The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 10
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10 THE ttAKEnSFJELD CALIFORNIA^, TUESDAY, S8PTEMiJEft 22, ROYAL NE District Modinfl Merc Nov. 1(5 Preliminary to Large Slnlc Convention Expect Big Enrollment at Evening High School Here rrrpiiriillonK f"r n hnre Noventbrr 111, Ktnl" convention, n dlslrlrl rally prollnilnary t" nlso Hliitc-d for In April, wcrr mud.' wlu-n Itoyiil N-lchl.orn "I Ann-rlra in.'l IHBI nljtht. nl K of I' hall. Draping «t thr- clinrl'T iind hold- IHK "f (i mmiorliil ncrvk-n fm- Mrs. Kntlicrlii" lii'l.-nily. t«r :»> mi'inli'M-. mill ic u''lv IninU'ii i.nlfr. wu'< n fi'iilin-i' W HILK lociil Bchool ftirollmentfl nrn brenklng all records tlilH fall, a peak registration IH al«o cxpocted at tho HnknrHflrlil evening . lllKh Kchnol when onrollmpnt operiM next. Mfiiulay evening In 11 rjliiMBnn nl 7 o'clock. Kf-nniith W. Rich, acting jirlriclpnl of Hie evening «i:hool, Hiild today that foill'HUH havfi been out. Iliuiii and Iniioln'i's engngod for Ihn ovnnlng !nnlnn'tlon that Will eover N, voi'atlonal anrl cultural 'iir* i\ fl'li'liil Hi.' ' 'hln Mcfloy, \V. «'il Anilr nii. V. u-M Iiv Mesdnni'-M M Shuul, I' 1 . A I,'ifI nii'l .lames K lic./.lnr Mr». <'lirl.*Uii,i Iliiinini'l or Cl-n ilnli-, wild liinl "in-l<"il with Mrt' I «• liinty, HI-HI! ri.iidiilimi-en I" the urili-r .Mi- liciiii-l.'i n|s.-n nf I'IIMO Uoliles,; — illMrli-t rli'pmv. whn wiiH |ir"Hi'iil, ;I|MM Illfllll- rllli'KlHlll' rflllll.rltH, (III- I'llllM-llllllll Will III' dlMrlrl i-ili ll innlllll A • •nil hutiihi'd |i»rmuiM IH M»y AIIKIIIIMII No fern will IIP, charged except In a few <>xc"pllonal riiKPH nnd any adult IH privileged to enroll. Additional Kiibji'i'ts may li" addi'd from tliii<' l'i linn- upon petition nf in or limn' PITHUIIH who flcnlfy thi'lr ili<- Mil" fur IIIMI riirtlon. and prnvldod III" HilhjectH urn roiiMlden.'d Mallnfac- lory hy ill" m-lmol Imard. Ti.'XthookH and linllvlduiil Hiipplk'fl must be piirrhiiHi-il by HlndrntK. The fli-Hl ti'iin will conlttiui! until Dncoinber J7. 8ccond and third tnrniw will begin January 4 and March IH, rftgn Vnrlctl Tlll^ following nubJeclH will bo of- fen*d; Hookkeaplng, buRlriefm JSng< llHli, rltl/.unMhlp, welding, ncwtylfine and clertlrlo; automobile mechanics, plfHiO ctnglno fundainisnlalii, nhort* hand (beginning, Intorinndlatn and iidviincad), typing (beginning and ad' vanr-ed), typing (beginning and advanced), ptiblln speaking, handicraft, woodwork and cablnnt making, mln- nrulugy, nindilrio shop, oil fields niiittitiiTiatlcH, oil fields sclonco, oil ft'>ld» tniichlnory, Hpanlsh (beginning and advanced), lip reading for duaf, nrt dx'Hi rlcted to lon.ohm-N), udvanoed orrlii'Mlra (Ilinlli'd to quallflud iritlMl- clans). I'n i I Information concerning ouch Hiibji'iit offureil may bo obtained from thi 1 Instructor*) at the lime of roHlf- tratlon to tin luilcl Monday evening In Ihn cafeteria room of the local junior I'ollegu building. liiillh'K f" I,.|i| in ,•MI-I , ,.I HrviTii • •v|» i I. .1 I Ii'l n-Mtini-h IH • •nllllllllll'f I \V V. Kh.'iul Mi ii ill.V II11'I I Safecrackers Add Insult to Injury FRATERNAL \\i.ri- Mi'rvoil mini I -if M-N Mlnnl'' Hiinlcln, A. l.iiflirll liy I'HOM li.illim Mil III ,1 s:: 'III VlMlli'if Inr II..I,,11.1 till' Itnlninl HUM ll ml II.