The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 3
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THE BAKfiRSFlEttt GALIFORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1936 , 'Concern Is Drilling in All: Ne%y Areas, Also Proven Districts of Kern Skyrocketed Into prominence as one oC the leading exploiters of San Joaquin valley, Associated Oil Company by running 10 strings of tools now has a finger in every new area, also In proven acreage on both the Kost and West Sides. In Now Areas The company has a drilling well In tho new prospective oil field east of. Grapevine, another near Mohawk's discovery north of Arvln, ona on tho flat valley floor northwest of T,en-Sectlon 'field and of course Is busy in tho new field It recently discovered north of Lost Hills. .In addition, tho company lias Reward No. C, coring at 8247 feet for a western extension of North Belridge field, Avonal No. 1, a wildcat 6n Kreyenhagen hills west of Kettleman which Is drilling ahead at 2960 foet and Murphy Kanch No. 1 near tho old Sargent field 1n San Benlto county which Is drilling In Etchegoln formation at 40B4 feet with' one of tho largest gasoline- driven rotarles In the state. Try Proven Ground Foundations are being laid in Midway field on proven land north ol! Fellows for No. ,7 on section 35, 31-22, which will bo drilled to 1100 feet by a portable Hopper rotary at a location between Nos. 3 and 4. On the East Side, No. 31 In Kern Front field, section 23, 28-27, has been completed for 175 barrels dally of 15 gravity crude from 1034 feet, and No. 41 is ready for a production test from 11)15-1954 feet. Georgo Suman Is superintendent of the company's San Joaquin valley division. Down 3790 Feet in Quest for Gas Seaboard Oil Company's try for gas near L,lverrnore in Alameda county at Johnson No. 1, section 13, 3-3, la down 3790 foet. This is an attempt to find gas In tho foothills on the west side of tho valley, in flie same formation that yields gas In the threo fields in tho San Joa- quln river bottom opposite Stockton. •» i « Pumper Completed in McKittrick Area Along McKittrtck front, section 26, 29-21, Welport Oil Company has completed another shallow well, No. 15, pumping 80 barrels dally from 938-1185 feet. U. S. ENVOY STABBED TOKIO. Sept.- 23. (A, P.>—Earlo R. Dlckover, first secretary and charge d'affaires of the United States embassy, was stabbed in his h<Jme today by a burglar who escaped. Operations Near Standstill at Edison as Jergins Idles D RILLING operations In Edison field aro almost at a standstill. No more locations have been staked out by A. T. Jergins Trust, which has been tho most active operator In the field. Jergins has fulfilled Its offset requirements on Its own property and also on the half-section jointly owned with Texas Company. Numerous undrtlled locations are left and they will be drilled at some future date but tho company has called a halt in order to realize on the good production It has developed so far. Development of Edison field has been difficult because of the spotted and lenticular condition of the sands. The field include* two oil horizons and spreads over a wide area but every section of proven land contains dry abandoned holes. Jergins has abandoned Brandt No. 0 on section 22', 30-20, after drilling to 43P5 feet and setting 6%-inch casing at 3830. This offset* Bauor Oil Company's lease whore commercial production has been secured down the dip and farther away from tho central portion of tho field. Two wells, Nos. 4 and 6,, on tho Jerglns-Texas feo property, section 23, 30-29, havo been finished In oil sand and await production tests. Difficult Drilling Project Finished on Narrow Lease U SING 18 whlpstocks of tho removable variety, and 90 single shots, Frank Goldman has succeeded In accomplishing one of the most difficult drilling operations on the West Side In his Keene No. 3 In the Williams area back of Taft, section 22, 32-23. Considerable skill was displayed In restricting