The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 13
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THE BAKERSP1ELD CALIFORNIA!*, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1988 NCTIOBS., Stock or animals slaughter of .-, , , ana rabbits) m . Bulldlno Hdlfllit Limits Nona (c) Yard* Required: Same as specified for C-2 districts. ^BCTION 22. REGULATIONS FOR • .A DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all districts with which are combined -A districts, In addition to tho regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall be subject to the provisions of Seotloji 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uiai Permitted! ,1. AH uses permitted In the respective district with which the -A district Is combined. • 2. Small livestock farming; provided, that, not to exceed ono (t) cow or sir three (3) goats or other similar llvo- etock may be kept for each twenty thousand (20,000) square feet of area of the parcel of land upon which the same are kept, to a maximum of three (8) cows or ten (10) goats or other similar livestock maintained In any one establishment. 8. In any -A district a dairy may be conducted on any parcel of land not less than five (5) acres in area. 4. Sale of any of the products of any of the aforementioned permitted uses upon tha premises upon which such products are produced: provided, that no building shall bo constructed primarily for such sale. 6. Keeping of saddle horses and of Buch horses and/or mules as may bo necessary to the conducting of any of the uses permitted In any -A district, 6, Accessory buildings and accessory uses. (b) Location of Accessory Buildings! No livestock or any building used in connection with tho same shall be located or maintained on any lot closer than forty (40) foot to tho street upon which tho lot faces or closer than twenty (20) feet to any dwelling on the same lot or on the front half of any contiguous lot. Otherwise, any accessory building used In connection with small livestock farming may occupy any portion of nny fettr yard or of any side yard along tho rear half of tho lot upon which located, except of any sldo yard adjacent to any street. SECTION 23. REGULATIONS FOR -H DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall apply In all districts with which aro combined -II districts, in addition to tho regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall be subject to tho provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uiea Permitted! * All uses permitted In tho respective district with which the -H district Is combined, provided, however, us follows: 1. No outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall ba placed and/or maintained In any such district unless placed and/or maintained within a business district as defined in the California Vehicle Act; provided, however, that outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for Informational or directional purposes of a public or quasl- Ijubllc nature may bo placed and/or maintained in any such district with which Is combined an -H district upon tho securing of u use permit, as provided' In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure; and provided, further, that there may be displayed on tho premises occupied by any permitted placo of business •which Is located In any such district with which Is combined an -H district but outside any business district as defined In tho California Vehicle Act outdoor advertising and outdoor advertising structures for tho advertising only of such business, provided that, unless all such outdoor advertising nlgnu and outdoor advertising structures displayed by or for nny one place of business are made a part of the architectural design of the building In which such business Is conducted and aro approved under the provisions of Section 30 of this ordinance, no such outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall exceed twenty-four (U) square feet In area and the total area for all outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures in the aggregate displayed by or for any ono place of business shall not exceed tho equivalent of ono (1) square foot Tor each one (1) foot of frontago actually occupied by such business. Including the widths of driveways directly appurtenant thereto. 2. No Junk yard shall bo eslabllshoc In any such district with which is combined an -H district within flvo hundred (BOO) feet of tho exterior Boundary of any public street unless the same Is completely enclosed within a building or within a fence approved by the Planning Commission. (b) Building Location: In-case no building lino is established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of the Count j or by the provisions of this ordinance for tho street upon which nny building will front In any district will which an -H dlsirlct is combined, no BUch building shall be erected, constructed, moved or structurally altered EO that tho same will bo closer to tho nearest boundary of Iho rlgh of way of such street than a distance adequate to provldo space on tho slti of such building for tho traffic move monts and standing of vehicles whlcl will bo Incidental to tho uso of such building. Such distance shall bo designated by the Planning Conimis fdon as a part of the action on plans submitted with tho application for a permit for such building, as provided in Section 30 of this ordinance. SECTION 24. REGULATIONS FOR "B" DISTRICTS In any district with which Is com •blned any "B" district, such regu latlons as to building site areas depths of front yards and widths o sldo yards as arc designated on tho sectional districts map showing such "13" district shall bo applied In llei of the ' respective regulations as to building site areas, depths of fron yards and widths of sldo yards which are hereinbefore specified for nucl district -with which is combined such "B" district; provided, however, tha any parcel of land In any "P." dls trlct, (a) which parcel was under ono ownership at the time of tho adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining land, or (b) which parcel Includes not less than ono (1) entire lot as shown on any subdivision map which was re corded In the office of the County Ro corder of the County prior to the adoption of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not less thai three thousand seven hundred flfl; (3760) square feet, or (c) which par eel Is shown us a lot on uny nubdl vision map whloh may herpafter be recorded In the office of said County Recorder after approval nf wild maj by tho Board of Supervisors In thn manner prescribed by law, may b< LEQAL NOTICES o a point pn the center line thereof, which Mint is one thousand (1000) feet distant, measured easterly and northeasterly along said center line, 'rom the easterly boundary of Sec, 26, T. 20 S., R. 28 13., M. D. M.: Fifty- five (65) feet from tho center line thereof on each side thereof. SECTION £6. BUILDING LINES Tho following specified building Ines are hereby established adjacent o Golden State Highway and Golden State Avenue, being California Slate Highway Route Number Four, as designated by the Division Of Illghwiiys of the Department of Pubic Works of the State of California: 1. From the southerly boundary of .ho City of Delano to the northerly joundary of tho right of way of Per- tlns Avenue, McFarlftnd: Thirty (30) 'net from tho exterior boundaries of tho right of way of said highway on each side thereof. 