The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 12
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W F T?-W * ! iW, " 3 ,'* ' " . , , *)-7- . r ' , "M «\"'- 'iti y '*'/ , '' /' 12 THE BAKERSMEU) CALIFORWAN, TUESDAY, SEfoBMBEtt22, 1986 'Alice Marble and Helen Jacobs Expected to Meet on Coast Hy ROGKR JOHNSON unitod rnn stiff rorr««i>ond«(it B ERKELEY, Sept. 22.-~-Amerlca's newest tonnlfl "foud"—tho rivalry of Alleo Marbln, Unitod StiUoft nntlonal women's Dingle tltllst, and Helen Jacobs—will bo renewed during the Pacific coant championships October 3 to 11 on tho courts of the Berkeley TennlH Club, It wan Indicated today. If Miss Murblo and Miss Jacob" reach tho finals of the ulngles cham plonithlp. nnd It wtw believed they •would because of scarcity of topflight competition, they will moot for tho first tlmo sliiro tho blondo Ban Francisco Klrl Btarlled tho tonnui world by tipHettlng "Jake" In the Korcat nillH tournament. Whlln tho Pacific eoa*t tonrnoy will bo a homecoming for throo In tornal tonal stars—Mi™ Marbln, Minn Jacobs, and Don T.ludi;o—ono name will bo conspicuously absent from tho entry DHL Mrs. Union Wills Moody probably will not enter the plngles rnntchf-H, but may compute Jn tho mlxi.'il doubles. No III* Three Participation of Mm. Moody, erit- •while "mi'-en Helen" of thn courts Who abandoned her InU-riiatlona tennlH rniver In favor of drfH» <!<• nlljnliiK. In I'" 1 woman's Kinglet would round out u "big three" am! jirovWu I'aclflc COIIH! fan« with a potentially pennai tonal battle Involv Inff a fnriiuT Wimbledon champion thu prt'Horit Wlmhleilon champion nnd tho nnlloiittl chnrriploti. With I Km Hudgo DIP only flrnt- bracketed piuyor entered In thi nien'M HlngleH, outcome of that dl vialon apparently WOM prndotor Terry Is Out perry, world's number one player probably will not bo entered, for reaaonx deHcrlbnd t>y tennlH officials as financial. Tho Houthorn California TennlH Association re porterlly has nuked tho Northern California TennlH ARnnclatlnn to nharo thu ciprnxon of bringing tho champion from tbo «m»t. BULLET BOB BJtt)WS Sfew Records Are Set by Outboards (united Prtli Liana Vfirt) OKDAR LAKE, Ind., S6pt 22.— Nell Cooper, 16, Kansas City, and Clinton Ferguson, 19, Waban, Mass., lontributod two n*w national hydroplane records to the books of the uttlonal outboard racing commission oday, Despite unfavorable conditions for tho first day of offlcla.1 trials under commission supervision, Miss Cooper set a record of 34.488 miles per hour h her midget ritcer, exceeding the former mark of 33,888 net by iDlmar Schneider, St. Louis, at Tulstt, Okla., ast fall. Ferguson set a new class B airuv _ T ur record of B0.992 miles por hour, Ho held tho former record of 60.608. Ward Angllley, Mftfysvltle, "Calif., was tlm'ed at-48.004 in tho amateur runabout trial, and Andy Laird, Tracy, Calif., at 48.754 in the proffes stonal class, both records. * STANFORD INJURIES PALO ALTO, Sept, 22. (A, P.