The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 11, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1944
Page 10
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IQ Wednesdoy, October 11, 1944 gfo gafetrsfiflb Californuin | THIS CURIOUS WORLD AIR PROGRAMS WKONKSDAV fi:OO lo «:30 p. m. KHUN — News; 6.15, Huns." by Lc-ni, r:,J!K\ KKi —Tmir tn Sm Ir xvitb 7;>M;r r : -i t'.f HI'MC—vl.-,lii;.l Ik.-itu-r: li i:,, .<,: r;i 'Jen. <5::<0 (n 7:0(1 p. m. KliRN—S|..Ml'Rht I:.,IH]S, I,.;..,. Cm ,net Mury Tcll.-r. KKt—Mr. l'iMrV> All'.nirv KI'MC— K.rcl .NiKhl.-i. ;:()(> lo "::<« |.. m. KKUX ri.i\!i,;.| ,1 i.,,,,1:1 fcui'.B; 7.11, Tnl M I!,.T,... KI-M—KH.Y K>MI i>:!, B n of .Mutual ]<p'-.\v!odC'\ KI'.V'* (iirnt M-.input 1 * in Sports; J:f'T, TiHl.iy'p \V;ir O>mm<'iit.i: > ; 7 lo, ljc\\f;i I' 7:;<" In .S:fl(l n. ni. KKKN- -s. i ,:r,i<v AH;'.'. Kl-"I— Knv K'.-ir I' ..:• ,-< • •: II,.-. . ,1 Kli"« !<••!-•, KI'.Mi;—JO'KI ni'.kfr. SMHI In f):'fll p. in. Klili.V — \\••.;, 1, •!„. \V,,i ' i i,., Py -.1 j. I..MII .IP.I At" , i KM—Tl i- MM-, Mi"|-. f, !;, KI.-."W,.,>.| i,;,;..;,„: KI'.VC— Jan h'.ii-; v 1'.. \Vnlly. T.IT.... K:'tn In !»:(>(> p. in. K I.!;:-.'-- V, l:r.-l . , K i-'l — ("n • ;•-.•- oV ( >-,, < ; -^ KI'.MC—r.i;'l....i: i '• ...,i II'MM,.; 0:0(1 tn !>•:!« p. in. KI:I;\ DM-.,, is.-, i- Kl'l—M:. ,111,1 Nils N.,,.1 KT.MI. - ,\. «-. :i r . iv . ]<,„«•!•.. !>:!() In 111:110 n. m. Ki:ilN— \\Mll.l'.-. .\i,.M M-il:n|,.l M,,,.. Ivl'l — l.,os Ant-, i.-- I'lulh.-triiii.nic,g Artists' I ""inp.'t ;'. 'nn. KI'MC—Full,.n Ln\i.-. .!..; 0 ir,. Nuws. 111:00 (n in : :i(l p. m. KKRN- \V], sfl !.<.- M..MICK. KM — Tl.i- Ki.purloi ; KK wilno*' . KT'.MC—*.'in Fraiv i.-co Opura. 10:8(1 In II ;(|0 p. m. KKfl.N' — l';! ;^i'n' s C"r,|iini:l tp<< AeHinst .\'>. K'; in l u . ilariy iivvins 1 ' M i'f!<.M r,i. KK1 — lnH'.,lf thi. .\,ws. 111:4',. Mi-rJuln in MUM. . Kl'.MC—S.,11 I'miir-is"" Opi..|n 11 :<m in 11 ::<0 p. in. KKR.V—TIi>« MOMIIB \\'.,rl.l; 11 IT,. Henry Is I:K J (, i UrhcMni. Kl'.MC—News, 11 of,, Silvi-r Novlurne. . ll:»n In 12MIO Mldnlcht Knn.V—Tnl Wi.'.ns uml ll.x Orrtics-lia' J1:. J ,5. .\.•«.