The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAT 8, I960 BLTTHBVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE IflNB 'Scare' Military Outlays Denounced U.S. Must Stop Huge Arms Fund, Economist Soys WASHINGTON, May 2. (/P)—Edwin G. Nourse, former top economist to the White House, spoke out today against piling up new military outlays "every time Joe Stalin throws a scare' into us." Nourse predicted a $1,000,000.000 deficit this year. He said In a speech pared mber for the United States „. of Commerce that the 'mttle of the budget bulge" Is greater "in its scope and menace' than tile Bastogne* break-through World War II." "Nuls" Is Word The United States, like Genera Anthony C. McAuliffe of Bastogn fame, must learn to say "Nuts, Nourse said "when an Industrially Variety Marked April Weather inBlytlieville "If you don't like Missouri weather, just wait a minute," is n« old saying of Mark Twain, literary sage of the Mississippi River, and the same quotation may apply well to Blythevillc weather lor the past month of April. The overall monthly averages "figure," as the saying eoes, hut each day found many a Blythevllle resident In a minor qunndry as to whether he should drag out last summer's yellowing panama or keep his racoon skin coat and beaver mitteiis ready should the niorn primitive and illiterate country I turn an unexpected spring frost, ties to bluff us as to our respective in any ca.=e, the "bumpurehoot," ""' perennial companion of April showers, was a handy gadget again this abilities to wage Industrialized warfare." . , The economist, who resigned as ycar . first chairman of the President's _ u . lusl s< . omc ,i sa" Council of Economic Advisers In j Not that it rained more "ilwn usual, for it did not as the total rainfall of last month was only 1.01 svas a warmer 48.2 decrees. April hit a high minimum of 19 and a Sow ot 29 degrees as compared with 03 and 35 degrees o April a year aco. The mean temperature, compute! by metorolosists as midway twtweei the average maximum and Ihe av crage minimum, was 58 degrees November, said national security is a matter of economic might as well as military power. "It is not attained by building np a military machine at the expense of a sound economy—which is no stronger than the financial foundation on which it rests," Nourse' declared Folly Listed "We all see the folly of the Mississippi steamboat owner .who put on such a big whistle that the engine stopped when he blew it." The warning ngninst over-spending in an armaments race was one of four points listed by_ Nourse as a recommended strategy for coping with national debt and deficits. The country must also take these further steps, he'said: Second, prune domestic spending te foregoing things we would like tn cannot afford under the hend- IrTEs of "resource development, social welfare, and person"! security." Keep Industrial Peace Third, keep the peace Industrially. It strikes step the production lines. Nourse said, government revenue will fade, relief costs will rise and "the tide of the budget battle will turn against "us." , Fourth, shun "the easy road of tax reduction while still there Is a serious deficit problem." inches which is well in line last year's 1 85 inches for April and considerably below the normal April 7 r a figure \vhich exactly equalled the figure for April. 1949. There were eight days of rain n April, 1050, and nine in 1949 Advance forecasts from the US. Weather liureau Indicate that May of this year n!so will be cloudy, cool, :>nd punctuated by intermittent fliu-(,u<il!ons of hot and cold, hoi and cohl. etc., so don't throw e.way your cilskins yet. as "whether the weather." may remain a fa- milhr phrase for at least another month. Obituaries ' precipitation of 4.47 for Blythcville It just seemed that way as Old Mai Weather managed to string -ou that rain over eif^ht day? of th month—with the first, middle, and later parts of the month getting an approximately equal share. • Mississippi County's agriculture probably could have stood n little more of the wet stuff as by the month's end many a farmer was •heard telling of his need for a good "clcd buster." Mercury Was rerplrx'ug Another perplexity was that of the Blythcville tcmperr'tire which rcse and fell with the enthusiasm of a hl?h school senior practicing the musical scale on a z'thcr. The maximum for lost month was 84 degrees while on another day the CV»r«r.