The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 9
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LOCAL SfcCTION BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1936 PAGES 9 TO 20 TAFT HIGH PLANS $115.000 BUILDING PROJECT ^ * W ' • . Annual Cowgirls'Banquet Slated October 2; Record Attendance Is Anticipated Additional $4600 Needed for Materials Before Work Can Begin DISCUSS NEW SETUP Revamping of East Side Proposal Would Call for Reapproval TpURTHER delay lost night met •*• the proposal to cover East Side Canal It crosses Baker street when City Engineer Joe Holfelder Informed the city council that because off new WPA rulings regarding the cost of material, $40QO would be needed In addition te the $8000 already deposited by the property owner's for the work. Under another arrangement, Mr. Holfeld-.T said, a now project could be drawn calling for an additional cost of only $2400, but this would havo to' bo sent to Washington for ujiproval and the work would take longer to complete. The water might bo back lit the canal before completion. City Refuses Aid A motion by Councilman Kamlnski to supply the additional $4600 from the budgeted WPA. fund failed for lack of a second, the other councilmen being .unanimous in declaring that when they accepted sponsorship of' the WPA canal project last De- comber It was with the understanding the city Would be at no expense. To assist the project would b° using public funds for the benefit of a few properly owners, they asserted. Mr. Kaminski said the Improvement would benefit all East Bakersfield and the money would eventually come back to the city in taxes. On motloj^ of/Councilman Slemon, a* committee consisting of .himself, Ifred, V B,, Baden and^.Mri KdSninakl wus named -to confer with a commit toe to be appointed from the East Bakersfleld Progressive Club regard' Ing the establishment of an improvement district or other means of starting the work. Favors Project WPA Director Fred L. Gribble, who at last week's meeting predicted a supply of skilled labor will be available soon from other projects and asked that the canal covering be parted, was present last night and urged that some solution for the extra cost be found. The only other business of the council was an ordinance setting up a cleaners' code, which was referred last week to the city attorney. n. Y. Burum, ., assistant city attorney, asked for another week, saying that counsel for the local cleaners Is , doubtful of the measure's constitutionality and that a similar ordinance Is under fire in Ventura this week, the outcome of the .trial being expected to have a bearing on the Bak- crufleld proposal. »:• • . » Former Kern Man '. Given High Office W. H. Murray, formerly of Bakers field and Identified with railroading for many years, has been appointed Assistant general chairman of the National Council of Administration, American Railroad Transportation Corps, A. E. jr. The organization is composed of those who served in the transportation corps of the American Kxpedl- tlonary Forces In Franco. It was formed at the Boston convention of the American Legion in 1930. Murray has served an state chairman, general chairman, western di vision, and member of the national advisory council. He was educated in Bakersfield and was associated with the firm of Hayes & Murray before entering the employ of the Southern Pacific. Union Cemetery Is a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, which means that all Income goes into the Cemetery treasury. tt is conducted for the benefit ot the public and not for individual profit. 40% of the sales of this ,, Cemetery foes into the Perr oetual Ca/e Fund to Insure Perpetual Care t Office at the Cemetery ; Telephone 2287 FRONTIER TICKET SALE INCREASING W ITH THE Frontier Days box office for reserved tickets scheduled to open next Monday at Nineteenth street and Chester avenue, an early demand for reservations already indicates a sellout for both Frontier celebrations October 3 and 4 at the County Fairgrounds. The box office will be open dally from 10 a. m. until 8 p. m., beginning Monday and continuing through Friday, October 2. In the meantime, reservations can be made by. calling at or telephoning Frontier Days headquarters at Room 212, Padre Hotel, telephone 4000, accord- Ing to Director W. E. McFadden In charge of tickets and gates for the third annual celebration. All reservations must be taken up at the official box office, Nineteenth and Chester, before 8 p. m. Friday, October 2 at which time the office will be moved to the Fairgrounds. CITY SCHOOLS TO Pupils and Teachers Grunted Right to Wear Western Garb October 1, 2 Full co-operation of Bukerafleld city schools in the Frontier Days celebration October 3 and 4 Is pledged by Superintendent