-.. KI'MC —S'lvri". GARY BRECKNER is the lucky person who, together with Larry Keating interviews top Hollywood stars Mondays through Fridays at 12:15 p.m. PWT, over the BLUE Network's "Hollywood Star Time." The program originates in the main dining room on the RKO-Radio lot. Constantin Baka- leinikoff'i 14-pitce studio orchestra and Larry Stewart, rising young film linger, furnish the music. /T'i A, BLUt Nf I WORK PROGRAM GRAND OPERA TONIGHT at 10 KPMC Presented by the San Francisco Opera Company and broadcast for your pleasure by SAFEWAY STORES * 40 PAGE OPERA BROADCAST PROGRAM FREE! Contains story of each opera, pictures of leading artists and all radio broadcast information. Write P. O. Box 3175, Zone 19 San Fr<j;;a'«o,/orFREE opera program AI>VI;UTIM;MKNT PEACE ON THE HOME FRONT Vote No on No. 12 HEAR Patrick W.McDonough Manager, McDonough Steel Co. KECA TONIGHT—9:45 TH I'KM DAY to 6:30 (i. m. KKIl.V- Mirth and Madness: 6:15, Democrats inr !>c-.vey. 6:30 tn 7:OO n. m. KK.R.V -MURK : K-45. M.isiral Reveille. KKI —-Tom O\VI»M«: fi:4Tj, NmvR. KI'.Mi.' —.\lus!< Hi Clock. 6:.-,.-, On the Tin in. 7:0(1 to 7::tO n. m. Kl-:it.\—Ncim; 7.1. r ,. Milrlin ABron-kv. KI--J Tinliiv'F Heroes; 7;lo, Fleet wr.ud KI'MC—Nc-ws; 7.15. Melodies of Todiiy. 7:30 to 8:OO a. m. KKKN—.In me* Ahbc Unnerves: 7:4."., The KKI—March o: Victory; 7:45. Sam liny* KI'MC--T,ii> Tun<fn: 7:40, Weill'B Nevvn; 8:00 to 8:30 n. m. ' K'-:i:.N Kicewood l.awton. 4.15. Vntmy Miirrhrii KKI—.1 .'nun Miillnv. d 1.1. T. 13. KPMiJ — .-Mi.-irty Vwlli.y l-'.r!k«. 8::t() In U:OII u. in, K MIX -lliPukfiiHt 'Muli. KKI—Alhi-i:: Hour, i.i:,, 1 -i v I.' Hiu urn KI'.Mi'—W;iily Tnwn»i,.nil; S-4TI In Ynrir !»:0(r to 0:HO 11. ni. KIJl.N- Nci'.: of Ihf. Wurlil. ;i 10 l.,..-.-il N t ••.< i-: :• i;, in : i i; : ,,,. i, KKI Nr-w.:. «(i.', l-.ilv.inrl JorBfnmin; I' 1".. I,.ill v Slrillll: KI'MC Hdnkn C.-ilIii. [i.l-i, NnmcK and I'llli-r:: . 1 (lii- Nc«>. 0:HO to 10:00 n. m. Ki;i;.N -HidikLisi ut Surdfn KKI Now.-. H:40, MaKiimnn I'aKoi 3:45, llonny MaliKlieM. Kr.\Ii'--Mli!lnnrl. U. S. A 9.45. Ani;l/irn; .Innnifpr J.nBlin. 10:00 to I0::<0 n. ni. KKIt.N-"T(iny MIII-SP; 10.IF,. Jack licrch ::nii Ilt.s Unys. KKI—Volv of n Nation; 10:15. )>tcr 'In l.lina'h ClOHOUPB. KI'MC— News; Ifclii. Tprry'K HnllHc l':i|-IV. l::m to 11:00 n. m. KKUN—My 'I'rnc Story. JiJ.uf, The Aunt .Icinlrna Uhnvv KKI —Aunt Mary 10;.|.',. An liakur. KI'MC—Tus I.'rinn Tlkihpt In : 10:4.,, American Woiuan'fi Jury. 11:0(1 to ll::i!> n. m. KIOIl.N•- ItiiuklinEc Tiilking; 11:15. Inland Me I oil] u« KI'Mf-Ortrli- FnBliM-. ll:l;j. Waltz 't'lnip. .1 I .'Ul n. m. to 12:00 Noon K IOIIN— Claninr Manor. KI'Mi- -Mlnilialtiin I lluriliishts; 11:40, Sammy Kn.v. liirOO lo 12:30 n. m. KKH.N—NI-WH ot tint Wurlil; i::ln. I.iii-nl Nfws. KI'MC—NI'\VH; ILMfi. Noun Timo Nock t)ritH. I'-':HO lo 1:00 p. in. KK.HN'— Xi'lwccn Iho L,inpn, 12.15. Kl'.rnan'H C'ornpr. KI'MC —Country Coinmrntalnr; i::45, MUMIC. 