The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 11, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1944
Page 14
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Wcdnesdoy, October 11, 1944 jfaherrttdb California!! i r ° r **'* — Improved Property For Sal*—Improved Property ST BUYS - homo with df-n. In I_om;ta V>rr!e; home in pood r.iiulii ion. n:- e yard. double garner. 1'urr -haj*cr * .1 n have ittirm-diato possession. Price JSTiju. j»ome terms. Three-bedroom hnino on T,a Pirsta street. in Lomita Verde. B^i> • : CH n Vmvo im- Pi »t c $i "Tii-t, some . mediate possession. terms. terms. One-brd room homo on N^rtti Pak^r, 1m pe double pHrago; hnm»» in Rr»"il COIK!;I inn. Immediate iiossi'SHinn. J'rn'o $"..''0. tcrmn. five acres in cliouf lot -at ion on f'9 Tfich- way north; has 4^7 feet faring highway; For Sato—Improved Property Three-bedroom Iton " T ''I'eM.i room, thtr'- lartr ocorooin ncmp iviiii iw> Mj,tii5. In upper La t'leMn. I'Mir of fim-Hl lorn- tmns. Homr lias larsc eiuium-e hall with c-Iork rlospt brdi . . . poirh. haw- ment he* I. tlouMo enrage. »pt ink lint? yMcm. T'rK r- and terms oti i niuost. nny woman ivuuld love to own. IlOAIi: on Union avc-n'i" go.-.,I in- \fMmriit. J-L"J'iO. u-i n\>-. ~\\''.\\ sell to colored w -pli; or Spanthli. J-'iank DHV. 1315 "Kyr" ^trofi. __ fijl p-TO-THK-.MlNl'TL: hoim- on l/iulft Vista Drive. 1 \vo bedroom**. nn'*> livirji: room. kitchen ;uij 0die' it-; rji r lot; weH landscaped pat in. J'i-ti <« S7 ,'tO't, soiim terms. l-'rank I Jay. Hi1,'. *'K\ o." *;:' TWO OR TUnKFT-BKUROOM to he moved. \Viil p»y ca^h. Srasnte Sorvt-*- Station. It Va miles south Highway I'!>. Phong 3-H13. _ ________ «;:: HOt'KE, furnished, 1 1 m il« "•« from Km n- vilic, in deer tountiy. J'eM>'t foi liralih and reta. Cash only. 5 sou. J'hcmf 2-0 IBS. __ _____ _ __ _________ t;:: THREE-BEDROOM h'-.u^r. $«mm ra*h. Furniture for swl^, in- hi'l mt; Fr-n:*l- nire. k i it hen Move, eic. I 1 In in ^ IMi 1 xs. No d<*akrs. ___________ _________ ti" ftT OWNER — T-ovely 2 -tied room Immr. Roosevelt. diMuci, 3 yp;trs old, lir* •• place. lots of til". rmjinr \ t-n'a in (•'•ilinp, dual floor t urrrit*?. Big 1>-m nl yard with f rust and nut ti < <>p. Pmihlf carage. rhi<kcn etiupimeiH. «;m|rn ppu- ?. V HA, J 6 0 ,") 'i . 1 f r ui * . IS h o w n lj y appoint- rnr^ivt^ _ L' 1 '!^!.'!-.::' :M Jl 4 -__ ____ _____ fl :; DN CORNER HAI.F-ACrilC— Daiifly L'-bed- ronm hou^^. very ck-an ; donhle j:;t r;iK" nu.e fruit. out 5 > r ('fir« old. in i id . Raih and wtth rumpus loom 'fnulpnifnt. nice K.-iui Cloort VMier romtit ; IMMKDIATE P<1SSK room home, only ab hiphly rrM riricd di hnlf, plenty oE tile, double garage, yard fen red. MODERN 1 2-bedroom houp«. almost new. Lot 60x260, lota of fruit, and chicken •qulpment. r.ood so*!, good water. Southweflt AffttrU-t. HIGHLAND PARK— Five-room 2-bedroom home, hardwood lloors, lotw of tile; garace: nice yard. Lot R0xl50. $4750— Five-room home nenr Jefferson School. Two bedrooms and sleepinp porch, basement, garage, fruit and shade. Gond lot. $3800— Five-room house on Pacific nenr Kern General Hospital, Two bedrooms. garage, fruit, chicken equipment. K. C Uffert, 801 ^lle». Phone 2-7162 9-1-tf ONE OF THE BEST ranches in the dale district. 2& HCICS level, 12 acres in alfalfa, balance in Mid an sort? um, I'a rt concreta irrigution system. Kxtra good •well with a new Bud ft natural K;I* en- Bine. Pumps 1400 gallons r*>r nunntf. Good hoK equirmirnt for 1(»0 h*nd. Modern poultry housr-s and (JO lay ins hriu*. Tested Jersey cow, team of work in;i H-H snd haj'neRH; Borne fn rm implenif-nls. Cinod ranch house, all my convpiiiencfs. with nice lawn and plenty Hhndf. Oil •well beiiiK drilled nearby, one-fourth oil richU. $16,000. SIX-ROOM country home with 30 acren of Rood woil. (!ity pa.s. lishtj* anil WHUT. Good well and ditch wa i ^r. (.laHoltne pump and tsnU. Good barn ami outbuildings. Variety of fniit, K rapes utid bprricp. BOI'TUEAPT—Niei* S-hPrtrnnm horn** with whilp picket fen-.e. Located on half-acie. $5;iOO. FOUR riKDnOOM country liorno rloH«> In on one-half acre, A small burn, sood place for horfr. J4. : .00. ARLINGTON STREET—Nice 2-bedroom home, larcc llvfnpr room, dlnlnc room. kitchen, service porch. Back yard fenced. J3700. $1400 down. HRXLAND ACRKS—Fivt-ronm home built In 1939. Tile »lnk. hardwood floorn, ftteel v«n«ttan blinds, lot 50x300: $3850. OILDALE—Nearly new 2-bedroom home, nice living room, dinette and kitchen with lota of nice tile. Underground sprlnkllnc •ystem and va rd all fenced. Close to •choola and market: $4500. £2000 down. XtfOVISLY country home, completely fur- ntshed. Beautifully Inndacaned. Large RBsortmwt of fruit tree* and berrlea: $6360. 1671 Cheater Avenue Phone 2-7554 __^^_ 9-22-tf On Bernard street—A nice 2-bedroom home lhal In well furnished, Price, 15500; requires about juyoo down. Income near the R. P. nhopR—Six unit*, all furnished and never a varanry; KIX coolers. Income. $175 ppr mont h. S17& per month. Price $12,000. with about halt cash. On Weed Fnteh Highway—A dandy adobe tiou^e with two bfdronnis, veiu-t lan blinds, hardwood f lonr^, R hissed-in porch, large luL. Only K'OOO, with $10UO down, In lliphlaud Manor—A n M e white ulijfi-o l'-bedronni home full of Kood lurnit ui «v PI-II B $7500, with about J4(U)0 down payment. CHKSTEH N. HKAKD 3807 H Stiect o-fi'Jiiy or ?-4:»..5 ^ in n-tf FOR BALK—Small hous» on r.Oxl 4«-lni; ahade and fruit trce^; $yno full pru''. nt fell Water t?tre<?t, Jf interested jihono S-8110. 413 If you'r* a huoy person, Hhlrt-waiMrrn •re Indispensable to your wardrobe! Thin handsome verm on bun the ••IUSMC line. 1 * KO becoming to any figure: the m>t-in l.Ht and trim akin assure thai. Yuu'll love H In .wools, flannels, coverts—its nort'ect for town, country, cluBflrooni, or offi«*. z Pattern No, 8500 cornea in XJ/.M j" H J«» 18. 20; 40. 42, arid 44. Niz*? H < HVinrt •I«*veH). require* 8 U- yanln of 39-in».h material; lonu file«vf!i u ^; \dtdK. The new fall nnd winter issue of "Fashion" In now ready—,'il' pat' 1 *. It ",K •x complete gulda lo your fall arid winter wardrobe. fc*end for your copy, price 1^ cejita. For this attractive pattern, send 20 cents In wins, with your name, address. Datum number and size to The BakrrstirM Californian Today's Pattern Sfrvice. 