The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 11, 1944 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1944
Page 15
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Poultry and Livestock .WANTED TO BUT—HorMi. «(*•. c«ttl«. . any amount. U. Anderson. RouM I, Box I »Qg. Phon« l-TOOl ft FOR SALE—Two *pan ot food work i marta, one brood mar* with colt. Mr. ' Groat Phon« »-7(ft«. T-l»-tt ' ATTENTION Blood-tested baiiy chick*, brooder*, poultry supplies and feed. Vfr bay your etc*. Chicks lib hundred. 1219 Union, or 114 | Bla-rith. Phone T-70Z8 or l-»4»t. 1-1-1 f BABK CHICKS, tit per Hundred. Niw Hampshlrf Red*, Rhode liland Red*. Plymouth Roeki, Rock and R*d Cnwa. New shipment every Monday; ordtr early. Alio plent\ ot metal feeders fountain* and poultry medicine*. Ward'* Farm Store 25JS Chester. 4-17-tf OFFERING a number ot outitandlm year- line and 1-year-old recliterM Hereford bull*, A H. eUrpe. Pbone •••ill. BAB? CHICKS etarted on order. We ha»e colored broiler*, roasting ben*. Rlrer- vlew Hatchery. 115 Robert* Lane. Phone 2-93(5. FOR SALE—Milk goat. Phone g-8974. «2 FOR SALE—One-year-old Leghorn hens. , laying. You choose them at 11.60 each. First stucco house on Hudson Drive. 62 FOR SALE—Three docs and one buck, with or without hutches. Call 6-6941. 62 .FOR SALE—Good Jersey milking cow, 5 years old. price J100. Frank Heimon, 232 Third street, Buttonwlllow. 64 JJKW ZEALAND white rabbits; 6 does and 1 burk and hutches. $25, or 13 each. 4B7 Water iitreet. Phone 2-4866. (M NKW HAMPSHIRE chicks every Tuesday: $16 per 100; Leghorns. $16. Modesto Hatchery, Route 6. Modesto. _ FOR SALE—-Chickens, pullets and hens, Hampshire Reds. Phone 2-3646. 1308'.4 OVace. 64 FOR SALE—Extra fine Jersey cow. heavy Hprlngpr. T. B. and bartlon tested by both mate and county; $126. Dlckerson Karma, Meachem Koad. Kosedale. Phone 2-1048. •! SIXTEEN White Leghorn hens, now lay- Ing; 20 while pullets, lay Chrl«tmas. Phone 2-4673. ONE sorrel quarter horse, 4 years old. broke to ride; one 4-year-old bay mare, broke, gentle for women. Call after 6 p. m.. T. A. Totton, phone 2-744i. 64 STEWINO snd roasting hens, fryers, young roasters, dressed, delivered. Order before Saturday. Young Jersey White r.iant henx. excellent layers; pullet*. Phone 2-1162. 64 FOR SALE—Three Oulnea hens and one rooster. 1814 Normandy Drive, Just off of Miles. ORDINANCE No. G-80 The Board of Supervisors of the County of. Kern do ordain as follows: Section 1. Section 16 of Ordinance Xn 350 is hereby amended to Include subdivisions (111), (mmm), (nnn) and (ooo), which subdivisions shall read as follows: (111) For carrying on the business of Fruit and/or Vegetable packing annually $8.UO, seml-annually $4.00. (mmm) For carrying on the business of winery, annually $8.00, semi-annually $4.00. (nnn) For carrying on the business of Dehydrating Plant, annually $8.00 semi-annually $4.00. ' (ooo) For maintaining a fruit and/or Vegetable Drying Yard when not operated in connection with one of the busl- ncKses specified in subdivision (111) and* (nnn). annually $8.00, semiannually $4.00. Provided, however, that this subdivision shall not apply to producers and growers of fruits and vegetables who dry their products in open fields where such products are ra lection 2. 'Ordinance Xo. 350 Is further amended by adding Section Ib-a thereto, which section shall read as follows: Section ICa. No license shall be Issued for the operation of any business specified in subdivisions (111), (mmm), (nnn) and (ooo) of Section 18 of this ordinance until the written consent of the Health Department has been obtained, which consent shall be given only when the Health Department is satisfied that the business will be conducted in a manner consistent with proper health and sanitation practices and will not create conditions which are likely to become health menaces or odor'nulsances, or give rise to any conditions that will endanger the health or safety of the public. If at any time after such license is issued and the carrying on of such business results in a health menace or odor nuisance or in any manner endangers the health or safety of the public, the Health Department shall notify the licensee in writing to remedy the conditions causing or resulting in the health menace or odor nuisance or otherwise endangering the public health or safety. If the condition has not been remedied within ten days after written notice as hereinbefore specified the Health Department shall notify the Board of Supervisors of such fact. Tjje Board of Supervisors shall thereupon set the matter for hearing. The licensee shall be notified of the hearing by written notice mailed at least five days prior to the time set for the hearing. At such hearing the Board of Supervisors may revoke the license of the licensee. Section 3. If any section, sub-section, sentence, clause or phrase of this ordinance shall for any reason be held to be unconstitutional or invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance. The Board of Supervisors hereby declare that It would have passed this ordinance, each section, sub-section, sentence, clause or phrase thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or more sections, sub-sections, sentences, clauses, or phrases be declared unconstitutional or Invalid. Section 4. This ordinance shall take effect and be In force thirty days after Its passage, and prior to the expiration of fifteen days from the passage thereof, shall be published onee in The Bakersficld Callfornian, a newspaper published In the County oMCern, State of California, with the names of the Board of Supervisors voting for and against the same. The foregoing Ordinance was duly and regularly passed and adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, at a regular meeting of said Board held on the 2nd day of October, 1944. Vote Polled: Ayes: Woollomes, Harty, Noon, Wtmrner. Noes: None. Absent: Lavln. A. W. NOOX, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California. ATTEST: (SEAT.) Tt. ,T. VEON. County Clerk and ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Oct. 11. Poultry and Livestock FOR SALE—15-months-old Jersey heifer, good milk stock. Phone 2-6122. 