The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 8
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i imw *f • » *•* ^* •• «^ AT LAJPADA Local Hoys Who Made Good on Hndio Return Home for Ono. Niglil •MrHo Ciirlcon nnd hl« orchestra ri't\irn to HnhPi-Hfldd for ft onr- Mine pngnRPiiionl tomorrow nlwhl in l,n (irnnnrlfi hiillroum, HIIJ-H Tim- Johnson, inniiHgi-r nf H'lH popular rendezvous. Tills linnd. nrKiinl'/nil for I he l»i«t twn yciii-H, Is riiMMirlsiMl of wwn for- tnr-r Hiikpr.MMfUl lioyt.. .luck HPP«<\ l.orln llnUl.lMK. Moli HiiniH, .In.'lt MoiiKhrrly. Mnli SlHson. .loc 1 >i> .lulll nnd (ii-rnlil Ailiim. Tln'.v \VPI-C form crly known UN tin- \\'ylli-SV|H-M or clicwlni iind were wl""lri| I'Y Morli- CnrlsoM diirlMK n rrorKimlwiMcin of hln himil. Tln-.v hriA'p IIPPII lipnrd over HIP C'olunit'lii cofiMt to i-oiiMi iiPlwni-k nightly for ovi-r H ynr rlurhiK thr fllllni; of nn PMKMK''""'"! »' ""' TIIV- prn. llf-no'H HiimrlPHt ulKhl chili. Upon roniplrlloii of thlH IOMK on- iriiRPinPht n lour HirniiKli <'olonnlo MtartlnK at I.Vnvor mid hilling all Ilio Inrtfi' cfiiti'i-H, and wpHlwiiril to the form I. The Mtmlo f'orporatloi) of Aniorlra sp|i'p|p<l thin popiilur luind to fill an OlipiiKi'llK'tit /it the Alexander VnuiiK Iiolcl In Honolulu from which It IIHH rirnnlly rnliirncd. Aflpr coinplcthm' the one-nlnht i-n- gaKPtnenl at l.n (iriinmlii, ballroom tho band will fill an extended en K'lKPinP"! (it I lie I'alace hotel In Han Francisco before procedlnB eiiHt on a tour of the. largp oontom, Hiiyn Mr. JohnRon. Ann Hutlierford anil linn I/yon D KKI'-HK/ cir-lil/eliH HOX OFFICE OPCN8 0:00 BANK ° N BEIND THCRE TONIGHT ..... ON SCREEN —— — JOHN BOLES ROSALIND RUSSELL IN "Craig's Wife" With BIULIE BURKE • JANE DARWELL - ALSO LEW AYRES MARY CARLISLE In 'lady Be Careful" ___^______ p I M p . TrnveloQim nnd NBWI» COMINQ SATURDAY Fred Aitnlra—Qlnger Rognrt "SWING TIME" illVPl'H luitlllliK with CIIH of tllf! OI'l-HII, Hcnilll.! ImrkfcrnumlH of Klorlila'n roiiHt- llni', plrlorliil NhotH of an undent Kplplmny relnhrutlon In thn all- (Iri'i.H foltuiy of Turpln KprlnifH, Kin., u.ri' only a f' i w ol' I hi- hlwh- IlKhlH In "Down lo Mm Hea," n lirentli-tlililiiK ronianlli' ilniinii whlrh oporiH ul Ihi' Nlli> theater tonight on n new double feature program with "I'd fllvn My Life" featuring Tom Hrown, Hit- Guy Standing and Frances Drake. AgaliiHl. the seenii! background of Kliirlilu coaMlH. l« lalil n Ihrlll- Ing love story Interspersnrt with (ragedlcH, rugg'eil I'haracterl/atlons and golden threads of uproarious humor. The cawl of "Down to the Sea'i Includes Men I,yon, Ttussell Hurdle, Ann Rutherford and Irving IMchel. KOO-KPO—N«tlOB«l BreidoUtIM Cofflfilty—lu»»M«l »tt«f«m» tot Kri, KIOA, KF8D, KOW, KEX, KOMO, KHO. KJR, KOA, KOA, KOHL, KDYL, KOIR, KTAR. Kmo-OBS—D«n LM ind ColumbU-SupplHl prosr.mi to: KHJ, KQS, KDS. KMJ, KQW, KFBK, KKBM. KOL, KVI, K8L, KOIM, KIPV. "Rainy Afternoon" Rare Operation on Is Feature at Rex 28-Year Mother n I.edorrr, Ma l.uplno nrul IltiKh Herbert anil llolnnil VOIIIIK K\v<> a hciiirlllnn HliindhiK to "( IMC • Hiilny AftCTMiiiin," K».V I'lirlsliin coin- j c-dy In which hfilorrr him hlH flrHl Hlt)f{lnK rolf. 'I'liri pl«'turn COIIICH to I he Ilex tln>alcr Wi-ilni'Hdiiy nnil Thuiwlay with "Man Hunt," fnulur- IliK Wllllain (liirKiin, Marnunrlli' Churchill nnd "rhln" Hnln. Stnrtlnc ANOTHER I TOMORROW SWELL PROQRAM 3| fOMt.Buous i: in to Your Frlpmlly Tlmatrn ATTRACTIONS BANK TONIGHT ,. 