>~ Stanford probably will havo to defend Its' coast conference footbflll championship without the triple threat services of Bill Paulman, full back, whose fractured nnkle may kdep him out two months or more. Dr. 18. V. Roth, toam physician, •aid Paulman will bo roleanod from the hospital late next week but competition Is out of the question until November. The injury woa re- colved In scrimmage Saturday. Jimmy Coffla, loft halfback, suffered a knco bruise In tho crcram'bH for first team positions. Ho Is not counted on for tho Santa Clara game Saturday. Hero IB thn start and finish of tho rti'llvory that has made Mob Fellor thn Btrlkcoiit nensAtlnn of lh« ma- J<irH. K«llor, I hander of tho Cleveland Indians, ostubrtshnd an Amnrlcan I^aguu record mid n(|imlled Dlw.y Dean's National r^nRiio mnrk by fanning 17 Philadelphia Athlotlcs. The Iowa farm boy struck out 15 Sh Louis Browns on August 23. STANDINGS RING ECHOES l'rr»t I,ra»fii Wlrn) CHH'AdO.—Kddln Cnrroll, Ottiiwii. Ciinniln, outpointed Tools llcniHleln, 181, Milwaukee (H). NEW YOHK.—l//,y Jnniiiu/o. 1'ttHi, New Yorli, oul pointed Ous- Juv Kder, 117, (Jernumy (IB). flOLYOKIC, Mn«H.—Andrr Jes- Hiir l-in, Nciv Yorli, otilpolnlcd Hobby Cortoi, 148. Mnxlrn (10). NKWAKK, N. ,1.—.liilm Anderson, 17fi'>.i, Sweden, mid Kredillo 1H2, Newiirli. drew (10). NATIONAL LI5AGUI5 Won Lost Pet. Now York ........... 80 67 .010 Kt. Loulw ............ 84 04 .B«H (!hlcn«o ............. 84 Of' .R18 I'lttsbttrah .......... 82 87 .B50 fliielnmitl ........... 71 77 .4«n TIOHton .............. 07 70 .450 llrooklyn ........... «» «4 .420 Philadelphia . . . ..... M 1)7 .1140 Yesterday's Results Rt. Louis, fi; ChlniKo, 2. llrooklyn, 7; HiiHton, 1. New York nt Philadelphia, ruin. (inmes Todny Brooklyn nt lioslon. N»w York (il I'lilliidelpliln. I IMItsbnrKh fit f 'blcaKo. ' ('liic-lnnutl nt HI. Loiil*. London Air Makes Writer Ashamed of His Own Name N lilW YORK, Sept. 22.—Bill Tarty 1 can lead his New York Giants to the National League pennant by winning today's doubleheader against the Philadelphia Phillies. Two moro victories will win the flag donplte anything the St. Louis CardJftala or tho Chicago Cubs can do. Tho best the Cubs can possibly do Is to tie for tho championship and that would necessitate a clean sweep of their flvo remaining games BELL TERRY IS FACING CLIMAX FOR LEAGUE By LESLIE AVBRY (Vnttet Preti teattd Wire) while the Giants 'lost all of the eight Loughran to Meet Unnamed Foeman (Untied Fruit Leated Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 22.— Tommy Loughran, veteran Phlladel phla heavyweight, will make another San Francisco appearance Friday night, October 16, at Dreamland Auditorium when he ineets a yet unnamed opponent under aus' plce«* of Promoter Tony I'alasblo Loughran probably will be signed with either Andre Lenglet, French fighter; Lee Savoldl, who recently knocked out Ford Smith o£ Mon tana, or Frankle Connelly. . ' Loughran recently declsloned Ray Impellltlerre, giant New York Ital inn, who Is scheduled to fight Phi Brubaker of Dlnuba at Dreamland Reedy Starts on Taft Grid Sdfliid- POPULAR MOVIE STAR ONDON, Bopt. 22. T ON .J of -liven a Btay In London Is HUtflcloMl to inuko an Amorlcnn HportM writer not only dissatisfied with tho wnutlinr, r;ooUln« »nd dollH, but. al»o with hla own riumo over his AMKUK1AN New York lictroll \Vnshlnirton iCIeveliuid Ht. Louis I'hllndolphla \Von »H HI 7R 78 70 7!t r.r, fit Lost 'III «1 (If) 7» no !llt Pc't. .fifl7 .r>44 .Bit! .B24 .5M .400 .S7» ;l ' 17 A'ehlerday's Itesulls No (mines scheduled. fiames Today HI. Louis nt Detroit. Ctllc;l|[O III < 'levellind ItiiMtou nt WashliiKlon. Philadelphia ut Nnw York. 1 i t < ^ .»,^-^^.