The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 2
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I- - - \ • - '/. f •., •••** l L I ' - i'» :*."••'#• U^VrV.:,v^v^'.^ ^^i'^a^-r/ v-vv'; .I--/;?--: ; ',-v, ^^VSM^,; <* ' . i '*'.-*: • - Told Millions of Germa , r l ' When,Where to Report in Event War Is Declared , 1430, by B ftRMN. Sept. 23,-^Seoret orders Imvc been received by millions of Germans between tho ftgcR of 26 and 45 telling them whnn and where thoy niuflt raporl in the event of a war. German citizens carry th Bheetfl of bluo pfipor, 8 by 5 Jn their vn«t ponkclH. Outwardly thry dlscuetN ihr* order rally but, In private nnd confidential conversations, tht-lr opinions little a pnlni nro Tho ordorn aro tit Iff! which m^anw simply to tnkf pfirt in war." "This order «orvwf in Hoti of tlcknt on rnilwiiyH lo thci whr-n; tho addn'SBOo munt. report." written nrroBM tho rnro r»f Um ft, Then followH thn toxt: "AM HOOD UH tho niohill7,;itlan or- dor has been given you iniiHt report on t |, 0 ------ day of in«thlll/.a(lor» by - - o'clock In 0'lt.vl at tho -------- hiirrnnks. wirhoiil uwitltlng a new AMooUled (TOM) "Should a new order bo handed you, Oils 'Urloffboorderuriff*' bo» romeu null and void un<l dostroyo^ by tjio itddronHCO. As regards what IH to bo dono in thn avont of your moving to some othor dnfcnfto district, ano paragraph 3 on thft rovorao Hide," Kivo regulations Aro «nt out on tho opposite nlrto, beginning wlili tho command to koop tho document nnd "In n safn phutr." "Whmi nrn paHHport haw 1>fen you," thit comtnantl rontln- ndd this dofMinicrit to It," (ithor ro^n hit Inns Innlruut tho old/on tn rnjiort iho loss of tho or- caution him to llvo up to HH and Inform him ho In nub* to rmirtlfll law "from tho first day of MH beoomlnff offccllvo," "In CUHO this 'krlGgbfordorung' IM rnurlird 'bnini'dliiln'," I lit) rcgula- lions iidd, "It hoRonioR void a.i. onon In r»SP of roinoval to another dls- trie!. In that fnm* It nuiNt bo r»v turned lo ())'> offlrn of JHHiir* when you roport your rhnngo of rosl- "The ihr ho military pnpnm rnunt nlonpt Tho n^piiliitloiiH on 1 of thin onlf-r muNt to tho ^ii , f tlrloM of with him nut with tn hrliiR UK arid wlion IIR in t)K- rorlaln ur ordrTinl lo Man ^v Meanest Crook M ' < > MW* ' m « *^ w- Lj '**•*;<• 4i World ts Jailed TVfKW YORK, Sept, 23^-AHhough X1 n renowned wcicntlflt «oort to head nn expedition into the South American Jttrtfcten i* sanguine of cupliirinff an anthropoid ape, one of the few prehistoric «pecle« of animal life aaid to be unknown to modern Hclence, Dr. Itlymond L. DltmarH, curators, Now York Xoolofcical Garden, Bronx Park, bcliovcfl the quest will be futile* "I am pretty firmly convin««d," he Hay«, "that no species of animal or reptile life is now unclassified or known to modern neience. More than 14,000 ahimaln arc catalogued and I don't think there IH much chance for further discovery," Eagle, Sea Gull Now Stanch jCorripaneros HBATTt.ffl. Hnpt. 23,—An eagle arid a HO a gull, ordinarily mortal onomloH, are boon companions hero. Tho c/ifflo pick* tho flcnh off fish bonftH for tho gull. Tho gull fifaepH nitfhtly under the anfftft'H wtngH. "Norm In (tho Riill) in bom*," wild Captain John O, Hellovold of the ship which brought tho two—Washington, I). r!., bound—from tho Aleutians. Holh fire only a fow ninnUm old. PrfatlAQted Wire) JPRANOT8CO, »opt . 28. I>WI#ht B. Barrow, 4fi» branded by police njs another "meanest crook in tho world," started today to servo a maximum sentence of six months in tho county jq.ll. ! Ho waft donvicted yesterday of trading a human misery through soliciting funds tor a nonexistent child welfare organization, which aifcfcrUdly ciared for blind, crippled and undernourished children, N. Y. Fog Causes Ships to Collide •(United Fret* rented Wire) NB\V YORK, Hopt. 23.