The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 31, 1996 · Page 9
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 9

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1996
Page 9
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1996 B3 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19). You've accommodated others long enough. A loved one is anxious to know you need him or her. Perverse colleagues must be disregarded. A trip opens a whole new horizon. Try love with a Leo. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Your dreams are prophetic, so try to remember them. Be frank with a boss about your financial expectations. Raises come from actions taken now. In-laws finally agree with you. Stepchildren turn to you for advice. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). A Cancer has a crush on you but will never come clean. Join in on a meeting. Your opinions find wide acceptance. Pleas to parents are successful. Business struggles make you need your marriage partner more. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). It's appropriate to make the first call. Singles get new insights into romantic expectations. A job disappointment is only temporary. Demonstrate your 0 independence only if you really feel it. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You are forceful. Money is easier to collect. Family dilemmas strain a current romance almost to the breaking point. You've neglected aspects of your life, and new perspective is needed. An Aries infuriates youl • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (October 31). You are much more progressive -• in both thought and deed - this year. Your long-standing emotional barriers finally come down, making your love life truly idyllic this winter. Wait until then to make serious changes in your love life. Taurus and Capricorn want old- fashioned, solid, committed relationships. 'Family businesses prosper and thrive in July. Children bring pride with scholarships in May and June. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Let someone know how much he or she pleases you. Employers take advantage of your good nature. Get someone else to negotiate for you. Cousins interfere with family harmony. Snap romantic judgments backfire. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22). It's nice that you are not jealous, but by being too permissive, loved ones feel that you don't care enough. A little game-playing produces marvelous results. You have luck in financial dealings. • SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21). You've earned respect ~ now, make sure you are given it by the people you care for the most. Investigate financial irregularities. Explanations are unsatisfactory. An Aries holds the key to your heart. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). A trust exercise will help a relationship grow. You've gotten caught up in the trappings of success. Re-evaluate your goals now. Travel gives you needed breaks. Salespeople succeed in new fields. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Say no without hesitation, and stress disappears. Fatigue keeps you from enjoying what a new love can give you. Don't categorize yourself. Women help you in surprising ways. Be tactful with criticism. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Personal realizations free your creativity. Talk out the problems, even if they are difficult to solve - don't walk away. Social attachments you make now are worth more to you than you realize. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You gain by letting others win, so concede a point. Keep in touch with out-of-town friends. The real motives of a friend are not yet apparent. You have fabulous designing or inventing talents. A Libra charms you. HOROSCOPES • Call COMMUNITY line I Category 7827 Satina today WEATHER Kansas today PEOPLE 37 HIGH 19 LOW Today, cloudy with a 40 percent chance for rain. Rain may mix with or change to light snow late In the afternoon. High 37. Northeast wind 10 to 15 mph. Tonight, much colder with a 30 percent chance for light snow. Low around 19. • 5:31 p.m. 6:57 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast •TODAY: Cold. Snow likely west and north with some accumulation likely. A chance for rain south and east, which may mix with or chang6 to snow or sleet in the afternoon. Highs in the mid-30s northwest to the mid-40s southeast. • TONIGHT: Partial clearing northwest, a chance for flurries southwest, a chance for snow central and east. Lows 20 to 25. • FRIDAY: Becoming partly cjoudy statewide. Highs in the upper 30s to mid-40s. • SATURDAY: Dry. Lows in the 20s. Highs 45 to 55. • SUNDAY: Dry. Lows 25 to 35. Highs in the 50s. • MONDAY: Continued dry. Lows in the 30s. Highs in the 50s. Salina yesterday TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record /Year High 48 63 ,'" 88/1950 Low 36 39 ; 15/1917 • High and low to 6 p.m PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 6 p.m. None October to date 0.76 Average October 2.41 Year to date 30.15 Average year through October 26.94 Average year . 