The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1936 · Page 22
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 22

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 22
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1936 Cbttottal of JSakerstfteto .Califotntan gfolifamtatt Issued Kvcry Evening F.xeftpt. Sunday In nnkenifleld, IJcrn County, California Kntwtl In P"»t office at rtakprsflelrl, California, an sarotid rlass mall inn tier nndor U.n Arl of CongrMH^Iftroh_3. JI8TD ' MKMBKU OF TMK ARROCIATBD PRESS ^nnNlleafiim ofTi" news dispatches credited lo It or ,ol nlliorwlKo i-r.'.llicrl In thin paper, and nl«o tlm lor.iil TliP f not therein. The ItiikorHflelrl ('allfm-nlan IH alm> a i ) J rei«(i niul tin- Hnlteil NDWII and ro« tensed "Ire Hcrvlcn of both. R15PRKKRNTAT1VKS ii rllrnl of Iho United IVPH tlio fioniplelo Hi'viitit Urlffllh & Hn,m"H. ]iir Ynrk. ChlcitKo. I'fti-nll. Atliintn, notion Wr-st 1l SMI. FrunclH.- AnB''l-'». H«* ., Im- lle. 1'orllnml where evident. We arc going to prosper because Die country is prospering, and added to Hint, we are going to prosper immeasurably because our agricultural industry and •our mineral development are wealth-producing factors which add materially to Hie business volume of the (county and of its several centers, A good year is promised lo the United Stales in I9,'J7. An even better one is promised lo Kern Comity. —-.. »~^»». « i i I, NO INCOME TAX REPEAL III', volcrs of the slnte will puss upon an r ~rMH / . volcrs o 1- inilinlcd me; , WAFII1NHTON 1 1. <•-, firWCAr Krrrtorlf- .1. lliiMilii, IHroi'lor. \\n»lilnKt"ii. IV '.. SUriHCHII'TION PRICK nfllvrrnl I'v rnrrl«r or mall In posli.l «m,o« """• '" inr".. per month. 06,-; B months. *8 M>; I .vwir. J7 Hy mall In pnstnl *<»'«•« four to Hlfhl, t>«r rnnntli. «!,'• THIS PA PICK MADK IN T1IR U. S. A. TROTSKY THE CRITIC T inilinlcd measure designed lo repeal the slnle income lax law of California. II will be generally agreed that the federal government and the slnle government should not both rolled an income, tax, and since the federal government occupied Ihis field of taxation first it would have been wiser if the stole hod developed other plans for the raising of revenue, leaving the collection of in- TRN VKAB8 AGO (Thn CillfarnlMi, Mill d»l». !««] Headlines; Typhoid fover Imperils survivors at Miami: MePherson's defense Is not determined; Uempsey Is picked to defcal Tunney; Callfornlan will give fight returns; University men and women organism for bond drlvo; Dangers of pestilence loom over Florida city. University rnmi and women are campaigning In tho Interest of securing the stalo IS,GOO,000 bond Issue for tho eonstruction of permanent stnto university buildings. Alfred Tlarrell heads the committee. Members of tho I,abor Council hero bftvi! written an expression of confidence In .lames Ogdon, city manager, and Horace Dupes, chief of police, TWI5NTV YKAK8 AOO (Th« Cullfomlllll, thll rt»l«, IBID) Headlines: Von Mackonson's advances In Rumania checked; Heavy Herman ntlacks launched on Somrno; Fierce fighting on Herblan border Is reported; Crete; revolts against rule of Greek government; Pealrs winner In re.eoiint. of ballots for Judge; Arbitration In N. Y. strike to be enforced by stnte. VV. A. Cullle.r IM here from Waseo. Charles Hand Is a visitor from Kern- vlllo. Fred Wldner of the Moronet hotel Is hern again nfter a vacation In California where ho won a HAT Bolshevism is n tyranny nnd Hint '] mme luxes solely in Ihe hands of the federal Ihe proletariat who are supposed to he j government. its dictators are its slaves is recognized hy : Hut since California, following in Ihe every impartial student of government. Kvcn j footsteps of New York and some other com- Trotskv, the intellectual leader of Ihe HUH- ; monweallhs, has decreed a stale income tax, * | , i , , I . : i /i , H mi i*j i n. 1*1 . i* i jo''i* i. >'*'><•> >>•'••< sian revolution that swept away one niiloc- j j| \vonld seem unwise al tins lime to legis- MISS Hara Titrnus left. jws after racy to supplant it with another, has awak- | i,,|,. j| ,,nl O f existence, There is a strong, ened from his great illusion and sees the if mistaken, sentiment that justifies this bureaucracy of Ihe Kremlin as Ihe enslaver of Ihe people. method of raising revenue, and generally j hero tonight, those who are most insistent upon it arc golf nip. Dr. mid Mr«. M. K. McKensslo and lho UltlK ° r °" te Tho Itoverend