The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 10
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TUB BAKEBSFIKM) CALIFORNIA*!, WEDNESDAY, 28, ifrSB flftid \\ EDUCATIONAL HUMOROUS *.'*.• CURIOUS WORLD Bv FERGUSON IN SIZE: FROM ANTS TO GATTLe. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS IF ENVIRONMENT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH A PERSON'S LOOKS , HERE'D BE ME, NOW - BATTLIN' BER.TWA/ COMING POWN • THE STREET, I've FOUGHT HIM TO TAKE BATHS-TO TAKE MBWaWE-TO SO TO BED; TO GET UP- TO GET TO SCHOOL- TO STUDV HOME WORK- TO GET A JOB- TO GET TO WORK. ON TIME- AND,NOW, JUST WHEN 1 THOUGHT X COULD RETIRE FROM THE RING• i WE TAKSS A CORRESPONDENCE COURSE — OH,VEH?WELL, \ WHAT SHOULD 1 LOOK LIKE, WITH ALL TH' HECKLIN' I'VE TOOK? I .SHOULD BE WA&BLIN 1 AROUND HERE GROGGY, LIKE A RUBBER SPIDER/WITH A STRING TO HOLD, ME UP. ,..fN JAPAN... ^ CV^YS OF THE. WEEK ACE. NAMED AFTER. CELESTIAL BODIES AND ELEMENTS. S<LAV SUNDAY /WOO/V. . . . MONDAY F/fZE: TUESDAV WAT&K. . . . WEDNESDAY WOOD . . . THURSDAY l/_. . . FRJLVXY 7%r.^__. .-__..., ___._.. CPCJOELN ofcjfc- IS NO RULER. AT AU_, AND IS INFERJOR IN INTELLIGENCE TO THE WORKERS. 1-3 ) <D '•'« *V N(* OtBVICC, INO, SI DEC LANCES By (iEOIUiK CLARK -,, „ i .i-i->/- /- t?f /- r> .v./ WMV MOTHERS GET &KAV OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE MY TICTLVRE TAKEU UMF-*F — TAKE •LUWCHTOWQS OUT,CSFTHE VEST, <SO/ERKiOR YOU KJAPOLEOSV HOLD THE OUT "POKEK HAKSD/ AMD -RE61STTER A TOOTH BRUSH AD-— UKE YOU'D "OUST "RAKED 1MTH' POT/ THE BU5V THE OWLY HE EVE* (SOT WfcS TH' ' 1 COPPER SWLJWe-CM , I'M TH ./gT WILL WAWT TO SEE E6 AD, I SHOULD HAVE OKI BOE,^ WAR COSTUME MS CLNJSEM'S OW AMOS H^TES THE GUMPS What Can You Lose, Tilda? I WISH I HADN'T LET THAT ZANPE* HIQH- PRESSURE ME I WTO SIGNING THIS BEAUTY TREATMENT CONTRACT "I've ]iiNt hern wnltiiiK for my ItiiHlmiul lo (hi pomotliiiiK to iniiKc mo mud <>nuuKh lo luiy n fur con I." FLAPPER FANNY SAYS : nta u B PAT orr HOW WOULP YOU LIKE TO GUV A I COURSE OF AT HENRIETTAS 1 L BEAUTY \ SALON ? lllifOH' T !LPA-HOWCOULP jy//t//\. YQU M.IS3UP<aE ME SO ? HER^THE RECEIPT FORA WHOLE SERIES- IT COST ME *I50 BUT VOU HAVE IT CAN) FOR .Copyright', 1986, t>r Chltiio CTrlbiinS-N. V. Mtwi SrgdletU J100TS AND HER BUDDIES Pfltttt!.!!! By MARTIN Tin* fur i (i wcil fli-ld iirodiici'H it crop of Rrnln, (lir furrovvi'il brow it frop (if Uli'Ub. .V*! 