The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1951 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1951
Page 14
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FOWWHERN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* FRIDAY, NOVEMBER Or«r 10 2 Million Men Over 26 Are Eligible for Draft WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (£•)— Se- [ for potential draftees who received lectivc Service estimated today that tome 2,000,000 incn between the ages of 26 and 35 are subject to the draft under a provision tn the draft- Universal Military Training law. A spokesman for the agency said, however, that unless world conditions take a serious, turn for the worse, there Is little likelihood of widespread drafting of men in their 30's. The draft law extension passed this year, lowered the minimum draft nge from 19 to 1814 years and boosted the 26-year maximum to 35 Obituaries Mrs. Lula Danner Dies at Armorel Services for Mrs. Lula Danner, who died yesterday at her home at Armorel after a year's illness, will be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday In Augusta, Ark., with burial there. Born in Sulligent, Ala,, she hud resided at Armorel for the past six years. Mrs. Danner was 66. She Li survived by her husband. Dr. J. J. Danner or Armorel; a daughter, Mrs. Mary Sue Peebles of Augusta; two brothers, D. Hollis of Gatman, Miss., and K. Hollls of Sulligent; and three sisters, Mrs. Delia Watklns of Detroit, Ala., and Mist Dena Hollls and Mrs. Millie Norton, both of Sullgent. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. deferments on or after June 19 of tills year. Among those affected are men deferred as students, or for dependency or essential occupational or agricultural reasons, 4-Fs, ROTC students; those who enlisted in the National Guard before they were 18!4, aviation cadets deferred up to four months in order to enter the aviation Iralning program, elected officials and ollicrs. A Selective Service official said in an interview that all draft boards have been nsked to bring individual files up lo date to Identify those whose ]>criod of military service Ha bllity tins thus been extended. "The man who currently has been deferred to complete his college education, or for some other reason may be sure he will lie called into service before he becomes 35," the official said. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton McCLELLAN (Continued from Page 1) the Korean conflict. "What price peace? Wither with draw, give Formosa to Red Chlnn or seek a negotiated peace as loser in the eyes or the world." Glv ing Formosa to Red China, he acid cd. would start World War III. While gression Is one of th Sunday School (Continued from Page «> kfosee-like leadership fn various field*. Almost without exception the Impression was not that of strength, even as they sold of Saint Paul that his presence was weak. Hut when th»e visitors came to speak o[ their particular neld and purpose they quickly revealed n Moses-liko spirit, a single-minded devotion and goal from which no obstacle or difficulty have turned them aside. On« must not neglect or under- •ctimate, that aspect of spiritual attitude and preparation at the outset of Moses' career. In the sense of his own inadequacy to fnl- flH a great goal and purpose, a mnn, If he Is sincere and conscious of a call, Inevitably turns to a Power greater than himself for strength and guidance. It wtvs In. (hat sense that Paul said "when ! I am weak, then aoi I strong." li has long been my firm belief that no man Is really called to a task for which God will fall to give him power of achievement, if he will honestly and devotedly do his part. dangers currently facing the U.S he said, not all the nation's dan gers are from without. He cited in nation and deficit, spending as in ternnl dangers. The senator al: said he will give "no personal sup port to more taxation short of world war. "Relaxation" was another Inter nnl danger he cited. "Our state s<n ereignty Is threatened," he said. "People need more self-reliance and moral stamina." Preceding the lawmakers' lalks. Mrs. P. P. Moore sang several UN anthems, with Mrs. Donald Wertz as accompanist. ,far Tny ul , Open High Low 3800 3901 3850 3842 3888 3842 3307 3855 3807 , 3755 3800 3755 1:30 3888 388' 3853 3705 N. O. Cotton Mar VTay Jul Open High Low l;3i 3856 3901 3858 38!!' 3842 3886 3841 3884 3810 3854 3810 385 3781 3«(Vi 3161 313 Soybeans IT'S Hi« jr«of 1999, OIK) Rocky Starr findt himself rocketed into tpocc along with kit pot, Chris Welkin—prisoners of invodtrs from a distant planet! For the fantastic epi- ttiot follow, se« 'Ike's'Visil Holds Two Questions Wiii K« L«av« Pott Of NATO? Each Party Eyes Polities WASHINGTON, Nov. J. l/fl Next Monday's meeting between Charles" W. Bonner, Vivian Scur- ELECTION (Oontlniwd from page U SUniejr CarptnUr, O. W. Knight; alternate*—L«roy Owen, D. S. Laney, W. E. Hunt. Clerks—Mrs. Clyde Buchanan, Billy Crecelllous: alternates—R. W. Oldrlch, V. E. Har- lln. Ward Two: Judges—Joe Apple- bauin, Herbert Hobbs, D. V. Maloch; alternates - W. T. Toole, Hyman Wov Jnn Mar May High 2S4 : K 298'. 