2. Prom the southerly boundary of tho right of way of Sherwood Ave- nuo, McFarland, to the northerly boundary of See. 10, T. 20 S., R. 27 E., M. 13. M.: Thirty (30) feet from tho exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof. 3. From the northerly boundary, of Sec. 10, T. 20 S., R. 27 IB., M. D. M., to tho northerly boundary of the City of Bakersfleld, and from tho southerly boundary of thn right of way of Brundago Lane to tho southerly boundary of Sections 5 and 6, T. 30 S., R. 28 13., M. 13. M.! Thirty (SO) Feet from tho exterior boundaries of tho right of way of said., highway on each sldo thereof; provided, however, that gasoline pumps and tholr appurtenances for the retrtll sale of gasoline, which gasoline pumps and their appurtenances aro structurally separate from any building or other structure and which gasoline pumps nnd/or tholr appurtenances aro not covered by a canopy In any caso, may bo erected, »lu each case, on a concrete base occupying the smallest rectangle within which such concrete base may be enclosed, which rectangle Is not greater than four (4) feet in width, with tho longer edge of such rectangle which Is nearest to tho nearest exterior boundary of said highway being located along a line fifteen (Ifi) feet distant from such exterior boundary, subject, In each such case, to the securing of a uso permit therefor, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance. 4. From the southerly boundary of tho City of llukersfleld ut California Street to tho northerly boundary of tho right of way of Brundago lAine: Ten (10) feet from the exterior boundary of the right of way of said highway on tho easterly side thereof. 5. Prom tho southerly boundary of Sections 5 nnd C, T. 30 S., R, 28 E.. M. D. M., In the northerly boundary of tho Uancho Castac: Thirty (30) feet from tho exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each Bide thereof. SECTION 27. GENERAL PROVISIONS AND EXCEPTIONS Tho regulations specified In this ordinance shall bo subject to tho following Interpretations and exceptions: (a) Use: 1. Tho following accessory uses, In addition to thoso hereinbefore specified, shnll bo permitted in any "II" district, provided that such accessory uses shall not alter tho character of tho premises In respect to their uso for tho purposes permitted In such respective district: (A) The renting of rooms and/or tho providing of table board in a dwelling us tin Incidental use to that of Its occupancy aw a dwelling of the character permitted In tho respective district, but not to tho extent of constituting u hotel as defined in this ordinance, unless permitted In the district. (B) The operation of necessary facilities and equipment In connection with schools, colleges, universities hospitals and other Institutions permitted In the respective district. (C) News and refreshment stands and restaurants In connection with passenger stations. (D) Recreation, refreshment am service buildings in public parks ant playgrounds. 2. On any lot In any "R" dlstrlc' there may be kept not to excecc twenty-four (24) fowl other than rooKtcrs, quacking ducks, geese guinea fowl or peafowl and there may bo kept not to exceed twenty- four (24) rabbits or guinea pigs, provided, that no such livestock Bhal he maintained closer than forty (40) feet to any dwelling now existing or hereafter erected on the front one- half 0,4) of any adjacent lot noi closer than twenty (20) foot to an} other dwelling now existing or hereafter erected. 3. In addition to any other outdoor advertising H!KIIH and outdoor advertising structures permitted by this ordinance, (A) such signs and structures, none of which shall exceet four (4) square feet In area, may be displayed for the purpose of advertising the sale or lease of any prop erty upon whloh dlHplayed; (B) such signs nnd structures other than thos permitted by this ordinance may b displayed for tho advertising of th salo of n, subdivision upon which placed upon the .securing of a usi permit, ns provided In Section 33 o this ordinance, for each such sign 01 structure. 4. Horses may be kept In any dls trlct, subject to thn wecurlng of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each caco o such uso In any "R" or "C" district fi. Nothing In this ordinance »hal bo deemed to prohibit tho excavating of natural materials for thn con struct Ion of a building permitted ii tho district In which thn sumo Is ti bo located, which building IB to br constructed on the name lot froir which ouch material Is excavate-, and no use permit shall bo requlrec for such uxcavatlng. tb) Helflht: 1. In any district with a heigh limit of less than soventy-flvo (7fi foot, public and semi-public buildings schools, churches, hospitals and olhe Institutions permitted In such dlstrlc may bo erected to a height not ex ceedlng seventy-five (76) fent, pro vlded that tho front, rear nml Bid yards shall be increased one (1) foo for each ono (1) foot by which sucl building exceeds tho height llinl hereinbefore established for such district. 2. One-family dwellings In R-l dls trlcts muy be Increased In heigh not to exceed ten tlO) feet and to r total of not exceeding three (3 Rtorles when two (2) side yards o widths of not less than fifteen (15 feet each aro provided. 3. Notwithstanding any other provision of this ordinance, no smokestack, flagpole, tank, radio station, oil derrick, lightning arrester, tower, building or nny other structure or thing whatsoever shall he erected, constructed, converted, altered, en LEGAL NOTICES the character permitted In the district with which 1 ! Is combined such "B" district, provided that nil other regulations for such district, as prescribed by this ordinance, shall be complied with, except that on any Huch parcel having nn average width of less than fifty (BO) feet the width of each side yard may be reduced to ten (10) per cent of tho width of such parcel, but In no case shall the width of any such sldo yard bo less than three (a) feet. , SECTION 28. FUTURE WIDTH LINES . • The following specified future width linen are hereby 'established for the following streets and highways: 1. California Avenue, from Union Avenue. Bakerafleld, to Sumner Street, which IB commonly known as the Edl*bon Highway and which Is California State Highway Route Number Eg, as designated by the Division of Highways of the Department of Public Works of the State of California: Ftf- ty-flve'(OK) feet from the center line thereof on each side thereof. 2. Nllei Strett and the extension • thereof, being California, state Highway Route Number 57, as designated by the Division of Highways of the added to or caused to exist In any district. In uny manner so that tho same will exceed a height of thirty (30) feet within a distance of flvo hundred (500) font from tho exterior boundaries of nny airport owned by the County nf Kern or so that tho same will exceed a height of sixty (CO) fwtt within a. distance of one thousand (1000) feet from said exterior boundaries, or so that thn same will exceed a height of ninety (90) feet within a distance of one thousand five hundred (1500) feet from said exterior boundaries. The height of any such structure or thing shall be deemed to be the height of the topmost part thereof, Including any appurtenance thereto, above tha level of the ground at the nearest point to such structure or thing on uny such exterior boundary of such airport. , 4. The height limitations of this ordinance shau not apply to chimneys, church spires, flag poles, monuments and radio towers, except as provided In tho preceding paragraph of this section with respect to height limits adjacent to airports. C. Where the average slope of a lot Is greater than one (i) foot rise or fall In ecv«n (7) fe«t of distance from treparunent of Public "Works *. iKe i Ye e*tibH»hed sue* MevaUon « SUU W California, from W»* easterly the property line, one *to*y in ad- boundarr ot the City of B*kwrfT«ld I dltiou toT the