<-e Mississippi County pl'ysicirms have been invited to participate in a one-day lecture course on cancer with nf recent developments of diagnosis and treatment at t>>c Peabady Hotel in Memphis May 15. Nourse speaker thus became the first 311 the program of the chamber's 38th annual meeting who touched on taxes but did not recommend that they be cut. He said he recognized glaring inequities in the prosperous operation for the economy as.a' whole," Nourse declared. m?xunum dropped to a wxaling high of 55 degrees. In 1949, the same figures were 8fi and 53 decrees—high, two degrees w?rmer, and low high, two degrees colder. Aging participant 5 ; in .the newly organized Blytheville Fat Men's present tax structure which maylsoftball league probably fell the be so serious as - to cripple some \ near-daily 10 degree variation ol firms and destroy others. j temperatures most as adhesive Upe. "But 'they are. -not preventing I Sloan's liniment, and Charley horse.' became the word of the day arouni Little Park. 73.5 Average Maximum The_avera"e maximum of las month was 73.5 degrees and the av erage minimum was 45.3. In 1949 The postgraduate course is a follow-up to the course tiught by Dr. I J vi>don Lee in Blythevllle Inst year. The course is part of a cooperative prcgrnm between the Academy of Gennn'l Practice, tbe Tennessee State Medical Association, and the 'ennessce Division of the Amerl- Fm Cancer Society. Three widely known lecturers arc o participate in the course. Dr Oliver S. Mor-re. anting surgeon of lemnrln] Hospital. New York. N.Y.: Dr. R. L. Bvovvn. as.s"ciato director f Robert Winshlp Memorial Hos- litnl at Atlanta, 'Oa.; and Dr. L. jf. Orr. hcnd of Orr Urol°f;ira Former Resident Drowning Victim The body of Louis Froy Burks. 48, formerly of Blytheville is to be returned to Blytheville from Merced, Calif., for burial. He was drowned near Merced on April 25. and his body was found yesterday. Funeral arrangements are being completed by Cobb Funeral Home. Survivors include four brothers. J.- W. Burks anil Chester Burks of Blythcville: Ellis Burks of Detroit. Mich., Alva Burks oi Chicago, III.; and three sisters. Mrs. Irene Taylor of Los Angeles. Calif., Mrs. Gerry Payne of Tampn, Fin., and Mrs. Lucy Johnson of Chafee, Mo. <rtageville Double * "' lariet Gets High Rating PORTAGEV3LL.E. Mo.. May 2. The Portageville "High School double quartet won a number one rat- ine at the state rrraslo, festival at the .University of Missouri In Columbia last .weekend. It was the. only group receiving the high i the average maximum was ofl.8 <!e rating. ' grees and the average mSnimu: —Courier News Phot* + I1OMK HANDICRAFTS—4-H Club members nt Armorel, future I members of Home Demonstration Clubs. Joined ir Mississippi County's observance of National Home Demonstration Week by preparing a window display showing how their .projects were related to those of the home demonstration clubs. Mrs. T. R. W:itsnn, sponsor and a hoimi demonstration club member, assisted with the preparation of the display, which Is to be placed hi the window of Halter's Qunlity Shoe Shop In BlylhevtHe. It was on display nt the Annorcl School yesterday. Those stinii In the display with towels, rugs, figurines sewing boxes, plc- ures and trays included: Annette Brown, Betty Webb, Naomi .nnie Mae "Jackson," Joyce LCD Hicks, Virginia pcpjwr, Mary Ella Kay Uarp Cnpps, Naomi Page, Ruby Wood, Josephine Hicks, Gwen Harrison Bernice Oriom, DorLs Bradslmw, Raynanettc Stewart, Frances Dyer, Jan cc Domicr, Betty Webster, Mrs. Alice Womack and cissy Hughes. Alger Hiss Is Removed from Law Practice NEW. YORK, M»y 1. (/P)—Alger Hiss, former high Stale Department official convicted of perjury, was disbarred today from practicing law In New York state. The appellate division of the supreme court formally struck Htss' name from the roll of attorneys. It ruled that his two-count perjury conviction In federal court here constituted commission of felonies and that Hiss therefore ceased to be a qualified attorney. Hiss was convicted by a federal court jury Jnn. 21, 1950, >nd four thiys later was sentenced to & term of five years In prison. The casa is being appealed. The former StaU Department of- ficlnl was found guilty of lying under oath In denying that he ever gave secret government papers to Whittnker Chambers, self-styled courier for > pre-war Soviet spy ring. * NATURAL GAS Continued from °agc I ern Arkansas cities granting franchises to a proposed corporation nlso bidding for gas sen-hue to this " area ro?e "to seven. Three More Granted T. J. Raney B nd Sons* Littli COTTON WEEK Continued from (Judged today. As a phase of th« activities, radio broadcasts, dealing with the various Industries of cotton, ire being held over radio station KLCN I from 2:05 p.m. to 2:10 p.m. Jam« cotton seller's point of vie*, and B. B. Goodman, R cotton buyer WM forward In order that the club could 1 R . Real, cotton week chairman, participate in Cotton Week nctlv- s]»ke yesterday from the retail Itics. ' " Seven additional entries for - window display contest, to bo Judg- scheduled to appear today. Wiring ed tomorrow, were announced to- " lc «'«* the program In expected day by Barney Cockrcll, chairman. 