70S *•—•'-- °:r<ut. San Francisco S. . i<'« little 4-room home in Oildale. larcp livinK rcnrn, lanre dlninR lOdtn. i n o plorpinp mnme. Karfttrr, larce lot ; IIH !f hlo< k off bii«i Ilnr. Thin place i« im- mafiilate; J1350 down, balance J35 a month. U|'P*T I,n Tresia—Nlcoly Inndscap^d Int. 1 hrct hndrooms ;ind Jon, lw«i b;jths. ali- i tie shower in ma In ba tli lovely la rue livinff room. light airy dlninir ronin, two- mi garner* 1 with store room. This plnre tiiily abotjt S yea m old a nd In excellent con(iilion. Shown by appointment only. Tut a 1 price $11,000, subslantial down l>n \ nirnt. Five MI: res of land and 6-room modern home on Pioneer Drive. This place is in excellent condition, bar* some uhade find woult* be Ideal for ft perpnn with a horse or two $6500 full price, about ha cash On Nii^s utreet on the bus line—Five-room moJer. Bluer home, hardwond floors, tile sink, nice lot. Tull price SulOO, auimtantla; down payment Kl '.i niijio Pa rk—Lovely 2-bedroom and drn horn- ir> this fin.! nubdivioion. Tile roof, dandy kitchen, extra la rge set v- irp nnrch. nire hath wil h tile vanity, crx.linc di.rts throughout thr houso. two- car en rn ee- «'nn be purchased furnislied or unftirniwhcd Sotiih of town on lot &OT! SO— Three-bed- 101 in homp. extra nice k.trhpn and hath. JovcJv d-nine room. Ha rdwood f loori* t li i n iRho'H About $ 1 500 dn\vn, 24 j a month. To Buy. Sell or Trade 19H "Eye" Street 10-4-tf L=C Jackson Ptreot—Just west of Raker nt fi^n. a very wrll-locaterl old 2-bedioom lifiine. l»u; woi'Lli $1*750 on terms. UIPPM .\rji-s- An pxtra niip honie nf t^^•o hcilrf'oini" with nkf bnH^oiprit. nn rorti- nioi'iai :tri-n xvilh lotn IIPI r(*>«i and fiu'l, ro'iiinnrul Kir 1111" fhicknns nnd fine phad" iM-np. l'i i- p }6oj(). ore-hair down. '.I. t'. <Sv) -\Vi.lirr UOO riiPBior For Sale—Trailers HiKh "n HIP hill. Beautiful tile-roofod huinf. I'M) ppr rent mMllaled: l;irnf living io,>in v.lh firppia<-o nnd cooler: S h' nr>d !:Jigf dr-n; lilrgf dinintf KMint anil JIIM lh*- rigljl-Kir^fd brf:^kfa^t nioin HUM rnf-nt hns unit heat ihtoneli dij'tf* tn cvr-ry rnoin: 2 hath.*; 1 hath has ftll-lile Moor ami walla, and n hpautif'.]! K!as<» door stall showpr. Thp yardw ha?« l'it.« of trtiit. oransep. nut tr'T-fi nnd H IniKo C-<ar earacr. Sprinkling pystPni Itrnll rorti. Thtf* Is In nn idea! Inra- tion. and HIP pr '*•<• is ripht at $11 r>00. Hl'iVIlSTrX ft LANC'ASTFR rijon.- »-Sf,::» ]M7 || ptrfl 1 0-1 l-lf Skyline—Immrdiate posFpspion. extra larire 2-hi-druorn home. Tin.* wan bnjlt for a horne n nd ha? nil the la IPS*, modern cniivrnlenre* ]00-foct frontaire. $3)50, i erms. WiMKlond Square — Two-bedroom home, lino; ftiinof-e. tllp drain. Venetian shades H nd la rse lot. $61!.'iO, terms. Duplex—^'llrrM^••hPd ami in good rnndil Ion ins'de. \\'alkinp dtnlanre in downtown Kant Bnhersfield. $5750. $2000 down. El < *a mi no—Two-bed room horn* 1 , choice lo- >"flt ion. only 4 years old and in good eondit ion. J5500, terms, Phone 3-1210 Kenidence 2-5628 3704 K Street 62 Pi ironVM-n. Pink—On n hiigo eortirr. 3 bpd rt-'uns and di-n. t.ivnii; room with fn'p- I'i.-M•('. J» ninj: room ami lireakfaM room, ('nuirr I In out; h duct; nice fiatio; hard- i\ f.i..l 1 hi fni«h(jiil 'i'bp lifdrorims K i e l;nt.\ The price in i i«lit at $7!tou. About hall ' nsh So'it hwf-Ht D»M i ict —Thi fp bciirooniH. I,;i i «f living i (if)in wii li ( M **pl;i< o ;i tit) 1 luor I ur- h-l (•( ; in,',. (11ii ink' t rtniM , 'J \r.\ t h<« 10x1 I » M- •' yjird ; ^-. n i ^arase. All thin for $sidrt. hii'f cfish No!'thp;if*t DiMi i< i- Clowe tn bus. schools ji n<t Nhopi'ihK ( rut IT. I ,a rite !'-bnd room homo : 1) v;:i« room 11 nil fl mint; room ; nif-e l*r< ;i k f a s' i rjoin ; Moor furnace, ba ."r-m^nt; n ire va t d wit It ora IIKPH. lemon R and lnt» o! sh;ul^. I'rif r $7;i50. Tina tun be ] btiUKht furnished. Ncfi 11 v ri«-w "-l»cd i oom homo. I.*tvinK n nd fl i n i ni; room, floor fn in a cp • ha rd wood it ml tilo: L-i ur K;I rn«;e ; beau I i( ul > a r it. a ml immediate |iuKM*.'HMion. 1'rn e $(J4tMi. hall' i.Hwh. Snut hertHt Dinlri'-t —100 foot frontaKf; ?, hi'di-finms. li VIIIB room a nd dining inr>rn. 1il<! km lirn, Hf-lanum about Uu t.-et IUHK by II! fe.-i. wide; hiiHcim-nt Tin- ya i d lias a Ifa!(.). nut 11 PI-H. lotH of 1 ml t nnd a Kood co .v burn; al! fenced. I- 1 riff $G. r iOO. Fiv*' ai-rt* In i he southwest diM rict. The • ln's t nf soil nnd f rf*n water; .'i bed room H nml two hat hs, livhiK room; kitchen KtxL'O; burn. cnrnilN. (HitlmildinK?. wood well nnd purun; HPI inkling pyslem. milk Hf'l'arator, fr^cxpr rtibmt-t. l*i ice $10.7'ii). Ca^a Loin a. DNi rif'l — Niep borne on nrre with fruit, a 1 fa If a, K*-rn IF hind water, a 1 K o well water. Price $ 5 S "i 0. HOYHSTrX & LAN.'ASTKR Plump S-n;:i!i. 1«U7 H Stit^t After <i P. in. phone (I-IM78. 10-11-tf CAS\ LOMA T>RIVK—Extra neat 1-hed- rnr.m liorif on larKe corner lot. Almost JIP.W and in fine rondlr'on. Prirp $3250; down payment. $ 1 ')0(i; month. $35. BH t" N D A r; K LAX E— La rge 3 - bed room home on half acre Jot. ('an sell fui- niwht'd fnr SC750 or ;infiirni8hed, $6000. ">o\vn payment. $2500. PKAN U. Hl'RT.ET 4 I' Nireipftii h Si u-et _______ Phono S-0275 10-9-tf D n pit- niu) ext ra house on nlre lot npar West Jlitjh School. Four Ka i a«ea and wanli houne, duplex IH furniNhed. immediate posapsy ion of on« side. Price $SOOO. on terms. Two houses on nice corner lot. One five ronmH nnd three roomo over K a rage. The ihror roninn ,u e furniiihed. A dandy buy fnr $t;000. on termti to Biiit. Two nea rly new dtiplfxes a nd one houite for ovvier to li\'e in. All nicely fur- n i sheit, with rnf r lye rat ora and table top Hlovf.H, ha rdwood floors. \\'ell worth -Tl 2.000, on term*'. Lorn it a Verde, a da ndy 2-bedroom and den home on large corner lot for $87uO. on terms. Chewier J.anp. n da ndy Ptucco. two bed- ritoniH. la rue h vinif room, din ins room, n ice 1: it cnen with pi en I y of t lie ; 2-ca r Kar-.Kp; on nice coiner lot for $CiiOO, ftil tei'iiifl. 24!" 'lower street, a n!rp Hturco horn p. Two bedrooms, with fireplace, for $i>000, on terms. 