The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 27, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
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Saturday, April 27, 1963
Page 5
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MUSICAL SOONERS — Shirley Jones and Gordon Mac Rea head the bill at Plaza Theater tomorrow through Wednesday when they entertain movie goers in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma." Movie Fare Music, Suspense, Drama Scheduled To Film "Les Girls 59 In Europe For Video NEW YORK (AP)-"Television series are like streetcars," said actor Larry BIyden. "They come along every so often, and then its up to the actor to decide whether it will take him where he wants to go." BIyden Is a versatile performer equally at home playing a heel (Sammy in "What Makes Sammy Run?"), a singing, dancing leading man (Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Flower Drum Song") and assorted bookeepers, scientists, reporters, suburban husbands on assorted television anthologies. About three years ago, along came a projected TV series to be adapted from a book called "Les Girls." BIyden, who had been turning a disinterested shoulder to five or six series ideas a year, decided that the series, retitlcd "Harry's Girls," was his streetcar. So, next week, BIyden (who plays Harry) and three beautiful young actresses (who play the girls) depart, for a year of filmmaking in Europe. A grass widower, BIyden has already rented a flat in London, and expects that he'll be doing plenty of traveling around the continent for location shots. "Why should I turn down an opportunity to become rich and famous?" he asked expansively. "Besides, I like the idea of the series; it gives me a chance to live abroad for a while; a chance to work with European actors and an opportunity to see a lot of theatre in London and Paris, even Germany, Russia and Scandinavia, if I'm lucky." The assignment on the show which will be an NBC Friday night entry next season will not make him a complete expatriate. He expects to fly to New York every five or six weeks, mostly to visit his two children, aged five and two, who live with his former wife, Carol Haney, the dancer and choreographer, in Mew Jersey. BIyden, born Larry Blieden in Houston, also welcomes the television series because it gives him a chance to get back to comedy roles. He's been having trouble recently with that old actor's problem, type-casting. Television Log Channel 4, NBC Entertainment at Ottawa's two theaters, beginning Sunday will include musical comedy, suspense and biography. "Oklahoma" with Gordon Mac Rea and Shirley Jones, singing Rodgers and Hammerstein's music will start at the Plaza tomorrow and run through Wednesday. "Oklahoma" has delighted millions of movie goers and it was entertaining Broadway audiences long before the film was made. The biography of one of the American screen's tough guys will begin at the Hillcrest Drive- in Sunday, starring Ray Danton and Jayne Mansfield in "The George Raft Story." Also running at the Hillcrest will be the •uspense-filled "Twenty Plus Two." Both shows run through Tuesday and both are first run in Ottawa. "I Thank A Fool," starring Suaan Hayward and Peter Finch and "Damon and Phythias," starring Guy Williams and Don Burnett will run from Thursday through Saturday at the Plaza. The Wednesday through Saturday attractions at the drive-in will be Jules Verne's classic "Five Weeks In A Balloon" with Red Buttons, Fabian and Barbara Eden and "Swinging Along" with Ray Charles, Roger Williams and Bobby Vee. "Gigot," starring Jackie Gleason, and "Gay Paree," featuring the musical voices of Judy Garland and Robert Goulet will wind up this week's bill at the Plaza. "Gay Puree" is an animated, full-length cartoon. Steve" McQueen of TV fame stars in "War Lover" which runs with the action - packed drama "Siege of Syracuse" ends this week's movie amusement at the Hillcrest. Saturday 12:45 13—Baseball—Indians vs. Yankees 4—Owner's Box 2:30 5—Championship Bowling 8—Wide World of Sports 13—To Be Announced S:SO 5—Movie, "Jackass Mall 4—Bowling 9—Phil Silvers 13—industry on Parade 4:30 4—Bull winkle 9—Aquanauts 13—Amateur Hour 0:00 4—McKeever and the Colonel 