2 THRILL HITS'. AFTER 7 P. M. MUTINY Hides o Hellshlp . . . A Devil In Command! FlM>WNTO THE RUSSELL MAROIE DGN LVON ANN RUTHERFORD PLU8- In tlin Shnttow of the Noonn ....HE I STILL J REFUSED (\ TO TALRlU aaSS? VIRGINIA Open 12 It p. in.—20c and tOc TODAY nnil THURSDAY TWO BIO FEATURES Proiton FOSTER, June WYATT In Pollen- Nnwn|Hi|)(ir Lovr Hit "WE'RE ONLY HUMAN" Norman FOSTER, Joyce COMPTON In '! Inimlol Inn Dr.ini.i nf I hi"SUICIDE SQUAD" Comedy, Nnw» nnil Nnvnlty 20<| tit uin ^h^lM^lM^hBwl^m«MHM TOOAV--2 DID rEATURES AND Wnrnlno --Dmiiernte Kllln Loo»n! R. Cortn* Hint M. Cliurchlll In "MAN HUNT" Cnrtnan Acl NPWII ENDS TODAY WARNER BAXTER-MYRNA LOY "TO MARY—WITH LOVE" Hugh Herbert I'ntrlcln Ellis "LOVE BEGINS AT 70" Silly Symphony "a Liltlr Wolves" GRANADA TODAY ONLY GEORGE HOUSTON, STAR CAST "THE MELODY LINGERS ON" and PAUL CAVANAUGH in "CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE" News nnd Short Suhlocu TWO MORE DAYS Tack BENNY. Una MERKBU "IT'S IN THE AIR" and FRANKIE DARRO In "VALLEY OF WANTED MEN" AUo Comedy flnd Newireol TONIGHT Floor Show Kent urine DUNFEE& COLLETrK NI-IWAItK. N. .1., Hcpt. 2!l.- The i-asii of a 2H year-old mot her and her firs!-horn child, extracted from her abdominal cavity by three doctorH In ] nn operation Unit took an hour and a half, nUriiclcd widespread Interest amoiiK New Jersey phydclaiiH today. lioclorH at ColumbtiH lloHpltal whcru the rare operation wa« performed on MI-H. Marie (iuarlno Hald X-rays dlHcloned the bnby had devnl- oped entirely wllhln the abdominal avity outHl.le the ill.'run. The inolher'a appendix UIIH removed bo- fore the 4'ncHarlan operation. The doclorn mild only 'Jill! eases of ; abdominal pregnancy were recorded In medical hlm.iiy nnd In HO per cent 1 nf the cancN I he child had died and > In '.'i' per ceul tho molher bad died. ; Holb Mm liuarliio anil her (laugh- ler Janice were reported In gnuil condition today. The baby, perfectly formed. \VIIH kepi In an luciil'iilor be.-aiiMe II u.-lKheil iiiily t> piiiiinlH and 14 oiinccH al MM bblh on September II. MVM 'iuarlno wile of (' M. (!ua- rlno. n phai nuiclxt, jei-ulved thren ti-iiiuir\iHloiiH during th<! opera- lion. Parking Meters in | Huntington Park ! ( 1 a«'irl(i fri/ /'rr«/« l.riiHrit Wirrl HCNTINdTON I'AltK. Sept. -J!l. I hiiilliiKlnii I'M ill will have parUIng Illelers III |(H bllHlncHM llectloll. i The <'lty council, nverrldlng Mayor i COX'H protcMl I hltl meters would drlvo away trade, ordered between i HMlli and (Mm Installed within <i:> days. I'tuning fr.N each. Iho nielers will be sel up In all hour parking Hpacmi K I'aclflc boiileviird. MolortslH ' will be rei|iilred to pay f> eenls to leave their machlucM r.n mlnulcM. I'roponeniH uf parUIng meters as- Herted merchants would beuefll by i Increaiieil trade The devices will be; Installed for a !H> day trial period.! one fourth of I heh revenue going In the city and 7T> per cenl hclni; npplled on the purchase price Molt Unllluo Cnfe lil(i R1YSTISUY Now HILL Ca/an The (i Vantine The !\tad Revalon Trio Uaiicers, Shi|(ers Patsy Stiner The (ilrl Iliiudlul of ('ereinonle<i Laurie Foster and Ills Ithythm UO.VN DINK OANt'K — OICINK Delirious Chinese nnd American Dinner* In'l'iiilHl Diuurrs of NViv Vorli City Ciill<<tl« inn) lli>r ilOtl Ynir-Ohl Violin Iliinfrc—"Tim Tops" hi '1'np Tt'iuii—1.11 ( uriinirliii; CiiHllnol; Itimtlf u la Hum. anil Curlnni ( ) ACTS UACH NIUHT ') Klrsl Hlunv 0 o't'ltM-l* The Kavern Pv Miles KiiKt on KillNiui Free Chicken Sandwiches and Other Kinds,'With Purchase of a Drink Tomorrow Thursday, September 24 at our Grand Opening ' Starting at 11 a. m. NEW HINKY DINKY lOc HOUSE BlOO to 8iSO p. m, and network — Andre talanotx Orchnstni. NOn n«t work— Army Band WBXAI- nocorilln»(i. „ •.'