The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JIAflCII 13, 1<M<> m.YTHKVILLE (AUK.) OOUlilKU NEWS Federal Budge! Speaker's Topic Dr. Herbert J. Miller To Address Arkansas Expenditure Council "jtli cmrilifisis tu bfl placed on tlir balancing of the nntlaual Inicl- BCI Oils year. Or. Herbert J. Miller. Washington. L). C.. research director lot 1 tHe Cili'/.etirf National Commit.- leo, will address the Ai-ltausas Public Expenditure Council :it iis HU- nual dinner irjcclins; in Untol Marion in Little nod; su C::ii) p.m., Ma roll IS). His subject will IJP "The Wash iiigton Scene" nnd :\ clPtr-riiiiiicci r-ffort imx been liumchtcl by tin APKC and 35 siniilai Ofiini/ation: In otber states which aiv nlJiliiitcc with (be citizens National Committee. The budget, balancing drive already hus 'be support of a group of senators and cotiKre.s.snieii jn- chicline the entire Arkansas delegation. Preliminary data compiled by the Al)t; '''" Citizens Nallontil Committee offers lmln >> proof thai the federal budget can 1 llle . ° oull<1 o[ Directors acloutccl be balanced this year even though a f™ 1 " 110 " proposing that the Ar. the proposed budget calls for spi-ncl- ! ticles of Incorporation be amen^U HWPE.R LUKE. KILLEP IEFU 1O KEEP HUA FRO,-\ GETTING 1HM SA1CKEL OF Beer Production Is Facing Slump Shortage Of Grains Will Affect Brewers In Coming Months i-ip mniiy drlnxrrs won'l touch yililiiK but hcpr. (.'lie .SI. ijQiiIti bur has started llmltlm; Its customers to two beers cadi, outers refuse to sell beer All but two Atlanta, On,, dlslrl Imtors (Hsc'onlliiiK'd illUverles of ill-Mil, beer lust Minneapolis liu't'rn owners predicted tliiit llii« growler .shortly will become cMlnct. 'rlicy iiliiiinc'd 10 lilsi'initiiHii. take-home sulcs. Belling only bottled iii-iT over Hie bur. , Hri'iveis estimated that tilt! dc- IIy Hulled 1'rrss inland fur beer lias increased 30 When tin! nation's beer drinkers i Kr mil iltirlnu the war. roll, out lhe btiri'i'l thi.i summer li j AH nrder lictllnu aside 15 |>cr limy be, only two-thirds full. I cent 01 the output (or oven; " distributor:; wurncd fhlpiiiem IK still In elfi'cl tit many vs. No. 9493 .. .... Maureen Taylor Matthers - .....,,. Defendant. The defendant 'Mau'r,ebiv ,Tay)6r"!* Muthews Is hereby warned to appear within thirty dnys In the court .-• named In the capliuh hereof and ; answer the coihplalnl'of the r jilalh- ' tiff J. C. Mathews. - Diiled this 26 day of Feb., 1946. HAKVKY MORRIS, Clerk. Percy A. Wright,'Ally, for Pltf. 2J2V-3'C-13-20 Plough Proposes To Split S^pres Df Common Stock Directors of Plough.' Inc., Memphis, Teini., drug inainifacturcr, at a special inciting held on March 8tli. i>i'oj><l n Three for Two share split-up of the Company's 300.000 shares of common stock. President, announced The Other Nations Can Make Bomb In 2 to 5 Years, Experts Warn In excess of $35.000,000,000. This filjiii'C is S3.000.000.000 more than the estimated total federal income for Ihco fiscal year beginning July 1. 1946, Stove Stahl. exeeutive director of the Arkansas Public Expenditure Council said. Mr. Stahl .is er of the committee of nine directing the budget balancing campaign for the taxpayers of the nation. Dr. Miller is in close contact with the Washington picture and his ud- before the Arkansas group '«' a feature of the agency's h annual meeting. Other speakers at the dinner" will • be Governor Ben T. Limey and Dr. John F. Sly, director of Princeton Surveys ami consultant to the Arkansas Public Expenditure Council in its comprehensive study of the present Arkansas tax structure and the devising of a mode! tax plan for the state. Representatives of a Ifirpc num- bero of state trade and civic organizations and women's clubs wil meet with the APES at 10 a.m.. March 19 to open the one-day convention nnd discuss plans for ihe tax structure study to be tlirectcd by Harold 10. Hurst, who assisted with a similar survey in Colorado In 1941. Council