The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1936 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 19
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'...* , - -•'- *-->' •> - '- 1 -1 r L I - THE BAKBRSFIBLD CAilFOKNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1936 *, -..-..- ; m ' . • . - t' ' - - - - f * - 'hi I" I'- ,- r L. " I - - -v. . 1. t . yw-di*of ~ . .• • i . .. . of animals ftbmtf* £«•-rrtWu^ b) BulldlnB rtiitthtrufm « (e) Yard* Required* S 13* -- ame aa specified for 0*2 dUtrlcta. REiaUUAtlONS F6R A DISTRICTS t The following 1 regulations shall apply In all dUrtrlete W«th which are combined -A districts, in addition to the regulationB: hereinbefore specified therofon and ghall bo subject to the provisions of Section 2? of this ordinance i (a).Ueei Permitted! All use* permitted In the re* Bpeotive district with which the -A District is combined. 2. Small livestock forming: provided, that not to exceed one ft) cow or threo (3) goats of other similar livestock may bft kept for each twenty thousand (20,000) square feet of area of the parcel of land upon which the same nro kept, to A maximum of threo (8) cows or ten (10; goats or other similar livestock maintained in any ono establishment* 3. Tn any -A district a dairy may be conducted on any parcel of land not less than five (5) acres tn area. 4. Sale of any of the products of any of the aforementioned permitted uses upon the premises upon which such products aro produced; provided, that no building shall be constructed primarily for such salts. 6. Keeping of saddle horses and of such horses and/or mules as may be necessary to the conducting of any of the ueca permitted in any -A district* 6. Accessory buildings and accessory uses, (b) Location of Accessory BuildInns: No livestock or any building used In connection with the same shall be located or maintained on any lot closer than forty (40) feet to the street upon Which the lot faces or closer than twenty (20) feet to any dwelling on the same lot or on the front half of any contiguous lot Otherwise, any accessory building Used in connection with small livestock farming may occupy any portion of any rear yard or of any aide yard along the rear half of the lot upon which located, except of any side yard adjacent to any street, SECTION 23. REGULATIONS FOR • H DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall Apply In all districts with -which are combined -H districts, In addition to tho regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall be sublect to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: ,* * (a) Uses Permitted] All uses permitted In the respective district with which the -H district Is combined, provided, however, aa follows: 1. No outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising etruoture shall be placed and/or maintained in any such district unless placed and/or maintained within a business district AS defined In tho California Vehicle Act; provided, however, that outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for Informational or directional purposes of a public or quasi- public nature may be placed and/or maintained In any such district with which Is combined an -H district upon tho securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 38 of this ordinance, for ench such sign or structure; and provided, further, that thero may bo displayed on tho premises occupied "hy any permitted place of business which Is located in any such district with which Is combined an -II district but outside any business district as defined in the California Vo- hlclo Act outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for the advertising only of such business, provided that, unless all such outdoor advertising fdpns and outdoor advertising structures displayed by or for any one place of business aro mada a part of the architectural design of the building In which such business is conducted and aro approved under the provisions of Section 30 of this ordinance, no such outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall exceed twenty-four (24) nquarn feet in area and the total arch. for all outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures In tho aggregate displayed by or for any one place of business shall not exceed the equivalent of one (1) squaro foot for each ono (1) foot of frontage actually occupied by such business, Including tho widths of driveways directly appurtenant thereto. ?2. No Junk yard shall ho established in any such district with which is combined an -H district within five (hundred (GOO) feot of the exterior boundary of any public street unless the samo Is completely enclosed within a building or within a fence approved by the Planning Commission, (b) Building Location! In case no building line Is established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of tho County or by tho provisions of this ordinance, for the street upon which any building will front In any district with which an -H district Is combined, no such building shall bo erected, constructed, moved or structurally altered so that the samo will be closer to tho nearest boundary of the right of way,of such street than a distance adequate to provide space on the site of such building for the traffic movements and standing of vehicles which will bo Incidental to tho uso of such building. Such distance shall be •designated by the. Planning Commission as a part of the action on plans submitted With tho application for a permit for such building, as provided in Section 30 of thla ordinance. 88CTION 24. REGULATIONS FOR "B" DISTRICTS 4 Tn any district with which Is combined any "B" district, such regulations as to building Mto areas, depths of front yards nnd widths of side ,yards as are designated on tho sectional districts map showing such "B" district shall bo applied Tn lieu of the respective regulations os to building site areas, depths of front yards and widths of side yards which are' hereinafter specified for such district with which la combined such "B" district; provided, however, that any parcel of land in nny "B" dl«, trlot, (<t) which parcel wan under one ownership nt tho time of tho adoption of this ordinance, when tho owner thereof owns no adjoining land, or (b) which parcel includes not less than one (t) entire lot as shown on any subdivision map which was recorded In the office of tho County Recorder of tho County prior to tho .Adoption of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not Ions than three thousand seven hundred fifty (3760) square feet, or (c) which parcel Is shown as a lot on any rnindl- vlslon map which may hereafter be recorded In tho office of said County Rflconior aftor approval of said map by the Board of Supervisors in the manner prescribed by law, may be used aa a building site for a dwelling of th« character permitted in the din- trlct with which is combined such "B" district, provided that all other regulations for such district,- as prescribed by this ordinance, shall bo compiled with, except that on any such parcel having an average width of less than fifty (50) feet the width of each side yard may be reduced to Un (10) per cent of the width of such parcel, but tn no case shall the Width of any such aide yard be less than three (8) feet. J SECTION 26. FUTURE WIDTH LINES * The following specified future width lines aro hereby established for the following street* and highways; . 