64 Dose and Othor Pot* DOBERMANN PINSCHER pup* for rale. 5008 Oregon street. Phone 7-'38». 65 LEGAL NOTICE Statement of Minutes Board of Supervisors for meeting: held Monday, October 2, 1944. Board met in regular session. The minutes for the meeting held September 25th and special meet- Ing held September 27th! approved and Statement of Minutes approved and ordered published. Claim* against the County allowed. Indigent roll approved. Loans to Southern Kern Co. Union Elementary School District ami Panama School District approved. Applications for appointment ns Supt. Bldgs. and (Jrounds, filed. Matter of consolidation of ration boards continued to 2 P. M. Petition for annexation of additional territory to Arvin Co. Sanitation District heard and granted. Letter relative to car for worker for blind referred to Welfare Board of Equalization met and adjourned Bine die. New form of dockets for Justice Courts approved and Purchasing Agent directed to purchase said dockets. Final budget and statistical report ordered printed. Dr. Morris Mosquito Abatement District authorized to treat Lerdo Canal. Board met as Board of Directors of Arvin, Mt. Vernon and Buttonwlllow County Sanitation districts. Protest made against condemnation of Inyokern Naval' Station. Telegram relative to sale of power line near Inyokern referred to County Counsel. West Antelope School District re-established. Matter of consolidation of ration board* continued to October 9th. Use of Fairgrounds for rodeo May 12 and 13, 1945, granted. Fees of Boy Scout Park accepted and deposited. Rental for West Side Dump grounds, accepted and deposited. Rental from Telephone Club for use of Boy Scout Park accepted and deposited. Receipts from Kern County Airport accepted and deposited. Rent from barns at West Side Park Sites, accepted and deposited. Communication* received and filed. Supervisor Lavln authorized to send County car to San Francisco. Supervisor Noon authorized to take a county car to San Francisco. Use of Boy Scout Park granted to Mohawk Petroleum Corp. Bond of Donald Clark for sale of gas, etc., at Airport, approved. Reports of County Officials received and filed. Kern General Hospital authorized to hill emergency patients. Resolution approving contract with Lockwood Green Engineers for a textile survey, adopted. Changes in classifications approved. County Assessor authorized to send a county car to San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Applications for business licenses granted. Probation Officer authorized to send a county car to Los Angeles. Supervisor Wimmer authorized to take a county car to King City. Requisitions approved. Warrants cancelled. Otto Shilling authorized to attend Annual Weights and Measures convention. Chairman authorized to sign proof of loss by theft to Plymouth Coupe. Funds transferred to South Fork Union School District. Chairman authorized to sign contract with State Chamber of Commerce. Applications for permits to move indivisible loads granted. Liquor license application notifications filed. Ordinances No*. O-29 and 6-30, adopted. Transfers of budget 1 allotment approved. Rent Control Board No. 5 at Mojave and Rent Control Board No. 7 at East Bakersfleld consolidated. Election Boards appointed and polling places fixed. Board adjourned until Monday, October », 1944. at 10 A. M. R. J. VEOX, County Clerk and -Clerk of the Board. Oct. 11. NOTICE OF 8AIJC OF REAL PROPERTY AT 1'RIVATK BALE No. 200819 In the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Lo* Angeles. In the Matter of the Eetate of ALFRED EDWARD VENTON. (also known a* A. E. VENTON). Deceased. Notice I* hereby given, that the undersigned. Dorothy Agnes Venton, Admin- istratrix with the Will annexed of the estate of eald Alfred Edward Venton. deceased, will cell at private eale. to the highest and best bidder, upon the term* and condition* hereinafter specified and subject to confirmation by eatd Superior Court, on and after October 21. 1*44. at the office ot said Administratrix with the Will annexed, Room* 201-Z-3-4 Neville Building. In the City of Monrovia. California, all the right, title. Interest and estate of eald decedent In and to all that certain real property described a* follow*: The East Half ot the Eaet Half of the Northwest Quarter: the Ea*t Halt of the West Half of the Northwest Quarter: the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quar- er of the Northwest Quarter: and the Southweat Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of the Nortbweat Quarter, and the West 10 feet of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, all In Section 11, Township 26 South. Ranee 2( East. Mount Diablo Baa* and Meridian, In the County of Kern, State of California, and containing H acres, more or lea*. Term* and condition* of sale are cash, lawful money of the United State*, on confirmation of sale and delivery of deed by *ald Administratrix with the Will annexed. Said real property will be sold subject to County Taxe* for the fiscal year 1944-45 and *ubj*et also to all condition*, reservations, covenants, restrictions, easement*, and right* ot way or record. If any, affect- Ing said real property and subject further to a reservation of one-half of all oil, gae. petroleum and other hydrocarbonate substances found or underlying aald land or that may be produced and saved therefrom. Bid* or offer* for the purchase of eald real property must be In writing and will be received by eald Administratrix with the Will annexed at the office aforesaid at any time after the first publication of this notice and before the date of sal*. Dated this :tth day ot September. 1144. iXmOTHt AQNES VENTON. Administratrix with the Will annexed of the Estate ot Alfred Edward Venton. also known as A. E. Venton). deceased. Dunn A Sturgeon. 201-2-3-4 Neville Bldf.. Monrovia. California. Attorneye for eald Administratrix, C. T. A. September 29, October 1( Incl. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENOAOE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES—October 10. 