•'.'' KNX— I)l'!k Tracy; 6:1G, Maurice's OrolioBtrn to 6:4fi, Bi30 to 6tOO p. m, KTflHN nnd nnlwork— Como On, Kos' Con- .. . ,. _ NTJf nntwork — MarshalrB Mavcr- lekd. WflXAF—Hni-ordlngs. KNX— 5:45, .1n>'k ArniKlronB. 6iOO to 6:30 p. m. KKNN and nolwork— <'lang Hunt- NriC network— Your tilt I'n- rudn. W6XAI- -Nc.wn Mftdhen; 6:lfi, Dinner f'fincerl I" (1:46. KNX— -MiiHlctal; 0:15, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KKtlN and network — March of, Tlino; 6M5, HtrnriK" HH It «ocm». NIK.: network — Your Hit I'n- rmle. VVOXAI - fi:4C, Tonic Tuni>s. KNX Mary Mnrtln; 6:45, Dinner Daiifiant, 7(00 to 7i30 'p. m. KHUN nnd network — William Hard; 7:15, llonfrcw of tho Moll tiled. NHl! nntwork — AIHOH and Andy; 7:15. I.iiin and Almt'.i 1 . W«XAI— Jloino Kolks; 7:45, World DnncpH. KNX--15lmcr CJocn Hollywood; 7:1 &, I'ontona Kalr. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KKHN Htudebakor ('ha.rnpioris; 7:45, Hftnny (ioodiniin (jrrhoHira. NUC network-- AVInnliiK llin WOHI, WfiXAI-Cluarlot; 7:46, Cecil and Kally. KNX— NowlywodH; 7:45, King f'owboy. 8iOO to 8:30 p, m. KIBftN and network—Oooso Creflk Parson: 8:15, Joo nichman Or- ohostra, NBC network—Town Hall Tonight, W6XAI~-ITollywootl on Parade; «:in, T^-ank Watannho. KNX—cwionr of tho Day; 8:16, Arthur Tionton. 8:30 to 9:00 p.' m. K1CUN and network—Burns & Al- Inn. NTK! notwork—Town Ifftll To- WfiXAl---Cub Iteportcrs; 8:48, lilts and Knoores. KNX--Muslcttt; 8:46, I^arry loco's Orohostra. 9:00 to 0:30 p. m. KISRN—California's Hour Audition. NBC network—Hotel Bismarck Ornhnstra. WOXAI---News Klashon; tt:I.B, Out of tho Past to 11:46, KNX—News! 0:16, Al T..,yons Or- chcntra. 0:30 to 10:00 p. m. KJBtlN—California's Hour Audi- lion; !l:45, Harry bowlw Orchestra. NUC nntwork—Palace Hotel Or- choBtra. WOXAI—9:46, Jlhythm and Ko- nuinco. KNX-~Crockctts. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. K15UN—World In llovlow; 10:10, MtiHlvul Interlude. NBC network—News Vlashes; fO:16, Hotel St. Francis Orchestra. WBXAI—All n«<|iie»l Program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. WfiXAI—All ncquest Program, STARS APPEAR AS SPIES IN THRILLER IMHtKUT YOUNG and Alaclo- . lelne Carroll us they appear In n Hcene from "Secret Agent," KoinerHet Maughn's greatest spy thriller and ono of tho three attractions starting tomorrow at the Fox California theater. Kobcrt Young. Madeleine Carroll and I'elnr Lorro are principal members of the. cast. Tho second feature IH "Half Angel," In which mystery mingles with romance and comedy blends with suspense. Frances Dee. I Irian Donlevy, Charles Butterworth, Helen Westley, Henry Htephenson and Sara 1 laden make up the cast. Tho Terry-toon "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing," and Motrotono News complete tho program. Closing today at tho California are three attractions: Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy in "To Mary With Love"; Hugh Herbert and I'atrk-la Kills In "Love Begins nt Twenty," and tho Silly .Symphony In color, "Three Little Wolves." KNOW A#OUT W01VIBN Virginia Underworld Talfe Preston Foster and Jane Wyatt form a new romantic team In RKO radio's gripping flrama "We're Only* Human," which opens today at.tno Virginia