1:00 to 1:150 |i. m. KHUN—Sum Hayes; IMS, Hob Nnhols. KI'MC—Think Hard Now; 1:15, Dram an of l.iK-. 1:30 lo 2:00 p. m. KKHN—Time Views thp. News: 1 45, Blu<! NcWHroorn Hevlcw; 1:5(1, 1,1'npnil Malonp. KI'MC—ilcatllinijH to Harmony. 2:00 to 2:»0 p. in. KIORN—Wlion a Girl Marries; l!:!ti, Portia Fnc-p.: Ijif*.. KPMC—Unruly Man; 2:15. Mutiny on tho Hlsh HP.-IS. 2:30 (o :i:(IO p. m. KI'inN'—Wlien a fllrl Mari-ion; 2:15, Por-rla FIICCM Ufc. KI'MC—IvinB Cole Trio; 2:45. Easy Jthyihm. 3:00 to 3:38 p. m. KI-'ltN"— AiMiniiitincnl With Life. KI'MC—Griftm Rpportlne; 3M5, Lost lOmplre. 3:30 to 4:00 p. m. KRTIN—nthcl and Albert; 3:45, The llllnd Tonhndonr. KPMC—Thlnus Worth While; 3:45, Johnson Family. 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. KKRN—News of tr.e World; 4:15. I,ocal Nrwg; 4:15. Hoport From Pacific: 4:IT,. Music. KI'MC—Kultiui Ijewlfl. Jr.; 4:16, lUal L,ife Stor-ioa. 4:30 lo K:nn p. m. KKnN—Andy and VlrElnlu; 4:45. TIop Harrljran. KPM(;—Worlil's Front Page; 4:45. S.\nnilionic .Swing. 8:01) to 5:30 p. m. KKHN'—Terry nnd the Pirates; B'15. Ihi-k Tmcy. KI'MC—Chick Carter; 6:15, Superman. B:30 to 6:00 n. m. K MILS' —.Tuck Armstrong; 6:45. Captain .Mi.lnichi. KI'MC—Ailvpnlurps of Tom »llx; 6:46. Nreht Ni-wR Wire. P.y MUS, A.N'NB CA1.10T M:iKn t)i... t-oU-s of heavy cotton yarn In 1" Kill or a dark color—th« crochetlnB > isily done. IriHcri a "weilKp" of con- ii'-tuik' M.IUI- to Ki\-f th,' hcc-l a i-otn- in.-il.le iin.1 «i,in] lift. Crochet tha tie nt^ ot lire Hiinii' i-hailo as the lift. Use il'.-int polka-dotted MCI-IIP material or Itoyi-r inuti'ilal from your Khortn or .u:-e KladiH for (ho upper Hecti.uis of thp ni, r iM-i'tmiiH of ihn KUndalH. Thpse flatn easy (o make, wushahlo und coni- orliililc niul soft on HIP fppt. Tn obtain i nmpli'tH crocki'tlni; ntiil fin- lung Ini-lructU'iiH for (he tie-ring mindals J atlcr-ii No. 571S) frend'15 ccnt.s In coin. UiH 1 cent pnptaKP. your name. addrpHH lid tlip patli-rn number to Anne Cabot, lu- Tjukri-Kfielil Caiifornian, 709 MiMsion rert. S;iu I'ranctsco 3. Business and Professional GUIDE Phone 7-7631 for Monthly Ratii ACCOUNTANTS JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Income T«i Kcrvlec. AurtlU 8ntem Bullrilnt Phonr K-B5B1 CHIN1SI HKRBjt T. LIM HERB HPKLIAUBT STOMACH TROUBLE SPECIALISTS a«inedl M far All Allmcnto KKEI'. OON8CLTATION former H«rb Initrnrtor Cunlon Collrac, Canton Cbliw Tarenty.fourth jind K Btrtrtu Ph«n« ft-MSl LAUNDRIES LAUNDRY SERVICE .'l!