- I-i .'i .1 i \ nl i 'iillfiH nl;i Hmurlrifi'il I'rrn t,<il*fil Hire; Tl :,\ AIIK AXA, Ail< . Kept. L'2. - SulVrnii'ld'iM who raided a. motor company office added Hi" proverbial lln' Iraillll'iiial Injury. e Inln tin 1 safe, evading eiidi'il In dlHcliarK" tear ' ni.ilc J'.I.Mi, and tin- liinli'il i.trnllK i nmv Laeltawaniia Cnnnoll Lnckawanmi Council, Ui'gruo of I'lK'nhonliiH, entcrtiiliieil last nlffht at. « rarcl party it the homo of MrH. MIII-IK Finn. KHDI Potts avenue. I'rlwsM for HfnroH wern awarded by MI-H. I' 1 . II. Frei'innn, Mm. C. Mlllor. Mr«. Duliiy Kelly, Norman Short, c,uy llrnydon and I''. (I. McllitrKU. A Hpi'i-lnl awn nl went to MrH. Unlny j Kflly and I'onmilatlon prlxit to C. i Miller. A ri'Kiiliir iiieutliiB IB Bet for : InnlKhl ill H o'elnrk ill W. O. VV. ; hull. MI-H. Martha Henry will pro- Hllli'. Meet NYciliiemlay Hooiiovi-ll I 1 T. A. will meet Weilnr-Hilay afternoon »t 3:10 o'clouk for tin 1 t'li'Mt limn thin Neiison In tho klnderKaHnn room. All mmnberH, both pant and new and frlendM nro liivlt'-d in enjoy n Hoi'lnl hour. Tho will bo InlrocUiited. Mnsle. will Ii" I'urnlHlieil by thi) hlKh Hchool drpart ini'iil. MrH. livln Itiuidolpli, president, will preHldi'. tii-rved by Iho executive 1'ollclt-Howland Wedding Wins Gladys L. Pollett, tho daughter of Mr. and Mr«. \V. N. Pollett be- cdlino tho brldo ot Clranvlllo H. Howland, Jr., tha son of Mr. and Mrs. O. IT, Howland of CornpIon, (Saturday night at 8 o'clock at First Bap- tint Church. Tho VOWM were taken before the Hovormtd Burton Barrett, pUKlor, with tho couple attended by Mls» Mildred Lewis and Lloyd Snider, Vur the wedding Mrs. Howland chose a navy blun dross with match- Ing aocuHHorlOH, I lor corsagn was of gardenia*'. Miss LowlH woro a blufl knitted dress with navy blua acceM- Her coraago ' was of pink , A reception followed tho wedding at Iho home of Urn bride'* parents. tlpoif their return from a honeymoon at Cnlallna and other Houthorn California allies, tho couple will be at home to their friends at 1018 I.I f tin dago Lane. Both young pcoplfl were graduated from the local Hchools; tho bridegroom Is employed by the Mohawk Polroleum Company. The brldo wan honored nl a shower glvrm niceritly by tho Misses 1111- rtrod and Mildred Lewis, B80 H street. OamcH wero played with prizes won by MIsB Dollln Mayborry and Mlsa l''.ll'/.aboth Htarr. A shower of )>leaa- Ing glfls won received from MOB- damoH J, P, 1 lowland, W. N. I'ol- let), Ell/,abi!th Doonc,, Jvar HarrlH, Mal-/,lo Munn and the Misses Dolllo Mayberry, Alttry TesHandarl, netha Chambers, Hazel Illchanlnon, I5ll*a- belli Htarr. Wanda Kurth, Krlna Uoone, Ituby Hountroe and Patsy Lambert. Among guests at tho wedding wero: Messrs, and Mosdumes O. II. Howland (Complon) 1,. H. Loralno MoHdninos — Clraeit Lambert (Mant.a Hima) Elizabeth Moonn AV. M. Polletl .1. O. Howland (Alladuna) J. P. Howlnnd \\. V. Auxiliary inlici-M or llnrrlel .\. Khafler Auxiliary, U. H. \V. V.. will meet to- nlulil al S o'clock nt Memorial hull "•lib MIM I. W. Knwlcy pri-Hldlng. I'll/It I'reMldelllH' ('lull of (Ilil 1!. H \\' V. A titulary will sponsor a card piirlv \\ei1nemliiy iinerti'inli at 2' ip'cliick in whlcli ibi. public. IH In- ill.-.l ut Memorial hall. rive liiinilred will Int played. Mrs. Waller I'onper, Imnti.iNH, anniiiiiu'UH Unit five prl/.i'H will ho given. «'nril I'nrly Slnlnl 'I'll" I'ant I'lieiilinntaH' nnd I'nitl l'iiv\ liiilnIIH' I'lul> nf l>)| Tejnn I'uiin NIL Vlf, will sponsor tlin first uf n werd-s nf afli'rnoiin card parlies Monday, September IIS at '.! o'clneli at the,, nf Mrs. I'Mlth Lyons. '.'