1 to feature glnners, producers, pro- He previously has announced 12 cessors and wholesale and retail entries. The riccnt entries include dealers. V\cyor Suffers Stroke in Mosinee Clinic al Orlnndo.'Fla.. are to be. Rock baud firm representing a ga ecturers end Dr. D. H. jTmes of the] distributing company as yet un- Acadcmv of General Practice is in r chartered, were granted franchises •r>rgc of the arrangements. ' last week by Wynne. Brinkley and The course \viH nnen at 2 p.hi. In \ Forrest city. Previously, the bond ,r-e ball room of the Pnab^dy nnd j firm announced it had obtained will continue through 10 p.m. that franchises from Helena, West Hel- MOSINEE. Wis , May 2. (H'l—t osinec "Communists" became loynl Americans again today, their one- lay mock revolution at an end. But while they went back to everyday activity, their mayor lay critically ill in a Wausau Hospital after suffering a cerebral hcrorrhage. Just as the town was about to be delivered from •"Communist dictatorship" last night. Mayor Ralph Kronenwctter, 49, was striken. He was rushea from the village park to his home and later v taken to St. Mary's Hospital at Wansau. Dr. R. E. Shannon said the mayor hail suffered a cerebral hemorrhage brought about by "a combination of the excitement attendant to the May Day program and his high blood pressure." The physician sakl t might be several days before it vould be irassiblc to determine whe- her Kroncmvctter would recover. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYADRS, 111., May -1. (/!>}—(USDA)--HOBS 16,000; weights 180 Ibs up mostly 25 low cr than nvcingc Monday; lighter weights and sows 25 to 50 lower; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 17.35-50; top' 17.50; 250-270 Ibs 10.85-17.25; few to 17.35; '270-300 Ibs iu odd lots l(i.35-17.00; 140-170 Ibs 15.26-17.25; largely 17.00 down; 100-130 los 11.50-14.50; good and choice saws 400 Ibs down 15.00-50; 410-500 Ibs M.00-50; heavier sows down (o 13.00; stags D.00-11.50. Cr.ttlc 3000; calves 1800; opening Grabcr's, Jack Robinson's Implc- ncnt Company, Montgomery Word, I o lie decorated by Jackie 'Phillips, he Rdythe Hhoppe, to be decorated by Mrs. C. W. cislcr and Mrs. lone Moses: Fclnbcrg's east win-] dow, id be decorated by Mrs. Burma Armstrong and Mrs. Celeste Swank; I Berry's Ladles Toggery, the west window. Mrs. Garth Castllo nnd Mrs. Walter Lutes, decorators. Posters In lie Judged The 125 posters entered In the poster contest were also to be (See other picture* an* itofT on Faj« 3) Political Announcement The Courier News hajs b«n author- i/,ed to announce the following c&n- diilntcs, subject to the Democratic jrlmarlcs. July 25 and August I. TOR COUNTY JUDGE ; Roland Green evening. Reclaimed Waste Water Used for Irrigation SANTA ANA. Calif —<&>— The Orange "County Water District is experimenting .with the use of reclaimed waste water for irrigating bean lands. Two 20-nere bean tracts near a ena, Marianna and Paragould. The action by these cities apparently is in connection with a plan to bring natural [-as to Eastern Arkansas from Lula. Miss., via a pipeline laid under the Mississippi River to Helena. In a proposal for a franchise to serve Blytheville, the bond firm announced platis to pipe gas to Mississippi County Irom the Mississippi irrigated lor five liours daily. If . Parngoulrt. It offered service to county health. and agriculture officials agree the test is successful, water may be nseri to help alleviate age. California's water short.- Blythcvine, Dell, I-eachville, Manila, Osceola, Luxorn and Wilson, a-so by the 1951 heating season. A three-weeks delay granted by the City Council here so the Little Ger man Homes Dropped From Hungarian Towns BUDAPEST, Hungary <fl'|—Hungary is trying to eliminate the "made In Germany" from Its" place names. TImroiigh the long history of relations between the two countries, often tragic, the word "Ncmet," which means German In Hungarian, has been incorporated in the names of rrmny Magyar villages: j Nernetlad, Ncmelboly, Nemelmarok. trade rather s 1 o.w but demand broad; some snles strong .on steers, hellers and cows; several loads medium to low good steers 20,0027.00; odd lots high good to '20.00; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 25.50-28.2?; common nm medium 22.50; good cows 20.5022.00; common and medium 18.5020.00; cnnners and cutters 14.0010.00. >R STATE REPRESENTATIVE U H. Autry Re-election Post No. I John Cowan Kenneth S.,Sulcer Post No. 2 E. ( O, "Gene" Fleeman (For rc-ctcctlon Post No. *) For State Senator W. R. Nicholson J. Lee Beardon Rock firm could present added tie- tails of organization is scheduled to be up next Monday. Ladies Fine Combed Pre-Shrunk BROAD CLOTH DRESSES in Ecohomy ! » fops in Rarformance in fe class ! V« wnrnr of tf« Mobilgas Gfarvi Carijoo toootriy Run J 3. "lops in V« * -Drlv& ti.£befer than ever rwt i«o MLECUftr spoar SEDAN V/>!T G iicJa-woH i; r «» and real »hi«i lM«!dt oti optional oT fxrra nit. It's the easiest handling car in its class! Try it yourself —wwf K«^ Style A (left) sizes 12 to 20 Style B (right) Sizes 12 to 42 Wt'ye room to sketch only 2 of the 7 beautiful fresh styles. Com* in, see them all, feel the soft cotton (it's pro-shrunk, too), inspect , the wide seams, the careful stitching. Fadeproof shades of maize, blue, pink or grey. Sties 72 to 20, 38 to 44 and 46 to 52, STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First Street

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