5—Mr. Ed 13—Serenaders .:30 4—Jeff's Collie 5—Bowling 9—Checkmate 13—Your Question Plea** 5:45 13—News 6:00 4 News 5—News, Weather 13—Sportsman Friend 6:25 4 Comment 5—Speak Op 6:30 4—Sam Benedict 9—Gallant Men 5-13—Jackie Gleason 7:30 4 Joey Bishop 5-13—Defenders 9—Hootenanny 8:00 4—Movie, ''Three Coins In the Fountain" 9—Lawrence Welk 8:30 5-13—Have Oun Will Travel 9:00 13—Gunsmoke 9—Rebirth of Jonny 9:45 9—Make that Spare 10:00 5-9—News, Weather 13—News. Weather. Sports 10:15 4—Movie, "Man In the Net" 5—"Appointment for Love" 9—Movie, "Face of Fire" 13—Movie, "Carrier" 10:70 4—Movie, "Ten Seconds to Hell 1 ' 11:45 9—Movie, "Falcon Is Hollywood" 12:00 4—Wrestling 12:25 5—Movie, "San Francisco Docks" 1:15 9—News 1:25 9—Almanae Newsreel 1:30 9—Faith For Our Time* GLAMOR IN STORE — Jayne Mansfield found it easy to portray a glamorous movie star in "The George Raft Story." Shew begins Sunday at Hillcrest Drive-In. KOFO Schedule MONDAY THBC FBIDAT KOFO AM AND FM 8:00 AM * FM Sign On • :00 Top of the Morning J :30 New* and Weather :35 Top of the Morning 8:45 Weather Round up, MkU. 6:50 Top of the Morning 7:00 Agricultural Market* 7:05 Top of the Morning 7:15 Top of the Morning 7:30 New* 7:40 Top of the Morning 7:45 Weather Forecasts 7:50 Top of the Morning 1:00 Sport* Bound Up 1:10 Top of the Morning 8:30 New* and Weather 1:40 Top of the Morning t:00 Morning Devotion* t:15 KOFO Serenade •:30 News and Weather t:35 KOFO Serenade 10:00 Mary Blalne Tim* 10:15 KOFO Serenade 10:30 New* and Weather 10:35 KOFO Serenade 11:00 Bulletin Board 11:05 Around Town 11:30 New* and Weather 11:35 KOFO Serenade 18:00 People's Exchange 11:05 Noon Tune 13:15 Farm Show 13:35 Noon Tune 13:30 New* 13:40 The Daily Record 12:45 Weather Roundup & Mkts. 12:50 Noon Tune Time 1:00 Gamett Hour 2:00 H'mmaklng Memos ti Best Buy; 2:05" KOFO Karavan 2:30 News and Weather 2:35 KOFO Karavan 3:00 Wonderful World Of Music 3:05 KOFO Karavan 3:30 News & Weather 3:35 KOFO Karavan 4:00 Bulletin Board 4:05 KOFO Karavan 4:30 News and Weather 4:35 KOFO Karavan 5:00 Farm Market Analysi 5:05 KOFO Karavan 5:30 News and Weather 5:40 KOFO Karavan 6:00 Triad Business World 6:10 Eventide Music 6:30 News and Weather 6:30 AM Sign Off 6:40 Eventide Music 7:ffO Triad Sports Round Up 7:10 Eventide Music 7:30 News and Weather 7:35 Eventide Music 8:00 Triad Calling All Cars 8:10 Eventide Music 8:30 News and Weather 8:35 Eventide Music 9:00 Triad Time Out 9:10 Eventide Music 9:30 News and Weather 9:40 Evening Prayers 9:45 FM Sign off Sunday 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:51 9—Almanae Newsreel 8:1X1 5—Light Time 9—Gospel Favorites 13—Oral Roberts 8:15 5—Davey and Goliath 8:30 4—Sacred Heart 5—Christophers 13—Gosepl Favorites 8:45 4—Chrostopber* 9:00 4—Industry UD Parade 5—Lamp Unto My Feet 9—Topper 9:15 4—Americana at Work 9:30 4—Faith For Today 9—Alakazam 13—Look Up and Live 10:0? 4—Frontiers of Faith 5-13—Camera Three 9—My Friend Flicka 10:30 4—Bible Answers 5—Inquiry 9—Wonderama 13—This Is The Life 11:00 4—Film Feature 5—Profile 13—Big Picture 11:30 4—Film Feature 5-13—Washington Report 9—Movie, "Iron Sheriff 11:45 4—Owner's Box 5—Film Feature 13—Baseball Cards vs. PhlUiei 11:55 4—Baseball — Athletics vs. Senator 13—Baseball, Indians vs. Yankees 12:00 Noon 4—Cameo Theater Comedy Is King In Next Season's TV Schedules NEW YORK (AP)—The executive* of network television and advertisers obviously believe that, more than anything else, audiences like to laugh. The final nails are being driven into the structures of next sea- •on'i schedules and, once again, comedy is king of the channels. Of tome 86 prime-time evening •howi next fall, 28 fall into the comedy category. Second most popular category will be the dramatic anthology. There will be 1 of them, an increase over this season, so they may herald the trend. There will be 15 variety shows, weekly and Bcmiweekly. It promises to be a lean year for horse opera—only seven remain, although two of them will be N minute ihowi. Apparently the brave efforts of the three networks to schedule news and actuality programs in prime-time slots haven't worked out too well. Sole survivors next season will be "CBS Reports" and some Chat Huntley and David Brinkley