. (S'UH'-I . Mre. Jano II. Wymio and r.-innly. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES . Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digwr CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 Chester Avenua <t Thirteenth J. 0. Fliekingir - Frank Di|i*r AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT

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