The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 12, 1944 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1944
Page 16
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<] 5 Thursday, October 12, 1944 ftfte gafctrgf if n? CaKforntoit AIR PROGRAMS THURSDAY 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKRN"—News; 6:15, Songs by Leon Payne. T\FI—KrBft Musi.- jrall. KPMC—Gabriel Heattcr; 6.15, Screen Teats. 6:30 to 1:(KI p. m. KEUN—SrolliKlit Bands; 6^5, Coronet Storr Tell.M-. 7:0(1 to 7:30 p. m. KERN—Raymond Gram Swing; 7:15, Liberal Party. KFI—Abbott and Costello. KPMC—Warrrn Patterson: 7:15i Lowell Thomas. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. ITEnX—Pido Klmw with Pave Klmnn. KFI—March of Time. KP.MC—^Ilen Roth: ?:•!."). \Vrj|i z T:me. «:IIO lo 8:30 p. m. KKRN"—Wauli Hie World (Ju By; S:15, I.uni and Al-ner. KFI—The Music Shop; t:i;, Night Editor. Kl'.MC—Varieties. 8:30 lo !l:00 p. in. KKn*S~—Fred W^iins 1' KF1—Maxwoll HOUJ-P ''olfce. KPAIC—tjtop That Villinn. 0:00 to !):3fl p. m. KKRN'—National War l-'uijtl: P:15, Voice of tiio Army. . KFI—Dinah 8horf H Oprn llnnse. KPMC—N'ew>; 9:li. Hex Milli-r. S:iiO lo 10:00 p. m. KKRV—Columbus Day J'rotrram; 8:45, Thursday Cmurrt. KK1—Kltcry Quer-n. KPMC—Fulton Lewi.", Jr.; f:4I>. News. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KERN—Chester Howies; 10:15. Henry J. Taylor. KFI—The Reporter; 10:15. Talk liy Mayor Rou-rrin. KPMC—Pay Jioll Guarantee; 10:16. Townseiul. 10:30 to 11:00 p. in. KKRN—Ambassador Hutrl. KFI—Infido the News; 10:45, Tailor- made Mclodirs. KP.MC—Al Trace's Orchestra. It's a sensation in comedy quu If STOP THAT VILtilN radio's newest hilarious quiz show don't miss ill 8:30 Tonight KPMC 1560 on Your Dial Matnal 11:00 lo 11:30 p. m. KI-'.IIN—This .Moving World; 11:15. H- 11IV K illR. Kl-'l — UirvfMiih Hnnr Xnv»; 11-1" POM I'nradc; ll::o. Henry Kinu's KI'MC —N«.-ws; ll:nr,. Silver Noctuine. 11:30 to 1'i:00 Midnight KKT.V—T.-.1 Wtems and Ilia Urdu-Mi *; 1 >.'.. News. Kl-'l R;nlin l-'iinf.-ii e: 11:40, TVd \\.-nw- On.hcai.ra; 11:15. Musnal Km or''«. Kl'.MC—Silver Xnr-inrne. FRIDAY «:<W In 6:30 a. m. KKP.N—'M'llh ninl .Mndnct-a; 6:15. 1'emocrals fur Dowoy. «:30 to 7:00 n. m. KKI:N"—Moruinp Chi':-Hicf; ii:1,", The \Vill;ti'l Messenger; 6.00, ,\Iu;sii;il KI'Mi'—.\iu?ical Clock; 6:5,'. on the i-'H! 111. *:OII to 7:30 n. m. KKTtN—Ni-wn; 7:1:>. Martin Acrnnskv. Kl-'l — i.!i-Hi-nie Fk'U'her, 7:1.1. J-'h-elwuud I..'! U IfTl Kl'.MC—News; 7:15. Melndirn of Today. ~:M In 8:00 ». in. KKI'.X—.T;ini"« Ah}", ohst-ivcs; 7:45, Tin- T.iKi'-nniK I'osi. KJ-'I —Itevc-illR Roundup; 1:4!:. f^un HM.VC.". KI'.Mi:—Top Tunes; 7:JO, WfiH'u Mews; i :t j, *N>u s. H:00 In H:HO a. in. KKRX—Klei-iwnod Law-ton; S:15, YH inry .Ma i < IU-H. Kl-'l—.Inhiiiiy Aim ray; 8-15, T V HlMki.vion. Kl'.Ml.—KM.-i rly Valley Folks. X::tO to V:00 a. m. KKRN — •Rreakinsi (,'lnh. Kl-'l — Alhnrt'H llomemakers Hour; S-45. |i:i\'i(] Harurn. KP.MC—Happy Joe and Unlph; R •):,, In Your .\"iEhhorhood; S .',6. I-.-un A OI user. 0:00 lo »:HO n. m. KKRN—News or th» World; !l 10, Local New«; 9:lr.. The Wnnicn'M P.-IKI-. KI-'I—.\V\vs Pfiiod; !l:fi:,, KdwtiKl JorEeiiFon: 9:11,, Larry Smith. KP.Mi;—Hoake Cartel : (1:15. .