.17 l-'liiwer HI reel, Five, hundred ulll lie I'luvi"! lor scnri- Thn pnhllo In Invltrd Mm. I'lilinn Itliick Is Iho en In ihleMM. Amaranlli McHlnj; llitld'i'Mlleld 1'iiiirt, No. ,T^, Order of the Amaranth will conduct a re|nilar nu'cllm; \\'eilne»da.v night al Miisniilc temple, n( N o'clnck. MrH. 1 Kinlly Dutelle MarkM and Dr. Hurry W. l.aiiK". nival matron and royal : patron, respecllvely. will pri'Kldo, Cleorge W. Coleman C. K. Brandt Iva Harris Misses— Putty Lamlmrt Betty June I.las- Patty Culnman ford Vlrglnlii llurr May Hess Harr Mildred Lewis Messrs.— Lloyd Mulder Charted Coloman • « • For IMIsB (iiie.vdan I'VlIng Mlhs Vvolte (tnoydan who \vlll be wedded to Howard Hoedor Ki<pU<niber 21), Mrs. Al I'rleo and Mra. li*reeman Hproyor entertalnod at a surprise Kitchen shower and dessert brldgn party at tho Woman'H Cluli tearoom Heptwinbur 17. Miss (Inoyilan has bon Iho recipient of several smart prcnupllal courtesies slncii her betrothal wivf made known recenllv. A slnglo yellow chrysanthemum, boldhiK a whlln la pur centered each of the seven Individual tables. Refreshments wcru nerved by caiidlellKht. A largo gift lnbtb wn.M decornted hlnillarly and held a giant lighted I'andlo. 1'rlzes worn won by Miss Virginia Vrxirhles and MIsH Irono Houx. The Kui'Hln wore: Mesdames— Itelnrich^Kolifcld Wcddlnit Before a trsllln ontwlnod' wlt'h fernery and Illuminated with tapero, MUm Sylvia Holnrlohs, the daughter of Mr. and MrH. J. J. Helnrlchs and Irvln II. Kohfold, tho BOB of Mr. and Mr», C. O. Wtilltenberg of, LOH AnBBlcH woro wodded at 4:30 o'clock Kutulay, at Mennpnlto Broihran Church. Tho llev. ,B. J. KrlcHon ot WtiflcO, uncle of tho bride, performed tho ceremony. M|SH \Vynona Schmidt Attended Mrs, Kohfeld an maid of honor and hnr othar attondantH wcrn Mrs. Nick .lohimnn and Mrs. Houston James. Tho ring bcmror was jMarvln JJolan JiimoH and tho flower girl, Lorralno BOKO. T .fohn Krauso acted as boat man and Iho viHhoi'H woro Melvln Prlescn and Nick Johnoon. Miss Vorona Cornolson sang 1 "At 0awriln«" (Cadnuin) and Thoodorb ItolnrlchH udded "Bocauso.' 1 Mr«. John Bi!»o wan at the piano. A mon'H quartet comprised -of John tlnHO, John Jansen, Theodore TIeln- rlohs and Al Karber pfesentod mtiBlc. Mrs. John Bone played the wedding tnuslc. A reception wan held In tho basement of tho church, following the ceremony. Airs. Kohfeld wn« attired In a whltn Matin droflB, the lace jacket of which foil to a train of «omo length. She wore a tulle veil and carried camellas, white roBes and ninlden-halr forn. MI»H Hchmldt woro a- yellow organza frock with frill at tho neckline. Sho curried a noncKay bouquet of orchid ustorB and larkspur. Mrci. JohtiHon wn« attired In a tnr- rjuolHo blue organdy frock and car- rind pink mUerH. Mm. JumeH wore a blue net .over floured taffeta and carried yellow roseH. The little flower girl was charming In a pink net dress. •••••aMMHMUMMMBlMIMMIMMMHMBMMIM ARTHRITIS 'HYSICIAN'S FORM RO-MARI SCIATICA NEURITIS A PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA (!,>.„, Gftiit Hritiiitt) • liuporidl .lnrcil> lioin ilu- pnv.ili- lnln.H,itory ol a pHiminonl iKnlor In he ll 4 si, It eld i id, HO MA IU ic.