The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 14
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CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON SPIDERS DT GET NT ( Vw^%& A V ."'"'t' 1 •>">! A-V*. ''•/•:.*tf TH 4] i I L * [•<6i HEIR FOO ONSTRUCT MAKES IT ISLE FO THEM "TO F UPON THE INDIVIDUAL. THREADS/ AN ENLARGEMENT OF A SPIDERS FOOT IS SEEN AT THE RIGHT. '*> '. r 'i*l **•/'. ^4-m iS£'f-%* •>. HAS A HEAVIER SNOWFALL. THAN PARTS OF ALASKA AND NORTH ERN CANADA •fc * " ' T S J U^fV* T *"*ft ttv /" *~Jk M' -%w-vS(J» •?'*•&&* j^/^W^-^ k* ^-arjffcF.fL-Stetti-^fcK. *• i 0 PUFPlN MOUNTS A PORTION OF rrS BILL ONCE EAdH VE.AR.. A 1M« tY NKA ICHVlCf. IMC, SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "I rniwrd mj children and moHl of my (rranclchlldrciu I ihotiKhi I did n good Job, but none of them IIUH enoiiKh ncnHo to bo triiHlod with my great grandchildren." LAP •C.I • "The teacher «nys we golta be vaccinated, Fanny. Will th* mark ahow much?" "How do I know what you'll be wearing In 10 yean?" n hul AVo hlivn not u rt'ul jHMiro Hfrico Hut of Iho World War. Ainrrlfa \\\\\\\\\ bo Haiti to LMJ thu only natluii to \\:\\* a iwace iniud. — Kuwton i>. liakur. of war uruSor I'realdent OUT OUR WAY I r — ^^_, ^^_^_^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^u^^^j^^pHte^^^dU|^^d^^ ^ ' SAY, A GUV COULD MAKE MONEY ,THKRE, WITH A GAS STATION • AND LUNCH ROOM . I'VE COUNTEP FIFTEEN CARS JUS' SINCE WE BEEN SfTTIN 1 HERE. THAT OL' SHED COULD BE RXEP UP PER A VERY LITTLE h^MA^UH^^^^h^^^^^^B^^^Hf^^^^^H P^^^^^^^P^^P^^^^^^P^P^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YOU'RE GOOD AT FIGURES, GOLDY/ WHAT COULD A FELLER MAKE THERE,AN' WHAT WOULD IT COST TO START? YEH, WHAT PERCENTAGE OF CARS WOULD STOPMHAT COULD YOU MAKE ON A GALLON OF GAS. OR ON A SANWICH, ER- By WILLIAMS •, : ' . ^~^^™^^^•^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•""^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^"^•"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^P^^^^^^P^^P^^P^^PJ^P^P^^^P^P^P^^P^^^P^P^P^P^P^P^^P^P^P^PPJP^P^P^M X CHARGE FOR ADVICE, FROM NOW OK- )N ADVANCE,' I'VE BEEN SLANDERED/ THREATENED, OSTRACIZED AND LAUGHED AT FOR FREE AD VICE, SO -TO &S A HIGHLY RESPECTED CITIZEN,LIKE LAWYERS AND DOCTORS- HAVE YOU ANY MONEY WITH YOU? OUR BOARDING HOUS i. i '•! \ r ,* .**" -H! *l .*• il! f 1 V vf T. M »rO, U. », PAT. Off THE 9-** With MAJOR HOOP VES,VT(5 UENRD O TWEBUSY I CCMBEO M1W 'D CO T W MOPE TOP WITH A - MOST OKllQU 6OLt 6E DRESSE MV WOP LVS MAM \K TM HE MA3OK5 LUCKVDAV i- I. r I THE GUMPS A Man's Best Friend * 4 IT MUST BE SUPPER TIME-QUESS. I'LL JUST TAKE ANOTHER NOTCH MY BELT- ,NC5 A P0<3 „ . JTS COMPENSATIONS,BOI SEE YOU^VE FOUND YOURSELF A BONE WHAT/ YOU OFFER ME YGUg. DINNER? YOU'RE A REAL FWEWT' BO-*/ BETTER EAT IT YOURSELF 5 , OLD YOU MEAN WELL,BUT THERE'S KIO NOURISHMENT IN THIS FOR ME - 'JTvI'T'V.'r- 1 »* i -1« +'**,'/' • '< :• - .