specials. There will be six game shows, including a return to the old- fashioned super-prize quiz show on ABC called "100 Grand." Action-adventure will be the lure of 14 series, alx>ut par for any season. The May 23 episode of CBS' "The Nurses" uses the thalido*. mide pill tragedy as the headline theme for its drama, and goes on to extract plot and point from the birth of a deformed baby, altogether a chilling subject. By next week just about on quarter of all evening televisio series on the networks will be repeating shows—not including th feature movies which were repeats to a lot of the audieno when they first reached televi sion. Usually they start in lat May or June. 'Who's Afraid' Is Best Play NEW YORK (AP) - "Who" Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by Ed ward Albee, was named the bes new play of the 1962-63 Broadwa season Thursday by the York Drama Critics Circle. A special citation was awardec to the topical revue importet from London, "Beyond Th fringe." Channel 5-13, CBS 2:30 s—Lone Ranger 1:00 5—Movie, ''Appointment for Love" 9—Open End 2:25 4—Scoreboard 2:30 4—Chet Huntley 13—Championship Bridge :00 4—Movie, "Ten Seconds to Hell" 5—Football Highlights :30 5—Film Feature 13—Alumni Fun 1:00 5—Amateur Hour 9—Major Adamr 13—Biography 4:30 5-13 — O-E College Bowl 5:00 4—Meet The Press 6-13—Twentieth Century 9—Wyatt Earp :30 4—Shannon 5—News 9—Rlverboat 3—Mr. Ed 6:45 5—A's Dugout 5:55 5—Speak Dp 6:00 4—News, weather, sport* 5-13—Lassie 6:25 4—Comment 6:30 4— Walt Disney 5-13—Dennis The Menace 9—Jetsons 7:00 5-13—Ed Sllivan 9—Movie, "Terror in Texas" 7:30 4—Car 54 8:00 4-13—Bonanza 5—Real McCoy* 8:30 5—O. E. True 9:00 4—NBC White Paper 5-13—Candid Camera 9—Voice of Firestone 9:30 5-13—What's My Line 9—Movie, "I Aim At Stars" 10:00 4-5-13—New* 10.'IS 4—Movie, "West Point Story 1 ' 5—Movie, "Song to Remember" 13—News. Weathei 10:30 13—Changing Times 1:SO 9—Movie, "Nightmare" 11:45 13—Movie, "Last Days of Pompeii 1:00 9— New* 1:10 9—Almanao Newsreel 1:15 9—Faith for Our Time* Monday 5:55 4—Daily Word 6:00 4-13—Continental Classroom 6:25 5—Light Tim* 6:30 4—International Zone 13—College of the Air 6:40 5—Davey and Goliath 5—Farm TaeU 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:30 5—Moment of Meditation 7:35 5—Cartoonland 1:45 5—King and Odie 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 9—New* 8:00 5-13—Captain Kangeroo 9—Columbia Lecture* 8:30 9—Deputy and Felix 9:00 *—Say When 5—Jack La Lanne 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar 9:25 4—New* 9:30 4—Play Ifour Bunch 6-13—1 Love Lucy 9—Divorce Court 10:00 4—Price I* Right 5-13—McCoy* 10:30 4— Concentration 5.13—Pete and Gladys 9—Day in Court 10:55 9—New* 11:00 4—First Impression 5-13—love of Life 9—General Hospital 11:25 S-13—New* 11:30 4—Truth or Consequence* 9—Seven Keys 5-13—Search For Tomorrow 11:45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:55 4—Newt 12:00 Noon 4—Cartoon* 5-13—News, Weather 9—Ernie Ford 12:10 5—Speak dp 12:15 5—Sports 13—Farm Report 12:20 4— Local New*, Market 5—Weather 12:25 5—Local Interview 12:30 4—Accent 9—Father Know* Best 5-13—As The World Turn* 4—Award Theater 5-13—Password 9—Movie, ''Cry Wolf 1 ' 1:30 4—Doctor* Channel 9, ABC Ottawa RoUer Rink Public Sessiona Wed. and Fit 7:30 to 10:00 Sat nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon., Tues and Thurs, Sun Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under 5-13—House Party 2:00 4—Loretta young 5-13—To Tell The Truth 2:25 5-13—News 9—News 2:8(1 4—YOU Don't Say 9—Jane Wyman 5-13—Millionaire S:00 4—Match Game 9— Queen For a Day 5-13—Secret Storm S:25 4—News »:30 4—Make Room For Daddy 9—Who Do You Trust 5-13—Edge of Night 1:00 4—Movie, "Barbarian and the Geisha" 5—Cousin Ken's Karnlval 9—Torey and Friend* 13—News. Weather 4:15 13—Turban's Land ot Maglo 4:30 4—Funtlme 9—Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 4—Sea Hunt •—Huckleberry Hound 13— Vogl Bear 5—Whlrlyblrd* 5:30 4—Dragnet 9—Rebel 13—Camera Corner 5:45 5—New* 13—Sport* — DOT Nel*OB 5:65 13—Weather 6:00 4-5-9-13—New* 6:10 4—Sports - Merle Harmon 5-9—Weather 6:15 4—Huntley-Brlnkley New* 5—Sports t—News 13—Walter Crontito 6.25 5—Speak-Dp 6:30 4—Movie, "Hunters' 1 5-13—To Tell The Truth 9—Dakotas 