4 HII-PS of orunRpR, 6 acres plow land. In ext ra nirt? f hupp with nil P 2-hedi oorn nml bHHPinent home: rhii-knn equipped nn<1 a ren I bare a in at $KTtOO. on terms. .1. T <Hyj \Vick»r, ItifiO Chest PI- Phono 2-02:JJ); evenlnifB 2-3S95 or 2-64K3 62 O/LT)ALi3— HOME ANI INCOME. One 2-hedroom home, hard wool floors, large .iving room and dining room, nice kitchen and POIV'TC poreh. Also 2-bedroom home, completely furnished: 3-car ear ace, nil on larRe rorner lot with plenty of shade; near Lu» unr! marketH. only $6000. $28r>0 d(i\\.,, Jt^G monthly. Will trade for small llUUBf. Ol LI>A 1 -E—Nice 2-bedroom home. 2-rar KB rage, large lot. plenty of shade, nea r hut and market*, only $:tBM>. $2000 dov.-n. $.10 monthly, or will trade for small huiiHfc. SOUTH WKST DISTHTCT—NIc» duplex, completely furnished, close In, Income $fi[) monthly, only $S2fiO. $1000 down. $45 monthly, or will trade for •mull house. ON THERE PROPERTIES phone 8-5924, evenings u-1170. LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichols 251G K Street Ift-T-tf PAR ¥AUES Beautiful 6-roorn homo with sunroom. In perfect condition In southwest district, near Bealt> Park. Hn*> three large bedrooms with lots of window space. Closets and jfnnn clostta nr-- plentiful. Large livmc room with fireplace and built-in bookcase, large dining room with built- in buffet. Large well-arranged kitchen with tllo drain, largo breakfast nnok. Basement and spacious service porch. Large bath with bulit-lu vanity and stall shfiwer, beautiful lawn and Khruhi. Full price $6000. substantial down. ISfiii Chester 10-2-tf Parlt — Fine duplex on large lot. tlune nlcc-HUed rooms, bath, extra large closet.- eaeh Bide. newly decorated t li!'o:ii;h'int • dotiltU' KaraKe and laundry nays; Jul'OO, HUltNlantial down. Horn,' ami jnroine — I.ovuly 6-rooin home. h;i riK.'uiid flnoi-u, tile in kitchen and imtli. .lust painH'd outside. Almost new, !t-rooni-and-bath aparl- Kf. -l>uvely big living lu-n. lai«e int. fruit and er, fluse to bus. Imme- 173JO. Phono 2-7tiSO. (IS \ ct > attractive MH'iit ov?r Kitr room, trl,' In kttt shade tr^eiv (do diate iHissessuiM. IM'HXlSltED AND UNFURNISHF.D FOI'll-llOO.M IIOIIKO, fireplace, lurge sleep- ni« !>(>r< h and cement basement, just off < th'.-indei : will sell wit 1 or without t'urni- tint. )dt tidxlV.'t fed: uuirU posHession. I'rni'. 'in'uniiuhed. }4»iio. SlliMl down. TWii.llKliKOHM In, use, only few years olii. nit lots r>dxi:in. .lust wcwt nt' i'9 UltllWM--. HOUlil ot town. j'lK'C J.'ifiOO: SI^O" ilnwii. O.M-: AI'KK wilb 4-rotiiii liuilsc and two hU'i-piliK I'oirlit's. spvi-ial nut bin lilin^w ; K"inl giounii. iiltnty \\altM; near ('"aiilax Crnntc *.'!7r,ll. or will trade for house in KakiTHllr-lil. 16BO CUKS'l'KH AVENUE. PHONE 6-COa;l _ ___ __ ___ __ _ __ __ f, :i FOR SALE— On AHa Vista Drive, corner, 63x150, 3-bedroom house, living room, dinins z-oom, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, email basement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Reduced to $92f>0. $3250 down. J. J. Consani. Phone __9-9014. ____ __ __9.18-tf SIX-ROOM stucio. apnrlouM inuintj, double Karat;?, hard wood floors throughout, fireplace. lots of Hie, "nrge lot. fcnr.-ed yard: Immediate popaession. Call owner, 2S07 FOR SALE — South on Ha iligliwny. stoni building, duplex and cottage, three acres of land, water well and 1000-Kallon •tor- Hue lank, $D!iOo, terms. See Paul Sybrandt. 213 Kasl KiBliteenth. Phone _ 5_-."i_003. _____ 1 0^1 0-t t HOUSE for Bali-. Two-room. $75. 4202 _ North Chester avenue. Ruth C'russ. _ (i'J FOR SALE — One-bedroom house. fur- mulled. $2700 ctihh or terms 202!) Owens street. Call between & and 7 p. in. Owner at 1011 Pearl street. Private _ partly. ___ ^_^^ _ H:t Is'EW HOME under construction for sale by owner. Good dlstrkt, 'i block from Horace Mann .Si hool Owner will be at place from 7 p. in. to 9 p. m. Located on (orni-r of Monterey and Harlow _ Hlri'i-tB. _ 04 TWO-BEDIIOOM house, hardwood floors" newly decorated; Near garage, chicken pens and equipment, barns for cow, Situated on otw-half acre. 1705 Normandy Drive. Fee Paul Sybrandt, 218 Kant Eighteenth. Phone 6-6003. 10-2-tf 11-r.N'IT COT incompletely f urnihhi-d, ni''i> location, excellent condition; income J:H7.f»o tier month; $l8.r>oo. Sniilhgali' — One-half atie. two-bedroom house. $3 Kill. Southi-iiHt liakersfleld — Three-bedroom liiiuic. noL n^w but good, lajge cellar, all fenced. J.'ICT'i. t.'ims. _I). C. _"Slim'^Mynatl.__Phnne 8-S^S6. _ C3 FOR SALK. by ownsr. 2-bedroom home, 3 years old: located in southweju section of Hakprsfleld; completely furniphed. Hteel Venetian blimla thriuighout. and immedi- FOH SALM — Threc-liedronm house on West Twentieth street. J:t!ir>0. on terms. _(). C_._Wa_t_son._phiin'!_2-0:.'OX. __ FOIl SALK — Four-room house, two sleeping porches. S.'l!KiO. some terms. O. C. \\'al«on. iihone 2-ODOS. IN LONC, BEACH Sale only, nne licilrootn frame house, single garage. Well back on 60xKiO-fiiol lot. room in build in Iron!. I.'lOl'O cash i-ijuity, baliMKe f.MtO. ('ould hi 1 te- ftnaiirfd. i'ossossinn sunn. Owtifr. phone 2-SC04. 213 West Aloneta avenue. Hakersfn 111. f,;, Sor'niWKST—Small clean home, hard- v^ noil fliiiirs. t\vo liPdionms. Ound location. JL'700. Call :-7r,ii4; after 8 p. in., 2-1 !M 7. f, 4 WINCILAND SQUARE—For sale by owner, modern fi-room house, 2 bedrooms, large livhtir room, dining room, kilchen. .sun porch; vein-Han blinds throughout; tile J'luor in bath, dual flour furnance. doilhie caiage; bark yard fenced; 13000 rash arid assume FHA payments. Phone 9-11392, or see house at 710 Francis. ; l^[o( ks^jn-rth (if NIH ris Road. 6^ IN BEAUTIFUL Casa Loma district on lot 100x800 feet, lovely well-built home, three large bedrooms: has tine basement, double garage, separal" buildine or bachelor quarters. Many lumho pecan trees. v-Hef df grapes and berries. This is a gentleman's home. Price $12,000, now clear. Phone 6-5091. 62 HOME AND FARM buyers wanted. If we haven't what you want, we'll find It. Ran Jnaquln Agencies. Krtward Moody. 181 2 "Eye." I'hone_2-06fi3. 9-1-tf THREE-ROOM house. Tile In kitchen, closo to 8--iiool and bun. $2T>00. 