1844. To Whom It May Concern: Notice Is hereby given that fifteen days after 'he date posted, the undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic bever- erages at these premises, described as follows: W/S Weed Patch Hwy.. Weed Patch, Kern County. Pursuant, to such Information, the undersigned Is applying to the State Board of Equalization for Issuance of an alcoholic beverage licence (or licenses) for these premises as follows: On Sale Beer License, Anyone desiring to protest the Issuance of such llcense(s) may file a verified protest with the State Board of Equalization at Sacramento. CallfornlH, staling grounds for denial aa provided by Inw. The premises are now licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Blanche M. Montgomery. Oct. 11. f» PrtvloM ACTRESS HORIZONTAL 1,4 Pictured motion picture actress 11 Native metal 12 Presently 13 Elderly 14 Sprite 16 Ill-bred fellow 17 Bone 18 Alternating current (ab.) 20 Permit 22 Before 25 Male sheep 27 Print measure 29 On account (ab.) 30 Skill 32 Lick up 34 Three (comb. form) 85 Decay 38 Measures of cloth 40 Property item 42 Either , 44 Myself 45 Age 46 Metal 48 Sht is t Hoi- Ijrwood 83 Written form of Mister 54 Exclamation 56 Street (Fr.) 57 Absent 69 One and one 60 Handle 62 Spoil 64 Approximate ,65 Health resort VERTICAL 1 Company (ab.) 2 Exist 3 Shout 4 Music note 5 One time 6 Chestnut color 7 Finishes 8 Also 9 Otherwise 10 Road (ab.) 15 Clenched hand 18 Part of circle 19 Small wagon 21 Long flsh 23 International language 24 Dine 26 Female horse 28 Planet 31 She is well known in the —— world 33 Position 36 Expression 37 Kitchen utensil 39 Ocean 40 Too 41 Paving material 43 Rhode Island (ab.) 47 Tidings 49 Stuff 50 Fish 51 Repose 52 Amounts 55 Torrid 58 Strike lightly 59 Tellurium (symbol) 61 One (Scot.) 63 Egyptian «un god —Air Corps Photo DECORATED—The Distinguished Flying Cross has been awarded to Second Lieutenant James .R. Lynch, pilot, 2010 Maple avenue, a member of a combat cargo group, "for extraordinary achievement •while participating in aerial flights over enemy-held territory in northern Burma, totaling more than 200 hours." Legal Notices ORIIINANCR No. G-2» The Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern do ordain as follows: Section 1. Every stable, poultry house, corral, pen, enclosure or other structure used for the purpose of confining, housing, keeping or maintaining any animals or poultry, whether domestic or otherwise, now existing or hereafter constructed on or moved onto any lot or parcel of land In the unincorporated territory of the County of Kern, shall be located as far from any dwelling or any place where food for human consumption Is prepared or served as can reasonably be done, having due regard for the direction of prevailing winds and for the size and dimensions of the said lot or parcel of land. For the purpose of determining what the said location shall be according to the aforesaid standards, the rules and regulations set out in Section Z are hereby prescribed. Section 2. The minimum distance which must extend between the location of any of the said structures described in Section 1 and the location of any dwelling or place where food for human consumption is prepared or served shall be as follows: (1) In no event shall said distance be less than 25 feet; (2) Jn event the lot or parcel on which the said structures are located is more than 150 feet but less than 200 feet, in both its width and length, the said distance shall not be less than 50 feet. (3) In event the lot or parcel on which said structures are located Is more than 200 feet but less than 250 feet, in both its width and length, the said distance shall not be less than 100 feet. (4) In event the lot or parcel on which said structures are located is more than 250 feet in both its width and length, the said distance shall not be less than 150 feet. Section \ In event the said structures are located on lots or parcels of such Irregular shape or size so as not to be practically susceptible of classification by the foregoing methods without Inflicting unreasonable and unnecessary requirements, the County Health Officer shall have the power to approve a location for said structures without regard to subdivisions 2, 3 or 4 of Section 2, and such location as determined by him shall be deemed to be in compliance with this ordinance, provided that In making such determination the said officer shall be guided by the general rules set out in Section 1 hereof and by subdivision 1 of Section 2. Section 4. Kvery structure referred to in Sections 1, 2 and S hereof shall be kept and maintained at all times In a dry, clean and sanitary condition satisfactory to the County Health Officer, who is hereby given .the power and duty of determining such condition. In exercising said determination the said officer shall be guided by the following rules: (1) The oaid property shall be kept as nearly as possible free from offensive odors and any other conditions which tend to breed flies or other insects, or furnish food or breeding places for rats or mice. (2) All manure and other offal shall be removed at least once a week and more often when necessary to prevent the odors thereof from becoming offensive or in preventing the creating of conditions described in sub-section (1) hereof. Section 5. The County Health Officer is hereby given the power and duty of enforcing this ordinance. He shall have the right to make inspection of all places where he suspects violations of this ordinance occurring. If he finds any of the structures described in Section I being maintained in an unsatisfactory condition, contrary to the provisions of Section 4, he may prescribe those certain methods, such as the use of chemicals or other deodorants. Insecticides or cleansing compounds, to the owner or owners or other person or persons responsible for the maintenance of or using such structures, as he considers reasonably necessary to correct said conditions. Section «. The following acts are hereby declared to be violations of this ordinance: (1) The placing, constructing or locating, after this ordinance goes Into effect, of any structures described In Section 1, contrary to the rules and regulations set out in Section 2, and without the approval of the County Health Officer given under section 3 hereof; (2) Continuing to maintain any existing structures