\ihci AmciU.i with an e tumble ifioul of ucliievemrni in Cni-tH lliiiiiin. • Reci.miiiriulrJ by MH 111 'till \X Al POI.F. MR. 1.1ON1 I HAKKV MORI-. a lull-(I ir i Iniiunutiijiiii't. I \ei| wiihieninik,\lilr »iuii-H>\ in cxcc»> utkl iiinjiiunii wluili >u otirn rciiilt in tlicsc inp|'lni|< ailment!. IF YOU SUFFER ... DO NOT DELAY I For nit EXCtUS/VfLYby KIMBALL & STONE Ninutvvnih and ClicHtvr A I Ili'i-ry 1' rocrnan ('liiiinli- lows I.. I,. Davis Krli' JohiiHiin KiMinuth KlrnrilH lOininult Siiillh \Valter WellH Ki-ed CiirllHlo A lion Cobb Ibti'hi'l Uiiukln l.i'iina (.Jnoydan Marietta Hinlth Alice llldarl lloha Mays I rone Ituux (li.'Oi'Ko Curlson CharloH (,'onltlln Clinton Kowlor I Inward 1-iiHlor I )i>nver Sinotzor Build Ware 1 lurold \Vudniiin I/OU|H l.omucohl Itulpli Mai loon Armanda CJney- (Inn Virginia Voor- JlJCH Martha flimdlach lOleaimr Smith Thoreua Kelly For Mrs. Tho homo of Mrs. Frod Welter- holm of 1930 Third street waa tho Hcono of a prettily arranged parly last evonltiR when Mrs. AVotlerholm and Mrs. L. Kveland wero hostesses In honor of Mrs. Carr I>owe. The hours wero passed at the bridge tables, followed by tho opening of many dainty packages comprising a layette shower. The rooms wero attractive with I-OHOM and other full flowers. Ho- froshmorits were served on tho hrlclgo tables following tho games, the prizewinners being Miss Huth Ukoly, first; Mrs. 1'earlo M. Smith, traveling, and Mrs. Lorlno Marshall, roiiHoliillon. ThoBi- Invited In addition to the Knout of honor wen Merrill Culdwell U. Lynch 1'uul i'easo Lorlne Marshall John 13, Weaver Khrior Martin 0. M. Collins George K. Hughes W. lj. Bradshaw Marilyn White Dun Sbull Claire I'arrloll I liirold Uu Tuncii U. 1C. Adams Maurice Van I'oarJn Al. Snillh I'Verl Cannon ]J. O. Klinliall M I«MI'H Jluih Ukely Study and Think Is Plea of B. P. W. C. State Chief MISS MARTIN'S SCHOOL ffnDANCE Children'H ClaNseM in Tap, Italic! anil Drama TAl» CLASSICS KOU YOUNG 1'HOl'LE Morning T«p CliiKH lor Wuinen lor Kxcrclne, l.liulicrliiR aud Reducing, UAU.KOOM CLASS KOll ADUI/rS I'rimtr 1,1'nmin/i in All I' linn en of //in Danev and Drama Second I'looi' Tiiyliir lluildlux (•lumen 9R7-J Kef. J86J.W II . Holiool will) UK tll«blllli«i) aipuUtlon Hiilrollnil anil Nbowor Mr. and Mrs. NlehoUiM (.'avatiaugh nnnouncod tho engagement of their daughter, Mlns Margaret Cavanauifh, to Henry l j achoco, the mm of. Mr. and Mm. Frank 1'aohei-o, tho wod- dlnff to bo an event of early spring. Tlin iiows won made known at a party ulven by tha CiivanltUKhM Hat- urday ovunltiK In honor of another daughter and her lumbiuid, Mr. and Mrs. Kvnrotl I load, a function which took the form of a tdiuwnr. (lifts were, opened and a deleetablo dinner nerved. HepreBonted anioiiK the donom boxldo UIOHO prenent woro Mr. ami Mrs. Frank Allen, Mr. and Mm. William llarrel and I'M Martin. The after-dinner hours wore spent Informally. Attending were: MOHHI'H. and MesdamoH — Kvnrett lined t'. A. Muloek 10. HaeaKiia 1 A. 1.. Itorel John llohbH .1. A. 1'tiehoco H. H. TluitehPf Mary Chaplin M * « Feting MIsH AilaniM To felli'ltnte MIHS Mthel Adams, tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Adams. 