-. MANKKISIH) KKJIIT I/OH ANfllflLHH, H»pt. 'J2. (U. P.) Al Munfredo of I'Yeuno tonlBlit lie- fnndH bin California welterweight clminplomddp In u 10 round bout nt Olymplo iinilHorlum iiKaln*l Ablo Miller of Los An«elen. Tho Fronch ItiOlaii wnn only an e,ven money bet iiKalnnt Miller who held him to n drnw hero several weeks iijco when thn locnl battlor was a henvy Hhort-onder. GASOLINE ALLEY trnlll I Rot here nnd l)f>Ktin read I nit thft KtiKllxb HporlH |)UK"H I tin nairni Mi-r.i>mor« HooiiH.d pnrfm-tly mitlsfar- lory. I knew II wiimi't. a KlinnonniH riaini', lull I IH-VM- WUH nnluiinc(l of II mid iipvi'i 1 IKK! Hi"' ui'K" to mako a r-biiiiKr. Now. wlii-n I Mi-o II In oi.-i-ii Hliinnl Aiiii-rlciiii pnpiTH which • London, II Hdciim miserably spin-d. Tiiui'l bo mirprlBud tf when I I g,'l hark homn I Htnrt UHlnK tho I noni ilo pltmio of "('old Blroum Hot KP\II-H" or "Tolriihiiin l!ovor." Only a m-uttorlngr of lOiiKllHh «port« \vrltnm UIIH ttiolr own iiiunnH. Ttn- iiiudliiti'ly upon Joining a nowHpnpor tlicy ndopt roninnllc, colorful or rtrn- mull"' p"ii nnnii'H which lll't.H cvory- thliiff tlii'y wrlto oul of tin. ordinary. Tnlio my fuvorlln IIOPHO rai'liiB corn- ini-nliitorH for cxninpli-. 'I'liclr niunrfi prolmbly urn MOIII^I lilnt; UUc Milton Muti'licr unit '/rid- Sinllli. Kill oiin : wlio wrlli-H for nioruliiK pupi>rn H!KIIH I hlniHflf "Nliflit \Viiti-lininn" nnd I ho I ono who woi'liH for mi iiflornoon j Hln>(M IIHPH Hlmplv "\Viilrliinun." ! TlioHn iiiinii'H not only ronjnro up !a draninllc plclurn but. liiHpIn 1 faltli ! i!H well. Whonovcr I road "Night Witlclmmn" I i-iin HOU hint, lantern In bund, nmklni; I lie numdn of the stabloH In I \w dcnil of nlnlit plrklng up abmihitcly liml bllH of Information Illld HPolMK Hint llorHKH tin KlVOS hlii ri'iidci-H to lid on urn not mo- Icntnd by HfoundrplH of tbo turf. The muni' IM trim of unothnr Of my fuvorltoH-- "Tbo Mon on tho Kpol." <'rrtnlnl.v If you bad a bet to HOtlln It would Im much moro sat- ri'iirh i ililnn, until- 1 Hptirn, Ily 1IRNRY McLGMOUK Ufttiud I'"!" Ht»« Cori«it)0nil«nt Ittfylnit to pay off on the word of tho "Man on tho Spot" than on tho word of a bloku namnd Horace, AVII- lard or Vlncont. "Tho Man on tho Hpot" man must bo an agllo soul, for In ono edition of bin piiper I counted flvn storlnn by him and each one from u different locality. nihor London HporlHWrltor'H names which cbnrm mo nro 1'nnloHH, Achll- IOH, Trojan, AH!rat (ho ducH a dog eolumn), I'lilallniiH, (.Jrimnder, Knl«ht In Armour, Vuloiin, Tbo Iron Uuke, HlKhl Hull'. I.i'fl Hnir. Drnco, Tho Old Scout, Hobln (loodfnllow, Corln- ' Kennelman, Arbiter. Hot- Notnitd, Koystonu and King Koti. Like "Antrul." tbo "Iron Duke" 1" a Rrcybound hnndli:apper, or "nnp- per," UH Ibr'y say In London-town. 1 havn followeil his nolnctlons and quite underHlnnd why ho IH (ho "Iron Duko." Ilo would bnvo to bo nil Iron to wltliHtnnd nMsaultH which i iiuiHt bo mado on bin person by bet- IOI-H wbo follow blm. HlH liiHt winner WIIH a contemporary of tho hound of HimkervllleB. My nom de plunio of "f'oldHtroam HotHpiu-H" will prove qulto useful to me, I think. However I make wroni? frueHH nnd bulllen Hlorm tho offli-o to black my eyes, t will swear my nnmo IH McLemriro and not "Hotspurs." And when tbo mlrncln occurs and I make a correct ono. will shed rny disguise and allow praise to boat down on my head. HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured actress. 