f. K. Griffin will firndldn during a prohibition meollng . While denying thnt he was the instigator j equally insistent upon the repeal of Ihe sales j of n plot to assassinate Stalin and other Soviet leadens, Trotsky admits that he is guilty of writing in support of "victory of the people over their reactionary bureaue- rncy." and calls on them to assert themselves. As a witness against the Communism he helped to foist on Hussia, the exiled leader hns a right to first place. He has seen holh sides from within and without, and at home nnd abroad. The wonder is that one of his mental capacities should still believe in a world proletariat when he has seen its failure on a large scale in Russia. Communism is essentially bureaucratic government. It destroys initiative, and in- THIIITV YKAKB AOO (Thn r.llfomlnn. thl» <lltp. 100«l Eight-hour order Is tnrdy. says Gompcr«; Car of dyna mite explodes; 11. II. Hnrrlman In big railroad merger: No hope tor Inv KKOtN IIBUB TOUAT K»r Dunn, pretlj rmint nun«, iM>HM for k Job M il«w«nl«M on OmrUtid Alr«-«>i. IB lh< Ot«tl«nil offlw »h» meoiml»n Tul (lr»- him, t»l»ir«n pilot of Tr«n»f«filfln Alrw««. »nd Urielr ilu« to Mi lnl«r»«nllon, ih« U *w«ipt»rt for » trlil ptriud. Two olhor (Iris. Uat\» 1*n tnrt AllM Mlllnf, «« »wepl*il on thn n«m« bwl*. K«r. »«clleil »v«r wlnnliu lh« Joh. utow U) IBII Omhiin Ui« ne»». "« »»l>» »'f '" 10 lo lunch with hUnaeir «nd lleajon. l»r- •onnil clilef. NOW OO ON WIT1I TUB BTOlllT CI1APTI3H III Kay Dunn HflteiiBd eagerly to the technical talk of planes and piloting she hoard In tho airport restaurant. Lunching with Ted Graham and Charlie Benton, nhc felt that she actually had begun her new work as a HtewardoMS. At Intervals pilots would stop at tho table to speak to Graham, who Introduced them to Kay. It thrilled her, too, to notice that pasHengers, dining In tho roHtaurant while awaiting Iho arrival of planet), recognized Graham and nodded In his direction. Obviously they were wondering about the girl with tho CARIOUS pilot. After lunch Uenton went back to his office and Tod took Kay on an Inspection tour of tho Central Air entrance gate, and taxis whirled up and down tho landscaped driveways to tho terminal entrance behind, tl was the Ideal co-ordination of travel facilities on land, water and In tho air. It was the most perfect symbol of tho twentieth century that Kay had over seen. "Those are the hangars there," Ted said, amusing himself by watch- Ing Kay's enraptured features. "The big one In for transport planes. Tho doors aro going up now. That's all done by electricity.?' » • * She turned to him and smiled. There wafl too much at tho airport to take In at this first Inspection, "It's nice of you," sho said, to show mo all this. I don't know why you should. This morning when I came out hero, looking for the job as stewardess on Overland Airways, I'll admit I was a little afraid." "I'm not surprised," Ted said. "Strange HiirroundlngH, new people. A now job In any lino Is bad enough." In tho bright sunlight Kay's eyes glistened. "I kept thinking about my brother who died In the air — " Ted touched her arm with a comradely gesture. "I flow In tho war. too, but we — my observer and I — had ..... ... ....... port. There was a terminal building . bettor luck. We're still — flying. And mediate peace In Cuba; It's Jerome j sengers. as large as a great city railroad station and aa complete—with restaurant, cafeteria, hotel, ticket office, baggage rooms and shops all under one roof. They climbed, past tho meteorological laboratories, to the roof and looked down at the elaborate network of runways on the field. It was, Kay thought, like a patchwork quilt tho smooth, yellowish concrete runways Intersecting at all angles. Below wan tho concrete ramp whoro pianos discharged and took on pas- number of years. meets for H. J'\ Btrlko. Hupervlcor 1'Yank ('orBett IB In The loiter is not an issue so far as the November ballot is concerned, ami probably IMlMIIILI.I-1 ( It'll, t V III * ' U tti»««Jt««ii«"i . .„ - . —. . thai method of taxation will ConlilUIC for a i voriu,H ircnrot: Mall .•l.