1. California Avenue, from Union Avenue, Bakersfield, to Sumner Street, js commonly known as the isdi* Highway and which IB California Highway Route Number 68, an by the Division of High, of tha DMuirtmitht O f Public frks of the Stale of California; j?if. (ftfi) fe*t from tha center lino ti on each stdfe thereof. N(t«* Street and the extension thsreof, being California State High. way Roma Number $t, an d*»Igt>nt*d t&0 Plyfslqiuof Highways <*f the ^ JftWlo^VVorlu Of th« Oiettr of LEGAL NOTICES | L ^Y ^^fc" ^^L ^A ^A_ ^p_- ^^f mj fc ^^. ^^ .^ m ^^_ j^ ^ P PB n ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ' f ' to ajjoifll on the center line tHerAojf, Which point Is one thousand (1000) feot distant, measured easterly and northeasterly along ftald center line, from the easterly boundary of sec, 26, T. 29 S.; R. 28, B., M. D. M,: Fifty- five (66) tear from Ui* center Una thereof on each side thereof. SECTION 26, BUILDING LINES Tho following specified building lines are hereby established adjacent to Golden State Highway nnd Golden State Avenue, being California Stale Highway Route Number Foun tts» designated by the Division of Highways of the Department of Pub* lie Works of the State of California: 1. Prom the southerly boundary of the City of Delano to th* northerly boundary of the right of Way of Perkins Avenue, McFarlahd: Thirty (80) feet from tho exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof. 2. flVom the southerly boundary of the right of way of Sherwood Avenue, ,MoFartand, to the northerly boundary of Sec. 10, T. 20 S. t R. 27 K. A M* D. M*: Thirty (80) feet from thf exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof. 3. From the northerly boundary of Sec. 10, T. 20 S., ft. 27 £),» M. D. M.. to the northerly boundary of tho City of Bakersfield, and from the southerly boundary 6f the right of way of Brundago Lane • to the southerly joundary of Sections 6 and 0, T. 30 R. 28 E.. M, D. M.i Thirty (30) eet K from tho exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof; provided, however, that ffasollna pumps and their appurtenances for the retail sale of gasoline, which gasoline pumps and their appurtenances are structurally separate from any building or other structure nnd which gasoline pumps and/or their appurtenances are not covered by a canopy In any case, may bo erected, in each case, on a concrete base occupying tho smallest rectangle within which such concrete uase may bo enclosed, which rectangle Is not greater than four (4) feet in width, with the longer edge of such rectangle which is nearest to the nearest exterior boundary of said highway being located along a line fifteen (36) feet distant from such exterior boundary, subject, In each such case, to tho securing of a use permit therefor, as provided tn Section 33 of this ordinance. 4. From tho southerly boundary of tho City of Bakersflcld at California Street to Iho northerly boundary of tho right of way of Brundage I^ane: Ten (10) feot from the exterior boundary of tho right of way of said highway on the easterly side thererof. 5. From the southerly boundary of Sections 5 and G, T. 30 R., R. 28 E., M. D. M., to tho northerly boundary of tho Rancho Castac: Thirty (30) feet from the exterior boundaries of tho right of way of said highway on each side thereof. SECTION 27. GENERAL PROVISIONS AND EXCEPTIONS The regulations specified in this ordinance shall be subject to the following Interpretations and exceptions: (a) Use: 1. The following accessory uses, In addition to thoso hereinbefore spool- fled, shall bo permitted In any "H" district, provided that such accessory uses shall not alter tho character of tho premises In respect, to their uso for tho purposes permitted in such respective district: (A) Th« renting of rooms and/or tho providing of table board In a dwelling as an Incidental use to that of UK occupancy as a dwelling of the character permitted in tho respective district, but not to tho oxtent of con- BtllulInK a hotel an defined in thin ordinance, unless permitted In tho district. fB) Tho operation of necessary fa- cIlttloH and equipment In connection with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other Institutional permitted In tho respective district. (C) News and refreshment stands and restaurants In connection with passenger Htattona, (D) Recreation, refreshment and service buildings In public parks and playgrounds. 2. On any lot In any "H" district there may bo kept not to exceed twenty-four (24) fowl other than roosters, quacking Clicks, goose, guinea fowl or peafowl and thnru mny ho kept not to exoot;d twenty- four (24) rabbits or guinea pltfs, provided, that no such livestock shall bo maintained closer than forty (40) feot tn any dwelling now existing or hereafter er«clrcl on tho front ono- hulf (Vv> of uny adjacent lot nor closer than twenty (20) feot to any other dwelling now existing or hereafter erected. 3. In addition to any other outdoor advertising elpns and outdoor advertising structures permitted by this ordinance, (A) such signs and utruc- tures, none of which shall exceed four (4) square feot In area, may bo displayed for tho purpose of advertising tho siilo or leftBO of any property upon which displayed; (B) such slructxircB other thnn thoso by this ordinance may bo displayed for the advertising of the sale of a subdivision upon whloh placed upon tub securing of a uao permit, us provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure. 4. Horses may be kept In nny district, subject to the securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for eauh cane of such URC in nny "R" or "C" district. fi. Nothing 1 In this ordinance shall bo deemed to prohibit tho excavating of natural materials for tho construction of a building permitted In tho district In which tho *tmo is to be located, which building 1« to bo constructed on the same lot from which such material Is excavated, nnd no use permit shall be required for such excavating. (b) Height: 1. In nny district with a height limit of less than seventy-five (76) feet, public and Sernl-publte buildings, schools, churches, hospitals mid other institutions permitted in such district may be erected to a height not exceeding seventy-five (75) feet, provided that the front, rear and yards shall he Increased ono (1) for ench one (1) foot by which building exceeds tho height hereinbefore established for district. 2. One-family dwellings m R-I districts may be Increased In height not to exceed ton (10) feet and to a total of not exceeding three (3) Htnrles when two (2) side yards of widths of not IOBB than fifteen (15) feot each nro provided. 3. Not withstanding any other provision of this ordinance, no smokestack, flagpole, tank, radio station, oil derrick, lightning arrebter, tower, building or any other structure or thing whatsoever rthall ho t erected, constructed, converted, altered, en* forged, ndriod to or caused to exist tn any district In any manner 00 that tho name will exceed a height of thirty (30) feet within n distune* of flvo hundred (BOO) feel from the exterior boundaries of nny airport owned by tho County of Kern or so that the same will exceed a height of sixty (00) feet within & distance of on* thousand UQOQ) feat from said exterior boundaries, or so that the samo will exceed a height of ninety (90) feet within u distance of one thousand five hundred (1600) feet from bald exterior boundaries. The height of any such structure or thing shall be deemed to be the height of the topmost part thereof, Including any appurtenance thereto, above the lava) of tho ground at the nearest point to such structure or thing on any »uch exterior boundary of such airport. 