the slanted hole to the narrow 40-foot lease, especially below the 1300-foot level where the steep formations continually tried to pull tho bit to tho northeast. Using tho derrick at Keeno No. 3, which produces from the first sand, operators slanted a hole west one location to the second sand and cemented 8%-lnch casing at 1500 feet. As soon as tho cement has hardened a, production test will ho arranged on the oil sand at 1600-2122 feet. Warren E.'Ten Eyck was geologist on the Job and Karl Wright was superintendent of drilling. NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED Marlon Wlcthose and Maud M. De Too to W. T. Woodward—Leaso dated August 25, 1D3G, one-eighth royalty, eight months' drilling clause, northeast quarter of southeast quarter, except south half of south half, section 7. 11-23. AV. T. Woodward et ux to G. W. Claxton—Assignment of above, 4 1-6 per cent overriding royalty. Bakersficld Fuel and Oil Company to J, J. Tavls—Lease dated November 4,.1935, 12'Xi per cent royalty, two-year drilling clause, north half of northwest quarter and southwest quarter of northwest quarter section 18, and west half of southwest quarter, section 18, 28-28. Frank Davis et ux, M. E. P. Ross, Bell McCann, William Christie, Bluebell Fulton, Mrs. H. E. Everett and J. W. Heard, Jr., first parlies, Petroleum Supply Company, Inc., and Krank Goldman, second parties, and Nick Gerard Oil Producing Company and Nick Gerard, third parties, enter Into agreement as to termination of disputes and claims and ratify assign- from third parties to second parties covering portion lot 29, section 21, 29-27. John Dvoroff et ux and J. Podovln- nlkoff ot ux to Lou V. Smith—Lease dated July 14, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 6-year drilling clause, north half of northeast quarter, section 32, 29-26. Harriet R. McManes to Associated Oil Company—Lease dated August 8, 1936, one-eighth royalty, G-ycar drill- Ing clause, northeast quarter, section 26. 28-26. Willis Anderson to Albert II, 13. O. and Hannah E. Roscndahl—Assign- ment 4-76ths of 1 per cent oil, etc., from Canal-Bloemer well No. 1 on portion northwest quarter, suction 30, 30-29. L. W. Harrison to H. & II. Oil Company—Sublease dated July 24, 1936, southeast aero In lots 10 and 11, and portion lot 12, Clovcrleaf Tract, 26 2-3 per cent royalty. John A. Alford to Desert Glow Oil Company—Lease dated Juno 8, 1934, one-fifth royalty, fiu-day drilling clause, southwest quartor of southwest quarter, (section 26, 32-23. HE III A brilliant littlo radio in a cabinet oi rare, matched woods. Finished on all four sides-no open back, Four lubes. A Jewell BROCK'S APPLIANCE DBPT. Bank Robberies in Fiscal Year Drop (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23.—A decrease from 631 bank robberies In 1932, the peak year, to 189 in tho fiscal year ended August 31 was announced by James E. Baum, manager of the .protective department of tho American Bankers Association at an executive council meeting. Ho declared reduction In crimes against banks this year "unparalleled" and attributed the 71 por cent decrease In four years to action of the federal government. •» i > F. D. R., Smith May Be Rivals on Radio (Associated Press Leased Wire! NEW YORK, Sept. 23.—President Roosevelt and Alfred E. Smith may bo rival broadcasters tho night of October 1. Tho Democratic national committee announced today It had purchased the half hour at 9 p. m. that day for tho broadcast of the President's address at Pittsburgh, to be carried by both WEAF-NBC and WABC-CBS. It was also announced that a verbal request for time at tho same 9 o'clock hour, but via tho WJZ- NBC network, had been niado by publicity associates for the former Governor Smith's talk from Carne- glo hall In New Vork, ho to speak under sponsorship of the Independent coalition of American women. NOW I EAT Potato Salad Upiet Stomach Goes In Jltly With Bell-ans BELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION SUN KONO HERB CO. CONSULTATIONS FREE Wonderful herbc for chronics and aout* ailment* ot the klcfneyn, liver, etomach trouble,'- etc. E«pe- clally effective for all kind, of venereal 4Ueasea. Herbs offer Ihi- , of PIANOS RENTED, SOLD For as little as $4.00 per month you may rent a fine piano, and arrangements can be made so that if you later decide to buy we will allow you full credit for the amount of rental paid on the purchase of any piano. Many Fine Bargains NEW and Usid Don C. Preston Nlnitiinth and H Streitt Alameda Studying $12,000,000 Base (United Press Leased Wire) OAKLAND, Sept. 23.—A new $12,000,000 naval supply baso in Middle Harbor here was under consideration • today by federal and Alameda county authorities. The city council yesterday adopted a resolution asking tho voters to grant 90 acres of tldclands to tho government for that purpose, tho proposition to be placed on the hal lot and voted ilpon at tho regular elections November 3. Tho proposed depot, It was ex plained, is separate and apart from the Alameda air base. If acceptable to both government and local authorities, the now naval depot, along with the Alameda air supply base, will mean a total of $25,000,000 In naval projects to bo undertaken in this region. ;> r^mfm, ;> V.JM i A- -,--•'''," «« t ~iv**$ .fr-lff ^..^^1^1 iu r frVrt- H • ? OPEN REVIVAL AT LOCAL CHURCH Judge Rules Against Plainliff in Oil Action involving "Drift" Wells (United Press Leased Wire! LOS ANGKLES. Sept. 23.—Superior Judge William J. Palmer, ruling that tho burden of proof rested upon the plaintiff In establishing that his production hnd been curtailed, today decided In favor of the Bellview Oil Syndicate In a suit that sought, to determine ownership of oil extracted by "drift" wells. Tho court set aside claims of the Alphonzo. E. Boll Corporation for f8.GOO.000 damages from tho defendant Bell Syndicate on tho grounds that tho latter concern "permitted" two of Its wells to drift beyond tho defendant's property lines to property tho corporation leased to tho Union Oil Company. Distinguishing between dlroV- tloimlly drilled, or "whlpstookcd" wells, and those where a drift occurred in iho normal course of drilling, Judge Pnlmer ruled that the plaintiff must .show that the defendant produced more oil because of tho drift, nnd 'thus reduced thu plaintiff's production. Tho court cited'the right of property owners to compete for oil production under the rule of capture and held that overlying property owners had a common Interest in community pools. The Bell Corporation had sued to recover $3,500.000 It contended tho Independent firm Illegally extracted from the drift wells. One Up on Fellow Who Stole Drum (United Press Leased Wire) CLEVELAND, Kept, 23.—Raymond Barber Is ono up on tho man who stole the bass drum. And If the Penn-Ohlo coach people had trouble believing their SB-passenger coach actually had disappeared from tho station, people who passed Barber (on tho wrong Bide of tho road) found It harder to believe what they saw. Raymond hardly bnllnvcd It himself when ho woko up In his cell tho next morning after smashing tho juggernaut against, un abutment In Bedford, 15 miles away. j « • » Musical Favorite Granada Feature Melody, romance and drama aro blended into a soul-stirring symphony of emotion In "Tho Melody Lingers On," which comes to tho Granada theater today. Josephine Hutchinson and (leorge Houston, Hollywood's sensational new opera star screen find, head tho cast of this heart-gripping romantic drama, with music, based on the novel by Lowell Brentano. On the Hamo bill is "Champagne Charlie," a story of a front-page playboy and n headline heiress. Pan Cavanaugh plays the tltlo role, will Minna Gomboll, Herbert Mundin ant others In tho cast. 4 « » CAT KISES FROM GKAVK BRYANTSVILLE, Miss., Kept. 23 (U. P.) — Clarence Pratt cannot ac count for tho eight remaining lives of his pet oat. It was hit by an automobile and apparently killed. Pratt burled his pet and, returning homo tho same evening, ho was met at thu front door by the cat. Youths, Age 19 aiid 20, Hang for Crimes of Murder and Kidnaping (Associated Press Leased Wire) DORCHESTER, N. B,, Sept. 23.