208 Low 292V, 204 Close 29314 295',; New York Stocks ;30 quotaltons: A T and T ^ Amcr Tobacco . Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel . Cnrysler Coca-Cola , Gen Electric . ... Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central In I Harvester . ... J. C. Penney Republic Steel . .. Radio Socony Vacuum . - Studebnkcr Standard of N J Texas Coip U. S. Steel ." Sears Sou. Pac CHRIS WELKIN Resinning Monday on (he. Courier New* Comic Page President Truman and Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower will provide the chief executive opportunity to pose a question of administrative a* well as political Import to him: Will Eisenhower leave his post of supreme commander of Allied powers In Europe to seek a presidential nomination fn 1952? If so, the President undoubtedly would like to know that now so he can advise the other member nations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, perhaps - privately, they should begin thinking about someone to fill the Job. MAIL 156 3-8 62 5-8 49 3-8 51 68 3-4 102 66 SO 71 17 1-2 33 1-4 10 3-4 42 1-8 21 1-2 57 3-D 41 55 3-4 Livestock It's No Use Weeping About the Tax Bite; 'Uncle Will Get His' WASHINGTON, Nov. I. (tV>— It's no use weeping nbout that bigger tax withholding bite on paychecks dated Nov. 1 and there after. It's the law. The withholding rate went up from 18 to 20 per cent under the new tax law. And the higher withholding rate applies to all paychecks effective Nov. I, although most of the money—perhaps even nil of it—actually WKS earned in October. It won't, make any difference, however, come March 15. when taxpayers square up with Uncle NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III., Nov. 2. </!>)—(USDA)— Hogs 8.500; barely active; barrows and gilts 180 us up mostly 10 higher than Thursday's average; lighter weights strong to 25 higher; sows steady to 50 lower, mostly on weights over 400 Ibs; hulk choice 180-240 Ibs 19.60-75; top 19.85 for several hundred head mostly choice 100-220 Ibs 250-270 Ibs 10.15-40; odd lots around 300 Ita 18.60-05; choice 150-170 Ibs 18.75-18.7n; 120-HO Itas 11.25-18.50; choice 270-400 Ib sows 7.25-18.00; heavier sows 10.00-11/25; stags 14.0016.00; hours 13.00-1550. Cattle 950. calves 500; generally active trading at fully steady prices in cleanup seling; good medium weight steers 33.00; odd ots utillt> and commercial sleer and heifnr yearlings J5.50-3fl.00; utilit y anc commercial cows 22.50-27.50; ode head 28.00 and above; canner and cutler cows 17.00-22.00. (Continued irom Page 1) in width and girth. J Christmas greeting cards for armed forces personnel overt^as should be mailed prepaid at first class rates prior to Nov. 15 and at air mail rates before Dec. 1, he said, n order to achieve delivery before Christmas. The following suggestions for safe tnailing or • parcel*, overseas have been. made by the i»st office: Preparation — Boxes should be of strong construction to stand handling and storage. Recommended materials arc metal, wood, solid fiberboard or double-faced corrugated fibcrboard testing at least 200 pounds per box. Tie securely with strong cord, preferably using four separate cords — two each way — knotted at crossings. Sealing with gummed tape strengthens box but tape will loosen if box becomes wet. Boxes should contain enough cushioning material to keep articles from rattling together. Fiberboard boxes should be wrapped In heavy WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (A 1 / — Democrats may vie with Republicans for the political ear of Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower on his return to Washington. Senator Duff (Il-Pa) said he expects to talk to Eisenhower during his visit about the 1952 Republican Presidential nomination brought i statement by Senator Olin D. John stoii (D-SC) that he would like U discuss the Democratic nomination with the general. Mediterranean Fleet Can Deliver Atom Bomb NAPLES, Italy, Nov. 2. (API—Th U.S. Mediterranean fleet Is dapabl of delivering an atomic attack war comes, Aclm. William M. Fech teler, U.S. chief of naval operation said today. Fechteler said at a news confer ence here that the powerful U.S sixth fleet in the Mediterranea "does not have a (atom) bomb But Its aircraft carriers, he declar ed. "have the capability of delive Ing an atomic attack." . Weinberg, Emmett Wilson. Clerics- ck; alternates—Mrs. Jettye Driv- , Mrs. Ted Woods. Ward Three: Judges—A. P. Baram, Sam Coates, J. T. Croraer; al- rnates—D, O. Fielder, J. M. Good- ch, Elliott Sartaln. clerks—Mrs om Spiers, Miss Alene Word; alter- ates—Miss Nora Pace, Mrs. L, H arwarg. Absentee Box: Judges—G. B. Se- ravcs, Joe Rhodes, James Hyatt lerks—Mitchell Moore. Miss Ger- Idine Listen. Keiser Judges—H. P. Dunavant, W. T ;rews, John Keratt; alternates—C A. Deal, E. W. Watson, Henry Moris. Clerks—Albert Feltz, Mrs. J. K ihllds; alternates — Mrs. Marshal Vaiker, Mrs. Henry Morris Luxor* Judges — Will Meadows, C. B Vood, Sr., J. R. Gathings; alter lates—J. D. Shanks, Abe Livcran B, C. Langston. Clerks—Russell Bowen, Miss Ju in Owens; alternates—Jack