—A donHO fog obscured the watnrfront oarly today, cauBed one nhfp colftnion and threatened to tie up harbor activities, Tho 1079-ton freighter Now York, bound for New Ixwdon, Conn., rammed tho Norwegian freighter Pluto, a vcswol of 1B08 tons, off Htint'* Point.' Nono was injured but the Norwegian ves«o1 had to be beached off nikor'n Inland iry tho East river. b TIAUK RHrirOVKD 8TDNIDY, N. H. W., Sept. 23. (U. P.) A "debarking'* operation baa been performed on several do^H hero following noise protests from a Sydney hoHpltal. OwnorH did not wish to lo«p their dogs, NO they had them Bernard W. Kearney, nenlor vie coninmiidor of the Vote runs of Vor- nlgn Wars, wus elected coitiinumlcr- In-rhlef of tlio organisation at ltd Denver convention. ^^^^^g^^^^k£^^^^_m^^^^k^^^^^^^^^^^^^^___ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^g^^^^^^^g^^^^^^^^^g^^^^^^^^^^g^u^__ ^^^^^^•^^^^^^•^^^^^^•^^^^•^^^i^^^^^^^vm I.AWYI5U 1)IBS LOS ANUJSbKS, Hept. 23. (A. Albert W. Hhecman, prominent law yer, died today at a Olendalo aana torlum after «lx monthii' illness. IN JANE WEST'S OWN INDIVIDUAL COLORS AND WEAVES FOR FALL HR1LL1NG new weave r. WES M . -*.-.'-•'.. i - _ .. ' - -• -•.,- -- i ,.. i . , v -. i . • • t • . . • , , -•-'.-.< — - n • i • -,, ^i tf ". -^ -. . . -'-.-'.: :''„'-•;• I ?re $?#^B*tf^ ^a>.fcij^«*»«^«»^j»^»-«JjJh--ji^L—^»»_j^^^^^—^A*-^-J^j-^j_-[ul!_lij-'— -J.I-L-I—-ii^--^— *Y»-.-lfc/..! L^A«. -_*—.i-jJ-- 2->- •-J^—_i j J-*_»»^: ^ _^j-^j- ii . . '„• _• _i r _. ^ ^.L -^ ^^' ^f jj^l. -_ m --i — -w . •.. a -.• r -_- L •. i ^ B PI 11 ^^^^^-r T ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H MMMlH^^^^^K^K^^AA^^^_^^^«^_^^^«^^A^^|&^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^L^J^^.^^y^^^^^_^^^^^_^^^^^^^_^^^_^^^^^^^^K^^^^_^^__^^^^^^^^^K^^^^J^_^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_.^^^_^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^.^^^^_^^_^^^^^.^^^^.^^^^^^^_^^^^^^ ^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H -.1* •K. i * * ; V^" iV'-. 1 !'.*.-. T .r* ; s -. ^ " -.- ' . - "I- d Reports Discovery 6f Ncs\V Coinct and New Nova/Rare Objects '**•* WO MEBB., Bopt. 28, trn|Vefslty*» oatronomical ;6ry today announced dls Of a cotnpt and a nova, both fttJvoly rare celestial objects. Both;-however, were fur below th of visual obsdrvation. Cyrij JACkson of tho Union Observatory of.flouth Africa found tho 'comot/ -an object of twelfth magnitude, in the constellation Aquarius in tho southern Bkloa. Us orbit has not yot been computed and observatory officials said It was Impossible as yet to say whether it eventually would become visible to the naked eye. Tho sixth magnitude Is the low est at which it is possible under ordinary condition to see celestial objects without a telescope- or pow erful binoculars, The nova, an exploding star which, for a reason an-yet not un* derstoodi flares brightly, then fades, was reported by Nils Tamm of tho Kvlstaberg Private Observatory at Brp, Sweden. Tamm's n6va IB of only eighth magnitude and It is be- Jlevod to have passed its maximum. Wife's Goldfish " for Bait; Angry CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 23. Mrs. Jfidith J, Long, 10, seeking a dt- vorco, told tho Judge: . "J had three goldfish. They were pets and J had a namo for each of thorn. Ono day my husband took them for bait and went fishing Jn thn pond back of our house." Tho court has not announced its decision. • (Associated r ret* Leased gACRAMENTO, Sept. 23.—At least one state maintenance crew foreman is not going to wake up in the morning and find the highways In his section in a dan* geroua condition. C. T. Warren, maintenance superintendent in the LOB Angeles area, tells of an ingenious device ^* . . - • - • . . . a crew foreman has invented to roust hlmaelf out of bed When a i * . ^ ' rainstorm blows up and the highways become unexpectedly slippery and dangerous. He has attached to the cave of his home an empty coffee can so balanced that when rain water pours in, the can falls upon two contact points completing an electric circuit that rings a bell in his bedroom. When this occurs, the foreman gets up, dresses and goes out into the wet night to patrol his sections of the road. Continued Gold Drain Said to Be Cause of V ' e * Teachers Guests Tomorrow n SHAFTKU, Sept. 23.—Rlchland P. T. A. Will hold a reception for tho teachers tomorrow evening. Members of the group will present a short program at 8 o'clock In the Legion Hall. W. B. -White-, local high school instructor, will speak on the "Youth Movement in Europe." Mr. Whito traveled extensively In ISurope this summer and is said to be well qualified to apeak on tho subject. The rest of the evening will bo devoted to visiting. The public is Invited to attend and to meet the teachers. Death Valley Scotty Will Have Gorgeous Swim Tank Hy WALTER B. CLAUSEN T\]$ATH VALLEY' RANCH, Calif., •*-' BcpL 3D.