tiutnl*? permluSd in ho district In which such lot Is situ- led shall be permitted on the down- till side of any building; provided, lowever, that the hsight of the mlldlttK shall not be increased above he limit specified for such district, (o) Yardii 1. For .the purpose of computing ront yard .dimensions the measure- nent shall bo taken from tho nearest point bt.4he front wall of the >ulldlng to the street line; provided, however, that If an Official Plan Ijlne s established for the street, or If a uture width line Is established there- 'or by the provisions of this ordinance, then the measurement shall be uken from the nearest point of thn 'ront wall of tho building to such Official Plan Lino or such future vldlh line; except that the certain architectural features hereinafter enumerated shall not be considered n making nny such measurements, to-wlt: (A) Cornices, canopies, naves, or any other architectural features may extend beyond said front wall a distance not exceeding two (2) feel, six (8) Inches. (B) Flro escapes may extend beyond said front wall a distance not sxceedlhg four (4) feet, six (6) nchos. (C) A landing placo or uncovered porch may extend beyond said front wall to a distance not exceeding six (6) feet, provided that such landing Placo or porch shall have its floor no higher than the entrance floor of the building. A railing no higher than three (3) feet may bo placed around such landing place. In no case, however, shall any such landing place or porch extend beyond any Official Plan Lino which Is established for any street or beyond any future width lino which is established therefor by the provisions of this ordinance. (D) Tho above oTKumorated architectural features may also extend Into any side or rear yard tho same distance that they are permitted to extend beyond any front wall, except that no porch, terrace or outside stairway shall project more than throe (3) feet Into any side yard nnd then, In tho case of an outside stairway, only If tho same Is unroofed and unonoloscd above and below tho steps thereof. 2. Ordinary front yard and farm fences, sprinkling systems and BUCU Irrigation systems and their appurtenances as do not extend above tho surface of tho ground may bo ox- tended beyond any Official Plan Line or. future width lino. 3. in any R-l or R-S district or any combination therewith where twenty-five (25) per cent or more of the lots In any block and located In tho same district, exclusive of tho frontage ulong tho side of a corner lot, has been improved with buildings at tho time of tho passage of this ordinance, which buildings are of a character permitted In said district but not In a more restricted district. (Including, In nn R-l district, buildings permitted In such district), and the front yards on such lots vary In depth to an extent not greater than six (6) feet, then tho required front yard depth for such district shall be disregarded Ui -such block and In lieu thereof thl front yard required on each lot In said block shall bo of a depth not less than the average depth of the front yards on tho lots on which are located such existing buildings, to a maximum of fifty (60) feet. Tho snino rule shall apply In any R-3 or R-4 district or any combination therewith, but only, however, In case such average depth of front yard? on the lots on which arn located sucli existing buildings Is less than tho depth of front yards otherwise required by this ordinance. In no caso however, shall uny building bo prcctet closer to any street lino than any Official Plan Lino which \ H estab llahed for such street or than any fu ture width lino designated therefor by tho provisions of this ordinance 4. When any Interior lot In an R-l or R-2 district Is adjacent to any lot in any district other than ai R-l or R-2 district and other than any C-l district which Is ontlrelj surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and tho County boun dnry. tho depth required for tho fron yard on such Interior lot may In reduced to not less than tho aver ago of such required depth and the width or depth of yard required 01 said lot In such other district whlol yard Is adjacent to the street upon which said Interior lot faces. t). When uny Interior lot In an R-3 or R-4 district IH adjacent to any lot In nny "C" or "M" district, ex copt any C-l district which Is en tlrely surrounded by "R" districts 01 by such districts and the Counl> boundary. Iho front yard requirement for such interior lot may be disregarded and in lieu thereof tha portion of any building on that por tlon of the width of such Interior lo not exceeding ono-half (V4) thereof and not exceeding twenty-five (25 feet, which portion of the width o such Interior lot Is next adjacent t< such lot In such "C" or "M" dls trlct, may ho built, to the street lino nnfl'nhfi lino of tho building for thfl remainder of such building shall b not nearer to said street lino than a distance equal to such roqtilrei depth of front yard. 6. In determining tho depth of roa yard for any building, but not for any dwelling group, where such rear yan opons into an alley, one-half th« width of such alley, but not exceed Ing ten (10) feet, may be conslderei as a portion of such rear yard; pro vlded, however, that Oils' provlsloi shall not be so applied as to roduc thn depth of any rear yard to lew than ton (10) foot; and provided further, that In no caso ehall th door of any building or Improvement oxcept a ffnce, which door open Into any alloy, bo erected, constructs, or established closer to the cento of such alloy than a distance of flf teen (16) feet. 7. In cano an accessory building I attached to the main gliding, It shal be made structurally a purl thereol and shall comply In all respects wilt tho requirements of this ordInane applicable to the main building. A: accessory building, unless attached t and made a part of the. main build Ing as above provided for, shall no be closer than five (5) feet to th main building. 8. A detached accessory building o not over one story and not exceeding twelve (12) feel in height may occup 1 not to exceed thirty (30) pur cent o the area of any rear yard. Any sue accessory building may have not t exceed ono (J) additional story use for apartments, provided that: (A) Such additional story, he,rel construed lo be a dwelling, shall no bo permitted unlt-HS the namo In per milted under the regulations hnreln before In this ordinance specified for I the dlsirlct In which »uch accessory ' building Is located, oxeept that any such nddlllomil story In nn R-l district may tin used Is a dwnlllng when no rent, cither direct or Indirect,, In paid for such uco, or as a dwelling [or Kervants, Including the family of tho xame, which arc employed on tho suinu Int. (B) No exterior wall of such additional story shall be nearer to any lot line than u distance equal to the width of a side yard required on the same lot. (C) No exterior wall of such additional story shall be nearer than Un (10) feet to any main building on the same lot. (D) No such additional story shall b* constructed on any lot In any R-l district prior to the construction of a one-family dwnlllng thereon, unless and until a use permit, an provided In Section S3 of this ordinance, shall fIrat 'have been secured for such additional story. 