• •?«; v. i,' JH « fl- .'. ^.C'S'.'iv'J/ J f/^m-:';XV^ ; v : :.;- IMvitesiif !^»:^-te=1^ t: /i .•;•/ •> '>:*%.•:•; ^Fl'<\Lr^P<ihP i 1 V - * » ' ' • I • • * • V ' * I , - * , * 1 F X * ~t I * r r ' , I • ,-, .",•,».' ','-'-' ~ •'. n'l* .' ' t ' -"•-" .'.'l . . - . . *•• , - f - . L r i t I **» i .'. p »:•: 4 • k ,^s^, ••:•-<*/*! H •v?flB(*wy*' i i~i i»Ji~ij. _i_ . I I X--" N'^tV* V*'. >*- '*'.' •'»".'.• I WM* • i r • r »_ Offj by Chleivo BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Old Stuff By MARTIN VOO VOUR OUYFfV TO S3E OH , I XOO V V.OOX HOV OAV\ COOV.O TO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Moose Bagley By BLOSSER MAMS I? BAGLE/...MOOSE 1( I ^" | H EOWE U REMEMBER? E.AQLEV.. FROM WCW COACH ! WE'RE GOMKIA WIW RXHBALL GAMES TW.s ? I GUESS NfoU BOVS WAVE HEARD OF ME BEFORE! BALL ON THE V, - IX trt/Y^CTI A/*3A IL ICT'Vfc KICKOFF -^OAlwSr'ly^MSLEy SLEY COLUEQE;]' WAS AMD RAW IT 90 /v/ALLOPED YARDS TO A » ( &f EVERY TOUCHDOWN ! ,> TEAM , H THE LEAGUE! ^ I LAICRIM WA8WT THAT THE GAME 1 THE THE KICKED A WIMDPR^CTI- RELP GOAL SIXIY YARDS- EVEF»/ KICK OUT OF THE STADIUM THIS AT SHADY SIDE.WE'LL STRESS THE KICKING GAME! I'LL PEUCV/S qpiHO MORE KICKING THAW EVKR DONE/ HE pIDNT SAY WHETHER THE KICKIWS vMDULD BE IM THE FORM OF PUWTS OR COMPLAIKTTS !/ OOkS A5 IF BAQLEY GOTOFP TO A PECULIAR WHY? 1PH BY NCA THE BUNGLE FAMILY Practice By HARRY J. TUTHILL , L Huh . who iu noth ho IH ev A woman? Bah g. A man? erything. Thora H no niiyihlnK In the world that in not opva to him. - Zdenltii KoubUova, Caoohowlovaklun In homo K\lroiu'iu\ (MivintdoN muu liiul womttn llx»« In fmr of an InvlHl- I>U' liuiul. Yot wo Amorli'uuH nro tul- ny furiitKii apoHiloH of UUIMO 'iHrilB 10 H«t til) U IVlffll Of flHlT to ciotvu our ocotiomlr prol>K?mti.<-~ WUHum C. BulUU. U. H. mubuHaailor to Franco, • I I \va» win not uo«opt n nv pmn htiutlnK thrtn to KO to" war In a Ulspnti- whlrh IM no oonoorn of Uu'ii-H, (i*iorK ; o liuifitbiiry, former hwul of JJrlilHlt Labor I'arlv. -'|l j fc ^ f ••-.. v b -' *-.-• - .^ i - ', J.f '"-": pj ( ^^^-i ¥ '^«*^*Ai^*i.i*w" • • i -, •<* j -i , • ' L , » ' S .. I J« -lBr ±V-r Dood Dood hat Dood Ahem one once Row ow sure When Ros been low low hat Qoorae more Rozzum name me nsul R-X) arQ the sag meant her last ver room Now Mg tense the uour catch ame demands U22U

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