described in Section 1, in the same location as they were at the time this ordinance goes into effect, contrary to the rules and regulations set out In Section 2, after thirty (30) days' written notice of such fact has been given by the County Health Officer, unless such Health Officer has approved such location under the provisions of Section 3 ; (3) Failing to keep any of the structures described in Section 4 in a dry, clean and sanitary condition, to the satisfaction of the County Health Officer, contrary to the provisions of said Section 4. (4) Falling to carry out such methods as may he prescribed by said County Health Officer as necessary to restore said structures to a satisfactory sanitary condition, as provided In Section 6. within five (6) days after having received the notice referred to In said section. Section 7. Any person, firm or corporation violating or contributing in any way to the violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or by Imprisonment in the County Jail not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and Imprisonment. Every violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be construed as a separate offense for each day during which such violation continues and shall be punishable as herein provided. Section 8. If any section, sub-section, sentence, clause or phrase of this ordinance shall for any reason be held to be unconstitutional or invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance. The 'Board of Supervisors hereby declare that it would have passed this ordinance, each section, sub-section, sentence, clause or phrase thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or more sections, sub-sections, Kentences, clauses, or phrases be declared unconstitutional or invalid. Section 9. This ordinance shall take effect and be In force thirty days after its passage, and prior to the expiration of fifteen days from the passage thereof, shall be published once In The • Bakersfield Caltfornlan, a newopaper published In the County of Kern. State of California, with the names of the Board of Supervisors voting for and against the same. The foregoing Ordinance was duly and regularly passed and adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California at a regular meeting of said Board held on the 2nd day of October, 1944. Vote Polled: Ayes: Woollomes, Harty, Noon, Wimmer. Noes: None. Absent: Lavln. A. W. NOON. Chairman of the Board of Supervitiorsi of the County of Kern, State of California. ATTEST: (SEAL) R. J. VEON. County Clerk «nd ex-Officlo Clerk of the Board of Supervisor*. Oct. 11. NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE NEW TORK. Oct. 11. ^JP) — Air Reduction Alaska Jiineml _. Allied Chemical and Dye _ Allis Chalmers : American Tan America n I'.ir nnd 1-Vmndry American I*ncomot ive- American Ktul. nnd S(<1. S;»n American Kolling .Mill American Smelter nnrl Ref American Tel. and Tel American Tohaccn B American Yiscoso Anaconda Armour and Compuny Atchison, Tnpeka and Santa Ke... Atlantic Refining Aviation Corporation Baldwin Locomotive Bendix Aviation Helhlehem Sleel „ Boeing Airplane Bonlen Borg 'Warner BriKKa Manufacturing California 1'ack Calumet * Hecla I'anada Dry Canadian Pacific Case (.1. I.) Caterpillar Tractor Celanese Corporation Chesapeake. * Ohio :.... Chrysler Colgate-Palmolivc-I'oet Cnlumhla (Jan and Klwtrl Commercial Investment Trust Commercial Solvents Commonwealth Edison Commonwealth 9e Southern Consolidated Kdison Consolidated Vultee ''onfainer Corporation Continental Oil Del Crown Cork t Seal „ Crown Zellerbaeh Curtis-Wright Douglas Aircraft Du I'ont tie Nemoum Kastern Airlines Kastman Kodak Klectrlc Auto Light _ Kleotric Boat ... Klectrlc Power & LiBfht _ General Klcrtrlc (ienernl Foods „ „.« Oeneral Motors „ (loodrlch „ Coodyear Tire * Ruhher Great Northern Railroad pfd Greyhound Corporation Homeetake Mining Horn! Hershey B „ International Harvester „ International Nickel Can............ International Paper Close .40'« . fi s » 130'. . .1T'» 90 44'* 34 4" '1 40 i an >i , 11 i.'"".".".'.'.".".".' 49 .T;-, .!.!!'...:!!!!... 47', 93'i 30'i 1 14 '» U'i, n«'.i 19 fi 32% 4 1 * a;ji si BHi 49 40 'i 4^5 *n 19'i International Tel. ft Tel .Jnhns-Manville ... Kennetott ....... I.ihrK-y-Oivpns-Konl I Ihixs I.oew's, Inr Martin (r;. I..1 ................... Mnttin I'ntiy . MrKesinn * Rol'lim." ......... _ MontKomt'ry "\V:iid _ IS ] •) »» 1 1 s » Ifi'j IM 1 ^ .11' fi 1 IS'.. 18 ' 3L" Nattuna I Rim nit Nntionn! <'H?»h RfRi.ttri- National l>:tity Piudtiits „ National I r>»i illers Nntiotml l.eiul ...... National Power ;tml Light New Vrirk On tin I North A M!eri»-ii n Aviation Nnrth Am^riian ( 'u Not them I'a> ific ...... ....... Ohio Oil .. Pacific On* nnd Klwirir Packard -Motors ............................. „ r» '-j Pun Atneririt?! Air\\H>'» .................... 3L i:I ii Paramount Picture* .......................... 2K R « IV-nnpy's ....................................... toil'j Pennsylvania Itailniad ................ ...... "9 7 » l'ei,si-l'ol:i .......................................... Ofl Phelps |iod«o ..................................... C;l"i Philip ^lo-'i '« .............. 91! Phillips Petroleum ........................... 44 Ptihlic Service of N. .1 ..................... 1 7 •'•! Pullman ....................................... 47 '-.i Jtndto ( 'orii-u 11 1 ion of America ........ 31 Radio-Keith- Orpheum ........... ............ S ?» Rayonier, (no ..................................... 17 Republic Steel ................................... 19'; Reynolds Ti.hncco H ................... .......... ri Richfield (lil ...................................... 9'i Schnnley Pistillery .............................. 34 Spurs. Roebuck ................................. inn'-l Shell Vnlnn Oi! .................................... L'3 st Soconoy Vacuum ................................ ] - & n Southern Pacific ................................ .1(1% Southern Railwnv ............................... 'Jfi Sperry Corporation ............................ 27% Standard Brand* ............ ...................... 29K Standard C,«s * Klectrlc ?4 pfd ..... 3't Standard oil of California ................ Uti't Standard Oil of Indiana .................. 