9. Detached -accessory buildings in "R" districts shall conform to tho following: additional regulations aa to their locations upon the lot; provided, however, that where tha slope of Ute front half of the lot la greater than one (1) foot rlie or fall in a distance of seven (1) feet from th» aKlabUshad street elevation at th« property line, or where the elevation of the lot at the street Ijno Is five (6) feet «r more above or below th* established »tre«t elevation, a private garage may bo LSOAL NOTICES milt to the front and side lines of he lot: (A) In the case of an Interlbr lot butting upon one street, no detached icoessory building shall bo erected r altered so as to encroach upon the ront half of the Vot (B) In tho case of an Interior lot abutting upon two or more streets, 10 accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to encroach upon the one-quarter (M) of the lot nearast ilther street. , (C) In tho case of a cornel lot abutting upon two (2) streets, no accessory building shall bo erected or tltered so as to encroach upon the area between such respective streets and lines drawn parallel to such streets, respectively. In such a manner that each Of such linos divides ho lot Into two (2) equal areas; provided that on a corner lot adjacent to a key lot no accessory build- tig shall bo located nearer lo tho street line of the street upon which such key lot faces than a distance equal to tho depth of the front yard required on said key lot, provided hat this regulation shall not bo so applied as to require that that lino of such accessory building which is nearest (o said street line shall bo nearer to the lot lino opposite said street line than a distance of sixteen (16) feet. (D) In tho case of a corner lot abutting on more than two (2) streets, no detached accessory build- ng Blmll bo erected or altered so as to be nearer to any street lino than one-fourth (>4) the width or length of the lot. (B) No detached accessory bulld- ng shall bo erocted or altered so as o be within flvo (6) feet of the side lino of tho front half of nny adja- «nt lot, except as hereinbefore specifically permitted. (F) Notwithstanding any requirements In this section, tho foregoing rules shall not require any detached accessory building to bo moro than seventy-flvo (75) feet from any street lino bounding tho lot. (d) Interpretation of Ordinance: In Interpreting and applying the provisions of this ordinance, they shall bo hold to be tho minimum requirements adopted for tho promotion of tho public health, safety, rum- fort, convenience, and general welfare. Except as specifically heroin provided, It Is not Intended by this ordinance to repeal, abrogate, nnmtl or in any way to Impair or Interfere with any existing provision of Uiw or ordinance, or any rules, regulations or permits previously adopted or Issued, or which shall be adopted or Issued pursuant to law relating to the use of buildings or premises, or rotating to tho erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargement of .any building or Improvement; nor Is it Intended by this ordinance to Interfere with or abrogate or annul any casement, covenant or other agreement between parties; provided, however, that Ii cases in which this ordinance Imposes a greater restriction upon tho erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargement ol buildings or tho uso of any such building or premises In said severu districts or any of them, than Is Imposed or required by such existing provisions of law or ordinance or by such rules, regulations or permits, 01 by such easements, covenants or agreements, thon In such cases the provisions of this ordinance shall control. SECTION 88. NON.CONFORMING USES Except as otherwise provided In this section, the lawful uso of land existing at tho time of thn adoptloi of this ordinance, although such uso does not conform to tho regulations specified by this ordinance for the district In which such land Is located, may bo continued; provided, however, thut no such non-conforming UNO shall bo enlarged or In- creasnd, nor shall any such non-conforming uso bo extended to occupy a greater area of land than thut occupied by such use at tho time of the adoption of this ordinance; provided, further, that If any such nonconforming uso ceases, any subsequent uso of such land shall be In conformity to the regulations specified by this ordinance for tho district In which mich laud Is located. Kxcept aa otherwise provided In this section, the lawful use of a build- Ing existing at the time of tho adoption of this ordinance may ho continued, although such UBO doos not conform to the regulations specified LKQAL NOTICES In ono (1) year from and aiter the date that such junk yard becomes a non-cdnformlng use. Regardless of any other .provision of this ordinance, any ftutdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure'which, after tho adoption of this ordinance, exists as a nonconforming use In any district is hereby declared to be a public mil- sanco, and shall be abated, removed or changed to a conforming use with- n 'six (B) months from and after tho date that such outdoor advertising sign or outdoor Advertising structure becomes a non-conforming use. Regardless of any other provision of this ordinance, any use for which a uso permit Is required or for which a usn permit may be granted, as provided in this ordinance, whloh uso Is existing at the time of tho adoption oC this ordinance In any district In which such use Is specifically permitted subject to thn securing of a uso permit, shall without further ac. tlon bo deemed to be a conforming Use In such district. SECTION 89, BUILDING PERMITS AND PLATS No building or structure having an aggregate value In excess of Twenty- five (26) Dollars, and no building or structure designed or Intended to bo used for any commercial or Industrial purpose (except nn accessory building having nn aggregate valuo of less than Twenty-five (!5) Dol larsl shall hereafter be erected or constructed unless and until a per mil therefor shall first havo beon secured from tho Planning Commission or from such officer or employee thereof as said Commission may designate for such purpose. No repairs or alterations of an aggregate value in excess of Twenty-five (25) Dollars nnd no repalru or alterations which would change Ihe character of any building or structure! to a commercial or Industrial nature (excopt an iiflcessory building having an iig grpgnte value of less than Twenty- five (26) Dollars shall hereafter be mado on any x building or structure until a permit therefor shall first have been secured from tho Planning Commission or from the aforesaid officer or employee thereof. Nn building or structure having an aggregate value In excess of Twenty-five <8M Dollars and no building or structure designed or Intended to on used for commercial or Industrial purposes (except an accessory building having an aggregnie valuo of less than Twenty-five (2B) Dollars) shall hereafter bo moved until a permit for such moving shall first havo been secured from tho Planning Commission or from the aforesaid officer or employee thereof and also from the Couniv Surveyor. The aforesaid permits shnll ho required for all such buildings and structures, except fencex. hereafter erected, constructed, altered, repaired or moved within or Into any district established by this ordinance except any A-l or A-2 district with which no -H district Is combined, except that no such permit shall he required for any building or structure designed or Intended to he used as a one-family dwelling or for any agricultural purpose, or for any purpose accessory thereto, In any "A" or "M" district wllh whloh nn -II district Is combined If mich liulldlug or structure Is located or Is to he located nt a dlstnnco of not loss than LEGAL NOTICES temporary certificate ."hall not bo construed aa In any way altering the respective rights, duties or obligations of the owners or of the County relating to tho use or occupancy of the premises or nny other matter covered by thla ordinance, nnd such tomporary certificate shall not be Issued except