-rkH demand Wnilo they watched a b g twin freedom of speech; Arbitration board i motor taxied up to the gate ami 1 - - stopped. Porters ran out, and helped the passengers to disembark. At another gate passengers were waiting to board tho plane. • Luggage was piled on tho ground beside them. Gay awnings fluttered In Iho breeze. Away In the distance was tho wharf where sou planes taxied up to land. A giant seaplane and a cabin cruiser dipped up and down, side by side, on the glistening water. Slowly a passenger train crawled past t.ho Of course there, is no discrimination in ! ti,wn P 'tmiay.' Mi,, uiilnu Inv All iifiniln Miiv lllld i Preliminary work on tho skating UK* SOUS lax. All people. pa> OHO ..urled. Harry Thomas in accordance with the volume of their pur- i announced , ... .. Klro destroyed the recently 'con- Chases. Hill obviously Ulllll SOUK 1 Oilier Intruded barn of J. H. Vaughn on 10 method is found of raising revenue to take j tX£ n ™W A«™? ° wn ° d " y the place, of Hint now obtained from Ihe in- j ^^"'^'^^^ 8lc "hoof 08UmCd h ' H come lax, il would seem, iij the interest of harmony in Hit 1 stale, that there .should be no interference will) the existing income lax law. Heavy taxpayers who favor repeal would do well lo consider Ihe. possible ver- from the viewpoint of popular senli- UANDOM NOTUS Many residents in Hakersfield and Kern j iiiieiv to. County will extend a warm welcome lo John j iioosovoit "is" I Buid"'to v bo* determined „, , . i ii i n -i i i i • i i ' upon a campaign strategy of spend- Sbortndge, who has definitely determined lo \\ IIK , m ,i business encouragement. dividualism. It is group rule over larger j m( ., Ut j n which event they svill likely he con- groups in which men are not persons but | n ,t („ V ole no upon things who must obey the few who form the bureaus. Its success lies in subjecting the individual and making him one of the mass. It could not work otherwise. By that irony which happens in history Trotsky finds himself free in a land whose type of government he was bent on destroying and his life and liberty protected by that government against the group in Moscow who would sacrifice him in order to remove their greatest critic. Still more curious is that there should be Americans who would seek to destroy the government of the. United States, which hy its Constitution vests all authority in Ihe people, and where their political leaders arc made or unmade hy the expressed voice of the citizens. Trotsky should be their warning. •—rr-rm—rr—(|t y PAUL MALLON—Copyright 1936)= \VAHIIINUTON, .Sept. 22.--Busl-| Their personal economic future do• ' nesn ordinarily fulls victim to • dended upon Iho re-election of Mr. •campaign palsy al'img about, now In j Hoosevelt. You would not suspect 11' repeal proposal, n presidential year. Operators de- ; they would have to bo told that, but . i-llne to plun ahead, most lines adopt' they worn, a rPHtrulnnd gait until after election. 1 ! Hlmllarly, on the other side, there Unit. IH tho yarn about the Pennsylvania AN ACCOMPLISHED FACT T IIlillK is continued encouragement for the American people in the optimistic lone of conservative publications whose pages are devoted to a review of business nnd of industry. Many of these, not so many months- ago, expressed doubt as lo Ihe sub- locale here for the practice of law, and has associated himself with the well known firm of Oshorn & Hnrum. Young Shortridge, a recent graduate of Stanford University and of Hastings College of Law, is the son of former Senator Samuel M. Shorlridge, for whom the people of Kern entertain a feeling of warmest friendship. They recall that during the 12 years he was a Senator he was ever mindful i>f the needs of this county and rendered to the community material assistance along many lines, lie was the original champion of a I a rill' on oil and his sponsorship of Ihe. Centra! Valley water program contributed largely lo Ihe federal support il achieved in the years thereafter. Young Shortridge will have many a cordial greeting from those who admire his father anil are appreciative of his tine service lo Kern County. * + * Again, how we grow! After one week of I'hn usnnl casing has not only manufacturer who slipped Into his failed to develop so far, but It Is not ! pay envelopes recently a. lltllo while ,. I elephant. These bore, no Inscription reason is that President I nnd were tho kind sold In gadget stores (usually marked "Made Jn Japan"), but the employes were prdt>- ably able to cntch on. • • • J^AHUENHBIT—Certain civil serv- i'H have been complaln- ' Nnw Deal administrators generally ull , lf , r( , tan q Uu , y „,.