33-S Standard (M of N. J ....................... :,;.', Studebaker Texas Company Tide Water Associated Oil Transamerica Transamerlca * Western Air Vnion Par if ic I'niled Air t.ineH Tnltecl Aircraft. I'tiited Corporation Tnitert Gas Imp ............... _ 1'nlted States Rubber ............. 1'nited States Steel .......................... ri!l% Warner Brother* Pictures .................. 1S'» Western I'nlmi Telegraph .................. 4:>*i, WeHtinKhouae Electric & Mfg ......... 107 'a Woolworth .......................................... 44 «; TounRstowp Sheet ft Tune .................. "9\ 19 4ri'4 IS 9'i 14 'i 108 \ -VJ '£ 31 \ 1*a 1 .1 tt r>0 Turnover Active on Los Angeles Market LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11 OR— The stock market continued its upward trend on early trading today in an active turnover of 11,100 shares with 8 issues up, 4 down and 4 unchanged. Hancock Oil, Sontag Drug Stores, Southern California Edison fi per cent preferred, and Union Oil of California took the lead. Storks — Consolidated Sled com. ftancork Oil A Alenasco Manufacturing Richfield Oil Warrants ______ . Sontag Drug Stores Southern California Kdlson..— .standard Oil of California..... Trannamerka .......................... , Union Oil of California ........ Mining Stocks Cardinal Gold ......................... Close 14 ... 39';i ..1.70 ,. 11 "i ,_ 31 Id 36 U . 9^ a , 18!, .04 Lo» Angeles Produce LOS ANGKLES, Oct. 11. OP)—Trading in fruits and vegetables was fair to mod• rale today. Lettuce was weaker; celery, cantaloupes firm; figs slightly stronger: cauliflower snd corn slightly weaker; Hart- lelt ni-ara slightly stronger wlttt celling change; peppers steady to firm. Lettuce: L>ry pack, Santa Barbara county San Luis Obispo county and Wat- Ronvllle. 4 doz. J3.GOW4; San Diego county t SltH.GO. Celery; Local Pascal 20-22-Inch crates S2$>2.2i~>; Santa Maria Sturdee, crateH • S.;5®:i.50; i'isnio Howard, crates I3.25@3.50. Cantaloupes: Local, Saugus and Littlerock Hales* Best, jumbo 3bs and larger $2.250$3; Imperial valley jumbo 36s and larger t'J.bQIft'i; honeydews, San Joaquin valley, jumbo lis-Ss ami standard 'Js-U's; Crenshaws, San Joaquln valley jumbo 4s-6s »1.60if2; Persians. San Joaquin valley jumbo 6s 12.60; Casabai, San .Toaiiuin valley. Jumbo tis-Su J1.75@2.25. Figs: Local Brunswicks 10®14c Ib.: Kadotas, 2-iayer flats II.5001.60; 1-layer flats »1.104/1.25. Cauliflower: Local Snowball, lettuce crates, untrlmmed !1.5@1.7i>; pony crates, San Luis Obispo county 11.2501.50. Corn: Local Golden Cross, lugs, 3-3 1 i doz. fl@1.25; Kern county, 7 dox. 13® 3.25. Fears: Bartletts, Llttlernck 9@9Sc Ib.; Hardy's Watsonville 4tt>l>c Ib.; Anjous Watsonvllle 6 to 1 5',2 c Ib.; Winter Nells, Santa Clara county 8&Sc Ib.; Clairgeaus, Watsonvill* 5c Ib. Peppers: Bella, local, San Diego county and northern 7@So Ib.; green chili lOSM'Jc Ib.; yellow chili 12@15c Ib,: Jaloplnos »^12c Ib.; Fresno chili 10@12c Ib. Los Ang«l«» Livestock LOS AIS'GELEH, Oct. 11. (UP>—Csttle salable 1300. moderately active, fully steady, good fed steers $14(0)14.35, medium to gnod grass steers 112.754*13.85. common Mexicans tlO@10.75; load good fed heifers 113.25, common to good grass heifers 19.50® 12.75. medium to good rows H0.50@12.75, cutter nnd common $8.uO@10.25 canners and cutters $6® 8.25; medium to Rood hulls S9.50@10.75, Calves ttalubla 250, fully steady, medium to choice ranee calves $ll"S> 14.25. common down to 110, culls down to $7 and under. Hogn salable 750, active, fully steady, medium to choice 180-240 Ibs. $15.70, heavier weights $15, medium to choice sows »14® 11.75. Sh)>«p salable 2?, no sales, good to choice woolen lunibs uuoted 113.60914. Cotton Futures NEW YORK. Oct. 11. OP)—Cotton futures advanced as much as $1.35 a bale today, led by the July positions, which sold at a discount to other deliveries. Aggressive mill and scattered local buying met scale up offerings. The advance was aided by scarcity of hedgo offerings which followed in line with substantial declines in sales of spot cotton in primary markets. Late afternoon prices were 20 cents to $1.35 a bale higher. October 22.10. December 21.95. March 21.94. Futures closed 20 cents to $1.15 a bale higher. October 22.10. December 21.93, March 21.92, May 21.91, July 21,73. Middling spot 22.47 nominal, Poultry and Egg* LOS ANUKLES. Oct. 11. (UP)—Kggs: Wholesale prices consumer grade: Large, grntle A 55>8i56c. snide B .H&.',6o; medium, grade A 47iC49c. small, grade A 24©iOr. Retail prices to conHtimrr: Large, grade AA 6C06Sc. grade A 62C<'C6c. grade B 40 @43c: medium, grade AA filiij'61c. grade A 56@60c; small, grade A 2fj<S'32c. Cnndled graded eggs to retailers (catirs): Large, grade AA 58m3>59c. Brade A 66«' 67e, grade B 386>38r; medium, grade A A 50(u52i\ grade A 48®52c; small, grade A 26®29c. Butter unchanged at OPA ceilings. Government Bonds NEW YORK, Oct. 11. (f}— The closing prices on bonds on the New York Stock Exchange: Treasury 2s, 53-51. 100.22. 2',i9. 70-65. 100.3. Los Angeles Cash Grain LOS ANGELES. Oct. 11. <JP)— (Prices quoted arc cwt., field run, In curlots only.) California barley, grading 4U Ib.H., hulk $2.17'.<3 O2.L2Vi. Texas yellow mllo. No. 2 bulk $2.1!iigi2.20. California wheat, bulk, No. 1 hard or soft white $2.«2 Vi W3.67'/i. No. 2 oats, 35 Ibs., bulk $2.«0@2.<5. Los Angolos Hay LOS ANGELES. Oct. 11. (JP>— Alfalfa and grain hay prices were unchanged today. Cfirlot arrivals: 34 wheat, 1 barley, 3 corn. 4 oats, 14 flour, 1 bran, 2 cer»al. 68 hay. Legal Notices NOTICE YO THE PUBLIC AND TO MERCHANTS DKALINO WITH WKIT'H COTTACiK HOTEL DIMM) KUOM AND COCKTAIL BAK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on April 6. 