under such restrictions and provisions an will adequately Insure the safety of tho occupants, Written application for a certificate of occupancy for fne use of vacant land or for a change In the character of the uso of land, as heroin required, shall be made before any such land shall bo so occupied or used, except for agricultural purposes. Such H certificate of occupancy shall be Issued within three (S) days after the application therefor has beon ninde, provided such uso Is In conformity with tho provisions of this ordinance, ICvery certificate of occupancy shsll slitto that tho building or proposed uso of n building or land compiles with all provlnlons of law and of this ordinance. A record of nil certificates of occupancy shall bo kept on flic In tho office of the Planning Commission and copies shall bo furnished, on request, (o nny person having a proprietary or tenancy Interest in tho building or land affected. No fen shall be charged for a certificate of occupancy. No permit for excavation for any building shall Im issued before application bus been made for a certificate of occupancy, SECTION 32. ADJUSTMENTS, VARIANCES AND APPEALS Tho Planning Commission, subject to thn approval and confirmation of tho Honra of Suprrvtaors In each case. IIH hereinafter provided, shall havo power to grant adjustments and variances In and to any of tho provisions of thin ordinance to the extent of tho following nnd no further: 1. To vary or modify the strict application of nny of tho regulations or provisions contained In this ordinance In onsen In which there are practical difficulties or unneceMNary hardships In the way of such strict application. 2. To permit tho extension of a dlo- Irlct whom thn boundary line thereof divides a lot In ono ownership at tho tlmo of the passage of this ordl- nnnrc. Application fur any adjustment or variance ptirmlsxlhlo under tho provisions of this HBCtlon Klmll lio mado to Iho Planning Commission In the form of n written sppllcAilmi for n building permit or fur a permit to uso tho property or premises no set forth In said npnllcutlon and ohnll set forth nil dplHlla of thn proponed LEQAL NOTICES erty or Improvements In said neigh- i borhood. 3. Any proceedings to classify certain uses ns conforming uses, as provided In this section, may be Initiated by tho Board of Supervisors or by the Planning Commission, or by petition as hereinbefore provided. All other provisions of said Section 32, Including the designation by the Planning Commission of any conditions upon which the use permit may bo Issued and guarantees that such conditions will be complied with, shall apply to the granting of a use permit. Any IIRO permitted under tho terms of any uso permit shall bo established and conducted In conformity to the terms of such use permit and of any conditions designated In connection therewith. SECTION 34. AMENDMENTS This ordinance may be amended by changing the boundaries of districts or by changing any other provision hereof whenever this public necessity and convenience and the general w«l- fnre require such amendment, by following the procedure specified In this section. Said amendment may be Initiated by: (R) Tho verified petition of on* or more owners of property affected by tho proposed amendment, which petition shall bo filed with the Plan- nlng Commission nnd shall be accompanied by a fco of Twenty-five (26) Pollnr.i no part of which shall bo returnable to tho petitioner; or by (h) Resolution of intention of tho Board of Supervisors; or by (c) Resolution of Intention of tho Planning Commission. The Planning Commission, not. later than nt its next succeeding meeting following tho filing of such verified petition or following the adoption of such resolution of Intention, shall set the times and places for such public hearings therenn ns may bo required by law, and »hull glvp such notice of such hearings as may bo required by law. Such notice shall Include nn- tlcn of the proposed amendment. In ensn tho proponed amendment consists of n change of thn boundaries of any district so ns to reclnsslfy property from nny district, except nn A-l or A-2 district, to nny other district, the Planning t'omml**lon shall Rive additional notice of the time nnd place, of Mich hearings and of tho purpose thereof bv t. Posting public notices thereof not less than ten (10) days prior to Iho (Into of the first of such henr- IIIRS nlnng ench nml every Mreet upon which ihe properly proponed to he rochiBslflcd abuts. In CBSH n nm - Jorlty of the property proposed to bo reclasHlfled bns been subdivided Intn pni'rpla of one (1) ncrtt or lesn In construction or URO. I'pon receipt of I area, such notices shnll bn plnciul (100) feet from thn i such boundary of tho right of way of any Klrret, and not Inss limn ton (10) feet from any property lino. Kvory application for nny permit required by the provisions of thin section shall bo accompanied by a drawing or pint. In duplicate, drawn to scale, showing- the. lot and building site, the proposed location of tho building on the lot, accurate dimensions of the building, of Iho yards mid of the lot. and such other Information IIM may bo necessary to the enforcement of this ordinance. A careful record of the original copy nf such application and plat shall he kept In the office of tho I'lnnnliiK Commission and tho duplicate copy shall lie Kept at thn building at ail times during construction. nny tun-h nppllcatlon liy Iho officer or employee of the Planning Commission declaim tod In the rules of thn Commission for .such purpose, such officer or r>mpln>i><i .Nhnll xet n limn nml placo for a public henrlne before the Planning Commission on xuch ap- pllcnllon, Such officer or employee >lmll cause public notlc%> of .«uoh public i bearing to be Klven by nillMnK one no- S tlce thereof to be published In a news! paper of Bom-rnl circulntlon In the I County lit loust ten (10) days before ! tho dnto of nnld hearing. At said ! hearing Ihn applicant nhnll present n statement nml ndeouiile evidence, In form aH tho I'lannltiK Cominls- nul moro than five hundred (500) foet apart and such posting shnll extend tilting said street or streets a dlstiiure of not less than flvo hundred (f>00) fool from tho exterior limits of such properties as aro proposed for re- cliiBsif lent Ion. In the raso of all other property proposed to bo rpclns- Mlfled •-iieh notices shnll he placed not more than one <1) mile npnrt. Kuch such noil,'n Nlmll ronsltft of Iho words "Nutleo of proposed amendment Id Land l.'.ie Plan" printed In plain type with loiters nut |I<SH than ono (I) Inche in height, and In addition there- j hold on to n statement In small typo Bcttlni: ! IM<>. by forth , , | .,..,,. a KfMHM'nl (IrmTipUun of th** Nlim limy require, showing: property Involved In tho proposed 1 Mint th..ri! are special c rcuni- ; dinnge of district, the time nnd pin.•« M« i H V .'i'". 10 '" 1 " 1 " applicable to „,. w lilch the public lit-tirlngs on tho (ho land, bnlMlim «>r use referred to | , m , prw ed ,-hamie will bn held and any oilier informntlon which the Planning Ci'miiilsMoii may deem to be IICCOH- K;ir> ; nnd by U. Mulling n p.