21-I> ViTde. pbuiip 2->9.'i9. C4 FOR SAI^E—Two 3-ronm houses. will) hnih. lo move off place. Call 7-73.1.1 Hfler 7 p. m. 62 For Sal*—Lots I have 20 80-foot lots on East California avenue with sidewalks and all utilities In. Material In available for building a temporary house on the rear oC lot. These lota are being sold on very easy terms. Don't pay high rent anv longer. See Mel May this week at 1.VJ4 Eighteenth Htreet. or phone him at 2-HN78. 64 For 8al«—Improved Farm* FOR SALE—Due to Illness, this fine 80- acr« larm must be sold. Two modern houses, good well, all under cultivation. Priced to sell. See Ray Braniger. 6 miles west of McFarland on Elmo Highway. 64 1440 ACRES semi-mountain bog and cattle ranch; 840 acre* of farm land, balance) grazing- Very good improvements, best one-man bog and cattle setup in California, 415 ACRES of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160 ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. 7-29-tf SEE US FOR FABMS We specialize In ranches and farm lands. Let us hnlp you find the farm you want. RICHARDSON A BIDDALL tOE Hopkins Building- Phone 7-7031 64 VINEYARDS AND GROVES FOR SALE 22 Acres, with 17-acre vineyard, close In, fair impro\ ements. 3£ Acres, witli 9 act en of oranges, & acres of figs. 4 acres of olives; 3-bedroom house, tractor and farm machinery. 80 Acres with 40-acre vineyard and 40 acres of choice open land, very good house and other buildings new well. Well-located and as good a ranch as can be foun.l. 4 80 Acre witr. 40-acre vineyard. 15 acres uf oranges and grapefruit. 2 acres of olives. A very good bouse. A real money maker. 130-Acio vineyard, very good Improvements, tractor and farm machinery, well located. 160 Acres in vineyard, peaches, quinces, almonds and pecans. Will take in about one-half of purchase price each year. We have several choice vegetable, spud, alfalfa and general farming ranches. Phone 7142 Nlsuel * Nlsnel. Theater building._De!am>._C[Ulf. . ___ _ 62 TWO and one-third acres with completely furnished bouse, including refrigei atnr. air conli'r and Rendix washer: has garden. flint trees and thirkciiH: $.'1(100, SL'.'iOO cash. 'it inil»' east nf Pumpkin Center on Tuft-Highway. Phone 2-1050. hui nw TWENTY ACRKS alfalfa, just ready to rut, so will show how well this ground I'ludUeeH; large barn, could be turned into milking barn; corrals; well-built Klnip. feed house, chit ken equipment; implements and a good country partly furnished. See this fnr an y Kimd buy. Will lake small house ge lot. half arre or »• IP nnd some s down payment. Elwood's. 1923 _ ^'Eyi'." __ __ __ __ _ f,3 :i:'0 ACRKS In Knmosa district, un- improvi'il land, ] 4 minerals. A good invpstniPiit for $ IS. (Mil), or will leasi- for 10 years, very vpasonable. KliiH'r Miirtln. :'-!)L'»4. :!20 Jlaber- fr-lilp IniildiiiK. tiS For Sal*—Unimproved Land Fill! SALK —20 acres land; half of oil KOCH with land. C,us Tiah, Route 1, Box 229, Shaffer. Calif. 63 ••ach and Mountain *»rop«rty MOUNTAIN RANCH on through road. ICO acres. HprlnK water, adjoins Seauola National Forest. Timber, posts, wood, fruit crops, ahould retire Investment. Suitable resort, cabin sites, estate. Price $5600. Hob Font. Ralancs nock. 64 For Exchange-—Property !0 ACRE'! near Reedely. 5 acres In olives, 3 acre:: In oranges and lemons; level, excellent soil Trade for Bakersfletd Income nr furm lands, will assume. 2-1747. 63 FOR SALK or CAchanKC, Il-bedtoom. tnod- f-rn Iviinc; Tejuii Lodije, Leue< . for home in Rakersflel'!. Write Box 123. Lcbi"-. or phune 11. 64 FOR PALR—1940 "Crafts" house) trailer, sleeps fojf stove, built-in Ice bo*, $550 <ash Also new radio, $45. Phone _3 1 20J_S. • 6_2_ NKW 2-WHEEL house trailer, 7x18 feet lotiB. 16-Inch wheela. good rubber; rea- snnahle. 701 Weet Casa Loma. 65 24-FOOT trailer house, slecns four, butane stove; It sood condition. Will take small trailer ho-jM nnd difference, at bargain PI i'T. 2115 Kdison Highway.' fiii HOI HIT TRAILER for sale. 1942 eastern far tory-li'iil American. 24-foot, 3 rooms. twin sinks. Venetian blinds. 2 divans. 2 dorrs, heavy duty tires. A-l condition, fleet lie ii.akes; price $1785. See at ilierri Acres store, or phone 2-202.1. 63 P.R.M.1V Cash for Your Trailer. Tr.i'leis sold on easy payment plan. We finance our own contracts. .Mcf.-LKAN TRAILKR MART _ _ 100 Union Avenue _ 8-1 ;j-tf 11HO HCHI'LT trailer, good tires, sleep? 4; built-in ice box. gas beater, electric hot plnn.'. plenty of cupboard space; JftfiO cash. 717 Wilson avenue. Oildale. phone _2 : 7 1 c n . _____ 64 WANTKIJ to buy, 2-wheel trailer. Phone 16-FOOT double wall bou«e trailer, good condition, sleeps four. 3-burner gas Plate, built-in lee box and fixtures, coil springs, booster and hydraulic brakes; rubber good. Cash $473. Can be seen _ 1'j:t Ueardsley avenue. _ TWO-WHKKL "box" ' Phone .1-0.1511. trailer, 6'/ix5 fe<"t. For Sal*—Automobiles EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. — All "For Sale' advertisements of automobiles/or trucks carried In ..he columns ot The Bakersfleld Callfornian must (1) give license number and state (If not California) of Issuance; (2) must state whether for sale by private owner or dealer; (3) each car or truck advertised for sale must carry price asked—"as Is" or "warranty" If advertised by dealer, "as Is" if advertised by private owner. Ceiling prices may be obtained from local OPA office. 10-3-tf FOR SALE—19,14 La Salle (2M4.118); has good tires. Sec at 210 Clyde street. 63 SELLER OR PURCHASER Do you need additional cash to complete purchase nf car? If so. just chime or drop by the AOMB FINANCE) COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly confidential service. W. ./. "BUI" Rergman. manager. Phone «-6796. _____ l_-!?-t? LOXG-WHEKLBASE Packard (9B4682) with fo-ir good 7x19 heavy duty prewar tires. suHable for cotton trailer. Has bad Rood care. Sold bv owner. 1520 Lake street. ? 7 S as Is. 62 FOR SALE, by owner, 1936 Ford V-8 < 1 "i W ft Hi ) four-door yedan. in excellent runniiiK condition. Rood tires, $550 as is. so:! WaKhinsion avenue, oildale. Phone WILT. TRADE FOR LATER CAR, ]93ii 1'i-TOX FORD TRUCK, ALL-STEEL BODY, NEW MOTOR. GOOD TIRES (LICENSE PCF7108). INQUIRE GRIGGS PRODUCE, 1128 Q STREET. 