4. The height limitations of th1» ordinance shall riot apply to chimneys, rhiirch Aplreft, flag polew, monuments and radio toward, except ao provided In iho preceding paragraph of tUU section with respect to height limits adjacent to - Airpprlft* B, Whtr* the average slope of a lot Is vr«4te'r. tban one <t> foot rise or fail In wivftn <T) fm of distance from Uio eatabUfched street elevation the property line, ono *tory In; dltion to Uu number permitted in h d ^ l - . . . .. . ^ . t ~ •- UEQAL NOTICE* LEGAL NOTICES difltrict In which such lot is situ- sbftU be pettnlttAfl oh the «6Wh« aide of any buildlnirt provided, , that the ntUrh't of . th« shall not be tncroftsftd ttbova the limit speclfl^l for auch district (c) Yafdit i. FOP - the purpose of computing: front yard dlmenslona tho measurement aholi be taken from the nearest point of the front trial of the building- to ( the street line; provided, however, that If an Official Plan Line (« established for the street, or If a future width line l« established there- for by the provisions of this ordl- n a rice, then the measurement shall he taken from the nearest point of the front wall of the building to such Official Plan Una. or «uch future width line: except that the certain architectural features hereinafter enumerated nhall not be considered in making any such measurements, to-wlt: (A) , Cornices, canopies, oaves, or any other architectural features may extend beyond jfiid front wall a distance not exceeding two (C) feot, six (6) Inches. (B) Fire escapes may extend yond said front wall a distance exceeding four (4) feet, six Inches. cent to a ing shall ^ — — — -r • key be nnd permitted Hide foot finch limit auch !. i (G) A landing place or uncovered porch mny extend beyond said front wall to a distance not exceeding stx (6) feet, provided that Buch lauding place or porch shall have Its floor no 'higher than the entrance floor of the building. A railing no higher than three (8) feot may be placed around such landing place. In no case, however, shall any auoh land- Ing place or porch extend beyond nny Official Plan Lino which Is established for any street or beyond any future width line which is established therefor by the provisions of this ordinance. (D) The above enumerated architectural features may aluo extend Into any Mdo or renr j'ard the sumo distance that they are permitted to ox- tend beyond nny front wall, except thnt no porch, terraco or outsldo stairway shall project more than three (3) feet Into any side yard and then, In the cnBO of an outside stairway, only If tho same Is unroofed nnd unenclosed above nnd below tho stops thereof. 2. Ordinary front yard nnd fnrin fences, sprinkling system* and wuch Irrigation systems nnd their appurtenances ns do not extend above the surface of tho ground may he ex- tomlod beyond any Official Plan Lino or f tit urn width line. 3. In nny U-l or U-3 district or any combination therewith where twcnty-flvo (25) per cent or more of tho lots in nny block and located In tho samo district, oxcluslvo of tho frontage along tho side of a corner lot, hna been Improved with build- Ings nt tho tlmo of tho passage of this ordinance, which buildings aro of n character permitted In snld district but not Iu u moro restricted district, (Including, In nn U-l district, buildings permitted in such district), and the front yards on such lots vary In dt-pth to. an extent not greater thsn six (6) feet, ihon the required front yard depth for such district shall be disregarded In such block nnd In lieu thereof tho front yard required on each lot In said block Nhall ho of u depth not IOKS than thn average depth of tho front yards on tho lots on which aro located such existing hulldlngM, to n maximum of fifty (50) feot. The samo rule shall apply in nny U-3 or K-4 district or any combination therewith, but only, however, in cawo fcuch average donth of front yards on tho lots on which nre lorntcd such existing buildings IB IOMH than the depth of front yards otherwise required by this ordlnnnco. in no case, howovor. shall any building h* erected closer to nny street linn than nny Official Plan Lino which in established for such street or than any future width lino designated therefor by tho provision*; of this ordinance. 4. AVhen nny interior lot In **n R-l or U-2 district, is adjacent to riny lot in any district other thnn nn H-l or R.-2 district and other than any C-l district which is entirely surrounded by "H" districts or by such districts nnd the County boundary, the depth required for the front yard on such Interior lot may ho reduced to not less than the nver- ajro of such required depth and tho width or depth of yard required on said lot In such other district which yard is adjacent to tho street upon which said Interior lot faces. &. When aiiv Interior lot Iu «n U-3 or n-4 district Is ndjacont to nny lot in any "C" or "M" diptrlct. <>x- crpt uny C-l district which IH entirely Nurrounrted by "U" districts or by such districts and tho County boundary, tho front yard requirement for Huoh Interior lot may bo disregarded and In lieu thereof that portion of any building on that portion of the width of such interior lot not exceudiiitf one-half <V6) thereof, nnd not exceeding twonty-fJvo (26) feet, which portion of tho width of such Interior lot Is next adjacent to such lot In such "C" or "M" district, may be built to the street line, and the line of tho building for the rninninder of such building nhall bo not nearer to said street lino than a distance equal to mich required depth of front yard. 6. In determining tho depth of rear yard for any building, but not for nny dwelling group, where such rear yard open* Into an alley, one-half tho width of such alley, but not exceeding ton HO) feet, may be considered aa a portion of such rear yard; provided, howovor, that this provision shall not bo so applied ns to reduce the depth of any rear yard to less than ten (10) feet; and provided, further, thnt in no case nlmll the door of any building or improvement, except u fence, which door open a into any alloy, bo erected, constructed or established closer to the center of such alley than a distance of fifteen (16) feet. 7. In caso nn accessory building Is attached tn the main building, it shall be madn structurally a part thereof, and Khali comply In all rc«poots with tho requirement* of this ordinance applicable to the main building. An accessory building, unions attached to find made n part of the main building as above provided for, nhall not bo donor thnn five (5) feet to the main building. 8. A detached accessory building of not over one story and not exceeding twelve (IE) feot in height may occupy not to oxceed thirty (30) per cent of tho area of nny rear yard. Any mich accessory building mny have not to exceed one (1) additional story used for apartments, provided that: (A) Buch additional utory, herein construed to be ft dwelling, shall not bo permitted unleftH the namo IB permitted under tho regulation** herein* beforo In this ordinance specified for the dliitrict In which such accessory building i« located, oioopt that any such additional story In nn H-l district may bo uncd in a dwelling when no rent, cither direct or Indirect. Is paid for such une, or as a dwelling for servant*. Including the family of the same, which are employed on the same lot. (0) No exterior wall of such dltional ftory shall be nearer to lot line than a distance equal to width of a side yard required on same lot, <C> No exterior wall of auch additional atory shall be nearer than ten (10) feet to any main, building on the same lot. (D) No miah additional story shall be constructed on any lot tn any fl-l district prior to the construction of a one-family dwelling thereon, unless and until u use permit, us provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, shall first have b««n secured for «uch additional story. ?. Detached accte*sory building* In A J" districts fitiali conform to the following additional regulations •* to theJr locations upon tha lot; provided, however, that wh*re the *lope of the front half of Uie lot is greater than one (1) foot rise or fall In n distance of fifcven (7) feet from the establlfhed street «J*vaUtm IU the properly line, or wh*ro the clftVuMon of tho lot at the «tr*et Une ; ts five *P> feet or mor* above or below tno e4taa1J*hea «treot elevation, a pHvate garage may be. ad- any the th6 hunt to the front and aide lines of the lot; (A) In the case of at* Interlbt* lot abutting upon one street, no detached accessory building sTwu be erected or altered so as to encroach upon tho front half of the lot. (B) In the case of an interior lot abutting upon two or more streeU. no accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to encfdaoh upon the one-quarter (U) of the lot nearest either street. (C) In tho case of a corner lot abutting upon two (2) streets, no accessory building shall be erected or altered BO as to encroach upon tho aroa between such respective streets and lines drawn parallel to such streets* respectively, in such a manner that each of such lines divides tho lot Into two (C) equal nrons; provided that on n corner lot adjn- lot no aooopsory build- located nearer to the street line of the street upon which such key lot faces than n distance equal to tho depth of the front yard required on said k«y lot, provided that this regulation shnll not bo so applied as to require that thnt line of such accessory building which is nearest to said street line nhall be nearer to tho lot line opponlto said street lino than n distance of aixUcm (16) feet. (D) In tho case of a corner lot abutting on more than two (4) streets, no detached accessory building shall be erected or altered so ns to bo nearer to any street lino than one-fourth (U) tho width or length of tho lot. (K) No detached neceflftory building shall bo erected or altered so an to bo within five (6) feet of tho Mdo lino of the front half of nny adjacent lot, except as hereinbefore specifically permitted. (P) Notwithstanding nny requirements In this section, tho foregoing rules nhall not require any detached accessory building: to bo moro thnn scvonly-flvo (76} feet from nny street lino bounding tho lot. (d) Interpretation of Ordinance: In Interpreting and applying the provisions of this ordinance*, they shall bo held to bo tho minimum requirements adopt oil for tho promotion of tho publlo health, jinfety, comfort, convenience find general welfare. Kxcept ns specifically heroin provided, It is not Intended by this ordinance to repeal, abrogate, annul or in any wuy to Impair or interfere with nny existing provision of law or ordinance, or nny rules, retaliations or permits previously adopted or issued, or which shall ho adopted or Issued pursuant to law rotating to tho use of buildings or premise*!, or relating to tho erection, construction, establishment, moving, nltera* ( tion or enlnrfiement of any building or Improvement; nor Is it Intended by this ordinance to Interfere with or abrogate or annul nny enseumnt, covenant or other agreement hnlween parties: provided, however, that In cascR Iu which thta ordinance Imposes a greater restrict ion upon tho erection, construction, OHtHbltuhment, moving, alteration or enlargement of buildings or tho uso of nny such building or premises in said nevoriil districts or any of thorn, than i« imposed or required by such existing provisions of law or ordinance or by such rules, regulations or permits, or by Piich casements, covennnia or agreements, then In such canus tho provisions of this ordinance ahull control. SECTION 2B. NON-CONFORMING USES Except as otherwise provided In thin section, tho lawful uso of land existing at tho tlm« of tho adoption of thlu ordlnnnrn, although surh tine does not conform to the regutntlmin specified by this ordinance for tho district in which mich land IH located, may bo continued: provided, howovor, tbnt nn mn:h non-conforming uso whnll ho enlarged or ln- creB.Nei], nor nhall uny such non-conforming uso bo. ox (ended to occupy a greater area of laud thiin that o«' c.uph-il by such use nt the tlmo of the adoption of this ordinance.; provided, further, thnt If nny such non- conformliiK uso rouses, any subsequent uso of such land Khali bo In conformity to the regulation*, specified by thin ordinance for the district in which such land \» located. Kxcnnt ns otherwlso provided in this flection, tlie lawful nso of a build* Ing existing at the tlmo of tho adoption of thin ordinance may be continued, although such uso doea not conform to tho reguladima Hpei-lfleil by this ordinance fur tho district In which Kii«*h building Is locatad. Any such use may be extended throuKli- mit tbo building provided mi strur- turftl alterations except thoso r«- uulrod by law or ordinance aro mitdn therein. If no structural nltenvtlonn nro made, the non-conforming IIHO of a building mny bo changed to another non-conform lug use, which. In tho opinion of the Planning Cumm!n- wlon, is of the same or of a moro restricted nature. If a non-conforming u**o horcuiuler ceusen for u continuous period of not IPHH thnn six (6) month*, any future uso of wild building Mmll be In conformltv to the regulntloiiM gpeclfled by thin ordinance for iho district in which such building la located. No existing building designed, arranged or intended for or devoted to n UHO not permitted undor the regulations specified by thin ordlmmon for tho district in which auuh building or premises is located shall bo enlarged, extended, recon^tructm! or structurally altered unless s««h UNO in changed to a u«ft permuted under tho reguTktloiifi BpGCifloct by thl» or- dlnance for such district In which snld building IB located; provided, however, that work done In any period of twelve U2) montlm on ordinary structural alterations or replacements of wullw, fixtures or plumbing not exceeding twonty-flve (26) per cent of the building's assessed value according to tho HHKOHR- nient thereof by tho Awsoniior of the County for the fiscal year In which such work tn dono shall b« permitted, provided that tho cubical contents of the building us it existed at tho time Of MIR pHftnngo of this ordinance bo not Increased. if nt any time any building In existence or maintained nt tho time of tho adoption of this ordlnnnr*. which does not conform to tho regulation* for tho district In which it la located, shflll bo destroyed by fire, explosion. Act of God or uct of the* public enemy to the extent of mom thnn seventy- flv« (75) per cent of tho nscte*s«d valuo thereof according to tho assessment thereof by the said AbNessor for thft fiscal year during which such destruction occurs, then without further action by th« Hoard of Supervisors tho said building nnd Om land on which wild building WHS located or maintained shall from and after the date of Mich (loslrurtlort b« subject to all the regulation* specified by this onUnnnca for the district in which such land and building aro located. The foregoing provisions Khali apply to non-conforming u*es in (nets hereafter change*]. Nothing contained In this ordl b« doomed to rtjquiro in tha plans, conntrurttlon or ed uso of any building upon which actual construction was lawfully begun prior to the adoption of this ordinance nnd upon which building actukl construction has been diligently carried on. Actual construction is hereby 4eflneU to b* the actual placing of construction materials in their , permanent position fastened in a permanent manner: except that where a basement Is being excavated, such excavating shall be d(H»m«d to bfl actual construction; or where demolition or removal of an existing structure hav h«eu begun preparatory to rebuilding, .such de- mention or ramoval *h«n b« deemed to be wolual construction; provided that In all <-n*e» actual construction work shall b« diligently Carried on until lb« completion of iho building orjftroettira Involved. RARArdteM* of nny other provision of this ordliiMficr, nny JunR Yard which, ttfior tho adoption of thte or* exists a» a non-conformlnc LEGAL NOTICES ^^^^^.