„ lo ,io or say ,,t tho ImiHt wwilon. him? boon k«'c«p- Portod to bo HuhtJo, ami some not. so the justlen O • » ii i | t. t * * t p sliinliulily of Ihe upward move.nenl, hut enrolhm>nl in Ihe city schools, exclusive of "»' I'M "Hmol. n'Uislrolion yesterdoy bunlness men's I subtle. In fact, one letter, which • committee Is i comes "straight to tho point" In tho following only one line. Tho blnek ! first sentence, was probably not au- eommltlee 1» dormant. The Wheeler IhorUed. Investigation Is off until after elec- , Charges and counter-charges will (Ion. The campaign Investigating I undoubtedly soon center around this '•iitn'mlUepM lire comparatively ciulet. , plu-aso, but It Js nothing unusual. ' All these three related varieties of pressure huvo been used In nearly pon of anti-trust suits. every campaign. Politicians expect It. Add to this thn strong undoreur- and use II lo Iho fullest wherever rent of Industrial expansion, and you they can. will son reasonable Justification for off (| 1O record, they will admit tho general expectation that fall they would bo foolish If they fulled business will continue to Improve, In j o ,] o HO reversal of the visual trend. 1 1HISHHUR.1C—If anyone believes Ibis expectation Is due to lack of warmth Inside tho riimpalgn, he dons nut knnw what Is going on. The public; speeches may have been exceptionally gentle so far, but Iho Inner bent-generating Influences on both Hides bnvo boon turned cm earlier than usual. that war was a long time ago." Uoth stared out Into tho limitless spaces, and then Ted turned. "There's my plane," ho said. "Right on the dot. I'll have to go down now. Will you come and see mo off?" "I'd love to," sho said. For the Infinity of a second he gazed at her, at her reddish hair and cat-green eyes, and head like a dla- dom In tho glaring sunlight. "You are a strange creature," ho said. "Strange?" "I don't know what It Is. Exotic. Something., Anyway—" Ho drew her close to. him, kissed her briefly, and then laughed. ''That's hello and goodby. That's tho life of a pilot!" Kay stood back, unconscious of his meaning. "Perhaps I'll bo seeing you," she said, "In one of those ports of call. San Francisco, Cheyenne, Ileno, or perhaps even that romantic Isle of Guam. You're everywhere all the time." Ho took her arm and helped her down the endless tiers of steps to tho walling room, stopping long enough to point out tho mural decorations, depleting tho progress of aviation. Then sho stood at the gate, wachlng him swing across tho concrete toward tho waiting plane. How strong he was! When ho turned to wave goodby she saw the tunned .fade, with Its mark of peril and danger, and then the flash o'f white which meant he was smiling. Suddenly Kay knew she would never, never forget that look of quiet resolution. Bhe would never forget those hours with Ted Graham. Tho plane rose, winging Its way toward the west where for Graham the greatest of aviation's ventures—the trans-Pacific route—waited. Kay turned and found the two girls, her companions of tho morn- Ing, standing nearby. They, too. had been watching tho plane take off. Alice Miller spoke first. "We made tho grade," she announced. "We're to go Into training tonight." Doris Lee said, "We looked everywhere for you and when we found you, you were with Ted Oruham! For a gnl who came here looking for a Job this morning, you work fast." Kay said, a little sadly, "He'll never give mo a thought again. He's thn kind that's hero today and gone tomorrow." For n moment all of them were VTKW YORK, Sept, 22—The unpre- - diotabta Gone Fowler never falls to have his go-native twirl at Fire Island. There In a primitive shack ho spends weoKs of solitude. Away from people, telephone, typewriter. Only his wife and children are with him. lie Is utterly paternal. Takes whole days to arrange games for them. , . . , Upon arriving at Fire Island he dons shorts and, so lmb)ted, Robinson Crusocs his niche of the Island. It may be that In this cloister he thinks up many pranks and those privately circulated and puckish poems that crack the blaseoslty of his adopted Hollywood. Fowler, an Innocent-eyed worldlng, Is spangled with more legends than any journalist of his time. Like so many other crack writers, he had his editorial genesis In Denver. 