— Two brothers—Arthur Bannister, 19, and Daniel, 20—were hanged together today for killing a woodsman- squatter during the kidnaping of his nfant daughter for their mother to ,iso in the, "baby doll" extortion plot. Resigned to death after rejection of ,he appeals for clemency, the brothers walked silently to tho gallows where they stood back to back as ho nooses were placed over their lends. Slny Woodsman Tho brothers worn convicted of killing Phillip Lake, 30-year-old woodsman living near Pacific June- lion, N. B. The crown charged the Bannister brothers were responsible 'or Lake's death during tho abduction of his 4-monlhB-old daughter last January. Mrs. May Bannister, their mother, wanted the baby to aid In an alleged extortion plot against two men who. the crown charged, were under moral obligation to her. The prosecution, during tho brothers' trial, asserted Mrs. Bannister attempted to fako motherhood by appearing with a life-size baby doll, llor effort to got money from tho two lion with tho doll failed, It was charged, and she, her two boys nnd ler 15-year-old daughter Frances dp- vised tho plan to kidnap the Lake jaby. Brutal Crime During the kidnaping J.*ikc was Killed, his common-law wlfo falally Injured and his young son left to dlo outside their lonely cabin In midwinter, the prosecution alleged. Mrs. Bannister was convicted of harboring the stolon child and was sentenced to servo throe and one-half years In tho penitentiary. Frances Bannister has boon charged with abducting tho. Lake, baby and her trial set for Friday. Baker to Assist in Chinese Relief (United frets Leased Wire) SHANGHAI, Sept. 23.—John Karl Award Highway Contracts Over $1,000,000 in State (United Preti Leased \V{rt) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 23.—Work on new highway projects In 11'coun- ties today was .expected to start In the near future following award of contracts totaling more than $1,000,000. Tho largest contract went to the Daley Corporation, Ban Diego, and calls for construction of 2.7 miles of & divided highway on the Ban Dlego-Yuma route between Texas street and Euclid avenue. The price was $283,922. Tho second largest contract, amounting to $249,803, was awarded to Griffith Company, Los Angeles, for widening 18.7 miles of State Route 20 between Monterey Park and Pomona in Los Angeles county. Other contracts Included: Humboldt county — Repairing bridge across south fork of tho Trinity river near Baylor, to Mercer- Frasor Company, Kureka, $2745, La«nen county — Grading 14.2 miles of Btate Route 73 between Termo and Madeline, to Poules & McEwen, Sacramento,' $30.247. Sacramento county — Improving For RENT or SALE Complete GASOLINE OUTFIT With Steel Derrick o Casing and Drill Pipe Straightened PORTABLE PUMPING UNITS New and Used OU Well Supplies Bought and Rented Atlas Supply Co. L. B. ARMSTRONG, Manager 3700 Chester Avenue Fulton avenue, to J. A. CoHsoti, Hay ward, $D9,065. Monterey county—Oiling 7.1 nilleH of the San Kltneon-Carmel .highway between Big Creek nnd Anderson eunyon, to Oilfields Trucking Company, Itakcrsfleld, $4881. Treating 30.1 miles of shoulders with asphalt on Stale Routes 2 and 117 to A. J. Haliwh, San Jose, $10,566. Kings county — Constructing a timber brldgo across the cost branch of Cross creek two miles west o Corcoran, to P. O. Bohnett Co. Campbell, $7010, Tulare county—Constructing i Umber brldgo on State Route 12' east of Portervlllo. to N. M. Bal Sons, Berkeley, $ 14,809. Construct Ing a concrete bridge on Rtatt Route 127 near Olive School, to Peter J. McHugh, Sacramento $8012. Los Angeles county — Grading paving 0.5 of a mllo botwe«sn 8lat Route 19 und Route 172, to C. R Bullerfleld, San Pedro, $21,961 Grading, paving 0.3 of a mlln on 'Washington boulevard between