The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 10, 1971 · Page 22
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 22

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1971
Page 22
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Curry Makes Tennis Name By KENNY WOODARD Fort Lauderdale has Cflirls Evert and Long Beach has Billie Jean King. Hutchinson has Ken Curry. While Ken has not made a national headline as yet, the 16-year-old bespectacled youth has made quite a name in and around the Reno County area. To many, young Ken has become one of the saviors of the Hutchinson tennis program. Curry started playing tennis In 1965 at the age of ten. He took his first instruction from Hank Wendland, a former Hutchinson resident. (Wendland now of Florida, plays tennis with Chris Evert, 1971 Cinderella tennis star.) Ken also won his first trophy that year at Great Bend in the 12 and under singles. Since then he has won a total of 71 trophies. Twenty-one of those trophies were won in 1970. Ken has a slight build (he weighs 130 pounds.) that gives the impression that he may be easy to wear down through a long session. But he feels that this is really an advantage because he has very little weight to carry around while on the court. "I think my speed and reflexes are a lot quicker because of my lack of weight." Many an opponent will attest to that. For example, in the Hutchinson City tennis tournament this summer, Ken walked off with trophie for the 18 and under singles, the men's singles and partnered with Robert Dueease to win the men's doubles. When Ken is not playing the game, he spends quite a bit of his time teaching it to individuals in the recreation program. "Teaching an individual the fundamentals of tennis is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had." Young Curry is a senior at Hutchinson High School. Nicknamed "Shark" by his class- Hutch Net Star Ken Curry mates, Ken is also a varsity player for the high school tennis team. Like the youth of today, Ken is concerned about the game that has given him local fame and hopes to contribute some of his talent by helping to build a stronger tennis program in the Hutchinson area. Currently, Ken is heading a drive to promote a winter indoor tennis program and hopes to get it started this year. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curry, 228 East 13th, this young tennis player has carved a niche in Hutchinson's tennis world. It may not be long before Ken.Curry carves another niche somewhere else. Killing of Bald Eagle $500 Reward If You Report It MANHATTAN — If you see someone shoot a bald eagle you can stuff $500 in your pocket- provided you turn in the information. Effective immediately the National Wildlife Federation will pay a $500 reward upon verifying that the claimant's information w a s of substantial assistance in obtaining a conviction for shooting a bald eagle anywhere in the United States. The reward program was started recently by.the NWF as a result of hunters expressing their outrage at the recently revealed mass slaughter of eagles in Wyoming. A national furor was raised when recent testimony before a Senate subcommittee in Washington revealed that air-borne sharpshooters, in Wyoming, were hired by local ranchers to slaughter eagles and other wildlife. More than 65 golden and bald eagles were reported in a pile at one ranch. "American huntara are tired of being tarred and feathered for the actions of criminals erroneously identified as hunters," said Thomas L. Kimball, NWF director. The bald eagle, America's national bird and emblem, is In serious trouble from hard pesticides and diminishing habitat. The total bald eagle population in the lower 41 states probably numbers from 3 ,000 to 4,000 birds. There are a few eagles nesting in Kansas and some of the majestic birds can be found during winter, particularly around some of the larger reservoirs. Since 1940 it has been against federal law to shoot or otherwise molest bald eagles but as their numbers decline, illegal shooting is becoming a more important factor working against the bird's survival. To claim the reward, the claimant must write to t h e National Wildlife Federation, 1412 16th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, within six months after a conviction is obtained. Illegal shooting of bald eagles has not only drawn the wrath of sportsmen but also of legislators. Congressman John D. Dingell (Michigan) and 11- co-sponsors have introduced legislation to strengthen penalties for violations of the Bald Eagle Protection Act. Dingell's bill, H.R. 10450, provides for a fine of $5,000 or one year imprisonment for first offenders who illegally kill bald or golden eagle*. For the second offense, the fine could go to $10,000 and the jail term to two years. Each killing of an eagle would constitute a separate violation under the law. The current law provides a $500 fine or six months imprisonment. Five Winners WESTBURY, N.Y. (AP)-Del Insko, veteran harness racing driver from South Beloit, 111., drove the first five winners at Roosevelt Raceway Thursday night. That made it six in a row for the so-called Toothpick Kid, counting his winner in the last race Wednesday. HIGHWAY or SNOW RETREAD TIRES AT THE Same Low Price ALLSTATE FUMflgw Tin Goarutc* ••Mint"* T'"""" 1 * GMTMIM ,. 53T«r MK&ix nuMcU «r wmr-avt. •"•"•»*»• - KSSSnJpJ"***" l.lfcw* WUII>»I hM. mm far U» Hit. tmkmjt mnla lr»«i m**, »•»•» ThtM highway and snow lira ara mad* Mm amy carafirtly htapact- at aaund lira badlas, and bandtd to naw traadt of lang-waar oyna- I tut traad nibear. Ouartntaad to waar for II months. No trada-in ratjuirad for aithar lira, Sta tham Mitay at laarai Highway or snow Hamad* . . . No Trada-in Rtqirirtd Tubal M* •lackwall ~10788" Tubalata. Whitawall Plua Fadaral ixclt* Tax 6.50x13 Tubal M* •lackwall ~10788" 11.88 .43 7.75x14 11.88 11.88 12.88 12.88 15.88 .57 8.25x14 11.88 11.88 12.88 12.88 15.88 .62 8.55x14 13.88 12.88 12.88 15.88 .66 Use Sears Easy Payment Plan fiean Roebuck Co. • II N. Adama • Automotive Center Opens at S Hutchinson News Sunday, Oct. 10, 1971 Page tl FLOOR SAMPLE SALE! SAVE 207» to 507« BASSETT » LA-Z-BOY - BIGELOW CARPETS Hurry! -- Many 1 of a Kind Charles Custom Made Sofas Never Before — A long sleek custom made beauty by Charles Schneider, Royale Velvet I ..... .... ^ j ^a^i^W<a^*>»/|| f^a—a»»M^»a—i t +**m)*i^**+*+&$0 Bassett sofa sleeper in a classic outline * quilted mattlasse, 2 popular colors, Scotch- f gard, lifetime constriction guarantee. * Standard Size. Reg. 299.95 $228 Queen Size. Reg. 349.95 in lush Olive or Avocado, clas sical tuxedo styling. Reg. 357.65 An unusual SILVER imported chin chin velvet sofa, one of a kind, a piece of art. 1 Hurry for this one. <EQQQ 1 Reg. 459.95 €>OOV 1 Matching Cube Ottomans. <g/f Q > Reg. 69.95 Fresca Avocado, one of our most popular J quilted sofas, 97'» long with protective arm 1 caps. A decorator's dream. $348 > plus I 1,1 Reg. 399.95 95" American Traditional Classic quality 100% NYLON Scotchgard floral carefully outlined quilted in Blue- (RQ^Q , Green or Persimon. Reg, 439.95 ' ° Outstanding traditional sofa In a hand crafted loomed cover— not a print cover, but f loomed—we have one in persimon & 1 in sage Scotchgard & arm caps <jiQ '7ft \ included. Reg. 439.95 ® 0 • ° I Above sofa also available in Royale Crush- J ed Velvet, 2 popular colors at a $^33 , Close-Out Price (Many Others Reduced) »a ^«N »^a»a*a»»»»W%»»aM»»aJ*** Love Seat. Reg. 279.95 MANY OTHERS NOT LISTED OTTOMANS Reg. 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