5UH Flower street, who Id to be wedded to Henry I.. Helmoor, tho BOM of Mrs. II. f,. Kchnoor, Sr., of Herlteley, Mrs. Tiulli IngallB ontor- talned at a mlHcelliuieous Bhower at her home, 1928 Klrst street, Thursday. The hostess was assisted by Mrs. 13. (I. Norrln and Mrs. I. D. Gambol Olftn wero prem-nted In a decorated bnakct. HouquetH of zinnias were about the room. The later hours wero Bpont en- Joying rofroslimcntB, opening grlftH and hemming; tea towels. AttendliiK wore: Mesdamofl— F. 15. Adams Kenneth Adams A. II. Curran (Iroviir C'lfirvlll Horace UtipoH J. C. Oault W. II. Mullor Kennuth Norrlu W. W. Ha ma go llarvny Khavor C. O. Wiulman Harold Adams K. Karl Anderson .lameti Curran (A venal) Miss lln/.el Adams C. It. ,1. W. Heed W. A. MaVkwrll Frank I'aehpeo 1'erry Tha teller Nicholas i.'iiva- Curllslo J. M. Dlxon Uanilolpli Fujan H. H. JuckHun Suriili NorrlB Georgo 1'ronio, Sr Mnluird Cro\vilor 'rimiiias Si'ott, Jr. Al. \Voltxol II. J.i. Hiioor Alvln Yoder MODERN WOMEN N««d Not Stiff ttmmthlyptln ami Unlay i)u»to '», iittrv IHM nUbln, ei iMMura or flttlllur cuvuni. 'THI DIAMOND PIANO TUNING and Repairing First Class Guaranteed Work Hawley Cogswell UcHt Of , Seiwntven »nr« in ItnkeritfUtltl 1128 JIfil-H-'EltSON STKK.KI' Phone r.7M Special 50c Dinner ALSO De Luxe 75c Dinner lU-Ht Mi-ills I'luiri'oul llrollei IliikcmlU'lil'it l : liK'»l title St. Francis Cafe 1717 tlicilcr AM-IIUC {Alio :i&o Ltiiirli, DOX _ UNOUIUM CUBAN Aak Your Tom tawy»r. Dlttrlbutor oh«ok» COLDS •hd FEVER lint cUy Haidaohi, Ii mMtii "Him. Myrtle Tlmti-her AHeo Markwell Mrs. 1). 10. WalHon llonry lluil Mci.'dnnoll Nlrli Harvey Muloek I lobby Horel ilanUtn Thateher .Inekle llobbH Howard C'avd- IIIUIRll Viola Dorothy Ciiva- naugli l''riinUlo Cavu- lllUIKll fcivelyu Cava- nntigh Dlrl Inlay Party hrturn of diinolntr worn followed by Borvlni? of rt'trodliniontB when a nurprlBw btrllutay party wan H'lvnn In honor of Klla Euan n>c«ntly at the home ot Thurlow uogern. won}: nnd Momliunen — l,o \v J . Bintlh Uox SinllhHon VlilKar VtoliblnH .laniou Solnur, ICenuy Auluiiy Jr. Helen Konnort Joo Hrunk Mlufi l< s lora' Marco Danrlntt Oltit) Anionjf partlm Hint will cnllvpt Krontlor DII.VH will bo tin! uoMltunu ball planned by the LaC-a-Lot. Darning club for Hut unlay ovpnlng, Oo j tuber ». Tho clnnco will bo tbo I opnnliiR t-vunt of the mmaon for tho I chili and pro|iartitloiiH arn bctnt ! iiiinli- tn iiiiiku It atnoiiK thr> more j oniHtiiiidliiK of 1'Yontler I.HiyH fptes I IliiHlcr Kvann orrhoBlm will furnlsl ' ulil iinil new tnncH for tho iliincerM 'The l-'ronllor Dayn t-OHtuirio bull wus | iiliunii'il nt u meeting of tho ntnnd- I Ing (-otninlttuo when Mr. and Mn». 1 1"!. 'I'. AiiKel. 120(1 h Hlreet, enter' (allied I be ini'inlierN at n dinner party , ul their home. Th« coinnilltt-n dc- elded upon a t?rund march with prlxcH Cor Iho nio«t apiiroprlatu cos- tumen. Tho (jueHtx of Mr. and Mra. AIIRO! who are nioinbWH of tho club committee Include: MitHHi-M. and Modilampii— I.. K. FUnn l,eo Grain Server Kuar William Simro A. H. Tlock b«o Happ Other Units Bring Club. Greetings on Annual ' Banquet Night TPJ-moWtNG but a challenge to •L clubwomen to think and to act, Mrs. Carolyn "Woher bt Martinez, state prealdsnt ot tho California Federation of. BualncHS and Profes- nlonal Woman's Clubs, spoko on tho Importance of an^ihtelllgent voting body last night when She. addressed 100 members and guoatB of tho local club at its annual home-coming banquet. The dinner waa h<ild In the Spanish ballroom at Hotel El Tpjon, and was ahared by representatives, (rom all service unlta In tho city. Discussing iho evaluation of past performance and tho determination of future plans Mrs. Weber said the 2lub women should not be' Interested in the point they had arrived at today, but the direction In which they are moving. Htudy Implication—ep- clal and economic trends—she urged) particularly In government bfi^he community, state, and