-vslnl i-urii notice not leRM tlmn ten dnys prior to the date of tho first of such hearings to the owners of nil property wlihln the POM Inn urea iiliove defined, iislim for IhlH pill pose Hit- ho.I lum\vn lilllllx nnd nddrefis of such owners n» shown upon Ihe records of the AHMosyor of the Counly Any failure to post public notices or to mnll posinl card notices »« In Hi" 2. Tlml thi) uninllnR of the application Is necessary for tho preservation and enjoyment of substuntlal property rights. :t Thn! the Ki-nnllng of the application will not ll,:\li Hilllv adversely nffeet Ihe health or wifely of per ni>iii< reMillim or working In Iho nelKhhnrhotid nf Ihe properly nf the iipplli-iint anil will not lie materially il"ti Inientiil IK dm public welfare or Injurious to properly or IniprnVc- nu-iits In Kalcl neighborhnod. onment In th* County Jail 6t th» County for a term not exceeding three (3) months or by both such fine ' ana Imprisonment. Such person, flna or corporation shall be deemed to b» guilty of a separate offense for each and every day during any portion of which any violation of this ordinance Is committed, continued, ot permitted by such person, flna or. corporation, and shall be punishable as herein provided. Any building or structure set up, erocted, constructed, altered, enlarged, converted, moved of main* talned contrary to the provisions of this ordinance and/or any uso of anr land, building or premises conducted, operated or maintained contrary t* the provisions of this ordinance shall bo and the same Is hereby declared to ho unlawful and a public nuisance and tho District Attorney of the County shnll. upon order of the Board of Supervisors, immediately commence action or proceedings for the abatement and removal and en- Jolnment thereof In the manner provided by law nnd shall take such other steps and shall apply to such court or courts as may have Jurisdiction to grant such relief as will abatn and remove such building or structure and restrain and enjoin any i parson, firm or corporation from I setting up. erecting, bulldlnir, main- j tntnlng or lifting any such building or structure or using any property contrary to the provisions of this ordinance. The remedies provided for herein shall be cumulative and not exclusive. SECTION 37. REPEALING All ordinances and parts or ordl- nancet" of said County In conflict with this ordinance, to the extent of such conflict nnd no further, are hereby repealed; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall b« deemed to repeal or amend any ordinance of said County requiring a permit or license or both, to cover nny business, trade or occupation. SECTION 38. VALIDITY If any section, sub-section, sentence, cinuxn or phrase of this ordinance Is for any reason held by a court of competent Jurisdiction to be Invnlld, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance. The Board of Supervisors hereby declares that It would have passed this ordinance nnd ench section, sub-section, sentence, clause nnd phrase hereof, Irrespective of the fact that any on« or more sections, sub-sections, sentences, clauses or phrases be declared Invnlld. SECTION 39. REFERENCE This ordinance shall ho known and cited as the Land Use Plan Ordinance of tho County of Korn. SECTION 40. ENACTMENT This ordinance shall take effect nnd he in force thirty (30) dnys after the dale of Its passnge, nnd shall within flftoen days from tho date of Its pnwsnRe bo published for one week In the Ilnkorsfleld Callfornlnn. a newspaper of eren«ml circulation printed und published In the said County of Kern. Tho foregoing ordinance was duly and rejrularly passed and adopted by tho Hoard of Supervisors of the County of ICcrn, State of California, nt a regular session of said Board the Mlh day of September, tho following vote, to-wlt: Ayos: Parish, lllnman. Abel. Noes: None. Absent; Woollomes. AVImmer. (SHAM STANUKY ABEU Chnlrmnn Pro-Tern of tho Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern. Statf of California. ATTEST: F. K. SMITH, County Clerk und ex-Offlclo Cl«rt of the Hoard of Supervisors. September 21! to ?S Inc SECTION 30. ARCHITECTURAL SUPERVISION Iii case an application IH nindo for a permit, ns required In Section 29 of this ordinance, for nny hulldlnit, structure or other Improvement in any district with which Is combined an -II district, said nppllratlnn Khali bo accompanied by drawings, or sketches showing thu front, Hides and I rear elevations of tho proposed build- by this ordinance for thn district In I '" Bl structure or other Improvement, which such building Is located. Any ! or ,..I lf ,..A!!°-..- bll 'W. ln *' Htructurft such UHO may bn extended through' out- tho building provided no structural alterations except those required by law or ordinance arn made therein. If no structural alterations aro mado, tho non-conforming of a building may bo changed to another non-conforming UHO, which, In tho opinion of the Planning Commission, Is of tho mi in u or of u moro restricted nature. If a non-conforming use hereunflor ceases for n continuous period of not lass than six (ii) months, any future uso of nftld building Bluill bo In conformity to HIM regulations spue.lfled by this ordl- nunco for the district In which such building Is located. No existing building designed, arranged or Intended for or dnvotfcd to a use not permitted under tho regulations specified by this ordlnanoti for the district In which such building or premises Is located shall be enlarged, extended, reconstructed or structurally altered unless such UNI; IN changed to a uso permitted under the regulations specified by this ordinance for such district In which wild building Is located; provided, however, that work dono In any period of twelve f]2) months on ordinary structural alterations or replacements of walls, fixtures or plumbing not exceeding twenty-five (26) per cent of the building's nx- s<?sned value according to tho assessment thereof by tho Assotmor of tho County for thn fiscal year In which fcuch work Is dono Khali ho permitted, provided that tho cubical contents of the building ns It existed at the time of the passage of this ordinance bo not Increased. If nt any time any building In ox- Istienco or maintained at the tlmo of the adoption of this ordinance, which does not conform to the regulations for tbo district In which It In located, shall be destroyed by fire, explosion, Act of God or tict of the public enemy to tho extent of moro than seventy- flvn (75) per cent of thn assessed valuo thereof uucnrdlrig t o th» assessment thereof by the said Assessor for tho fiscal year during which sueh destruction occurs, then without further action by (ho Hoard of Hupor- vlsors the said building nnrt the land on which said building wtis located or maintained shall from nnd after tho dale of ouch destruction ho Mib- all tho regulations specified .. ordlnnnc.n for t|io dlsirlct In which Nuch land and building uro located. • The foregoing provisions Khali ulso apply to nan-conforming uses In districts hereafter changed. other Improvement as the sumo will appear after Iho work for whloh the permit IN sought sliBll have bri<ii completed. Such Drawing or skod-hes ((hull ho considered by Ihe Planning Commission In an endeavor lo provide that such buildings, structures and other Improvement* shnll bo sri designed and constructed that they will not lie of unsightly, undesirable or obnoxious appearance to the extent thnt they will hinder tho orderly nnd harmonlouH development of thn County, impair tho denlrnbllliy of residence. Investment or occupation In tho Counly IIH appearing lo trnv- Thn rnmmlsMon [.hull thrrovipon nmlio Its (Ifi-lslun mi the nald application and shnlt report such dominion to Iho Hoard of Kuporvlnorii within forty-flvo (4!1) dn>-« after tho fllltiK of tho application. In nrantliiK nny adjustment or variance under the in-dvlnlons of this »ec- lion, Iho PlaimniK Commission shall designate Mich comlltloiiN In connection therewith aw will, In Its opinion. Kocuro siiliHlantlully tho objectives of the rrxulalion or provision to which or to mall postal rant i ii fin-ess Id Hhnll not Invulldnto tiny proceedings for unii'tidmonl of this ordinance, following tho aforosald hearings the Planning Commission Khali miilio a report nf I|B findliiKH nnd recom- mcndallon« with respect to tin. proposed amendment and Rhni! fllo with the HUH ill of Supervisors nn attohtod copy uf mich report within ninety il'Ol days Rftor tho dtUo of tho minting at whlrh said Commission net the tinie.