65 FOR SALu: — Reasonable, 1934 Graham Ui"i\I7iiO), by private owner. $150 as is. _ 1 409_Tw ___l_y-nlnlh st r p_et. _ 62 FOR SALE— By private owner, Model A (IIBX179I $175 as is. Phone 2-6604 a f I e r 7. __ li 3 1932 PONTIAC sedan (Calif. -06C680). new spray .lob, new Krade A-l tires, new tot), new sea. covers; completely overhauled; price $325 as Is. By owner. Phone _2-58(l9.___ ___ __ 6,1 1931 FORD coupe (3R81I4S). five good tires. price J1N15. Private owner. Pierce Koad _nnil_C,etty_strpi't. _ Box 737. ____ CIl FOR SALK— 1»34 Ford coupe (Calif. - 71D4M.I), by owner. $200 as is. Address 109 Boiirdxley avenue, Bakersfield, Calif. Call before 7 p. m. : house No. 2. f.:l SKP.VICKMAX being transferred, will trade 19-10 Pontiac torpedo 8 sedan, excellent tirpfl. radio and heater. for ilieiiper caj-. 'Mo. License 4H1-S4:!). KII5H as is. 2208 Lester street after 5 p. m., Wednesday only. Aviation Cadet FOR SALK, $500, pius court costs. 1939 Chevrolet, by owner. (22087 Okla.) Can be seen from 8 to 5:30 at 230 Baker _ su-pel. ___ _________ ''5 FOR SALK — 1929 Ford coupe; private _ P ! 'l'ly_J79X853),_$150. _ 611 Baker. 63 1934 FORDOR sedan for sale. Good motor and tires. Price $250 as is. Eagle cyl station, Rrundase and Union. Phone _ 5 - '.IS04. (9B3427 ). Pr i v a te o w n er. _ 19::7 FORD coupe. $370 cash as Is. (1IB6B5.) Acrosi, street from Roaedale _Si 'hool __o_rjy_H_3- 20 7J . _ 63 FOR SALE or trade, $400, as Is, equity In clean 1937 Lincoln Zephyr club coupe. Real good rubber. (9W1S33.) Private party. 1002 Thirty-fourth street. Automotive Service, Parts COM 'L.ETU body and fender repslrlnt, also front wheel alignment. Charles Vlcstrom'a Oarace, 1620 Twtntr-alrzhtb stieet. Phone 2-7D37. 4-11-tf GRANT Dlston rings last longer. Motor tuned up. greaeing and nlllng; car storage. Blue Ribbon Garage. lfl< Nineteenth. Phnne 1-0674 1-16-tf WE CAN PAINT Tuur Car Immediately. GMAC Budget Plan Call {or A. Carter FRED C SCHWEITZER OLDSMOBILE DEALER Phone 6-6W7 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf WE HAVE the following used trac tor tires, which may be purchased without certificate, 11-36, 10-38, 900-36. 826-36, 650-16. 600-16. Benzine's Auto Service Twentieth and K streets. 9-2g-tf Motorcycles and Bicycles FOR SALK—Size SB bicycle with accessories, excellent condition. 2115 Palm street. 63 FOR SALE—1940 streamline Powell motor r.cooter, reasonable. Phone 2-8353 nr may be seen at 407 Beardiiey ave- mte. Rlverview. 63 FOR SALK—Man's 26-inch bicycle, two- speed and front-wheel brake, good *»hape. $35. C. H, Carlson (Airport Acres.). Roiitn 1, Box 620. Bakersfleld. Calif. 83 1938 HARLET-DAV1DSON, model 61~; praclically new tires; motor in excellent condition: price $560. Can be seen at 5110 Acacia street, or phone 2-5867. 6$ MAN'S Elgin bicycle, 26-Inch balloon. Thi« Is extra good. It has new tires, tubes, rims, spoke*, seat and handlebars, new paint, and Is prewar. Phone 2-0272 or call at 610 Twenty-seventh after 4 p. m. For Sale—Lumber O. P. and 2x10 redwood, Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grad« Road. First gate on left aide, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. ra. to 4:30 p. m. Closet! Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 10-7-tf HOUTS A BOX Cut Rate Lumber Vard, 2200 Edison Highway, Bakersfleld. 9-SO-tf For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures USED FURNITURE, tools, stoves, mlscel laneous articles of all kinds. We will buy anything. Call 4-482S. Authorized Maytag service and part*. Furniture repaired. Bob Morley's Xew and Used Furniture Store. 1800 Q. 82 FOR SALE—Prewar davenport, dresser. 1801 Cherry. Phone 4-4S13. «4 UShID FUBNITURH) wanted. We call any place In city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerl* Roy White Furniture Phone 1-7081 «:I*;i! ROBERTIS living set, prewar, price $60; large dining table, price $15; 4 chairs. $10.__Pll_)lie_4-4304. 62 3-HI'KN'Ki: gasoline stove with oven, first clas- condition. 126 Hughes avenue, O Ihla le. tl 2 CHROMK dinetie set, like new: prewar bedroom suiic. box Hprlngs and innei- sprinK mattress: radio, frit rug, Uxlf>. new. Phone 3-2015. *i2 FOR SALK—Vacuum sweeper, living room set. end table*, pievvar divan, curtains and miscellaneous. reasonable. \VI1I nlno trade, tor dinette set. Phone S-S.'i20. 320 \VilMon. Oildaly. 64 FOR SALI-:—Living room set, nearly new. Pltoim 3-1119. FOR 8ALE>—New and uaed mattresses: all kinds of furniture, radios sold, traded and repaired. Flrat clasi workmanship. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store. On Tart Flrhwsy IH miles weei af Oreen- field. tl KV13RHOT cooker, lloluoint grill, slenmer cooker, Hankecraft eKg cooker, 1-bttrner Plato, I'lilvernal heating pad, nnd Email iron, mono 2-3173. SIMPLEX OAS mangle and gas heater. Call »-»»84. 63 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles I Wanted to Buy—Automobiles THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- TION has set dollars-snd-cents celling prices on used refrigerators, washing machine*, rscuum cleaners, typewriters, bed sprints, camerss and photographic equipment. These maximum prices apply tn every seller, even tn an Individual selling his personal household effects. For Information concerning these and all other celling .irices. call the Bakere- field War Price and Rationing Bosrd. Phone 9-9419. 5-13-tf FOR USED CARS SALE DRIVEjYOUR CAR TO Mfiirst aid I TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER CENTER WE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf Wll-l PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH I?: 3 MINUTES. 8-11-tf WANT 1011 Chevrolet sedan or club coupe, cash of 19U7 Chevrolet coupe and cash difference "Write Robert Ours, Box V. Moin v.. or cali Mojave 80. 62 WANT 1935-1940 Chevrolet coach or coupe. Must be in good condition. Will ji:iy i-nsh. I'lione 'i-ri649. 6^ PRIVATE PARTY wants 1941 or. 1942 Siuf!eb;iker Champion or Commander or other light car; 5-passenger coupe prp- to r red. l-'hone 2-5140 afler 5:3 n. 63 WANT to buy. Ford, Chevrolet or Plymouth. 1S::9 or 1940 model. Will pav __ca^h. Phone 3-L'735. f 2 WANT TO BUY from private party. 