28.95 DAILY WEATHER • Call COMMUNITY line fj| Category 9494 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLirfe 1-8OO-585-7623 'Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol 1996 AcouWeathe COLO WARM STATIONARY 90 s Pressure HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Belleville . Belolt Chanute Concordia Dodge City . Emporla Garden City Goodland Hill City Lawrence Manhattan Russell Salina Topeka Wichita . HI 44 46 54 45 50 51 51 46 44 47 46 46: 48 47 52 LO PREC 30 31 41 31 33 N/A .31 27' 28 38 N/A 30 36 37 41 •Anchorage Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles. New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando- Phoenix San Francisco HI 34 73 58 41 . 74 33 38 61 67 ,57.. 51 32 86 70 66 LO 28 51,: 46 26 57 26 27 46 48 49 42 20 66 53 , 47 OTLK Snow . Clr Clr Clr Rain Snow Cldy Rain > Cldy v:: Clr,' Cldy Cldy Cldy' . Cldy • Clr Ban doesn't bother Walker CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Is Alice Walker blue over being banned? Of course not. "I have been consistently banned since I started writing," the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist said during a visit Tuesday to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "But ultimately, if it is a true gift, something ultimately good for the people, it's all right." ..... ., pp That said, Walker read WAL * tH excerpts from her short stories "Am I Blue" and "Roselily" that transfixed her audience of mostly female students. "Now why do you suppose that was banned?" she asked. There was mumbling and nervous laughter. "When we think of censorship, we think of other countries," Walker said. "We think we live in a great democracy." "Roselily," about a Christian married to a Muslim, was criticized as anti-religious, and "Am I Blue?" — about love for a horse — was said to be violent and an affront to meat-eaters. Both were removed from a 1994 California state exam for loth-graders. Lucas wins compound battle SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — The force was with George Lucas in his crusade to expand his entertainment and computer empire. Marin County supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve Lucas' proposal for construction of an $87 million digital film and interactive multimedia compound. He had waged a 10-year battle for the expansion. "I'm glad we finally managed to reach this level," the creator of the "Star Wars" trilogy said after the vote. ' Lucas said he hopes to break ground within two years on the project that would adjoin Skywalker Ranch, his headquarters in Northern California since 1979. Gymnast heads Fiesta parade TEMPE, Ariz. — Kerri Strug has vaulted her way to the top of the MicroAge Fiesta Bowl Parade. The-19-year-old gymnast was named Wednesday as grand marshal of the New Year's Eve parade in Phoenix. Strug catapulted to fame when her vault on an injured ankle clinched the first-ever gold medal for the U.S. women's gymnastics team during the Summer Games. "If I could be a grand marshal, I definitely want it to be at the Fiesta Bowl because it's an Arizona," said Strug, a Tucson native. From Wire Service Reports LUCAS T ADVICE * Bad ** Fair *** Good **** Excellent Children & Senior! J3.SO 'Prirmtlma Adults $3.75 OtherTlme« $5.50 That Thing You Do PG *** (•5:10)-7:35 Central *1 hour48min. The Associate PG13 ** (•5:05)-7:40 Central • 1 hour 54 mln. Sleepers R *** (•5:00)-7:45 Central • 2 hours 29 min First Wives Club PG ** ('5:15)-7:30 Central • 1 hour 43 min. Ghost And The Darkness R 1 /2 ("5:00)-7:15 Mid-State «1 hour 44 min. Thinner R n/a (*5:05)-7:10 Mid-State -1 hour 33 min. Mighty Ducks 3 PG * (•5:00) Sunset • 1 hour 44 min. Long Kiss Goodnight R **'/» 7:15 Sunset • 2 hours High School High PG13 Sunset • 1 hour 26 min. Tampa Tom should be thankful Hazel broke it off Dear Ann Landers: I met a woman in November 1995, and we became engaged in March. She broke our , A engagement in August. "Hazel" is 30 and has a 27-year-old sister. They are inseparable. We could never go anywhere alone. Her sister was always with us, and I had to pay for everything for three. Neither Hazel nor her sister have ever held a job. Their father gives them money whenever they need it. He is a house painter and has taught the girls the trade. They w have gone with him on several jobs as "helpers." The whole family loves to play cards. They go to a place and play blackjack and poker and bingo. Of course, Daddy supplies all the gambling money. ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. Their lifestyle is bizarre. They do not have a telephone or a mailbox. It is their custom to spend five months of the year in Ohio and the winters in Florida, where I live. When they were in Ohio, I talked to Hazel on the phone every other day. She always called me collect from a public phone. In order to talk to her while she was in Florida, I bought her a cellular phone and told her she was the only one who could use it. Hazel agreed to this. I later received two phone bills totaling $700. She denies making these calls. Hazel said she cared for me very much and wanted a future with me, but then she broke off our engagement, claiming we are not sexually compatible. I don't know what she is talking about. We've never had sex. What do you make of all this, Ann? — Tampa Tom Dear Tom: Hazel is two sandwiches short of a picnic. Consider yourself lucky she broke the engagement. The whole TV TONIGHT family sounds as if it belongs in a squirrel cage. If Hazel calls and says she has changed her mind and wants to marry you after all, tell her you have changed your mind, too. Get your cellular phone back, change your number and forget about Hazel. Dear Ann Landers: I live in a small midwestern town where playing bridge is a frequent pastime. These games are in the evening. We serve a light supper and play until 10. The problem is one woman who often brings her 4-year-old daughter along without warning. Everyone else who has children makes other arrangements, as this is considered a night out. Even the hostess goes to great lengths to get her family out of the house or relegates them to the recreation room or the basement. This 4-year-old is spoiled rotten and does her darndest to be the center of attention. What is supposed to be an enjoy- able card game turns out to be a teeth- grinding, nail-biting evening. The mother makes no effort whatsoever to control the child. Is there a tactful way to tell this woman not to bring her daughter to our card games and that we would be happy to find a substitute if she cannot get a sitter? We are all sick to death of that kid. — Fed Up in Nebraska Dear Nebraska: Forget about tact. That woman has demonstrated a total lack of sensitivity by bringing her child to your homes and allowing her to be disruptive and obnoxious. Tell her point-blank that she is not to bring the child again and if she can't find a sitter, you will find another player in her place. Gem of the Day (Credit Changing Times magazine): Two-thirds of our nation now live in or near big cities. The other third is on the expressways, looking for the exit. Best bets • 7 p.m. — "The Simpsons," Fox, Salina cable channels 4 & 7. Season premiere. In a parody of "Independence Day," space aliens invade the bodies of President Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole. • 8 & 9 p.m. — "Mystery!," PBS, Salina cable channels 2 (8 p.m.) & 8 (9 p.m.). In "Dumb Witness," Hercule Poirot's restful weekend with friends is shattered by a boat explosion and a murder. Part 1 of 2. • 8 p.m. — "Nightmare! The B^rth of Victorian Horror," A&E, Salina cable channel 56. The story of how Arthur Conan Doyle transformed a tale of a phantom hound into "The Hound of the Baskervilles." . -g p<m . _ -'ER," NBC, Salina>le channel 3 & 13. On . Halloween night, a patient in a Frankenstein costume scares the ER doctors; Dr. Carter has bad news for an 8-year-old hit by a car while trick-oNreating. 1031/96 n n n n fro IB IF) IB HI ffi) fit m 6R| m 7:00 House 2073 Friends 3870 Simpsons 7:30 Auction 5899 SlngleGuy764 Simpsons Diagnosis Murder 15899 Forum 67847 Simpsons Wild Am'. 9967 Wildlife 2275 Simpsons Nature 5493 High Incident 25829 High Incident 68967. Diagnosis Murder 53035 Friends Single Guy Movie "Tales of Terror Cont'd Movie Cont'd 8:00 8:30 Mystery) 79073 Seinfeld 9290 Martin 88325 Suddenly 8325 Single 67832 Moloney 91219 Spook-Tacular 13493 Martin 11 677 Single 2341 2 Nature 50031 9:00 9:30 Lawrence Welk Show 66509 ER 9035 Simpsons Extra 58621 48 Hours 14293 Spook-Tacular 33257 News 41493 Mystery! 