-i and places for said heni-liur!). Knlluro , ,. • i IIIMI |H*«ic» i or wiiiti neariiiKi. I'd "!±J" "1W. ?r_ _ v ' i r lu »°» ... " i «" <»" I-lammm r..inml.Nl»n-s» ., liriinted, ns to light, nlr, nnd the pub lic health, unfety, morals, convenience and Kenet-nl wc-lfnre. No permit shnll be issued under the provisions of this feet Inn tinlenn and until n decision of the lliumlnR ('oniniUulon. us afore- sitld. approving tlio n:ime. shall have been approved and confirmed by the Hoard of Supervisors, In reporting ItH decision to (be Hoard of Supervisors ihe Planning rmnmlsslnn shnil report Its findings with respect thereto nnd nil fneto In connection therewith, and fihall specifically nnd fully si-t forth any iidjii«tmpnl or varlancn crnnlod and the ciindlilumi deslit- naled. I'pon rorclpt of Much report, If the decision of the I'lunnliiK I'om- . .... general prosperity nnd welfare. To this end, the Planning Commission Khali RUKROSI nny changes In tho plmiN uf mich proposed buildings, HtriictureH nnd other Improvements whleh It may doom to bn necessary to accompllnh the purposes (if this snctlon, nnd shnll not approvn any nurd plnns until It l« kdtlnflnd that mn-li purposes will ho ucoompllidiod thorohy. In cnso Ihe applicant In not Katlnflort with the action of tho Planning Commission. port wlihln snld nlmfty (9u) da>N shall bo deomed to bo approval of tlie proposed nniendninnt by snld Planning Commission. ITjnni receipt of such report from the PlnnnlnK Commission, or upon the expiration of such ninety <))(» days as uforcsnld. the Hoard of Su- pervlsorN shall set the matter for public henrlng after notice thereof and of thn proposed amendment. Klven as provided by Inw. After the conclusion of such heurlng the Hoard of (Supervisors may adopt tho amendment or any part thereof net forth In the petition or In DIP resolution of Intention In such form ns Mild Hoard may deem to be advisable. Tim decision of thn Hoard of Supervisors shall bn rendered within sixty (60) days after thn receipt of a report nnd recommendations from the Planning Commission or after the expiration of such ninety (!<0) days, aforesaid. State of California, Department o' Public Works, Divlilon of Highway* i NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SKAI.KK PIHIPOSAI.S will bn received by the Department of Publlo | Works. Division of Highways, at the j offico of tho District Engineer, State j Highway Hulldlng, Fresno, California. i until 10:00 o'clock A. SI., on Septcm- I her 28. 193(1, nt which time they will i bo publicly opened and read for performing work ns follows: Kern County. : nt railroad crossing one mile cast of llosednlo (VI-ICor-5S-i,). about twen- I ly-three hundredth* (0.13) mile In ! length, to bo graded and surfaced ; with crusher run base and road mUc SK n »flir he may, within thirty (30) .. such action, uppnnl In writing to tho Board of Supervisors. Snld Ronrd Hhall hold u hearing on unld appeal and shall runder Its dculslon thnronn within thirty (30) duyx after tho filing thereof. No permit, as provided herein, shall b« Issued unions tho plans filed with the application therefor as required In thl* section shall first havo bneu approved by tho Planning Commission or by the Hoard of Sujiorvlnors. Upon such upprr>vnl or sued - an which adjiiKlniontM or variant-en nre I t'pon tho consent of th<« planning granted uiidnr the pi-m-talnns of IhlH I < 'omnilssluii any petition for un lion, tho Planning Commission j »iii"iulniont mav In. withdrawn upon i shall require sm-li ovldcinoe and ' the wrlttnn application of a majority i of all tho peiwoiiH who nlgnod such ! petition. The Hoard of Supervlnors ; or (he I'lannliiK Commission, as tho • •.•me. may he, tuny by rt-.solullmi. ; abandon any proecodliiKH for an amendment Inlilntod by Us own resolution of IntMillon, provided that such '• ahandonmiMil may lio mnde only when ' Mieh priH-ced!ntf» nr« In-fore sm h , hody for confederation mid provld,»il that nny hearing of which publlo ; not Ion haw boon given ishnll be held. Nrusrnntoi>B HH It mny deem In bn necessary thnt Iho conditions designated In oonneetlon therewith aro be- IhK nnd will li« L-oiiiplli><l wllh. The 1'liinnlni; Commlitrilon shall have power to hnfir and deolilo appeals Involving the enforcement of | IhlH ordhiHiire wh»n siieh appealn aro r "." ll "'" n " rtl "' " f "'" l '' l " r " r< " : Pluns rimy bo seen, and forms of i proposnl. bonds, contract and specif 1- i cm Ions may be obtained at tho above llddretis. j No Mil will be received unless It U , mndo on n proposal form furnished by i tho nutrlrt Engineer. Each bid must I h<> neconipnnlod by ottKh or a certified j che<-k or cachlnr's check mada payable 1 to tho Dtructor of Public Works for nn amount equal to at least ten per ; erni (10T) of tho amount bid, such ! Ruarunty to bo forfeited should the i bidder to whom tha contract Is i n warded full to enter Into the con- i tract. i The Department of Public 'Wortcs reserves tho right to reject any or all ; hlds. ! In Accordance with the provisions of i Chapter 397, Statutes of 18J1. the De- partmont of Public Works has ascertained the gennral prevailing 1 rate of ; wages applicable to tho work to be i dntio to he as fallows: ! Clarification— Rate per hour i Tractor driver (50 h.p. and ; •"'«•) $1.00 ' Roller operator (finishing high type pavement. Including sub- Krndn for same) 1.00 : Carpenter Operator of power shovel or other excavating equipment. shovel type controls (»i cubic yard or more).. l.ltl uun the Planning Commission, JfCt III by this , officer or «mplo}'«« tboreof us said Commission irmy denljfmite for *ueh purpose, shall Issue mich pornilt, pro- vlded all other provisions of law have been compiled wllh. Uvery drawing or sketch filed under th« provisions of this section shall become a purl of (ho permanent records of Ihn Plan- nlng Commission. SECTION 31. CERTIFICATES OF | OCCUPANCY ! No vfle.unl land In nny district es- itablished by IhlH ordinance, except i any A-1 or A-2 district with which I no -H district Is combined, Khali here- i after be occupied or lined, eii;ept for j agricultural usi-i,, and no building I hereafter erected, structurally altered ' or moved, for which building a per SECTION 33. USE PERMITS fsn permit* may be Issued for nny of Ihe following In nny district: 1 Any of the uccs or purposes for which sueh perinllN are roqulrod or permitted by thu provisions of this ordInn nee. 2. Public utility or public service uses or public bulldlnits when found to lie necensiiry for thfi public health, safety, convenience or welfare, 3. I'ommercliil cxcnviittmr of natural materials used for building or operator (finish I SECTION 35. FORM OF PETITIONS, APPLICATIONS AND APPEALS j The Planning Commission nhall In j Its rules prescribe the form ami scope of nil petitions, applications and up- penis provided for In this ordinance, I and of accompanying data to be fur- i nlshed so as to assure the fullest ! practicable presentation of facts for j Truck driver (4 cubic "yards | proper consideration of the matter I tor level capacity or more) Illade grader work) Orairlino operator (except shovel t.vpn) Reinforcing steel worker HolBlman Painter Concrete vibrator operator Tractor driver fundsr 50 h.p) Truck driver (less than 4 cublo yards water level capacity).... 