nation. Study politics in order to savo the individual's social and economic position OH well as that of tho group) and then stand for measures and policies for the good of all. Do not uso the term "nonpartlsan" as a cloak for Inertia. Study taxation; understand tho conflicting arid'chaotlc system, In order to effect a change. Think today and act tomorrow. Htudy—or ISIse Learn how business functions in Its relation to public relations, government, liberty, education. See business In a balanced relation to all human acts and Interests. Do not accept traditional concepts but blaze trails. Recognize business women as citizens. J-ieglslatlon Is the keystone. Uso tho ballot—or efso job along as always in a man-made world Sharing the program with Airs. Weber were Miss Dorothy Jphnnon, sopa-ano soloist, who delighted tho auditors with two numbers, accompanied at tho piano by Miss Louise Hamilton, and Miss Lola Knowles, dance teacher with AFlaa Ann And|f- son, who danced a Spanish number and a peasant dance. Mrs. Effio Farrls, gracious" pre- siting officer and club president, Introduced representatives from the service units, who brought greetings as follows: Mrs. Claude R. Blodgct, Siontti Club, who Introduced the Zontu Club's model In a revue 1 at FOJC theater, and announced that tho dross worn would bo sold for the club's service project fund. Many Short Talks W. tl. Hitchcock of Kern County Chamber of Commerce; Lawrence I. Welll of llakcrsflcld Chamber of Commerce; Mrs. Porter Turner, Sor optimists; Louis Burtch, Exchange Club; Hal Bannister, Native Sons of the Golden West; Miss Virginia Ootchell, feakernfleld Teachers Club; Mrs. Thcron McCuen, American soclatloii of University Women; Glen Slow, Lions Club; MIBH Ralpha San> s,^ Native Daughters of the Ool den West; Mrs. Ruby Sylvester, aakorsfleld Woman's Club; ISarl Cady, Klwanls Club; Lester B. Jut fries, Rotary Club. Brief reports were nmdo by Mlsa Monte Bedwoll, Mrs. Lillian Beards oy, Miss Justtna Hendsch, and Miss Both Dyo, qn phases of tho club's irogram. Mlsa BodwoJl added an an- louncornont of a meeting of the League of Women Voters Wednes lay evening. Mrs. Farrls introduced as etato and district officers, Mrs. M. T. DeBolt, slate treasurer, Miss Merle Scales, distinct chairman of speakers' bureau and Miss Florence McCullon, district transportation chairman. Mlsa Alleen McOrath of I'olo. III., a house guest In the Jnmes Curran homo and a prominent business and club woman, brovyjht greetings from her 'club. f Miss Dorothy Donnhoo, dinner chairman, waa congratulated upon tho effective appointments, and In turn Introduced her assistants, Miss Annb Dudley, Miss Teresa Moon, Miss Florence McCullen, Miss Sadie OU'tulennon, Mrs. Oorlnulo Donahoe, Mrs. Oeorgo Hamilton and Miss Louise Rlchaud. — 4 I > IIOMK FKOiM SOUTH Accompanied by her' daughter Miss I'rlscllla Osborn, Mrs. Waller OH- born returned recently from tho miuth. While In Hollywood they attended » pcrfornianco of "Kvery Man" at the bowl. Key to Marital Success Is Sought by Psychologist in Seven-Year Plan EAGLES 10 My JACK XAIM'AN United l'rc«s Staff Corrtupondent STORRS, Conn., Sopt. 22.