'Ihe Denver of Ford Frlck and Damon Runyon. More than most scribes, Fowler changes his pace. One year he may author a novel or biography. The next punch the clock In a cinema studio and next occupy an executive chair In a news room. Whatever his Job. ho performs It with gusto and manages to leave along the trail salty remlnls cences for the yarn spinners. Irvln Cobb, who trcked to Hollywood by way of experiment, seems definitely lost to the Now York to which bo came so wide-eyed out of Paducah to win fame as an author, humorist and after-dinner speaker. His co-operative apartment and homo at Easthampton are on the market. His dip Into tho movies netted him a long time contract am his daughter Buff has also moved to the west coast to perform scenario chores. Mrs. Cobb's Improved health In the California sunshine Is also a contributing factor In tho perma nent choice. Wo were discussing The Cautious Souls In Harry Burton's orlenta rugged dugout. Faith Baldwin tolc of the ship steward who would cough outside tho cabin door, announce "I'm gelling ready to knock.", anc then gently rat-a-tat. Dick Berlin's choice was the Bobby near London Parliament. Houses who was nsked just bow much tho bell In Big Bei weighed. Ho aswered an estimate In tons but added: "Mind, I shouldn' care to be quoted!" Then the BobWy that Frazlor Hunt asked about good breakfast place, who shook his lead and said ho was not allowed to 'recommend." _______ The London attitude Is to cans always a bit screwy. Colo, the cartoonist, was once buy ngr a hat In.'Ftcadllly and was down o a choice between two grays and. with oho on his head and the other n his hand, turned from the glass 6 the salesman for an opinion. Ho ntoned: "If you ask me, I'd tako .ho othah—In that one you look over-hatted. Mind, though, I shftn t bo wearing either of. them, m'solf. And there was that time at the lorse-sboe entrance to the Savoy hat George Ado, as I recall, whacked a follow on the back with a wham and "Bill, .you old son 'of a gun, whaj. are you dolngr over here?" The joundee, coughing and replacing his irldge work, turned around and disclosed he was not tho friend at all but a strange Englishman. Ade craved pardon, adding ho had simply mistaken him for a friend, "It a quite all right," said the Englishman, "but does your friend care, for that sort of thing?" , I've soetfmany plays shucked of reallsrii by a player writing, a-note." Always It Is a phoney gesture to tho audience. No Ink, no actual writing. Only William H, Crane gave it reality. And It's pleasing to hear from an old stage manager that Crane demanded a workable pen, real ink and every note ho wrote could bo easily read afterward, correctly punctuated and all. , AU of which reminds me It takes a superb actor to put over convincingly: "I love you!" Nearest—and yet not quite—was tho great and monocled Leo Deltrlchsteln. Anolbcr love slant: At an al fresco estaminet edging the Arc oiu Champs Elysecs, with chestnuts abloom, one soft spring evening wo sat next table to a middle aged American and his middle aged wife. He seemed caught In the Paris rapture that so magically rolls back the years and makes Romeos of all. I caught fragments The orches-. tra struck up and when I heard him again he was in a growl over the service and would be glad to get back to pancakes and a copy of the Chicago Tribune. Reality ever nudg* Ing romance! KDITOIl'S NOTE—The CaHfomlan will print letters from readers. Hunh letters MUST l» con- flnml to 1BO worrti written leribly and on one »ldo of tho paper. The «pam limit is Imperatlte. No anorornoua communlcationa will 1» printed. Thl« la emphatic. The Collfornlan reserves the rlsht to delete or reject any or all manuscripts and Is not responsible for Bailments contained therein. I/ittera of more than 150 words will be rejected. Brevity Is u desirable feature. They must he bona fldely ilgned by Iho writer with compleU addri'it elven, although the name may not b« published. H—A political pro•*-' motor was going through his opponent's campaign expenditures statement In the office of tho clerk of tho bouse, llo grappled with II for half an hour, before exclaiming In exasperation: "These tblntrs are meant to confuse not only tho lay- inan--but the expert as well!" That Is the answer for all of them. For example,' two federal agencies The lists aro submitted from time Invite,! (heir field agen.H down for a ««'»•'•,.. '' ""™ ! "•• tmu ah.,.,t ten days ngo. Tho™ i-n- 't silent, eoch busy with her own thoughts. Then Alice said, "Tonight we're nil to go as passengers on a piano to New York. It's a training flight." « • • They were Inspecting a new luxury liner, along with some tourists, when they saw two young mon In uniforms stepping down from tho plane. The