members will conduct their annual business meeting nt 2 p.m. to receive reports from G. Russell Brown. Little Ror.k. president, from Mr. Stahl, nnd from Clyde Lowry. Little Rock, treasurer. New directors will be elected and at 4 p.m. the directors will select officers and adopt a budget for t.hc new year. Reservations for the dinner for council members and their guests should be. sent to Mr. Stahl's office. Room 237. Hall Building. Little Rock, not later than March 15. ed so as to change the common one of the processes known to bee successfully completed by ns. , All_lartje countries ami several small ; ones have a sufficient number of : scientists ami engineers to concen- stock from a. par value of $7.50 per share to a par value of $5 per share. If the change h, par value Is ipprovcd by the stockholders, each | stockholder of record at, the close of business' on June 15. 1946, will' issued one additional share for each two shares owned. 150,000 additional shares will be issued nnd distributed to stockholders to effect this split-up, making'the total shares outstanding 450,000. This new stock will be fully paid and non-assessable; and the rights and privileges of stockholders will remain unchanged. The rate of dividend will be fixed by the Board of Directors at their next regular dividend meeting to be held in June, Mr. Plough pointed out that the Directors are recommending this change ns it is their belief that the increase jn Lhe miniljer of shares thus created v,'nukl be of benefit 10 the stockholders anil the Company in further tending toward increasing the distribution, activity CHICAGO. Mur. 13. (I/Pi— "No other 'country can make atomic bombs if we keep the 'secret'." "Even 'if they know' all the scientific secrets, they do'ij'l h»ve the. •Industrial know-how" to makejtralc at least on one of the pro- ntoihic 'bombs." "VVe have the jump! cesses and successfully complete H. on the rest of the world and we j'flip Incentive Is strong nnd I hoy can keep our lead by making more i will be working now under peaco- and belter bombs so no other \ fui skies and with lhe knowledge country could ever challenge us;" j lhat it can be done. These are the comments of I No M,,,,,,,,,,,,. „„ ,, nll , illm many Americans. They are the lul- Tlle Bosses for developing labies with which we are being siiiiu lltoinic w( , il|)olls „„ r ,, (]11 | l( , ,„.„. to sleep, to dream.peacefully while , m , m . Tlus element, though not and liquidity shares. There lime approximately holders. This proposed chang the present 4.500 . stock- tile . nu '.of il « v one!/I -eimri:-. I intrude on our slumbers and aw:i- ken us rudely to reajity. Many o! us, to be sure, . w}ll never have the.chance to see the truth unfold. Those v,-ill spcel 'til eternity. But we have the opportunity NOW to : awaken volutarily and face the PACTS iiliout our security anil monopoly in the production of atomic weapons. The development of the atomic bomb, like that of most other grcni 1 inventions and discoveries, was the culmination of tlie efforts of many men in many different countries. The basic scientific facts were largely the discoveries of Kuropean scientists: nuclear fission by Harm nnd Strassman of Germany; trans- iirniUc elements by rerini of Italy: theory of fission by Hohr of Den- .niark and Wheeler of the United States; the neutron by Chudwick of England; artificial radioactivity by Joliot of France. Speculation fis- fis- ' the Company's | concerning the possibility of a will iy. WARNING ORDER Chancery C'ollri, Chieku- a District, Mississippi Ccmn- Arkansas. RrUh Mae Perry ......... Plaintiff, vs. No. 0492 J. C. Perry ............ Defendant. The defendant J. C. Perry hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in tiie caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff- Ruth Mae ^erry. Dated this 26 day of February 1940. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By. Mary Lee Jarratt, D. C Ed B. Cook, Atty. for Pllf. O. W. Bra-ham, Atty. art Litcm. 