1944 Welt'*' Cottage Hotel Din- Ing Room known ; a the "Budlku" and cocktail bar known aa the "Cherrlo" were aolcl by Edward Welt and Hedwelc Welt to E. D. Northrop and Helen Northrop and that alnce »ld datt the «ald Edward Welt and Htclwlz Welt have had no Inter- oat therein nor any connection with the bualntaa operation* .of aald Weit'a Cottace Hotel Dlnlnt Room and Cocktail Bar and Hawaiian Qardena. Notice la further clven that the under- •Itned Edward Welt and Hedwlc Welt are the rwnera ot W«lt'a Cottage Hotel. • fictitious and registered trade name and art the operatora and owners of aald hotel accommodations. Notice la further given that the undersigned Edward Welt and Hedwlc Welt will not be responsible for any obligation! of any nature Incurred by the aald E. D. Northrop and Helen Northrop operating Walt's Cottage Hotel Dining Room and Cocktail Bar. and Hawaiian Oardena, and that they will be responsible for no obligations whatsoever other than those Incurred by themselves In the optratlon of the Welt's Cottage Hotel accommodation* and properties, Dated; September 27, 1*44. WEIT'B COTTAGE HOTEU EDWARD WEIT, HEDW1G WEIT. Oct. 44.11. Owner a and Operator*. «V11. Advance Marks N. Y. Stock Market DOW JONES AVERAGES Perliminary closing Dow-Jonps averages: Industrial, 148.79, up 0.54; rail, 41.59, up 0.13; utility, 25.72. up 0.12; and 65 stocks, 53.46, up 0.20. Sales amounted to 717,150 shares, compared with 598,210 yesterday. Curb turnover totaled 2B7.635 shares, compared with 201,285 yesterday. NEW TORK, Oct. 11. <U.R>— Underlying strength in merchandising shares aided a general small advance in the main list of stocks today, in extension of the moderate rally that got under way late In the previous session. Interest in mercantile Issues was revitalized by announcement that sales of R. II. Macy for the latest fiscal year were at a new record high and that Its net for the period was higher than in the previous 12 months. Gains ranged to a point in Sears Roebuck, which equalled Its high for 1944 at 101. Gimbel Brothers rose a major fraction to a new top for the year. Motors were firmer with gains ranging to more than a point in Hercules Motors. Steel shares were unsettled. Rails hardened. Foster-Wheeler Corporation rose a small fraction to 24}&, a new high for the year and the best price since 1939 when 29»i was paid. Activity Quiet on S. F. Stock Mart SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 11. CD- Stock exchange activity was quiet today, with 14 issues registering gains, 3 losses and 12 unchanged. The average remained at 35.13. Marine Bancorporation was up M to 33, a new high. Other stocks showing improvement, and the amount, included: Creameries of America, %; General Paint common, M; Golden State, %; General Motors, %; Victor Equipment common, l /»\ Universal Consolidated Oil, >/i, and Dominguez Oil, */ t . Menasco was down 10 cents and Southern Pacific lost ',». Transamerica remained unchanged at 9'/i. Stock— Close Aircraft Accessories 7 6 « Bishop Oil _ _ 4 U Crtluv. Cetn. pfd - ISO Creameries of America 10 Kmporium-Capwell „ 27 Onlland Mercantile - 18 Oeneral .Motors G4 General Paint „ _ _ 11'4 Golden State _ 22% Hale Brothers «...„«. S Honolulu Oil 27^4 MftiaHrn Manufacturing 1.60 Richfield Oil 9'i Houthern Pacific _.._ 30 "i Tnmsamerica _ _.._ !)'/« Union Puear S3 United Air LineH 3i% 1,'nivprSHl Oil „ 14 Victor Kqulpmenl 5 '.4 \ Inrlli's „ J4'.i Teresa Wright, Hubby Sued forJ15,000 LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11. OP>—Actress Teresa Wright and her husband, Writer-Producer Nlven Bunch, were sued for $15,000 damages today on allegations that Busch's 11-year- old son, Peter, shot their cook in the arm while playing soldier. Emerson Robinson, the cook, asserted that the accident occurred last May 29 while the boy was marching around the house in mock maneuvers. The boy Is Busch's son by a previous marriage. CADETS TO BE FETED Cadets of Mlnter Field will be feted nt a farewell party at Beale Park Thursday evening, the event being in the form of a barbecue. The evening will be climaxed by a dance on the tennis courts to music furnished by a 20-piece band. Fifty girls are needed, Mrs. T. E. Pardoe announced. Any girls wishing to attend should call Mrs. Pardoe or Mrn. H. A. Vlerthaler. Girls are requested to meet nt the USO at 5:45 p. m. The event will come to a close at 8 p. m. It was also announced that 40 Junior hostesses are needed to be the guests at a dance at Mojave Marine Base Saturday evening, buses scheduled to leave the 1?SO at 6 p. m. Girls should call Mrs. Pardoe or Mrs. Vlerthaler it they wish to attend. CHINA LEND-LEASE CHUNGKING, Oct. It. Off)—A Chinese cabinet spokesman asserted today that, prior to the end of May, lend-leuse supplies received by the armies In east and south China totaled 50 anti-tank guns, 60 mountain guns and 30,000,000 rounds of rifle and machinegun ammunition. 70,000 THREATEN GENBtyjKE 64 OHIO, MICHIGAN . WAR PLANTS INVOLVED Hahtrsfidb Caltforman Wednesdoy, October 11,1944 C[,TOVEr,A\D. Ort. 11. (UP)— A l strike of TO.OQO Mechanics I'Miir.-uinmil Suc-My of American members hi r>4 (.'levpland. Don-oil, and Toledo w;ir plants will "definitely" take jil.ico tomorrow nt 10 a. in., unites i'rosident Roosevelt or ('levrlM nil's Mnyor Frank ,T. I^mselie "step in and prevent it." Mntthew Smith, executive secretary of the independent union, said today. Settlement of Ilie dispute, Smith said, hinges on the union's refusal to arbitrate with "any person" ep- pointed by Mayor I^aii.sche. "He Is not neutral," the Canadian- born MKSA leader charged, "and we don't want him to choose anyone. If the strik" begins as scheduled tomorrow Ixiusche will be responsible." The Cleveland ivnyor became the renter of the strike threat—prompted by the month-old dispute at the Cleveland C.raphite Bronze Company plant which ended in its seizure by presidential order on September 5— because he was designated by the regional War Labor Board to appoint a third man to a three-member arbitration board. Child Kidnaped by Nursemaid Safe DETROIT, Oct. 11. CrP>—Robert .Tames Kins', 4-year-old white child who was fibrUicted 10 days ago by his newly employed Negro nursemaid, has been returned safely to his parents, Paul II. Wencel, chief of detectives, announced today. A woman in whose home the child was found is being held. Wencel said she gave her name ns Mrs. Eleanor Smith, 33, and that she had sought to delude her husband into believing the child was theirs by altering its complexion with sun tan make-tip. Positive identification of the child has been made, Wencel said, through footprints. "It's my baby," cried Mrs. Clarence King when she and her husband arrived nt police headquarters and saw the child. Mrs. Smith's husband, Eugene, also taken to police headquarters, was released after making a statement. Detectives said they were convinced he had no knowledge of the abduction. Veon Appeals to Election Officials County Clerk R. .1. Venn appealed today to all election board officials appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve in the capacity to which they have been named. Notifications are going out now to Inspectors and other notifications for judges and clerks are being prepared. "Everyone must help get the work out. It is not an unreasonable request, and is part of one's duty as a citizen," Mr. Veon said. "It will be an easy ballot to tally, with only 12 propositions. 