1.50 XT . i i . . *? '" " 1 "*''<l, I"' wnieu Ullllflinu II per • .Nothing contained in this ordinance ; mil is required under tho provisions shall be deemed to require uny chaneo In the plans, construction or designated use "of any building upon which actual construction was lawfully begun prior to tho adoption of this ordinance and upon which building actual construction has been diligently carried on. Actual construction I* hereby defined to b« the actual placing of construction materials In their permanent position fastened In a permanent manner; except that Where a basement Is being excavated, «uch excavating shall ba deemed to be actual coimtructloti; or where demolition or removal of an existing structure has been begun preparatory to rebuilding, such demolition or removal shall be deemed to be actual construction: provided that in all cane* actual construction work shall be diligently carried on until the completion of tha building or structure Involved. fteirardless of any other provision of this ordinance, any junk yard which, after the adoption of this ordinance, exist* an a non-cotiformiwjf u«e in any •'H", "C" or -H district I* hereby declared to b« u, public nui- Ran?«, and shall. be abated, removed or chanjed to a conforming use wlth- of .Section 2» of thin ordinance, shall bo occupied or uwed until a c«rllfb-ale of occupancy shall have bi.«n 'lusned by the Planning Commission or by such officer or employee, thereof n» thn Commission may designate for ch iiiirpone. Application for a certificate of occupancy for u nnw building or for an existing building which has been altered or moved shit II he made at the sam« time a» the application for a Pftrmlt for such building u« r«(iulr«d In Hcctlon it of this ordinance. Said certifies t« shall be insm-d within three (3) days after a written request for thtt name shall have beon made to the Planning Commission or to •aid officer or employee thereof after the erection, alteration or movlnjt of •uch building or part thereof shall have been uompl«t*ti In conformity with the provisions of this ordinance, Pending the Issuance of mien a certificate. a temporary certificate of occupancy may b* Issued by the Planning Commission or by said officer or employe* tn*r*0f far a period Of not exceeding, slz («) months 4ur< in* the compUUen of Alteration* or during partial ocftumney of a build- in* pending 1U coqip!«Uou. Such 4. To classify n» n conforming uso nny use ponnlttpd In ('••! districts, but not In more r«»trlctod districts, which UNI, IH oklHtlnif ut Iho time nf tlio adoption of HilM ordinance on a nnii-oiiiifornilnK UK- In n C-l tllclrli't. C. To elanMfy IIM ii conforming Ufei- nny InMltutknnil une oxInlliiK In nny dlslrlrl HI the tlmo ••! the tminli- lli'hMienl of pneh district. 5. To pprmll lh« location of nny of tin- following uaf-H In H dlMtrloi from which thoy urn excluded by thn prn- vNluiin of tliU nrdlniiiK'o airport. II- liniry, i-oriiiiiiiiiii y renter. i hiin-h hiiKpllnl. liit-iliiiili,n«. of nn odiicn- tliinal, plilliinlhropi • charliiilile nature, comeiery, rrematory, tnnimo Iriini ami nny nth") 1 |»ln<••• for dlxponal of th* human drail. Siirh UBO pc-rtnltK ishull bo under the uainii prnrrdurw us that a|H>clflt«(l In Section 32 of thlw ordinance for the granting of udjuntmnnts or vajlunreB, excvpi that: 1. N<> I'll Mir heullnn nerd b« hn-ld thereon; provided, however, that thu Planning ('111111111x111011 muy hold such hoarhiK* th<Teem UK It may dorm to bo neofrssury; and piuvldi-d. further, that u public lionrliiK KhHll lie held oil liny application for u UHO permit for the '.'Ktiil/lialniKMil of uny use hsie.l In the ur«<;Adlne paragraph minibei v<l "6" of this CRctlon. i!. Tho findings of the PlannluK Commission, except as otherwise provided In thl* sort Ion, need Include only that the establishment, malnte- nance and/or conducting uf the u«« for which » uso permit In nought will not. under the circumstances of thn particular ca*(*. bo detrimental to tho health, safety, moral*, comfort, convenient*, or general welfare of p*rKon« rctildlnn or working In th> • ....... • - v .,,, | involved In each cnse nnd for a per- i nmneiil record. Any petition for an ! adjus In Hnrllrtn K! fif till* ordinance, or for n uso permit an provided In Siv-- llon 3!i of this ordinance, or for ttn iiinendmeni at. provided In Soc-tlun ;;i of Mild ordinance, hlmll In.-hide :\ verification by at least une of the pvtl- UoiniD, nlti'MIng to the truth mid '•orroctneH* of nil fa--lrt nnd IIIHUH pre- n'nl.-l with nnli) p.-tltlon. Sii.-h verification nhnll I'e dated nnd attested He-fore c. iir.iary public or l-ofuru the County Clerk. SECTION 36. ENFORCEMENT, LEGAL PROCEDURE. PENALTIES All rtVpni'lments. offlcUiU m, t | put,- Teamster lie oiiip!-,> ,-,..-< ,,f t) 1( < v,unity which ! landy nian uro v<-«tr<l with Iho duly or itut|uirlt> the i to iKRUe iiertniiH or l!c,in.-*e.s hhall citii'- form to lh<- of this ordl- Igsuod : tmtice nnd hlmll issue rio such permit or license for uses. l.uHdlftKK, or purposes where tl\<! »am« would bo In conflict wllh tho provisions of tlu» ordinance, and any uuch permit or llt-eiiM-. If I*IHUM| In conflict with the provisions of this ordinance, ahull I.,null ami void. It vliall be thrt duty of the Plnn- nliiK Commission to unfor«-« the pto- ylniiiiiM f.f UilH ordiniincv pertaining to lh« oreotion, construction, rt'i'on- structlon, innviiiK, conversion, hilt-ration or addition to any bulldine ur structure. It shall be the duty of tha Sheriff (power shovels or cranes). tirader operator flowing or motor, rough work) .......... .... Roller operator Driller .......................... Hl.vksmlth ..................... rtloper .......................... Asphalt plant dryermun or fireman ......................... Mechanic (trouble shooter) ...... Concrete worker for structures (Wrt nnj dry) ................ Conereie mlM»r operator (except pa ving type) ....... Trni!»lt mix operator... ">ll distributor bootman l.s borer ................ l.t« I.ST5 1.00 1.00 .«* .68 .76 .82 .75 ;?& .85 .75 .IS .77 .9$ .98 .73 .«0 .«0 to (roustabout) .... \ny rlnsslficalioii omitted herein not IP*H iVinn .64) Overtime, double thi» above rates- Sumlay:- and holidays (except watoh- ir.t-a. guards and flagmen), double tho ul»ov« rates. PW A HTM EXT OF PCBL1C WORKS DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS, C. II. PUKCELL, State Highway Kn*lne<sr. By H. M. Q1LLIS, DIMrlct Engln^flr. mat. VT. Dated, S<fju«mber 11. 193«. Published S*ptember 1* to 84. Inc. NOTICE FOR BIDS The Hoard of Trustees of the Kern County Vnton High School District - .«• * -••-* t..-4.- • • t t j ^ Wit Ii I, % LltlV'll * 11KI t V7VHW* i^tjWfc* *VV or the County and of th« officer of : requests bids on school swutng equlp- the County herein and*or otherwise i mcnl according- to specifications on charged by law with the enforcement of this ordinance to enforce this ordinance und all tho provisions of tho Willie Any person, firm or corporation. whether a« principal, agnnt. cmpluvea or otherwise, violating «ny «f itu> provisions uf this ordlmutcn xtuUI he of a niltdftii«>anor, a.^4 upon nwlnhl'orbood Of ftucll- u*-cr MOM «u« i yti.ii) o* tc uiiMiriupumii, a.*-*i upon not, untlwr the rlrcuiri»lanc«» of the ! conviction thereof shall bo punlshabto particular rnip, be detrimental to the * by a fine or net. more than Thre« public welfare or injurious to prop- ' Hundred (8iK» Dollar* or, by Impria- i Sept. It, St. $>. file in thw office of the Business Manager at tha Kern County Union Rtxh Sehewl, Bakerffit-id. California. Bids will b«> rweived «t the Business Man» ager's Office until i p m. on Wednea- <!»>, September 10. 183*. Bids wttl b* opened at tho Kern County Untan High Fchool at T:30 p. m. on Honda;, October S. 1S?8. iSlcnwtV C. F MOOKIS, Clerk, T. N. KARVW*. Pr»iM<t«nl.

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