Spence street arid Downey Hood, to C. F. Robbing, Lou Angeles, 71.434 Grading paving 1.2 miles of State street In Long Boach and Slgna Hill, to Sully-Mlller Construction Co., Long Beach. $129,722. Orange county—Grading, paving 8.9 miles of State Route 60 between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach to George R. Curtis Paving Co., Angeles, $17Z,170. Inyo county—Grading, nurfacing 1,7 miles of State Route 23 near •outh county line, to Hasten Bro ther«, Torrance, $20,216. Mono county^-OradliiK 2.4 mllw of State Route 86 near Bridgeport to C. A. Baker, Sacramento, $8368 WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? IS THEM A CURE7 A booklet conUlnlnf U» opinion* of .«. doctor! <m (hit inurcuting iubject will I «M^ FREE, wWj U»f!r Iwt, to Hovcrend ami Mr*. F. B. Smith T HH Reverend and Mrs. Frank U. Smith tire conducting a revival campaign at tho Church of tho Nastarcno, corner of Chester avonuo and Fourth street. Services aro talk each evening prior to the rog- Father of 14-Year. Bride of 19-Year Groom Invades Romance Cave (Associated Prett Letted Wfrt) BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Sept, 28. Tho romance with a pre-htatorio touch of a 14-year-old Itinerant girl and the 19-year-old son of tenant farmer parents was ended today—the girl's father supplying a modernistic climax to his daughter's four-day honeymoon In a cave. ' The bride, Vera Grimes, who was reluctant to leave the cave, was en route with her father to her home at Cleves, Ohio. Ben Porter, the young husband, one of a family of eight, returned to the two-room dwelling of hlj parents. Because of crowded conditions at the Porter house. Deputy Sheriff Uoyd Downey said he was told, the couple set up housekeeping In the eavo on the Porter farm, In which the girl had made her home three weeks befora her marriage last Saturday at Oallatin, Tenn. Officers took Vera Into custody at tho request of her father. She screamed and kicked as sh« was taken away, Downey said. The girl previously had been de- ular service, dwelling upon various twined two weeks ago by officers phases of missionary work In tho orient, and describing many of tho customs of tho people in that coun- held each evening nt 7:30 o'clock. I try. The Kcverend and Mrs. Smith Tho Smiths aro well known In fink- cmfield, having conducted mei'tlngs ill tho Xaznrene Church tit Intervals for tvmny yonrs. For n lung period they worked In Bible Training School. Mrs. Kmlth gives n few minutes' are musicians as well. Tho public Is cordially Invited to nttend. All Interested persons aro requested to bring their friends. Tho Hoverond 1C. J. Ewell Is pastor of the Church of tho Nazarono In Hakcraflcld. after they were notified by residents of tho Lost River community, south of here, of the cave dweller. She was released four days later, after efforts to Identify her failed. A few days after her release, she married young Porter, culminating a whirlwind romance. -*• of the china International Fniniiu> Relief commission, of which ho previously bad been a member of tho executive committee. Baker, who recently returned to China lifter a California vacation, formerly was adviser to the ministry of railways and has boon connected with Chinese govoriininntnl affairs for 20 yearn. Ho roplucps V, S. I)Jang who resigned after 17 years of service to Join tho ministry of Industry. * > «. ^ SOVIKT IRUHiATION PI,AN MOSCOW, Sopt. 23. (U. P.)