1 ' Personnel at the county clerk's office lias bei-n working in two shifts from 7 a. m. to 10 p. in. dally on registration tabulation. It is expected that by the end of the week sample ballots will be in the mail, giving voters over three weeks to study the propositions. After that, election supplies for each precinct will be prepared. Kittenaped Cat Is ReturnedbfCaptor" Tiny, the gray bob-tailed Manx, who was klttenaped from her home, 310 H street Saturday at midnight by an unidentified pair, a soldier and civilian, is home again. One of her captors, the civilian, restored her to her owner, Mrs. C. M. Ilamm, last night with the apology that he hadn't thought she belonged to anyone before he read Mrs. Hamm's appeal in Monday's Callfornian. German Robots Crash in Britain Again LONDON, Oct. 11. (UP.)—German robot bombs, coming in from the North sea. crashed in a British east coust town shortly before dusk today, ending a one-day lull in the buzz-bombs offensive. The attack lasted for about ten minutes and was met by a heavy flak barrage. Elk Hills P. T. A. Has Opening Meet of Fall 1 Klk Hills P. T. A. opened Us fall season with a box nodal at the school cafeteria recently. The new teachers, Miss Kalhryn Fessenden, Mrs. Kva Riordan, Dale Eacter and returning teacher?, Mrs. Elizabeth Gates, and principal, C. E. Lindblom, were introduced. Mrs. Avis Karrich was named to succeed Mrs. Gene Hancock who resigned as vice-president. Dorothy Olsen, gmdo teacher, June McOunicls, high school, and Mrs. Forest Plummer, adults, were honored with prizes for the best deco- ra I I'd box. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alvls of But- tunwillow showed moving pictures of. last year's graduating clnss and of Mr. and Mrs. Alvls' trip to Canada in 19-4,'t. Mfsdames Ruth Olscn, Oru. Miller, Julia Plunnner nnd Ruby Long of Klk Hills attended the West Side council meeting held recently at Tat't High School annex. The Past President Club met in the Taft City Park recently for a politick dinner and a short business meeting. Those attending were Mesdames Dorothy Tclles and son, Ruby McDaniels, Ruby Long, Julia Plummer and son, Elk Hills; Lee T. Smith, Fellows; pnd Dorothy Tolleg and son, Ruth Laurence, La Veta Smith, Maude Hovls, Harrit Trask, Frances Stlneburg, Kmaline Palmer, nnd president, Margaret Moshcr, Taft. TO REPAY BELGIUM PARIS, Oct. 11. CW—The French government announced today It would repay Belgium 30,000,000 pounds which that nation entrusted to the Bank of France In 1940 and which the Vichy government turned over to the Germans •» I KIM.KO IN ACTION — Mrs. Ksther Bristol, 704 Xorth Chester avenue, has been notified by the war dppartiiient of the death of her husb.'inil. First Lieutenant Wilson Bristol, T. S. M. C., in the Fal:m urea. Lieutenant Wilson enlisted a few days after Pearl Harbor. He attended local schools and was employed by his father for tho Kraft Cheese Company before Kolngr into service. Mis stepson, Norman Austin, Is in the south Pacific with an antiaircraft division under Oeneral MacArthnr. Lieutenant Bristol is survived by his father and mother. Mr. and Mrs. n. True Bristol of San Fernando: his STandmother, Mrs. Frances Doughty, 2:105 K street, and two aunts, Mrs. Francis Cheney and Mrs. Myrtle Davis ot Hakersfleld. NAZI ATTACKS IN ITALY SMASHED FIERCE OPPOSITION MET ON ROAD TO BOLOGNA TIOME, Oct. 11. <U.PJ—Three col- urns of American troops battled through fierce German opposition to some of Italy's roughest terrain today in a converging: drive on the Bologna-Rimini highway, with one salient striking within 8 miles of the Po valley's principal road. The fighting, in which the Germans made several severe counterattacks, was centered on a 9-mll« front between the roads fanning out from Florence northward to Imola and Bologna, the gateway to the Po valley. The heaviest enemy resistance was met in the southern outskirts of l^iversnano, where the American troops of the Fifth Army smashed a number of German counterattacks to hold their positions less than 10 miles from Bologna. Front reports said fierce fighting was continuing at Libergnano ag the Germans desperately attempted to halt the main American thrust through the Apennines to Bologna and the Po valley. East of Livergnano another American column captured the town of Gesso, 3 miles north of the Florence- Tmola road, and only 8 miles southwest of Castel San Pietro, one of the key points on the superhighway running: straight as a ruler line through the Po valley from Bologna to Rimini. Man Enters "Not Guilty" Plea to Charge of Assault Albert Kollins plonded not guilty to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon beforo Judge W. L. Bradshaw in Superior Court, Department 2, yesterday, and, with the district attorney's consent, pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated assault. The court, on its own motion, dismissed the case as to the first charge. The case on the second charge will be continued October 13 for sentence. Calvin Conron, Jr., was counsel for tho defendant and Deputy District Attorney Maas represented the state. Other cases heard by Judge Bradshaw included the arraignment of Edward B. Udlock, charged with hit- and-run driving which was continued to October 17 for plea. W. C. Dorris was defense counsel and Attorney Maas represented the «tate. Frank Gordon Lamond pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary in the second degree. The defendant made application for probation and the case will be continued to October 24 for a hearing on probation. Philip M. Wagy represented Mr. Lamond and Attorney Maas the state. Elba Tom Hilbern, charged with taking a vehicle without the owner 1 * consent, made application for probation of sentence, which was granted for a period of three yean. He was ordered to make restitution in the sum of $115. Attorney Maa« represented the state and Morris B. Chain was counsel for the defendant. 