\amc-a and J'lnrcs in Hie .\ews. !>:.!0 to 10:00 n. m. KKRN'—T!i(-iikr.-i«t nl Surdi's Kl-'l — News; '.i-td. Magazine PriKn; 0 45. lloilliy ,\lan«ric Id KPJIc—iiiilhind. f. S. A.; 9;4j. The Aina/im; .Innnifnr l.oKiin. 10:00 In Klt.'in n. m. KIOHX—Tony; 10:15. Jink Berth and HIM J!OVM. Kl-'l—Tillainook Kitchen; ]0:1T). Tolcr (If 1 Linia's (.'In^fMiim. ^aNriv^'"'^ 10: ' 5 ' Tcrr y' 8 JIouHO 1()::<0 lo 11:00 B. m. Kl-'.ftN—My True Slory; 10-.>f. Tho Aunt Jemima Khow 1CI-'I -Aunt .Mary; 10:45. Art Halter KI'MC—Luncheon Wilh Lopez; 10 4j .News Rfhlnd Ihe News. 11:00 to 11:80 n. m. KKRN—Iiiaiikha.Ke Talking; 11:1C. Island MelodieH. Kl-'l—The linldliiK IwiBht; 11:15. Today's Children. KP.MC—OddH and Knds from New- berry'n; ll:ir,, Waltx Time. 11::<0 to 1'i:00 Noon KKUN'—C, I amour IManor. Kl-'l—Women in While; 11:45. Hf-lly Cioi-kei. KP.Mi:—Norninn Cloutler; 11:45. Sammy Kaye. 1t!:00 (o 12:30 p. m. KKRX—News of the World; 1"-1H Loral News; l^li, Hollywood ^lar Time. KHUN—Noon Farm Reporter; 12 15. ^la Pc-rliliiN. KP.MC—Newt; 12J5, Noon Time Nock Outs. I2:.'iO to 1:00 p. m. KKRN—Tfetwneli the Lines; I?: 15, K'iernan's Cornrr. Kl-'l—Pepper YouriK's I-'arnlly; ]1!:43, _ Rlitlit to Happiness. KP.Mc —Country Commentutor; 1"'-15 JVluslc. 1:00 to 1:30 p. m. KKRN'—Sam llaye-i: l:ir,. |! o h Nl.hols. KKI — Rat-liHtiiKo Wife; 1:15. .Stolla liallas. KP.Mc—Walter Common; 1:15, Open -House. 1:30 to !!:00 p. m. KKR.V—Time Views the News; 1 45, Untidy TWINS: 1 :i13. News. Kl-'l — Lorenzo .lonea; l:4;i, Voungr \\'idder Rrown. Kl'.MC—lleiidlmeR In Harmony. ON'THE WORLD "*"" "y^^aBSS"" ^ax&zzz. MARTIN AQRON8KY Monday Tlirougli Saturday, 7:15 A. M. JAMES ABBE OBSERVES Monday Through Friday, 7:30 A. M. FLEETWOOD LAWTON Monday Through 8aturduy, 8:00 A. M. BAUKHAQE TALKING Monday Through Friday, 11:00 A. M. KIERNAN'S CORNERS Monday Through Friday, 1^:15 I'. M. TIME VIEWS THE NEWS Monday Through Friday, 1:30 I*. M. RAYMOND GRAM SWING Monday Through Thursday, 7:00 I'. M. TED MALONE Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7:45 P. M. 111 YOUR BLUE NETWORK STATION POLITICAL AOVKKTISKMKNT 1'OLri'U'Af, AnVKRTISKMKNT TEXANS! Listen to Senator W. Lee O'Daniel (Pass the Biscuits, Pappy) and His Hillbilly Boys in a Program Sponsored by The Democrats for Dewey Every Morning Mondays Through Saturdays KERN-6:15-6:30 THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON PRACTICAL BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS BE6AN ABOUT I9OO, BUT AS EARLY AS \&&<e> A CASE WAS RECORDED WHERE A LAMB BECAME A BLOOD DONOR.,.AND A U.S. WARSHIP NAMED FOR A LAR6E CITV WOULD BE A COPR. 1M4 BY NC* SEKVICC, INC. CALIFORNIA, HISH ON A CLIFF BETWEEN VENTURA. AND SANTA BARBARA, A FIRE HAS BEEN BURNING FOR A CfMTUGrf GEOLOGISTS BELIEVE IT TO BE AVEIM OF 6U&WM& ASPHALT. T. M. REO. U. 8. P»T. OFF. ANSWKK: C'rulser. SIDE GLANCES By GALBRAITH COPR. 1M4 BY NCA SERVICE. INOrt. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. 