^h^B^^^k- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^> L In ono (i) year from and after the date that «uoh junk yard beoome* a non-conforming lute. neirariile»« of any other provision of this ordinance, any outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure which, after the adoption of this ordinance, exists a« a nonconforming U&A in any' rtiatrict is hereby tlnclared to be a public nul* sance. and nhall b« abated, femoved or chanired to a conforming u«o within six (6) months from and after tho date that such outdoor advertising flfin or outdoor advertising; structure becomes a non-conforming ua«< a H«Rarcllvs4 of any other provision of Utia ordinance, any use for which a uso permit In required or for which a use permit may be granted, ns provided In this ordinance, which UHO i« existing at tha time ef.iho ndon- lion of this ordinance In any district In which Much uae Is »pociflcftlly permitted Bubjoet to tho securing of n ui4o permit, shall without further nc- tlon be deemed to bo a conforming uso in such district UEQAL NOTICES <ll»- any SECTION 29. BUILDING PERMITS AND PLATS No building or structure having an ftftffregMe vnuift In excess of Twenty- flvft (28) Dollars, nnd no building or structure designed or IntAnded to bo used for any commercial or Indus* trial purnosft (cxoept un aooensory bulldliiff having nn aftftrfcfffttG value of los» than TWftntV'flvo (25) Dollars) ahull horwifter he erpoird or constructed unless and until a por* mit thnrofor shnll first havft bson «e- eured from th« Planning Commission or from mich offlnar or employe* thereof RS snld Commission may deafRnnto for such purpose. No repairs or niurntlonn of an affffreirtU.o vftluo Iu excess of Twenty-five <£5) Dollars find no ropnlrw or Alterations which would t'hanHo the character of nny ImMdlng or stnicturo to a com- mere)*l or industrial nature (except. ftn ftceosHory building having an ag* ftrpgnt* vnlni* of IMS thnn Twenty- five (Jtfi) Dollars shall hereaM«r h* made- on nny building or structure until ft permit therefor shall first have been secured the Planning Commission or frota the aforesaid officer or employee thereof. No building or structure having nn aggregate value In excess of Twenty-five (85) Dollars and no building or structure designed or Intended to be used for commercial or Industrial purposes (oJtoppt an accessory building having HII aggregate valuo of le»H than Twenty-five (25) Dollars) shall hereafter bo moved until a permit for such moving shall first have been secured from iho Planning Commission or from the aforesaid officer or empl"y>*o thereof and al«o from the County Surveyor. The aforesaid permits shall bo required for till buildings find structures, except fences, hereafter erected, constructed, Altered. ropslriMl or moved within or Into nny district established by this ordinance except any A-l or A-2 district with which no -H district 1« combined. except that no such iiermlt shall be required for any building or structure designed or intended to bo used HH a one-fnmtly dwelling or for any agricultural purpose, or for nny purpose accessory thereto. In nny "A" or "M" district wlih which an -II district In combined If such hiilldliiK or structure IH located or la to b« located at n distance of not \w* than ono hundred (100) f«»et from tho nearest boundary of tho right of \\t\y of any street, and not IOKM than ton (10) feet from nny properly lino. Kvory application for any permit required by tho provisions of this section shall bo accompanied by u drawing or plat, in duplicate, flrnwu to scale, showing the lot »iml build- Ing Hli*\ tbo proposed locution of iho K on tno lot, uccurulo diux'))- of HIM bniidltvg, of the yard* and of thn lot, and such other Information UN may bo nt-ocuHnry to tho oitforrcmeiit of thU ordlnitnc-iv A c-nreful rarord "f tho original rony of surh application and plat shall bo kepi in the offlm of tho Planning Commission and tho dunllrutn copy shall bo kept nt the bulUlinR at ail Umos during construction. SECTION 30, ARCHITECTURAL SUPERVISION Jn rn,Ro A n application 1» mndo for a permit. «H roqulred In Soot Ion J?H of this ordinance, for any building, structure or other improVomont In nny district with which IM combined an ~H district, said appllmtion Nhall no accompanied by tlmwlnira or xkntchen showing tho fiS>i»t, Mrtos and rear elcvniiona of tho proposed build- Ing, slrurture or other Improvement, or of thft building, ntructuro or other Improvement art tho sumo will .'ippwir after th« work for which tho permit is sought shall havo been t'umplc'tnd. Huch Drawings or sketches shall be considered by tho I'lannltitf Commission in HII endeavor to pro- vlilo Hint such butldlnjrfl, structures nnd other Improvements shall bo BO designed and constructed that they will not be of unsightly, undoNinU>U> or obnoxious appearance to UK- extent ihttt they will hinder thn orderly and harmonious development of tho County, impair tho desirability nf rchldenco. Investmont or occupation In the Couiuy HH appearing to trwv- ftlfirs passing through or traveling In thn county, limit the opportunity to attain tho optimum UNO and value of land and Improvements, impair thn durability of living conditions In Urn same or adjacent agricultural or residential ai-PHH, and/or olherwlso adversely Affect Iho general prosperity iind welfare. To this ond t tho Manning Commission shall nuggoAl any changes tn iho nlnnn of such propound hulldinus, structures and other improvements which U may doom to bo nucuaanry to Ufcomplt«h thti purposes of this wottlon. iiml shall not npprovo nny surh pluus until It IH stalNflcd that su**h purposes will bo nccomplUhea thereby. in CUMO the uppltciuit IN not Fuftafiiut with tho action of OIA Manning Commission, he may, within thirty <30i days after such action, up DC hi in writing to tho floard of Huporviworn. Hald Board shall hold a hearing on said appeal and shall render tm decision th«r*on within thirty (80) days nftp-r tho filing thereof. No permit, a» provided hoi oln, fthall be issued unless the plans filed with Iho application thorefor AH re<|ulr#d In thl* section shRll first have been Approved by Iho Planning rommluslon or by the Hoard of Hupnrvlnors. Upoh mit-h approval tho Manning rommlMMlon. or surh officer or employee thereof a* snld Commission may denlgnatn for Niieh purpnfco, shall IHSUC huch permit, provided all othitr pi'uvUionH of law hav« beon rompllftd with. Kvary drawing or ukrrtch filed und»*r tho provlHloni* of thin nertlon shall become a purt of the permanent rocordu of thu Plan* iilnB Cummlsfflon. SECTION 31. CERTIFICATK8 OF OCCUPANCY No vacant land In any district *»»»by this ordinance, excopt any A-l or A-2 diktirlot with wblch no -n district In comblnM, Mmll her*«- uft**r bfi occupied or used, ttxcept for agricultural \\nttn t ami no building hereafter erected, structurally ultctrod or moved, for which tmtldlng a permit Is rr*iulr«d nnrtPr Iho provltflimn of 8«ft1f;n 8tf of thU ortilimnc*. shall he occupied or uied until H c«i'tlfk'uitt of f.»criipiitu*y shall have bA^u Issuod by ihc plAtinlng Commission or to- such officer or employ** thorfcof as tli* Cutnmlcftlim may dojilgnate for temporary ccrtlflcato shall not bo construed as 1n Any way Altering the respective rights, duties ,or obtlga- tlonn'of the owners or of the County relating to the use or occupancy of tho