14 Herb. 15 Cautions. 18 Acidity, •• 17 Book part. 10 X. 20 Last word of a prayer, 22 Target. 24 God of love. 26 Court. 28 Crowded apartment houses. 30 Italian river. •31 Cloak. Answer (o Previous Puzzle IFIBIAINIC M KII3H0H ranm HWHH HHM -*- nOXKH ILL JOUIBT. 111.. Hopl. Z2. (U. P.r— Patrick (Pauky) McFarland, who re tired In 1018 after earning $200,000 as a top-notch lightweight fighter wan critically 111 today with a strop tococclo Infection localized near tho heart. • McVurland, atato boxing commission member, IH 48. 50 Dregs. 51 Skillet. 33 Type standard 54 Oceans. 34 Pitcher. 55 Half quart. 36 Epoch. 56 To impede. 37 Spider's home. 53 Region. 38 Unit. 39 Northeast. 40 Story. 42 Note in scale. 43 Wiser. 44 Father. 46 Soaked up. 48 Scheme. 3 To rove. 4 Envoy. 5 Northwest. 6 To devour. 7 Vision. 8 Wnyside hotel. 9 Corpse. 10 Branched. 60 She stars in pictures, 61 She is by" frozen tjirth desserts. •12 To peruse VERTICAL 13 Hour. 1 Mother. 18 Before. 2 Mountain. 20 Work of skill. 59 Form of 21 Stressct. 23 Rested on kneed. 24 Half an em. 23 She has a —— accent/ 27 Container weight. 20 Live coal. 30 Confined. 32 Father. 35 Grief. 37 Diminishes. 40 Swamp rabbit,; 41 To seem. 43 Squandered, 45 Danger warning. 47 Hodgepodge. 49 Toward sea. 51 Postscript. 52 Dined. 53 Negative. 55 Afternoon, 56'Mensure of type. 57 Portugal. •a." ratnes they have left. Only by winning all of their six games while thd Giants are losing seven of the last eight can tt$ Cardinals hope for the league title. If the Cards loso as many a* three, overtaking the aianta will be- impossible. St. Louis remained in the running for the championship yesterday by squeezing out a B to 4 Decision oVar tho Cubs. Credit for tho victory went to Jim Wlnford, who pitched flight Innlnga, although his relief man, Kd Heusser, got in so much hot water <n the ninth that tho muchly overworked Dizzy Dean had to come to the rosouo and retire the last two men. Billy Herman's wild throw past first base In the last inning allowed Leo Burocher to Score from third with St. Louis' winning run to send Lon Warnoke, who had relieved Tex Carleton in tho third, down to defeat. In the only other National League game, Brooklyn scored a 1, to 1 triumph over Boston behind the six- hit pitching of Freddie Frankhouse, Notable was the attendance of 250, which possibly established a record low, There woro no games scheduled In the American League. Dentist Deplores Toothpick Ouster LO8 ANOELEB, Sept. 22.—Dr. W. .1. Charters was on record today aa deploring tho social outlawing of the loolhplck. "Humanity has suffered as a result," Doctor Charters told tho convention of the Southern California State Dental Association. "Everyone with bad teoth has a bono to pick with fashion for exiling tho toothpick." Manipulation of the toothpick, the Deu Malnes, Iowa, dentist said, gives tho tissue between tho teeth necessary stimulation. +»+; • HUSKIES DRILLING SEATTLE, Sept. 22. (A. P.)