theater. . - • : Foster plays the part of a Now York detective sergeant, while Miss Wyalt is oast as a girl reporter on a Manhattan newspaper. The story has to do with the capture oC tt gang of criminals and the part that fear, can play When an otherwise bravo man Is deserted by his friends at a crucial point of his career as a law officer, ' James Oleason, Arthur Hohl, John Arledgo, Jane Warwell and Moroni Olson are also featured. Completing the double bill Is "Sul- cldo Squad," a drama of the firefighters, featuring Norman Foster and Joyce Compton. Mury Carlisle and Lew Ayres A RIOTOUS comody about a be- -c\- wlldered gob, known as "Dud" becauso of his Inexperience with women Is unfolded In "Tjacly Bo Careful" which opens at the Fox today for a three-day showing and has in Us leading roles Lew Ayreo and Mary Carlisle. The second feature showing Is "Craig's Wife," a play that won the Pulitzer prize as a great story of the American home. The picture boasts of an outstanding cast including John Boles, Rosalind Russell, Blllle Burke, Dorothy Wilson and Thomas Mitchell. A colored traveltalk, "Cherry Blossom Time In Japan" and Met- rotone News completes this program which ends Friday. Binnie Barnes in Suit for Divorce (AtHoclaleit t'rcfi Seated Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 23.— Tho film colony's rumors that all was not marital harmony between Blnnlo Barnesi Kngllsh film actress, tind Snmuel Joseph, had court vorlflca- Lion today. ' Miss Barnes has filed suit for divorce, charging cruelty and desertion on tho part of her husband, London art dealer mul book publisher. Joseph loft her in 1934, three years after their marriage, she set forth In her complaint. Miss Barnes did not go Into detail regarding tho cruelty charge. Joseph Is In Hollywood on an extended visit. HEATING Tins CHAMP CINCINNATI, Sept. 23. (A. P.) — Buddy Scholcter, drummer of a high school band, handed his drum to Johnny Fischer, new national amateur golf champion, and asked for an autograph. "Hum," replied Fischer, and ho scrawled his name across the drumhead. "Now I can beat you every day In the week," chirped Buddy. Kavern Presenting Popular Dance Duo Tho Kavern is presenting two nationally famous dance stars, Dunfeo and Collette, who are stopping over a few days before continuing on their coast to coast engagements, according to J-,es Moore, proprietor. The popular team has appeared In leading hotels, night clubs and theaters 'throughout the country and havo always gone over with.a load of enthusiasm. Mr ( . Moore Is proud to havo been able to secure them for the r.est of this week. They will appear four times each evening with an entirely now program for each appearance. «-*+ Bessie Love Plans to Divorce Hawks (Aisociatcil I'rctt Leafed Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 23.—When her health permits, Bessie Love said today, she will begin divorce proceedings against William Hawks, theatrical agent. The former screen actress Is in a Pasadena hospital suffering from an Infection caused by an ulcerated tooth. Hawks and Miss Love announced their separation several months ago. Prorate Drive of Raisin Men Halted iTnlli-il rrmt Lrn KUIOSNo. Sept. 23. It'frr,) Kalluro to ac.