1940 or 1941 automobile in good condition. Phone 2-0109. Ii4 For Sale—Furniture, Fixture* Maple rockers with springs, beautiful covers, $44.50. Writing desks, mahogany or bleached, $49.50. 5-piece dinette sets, $29.50 and up. 2-piece living room sets, carefully selected covers, full spring construction, $159.50 and up. Hollywood beds, twin size, mahogany or maple, $23.95. Use our budget plan, no Interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of the courthouse. 65 ATTENTION, mothers. We carry a full line of baby furniture, at reaRonable prices. See us before you buy. Victory Kumiture Exchange, 618 Union avenue. Phone 3-100.-.. Sfi FOR SAT,K—Two mahogany end tablet, two throw rugs, 4xtJ; all $16. Fhone 3-2420, 62 FOR SAT^R—Simmons ?i bed. mattress and fgprlnes, In good condition. 1400 I.,ake street. 6 3 ICK BOX, radio, sewing machine, bedroom eet. dlnlnc set, denk, davenport and chair, miscellaneous; after 6 p. m. 35:U (_' heHter 63 FOR TiAI,K—Sirnmom *,i bed. mattress and springs; in good condition. 1400 Lake ntreet. 63 USED FURNITURE for lale at 730 Quimy street. Plmne 3-2769. 63 THREE-PIECE Slonterey living room set; divan makeitf Into bed; blonde maple dinette, table with 6 upholstered chairs, souil condition. Call evening*: phone 2-9407 62 FOR SALE—Good wood circulating heater. Phone 5-5464. 626 Flower street. 63 FOR SALE—Child's desk, child's printing Preea and child's dresser. Phone 2-8272. FOR SALE—Three-quarter size couch with prewar springs, like new; makes nice Hollywood bed. 315 Arvin street (Highland Park), phone 6-6104. 6± HEMSTITCHING attachment, poetically new. $f>; round oak dining table, (8. 1409 Kighth street, FOR fAt.E—An extension .breakfast set. $13; ConKoleum rug. 9x12. *f>; bassineite on stand, $2. Phone 3-1497. 2008 Owens. 6j( PKIiWAR matching davenport and chair, in good condition. Phone 5-5661. 64 GAS RANGE, with Phone 2-0094. trash burner. $20. 64 STUDIO COUCH and chair, dining table and four chairs, high oven gas stove. and one *»n bedsprings. After 5:30 p. m.. call 9-98315, or 928 C ulreet. 6:30 to 8 p. in . __ _ «i 3 FOR SALK BY OWNER, FURNITURE OF 5-ROOM HOUSE: L1V- IXO ROOM RET, DINETTE SET, SPRINGS, BEDS, INNERSPRINO MATTRESS, DRESSERS, RUOS, DAY RED, LIGHTS. ETC. SEE AT J»27 "EYE" STREET, BY Foil SAT.K — Like new, Wilton matching rugs. 12x18 and 9xlt. color quartz-rose; breakfast set and mirror. 2412 Alturas Drive. Phone 6-5538. KXTIIA LARGE cabinet. $20; finishing cabinet, $20. 2110 Twenty-fourth. For Sale—Miscellaneous AP.OTT 60 feet ornamental wire fencing. Hultonhole attachment for White mat-hint-, mahogany ladder, back chair, rust neat, fireplaf*? mirror, large old rug, two *els of old golf t lubB and two canvas golf bags. I'hone 2-S17H. BI.AC'K fur-t rimmed coat, Tuxedo stylo, Hize 14. Alno black fur-trimmed suit, ni/.e 1 4. Phone 3-02811. 64 FOIl SALE—Lady's all-wool suit, man 40: lady'H all-wood suit, sixe 16; pair of brown siipperH. size 7 AA: black pair, sine 7; two blouses, size 36. Phone .1-1119. .MAN'S Blackstone bag. steel fishing rod and reel, bedding, dishes and cooking utenslla. Hillie Hutto, 707 K Htreet Hit e r__4_P. m. 64 FOIl SAT.K—Large tricycle, child 1 * skipper, ballbearing, all metal automobile, I'orona portable typewriter. All In good condition. 615 lloilhy Road, or call 2-HI06. FEK.N'S ami plants. Large, potted, beautiful and gicen. ^uitablt) for reception room, lobbies, porches or patios. Assorted jardiniers. Phone 2-3171!. KOH P*LK—New luggage, tan oxfords. sixe 7'v-C. $3. Also a good navy blue coat, eize 44. Phone 8-8718. COOLER—Cools large ft-room hou«e. Hlso canvas-covered boat, built for duck hunt- Ing, with oars and .motor. 2611 Nineteenth street, or phone 2-8836. FOIl SALK—A boy's »ize 16 tweed mixture Kiiit with an extra pair of sport pants. Like new. 1S4 H street. FOIl SALiS — Two reversible r«lnco»t». sizeN 12 And 15. Phone 4-4471. 62 FOR PALK—Klectrlc meat slicing mi practically new. Phone J-6044. -,, For Sale—Miscellaneous WE HAVE THE Metal lini'-h kits Slido ruies Tin tunnels and strainers Phillips Bcrew drivers Pocket clip steel rules Klex socket sets Haldwin thickness gauges Overseas tying ord l^lectric fence controller .Mop wringing bucket .Milk Cans .Metal fly sprayers t 'hicker wire Rarhed wire KX-Cable Thermos bottles Dog harness and leashei Bamboo rakes Snap clothespins tlas heaters ("on 1 oil heaters Iron cords Fireplace gas logs Rubber belling Welding rod Electric wire. 8, 10, 12 and 14 ga. Prop cords Wire wheel brushes Flashlights Flashlight batteries, all sizes Steam la)>ies P.estaurant. sinks Stack- pots < 'leavers Meat blocks Silverwai e Light fixtures Paby beds Baby strollers <'rib mattresses Overstuffed sets Bedroom suites I'npaitHed beds and chests Ironing boards High chairs Footballs Boxing gloves Toys OL' all kinds COME IN AND VISIT OUR NEW FURNiTVnE AND TOT DEPARTMENT Hardware and 1322 Twentieth Restaurant Supply Phone 3-0581 FOR See the DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVENUE. 65 We have a limited number of new, not used, army regulation heavy duty 5-gallon jeep cans at $1.35 each while they last. We» Waldon, 222 South Union. CAN DELIVER at once the following new Case machinery: Model L tractor; also hay chopper; also 3-bottom plow; also 66 home pumping engine, and Adrian bale loaders. C. L. Stancliff, Twenty-fourth and N streets. 65 FOR SALE—Portable electric welding machine, complete, in good condition. Also 120-bass piano accordion. Call C-632( or see at 3703 Jewett avenue. 62 GET TOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's lead in : rubber stamp company. Ton will be satisfied with Its prompi service. Pads. Inke, daters of al makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. 6» LIMITKD number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons bavins; old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts an' service, fall Welll's aervlci department. 5-5861. 7-t-tf VACUUM CLEANERS. Irons, toasters, heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs, 917 Water street. Phone 2-4570 or _2.