L. E. Chenoweth, who In a circular letter to all the faculties this week announced that beginning October 1 teachers and pupils may wear costumes appropriate to Frontier Days. On Friday, October 2, horses may be brought to school, Mr. Chenoweth said. Linking studies with the theme of the celebration was urged by Mr. Chenoweth. who wrote: "Assembly or stage production or dramatization may be arranged beginning September 28 through October 2. Point children to source material on Frontier Days at the library. Develop the story of pioneer characters. »"Ridiculous or comedy costumes not in keeping with the spirit of Frontier Dafyts and calculated to create a disturbance are not to be ! permitted. Carrying of actual weapons Js not permitted, but belts, clfcps, sombrei'os, and make'-belleve weapons may be permitted at discretion of the principal. Costumes should truly represent the frontier days period and not colonial days, vaudeville, or Mars." preliminary Indications pointing toward a capacity attendance, arrangements today wens being completed for a crowd of 600 persons at the third .annual Frontier Days cowgirl banquet, to be held Friday evening, October 2. The Spanish ballroom of Hotel El Tejon will provide the setting for this colorful event, which will attract moving picture stars. Frontier Days celebrities and a host of other prominent visitors, according to Calvin Couron. chairman of the cowgirl banquet committee. To Bring Stars Dick Dlckson, well-known southern California horseman and district manager of the Bakersfield district of Fox West Coast theaters, will bo present with several Hollywood stars as guests of honor,"4l was announced. Rodeo celebrities in attendance will be Hugh Strickland, arena director; Montio Montana and* Mrs. Montana, trick and fancy riders and roporb: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bowman, trick riders; Jess JColl, famous rodeo clown with his 20-Inch tall mule, and others. Bertha Hall, California's champion Outdoor Olrl for 1036, will be an honored guest and hostess to cowgirls entered In the Bokorsflold contest. To Select Champion The principal highlight of the dinner, as usual, will bo the selecting of tije Frontier Days champion cowgirl. Entrants In the cowgirl contest will bo scored for personality and_appearance, the judging to bo t'orrauoled In a different manner from 'previous yours, according to Mr. .Conron. Details of the scoring plan will be revealed later. Music during the evening will be provided by Bukersfield's Texas Rangers, n professional cowboy orchestra, while specialty numbers will be presented by Miss l.ols Knowles, local dancer, accompnnted by her Spanish Troubadors. The Frontlet- Quartette will be present to sing songs of the old west. Tickets to the banquet lire on sale at Frontier Days headquarters In Padre hotel. Fantastic Story Is Told Santa Barbara Police, Officers Report TRANSIENT QUIZZED ' imt.-.- ^ Suspect, Admits "Doesn't Know What Doing" in Talk to Officers r\BAN HIGQ1NBOTHAM, 44, •'•' transient who wandered Into a Santa Barbara police station yesterday with a fantastic story of having witnessed n criminal attack on n woman In Bakersfleld Saturday night, today was held at Bakersfield police headquarters for questioning In connection with attempted attacks on three local women by a sox maniac. Hlgglnbotham, who told local police Investigators there were times when ho did not know "what ho was doing or what ho was Haying," admitted ho was in Bakersflold Saturday night but denied any knowledge of the throe attacks reported House Burglar to Serve Life Term in Folsom Prison pURTIS JOHNSON, 27, Negro, v was sentenced to serve a life term at Folsom penitentiary under the habitual criminal act, though Presiding Judge Erwln W. Owen ordered three counts to run concurrently so that John* son has a possibility of parole at the end of 12 years. * Johnson was convicted here last week after a rapid trial, of having burglarised the W. H. Creen house In the Gosford district. The defendant admitted having served terms at Texas In 1926 and Arizona In 1932 for burglary. The Negro was found guilty of having stolen some clothes, plates and a lantern. Warren Stockton, deputy district attorney prosecuted the case. FEDERAL ALLOTMENT OF $53,416 GRANTED WEST SIDE PROGRAM Allene Minton, 17, Shoti in Abdomen While on | Hunt for Rabbits CONDITION IS GRAVE Morse Trainer Is Injured as Animal Slips on Slate Highway to Ttit Caltfnrnlan) ', Sept. 22.—That more than $115,000 will be available within th« -*• very near future for reconstruction of the north and south wings of j Tnft Union High School became known today with the receipt of a telegram from Congressman Henry B. Stubbs that a PWA allotment of J53.