men were talking In a confidential tone, but not to low for the girls to hear. "I understand we've got three new stewardesses trying out on the line," one of them said. "Not bad looking, I heard ono of the mechanics say. If you gel a line on them let mo know." "Sure thing," the other said and laughed. The two men moved on and Kay and Alice passed amused glances. Doris, however, was Indignant. Sho her blond hair, and her pretty features took on an ominous that fear has apparently been very largely dissipated." A quotation from ''Business "mounted I" fi-WO h».vs ami girls, -122 more Week," a journal devoted to "business, news > lmm were registered on Ihe same day in uiul interpretation." is in line with the con- i Hi:ir >- Nnt sinn> I! ' :U) lllls thm> l)0(< " » CIM1 - dusion which is becoming more and more { slls m "> would show Ihe population of Bak- conimonly expressed: "The fear hns heen ''"diel.!. There is n prosper! that such a J . awu f w ' ull ,„„ same MO,,, nam-iy: Hint n sudden ,-Hopse would wipe out most S(0) TIE! SAY will I... tolu-n in I'.KIK. It will he in- of .he recovery of th, post yeor ,„„< „ holf. t;™lmK lo no.e the ll«ur, ; H os thcy will he But this fear has been rapidly vanishing and the improved financial condition of the government should help to dispel il entirely. Recovery is here; it is a demonstrated, an accomplished and a continuing fact." As to the improved financial condition of the government, the same publication points os compuml wllh ,| )( . 20.000 ol Six were killed over the week end on the streets of Los Angeles or in its environs and n number were injured. An investigation discloses Hint several drivers connected with the accidents either had heen drinking or , , nilll(P „ „,,„,,,„ ,„- u , ,,n,v ,,' ,, n,^ ownN».o.ympte the contributions nnd expenditures. fi>r each Mute. A third IH to file nn Incomplete statement and then supplemental ones, switching donations back and forth between state and imtlnnnl or«anl/.a lions. Contributions by Individual per- i flonw are obscured In several ways. i Most common metboil In the latest thn I (O of nn . Thus scowl. "Nut bad looking, eh!" sho , .... M i , i i i out ho it is (imlo possible o Indaiicc the : in i ,i • « r • , : . .,..'„ , I were ocluollv under Ihe influence- of mloxi- hudgel for the fiscal year, beginning July 1, 1DIJ7, ond in the opinion of thai journal Ihis con lie done even if, roundly, a billion dollars is appropriated for the purpose of relief. The conclusions of Ibis business journal are heartening ond Ihey relied a growing sentiment of optimism throughout Ihe no- cants. That is too often the verdict where there are tragedies on the highways, and the wonder is llml o bard and fast rule bus not been odopledMbat intoxication will be a definite bar lo the issuance of licenses. Lieulenaul-lioveriior llotllcld, in a recent stormed. "I,lsten, ulrls. lot's organize for our mutual protection. We might as well call ourselves the Three Musketeers, nnd If tho boys around Ihe airport don't Rive us-our rights, they'd better watch out!" Kay laughed. "I guess you're right, though It looks safe enough around here to me." Oorls was ndanmn*. "I know men! Didn't T work In an Insuuo asylum for two yearH?" Kay cried out with laughter. "Now gel this straight." Doris went on. "They \ni\y look romantic , when they're dreHHed up"for parade :, . , , 'while his mother-in-law, married |'» flying togs. They've gol money You've gotta make a ^lot of n<»l»n j .iruiRhter. etc.! are listed as eontrlbu ! II.»K»"K In IHelr pockets nnd they ' "" " " Hut here's one ember. All these the nlr! And TBAKFIC ACCIDENTS Kdltor Tho Callfornlan: May 1 offer my personal and sincere thaiiks for your continued editorial Interest In tho new war on traffic accidents that Is being waged so Intensively throughout the country at tho present time? I think you will be Interested to know that 30 states now have permanent state-wide traffic safety organizations. Some of these are safety councils, organized by private citizens; others aro departments In state highway or motor vehicle divisions of the stale government. Literally hundreds of our cities now havo functioning safety organizations. Let me emphasize that the press Is playing an Important part In the ao tual rcducllon In Irafflc deaths during Iho first seven months of the present year. Total deaths for that period were 2 per cent lower than for tho some seven months of 1935, In