— Washington's football squad, again at full strength, practiced behind barred gates today while a Minnesota team, undefeated In three years, was en route to Seattle to play Saturday. John "VVIatrak, veteran center, nnd Steve Sllvlnskl, sopohomoro £uard, returned to practice today after having been out with minor Injuries, Chuck and Rink Bond, brothers, ] went to Hotiulnm after tho drowning of their brother, Clifton, but they will return later In the week. 4 « » ' SERIES IN AIR LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22. U. P.)— The schedule for tho playoff of tho Portland-Oakland series for tho I'a- clflc Coast League lltlo has not ynt boon determined, W. C. Tuttlo, league president, announced today. The series originally was set to open at Oakland and, •after three games, bo shifted to Portland, but E. J. Schofter, Portland owner, requested Tuttle last night to transfer the series opener to Portland. AUTO RACE MEET LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22. (A. P.) Fourteen racing pllotH, headed by Billy Betterldgo in his red midget, start tonight In tho 60-lap September championships at tho Atlantic Speedway. ,, Bept, 22.— Coach . Reeay of the Taft High Wildcat* J* nbw insfcectlnaf hto material for thta fodtboli season and find* players lining up uomewhat after the foUowlnr fashion: • •' s , .O'Dall, Kotnmers.TLingo and !Lo«f glvo Jwcdy a, bettor than , , quartet of wlngtnon. The farmer last year was named by Coach Griffith as the best tnd met by Bakersfleld in the valley. ?'Red" Lynch is the standout *• tackle at present, with Thomas looking like a possible running mate. There's a treat weakness in reserve material hero, though fellows like Plaugher, foster and Peterson may develop, At tho guard spots, two light but scrappy players . have the lris|d« ' track. Barrett, a veteran, and Cameron, a tackle with the Lltes laAt year, look the best. Brown and Byers are a couple of promising understudies. * Bob Smith, who weighs 227 pounds on the hoof, and Dick Qarratt, 166- pound snapper-back, are expected to wage quite a battle cor the center spot. There is little to choose be* tween the pair aa yet. While the backfleld lacks weight, this handicap may be offset by coordination and a certain amount of speed which is present. 0rissom, who weighs 150 pounds, is the beefiest individual. Ho and Harold Hogan will do most of tho ball carrying and . passing, being known as the No. 4 back In the California System, which employs a short piirtt lineup. Murdock, Black and Calbort are listed aS fullbacks, whllo the right half job Is being taken caro of»by Stohebraker and Foster. Saulsbury and Taylor are In tho quarter or blocking Spot. In summing up tho ehahees, one might say that boys may start slow, but If they continue to work and learn as they havo been, they will gather momentum en route and have a pretty nice little club at the end of the season. ..4» «. — AFTER BRUIN BERTH LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22. (A. P.) It's a' two-man battle today for tho halfback berth left vacant on tho University of California at Los Angeles varsity by scampering Charles Cheshire. Bill Spauldingr, Jr., son of U. C. • L. A.s coteran coach, was touted as a certain starter in the position because