- OMr Knrlo Urr Clranlnv Kii _ OITIZINS LAUNDRY Slitwntb and O Mlrrrt* PbuBit S-I40I By WILLIAM FEKGUSON - • -.. GREAT - -..'--.-a an^WS. r-*£ : : NEAR WlNSLOW, Af?|2ONA, ' WOULD ACCOMMODATE A FOOTBALL. '•) 5TADIUM SEATING APPROXIMATELY GOG, OOO COPR. 1M4 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. 9. PAT. OFF LITTLE SHAVERS DO NOT SHAVE." B. R KEPPELMANN, FlfeHT BYJUMPIN6 OVER. THEIR FOE AND KICKING IT WITH THEIR HINDFEET. (O-ll SIDK GLANCES I'.y OAT,r.RAITH 19*4 BY NEA MBVICE. INC.~T. M. REC. U. S. PATTOfF. "\Vcll, fur n returned mildler \vhnse t'.iinrllit stniy Is how jiin \\iishvil juur own cliilhcH, j(!(i certainly in.ike n terrific fuss over u few illnnrrx!"' THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSIO "»Vc duu't to do th« ilishcs lonlirhl. ileiir. Mother's comiiiE over to day uith I lie children." FUNNY' BUSINESS By HERSHBERGER •^BP?" It 1H 11 <UIH) • KipJiniiicfi IOIIK IllRlfc nf our \\ a HIKT tntereMtiiiK and tlm United ancient prophec LLMltB POBtpliid. The Bakemfield 316 Kyc Htreet. I encloit •~*\ Nam« — StreiH nr H»r«l L'ity.... w .. 1 * , • III com. I»M ir NIA SIRVIC *'U'e haven't \*mi hl» rtinriilonrv WHEN WILL THE WAR 1 m and iirreHthiK fact Unit critical c\ before they happpned. Pr opheclcf*. o HhlilKtnn Infornmtiou nur,-»HU. contai predictions of the rise of Hitler, the HtutpK. tho present war und Its ov:t. f. Send for your copy pf tblB inti Callfofnlan Information Bureuu, N. K., Washington 2, D. C. e herewith 10 rents In coin (carefully for • copy at the booklet Prophe (Mull lo Wubhiiltdnn, U. C.) •y^BBt^^i^B^JM .vet:" £ND? out. 1 * nf ln«t(iry of lot 10 dT thio many fine IH u rollection (if H fntc of rOnsktnd, K oine. Today's nows iBtnim booklet now. wrapped In paper) 9 \V Xj^ ofr..r- i a nee is in Tell OLT OfR WAI By J. R. WILLIAMS OWOOMOO/ OOH —OOH.' CAW'T I EVER AGIW LEAP A NORMAL. LIFE CUT. I GOT A SISTER. WITH KIPS? OOOO-OH/ QUICK—COME OUT OF TH.ACT AMP HIPE THOSE. CARDS/ HERE'S MABEL COM IMG WITH THE CHILPREM AMP WE DON'T WAWT THEM SEEIMG AMY OF YOUR BARRACK ROOM BALLETS: WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB WHEM vfcU WERE LA55OEO FOB. THW WATCHMAN'S 3O6, MK3OC, I THOUGHT MOU'D BE ABOUT A5 USEFUL AS THE FUZZ OM A PEACrA/-*~0iyr t VJA9 RESCUED THE FA\B. OP MOOPLe FKOr 'lT W^R.V^5 