splto of a 9 per edit increase In gas consumption. Now York cut deaths 12 per cent and New Jersey 13 per cent—demonstrating that traffic can bo controlled In even tho most populous, congested areas. About IB states have enacted anc administered standard drivers' license laws with examination requirements and with revocation and suspension clauses. A dozen other states have weak license laws that need strength enln'g badly. From now on througl 1037 the National Safety Councl will strive! vigorously to obtain the enactment of standard license laws for general adoption by all stales needing such leglslallon. The National Safety Council Is In tho "war" on accidents to tb finish—with a con'strucllvo prograir of safely engineering, public anc school education for safety, educa lion for Rtrlct. Impartial traffic la\ enforcement, driver research, psych ologlctil studies of Individual reac Ions and legislative activity for unl- arm traffic laws and regulations. Once again lot mo emphasize that know all of our own affiliated lately organizations In tho country, ogether with the many other co-operating groups, associations and Individuals Interested In this most worthy and Important work, Join ma n appreciation of tho major part he press has taken—and. Is taking— n this campaign against the traffic menace. W. H. CAMBRON, Managing Director. National Safety Council, 20 North Wacker Drive, ~ Chicago, September 10, 1936. UAKKHSF1EL1) HOMES Editor Tho Callfornlan: Bakersflelcl has many distinctions.^ Wo know It has been called a whlto spot Industrially, and a city which produces more than Its share of champions and arllsts. Also we know It Is an entbuslaMlic communlly that will stage a parade on tho drop of a bat. Now It Is winning aitentlon for the first time in Its history for its homes. Persons rolurnlng bore are amazed al tho large number and beauty of. the new dwellings. Persons who knew Bakersfleld when Iho present garden and homo sites wero barren fields or. mosqullo-lnfested swamps view tho miracle with prlde^- -mingled with surprise. Tho average citizen, even sees the suddenly transformed residential skyline, and wonders If ho has now awakened In another cltj'. I think It Is n fine thing, and If tho home, building urge can just bo extended to a collective drlvo as well which will • result In a homo for books and a home for auditors and spectalors—In other words a library and a community hall, we will indeed have a community of which to be proud. ROBERT CURNOW. ' Bakorsfteld, Sepl. 10. 1936. (By FREDERIC J. UASKIN) If you wiinl to go In \\ UHhlngtoM. , , on , nf U)p ,.,,, nll |,, ( i r ,. .Furthermore. ( Hlio a good time. 1 And I'm the ninn tlmt can ilo n. - i ,,„, ,. 0 ||,, ( , lnrH , MM |<c the rounds sev- thing for you to re me "UoNsy ' fllMls. former Newluiryporl, Pnil ,(„„,,, „,„„„„ |M( , „,,„„, people, pIlulH are wedded to Muss., mayor. during the coin-No of the campaign. HO It IH Impimolble to tell bow much Peopled wllh empty cribs cannot ' nnv one really gave until after tho create an empire • nnd If they liavo j fliml report IH mmle. after election, mi empire the time will come when' The accepted method of crenttnir It wlli be extremely difficult for. confusion about expenditures Is to them to keep or defend It.- -Denlto j ll«t each of ibo thousands of Inconv Mussolini^ until one nf them actually hauls you to n minister and puts n ring on your hand, you're wedded to the air, too!" 'Continued Tomorrow) Do World War veterans or their wives often got federal civil service, appointment because of preference allowed them?—13. P. A. According to figures contained In Public Personal Administration, from 1919 to ll>33 almost 717.000 appointments wero made In the federal Hcrvleo; of this number 179,000, or 2R per cent, wero preference appointments. plete pnvnieniM made weoUlv out of the check otuh book. Including each The cheapest pence la that which ; Individual tmlarv of office boys, can be purchased with an adequate i utrnoirrnphern. rent. etc. national defenso.