of his passing ability, but Hal Hlrwhon, speedy 175-pounder, threat-^, ens to upset the prediction. Hirshon slips off tackles llko nbne other than Cheshire, Bruin observers say. He's a spohomore. « » * GAME TIME TOLD Athletic authorities announced to* day that tho Bakersfleld-Portervllle lightweight football game will start at 6 o'clock Saturday evening at Griffith stadium. Tho heavyweight game will begin after the close of the Sandab game, officials said. Diamond Dust ON THE MAT rrc*» WILMINGTON, Del. — Yvon Robert, 218, Montreal, defeated George Koverly, 215, Hollywood, Calif., two straight falls. LANCASTER, I'a. — George Becker, 184, California, threw Tony Stnno, 178, New York. PORTLAND. Ore.—Al Williams, 1G5, Chicago, defeated Don Biigai, 160, Snlem, Ore., and Walter Adihi, 101, Dayton, Ohio (two matches). (Ai»ortate& Prcsi Leottd Wire) Fred Frankhouso nnd Jack Winsett, Dodgers—Former limited Bees to six hits; Wlnsett drove in four runs with two doubles. Ducky MedwIcU, Cardinals—Ills single drove In two runs in 5-1 win over Cubs. Anyway, They've Gone By KING odrich SAFHt Silvertown TIKES UK, BATTERIES CAR RADIOS HOME RADIOS t>oo<lric)i Silyerlown :<i'M«i>*'i Stores ui.%'«>ii TWENTY-FIRST AND K PHONE 121 RUBBISH, STAINS ON THS WALLS, WINDOWS ROOM -me SAMS. CHARLIE AMD I BROUGHT THfe LOAD OF FURNITURE, PKVLLtS, OH WALT, THE CLIFFS THAT RGMTED OUR HOUSE — LEFT IT »W TERR\BtB SHAPE. ./ NO, BUT VT WAS SOUR ID6A. ALL FOR A SUMMER IN THB COUNTRYI AV4D CAN YOU CIVILIZED PEOPLE LEAVING A KITCWSN LIK6 DON'T LOOK AT MB LIKE THAT. J DIDN'T DO IT. CAN vou BEAT TWAT! CHARLIE WAS RIGHT. BUCK HOCKKS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Heads for Pirate Ship By PII1L NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS PHILLIPS SCHOOL OF MUSIC AH Instruments Reasonable Rates OFFICE: 1512 Nineteenth Phone 1!M>8 / STREAKED AWA V~ ACROSS /7/£ C£ff£AN PLAM. NOW.'-CLL DISABLE THEIR SHIP- GET BACK TO OUR SPACE fWTROL- .AND THEY'LL BE AT OUR /K^/y / ft£ACU£D THEIR BORIS D SHIP - \ \ BUTI UHMRESTMATeO THE £P££D OF 7HOS£ ftOfF?, IT WOULD TAKE TOO MUCH POWER TO CUT DOWN THROUGH SO MUCH 6ROUND WITH TH£ RAY- I'LL JUST OASM INSIDE AND DISINTEGRATE THEIR OENERATORS/ THERE HE GOES/-BACK INTO THE SHIP.' GOT Hl/V\ i TRAPPED; Pig-tallB are practically extinct among: American girls old enough to play In golf tournaments but Audrey Taylor lets her braids fly in tho breezes as she drives vigorously In tho girls' open golt championships at Buckingham, England. i Never Neglect Piles or Rectal Soreness If you are troubled or annoyed with piles or rectal Bareness, do not neglect the name or run th« rink of nn oper«.»* lion. Any Itching', soroness or pati.itul pacing* Of stool is nat tiro's warn Ing and proper treatment should be fft- oured at once. For till* purpose B0t from your druggist a llttlo Ice-Mint ttn<! apply onco or twice dally. Thtt cooling and soothing preparation quickly relieves the Itdning and sore- n*R*, stop* pain and htiUs the at* foctod part*. Try It. tne-NInt |»; ' htchly rnrontmeoded and It Hecrps Ihft hniKht of folly for anyone to rink & K*rlou« op«raflon when a slwule rettJ- ody that la pleanani and aafa to.usft' be. had at such imall oost.—Adv»

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