-H8 had been approved for this district Another project for the Toft district waa n sum of money as yet not definitely known for tho Improvement and oiling of streets. A total of $10.000 has been naked for this work. Mayor K. C. Emmons in commenting on the report that $22,000 was available for-*Taft under a PWA grant, said "Just: recently the council linked for some i $10,000 for street Improvement, but so fur aa known, this project has I to police. Tells of Attarli City Personals * * * * * * Bits of News Instead, he told what police described as a "wlerd" tale of an attempted attack In a box car at one of the railroad yards here. Officers said they were unable to substantiate tho man's story, which they declared was extremely Indefinite. Hlgglnbolnam WHS brought to Bak- ersfleld early today by Inspector Tom Hlldroth and Patrolman C. W. Rood of the local pollen force. They reported that Higgthbuthiim at Bantu Barbara first told officers ho wus "wanted" somewhere in tho east, then, when pressed for detullH, wandered off Into his tiilo about occurrences In Bakersfleld Saturday night. Question Rationalism Santa Barbara police were quoted na saying thai tho man at times appeared mentally Irresponsible. Attempt* to. Identify tho suspect with the parson responsible for the Bakersfleld attacks today were declared inconclusive. -*- Clubmen Approve % Highway Proposal Support of the Tehachapl Exchange Club's effort to have the California State Highway Commission budget funds for widening 18.4 miles of "death trap" highway between Tehachapl und Bakersfield was voted by the Bakersfield Exchange Club today In a resolution directed to the commission. Hal Orlf- fls, former Local Kxchangeite and now a Tehachapl member, spoke in Us favor. The Reverend Charles II. Hulmc, a club member, was the day's speaker, choosing as his topic "Tho American Home." He contrasted tho modern homo with thn old- fashioned center of family life, and said the lack today lies In too lltllo room for privacy, dependence upon paid amusements, too many outside Interests and lack- of-respect for par" cnts. Tho Misses Helen Loo and Rose Blngham were applauded for several piano duets. .Too l^aPlanto accompanied on tho violin. Frontier Days boosters planning to take part In the Thursday good will tour which will cover many sections of Kern county are, urged to communicate with frontier headquarters, Room 212, Padre hotel, not later than 6 p. m. Wednesday. The caravan, which will Include a hlll-bllly band, entertainers and scores of costumed frontiersmen, will- leave Thursday noon from In front of the Kern County Chamber of Commerce building. Transportation will bo provided for those without%utomobi)es. A meeting of the Bakersfleld Boy Scout commissioners'* cabinet will bo held in city hall at 7:30 o'clock tonight, with Dr. Kenneth Hamlln presiding. On Thursday tire Jam- boreo committee will meet at breakfast at 7:30 o'clock in 131 Tejon hotel, with C. M. Johnson presiding. Bnkcrsilcld High Is Winner of Seven Sweepstakes in 10 Divisions Entered Tho California state fair, which terminated lual week, was virtually a Kern county triumph, according to tho report given by Own-go W. Ourr, high Hfhool teacher In charge- of tho local high school exhibits. LOOM I en- tranm swept tho high school dlvl- sloiw, taking sovon first swcupotukoij prizes, and two second sweepstakes, out of a total of JO departments on- tcred. Tho Bwecpstakiui prlMH aro awarded on Ihe bunlx of first place ribbons, and Indicate tho bent exhibits In their particular class. Kern County High .School also received a plaque, denoting the mom artistically arranged exhibit In tho entire high school division. Credit Is duo Mr. Ourr for Oils award, slnco he hod charge of ihe arranging of tho local \7"1CTIM of an accidental shooting , not been approved as yet." • while hunting rabbits, 17-year-! Frank Dauman, superintendent of old Allene Minton, daughter of j tho Taft Union High School and M. M. Minton, 1831 East Eighteenth Junior College, was Jubilant when street, Is In a critical condition at Mercy Hospital today with ti bullet wound In the abdomen, and Carl Peterson, 52, Utikersflold horse trainer, Is recovering at Kern General Hospital from Injuries received when a horse he WIIH riding clipped and fell on the highway south of Bakersfleld last night. Rifle iluniN Ml«H Minton told police Invomtgu- torn she WUH hunting rabbits Mouth- east of Bukersflold late yoMorday afternoon when her .22 caliber riflo Informed by Mr. Slubbs that the grunt hail beon approved and that tho money was available. "The blub Hchonl district bus a (olal of $1(2,000 available fur work at I ho high Nchonl bulldh\Rs," said llnunuin. "However, with tho Motion for Probation to Be Jletird in Superior Court by Judge Lambert Motions for new trial and arrest ; bort I""*"" and his wife., Rosa, both j convicted on extortion and conspir- north nnd Mouth wings of tho main high school building luMend of merely trying Jo rehabilitate ihein. j acy to commit extortion charges, "Some tlmo npro tho school build- j were denied hero today by Superior jiuVnned''a I )d'Bho'iuindJdTbo"Bun''to ln « Wft " ''^Urert unsafe and the Judge K. B. l*mbert. Attorney u companion, a young man whoso ] ^'r"!!"" 