~»nrlg. Oen. Krank . rhlrty «lavn nfter election, a corns T, lllnes. veterans' bureau atlmln- lolralur. of half » dozen accountants mnv bo able to flKiiro It all o"t accurately In n week's time. I'nttl then, tho pub- lion. To inosl nf us less well informed il j address, ur^ed more discrimination on the has appeared that the. signs of recovery ore, ' purl of Ihe authorities in Ihe matter of is- und have been, encnura^infl; but il is licenses, lie pointed out that too to have that thought cmphosi/ed by o ma«a- i many irresponsible people are privileged zine devoted wholly to business and which t lo drive, and he pointed out thai the numher says: "Recovery is here; it is a demonstrated, , of accidents would be very largely curtailed an accomplished nnd a continuing fad." ! if there were greater care on the. part of ou- We have Ihe reflection here in Kern County llml comes lo all communities in thorilies in the mailer of granting licenses. Certainly when it is determined thai a driver considering national recovery. Meside lhal'j is intoxicated once, there oughl lo he no wo have local conditions which odd tremen- | tjneslion os to the revocation, not simply the doiisly to Ihe improvement llml is every- j suspension, of his license. A. Plt\nhurghor has blue eyes that turn to brown when tho moon Is full, but a local housewife has brown eyes that turn to black and blue when hubby Is. banker. A boo's Btlng Is only ono-thtrty- second of an Inch long, nnil the other two fool Is Imagination.—J. 11, French, director. Pennsylvania department of agriculture, A THOUGHT FOR TODAY A clavuland editorialist suggests that tho O. O. P. Is changing Into i tho grand young party. Tho Initials, liuf without faith If is Impossi- hellion.-- Maurice Thorp*, French Nf <», anil that He la a rcwarder of Communist leader. Wo noml to pntctlco the drim*- ory of science. AVo noott to show Iho inodonly befitting thos them that diligently seek Ilim.- tl;6. ... ,,„..,, IH tbo root of all blessln. roalUo tbHt nature In InCtnlto nnd i "ellove, nnd you shall be saved; thnt our nclonco touches only IheiOeve, and you must need* be natiw horn of her Rttrmonl,—Dr. • IMwln Unvnt Oonklln, 1'rlncoton Unlvcr- «liy biologist. fled: believe, and you cannot but comforted and happy.—Jeremy Taylor. however, changed. probably will not b« New Jersey life guards, forbidden to USD hypnotism In reviving rescued persons, aro asking the same protection from pretty girls they Before the nineteenth century, tomntoes wero grown only for their beauty. Then their u«o spread to tho theater during HniHtour nights. The average dream lasts about flvo noconda, which explains why we never got to spend that million left \m In uncle'H will Q. Is tJiere a simple way to remedy scratches on mahogany and walnut furniture?—K. W. A. Scratches can be made almost Invisible bv tho application of tincture of Iodine. Wrap a small piece of absorbent cotton on tho end of a toothpick or small stick, dip In the Iodine and apply. When dry, polish with regular furniture polish. Q. How much did the automobllo Industry gain In 1985?—T. A. A. Factory sales Increased 44 per cent; retail sales In the United States gained 46 per cent and for elgn sales advanced 19 per cent com pared with 1934. Q. Where Is the largest dormitory In the United States?—M. J. A. H Is said that Bancroft Hall at the United Stales Naval Acad emy. Annapolis, Maryland, U the largest under one roof. Q. When Is American Education Week?—M. 8. A. It, will be observed this year from November 9 to 13. Q. When was tho Crystal Pnlac In New York Cltv destroyed?—F. W A. The building wan destroyed by fire on October 5, 185S Q Do many Negroes own their iwn homos?—J. L. A. According to tho latest stalls- Ics, more than 700,000 among the estimated 1.800,000 adult Nesro couples, own their own homes. * Q. What are. tho fastest growing cities In the United Stales?-—!!. M. A. Tho cities of faslcst growth 'rom 1920 to 1930 wero Beverly Hills, California, and DoarbdfnT" Michigan. Q, How many people own railroad stock?—M. II. A, lleportH filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission show that In 1935 there wore 865,098 railroad stockholders. Q. What do the letters B. C. 13. mean when written with Jewish dates ?- B. A. They signify before' the common era. ; Q. How many hiking clubs are. there?—H. M. F. A. This country now has about 8000 hiking organizations. Q. Are there .more white men than women in Alaska?—C. M, A. There are two and one-half times as many white men as women. Q. How Is the letter 2 pronounced In England?—M. A. D. A. It Is pronounced as though it were spelled «ed. A r««il«r c-»n l« ih* >luw«r to tnj uf («ct bf wrtllnt Thi H»k«nrfl«ld ri Inforronloo llurwu. KrttVirta J. IluUa, IH- naior. WuhtniMa, V. C- PIMM enaJo» thn* (1) emit for mfU. 5?.'

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