28325 Figure Skating U.S. Professional Championships. (CC) 81035 Figure Skating U.S. Professional Championships. (CC) 71431 Moloney 62783 Seinfeld Sudden-Susan 48 Hours 59219 ER 641031 "The Abominable Dr. Phlbes" (1971) 9884899 Movie *** "Gremlins" (1984) Zach Galllgan. 51735734' Movie "Kissing Miranda" (1995) 4877035 . Movie * * * "Casper" (1995) 9662306 Movie "Airheads" (CC) Cont'd Movie*** "Clueless" (1995) 10:00 Arts 59431 News 7757528 Coach 91073 News 791 8702 10:30 Previews Tonight Show Cheers 77493 Late Show Wine Festival 36344 News 31 61 5 Smith 45580 News 7838290 News 6393561 News 6328257 News 8663783 Patrol 17035 Business Rpt. Roseanne Nightllne Late Show Tonight Show Movie "Dr. Phlbes Rises Again" 89526238 "Something Wicked" 8757141 Stacey Dash 26456257 Movie **» "The Prophecy" (1995) (CC) 70686144 Movie "Back to Back" (1996) (CC) 719832 Movie * * "Chameleon" (1995) 4891325 |Cllp Notes (R) News 503073 Inside Politics Larry King Uve 690073 Movie * * * * "Planet of the Apes" (1 968) Cont'd Our House 9429290 Highway to Heaven 653677 Feast 2057615 Nature Conn. Rescue 911 662325 Movie Cont'd |"0racula - Prince of Darkness" (1966) 669764 Sherman Oaks Crypt 204325 Full Frontal World Today 687509 Color 7807219 Color 7694122 Nature of Thjngs 9458702 7QO Club 642561 "House-Hauntd" 8981899 2544344 65162290 Inside the NFL(CC) 400412 "Never Talk" 6145702 Sports 760431 {Moneyllne Picket Fences 2848290 Crisis Points 9428561 Three Stooges 652948 Movte "The Fly" 61697012 B3 w gg §W 63 E0 ED EB Q3 00 ED EB EB ft) w £U PTO frW JftJ 7:00 7:30 Life Brenda Lee 424073 My So-Called Life 651 21 9 8:00 8:30 Prime Time Country 400493 Romeo-Juliet 9:00 News 792986 9:30 Dance 21 0967 Basketball Rock N Jock Jam VI. (R) 837238 Movie "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" (1988) 2119851 This Week In NASCAR 485219 (Cycle World (R) 494967 Dream On A-Ll3t 6481 561 Motorsports Hour (R) 407431 College Football Boston College at Pittsburgh. (Live) (CC) 30342832 NHL Hockey Ph ladelphia Flyers at Tampa Bay Lightning. (Live) 5463290 Movie *** "Halloween" (1978) Jamie Lee Curtis. 292615 Movie ***»' NHL 4173783 10:00 10:30 Dallas 423344 Beavis308615 Politically Inc. Prime Cuts Singled Out Dally 31 97290 Football Sportscertter (CC) 408054 Bloopers RPM 9018986 Movie ** "Halloween II" (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis. 695528 Poltergeist" (1982) JoBeth Williams. 155412 Movie * * "Predator 2" (1990) Danny Glover, Gary Busey. 13300493 Sports Chall. Boxing Football Stories 9432764 Movie "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" (1991) 664899 Unsolved Mysteries 659851 Politics Equal Time Our Century 8862431 Wild Discovery 923847 Medical Detect Secret-of Alex Trauma-ER Addams F. Biography 746685 UnReal282219 Maria 52073 Movie ** "Poltergeist II" (1986) 624431 Movie "1 Come In Peace" (1990) 82637509 Great Hitters 9452528 News 476561 Movie **« "She-Devil" (1989) Meryl Streep. 679615 Rivera Live 8536035 Trial Story 8848851 Movie 513325 Dracula-Dlsc. Munsters Next Step Frankenstein Addams F. Viet. Horror 441293 Canaveral de Paslones 939832 Celebrity Parenthood 669219 Addams Addams Gossip 142967 Addams News W702 Addams Charles Grodln 8556899 Court TV Roller Hockey 945561 5 Wlseguy 486948 Living 38021 9 Mysteries America After Hours 8559986 Prime Time Justice 6558325 Time Traveler 146621 Wolfman-Myth 415325 Munsters Addams F. Mysteries o< the Blbla 346649 Comlcvlew 860239 Blenvenldos 36509 Talk Soup Addams Night Stand Addams Next Step Medical Detect Munsters Instant Justice Beyond 2000 Trauma-ER Addams F. Law & Order 196126 Talk 117431 NotlcleroUnl. Stern 75561 5 Addams Thea 193851 P. Impacto Stern 731035 Addams B PBS, Bunker Hill • NBC, Wichita. S Fox, WIchlta-Sallna CBS, Topeka O Access 6, Salina B Fox, Kansas City O PBS, Wichita S ABC, Kansas City ABC, Wichita O Prevue § CBS, Wichita NBC, Kansas City Encore O Dl»n«y 19 Weather Channel IB Clnemax dStarz IB Education Access EB Government Access HI HBO EB Showtime CNN Headline News _ C-Span Bl Home Shopping Network ~QVC f/X Odyssey ) Family Channel EB Prime Sports Network EB WQN, Chicago I American Movie Classics SB ESPN EB Cable Health Club 1 Nashville Network 01 ESPN2 ED Lifetime J Country Music TV ES) USA Network EB C-Span 2 1 MTV ED TNT ED CNBC 9 VH1 EB WTBS, Atlanta EB Court TV ) Comedy Central EB Prime Sports Showcase 0 MSNBC TV1 Discovery The Learning Chwmel Mind Extension Nickelodeon Art* & Entertainment BET B9 UnlvUlon HDKICtSalina Marketplace Cartoon Network Food Channel Newport -0 Request

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