—Death Valley Scotty i« ready to go ahcud with his $200,000 turquoise blue tlio swimming hole, Tho mystery desert mldas put hit* foot on a fence post and looked down on tho uerpentino linen oC tho unflnlMhcd pool in front oC his ensile. "Wo got half a million in gold In iho pot, and I gueKS I'll go ahead and finish things," ho said. There ba.s been no construction work (it this entitle, in tho most desolate; roglon of Iho United States, for H!X yearn. Scotty, and his partner, Albert Mussey Johnson of Chicago, halted work after $2,381,000 has been sprint. That was in 1030 when thci government Included the 7500 ranch In Death Valley monument and Srotty's title to It was challenged. Last year the Prosltlont signed a bill authorizing title bo granted to iho property. Then Scotty came out of his retirement. ' This Bummer he bought a new .string of mules and "went Into the rocks." Three weeks later he returned to Ills shack, five miles below tho castle, lind then went to LOH Angeles. Them ho announced ho hud brought In from the desert mountains half a million dollars in gold and wus going to finish tho CUHtlO. Before construction work starts, said, the detail of actually getting patents to the land from tho government must bo accomplished. "Then we'll go ahead with the swimming hole," says Scotty. "There isn't another like It In tho world. I bet. It's all curves and runa 200 feet lung nnd 30 feet wide. Soo It here, "All we have to do Is to clean it out ami sot the tile. The walls and founilutUinp nre all In. "The tile nlono for the swimming hole cost $30,000. Jt'a nil here; has boon here six years. See it piled over there? Most of It came from Spain. "There nro 15,000 turquoise bluo In 10-Inch bloeks for the Bides and bottom. Wo got all the fancy tile too for the Spanish benches and the walk around the pool. "The center bridge will have four fountains and wo got all the gadgets, Htatues. pipes, drainage and flUerago system and everything for the whole Job here, "The full cost of this swimming hole is about $200,000. But all we need to finish it is the labor. "It will take about 100 men 20 months to. finish the castle. Tho whole Job will run about half a million. "You know out hero on tho desert wo got to keep three prangs running, ono coming in, and working and one going out. And it's no small Job to feed them either." French Circles Uht, 1936, bj United Prtoi) .-, ~, Sept. 28.—Thft' ftontintied gold drain 6h\ the banH bt Friuitie, which;-haii,.; depleted feBerVos 16 ft ftve*y^ar lpw t Caused hurried con* „ ferehces fthidng Ufrench officiate to- • day and intenstttea reports that an exchange, control;'wo*'lmmi!tent. Premier Leon .£ium conferred with Vincent Auriol; finance minister; Charles Spinasfle, minister of national economy, and M. Baumgartner, director of the movement of funds. The currency situation was ag-" gravated by the report of the Leagufc of Nations financial committee rfic* ommending gold bloo nations adjust their currencies to levels where prices would bo .brought into line with those in sterling and dollar areas. Meantime the gold exodus continued unabated. It was estimated J' ranee thia week Would lose gold to the amount of around 700.000,000 francs ($46.088,250), That loss would bring the total exodus of gold since the first oC August to around 2,000,000,000 francs ($131,675,000). Gold hold'lnga of the bank are below 62,000,000,000* francs (13,423,650,000) or the lowest in more than 5 years. Drain on the Bank of France's gold recently has been smaller than some of the losses sustained last spring when several times the weekly report showed lose of a bil* lion francs ($06,837,600). However, the .cumulative total of steady losses has been sufficient to cause' nervousness in the Paris money markets. High Position Has Its Tribulations' (United Prett teased Wire) KANSAS CITY, Sept. 23.—Being secretary to a police director has its worries, Mrs. Jean Helm said today. As an exhibition for the internav tional pollco chiefs 1 convention, Mrs. Helm, secretary of Kansas City's pollco director Otto Higglns, donned a shield of shatter-proof glass and let a champion marksman fire a* .45 caliber pistol and a .357 Magnum revolver at her. She flinched on the first shot, smiled, powdered her nose and told the marksman to blaze away. ^^^•^^^^b^HM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^b^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ —^-^^^^^^V^^^-^B^^^^^^^^^^ PRIZES HANDBILLS NEW BALTIMORE, Mich., Sept. 23. (U. P.)