-«3B4. __ 10 BASKETBALL with ring and backboard Sir,; alia lady's prewar bicycle, nearly new, $45; medium size boys' bicycle, $26 large size boys' bicycle, $40. Phom _!.:.2.7_27. _ . __ 11 LAKCiB old-fashioned roll top desk, 6 fee long, 3 feet deep, 3 feet high, $60 cash , Phone 2-0188. (3 FENCING We still have a good selection of poultry net ting and stock fencing, Including heavy-eauge barb wire. (WHINS TRACTOR COMPANY 424 Tweniv-fourth St. Phone 6-6711 FOR SALE—Play pen and buggy, both In Rood condition, for $14. Phone 3-0541 2 901 C enter. 62 FOR ' ALK— Portable welder, 200 to 301 amp.. General Electric; driven by V-8 motor; cables, torches, hose and regula tors included: mounted on Chevrolet l',i- ton truck U'.illf-Kl-J.iSea); will sell as unit or separate. For particulars, cal 3-j_37J ; 66 FOR -SALE—High oven gas range, od straight chairs, half bed and full-«lzed email bed, complete with mattress. Also play pen and 60 feet chicken wire. 21! Ka«t Warren. Phune 2-0567. 62 FOR SALE—Thirty acres of green alfalfa, Will cut and rake any amount per day. Phone 2-1020. 62 FOR SALE—1941 model A. C. all-crop harverter has been used three years price $660 To see go lo the first ranch on north side of Rosedale Highway after crossing Kern river bridge. 6: YES! WARDS HAVE FENCING FAMOUS TOP-QUAI-ITY, LONG- LUi'E A.IAX HINGE JOINT STOCK FENCE. HEAVILY GALVANIZED TO RESIST YEARS OF WEATHER. PRICED AS LOW AS »12.70 PER ROLL FOR HEAVY WEIGHT 32 - INCH FENCE AT WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 84 USKIJ Everhot electric roaster, m»ho«any bench, compartment for music, reason ably DrlC4d. Fbona »-!*«. « Per Sal*—Miscellaneous i"lyln« and balsa model plane kit*, jeeps, trucks, tanks, ships flltlncs. balss wond carving knives, dope and rement. Cnme In and look around. Edward's Camera Enchants. 1609 Nineteenth strestj 8-22-tf 'RGB FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Hlchway »9 8 Miles South of Town 9-5-tf WASHING MACHINES Kepalred. quick aervice. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S SOI Nlles Phone 3-1402 08 CABBAGE cauliflower, broccoli, chard, lettuce, relery. onion sets strawberry plants, raspberry, blackberry and flower plant*- bulbs, sctds and fertilizer: fruit, shude tree.i and shrubs. Plant them now. Krauter Nursery, 601 Eighteenth street. 10-2-tf FERTILIZER—100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized. $6 per load delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy, 2-J027. 81 VACUUM CLEAN-ER Irons, clocks and all small appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company, til Baker. Phnne 5-9278. 9-8-tf REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a food stock -f leather and accessories lor re palrlnc. Paul Hnrnunc, 1608 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf WARDS HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE SHIPMENT OF SPRING BULBS. INCLUDED ARE RANUNCULUS, DUTCH IRIS, TULIPS, DAFFODILLS AND OTHERS. GET YOURS NOW FOR EARLY BLOOMING SEE THEM IN AVARDS GARDEN DEPT. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. TWENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 63 DECORATE your horn* with mirrors. W* specialize In mornirs for mantel*, walls and doors. Baksrsfleld Glass 1 Company. 1715 Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Company. Phone 8-8681 J-18-tf ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or ssrvlce. call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring. 2-8970. Electroluz Corporation, 1881 Orange street. 65 TIRE RECAPPINQ ONE-DAY SERVICE CLEROU TIKE COMPANT 1717 K STREET PHONE «-«0«» 2-29-tt "Paris Liberated" and "ianks Capture Guam" and other newareels, 8-mm anil Ib-mm arenlr. adventure and aporta pictures. New cartoons. Little King. Drn a Id Duck. Mickey Mouse, etc. Ed ward's Camera Exchange- 1(09 Nineteenth. 9-19-tf NVw and uaed. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock In Kern county. KERN PUMP KXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 70 RANCHERS. builders. Prefabricated metal buildings. No priority. Any sizi or deslcn. Daley Company, Mills build Ing, San Francisco. 64 ONE 3 pair of S-lnch hard-toe driller's boots PUBLIC address mualc Instrument, plrkup and amplifiers. Gore's Radio Shop Arvln. 66 NOTICE; J. A J. Electric Iron Shop (11 Nineteenth Street Uay have beating elements to fit your Iron. Cordu and a few motors for aale FOR SALE—Used cafe equipment Includ ing coun'er, stools, steam table, griddle dishes, «tc. Write Box 263. McFarland or phone 1551. 6! Hearing with my VACOLITE. 1 can laugh with the others when a good joke Is told Clement Hershey, 2736 Center. Phom 2-0571. 10-9-tf BROWN *ur coat, practically new. fo sale. Phone 8-1717. 6: WARDS ALL STEEL FARM TRUCK, ARC-WELDED FRAME FOR EXTRA STRENGTH SMOOTH RUNNING, LIGHT DRAFT. TIMKEN ROLLER BEAAlNG EQUIPPED. ADJUST ABLE BOLSTERS. ONLY 1 INCHES HIGH FOR EASY LOADING. PRICED AT $104.50 SEE IT TODAY AT WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVENUE FOR SALE—Blue-gray flngerllp fur chubby, worn very few times, »75. Cal 3-1784. 62 ON12 complete 10-horsepower Pomona pump with switchboard, approximately 100 feet setting: price 1300. B. J. Han del. Route Box 193, Wasco, on Weatern avenue: phone 4943. SAN JOAQUIN and Lacey's feed delivered to you. Sudd's Market, Oildale. Phone 6-6721. SCRAPERS We carry The BeGe line of leveling scrap ers. Thete are hydraulic-control type and can be easily adjusted to build bor dern. Sizes from 6 to 12 tret, 6 and 8-foot models available for Immedlat delivery. We also have a large selection of hydraulic pumps, valves and adaptors for your tractor. COUSINS TRACTOR COMPANT 424 Twenty-fourth St. Phone 6-671 6 ONE HOUSE and lot at Greenfield one deep well pump, 60 feet set ting, 1300 gallon capacity, goo( condition; 2-ton bale cotton trail ers; one lady's black saddle mare C. B. Cort. Phone 3-2008. 63 FOR SALE — Five-horsepower Fairbanks Morse electric motor: reconditioned. F W. Beavers, 489 Wilson street, Arvin BOAT SDR SALE—16-foot marine ply wood; ideal for duck hunting and flfli ing. Phone E-r,Cg3. 65 TWO electrlr brooders, 6-deck. 309 San Fernando street, Lament. Frank Har ris. fit YOUR LAST CHANCE—Good clean oa hay. J2i.50 per ton: until Saturday Wanted, jointer and bench saw. Phone 3-2078. FOR SAI/E—Heavy duty henixtltching ma chine, !9r>. Herb Loe's Furniture, Ln mont. Calif. «' FOR SALE—Garden tractor. One-hal mile east of Pumpkin Center on Taf Highway. Phone 2-1080. 