COCKLES OF TvA\5 OLO HEfxRJT TO HE^R. GLONNlNiG VOOROS FROM 6UCH AM A-oTUTE CH)XP A9 VOL)/ — A 6WILE, A PAT OKi THE 8ACl4,tf4ESe AR.E Tr4E OMLV MUM8LH R6\MAR.DS X ASK FOR. , LOM6 MIGV\T<3 O-ll MM. IH« IV THE GUMPS Pala Loves Mania By GUS ED§ON ! I THINK X THIS IS SO SUPPEN- YOU OUSHT TO ^\ WWV? TRYINS TO <JO TO HOLLYWOOP 1 6ET RIP OF ME? WITH TRISHA- IMNOTUOKINS- THAT CHILP'S NURSINO A BAPUY PEKTBP HEART- I PEEL THAT ONE OF US SHOULP BE NEAR HER- BESIPES.YOU ARE A. CO-PROPUCER OF THE PICTURE TO TELL YOU SOmETHING PERSON IN ALL THE ORLP-ANPJ AM THE LUCKieyri GASOLINE ALLEV Sad to Relate By KING WFNt WTO A PONcK DrVE, 'EM WITH ,4LL FOUR WING MACHINE -GUNS. THEM WE LET CO THE BOMBS.' WE gAN<£D M' CAMS AROWD AH' LET 'EM HAVE ALL Sl)C (?OC<ETS, THE TAIL CUNNEf? ALL THIS TIME <£EP/N' Off 1HREE MESS£eSCWM;TT5. BUT AM AC<-AC< FINALLY HIT US AH' TORS OUR PLAU5 KlCUr IN TWO. we weee ALL INTO rue SEA AN' We/SE NEVER HEAKD FROM DID YOU csr our OF THAT ONE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Well, We'll Sec By EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^\f •^^^^^••••••••^•^•^M __ KNOW HE'S CRAZY ABOUT ] i DIDN'T KNOW HE'D ,~™. YOU, HILDA—YOU SHOULDMT / MF SERIOUSLY'-BESIDES HAVE TOLD HIM TO GO JUMP |N / THAT SPLASH MisHT HAVE THE LAKfJ .' , v,— r—-t f BEEN CAUSED BY A COCK .' Positive Proof By MERRILL BLOSSER WELL. HE'D HAVE- TO BE AWFULLV NONCHALANT.' HERE HIS CLOTHES/ WASH TtlBBS At the Rendezvous By LESLIE TURNER I LEAVE YOU HO\N, AMI60J WAIT HERB...' 5ENOR 6EB6EAMTj$ MEM MILL FIMP YOU HE LOOKS LIKE 7 BRIMfi HIM IN, BUT AM AMERlCAM.eUT / KEEP HIM COVERED.' MlfiHTBEAKRAUr JOSES 8RIM6IMO R6EAMT LINK'S TEMPORARY HEAPOUARTERS THAMK5 FOR HELP- INS ME, JOSE! RED RYDER He Who Hesitates By FRED HARMAN THERE'S RED RYDER rtovj.' PRETTT A SHOT AS I &U1 WHAT IF I'D fA!6S.» THAI COVOBO^ 15 QUICN WITH A SIX ' PLUG ANE RTOERS BEEN STANDING THERE ~ TEN CMNLyi&S.' WHT ALLEY OOP The Dickens You Say By V. T. HAMLIN THEV MAY NOT BE YOU'D BE \ & CRAZY AS ONE SATISFIED WITH K MI6HT ™ IN1I<! AMY' THE WOR.P OF TWO-WAY, LET'S WATCH CPA7V STIR-BUSS / AND SEE WHAT AS TO THE IDEM- / HAPPENS TITY OF HIS EXCELLENCY? VOUR EXCELLENCV, TWO VERY INTERESTING VISITORS TO SEE VOU/ HH*»PH! NEVER SAW I AM THE KEEPER O X3U BEFORE IN V <'NO SOLOMON'S MV LIFE... AND VWIVES' CATS.' YOU, MY <=>OOD MAN, WHO MI6HT YOU PON'T YOU REMEMBER ME? YOUR OLD SIDEKICK. A1RO ALLEY/ MY PAL'

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