2;27-3;0-13-SO submitted for consideration and tlon by the, stockholders at the rcgr ular annua'l meeting to be held on April 1G. '194G. If approval of the stockholders is given, formal application will be made the Se- :uriUes Exchange Act of 1934, as, -nnrnded, for listing the 150.000 ; nddiUonal shares of common stock, on the New York Stock Exchange, which exchange lhe - shares of the Company arc now listed and traded, The Company's annual report covering operations for the. year 1945. together with Proxy Stale- incut and form of Proxy for the annual meeting in April, will be mailed to stockholders the latter, part of this month. Mr. Plough said. NOTICE OF GRANTING OF I.IQIIQI: I'KKMiT Notice is hereby given _that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. 521 to Pilmore G. Gipson to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at rer tail on the premises described as 117 South '2nd Street, BJythcvhle. Arkansas. This permit issued on the 4th day of March, 194G and expires on the 30 day of June. ly-IG. Filmore G. Gipson Permittee. 3J13-20 sion chain reaction and of the sion bomb was world-wide in 1039. ana much of lhe theory of the phenomena involved was published. Kerturts Revealed Methods Moreover, the Smyth report has been released to the world. This report describes in considerable detail the many possible modes of attack upon the problem and also idicates which were successfully pushed to completion on lhe mass- produclion scale. Most of the sis- nfiicant numerical values for thn common. Is widely distributed on the earth's surface. The known rich deposits are located in Canada. th>; Belgian Congo, C/.echoslovakla. Portugal. Scandinavia, lius-sla. Other deposits surely have been found filnce interest In this meliil arose during the war, and certainly the extensive respecting which will be undertaken will reveal more. Another possibility lies In the development of processes for the work- 1 ing of low-grade ores which are [widely distributed. We possess no mono|K)ly here. What about 'industria!' know- how'? To be sure. America has long history of mechanical am 1 engineering achievement. But Is II unique? Can \ve ignore the mass production In oilier countries aiilc- dating our own, of the V-l lint V-?. rocket, bombs; the Spitfires and Hurricanes and Focke-FulfF Messerschmitis aiuj Stormo- viks; the submarines lhat couh travel indefinitely under water; radar: the famed Husslan heav> tanks; artillery and multiple rock- els; the jel-propelled plane; inu so on? These were acrmnph.shmcnt. >rodncetl on lhe field of battle The ]:cacctimc tradition of many countries in handicraft, engineering and maiiufactui'lng is much older than our 1 ;. Cost Not rrohibllivr H is true lhat we have probably (he largest industrial potential, 'but it must lie stressed lhat this is not nenessnry for the manufacture of IS' Tin: MIOUATK COURT OK, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notkv is hereby nrvcn that letters ol administration were granted tu tiio undersigned upon 1 the estate of Kalltryn Klssell, dect'nsed. on tlie Mb day ui February, 1MO. by the Probate Court of, Mississippi County. Arkansas. All persons huv- InR claims or demands against said estate must present them, duly uu- thcntk-aiixl, to the undersigned for allowance before the end of one year (lorn the dale of the uninUnii of said letters. If not so presented vitliln such lime, they will bo for.- yer burred; ami those clulhis pre- eutcd within six months from the late of sidd letters will have prl- irlly OUT those filed after the lapse of such six months. This u u . ;>oih (U\y of February. D4U. MARY C. MOORE Administrator (Exr.i of the Estate of Katliryn Klssell,' Deccaseil 3d 11. Cnuk, Attorney for the Admlnx. 