—A seven year's experiment to reveal what combinations of married couples get along together—or worse—has been undertaken by Dr. B. Lowell Kelly, assistant professor ot psychology at Connecticut State College. About a year ago,'Doctor Kelly and his wife, his assistant, appealed to COO engaged couples to submit to tests for the seven years' period. T«day, ho has about 200 couples on flic, and has appealed for 300 more. When a couple agree to take the tests, they either visit Doctor Kelly at tha college or are vlalted by tho professor. "I see all of them personally," Doctor Kelly says. One thousand different Items of information are sought, by the professor nnd his wife. What are their Hires and dislikes, their personalities, are they Introvcrtlve or extravertlVe, their backgrounds, money available, color of hair, eyes, their height and ireadth? Ho also gives them psychological nnd Intelligence tests. And this goes on through tho years. At tho end of tho seven years' period, Doctor Kelly Bald, he tvill ask each couple to submit to another thorough examination. Two principal questions Doctor ICelly hopes to have answered by these tests are: 1. How do persons pair off? 2. Which combinations have the most success in marriage In other words! a« Doctor Kelly says, will a blonde be happy with a blonde, an Introvert with an extravert, a tall one with a small one, a thlii one with a wide one,* and vice versa? Are there any conclusions to date?. "No," said Doctor Kelly, "I have rto preconception as to what combinations of personality lead to marital success. I am collecting Information and expect to watch how tho marriages come out." Doctor Kelly received his bachelor of science degree from Purdue University in 1920 and then taught In high school in Now Mexico. He was awarded his master's degree in 19li8 from Colorado State Teachers' Collego, and then joined the department of psychology at Stanford University. He received hla Ph. D. from Stanford In 1930. He taught at the University of Hawaii for a year and then studied In Germany and Austria as a social science research council fellow. He came to Connecticut State In the fall ot' 1938. Doctor Kelly has boon married 10 years. He has no children. « i > Former Mayor of Culver City Dead, (Associated I'ret* l,aaitd Wire) CULVER CITY, Sept. 22.—Frank H. Dobson, OJ, mayor of Culver city, died at his home today of what physicians said was a brortchlal aDmenf. A native ot Bayonne, N. J., Dobson had served as a city official in Culver City for four years. Ho waa survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary Dobson, and a daughter, Potty. <» « » Druidesses to Hold Nomination Meet- First nomination of officers Is scheduled by Sumner Circle No. 107, Order of Druidesses. Thursday night. A large class will bo Initiated. Under tho direction ot Mrs. Marie Houzc, a picked team will exemplify the degree. Following the meeting, refreshments will be served. ,Mrn. T'aullno Traguerl IH acting aa chairman of refreshments, assisted by a largo committee. All members are requested to bo present. Award Prizes at 'Wednesday ff Evening Meeting; to Plan '•• Part in Celebration Kvory whisker will bo counied and evaluated at the meeting of Bakersfield Aerie of Eagles on Wednesday night at Eagles hall. Eight cash prizes will be given, according to M. T. Chrlstenson, secretary, tor thft best "full beard," "best sideburns," "van dyke" and those that come nearest to. a Chihuahua's effort to grow a beard. • Apart from measuring beards, the Eagles will initiate a class ot 25 candidates. Betty Bulando, expert horsewoman, will represent the aerie in : the Frontier Days rodeo. Miss Bulando, who resides at Kernvllle, will take'part