2 Lemoore Soldiers Killed in Collision MERCED, Oct. 11. (UP)—Two soldiers from the Lemoore Army Air Field were killed today when the motorcycle on which they were riding collided heaclon with a car driven by Howard Irby, Hcardon, 12 miles south of Merced. Tho dead were Staff Sergeant Kenneth A. Sanders and Technical Sergeant Alton R. Swlney, both of whom returned recently from several months' overseas service with tho Fifteenth Air Force in Italy. Sanders is the son of Mrs. Agnes Sanders, Escalor. Swlney is survived by his mother, Mrs. Tessie D. Swiney, Goodrich, Texas. Highway patrol officers were Investigating the accident. Cotton Prices Announced Continued From Pare Nine the same day for staple lengths 1 3/3'J-lnch and longer. A discount of 15 points will he allowed for cotton stored outside of the "zoned area" delivered uncompressed. No claims will be allowed for grade or staple in the sale of 1944 crop cotton. Stabilization Agreement The War Food Administration and the Office of Price Administration announced jointly a clarification of the cotton price stabilization agreement. Under the original agreement, In lieu of a price celling on cotton, the AVar Food Administration agreed to offer for sale Commodity Credit Corporation owner or pooled cotton. The sales prices of CCC cotton in this announcement will not be reduced prior to June 30. 1945, unless the price of cotton on the spot markets since July 1, 1944. should average above parity for a period of time sufficient to rnlse a question as to tho adequacy of manufacturing margins under celling prices that are being computed for major cotton textiles on the basis of parity prices for cotton. In that event, the above specified sales price of cotton ot the CCC will b<> reduced only in an amount sufficient to prevent the price of cotton from averaging not lews than parity. The seasonal increase In the corporation's sales price is expected to encourage the mills to purchase their cotton through regular trade channels nnd to keep at a minimum the purchases by CCC. Actual purchase operations will be otarjted as soon as necessary forms can be printed and distributed to purchasing agencies. RKADY FOR RETURN AVASIIINGTON, Oct. 11. <JP>— President Sergio Osmouu of the Philippine Govemment-in-Kxile has left Washington, presumably to bo ready for a quick return to his homeland once General Douglas MacArthur's troops begin the promised liberation of the Island commonwealth. Goering Arrested Says London Paper LONDON, Oct. 11. (UPJ—The London Evening News said today that- Reichsmarshal Hermann Goering has been arrested. The News quoted neutral correspondents in Berlin as saying ttiat persons trying to get In touch with Goering had been told by his wife that it was Impossible. "Frau Goering added mysteriously, 'It is better not to press the matter';" The News said. "It is known that for -some time Goering has been out of favor with his fellow Nazi party bosses." A German DNB news agency broadcast, however, Indicated Goer- Ing still was very much at large, asserting he attended a Nazi state funeral today for the late Luftwaffe ace, Lieutenant-Colonel Helmut Lent. Goering, DNB said, used the occasion for an appeal to the German people to fight to the last man against the Allied invaders. Andrews Lawyer Charges Bungling Continued Prom P*(e On* Jury the torn, bloody handkerchief and the torn shirt. "This clothing was proof that Jay Lovett wasn't a happy country child as his family wbuld have you believe he was," Friedman told the jury, but he did not pursue the argument. District Atotrney Anthony Brazil had insinuated that the shirt was torn in a struggle between Lovett and Mrs. Andrews, and the handkerchief becarne bloodied "when »he put~ scratches on his face." Mrs. Andrews, 37, wealthy Carmel valley resident, denied she had scratched the boy's face in an argument because of jealousy over red- haired Mrs. Nancy Linde. Friedman talked for five hours yesterday, and there was no indication today when he would complete hie arguments. He will be followed by his associate in the defense, Attorney-General Carmel Martin of Monterey. After Martin completes his final argument, Brazil will have a chance to put final arguments before the jury for the prosecution. With tomorrow a legal holiday—Columbus* Day—Judge H. G. Jorgensen is not expected to instruct the jury until some time Friday. Friedman yesterday attacked what he called bungling of law enforcement officers In investigating the case, argued that Lovett could have died by suicide, accident, or murder by someone other than the defendant. PALESTINE OUTBREAKS LONDON. Oct. 11. Of)—Colonial Secretary Oliver Stanley said today recent terrorist outbreaks in Palestine, ''seriously impedes" the United Nations' war effort and did nothing but liann the Jewish causes. OBITUARY NOTICES COOI'UIC, I.AKKV llAMLr- "Kun«rat «erv- i> I?H fur Lurry BUSM! t.'otipci, Infant HUH of Mr. ami M>H. i'lnllip Cuoper, tian ]*'niin:i«cn, who died October 10 on u l ram; were ht'-M Ui.-tnber 11 at - p. m. at I'ayitt? & Son Ch;ipel, I he Rove rein! TharlHH \V. Opi«» officiating. Interment wiui in Union Cemetery. SCOTT. FKANK—Funeral »ervice« for Frank St-nit. 46, who died October 7 at hi* home, 1202 Nineteenth atreet. wert heM October It nt 3 p. m. at Flick- fnger-Ditfler Chapel, the Hsverend N. A. Christenson officiating. Interment will bo in Union Cemetery. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Ground* Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Diihr CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cwt Phon« 7-7M1 Chaster Av«nu« at Thlrt««nUi J. 0. riMta|tr • Frufc Olstor AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and MGHT

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