7:00 13—I've Got A Secret 7:30 5-13—Lucille Ball 9—Rifleman 8:00 5-13—Danny Thomas 9—Stoney Burke 8:30 4—Biography—Ike 5-13—Andy Griffith 9:00 4—Brinkley's Journal 5—Password 9-13—Ben Casey 9:30 4—Art Linkletter 5 fisor'.'mar'i Friend 10:06 4-5—New* 9-13—News 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Suspect" 9—Steve Allen 13—Weather 10:20 13—Sports 10:30 13—Lifeline* 10:35 13—Untouchable* 11:35 13—Peter Gunn 11:45 9—Man from Cochlse 12:00 4—New* 12:05 4—Daily Word 12:10 5—Movie, "Hunted Men" 12:15 9—New* 12:30 9—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 9—Faith of Our Time* "NOW, DON'T YOU FORGET" - Claudia McNeil (left), tells nurse Ruby Dee that she la deliberately forgetting the very people who are responsible for her success in "Express Stop From Lenox Avenue" on "The Nurses" Thursday at 9 on Channels 5 and 13. Mouse Roars Again Just For Laughs It's still not too late to watch the natives of the Grand Dutchy of Fenwick see their plans run afoul when they decided to go to war with the United States and lose in order to have their bankrupt little nation rehabilitated. There are still plenty of laughs in store for the audience attending tonight's performance at 8 in Memorial Auditorium when the all-school cast of Ottawa High School presents "The Mouse That Roared." The play centers around the mythical little country that is bent on getting U.S. aid after falling in battle to American troops, but the accidental capture of the top U. S. scientist puts Grand Fenwick in a terrible fix —they win the war and problems continue. The play features Anna Machin as Grand Duchess Gloriana anc Terry Wollen as Tully Bascom the two leading characters of the comedy. Tickets will be on sale tonight at the auditorium box office for the OHS senior class-sponsorec production. NOW! Jackie Gleason and Ends in 'GAY Tonight 'GIGOT' PUREE' Matinee at 1:30 Evening "PUREE" — 7:20 Only "GIGOT" —9:00 Only SUN., MON., TUES., WED, **• *. FIRST TIME AT POPULAR PRICES! OKLAHOMA! ••3J So* MacRAE • GLORIA GRAHAME • SHIRLEY JONES • GENE NELSON mm GREENWOOD • EDDIE AlBERI • MS WHIIMORE • ROD STEIGER ^^.UTIIII Nwmi«.M,. M .na WKMMN IP. *, * SONY* IEWW -HUH*IUOWO ««n *** k *CNES DC MHU ^Continuous Sunday from 2:00 P.M. Saturday-Sunday TV Highlights Saturday Evening That folk - singing show which s gaining in popularity, tilled 'Hootenanny," will move^to the campus of Rutgers IMversily, Vew Brunswick, N. J^this evening. On hand for the singing will be he Smothers Brothers, the Chad Mitchell Trio, the Simon Sisters and Judy Henske. Jack Linklet- er is the host and the program >resents some fine singing. Chan- lel 9, at 7:30. Along the same line, the five ?ern Sisters will appear on the lawrence Welk show this evening on Channel 9 at 8. The sis- ;ers are from Fullerton, Calif. If you're staying up late and ike the war movies there'll be a 1959 film, "Ten Seconds to Hell," on Channel 4 at 10:20. Sunday Evening At 9 this evening on Channel 4, a special NBC White Paper documentary program might be of nterest to many. It will deal with a question that is becoming more and more • question in America. The subject is "Gambling." To be touched on in this program will be the subject of tax revenues to be realized from legt-' lized gambling, the issues involved in the controversy over the subject and many other angles. The program recognizes th« fact that most forms of gambling are illegal in most states, and recognizes also that gambling goes on anyway — to the tune of an estimated 25 bilfon dollars a year. One of the fine movies of nearly 20 years ago will be shown on Channel 5, 10:15. "A Song To Remember," the Frederic Chopin story. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned tal by a reader. THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, April 27, 1963 Ends Tonite Show at 7:30 "Siege of Syracuse" "The War Lover" with Steve MeQueen * * SUN.-MON.-TUES. Action—Drama—Suspense REORGE RAFT WilWGOMOOl Plus 2 -1st Run Hits 'Twenty Plus Two" NOTE! J_ School classes, 4-H, Hi-Y groups, special admission prices. Get up a line party or hayrack ride to the Hillcrest. Call CH 2-5256 or 9708 for information. Hillcrest Drive-ln

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