premises or any other matter covered by this ordinance, and such temporary eonifleAta shall tint be Iwued except undor such rftstrlctlons and provisions as,will adrqitatoly Insure thn safety of the occupants. Written application for a certlficata of occupancy for the use of vacant Itind or for a oVuvnfro in tha charao- ter of the vine of land, ft* herein required, shall be made before any such land shall b« BO occupied or us«d, except for agricultural purposes. Such n cmificrttw of occupancy shall he Issued within threi* f3) days after the nppljcntlon therefor has been made, provided such u»« i« In c«in* formity with tho provisions of this ordinance. Tfivery cnrtlfloato of occupftnoy shall »ut<» (hat the bulldtnff or pro- UBA uf a butldlnnr or Und com- with nil provisions of law and of i hi* ordinance. A record of nil certificated of occupancy shall be kept on fil<» In tho office of the flan- nlnff Commission and copies slmll ba furnlnhed, on rwjiit»!it, to any person having a proprietary or tenancy In- tnrost In the building or land affected. No foe shnll bo charged for a certificate of occupancy. No permit for excavation for any nulldlng shall bo issued boforo application han been mado for a ccr- tlfU'al* of occupancy. SECTION 32. ADJUSTMENTS, VARIANCES AND APPEALS Tho Planning Commission, subject to the approval und confirmation of the Hoard of Supervisors In each aw hereinafter provided, shall power to grunt adjustments ami tees In nnd to any of tha provisions of Mils ordinance to the extent of the following and no further; 1. To vary or modify the strict application of any of the regulations or provisions contained In this ordinance in cases in \vhtch there are difficulties or unnecessary In the way of Much strict application. 2. To permit ih« extension of a <1I*»- Irict whore, thn boundary Hue thereof divides A lot In one ownership at Iho tlmo of tho puHSHge of this ordinance. Application for any adjustment or variance permissible under tlift provisions of thin unction Hhiill bo made to tho 1 Manning I'ommission in th« form nf n written application for R hutUllnfr permit or for n permit to UHO tho property or premises us set forth tn Mild nppltniUnn find shnll not forth nil details uf the proposed construction or use. I'pon receipt of uny Hin-h application by the officer or omployee of thn iMnnnlng Coni- mis^iun deHlgnnted In thn ruleu of the Commission f n ' such iiurpoHC, such officer or empU>> ce nhitll net u tlmo nnd plaoo for ft public hearing befnro tho rinnnlitg ('oiniutKhion on nitrli up- pllrntlon. Huoh officer or omployon shnll cauMH public notion of such publU- Itig to li« Riven by causing one no- thorenf to be published In n newspaper of gencrul clrculatlnn In the cvmtiiy nt leant ton <1<H dnys before the date of said hearing At snUl benrliiR the nnpllriuit shall present u iinil udoounte evidence. In form as tho Haimlng Commission mny rcnulre, showing: 1. That there nro Mpftriul clrcum- KtfinfeH or rnndttlotiH applicable to tho land, building or use referred to In Iho application. 2. Thin the grnntltiR of the nppll- cutlon i« necpNKary for the pro«erva- t Iftli tit t«l en toymen t of Hiibstanttlll property rights. 3. Thnt thf grunting of thn ftppll- cntlou will not nifiterinlly mlvi-rHMy iln- hi<Mlth or Hafnty of pt-r- or wfirMiiff In thn of thci properly <tf the applicant mid will noi he tnfitorU11> drtrltnontal to Ilie luiblin \velfiifi" or InJurinuN to proprfly ur Improve- inentn In sat<) iMjiKbboi-houd. Tho t?oinnit«:Hl(in shall thereupon make UN decision on tho wild cation nnd shall report nuch il to tho Iloiird of Suporvlmirn wlthhi fi»rty.five (<ft) dnyR nfter tho filing of the HppH<'"tlon. In granting nny adjustment or vnrl HtM'fi under the ijrovlsionw uf Ibis noc- llon, the Plnnning Commthxlon nhAll dnnlicniitn wuch conditions in oonnoc* tion fhcrrwltli HN will, in lu oplnldh, mo hiitiNtunttiLlly (ho objective;* nf or. provision to which ent or vat'innce l» n M to Unlit, air, and U»P pub- fiifety, inorfttn, ronvrnlonre and general wclfnre. No penult shnll |M> iwniied under the provifttonn of thin H*»i'llon untoHN and until n decUlon IMnnnlng comtnlnftlnn. as afore- LEGAL NOTICES fj^^^^fj^^^^^^^^^^^j^-^^ t m^Jf^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^B frty or improvements in said neighborhood. 3. Any proceedings to clftselfy oer- tAin use* ns conforming ttses, AA provided In thl* section, may be initiated by the Board of Supervisors or by tho Planning Commission, or by petition hereinbefore provided. All other provisions of Raid Section 32, including the designation by the Planning CommlMlon of ftny condl- tlonn upon which the UHO permit may bo Iftmied and guarantees that such condition* will bo complied with, «hall apply to tho granting of a u»<s pormlt. Anj* usrt permitted under th« terms of any uae permit slmll be established and conducted In conformity to the tprmn of mich use permit and of any conditions dettlfiWAlcd In connection therewith. SECTION 34. AMENDMENTS Thl« ordinance mny bo amended by changing thr boundaries of districts or by chanping any other provision hereof whenever the public neoeswlty nnd convenience nnd the geneml welfare require iiuoh ameinlment, by following tho procedure **paclfied tn thla •ration. Said amendment mny be In- 11.1 # 1.1 {_ 11 **3 * (H) Tho verified petition of 0110 or moro owners of property nf footed by the proposed amendment, which petition uhall bo filed with tho Manning Cominttffrlon and fthall be accompanied by a foe of Twenty-five (25) Dollars, no part of which shall bo returnanlft to the petitioner: or hy (b) absolution of intention of tho Hoard of Supervisors: or hy (c) Uonotutlon of Intention of the Planning Commission. Thn Planning Commission, not later thnn At Us next KUccoedlnK inuetlng following tho filing of such verified LEGAL NOTICE* 1 ^^_ 1 _Hk_^^b_i^HE_ ^^ ^m4t^^ L^lu _^b_ jM*i±^^_3*^_ _^b ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^f^^^^^^^^^^^ i i ^ onment in-.the*' County »u«ty fot a t«n tee. (l> mbtttha Of and or potijoration shall . a guilty of a separate ol/enft* fot and every day during A..,, . of which any violation et ih1« nance IH committed, 001 permitted by such person, firm of corporation, and shall tie pttntstmbl* as herein provided. Any building or stmature iet op, erected, construoted, altered, Urged, converted, moved or nnJn* talned oontrary to the provislont et this ordinance and/or any uae of Any land, building or premises conducted, operated or maintained contrary to the provisions of thin ordinance «h*n be and the Hamo la hereby declared to be unlawful and a public nuisance and tho District Attorney of the County Khali, upon order of the Board of Supervisors, Immediately commence action or proceedings for the abatement and removal and en- jotnment thereof In the manner provided by law and whall take su other steps and shall apply to flourt or courts as may have Jurisdiction to errant such relief as will abate and remove such building or structure and restrain and enjoin any person, firm or corporation from snttinc up, erecting building, maintaining or uslnfr any such bulldinj or structure or using any property contrary to the provisions o! thla ordinance. Tho remedies provided for herein shall be cumulative and not exclusive. SECTION 37. REPEALING All ordinances and parta of ordinances of paid County In conflict with this ordinance, to the extent of such conflict and no further, are hereby m .,»..- .- •* *m **>^' * * • • I »f^ *.r • fel «* *. 1 ft • < ft A «. • ^_. ^ | . _ _ __^ » «_ L. petition or following the adoption of ! m»?aU'd; provided,' 'however, ,,that i not tho thn thl.s nnd appro VIM! unit confii m**d by Mm Hoard of Suparvlftorx, In roporllng KH iU<cl«ton to tho iVmird of Hupf»r- <h" ritiiinliiw t'ominl.