2i27-3'0-I3 WAKNINC. OKDKK In, Ihe Onmcery Cuilrt. Chlcka- suwba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas! Anne lj. Cleary I'lnltillft vs. No. D414 Miunice A. Cleary Defendant 'lhe defendant Maurice A. Clem. Is hereby warned to appear vvllhlt thirty days in the cuuit named Si the caption hereof and answer th compliant of Ihe pluintlir Anne I Clea] y. Dated Ibis 2(i day of Feb.. 1946. IIAUVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Mary Lee Jarratt. D. C. Ed n. Cofjk. Atty. for Pltf. G. W. Dsiriium, Atty. ad l.lteni. 21S7-3|G-13-20 today thai .warm wcalher will be nccompunled by' a lieer dronuhi Oils yeni-. .Fj'rotliiiiUcm Is whom ao per cent undor l'J45, they suld. Hurley. vy(Ucl'i pinkos beer taste like beer, 1 ifpy! Is InHnjj used to focd livr.sloek. Curn is scarce, and itn- (lei, a government order little rice iiml no wheat run lm used for brc',v- IllK. A Milwaukee brewer pri'dictod that the nation's yearly output will drop from the 1SI45 level of K!>.~ 000,000 barrels to 52.000.000 or !>'.(,1)00,000. Home, u'rewers, inchullnij the niuk- r of a natlntmlly famous briind, invi- stopped makini! driiil beer itoitethc-r. Arthur Glllett. prejildent of an isolation repre.wnllnn l.lin la- i uiul re:>lut]riuils In metropol- Inn New York suld the draft beer holing? is Ki'owliiK worse each vcck. "If soinethhi(j duesn't happen ve'H have n very bad summer." le said. "A lot. of summer resort places probably will have to ito out of business." Freeman liecUllii);, executive director of the chleiiun Tuvern owners, Assoelnllon, predicted boerlcss summer nights durlni; which the public would drink wine, rum nn-.l evoj\ leiuonude. He said, son\e tuv- crn owners would be hun| hit be- t'un l-'rauelsco breweries. A Chlniiirt bartender said, the lioer situation made him feel like weeplnij. lie uddi'il: "Hut HV, iiiilliu; loo touiih tu find a beer to cry int,o." WAIlMN'd OltllKIt In ihr C'lumcery i'4iurl, Chlrkii- sawlia tfhlrli'l, .Mississippi Ciiuii- ly, Arltunsas, ,1. C. Matlicw.s Plaintiff. DIGGING AT YOUR SCALP WON^t KELP .Ciet rcul lielji for dry itcliy ,ev»li> with MoLolino Hatr':. 'roiilc. Aitls naturaloila, 'li»l|« removb lo'oso dcnclruir' WHMU.INE HAIR TONIC .RHEUMATIC PAIN i Mi^lilm Ikil »lll r»«i Hull GET AFTER Wllh . . _ If you suffer from rhurmmllc- pain or muaunltir nclien, buy C-a'2'23 loO for real palii-rcllcvlni{ help. OOe, O-2223 at <lrii);Kl!<lH, Caution; Use only as directed. FlriU bottler pur- cliuse price refunded If not FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H» Webb • Hwy, <H. at Slale Line Moms; Itlytheville 7M I found the way to amazing Temporary relief for symptoms of bronch/al ASTHMA and HAY FEVER nuclear properties ai'o omitlctl. but. the experiments by which they may be determined are described. Tliis report brings the rest ot the world to the lever of knowledge' we had attained by the end of 19-12. Tlie remaining knowledge is a mass 01 scientific, engineering and 'tcch- detail which, if released completely now, would have other .countries from six luontlis to a year in their efforts to produce atomfe bombs. We wer e indeed fortunate in having nt our disposal such eminent scientists as Fermi, Opuen- heimer, Urey, Bohr. Lawrence, and rnahy others. These men were instrumental in developing the basic .principles on which the construction of atomic'weapons rests. But, How that n |i the successful methods have been revealed, other, countries no longer "need such a framxy of, talent as we had available. All that is needed now are competent nuclear physicists, chemists, and engineers to work out the kinks in and navy can afford'to begin pro- atomic bombs. We may be the only country callable of such an effort • in the.face of heavy war production am! over-taxed iiianufnmtririnrr facilities, but this is peacetime nnd the effort need not be nearly as great! -Other countries need follow oulv one ot tile many successful methods that, ai'o outlined in the Smylh report, and .their, industries can supply jiien and materials unencumbered b.v war - production needs. We are the richest country in the