—A bit unusual is the hobby of Frederick C. Schlossor, New Baltimore hardware dealer, who for 30 years has been collecting handbills. ScholBser, unlike most people, welcomes handbills on his porch, lawn or in his mall box, says collecting handbills Is a fascinating hobby. (By JOHN D. HENDERSON) aro the answers to j not in keeping with four novels by tho remainder of tho question-1 Jano AuHten. extr perao room L rall locaUd dow tow fro tmo AT no 8d u 00 Dinifie tim Smar SOU AV BRAKES BATTi nalro of two weeks ago, part of which questionnaire was answered in this column last week: Those characters and titles aro to be Identified: Mr. Thwackum is the pedantic tutor In Fielding's "Tom Jones." Omoo Is a narrative by Herman Melville of his adventures in tho South Seas. The Lotophagl. a people whose diet 1 consisted solely of the lotus leaf and on whose land Odysseus touched when returning from the Trojan War. Oil HJns. the hero of tho novel of that title by Lo Sage. Abbe Faria, the priest and fellow prisoner of Kdmond J)antcs in the Chateau TVIf in Dumas' "Count of Monte Cristo." Mnchlavelll, political philosopher of the 15th century, best known for his book. "The Prince." Yorick, jester at the court of the King of Denmark, whose skull was picked up by Hamlet in Shakespeare's play of that title. Peregrine Pickle, hero of Smol- lett's novol, "Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, a character full of deviltry and practical Jokes. Tho Houyhnhnma, n race of horses, endowed with reason, ruling over tho degraded Yahoos in SwIft'B "Gulliver's Travels." ICvangcline. heroine of Longfel- IOW'H narrative poem of the same name. Mr*. Slipslop, a lady of frail mor- H In Fielding's "Joseph Androwa." Ilov. Mr. Ulmmepdalo, the inlnia- ter In Hawthorne's' "Scarlet Letter." Tho XluciOl, the namo given to tho gypsies In Spain, treated by Borrow in htH book of the mtmo nunu\ AagarU, In Scandinavian mythology the name given to tho Jiomo of tho Nurtiu gods. IQrowhon. a satirical novel by Samuel Butler, telling his export* CO.H In the fanciful country of Krcwhon (Nowhere). List of Authors Jn tho scries o'f immoB, where one out of keeping with the rest, the BWCM'H uro; Herodotus, tho historian, not In keeping with four dramatlstfl, Walton, enuaylstB and amateur philosopher, not In keeping with four political economists. Moby Dick, by an American, not in keeping with four books by English writers. Euripides, a dramatist, not keeping with four philosophers. DoBtoieffsky, a Russian, not in keeping with four Frenchmen. Scott, a Scot, not in keeping with four Americans. The Duties of Man, by Joseph Mazztnl Is not In keeping with four titles by Ruskin. Ariel, a sprite in Shakespeare's "Tempest*' not in keeping with tho four fairies of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Don Juan, by Byron, is npt in keeping with four poenis by Browning. i f I HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR r Every automobile owner should know how to take care of his car, • Car care is made easy for those who use our authoritative now booklet on that subject. Battery, brakes, headlight lentlng, cleansing 1 methods, lubricating rules, Uro pressure, safety suggestions, complete drawings and photos of principal parts are some of Itfl many useful features. H will save you time and money , and It costs only 10 cent*. fctoiid In your order now, while tho Idea IB In your mind. Uae This Coupon I » I V I I I T Tho UakornfleUl California!! Information Bureau, Frederic .T. Haskln, Director, Washington, D. C. T encloHO herewith 10 cents In coin (carefully wrapped) for » copy of tho booklot, "Care of the Car." Narn «..».».... »•*•**•** Street.. City Stale. •• r ***** ••>•>•* * (Mall to WaBhlnffton, D. C.) Jane Kyre, by Charlotte Bronte, 4**^***.^.** ! I f I Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores* Inc. j Ohuter at Tw«nty-Uurth Phoni 4060 . ANNOUNCING the Removal of My Residence to 1515 Seventeenth Street 1 H office is at the same location, 208 Professional Building Residence and Office Phone 1237 DR. HUGH BELL ; i •V *•'

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