—A vast Irrigation plan whcreundpr tho barren HteppON of the Crimea will IIP Irrigated from the Mnlepor has been approved by tho commissariat of u.Krl- oulluro.. Some 320,000 hocturoH will bo flooded. Japanese Troops to China to ProtectJT/ieir Subjects Hfioclalrd Press Leased \\'lre) Detachments of , others by Chinese demonstrators at ChtMigtu. West China, August 24; tho killing of Junxo Naknno, Japanese drugplHt, «t Pakhot, September 3, and tho fatal shooting of a Japanese consular policeman at Hankow September 19.) Officials declined to disclose tho ulre of tho ninrlno detachment or tho domination of tho landing party. Sept. I'll, •*• marines, specially trained an land- Ing purlins, milled today for China to protect .lapanoso residents and Intor- outs against demonstrations by bos- UN 1 Chinese. Kmpifror lllrolilto and Foreign Minislur Machlro Arlta confom>il to- Ki-thcr at tho Imperial palacn on alleged "anil .lapanoHo terrorism" which yesterday reunited In official I orders for the expedition to China. ' officials ami tho Jupanem* prefix I guarded carefully tho uunio of thu 1 port from which the marines em [harked. It was unilorMotx!. howevor. ' tho (lottirhnionts loft from Sum-bo on The. only comment on the number of men was expressed by tho newspaper Asahl which termed it "a fair-sized ! force." I Tho ronsoiiKUs of informed sources ! led to tho belief the chief purpose of i tho expedition, at least for tbn i»res- ! ftit. was to strengthen diplomatic i KyiiMhu lHlan.1. '24 IIOUI-M siilllng from i I"' 1 ' 1 """'" whlrh Japan Is exerting at Shanghai. ' Banking ami olKewhore. (High Japanese officials, moved to^ j action by what they termed "ram-j Ipnnt" ait.itrkH on their natlonalH In MUS. IlllODK 1N.I •WASHI.NOTON. Ind., Sept. 23. China, unlerod the oxpedlllon.) (A. p.>—Mrs. Huth Bryan Owen (The command followed ihroo. i-o- rthodo. former United Htutes mlnls- cent Incidents In China for whle.h tho tor to Denmark and the .laughter Toklo government had .lematul.-d of - ,,f tho late William Jennings Bryan flelal Investigations anil explanations. | suffered u broken left leg In a fall These Included tho slaying of two i hum last night. An X-ray exam!Japanese nnd tho wounding of two nation disclosed tho Injury today. Presbytery Ousts Rev.D.RBlackie (Associated Prett Levied Wire) IX3S ANOEL.ES, Sopt. 23—Controversy of "modernism" In the Presbyterian Church was culminated today by dismissal of tho Reverend Donald E. Hlacklo from the ministry by tho Los Angeles presbytery. Mr. Blackio, who recently left the pulpit of Trinity Presbyterian Church at Belvedere Gardens, had charged tho parent church "allowed modernism to supplant devotion to historical precepts." With nix other Presbyterian ministers, he organized tho presbytery of California, Presbyterian Church of America. Hu Is now pastor of OanleiiH Tabernacle. The Ixss Angeles Presbytery yesterday adopted unanimously a Judicial commission's report holding the minister guilty of "violation of hia vows to m>ek ppuce In tho church, violation of his ordination vows to bo subject to his brethren in tho Lord, promotion of Schism and contumacy." 4 « » WAGON LOST 50 VKAUS WKL.LAND, Ont., Sept. 23. (U. P) Lemuel Kuchar, Welland business man, has Just recovered a wagon he lost 60 years ago. It was found high In the branches of an elm tree. It In lx>lleved It was placed there by pranksters on Halloween day In 18X0. *>/••.-' They all look alike... but one is a CHAMPION i lid& T-MCHTRRS may look much alike as they climb JP into the ring, but, in each class, there's only one champion ... Windsor, in the bottle, may appear like other bourbons. But your first sip tell* you this isn't so ... that Windsor, on performance, is a real champion in the popular-priced field. It'» a better-tasting, richer, fuller-bodied bourbon... the bourbon into which National Distiller* puts all the goodness of fine grains, expert distilling and patient ageing. NOW 18 MONTHS OLD I ^"^•BSB^^sap^^ ^•V inteor 93 PROOF-STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPORATION * f M n • X*w T«rk, !f« Y* SALESMAN WANTED by Wholesale Hardware Jobber SALARY OPEN • • WRIT* TO BOX In Car* of Th* B«k*r»fteld Callfornlan FHckinger-Digier Chapel offers a funeral service, symbolic in ita beauty; and, yet. The Cost Is Small When in need of fast ambulance service or help in tlm« ot grief, feel free to call us. Telephone 97 J. C. rUCKINQER . PRANK DIQIEB 18S7 CHESTER AVENUE (, ' 2tt <

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