1 ! TODAY'S SMILES Alluill I'ulo Hill clown ill tin 1 counter of MilnclnK'n U'nilliiK Inmli <<ry mill ordm'rd M HlciiU. Whnn II ! Hi-rived. I'rlii looUi'tl at U anil then | onlrri'il Hint II tin (•uiilU'il. "It In I'oold'il," Kiil|>«tl tin' pro- | prli'lor. ! "Mi'lilin MO," Hiiorlrrl 1'i'ti', "1)111 oiil I lit Ihc Crooliril V xvct'vo liml rrlltiTH , liuil WOI-HO limn thill Unit KO( \vcll." : MI-M. ('li'i-li I inn »;l"(l tlilH In inii-li flnn Koll'lii); wi'iillirr. Mni. I'mlNimi* I ilnn'l luiow you pliiyc-il nolf Mm. I'li'i'U I ilon'l Inil my IIIIH liiuul linen nnil I'll fiitlii'r IIIIVK him out I'liivliiK Ihnn MlayliiK honu< nnil Ki'viwIliiK iihonl Iho unitliri' Mr. MniiiMirnyii I inn mil HMri' I mil K"l'iH I" (H'l «'p||. On ynii think ; I wmilil )i» I" hynviMi If 1 Icl'l yum- I ohurrll $1.0.0110? ! Knvrri'Mil Siivln (I'liiitloilNly) I j \>'i>illi)M't IIUo tn prntitlHi*, till! It IM | wiirth li'.vlnti, miywiiy. Mr. Htiimn j rnyn. i lli'iiry I'l'i'li 1 \V|H|I, my i|i-u,r, Unit j you wmililu'l tulU to mo \vhllo I tun , tli'lvliu: ' Mm I'ci-k Yon JIIHI UiM«p drlvliiK. ; ! lll'lliy, Mllll XVI'Ml llliiCllHH II IIH Wl« HO , i iiliini;. I liuiM^ Anil M IMI'I 111.' Ih-Ml Hum t t yuu'\'r Itut'Mnl mo \\'lth ynur noilp. MIH (lii|i|iy llrn'iiftcr. why don't you nlli'li your lluimh hi II lll>i> 'Iho wnlliTH do |u I ho ITHlalll lUiln'.' (hi'iii'hii; tiur»;larn ihnvn- Sh h, ilrm TlilH IH Hulnn lo FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Z2zss33miv What's This? By BLOSSER iln.M. o of you, iloiir, WRIGLEY PERFECT GUM ', I'M DEPEMDIWG OKJ Nbu THIS YEAR ! THEV TELL ME ^toU'PE THE CLASS OF THE TEAM! A UOT DEPENDS OW HOW YOU <3O.' I'M GOIMG TO GIVE ^ftJU DOUBLE DLHY THIS YEAR! YOU'LL BE THE \ArORKHORSE OF THE TEAM! I'LL BUILD PLAYS APOUKID THERE'LL BE'TEW OTHER BOYS ING OW THE TEAM, TOO, COACH .' , I KNOW TWA BUT ...YOU'RE THE STAR.' I MUST MAKE GOOD THIS YEAR.' My COWTRACT ID COACH THE TEAM IS PDR ONLY OWE YEAR.... SO, VOU SEE, IF WE LOSE TOO MAkV GAMESj I'LL BE OUT! BLTT VXl'RE GOOD ENOUGH, BY YOURSELF* TO WIM ALL OF THEM ! FIPSTTHIMG V/E KMOA/, HE'LL HAVE THE QUARTERBACK CALLIMG SIGNALS UKETHIS5 ...42...QI... SHIFT....TAKE THAT BALL R3R DEAR OLD ALMA MATER, AND REMEMBER MV JOB/ THE BUNGLE FAMILY Go! By HARRY J. TUTHILL fOne reason I get burned up at Mister) ( Some days I'm just wild about Doodle L Doodlo is becausa.llke ha knows,! / ^-x and other days I'm not ina mood, was born under the sign oP 11^ i 1 ^—i - i " «•• MM A^. u (A.J.^.._T.r_ _ ._ have a twin personality, ': U MrNMi||lil S)tu!fv*tt. Int.. N. v. Bum? Once again, Mister Doodle, you are terribly insulting,and so I gone I And what I mean stay 1. ^ v * <, 'f-^- .ife-lw.** llAaSi

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