- HUfflclent nunibor of H|«- nutiireH IIIIH forced tho temporary iibiindonnient of Iho jirorato cam- I'alKii for tho ralHln IndtiHlry, (!. Paul i Vincent, chairman of the, ciunpulKii coniiulltec announced today. "llowover" Vliu-unt declared, "tho I cainpalKH for Hlntnni III-CH IIIIH not been completely abandoned. \Vo will continue our offorls to Kt>t tho ro- nnlred (17 per cunt In order that tho program can Iin nuiilo oftoctlvo in olhei' HeiuioiiH." The Mlalc prorate act required Hint Iwii-lhlrdx of tho KrowiTH must Hltfii petltloiiH In order that handlei'H and other InlereHtH In tho liulimtry comply with I ho pniKi'Min. Strike of Porters Delayed Climbers' i .\»*ortulnl l'rt»» /.muni ll'irr) MOMMA V. liullu, Hopt. a».--A Htrlki' of 117 native portoru alilhiK an AuKlo-AniorU'nii Ki'oup lo (>| linl) | Mount Niuln Di'vl aluioHt halted tlin HiiofpHHful Hi'nIhiK ><f tho "li.OUI-fuot . pi'ali It WIIH illHcloHiMl loilny. i "Thn portorH failed IIH mlworahly. noi'VHNltutlilK niirll of UH to oarry .1(1- pnutiil loadH on Iho laHt lap over In- ti-nscly Kllppory Ion IracliH." Hiilil a Itrlllnh uionibiM' of Iho expedition i \vhlfh rpiu'hed the Bununlt of the ' Illiniilayail mountain Heptemhor 1.1. I Thn Kroup reitulred til to i reach the IHIHO camp IK,000 feot hlnh. , I lll'flOUltleH nf trUVI'l IlllMVHW'll With raliui whleh turned mountain HtreauiH Into niKhiK tonvnts. Ann Sothern May Wed Roger Pryor <i:nttcil 1'rrtti r.enncd Wirf) HOLLYWOOD, Sept. ail.—Tho romance between Ann Sothern, blonde se.rne.ii star, and Hoger Pryor, actor and orchestra leader, has reached tho stage where they expect to be married Immediately, friends reported today, It was anticipated that they would file notice of Intention to wed within the next day or two and bo married over the week end. Pryor Is scheduled to leave next week for Chicago to open nn engagement with his orchestra at a night club. IntlumlcH of tho couple said that Pryor wished to bo married before 1m Is scheduled to leave so they can spend their honeymoon together In Chicago. The actress' studio reported she had tust finished one picture and probably could persuade executives j to postpone the start of her next I film for a few weeks. j Pryor IH the son of Arthur I'ryor. | famous bandmaster. lie appeared i on the New York stage and In mo- j lion pictures before entering the I orchestra field. j i Man's Odd Request Brings Divorce Suit i (f'Mlfi-il /Venn l.rnurd Wlff) \ LOS ANOKLKS, Sept. 23.—Mrs. Betiy Hlce wanted a divorce from her husband because, she said, he enihaiTasMcd her when he handed her his false teeth al most unexpected times. The pay-off came, nh« added In her petition, when Krvln, the husband, gave her the tenth to hold for a moment while he went to bat In a baseball game,. WEILL'S OFFER A Spirited Collection of NEW SUITS for FALL We Feature This Week a Man Tailored Suit of Hard Finish Worsted $ 95 A brief, closely moulded one-button coat together with u straight cut skirt relying for fullness oh side pleats, distinguishes this suit. Battleship Grey Navy Blue Anthracite Black Bordeaux Brown 1824 L Strut Vllo QutntQll 'mnada ~J\fi ali'room 1'UE8I5NTS MERLE CARLSON and His Orchestra Direct From Alexander Young Hotel, Honolulu Thursday, (Tomorrow Night) Sept. 24 Tho Only KiiKnfti'iueut This Season Keiiturlui; 1'AULINE BURNS, Soloist Till One Admission fifle Here is u suit that will win instant favor with women of the business world and those who desire smart simplicity plus economy. Delectable Blouses $O98 Some are shining examples of tailored trimness in satin, others of silk crepes. Yet others of more feminine motif, both in styling and material. Up WEILL'S

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