^^ion shall lt« fliirlliucN wlih respect thereto and all fartu In ronnocllon Ihnro- \viih and Hliall HporificuDy and fully Ki't forth nny n'lJuHtnutiit or vurlnncc grnnlod aita tho condlMoiiK »!OH!K- nntml. Upon rru<olpt of nuch ropnrt, If thi> rlorUIon of the I'lannliiK »'on»- inlsston itpprnvrd the Rrnnlinft of t)jc lnn. Uio Hoard of HuporvlNorn Miall, by n^olutloii. approve ami confirm paid dnolslnn, whorcupon tlio j)**rtnlt nf* applied for may Issue; or sunll I'ofusQ to appro vn and confirm sufh (tarlftlon. In fill rjt«i>s In which adjustments or variances aro granted undor tho provisions of thin iAiutlnff L;otnmtsslon nuch ovldnnco and li may (JPi-ni to l«o thnt llio fourth tons tleslir- In cotmevtloit therewith are bo- Inir and will bo complied with. Ttio I'luunlnK Cuinnilffffton nhnll hnv« poWi-r to Iir«ar anil dncUlo ap Invotvliiff Iho pnfnn-cnicnt of ordtnnnoo uhnn ftucb npi>r*alB aro iinuii riuostlons of thu ititlon section, iho Rhall r^qulro nn SECTION 33. U8E PERMITS permits mny he Issued for any of tho following In any dlttirlcl: 1. Any nf UH* unrft or pun»oHn^ for which mien tiormltft «r*» r**<|ulrwJ or such resolution of intention, shnll s<*t the times and places for'such public hearings thereon ax may bo required by law. and shall irlve such notice of such hoartnff* a* may he required. by Iftw. Such nntlrn shnll tnrludct no- tlee of the proposed rvniendment. In otise the proposed amendment consists of n change of tho boundaries of nny district so as *-o rei'lnsslfy property from nny district, exoopt nn A-l or A-2 district, to any other nif- Irlot, tho rlannlnff Commission shall piv«t nddltlonnl notice of thn tlm« nnd place of wuoh henrlnifa and of tho purpose thereof hy: 1. Tostinff public notices thereof not IPHH thnn ten (10) day** nrtor to thn date of tho first of such hoar- I HITS ninn«f each ami every street upon which iho property proposed to bo rcu-liiHslflctt ahutH. In case a majority of tho proporty proponed to bo reclnsslflcd hns nneu mibdlvlded into pnrcols of one (11 norn or loss In nreu, «\u:h notices tUmll be plnontl not mom thnn fivn hundred (500) feot npnrt nnd such pOHtlnu shall oxtend nlonK Hfiiil ^treot or streets n dlvtniiro of not less than flvo hundred (&00) foftt from (ho exterior limits of auoh proper lies ns nro proposed for ro- olaftalflrntlon. In tho cnso of all other property proponed to bo re<*laH- Klfied Nitch notlroH ahull bo placed not more than one (1> milo npnrt. Kurh Mioh notice shall conalnt of the words "Notice of proposed amendment to Jjmd l.T»« I'lnn" printed in plain typn with tatters not less thnn ono (1) Inc-he In helffht, nnd in addition thereto a Dtntomont tn Hinull typo sotttne forth u K»»oral dosorlptlon of the property involved In thn proposed chnnga of district, the tlmo and pluro lit which tho public hrnrlngH on tho proposed rhan^« will ho held and nny other Information which the Planning iHslun may doom to bo nnd hy 2. 'Mnlllnp a pnsinl card notico than ion UH.V.N pi tor to Uui of tin* first of tnirh hearing M to of nil property \\ilhtn ii-».'!i uliovo *ltiflnoO. uMm; fnr IHH-OOPH thn laKt known namo dilr»N» of such ownum aw shoun it>n tho rot'ttnls of the A»-** th« r.iunty. Any faiinro to uont public or to mull imstul card noUoes shnll not Invalidate nny pro- fur iiiiiandJiimit of thi« or- dtnitnre. l-'ollowluff the aforesaid hearings tho IMnnninflT Commission •Hhnll muHo a report of ItH fliulliiffa and nvont- menimtlons with respect to tho pro- il uinnmlrncnt Hud «hall filo with Uonrrt of Supprvlsors un attested ropy of such report within nltioly (DO) days after tho dnti* of tho mootlnff whlrh Ha(H ('on>mlhfflon net tlu* and places for said hf*arinKS. Failure of thi) rhuiuinu CommlRftlon 10 to report wlthhi Hrtld ninety (i»0> ilnys hhnll deemed tn hn approval of the pro- nmi-ndmonl by Hald I'pon riH-olpt of mich report tin- Planning CiMnmlsMon, or upon th*» oxplrfttion of such ninety U>0) dnyi* aft nfoioniiid, tbo Hoard of Su- per\lM>fM shall hot tlio mutter for public hen ring after notice thereof ami of tho proposed umondmont. Riven as provided by law. After the conoiuMun of such hortrlnff tho Hoard of Hupoi viflorw mny udopt the amendment »r «ny part thornof set forth In tho petition or In tho resolution of Intontlon In such form OH nald Hoard mny dor*m to ho fidvlsnlile. The ilActiflon of tho Hoard of Su- pervlHnr* Hhall bo rendered within sixty (60) days after tho receipt of H report and r*rnmm<mdatlnnn from tlio PlRiinintr CoiuntlHsinn or nftor thn etplrutton of tmt-h ninety (00) duyii. as aforesaid. Upon tho content of the Planning Conirnlniilon any putltlori for an timoiidnimit mny he withdrawn upon iho written application of a majority of nil tho persons who signed such petition. Tho Hoard of Hupervlsont or tho Planning CnnunUftlon. ns Iho oftRo mny ho, mny hy revolution, abandon any prucnedlnga for an amendment Initialod by iu own rfl«o- lutton of Intention, provided thnt such almnOonmeni may he made only when such proceed lnR« uro before such Imtly for consideration snd provided that any heai'ln* of which public notice lias been given shall be held. SECTION 35. FORM OF PETITIONS, APPLICATIONS AND APPEALS The Planning CnmmUslon shall In ^^^ -^*- ^ ^ ordl- by a nothing herein contained shall be doomed to r«p**al or amend any ordinance of said County requiring & permit or license or both, to cover any business, trade or occupation. SECTION 38* VALIDITY If any section, sub-section, «en- nre, clause or phrnse of this nance is for any reason held court of competent Jurisdiction to be Invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of the .remaining portions of this ordinance. The Board of Supervisors hereby declares that It would havo passed this ordinance Mid ench section, sub-section, aen- tence. clause and hereof, lr- respectlvu of the fact that any on* or more portion*. BUO-sectlona. sen- tenrea, clauses or phrdfles be declared Invalid. SECTION 39. REFERENCE This ordinance nhall ba known and cited as the I^and Use Plan Ordinance of tho County of Kern. SECTION 40. ENACTMENT ThiH ordinance shall take effect and bo In force thirty (80) days after th« dat* of Its passage, and ehatl within fifteen days from the date of Its passage bo published for one week In the Bakersfield Callfornlan, a newspaper of general circulation prlntod nnd published In the said County of Kern. The foregoing ordinance was dulr and regularly panned and adopted by tho Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, at a regular nesalnn of nald Board hf»M on the Hlh day of September, l»fl«. by thn following vote, to-wlt: Ayes: Turlfth, lllmuan. Abel. Noes: None. Absent: \Voollom*ft, \VIminer. (SKAI.) STANL.KY ABKU. C-halrman Pro-Tom of the Board of Supervisors of the County of K«m. Htate of California. ATTKST: F. K. SMITH. County Clerk and ex-Offlelo Clerk of the Board of Supervisor*. to as Ino. i r frcnn 1 I ! by • any fi. >lved In eurli ca»e and for A per- lent record. Any petition for nn ndJUHtuiftiit or variance a« provided In Section S3 of this ordinance, or for a u»ft pnrmlt a* provided In Section 33 of thin ordinance, or for tin fiinnndment Ub provided In Heotion 34 uf thU ordinance, nhall Include H vorl- floiitlon hy at Itmnt ono uf tho petitioners, ntlotttlng to the truth and le^H of all fact* and nmpH pn»- wlth ftald petition. Buch verification shall l>o dutod and attoKted before u notnry public or before the Pountv Clerk. SECTION 3fl. ENFORCEMENT. LEGAL PMOCBDURE, PENALTIES All «lpnnrtiiieiitH ( official* ami pub- phlUinthrojilc or vharltuble j Mu f>tnployeef« of the County which rtMiiHtory. mauwu- | are v<«nif«i with (he duty or authority 10 IKBUO iJi-rinKfl or Her Appication for b certificate of occupancy for a new building or for an exUtlnif building which HAM boon altered or moved shall bo made at tho namo time AM the uppHcatlon fur permit for sucb building a« us« In hereby declared to be i - or ohariffftd i« dtatrict ujjilo »ul* use with In fttoUqn 19 of thin ordinAiicA. Said , certificate »hatl* be Untied within three (3) days after a written r«que«t for the *4ftnn» nhall have been made to the PtannlAff Commlwilon or to Haiti officer or employee thereof after the er*wtlon, alteration or jtiovlng of *uch building or iwu-t ih*n>of «h»ll teen tfompUUd In eonformHy the provision* Of thin ng the iMUanco of «non ft _ llflcate, » tMnpqhMT fferMllenU •• of oocupartcy «iny Irf- J**u*d by ihe PUiinlitff Comifllwion; or by itam oi- fi<j«r,or amploye* thereof for- ii pftrt«»d of not e*oeeUlntf i Kljc <«> monthn dur- (iur, «H» wwnpleTliwi «C nUertitloui* or rtu*l c«jmiDftncy or 't'K ?,-; VLB J t x.