10-I "Here eome nnr BnehlH, hut when we KO Innide, pleiisc ilon't ert into n political iirKiiment and Insult them heCore I nee if 1 eun get the mime of their laundress!" THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSIO ".Shi- ciifhi'8 OUT nix . . , mill I don't like IIIOK. fit her I" FUNNY BUSINESS By HERSHBERGER "Could I borrow your help want oil sect Inn a minute, »lr?" PRESIDENTS AND THEIR WIVES \\nne House hoMf-sn. An Imllmien.snhlp refcrenrn booklet unrt catinu now that the national ctiinnalun Is on. Fifteen cents po The 'Bnkersfleld Callfornian Information Bureau. 210 Kye .Street, N. K , Waslilniftnn I, D. C. I enclose herewith ir> ceiitn in cpin tcai-efully wrapucd In paper) fur a copy of the liouklet Presidents and Their Wives. Name.. btreul. or Iturul llouto.... City (Mall to WuBliliiBton, D. C.) OUT OUR WAX By J. R. WILLIAMS / THEV'RE C50ME- THEY BROKE SOME MAMPOUW STRINGS AWP THE QUARTET WEMT HOME EARLIER TOWIGHT CX^WaLinMg^ 'BORM THIE.TV YEARS. TOO SOOM ^£-™ /o-g OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB WEREN'T IN<=>TErVO OF FEET ? 'MW^CrAlNG AROUNO ALL, NMGHT AT THAT GRUESOrAB SLUE FACTOR.V BROUGHT fvW TO \MH\TE \t> CROrABUMS.' THE OLD OPRV MOUSE PROBkBLV \NILL BE DI9IWW^TLEO. —- TOOBAOD.' U<oED TO GNE PRETTS GOOD CO^AeOIES. / E COOL-DM'T RUM SOB/ UP TO NtovO THE MOST VJM^INJG US EVIEROIDVIAS HORSESHOE, STAKES/ THE GUMPS Tilda's'Pin-Up Boy By GUS EDSON YUR. THERE'S NOTHING A NOT ONE TO WEAR HER IPICKEPUPTHE -\THANKSANpy PLANE RESERVATIONS- WE LEAVE THrS AFTERNOON } ABOUT IT ALL.' ATFOUK- OF HEART TROUBLE CAN PO ABOUT >rr- JUST WAITING. THBBOVFRIENP TO CO/WE BACK- GASOLINE ALLEY The Low Down IN THE ACXeiATIC SEA OM THE W4V TO yucoSLAvw. we FLOATED FOK PAYS IN A EUBSEf? BOAT AMD WEI?? J PICICEP UP 0V A FISHING VESSEL. ', HE FOUGHT WITH THE P/4UTISANS IN THE MOUNTAINS. PIDN'T TELL US! MUCH ABOUT* ^^ ALL KlDPlKT 4Slt?£, MlSS NINA.' YOU OHM B5 PKOUD OP WAT MAN Of vajies. ME WAS THE STATES WHEN HE HIT THE AFRICAN DESERT &JT H5 IT LIKE A VETERAN. I'M CLAP' TO HEAR YOU SAV SO. SEBCEANT By KINQ, "j HE- WASN'T/ AWAKPSO HEART»FOe*NOTHINC,«HE WAS WOUNDED, I PUEPtE HEART IN SICILV'dND; HELPED S0?lUSLV WOUNDED R4LON 4 f?0UCrl' / «£• MEKELY STRETCHER CVEI? R4D -' t AiDeESSWG|S%4T/0rJ.', " BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Still No Answer By EDGAR MARTIN 60 fcVV SEE SOWt O? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Alia, a Plot IFANYTHIWG HAS HAPPENED TO HIM, IT'LL. BE ALL MY FAULT/ I'LL NEVER, - - - •MYSELF/ By MERRILL BLOSSER j Mev. LABC>, WHERE ARE YOU? INTO TOWN/ PHONE SUE AT THE SKIDOO.' DISGUISE VOUR. voice AND REPORT YOUR. DISAPPEARANCE •' i V^COPB. 1X4 BY Nl WASH TUBBS / WOWPER WHAT \J4APPENS NOW.? TRAIL NEAR LINK'S CAVE Reception Committee By LESLIE TURNER / 5TANP WHERE V0U ARE! ( KEEP V<?U(? HANO AWAY V.FROM THAT PISTOL? 'OKAY, FELLA! I'M OFFICER, U.S, AIR FORCES, 10 POR— . MAy6EyOUARE,SIR-I HOPE 60! BUT TH 1 REASON / WE'RE STILL RUNNIH 1 LOOSE OUT HERE IS THAT WE TAKE CHAWCES! RED RYDER A Near Miss By FRED HARMAN 1CMSSED HIIA.—IAY GUN'S HL'LL GLT LUCKY FOR HE'S A PUNK, SHOT.' ALLEY OOP Somebody Ought To WHAT ABOUT THIS, DONTBE y you SAZCOPVOUSAY ABSURD/ IF /ARI AM \ 1OU KNEW HIS VDO ARETH' I IMPOSTO8A ^ ^^ KEEPER OF TH'X; T/ A C«EAT CATS.THEM WHOTTAT^^ WARRIOR? AMI? OH, MY.' I GIVE UP/ WOW IT'S A HORSELESS CHARIOT/ BAHH/ CBA1V// I NOT TRAVEL HITHER. AND VON VJITH HIM IN HIS WONDERFUL HOCSELESS CHARIOT? ALL RIGHT, GUARDS,

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