Maj irs, Joe Power. Dell Judges—E. M. Woodard. M. P. Brownlee, Sr., D. D. Flippcn; alternates—M. R. Griffin, Noble Gill, K. R. Crawford, Sr. Clerks—The. Rev. E. H. Hall, H. R. Crawford. Jr.; alternates—Mrs. C. A. Smith, Mrs. Robert Henderson. >aper. Prohibited articles — These include matches of nil kinds, lighter fluids, revolvers and poisons. Tobacco in any form cannot be mailed vised against, as they come off In Austria, England, France, Ger many, Italy and Trieste, or throng Fleet Post Office 913 in Germany. Addressing—Name of both sende and addressee should be include Inside the box in case the oute address is lost or obliterated. Addresses should be written on the box. Use of address stickers Is ad- RELAND (Contlnued from Page 1) orelgn country at all. The families visited treated me just as if I were one of them. And when the rish folks would meet us on the streets, they would nod and smile and say 'nice day'—that is, if it was a nice day. on th« farm*. I worked » eoupW at days picking up pot** 0 " * nd tlwt was about all," she said. "I »»nk we should have been allowed to do a lot more. I believe we could hav» found out more about how the farm families live, their habits and customs if we had." After her time In Ireland had expired, Bobbye Jean and her two 4-H companions, Ruth Carson of Indiana and Rosemary Archibald of Illinois, took a six-day side trip to Paris "The weather over there wasn't j but found Prance a "little dlsap- exactly made to order. You never i pointing" and "not what we thought knew what to expect. Rain one min- : it was." CHEST through Army Post Offices located easily. (Continued from Page 1) than last year's and is 59,721 more than was collected lost year. The Conw.unity Chest drive consolidates several financial campaigns that otherwise would be conducted separately. Members of the Community Chest Board of Directors are Mr. Nash, Dr. Guard. Walter Rosenthr.l. E. F. Still. Jlmmie Edwards, Kendall Berry. John Caudill, Ij. L. Ward, Jr., and P. E. Warren. Worth D. Holder is secretary of the organization and O. W. Teeple of Chicago Is campaign counsel. Mrs. I/. Walpole and Mrs. Teeple are office secretaries. ute and sunshine the next. But it was thrilling, every minute of it." Similar Custom* Irish customs are pretty similar to those of the United States, Bobby Jean said. "They eat, about like we do, except mutton is their main meat dish. Their chief vegetables are potatoes, carrots, caulifloweiv and cabbage." American movies seem to have a big influence on the. Irish peoples' opinion of the United States, &e- cording to Bobbye Jean. They see America as an over-size New York city, with huge skyscrapers, king- sized social problems and big cars for everybody. "A lot of them had the impression that all American girls are glamour girls with fancy clothes They seemed a bit relieved to find we dressed commonly. I told them they had to go to the country to find the good old Americans. "And when I told them I was from the cotton-producing south thej immediately asked about our racia problems and ho\v we treated the Negroes. They seemed to think we ,vere still in the slave days." The Irish people seldom mention p.d the intcnational situation to the Amencaii girls, Bobbye Jean sale 'Only once in a \vhile someon would ask what we thought abou the Korean War or the firing General MacArihur. That was abou the extent of it." Took Cotton Souvenirs Bobbye took along with her t Ireland, two dozen miniature cotto bales as souvenirs and she said the "really made a hit." While In Ireland, Bobbye Jean lived with 13 different families. AC the request of the program officials, she WRS treated as a member each faimly and did her share of Missed Baseball ™ "I guess we were really too tired nd too anxious to get home to en- oy it," she said. "It was reallv a wonderful trip, me lhat I wouldn't take anything or. But after all, there's no place ike home. Bobbye Jean found one fault with he exciting six-month tour; miss- ng out on her favorite sport—base- tall. "I couldn't follow the Cardinals iver there," she said laughingly. the chores about the house. "But they didn't do much work WADE H. LEE Ward One Alderman J. G. "Bob" Barnes Glencoe Bldg. South 2nd St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 4360 To The Voters of Blytheville IF YOU LIKE - Arc you on the go? Then you can't beat the Stetson Straloliner. It's neat, yet as streamlined and stylish as a jet plane. This soft, lightweight fur felt hat is a wonderful traveling companion, no matter where you're going. Come in and see it soon. the STETSON stratoliner &" rrv^^ff (sfPfFiU An efficient and courteous Police Department— Clean and widened streets with added parking space especially around our Churches— An attractive Memorial Park at the old Cemetery site — Prompt clean-up of last winters snow from our streets and side walks — Continuation of Blythevilfe improvemenfs- If One Good Term Deserves Another, THEN VOTE FOR Doyle Henderson FOR MAYOR FOR A SECOND TERM Political Advertisement paid for by Doyle Henderson

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