The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 28, 1947
Page 6
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•LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER SATURDAY, JUNE 118, 19-17 VeteransHospital Ste Approved •LiftU Hock Sftlotos 'Breathe Easier As Porfceck Site Picked By BOB BROWN (VmMt* fret* Staff 'Correspondent) ROCK, Ark, June 28 (DP) — The turbulent coMlrovcrsy ow location of the promisei! $8,000,OM Vetcnns Hospital in Aikrmsns wai settled today right back wheie it started— on the Poioe:k p:o;jeity on: Roosevelt' Road in Little Rock. Col Harry E JJrown, n personal emissary of Gen.'.Omnr N. Bradley, toM the Little Rode City Council last night that the Veterans Administration chose the Pofbj'« site over the hibre desirable MncArthur Park location to keep ; out cf what was "obviously a community di "If . we had been elvon n Ircc <*K>lce, would unquestlonnblj Chinese Buy 130 Million Rounds of U* S. Ammunition .WASHINGTON, June 28. (UP) — The United State., announced today the sale of 130.000,'000 rounds , of ammunition to Generalissiin > Chiang K.ii-shck's Chinese N.itioi- nlist "Government from Army-Navy surplus stocks. It was learned that the surplus ammunition will be sold lo the Chinese government for $650,658. The sale ol arms lo Chiang's government eomcs at a lime when the Nationalist Gr.vcrnment I T&uifbf i ftvffi -; % &&',& " l ''i |M4fe l ' Wt . » r/«* * K»ve taken iMacArthur Park," Col Brown declared He said the paik- site is nearer the Umve.iity of Arkansas Medical Echoo), Opel "the nearer we are to the school, the better we can hop^ to woik together." "However," he declared, "the Por- beck site Is not nn> impossible one. If it were, we would never: have selected it and certainly \ve would never have gone ahead with -$200,000 worth of architectural plans." Sitting as h coniinittae of the whole, the City Council 'took no official action. But the members were obviously pleased with the outcome of ;; the wrangle which Ins been in progress for months. The meeting :was c?llctl oil?;- hard-pressed In Manchuria by Ihe Chinese Communists. Chinese officials have been begging the United Slales not only foi arms to stem Ihe Communist ad\anccs bul also large sciile ujihciol aid to cope with chaotic economic conditions including nm- wav Inflation. The Exi>or(-Iiri|x»i Bank clally confirmed, however, thnl the S5CO.COO.OOO loan earmarked for China since April, 1940. wil lowed to expire next Monday wilh- Innlly lo decide what to da about a virtual ultimatum l down Monday by Ihe Unlversi'.y Hoard cf Truslees for Ihe city lo deed Ihe IJow would you like lo judge properly lo Ihe V-A within lo days. Congressman Brooks Ilnys of little Rock said lhat Oenfl.-al Uradioy's this one v.'ilhout the nid of a camera? At ok a Lad. forc- 'l, nosed out the driving stalemcnt left no quesi.ioo but, li-.ntl finish ot three other horses'to the hospital would be bulll In LIU ' W1 ". lhc ( ",* 1 !' a <^ at Chicago's lie Rock. Arlmgion Park by n,htllc more |C(opp Urges Use of Gas For Fuel in Muscle Plant WASHINGTON, June 28. (UP)Gordon n, Cla])|), clmlrmnn of the Tennessee Valley Authority, estl-' nated yesterday that the power agency would continue production )f fertilizer nitrates for five years. He made the prediction in con-' lection with'a request for a $],_ G15XKJO appropriation l:> convert .he muscle ammonium nllvatu plant lo natural gas from coh-i. He told ft senate appropriations fiuheominiltce tliat TVA plunucd eventually to concentrate on experimental production of phr-s- phales. But he snid that nllralci'wcnld IX! manufftctured as ta>vr as national and world needs required. Block designs a potato In half, carving the design, and printing by hand. A knot Is a measure 01 speed, being a speed of one nautical muu per hour. cuts for printing simple can be made by cutting China for specific projects provided assurances of repayment can be given. He ndmlltcd, liow-ivgr, that ut tlines the General wns influenced by reports that the medical !;c!mo! niighl be moved from Little Hock. These reports arose .iflfiv Gov. Be:i Laney suggested that Little was not Inking the proper interest In the Medical School. •than ii hair. Hasty Victory, second from rail,- wi:s second, third place was a dead heat belv.'con Ermclia, on rail, and .Sergeant Bill, Aloka Lad paid '_•_ $91.80.' out being granted. Tlie brink will consider further applications from >BY KATCEL HOW£ MHKKXM: Rv MATfFL HfiWF FARKJMAM oisrmBUTto ay nt\ sEnwr. me B T ™" kl " 1 - nurrc rAKINMAM XXXI soon forgot all "about Annalielle, about Floia, about Mr; Tolliver. Ejily the ne\t morhing I was wakened by a loiid peal on our fiont doorbell A few minutes lalci Leah bi ought mo up n cablcginm It was from Bill Bill Slurdevanl had been cm Instructor in Romance languages at:Corn6il. I had mel him three years before in Elmira while I . was visiltng my grandmother Hi! was toll and blond and bhie- eyed and wore a tiny mustache. Bill nfcye.r did anything by halves He wai always eager and excited end had- a deep, exciting voice atad beautiful manners; he talked a Ei eat deal, and always well. He had then decided to enlist wilh the ^English. .ml,7the>girls were crazy about him. Why lie picked me out I still do riot know. But after I had swb,-him:three, times, in Elmira he appeared one afternoon in Ol- sego Snd a?ked me'to mairy him. I was. so surprised I jusl staled at hiftj. "Taking that for consent, hfe kissed me. •Aflor that I would have followed him to the ends o£ the cnrth—on loot and even barefoot if. necessary. Bill weni^to England almost al once. Thcri when we, .loo, were in the .war. lie managed a transfer to.our army. After the armistice, . I had heard lhat he was safe and hoped to be home-by spring. Now his cable said he had wangled an exchange professorship al the Sorbonne in Paris. Bo would be-out of the army in another week. I was to be in Paris by August 15 by the lalesl, and we should be married at once. * * * T RAN with the cablegram to the •"•bathroom, where father shaving. said thickly through the soap that circled his month. "You've both wailed a long lime. And il will be an experience, living in Paris." "But can you gel away? Can o gel passports?" "I daresay we can manage the Jiissports. But how about Bill's nolhe'r taking you over? She's Ihe >rorjci- one. . . ." 'No. You are the proper one. If Mrs. Slurdevant went along I'd never dare—I mean I'd never have 'he courage to face them both if : ... it i ..." "If .you what?" "If I changed my mind," I snid miserably. "You forget," I went on, "lluit Bill and I only saw inch other'n few times for a few •lours at a time, sometimes for less, nnd usually with a lol ot jeoplo around. That was a long, and n lot ot things have lappencd, especially lo Bill. He may he so changed thai he'll seem 'ike. n stranger. 1 may not look so good to him, either. I'm plain scared lo death." iThero was n long silence. "Well, there's no answer to lhat argument," Father dually snid. "I suppose I'Jl have lo lake you to Paris." We decided lhat night not to tell anyone in Olsego lhat I was L----« to Paris, possibly to be married- . dropped it, went on shaving. "Well?" I asked. hen come back nnd clean nnd open Ihe house. Wilhoul being iskcd, she promised lo slay on ml look afler Father. I had only lo make a farewell visil to my grandmother in Elmira iml loll her my plans in confl- icnce, do my packing, attend a loxcn or so parlies, and we were iff, A great crowd came to the latjon. The last one T saw as the rain drew out was Flora, waving 'nmfically. She had brought me n'chicls; cliocolales, and books nnd nagazincs. A lump came inlo my htoat. I lold Father thnl I would niss Florn terribly. He said he lidn't doubt it, that for his part veil in Paris life would seem a itllo flal and savorless without Iho foil Ivors to spice it up. He said hot he and I nnrl all of Otscgo ad gol Ihe Tollivcr habit. We just Ling around wailing to sec what he Tollivers. singly or collectively, vnuld do next. "I'll tell you what one ot them fioin;: lo do very soon, by lhc irst of December to be exact," I laid. "What?" '. "Amy is going lo have a baby." Amy had lold me her sccrel just I-onr Mstanei! Morlni Competent Holp anrt «iul|>m«nt, Adfl- QUAtelr Ijisureri Contract ' Httillug And Mine. Services. Homa Service & Storage Co, Plioua -J801 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Goaranleed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Free Delivery W\t ..<''.;•; f^r^^^|-« ^ifrfe41 W u Dine Club 61 Blytheville, Arkansas — — Highway 81 North and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red) Bickerstaff and George Ford For lieservations Telephone 044 COPR. 1M7 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. 7. M. REG. V. S. PAT. OFF. "You mean to say you're afraid a car that's hauled us 85,000 miles over all kinds of roads won't take us to Yellowstone Park, a mere 2200 miles away?" 'RECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS This Is By MERRILL BLOP3ER GATEWOOD GROCER**' Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch YJ Pt. Ft 6th 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Colverr 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hilt & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6-90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 57« Beer per Case $3.35 GAS, reg 17.9c; Erftyl 19.9e Ail Brands CIGARETTES - - $1.35 On. Buy 'em Here! Chomblin Sales Company Sales — Studeliaker — Service "First Ky Far With a Postwar Car" Don't take chances with your car or truck, whatever make you rlvivc. Come in now and have tlipm put ln!.c> top-notch shape by our FACTORY-TRAINED MECHANICS. Expert painting and body work. We carry a complete line nf SUide- taker iiarts and accessories. WE BUY GOOD LATE MODEL CARS— SEVERAL NOW ON HAND — PRICED RIGHT. Stiidebaker builds cars nnd trucks that can take It. lu passenger cars, Tlie Champion, Commander and Land Cruiser. ',(• Ton, 1 Ton, l>,i Ton niul the Incomparable 2 Ton Stuclebaker Truck. TTwr WAGCX5O DRUM voofee HOLDIM& DOES IF YOU HOW lo PICKARD'S GROCERY I'LL DO IT LIGHTLY .' SEE —YOU SIA.P THE SIDE AMb SORT OI- RLJ6 THE TOP AT THE SAME TlME / REALLY LOOSE WITH THAT BABY / MUBBA- MUB3A/ Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY lie Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Your Stiidebaker Dealer "First by Far with a Postwar Car" before I left. Falher and I talked I over nl some length. It was the Bill 1 CharnMin — KK & Ash St., Phone 2195 iast lime, ns T remember il, that we discussed Ihe many months. Well, this is not my story, or mine only so far as il concerns WASB TUBBS SOW, IBEEM lETTIM 1 WU PBt\CTIC6 / DUH-H-H... *IIP UH 8ROOIA FEE SEWSS NOW, fcUT,,, / UEYEE MIND, WEULi SOU JDS' NN'T UMdWU'! WE686J POP. IGOITA wu Doirr coNcENTEMe! i "| JOB BOW HOT DON'T TWCE llic Tollivers. Briefly, Uill was on lie dock at Cherbourg. I did not see him in Hie crowd nnd walked down Ihe gangplank slrrtighl inlo his strong young arms. Instaully only that Father had some hypo- swept away. It was Bill I wanted thetical business to look afte and only Bill, forever and forever. Ru rope and was taki On a lovely September dny two weeks later we wove married to see Bill. Bui everyone sus what the business was, and all at noon in an American church wauled lo entertain me, North Second in Paris by an American pastor. and many gave me presents, which Afterward we had breakfast at Ihe Crillon. Thai , afternoon Ihe Iwo of us Icfl by car for Brittany. We were gone two weeks. Father was still in Paris when we got hack; he stayed until I hnrl I was embarrassed to accept. DIAL 2311 ATHER went to Washingtoi . himself and managed somehow other to get our passports For Complete Protection stopped in New York and look u| found a furnished our steamer lickels, arranged foi OH AS. IHTTNER •HIM, WILSON a long leave of absence, saw obou in. Then he left for England to visit an old friend. Tlie old life was over for me. (To lie Continued) money, lellers of credit. Lea was to close the house afler we hat RED ' LOOK OUT FOR OOLlftR , J V',t;^»..i-J!\ r 5-'*tu»' i.< Al ^»E;?SNS«<ij£? ^^^-^ It seems a good idea," Father left, lake a month's vacatio Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams CHIEF, HAS TUB MA3OR. Tfc)LD VOU OLD - FI6HTER HE RETIRED BECAOSE :|F VOU'Re A COLLHCTOK OF WHO --OR WHAT-IS THAT SUPPOSE P TO REPRESENT? NOTrUM --KJODODV.' EVERY TIME I SEE AM IROM1W BOARP, IT REMINDS ME OF SOMEBOpy.TRYIM'TO GET UP OFF TrV FLOOR J ;;-r-\ I WAS J|S TRVIW 1 IT- IT REALLV POES POM'T SOFT 8RAI10 WEED COVER 6O RAlM KlOT BETTER WARN YOU Heading and Acting By V. T. HAMLIN MM±^i:Hhj^^ ZIOTZ|_ _iJ^lXjvd^^.^ ,^.-:, ..-^-VIIK ru-ONiVBos.'!- ; . _. ,„., .,^t^i^V, .M «Y MICHAEL t)'MALLEY and RALPH LANE Two Double Plays l!y FRKI) II.A KM AN Nice (o (IK 1 Hnvp n sw<5. BOOTS ANT» HF;R BUDDIES rt S gribbcd a cab for the D. A.'s office. All THE TIME WU VE KEN TIVO- TIMING MNVSR, PEUX WAS TV.'O TIMIN6 YOU. 1AKE A IOOK AT THIS.' m Mill MTC HUH} HUMM U UP. TO TXAY /MlfeWT, ROCKfR. Things were happening there. 60 \ttOR^ TfSt M TO 6tT MRRWtO VI ' MliS CAROllr«,M3U SAID KLK DIO HOT AWWU TO PSOPOSTTION 8»T MN«R TO THROW HIS FIGHT. WU'Rt PRinYfc CRAW AKXJT RIIX. D1O VOU XWOW HE'S MARRIED AND AW;FE-D€Sf<m8

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