* ..-L' ^- - • '.•.» ^ *- - , • ' • - '..'I £, I* -1-^, V -' .. - I .•i-0';^-..-.* 1 : ;. . i- • - - • • b. * - * or dinn 2. I'ut.llo utility or ptibllo u*en or public ImlldlngM when found to IIP nocMn^Hry for the public health. safety, convenience or welfare. ft. Commnrclal oxcuvatlntc of nftt- ural materials Uht-d for biilldlnir or conairuction imrp(»H«»i«, H. To clanvify a»* H conforming UMO nny UNA iiermltted In C-2 hut not in more restricted which utMi IN ox IK ting fit the time of iho adoption of this ordinance n* IL non-conforming UKO In u C-1 district. 5. To ulaerlfy fin ft conforming u»o InHtKutlontil u'-o t^iM!ln« In any at the lime of the estuh- of sui'li dfHtrlct. To permit the locution of an/ of thn following u«eH In a district from whloh they are M»-ttided by the pro- vldiotts «>f thlf nrdlnanre: airport, II- I'omtnunity oenter, rhiiroh* In.stllutlonR nf un tlonal, ntituru, leu in and uny ulhM- i>hir« for tho t>f Die liinnun d<-nr|. UNO pwmttti Hluill be tssued under tii« miin« ptm^edur** »w thai *l»-elfi<>d In Kectlon an of this ordinance* for the Kcuntlng of adjustmtnt* or vurlanc^s, *»X<M-JK that: 1. No public hcnHttft it«i?d be held thereon; provided, however, that iho riunniiiK CoiniiiUslon may* hold »ucli hearings th>*>von HM ft may deeni to b« necv^nry; and provided, further, that u public feeuHnit hHuH be held on any applloallon fnr it u«e permit for (hi* ffUabJifthment of any use Mated tn the preceding paragraph numUered "6* 1 of inl« *«ctlon. 2. The finding* of the Planning fomnilKslon, exempt a* olherwlne pro* vldmi In thl* Section, ne«4 Inrlude only that- the in*t*rb)Uhment. ninlntP- naiice nnd/or conduolinK of tli« u*e fm- 'which u u«« penult U kouglit will not, undor the ciroiim»t«nr** of tho- j»ftrfUfttlur" c«»e, " b* detrimeniul 10 the healtti, wi.fety, iitural*. rom- fort, rn»v*>niciKHi, or Keooml welfare of per»ou« rf*litlJnflr or working In ih*» of wucli UAH and will olrcuni(»tAuce« of UIB be detrin^nt&l to tli* 1 or. ituurjpu* to prop- if tlilu t I** mien pnmrrlbo the form and ncope of nil polltioriH, applications and np- ppftlfl provided for In ihl« ordinance. nnd of ancompAiiylnR dAt» to be fur- nlnhcd 1*0 us to A«nuro tlm fullovt preK^ntntion of facta for iirnper connldcration of the matter In vi Stnte of CAllfornl*, Department of Public Works, Divltlon of Highways NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SKAl-l-:i> PHOVOSAL8 will be received by tho Department of Pub\lo Worka. DlvlBlon of Hlrhways, at the office of tho District Knirineer, SUt* HlKhwny Hutldlnjr, Fresno, California, until 10:00 o'clock A. M., on September 2S, 1P36, at which time they wUI bo publicly opened and read for performing work an follow^: Kern County, nt rntlrond oro««!n« one mile oant of Jlosodnlo (Vl-Ker-68-L.), about twenty -thrco hundredthn (0.23) mile tn Ir until, to be R-radod and eurfaced with cruHher run baae and road mix nurfaclnc. « IMann may be seen, and forma of proposal, bonds, contract and ipectU- cdtlonn may be obtained at the above nddreitft. No bid will be received unless tt Is made on a propopal form furnished br tho District Knjrlnoer. Each bid must be accompanied by cash or a certified check or cashier's check mada paymbU to the Director of Public Works for nn amount equal to at least Un p*f cent (10%) of the amount bid, such tfuamniy to be forfeited should tho bidder to whom the contract la nwarded fall to enter Into the contract, The Department of Publlo Works reftorveR tho rlirht to reject any or an bids. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 397, Statute* of 1931, the Department of Publlo Works has ascertained the coneral prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work to b« done to be us follows: Clarification— Rat« p«r hour Tractor driver (80 h.p. and over) Roller operator (finishing hlfh typo pavement, including sub- Knirte for same) ............... I Carpenter ....................... ! Operator of power ehovel or ] other excavnttng equipment. fthovai typo controls (% cable yard or more) ................. 1.50 Blnde grader operator (finish work ) .............. . .......... 1,00 DraRlfne operator (except shovel type) .......................... 1.15 Relnfnrctnir uteel worker ........ I»lfi5 Jlolstman Painter Concrete vibrator operator Tractor driver (under 50 h.p> Truck driver (loss than 4 cubic yurds wator level capacity)..., Truck driver (4 cuhlo yardu water level capacity or mow),... Oiler (power shovels or cranes). .82 Grader operator (towing or motor. rough work) ......... ...., .75 Rollor operator .................. 90 Driller ........................... 76 HIarksmith i LOO 1.00 .«s .es -u 75 ,$J T7 i i i i I tfhall con form tr» iho pruvUluna of thU ordinance ami Khali l«ftu*% no nuch permit or llcenso for uues, building*, or pur- t>o*v* where th« name would bo In Conflict with tho provUtoDR of thin ordinnnce ami any such permit or If titauftrt in ronfltcl with the of thta ordinance, shall be null nnd void. It Mmll be tho duty of tha Planning ConimUftlon to enforce the pro- viuionn of this onlinancn pertaining to the erection, construction, rtcon- utructlon, inovliu.-, cunv«r«iou» alteration or aUdtlton to uny building or structure. II «nall be the duty of the Sheriff of the Pounly and of the officer of the Count)' herein and/or otherwise charged by law with the enforcement of thtft ordinance to enforce this ordinance and all the provisions of the ! Asphalt plant dryerman or flre- nuin *.. Mechanic (trouble ("hooter)...... Concrete worker for elructurea (wet and dry) Concrete tntxer operator (exOept pavlntr type* Transit mix operator. Oil diHtrlbutor boot man 75 Laborer SO Teamiter ..,,.. .W Handyman <ruu«tabout) ». Any elA»»lfleat!on omitted herein not l(*ca than Overtime, double the above rates. BundayK arid holldayn (except tratch- moil, guard-i and flagmen), double tho above rftt*». DEPAUTMENT OK PCBUC WORKS DIVISION OP HIQHrWATS, c, n. puncEUU State Highway Knglneee. Uy H. M. C1XJ.JS* District Knglntwr, 01st, VZ. Dated, September 11. 1M8, PubH.Hh«i September 1* to 34. inc. INJl'HIES MAY BE FATAI* OAKLAXD, SepU 28. (U. explosion today wrecked tho horn* of Frank Trewek. 2T. and injured him perhaps fatally In wtat police said was a suicide attempt. I i undr Any perton, hrm or rorporniion. whether at* principal, agent, employee or othrnvliw. vMuilng any of the of thta ordinance ahall b* mlademeaftor, anj upon thereof 01mU be punishable or not more than Thrft* PolUra or by Uapria- » ocr.'W r Of conviction by H fine Hundred NKTGHUOKIJTNESS MESftTON, JCan, f S«»pt. Abmlwwn ?ook baa is not a loet virtue. Neighbors with li ira*Hore plowed 125 acres for her w^euUy, band di&l lauftl April, f.. -7, -. '

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