67 BEAUTIFUL figured blue satin damask drapes. I'ull length and fully lined three pairs need cleaning. Only 115 Call 2007 Orange street mornings only FOR SALE—Woman's brown overcoat. In good condition. 110 cash. 618 Lincoln avenue. Oildale. FOR SALE—Kit uf electrician's tools. 116 Address P. O. Box 161)4, Bakersfleld. 63 4x7 TWO-WHEEL box trailer, new, solid extra won built. Almost new Western Field .22 repeating rifle. Several boxes cartridges. L. A. Wlemers, Phone Me Fill-land 63. : SMALL Royal vacuum cleaner, man' suit, six* 36, %-car»t diamond wadding ring set. Phone 6-81J7. FOR SALE—Drop head sewlnir machine Good condition, 137.50. 1509 Wes Eighth. FOR BALE—Prewar baby buggy in good CMMtitiilB. PhOM I-ltU. For ••! 'OR SALE—Tat.le. four chairs, $10; electric toasior, no cord, 14: ballbearing» skaies. all most new. small *lze. *ji- 4;s Wilson. Oildalc. Phone 6-lilj^. 6J •OR SALE—Oood clean bali>d alfalfa hay, on Roaedale Highway. Phone 2-3082. fin 'OR PALE—Jinn's prewar bicycle, with carrier and litilit. *4<>. Also Rood 30-inch inntlresf. practically new. 415 Douglas. Phone :-4L'9-'. S3 iRAY cnracul fur coat, size 16. Bond fur and in good condition. 1'lione 0-8418. VIOLIN and case including all accessories, $2"). Ideal for student. Also Shnvenmster. Call at 2000 Qui nry_Btreet. SEWING MACHINES SINGER and White. Repair nil makes of sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and irons. Hemstitching while you wait. Kille- drewa Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-94:17. 73 32 REMINCiTON automatic rifle and 8-pmver field glasses; two hoxus of sh e IK 1402 Sha sta Drive. Oildale. 64 CHICKEN nnd barn yard fertilizer free for hauling. Ca»a_Tjonia. Phone ^-191 !>. NEW 3-niece all-wool beice suit, size, 18, at a sacrifice price. Call 3-2785 after G p. m. ^ 6J Rl'MMAHE PALE * SIS Baker street. October 13, 9 «. m. f^h IJd ren's clot h e^J adi cs. M BEAUTIFUL set perfectly matched* red fox furs: also cold quart?, ultra-violet ray lamp, beneficial for treatment of sinus, skin diseases, etc. Call 2-185!ror 9-981S. B3 Radios, Musical Instruments We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12-2-tf PIANO WANTED—Highest cash prices paid for new and used pianos. Phone 8-8981. 9-12-tt CAH AERIALS for any make ot car. 14.11 and up. Poston Radio corner of K street and 99 Highway. *-l-tf HIGHEST PRICES paid for used radio*. Bakersfield Radio Pupply. 1808 Chester avenue. Phone 2-6160. 8-11-tf W7L1. PAT highest cash pries for your piano. Call 8-8678. l-2«-tf Several good reconditioned radios. Priced JCO to j:ib Quick service on radio repairs. Puck's Radio Service. Phon» 2-5193. 715 Washington avenue, Oildale. 6» WANT TO BUY small shortwave portable radio '.or serviceman overseas. Phone 2-7197. 62 RADIO REPAIRS Quick aerlvca. General Service Company. 813 Baker. Phnne 2-9278 4-24-tf TOP PRICES Mid for late model radloa. Poston Radio Serrlcs. corner of K and 99 Highway. Phone 2-0498. J-l-tf FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE, Wo now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials Installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf PIAXO for sale, Klmball practice piano, \valnut case, in good condition, has been thoroughly reconditioned and is fully Kuaranteed. Full price $125. terms J8.84 per month. Free delivery. Baldwin I'iano Distributers. 1513 Seventeenth filreet. Quick service and sensible prices. Biff Htock of prewar parts. Wo have, a few used radi'is for sale. Buck Radio Perv- l,o. 71.1 Washington avenue, Oildale. Phone 2-S19I!. 67 Cameras and Photography UNIVEX 8 mm camera, also 8 mm projector. Might trade for violin. If interested, phone 2-2803. Typewriters, Office Supplies WILL FAT CASH for typewriters, adding machines, cbeckwrlters and cash registers. Lynch Typewriter Company. 1650 Chester avenue. 6-!9-tf Fruits and Vegetables CANXINO TOMATOES UTO 89c No. 1 TOMATOES LUG S1.K5 r.UEHN TOMATOES LUG $1.15 CRANBERRIES LB. SSn POTATOES. RUSSET. 100 I.RS. $3.65 DELICIOUS APPLES FROM WASHINGTON ALL KINDS OF FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES. REASONABLE PRICES. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TILL 8 P. M. PHONE 2-9730. OAK A.ND BKUN- DAGE. 63 $1.89 Full Lug. Bring your own containers. 1019 Baker East Bakersfleld 9-7-tf Vine Ripened Lug, 76o 1019 Baker St. East Bakersfield 10-6-tf SWEET POTATOES for sale. Nursery, SOI Eighteenth. Krauter'a 10-6-tf New crop, but won't last long. Slicing or pickling. Bjr the lug, $1.50 and up. Bring containers. . POTTER NURSERY 2539 Lake Street «J FOR SALE—White Rose and Ru*cet potatoes and Washington packed apples: canning pears. Maple's Market, on Third and Union. Phone 2-1536. 62 CHOICE APPLES We have received another load of Watsonville apples. These apples are all of choice quality. You will find the Bellfleur and Pippins are large, fine canning apples and can be purchased for the following low prices: Bellfleurs, $2.69 per box. Pippins, $3.49 per box. Also Delicious, $3.89 per box. AVe also have Tehachapl commercial Russett potatoes at $3.49 per sack, some No. 1 Tehachapi long white potatoes at $3.79 per sack. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth and Union. Phone 3-0961. 67 WHITE HEATH PEACHES For sale; picking every day; bring containers. Out Edixon Highway to Magunden store, south on Fairfax Road to canal, turn west to third house. F. M. Morley. phone 21-F-6. 62 Poultry and Livestock ONE gentle 6-year-old mule. Bar O Stables, east of China Grade on road to Kern River Park. «3 WANTJS:> TO BUT—Heavy r»<? hens, also red frysra 2 Mi to 3 Ibs. Apply cbef, Bakersfleld Inn. Phone 5-E951. II ATTENTION. POUL.TKXMBNI Our Market Is Open W* Pay 'Cop* for Fryers and Roa start One Bloc* West of Bait Bakarsflald Post Office 1101 Kern Street Dial 1-1461 BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET BUI. SELL or trad*, all kinds nt Hy«- stoch. Phom I-J02J, Roy Johnson. I mil* north Pumpkin Centar, toe yards •aat on Hosklns Road. 1$ FBTERS for aale. 40o » pound, ttl Wes Bella. Riverview, C

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