world, but Is the cost of making atomic bombs so prohibitive that wtie alonp can make them? The entire Plutonium project, one of the many successful one.s, cos', under $'100,000.000. Without the pressure of production to win a war, with time to consider more carefully the exact con-structional requirements, doubtless the work can be duplicated for less. But even this- cost is not prohibitive. Any country which can support an army duclion of atomic bombs. Recent experience with Germany and Japan makes apparent the fact that ] lack or large financial reserves Is 10 deterrent to a determined na- .ion. ' Simunarl/.lni;. then, It can be seen .hat there are no material obstnc- es in the way of any of tlie larger ititions, nor Indeed, of several of he smaller ones, which can prevent them from duplication m even surpassing our effort In tlie pro- luction of atomic bombs, uiul in ipproxiinaK'ly the .same time—tw.i 'o'''flVc years. That'$ it...Have a Coca-Cola .. '.all in the spirit of friendliness Even with your eyes shut you know that ice-cold Coca-Cola will help make any party a success. Its sparkling refreshment Icncis a gay and friendly tone to any occasion. Coke belongs wherever folks gather for fun and friendliness. The invitation Have a. Co\c means a good time will be had by all. It's a mighty nice feeling to know that there's Coca-Coll in the icebox ready to refresh a sociable pause with friends or just to rei'rcsli yourself. BOTTLED UNDt* AUTHOKITf Of THE COC*-COIA. CONrANV IY COCA-COLA BOTI1ING CU. ot BL\THEVILLE ["Coca-Cola" and its abbreviation fCoke" are the registered trade. Imtrlu which distinguish the prod- Fuel of The Coca-Cola Company. Beware Coughs from common ccjds That Hang On Creomulslon relieves promptly be- cnuse it goes' right to tlie seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel Bcrm laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe nnd heal raw, tender, Inflamed broncldal raucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you ti bottle of Crcomulsion with the understanding you must like the *aylt quickly, nil ays the cough or. you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION fo r COUEUS, Chest Coldj, Brondiitil better looks! THESE TWO STEPS may help you. So if yon are .subject to poor digestion or suspect deficient red-blood :is the cinise of your trouble, yet h:ive no organic complication or focal infection, SSS Tonic may lie just what you need. It is especially designed (1) to promote the How of VITA). DIGI-ST1V1! JUlCiiS in die Moinach uiul (2) to build-up 13LOOD STUHNGTH when deficient. These are two important results. Thus you get flesh vitality... pep... do your work better.. .become . aniniiiicd ... more attractive! SSS Tonic has helped millions... you can start today ... ;U drug stores hi' 10 and 20 o/.. si*cs. « S.S.S. Co. BUUU STURDY IttAUIJ c'lj U* SI tf*l\ ''iHi'^&iN fc| btAlWAHl f) COLD WAVE with Kurlium CURLS W WAVES IN 2 to 3 HOURS AT HOME (mild STUBDY HEALTH It's hemlcss — machinclcss—tnket only 2 to 3 hours, yet your lovely, easy to manage Cold Wave Permanent will lasc months and months. Guaranteed to satisfy as well as any $ 15.00 professional COLO WAVE or money hack on request. Ideal, loo, for children's soft, fine hair. if Coimim 3 full or. of Kurlium, GO curlors, 6fl cm] Emi-cs, cotton ap- pl'cuor.ncutc.ilizcr PtUS Me UX nnd compltic insrriK* lions.Gel aCharm-Kurl^j/iY/!if!<fltod«r, Kirby Bros. Drug Store .Main and Broadway Plnnc 47$ BASIC HANDBAGS that go with everything 'KM. |f plu, Monograms 20% Kcderu! Tux Such a. "scoop!-rFamous Rambler liandblg selected top-grain leathers that , grow richer," more mellow" with use. Luxury-fitted with extra, roomy compartments, zippers, and metal-frame change purses. Fashion-right classic styles " ~~ in black or brown, with the Good ,~; Housekeeping Seal as a quality bonus . ._.j f The Family Shoe Store W. Main P1XM2M2

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