In the steer roping contest as the Eagle entry. Tho Eagles at their meeting will also decide oh iiow many automobiles they will enter in the Thursday good-, will tour that is planned to spread the word about Bakorsfleld Frontier Days. '4» » Rebekahs to Wear Pioneer Costumes Persons having pioneer costumes are Invited to wear them when Past Noble Grand's Club members of Bakersfleld Rebokah , Lodge meet Thursday for their flrat session ot fall at the home of Mra. H. C. Rol ; and, 880 SUmner street. Tho Mes- slon is set for 12:80 o'clock promptly.• A pbtluck luncheon will bo served; all participating have been requested to bring their own table service. Hostesses with Mra Roland Include Mesdames Robert Hughett, Mollio Benz, Kate Drumm, MamU^ Loveall and Georgia Deeds. *-•-» Professional Meet Held by Teachers' Several hundred Kern county rural school teachers gathered Monday afternoon and evening at tho local high school girls' gymnasium to go over the music and physical •education outlines of. work for the fall terms. Miss Gertrude dahzen- huber ahd Miss Rhoda Widmer. county rural school supervisors of music and physical education, re-, spectlvely, conducted tho meetings. One was held In tho late afternoon for primary teachers and the other for upper-grade teachers. Similar meetings wero held recently at Mo-, javo. - . • llrooUa Durrovv U. C. * • * \V«iUtwl Rorcntly Ainoiitf wotlillntii! of .this week wan that at Klrm Brt|iU*t t'hureh unlltnij MrH. lU'HHlo JKIIVK mul .Siunitpl Hi-rt KllUxbi'i«,«,,Uoth o( Kxolur Th« euro- tnony was rw»d by tlw HAV. iturton lUmtjit at tho parlum «r V'lrst Uao- tint Church Monday tnorntnii at to o'olouk, O'Connor 1C n rol Is Minn Ollvo O'Connor, tlje daughter of Mr, und MrH. J. T, O'Oonnot\ loll Truxtun uvenuo, l«ft Saturday to entor Santa. Barbara HtaU« Teach- OI-H i-'ollogo In Santa Barbara. Kho enrolled, UK a sophomore. IIICLKNA SHAKI3N HELENA, Mont., Sept. 22. (A. P.) HOVPII earth shocks wero felt In Helena In tho 12-hour period ended at 0 a. m. today, the weather bureau reported, *-«-»• UACK KKOM TK1P Mr. and Mm. O. P. Blackburn. 1701 Monterey street, rolurnod Hun- day from a 25-day trip east. They vtHltiul In New Mexico, Texas, Ar- Missouri, Colorado and Utah. Schilling pepper Enroll Now and Save $25! (tiring This Ad With You • to Get Reduction) SUPER - SOFT MILDLY MEDICATED IITItUHA Among the many careers thai are open today to am- bilious women, few are more interesting, more profitable, or offer u greater future than that of BEAUTY CULTURE. The demand for skilled operators exceeds the supply. Our graduates step inlo permanent, profitable jobs. Investigate now. All Hrancheg of Coametoloau Taught bu Skilhd, licensed ln»truetort Our He«l Uecommcndution: State Board Final K\nmln»tion» AUSTON BEAUTY SCHOOL 1518 Eighteenth Street Mr. and Mrs. W. T, Aunton, Owners ^-f^-S-ZfyfZtetfie&fye^^ Because it contains DARJEELING has finest flavor Darjeeling.ona of the world's finpst teas,is used inTrceTea, Orange Pekoe, to round out its flavor. You'll findTreeTea reasonably priced, and no price can buy better. x —. But tho true story of Tree Tea, Orange Pekoo or Green, can be told only loyourpalate. So we leave it at that— with just the suggestion that you try Tree Tea. We guarantee complete satisfaction, or refund your money, so try Tree Tea today. TOE TEA OF GOOD TASTO •'i v v • 1 *!«•' ft ,,

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