0 .'!','!. 1 ,.?." J".™"./ •L'.T.L^.? Naymond Hoi name wn.i not reported. thc _, , , —., Henderson appeared to . » lndl> onrthqunko proof. The nm n r(Mm , Hen t tbo two defendants todav. In attempting to repulr the rifle, | »«"'«l«n of the building l« now earth- is S plulnln B that ho would give no 1 1»ako Proof, and with the receipt of I KU urantee thai probation would be was accidentally dl«char(ied, It WIIH reported. The bullet nlruck the In tho abdomen and ranged exhibits. Many Winner! Those departments winning sweepstakes awards aro as follows: First sweepstakes, auto shop, machine shop, forge, welding, crafts, muuhlnu drawing, and tho oast shop; second I Hweepstakes, woodshop and art do| partmonts. These awards lire asldo j from tho agricultural awards, re- j ported previously. 11. K. UlckHon, I head of the ngrlcullurul dopiirltnont, ! was In chnrgo of tho livestock ox- First of a set-leu of frontier Days ! ''Tho winners from the local olec- Costume Awards Given at Theater costume events, a contest was witnessed last evening at Fox theater by hundreds of persons. Winners were Mrs. William Hoen- Hhell, MlSH Georgia Cunfleld. Miss Dorothy Arnold and Earl Croon, the seconds latter being awarded first place for tho most comical outfit. Mrs. HoeriHhoH's costume was do- trlc Bhop, not prevlounly reported are: Wayno Morcloek, Ralph Freeman, Harry Bannister and Hnland Dyer, firsts, and Oils Mitchell, George XJlilor and Ted Uhlor, FiiNlilon Show Concerning tlio fashion downward Into tho polvls, leaving a aerloun wound, according to medical attendants. The MhoolttiK wus lnvef>tlB«H'd by Inspector U. 11. (ialbrulth of the police department. I Hip IN Injured Carl Poterfutn. veteran horse train- . er, suffered u ponnlblc fracture of t.ln« hip when bla hoi-He clipped ami foil on th« imviinif-nt of (Joldcn Stale Htato highway miuth of BiikrrHflfld lust nlRhl. The man wax partly crushed beneath tho weight of the animal. reconstruction program. Mrs. Emily Lewis Claimed by Death this money the wings will ulso bo ' ffn inted. Judge Uimhort said how- mnde earthquake proof through R ( over, that ho would consider a mo"' * " " ' tlon for probation and would turn tho case over to C. M. Johnson, probation officer, for a report and roc- onimondutlon. Tbo hearing for each defendant waa continued until Friday. October 2. at which time the court will pass on the application for probation. Inloes. the man that said he had "no worries over the pane," and hia pretty wlfn were convicted after a Jury trial hero last week of having I,)raV,'S extorted $1000 from J. N. Milhitm, a 100 ENTRANTS IN TALENTAOOITION "Culiforniu's Hour" Army of Aspirants for Final Selections number, under threat of reporting: bin asserted attentions to their ; daughter to tho district atlorney's of- i flee. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Carlin. More than 100 entrants in the' J ol "t defendants under the same "California's Hour' tiilont uudltIons i charges, were acquitted last week at passed In review before perspiring j the same trial, talent scouts yesterday ufteriuxin ! Attorney Henderson moved for a und until late IfiHt night at radio trial under the allegation that Mrs. F.mlly N. Lewis, 3S. of 220 } KKUN - whpn , « of ] 0 finalists will I »P verdict had beon contrary to the Seventeenth street, former clerk at ! b(< ,. n ,, H , >n tomorrow night In u ! evidence, contrary to law and that offices of tbo Han Jouquln Light and j broadcast program to appour on u i "'ere had been errors on the part of Power Corporation hero, died last I Hlll ,, tp , o K ,, rll c{)U nty from Lou I the «> urt ln lts rulings, night at a Hitntu Barbara hospital, i ,\ngelps next Monday evening • After denying both motions today Sho bad lx»<>n 111 for tho PUN! thron j Tho scouts Leon D'l'ssoau and Ju<| K" lumber! permitted Mrs. Inloes months. Mrs. Lewis wan u native of B|R Pino unil H mombor of a well- known Korn fnmllv. i'arl Hulxbaohor. expressed their enthusiasm with the Interest taken In the contest on tho opening day. to KO froo under ball but he remanded her husband to the custody of tho sheriff. .She IN survived by her son. Jack | ( ,nd with thn flno quality of Kern Buttle: u daughter. Bonnie Hultle: i county musicians. Although the ma her father, floorgo W. Leldy of H»k- crnf|eld; three brothers, Kolberl Leldy of Bakornflold, Leonard L. of show | Bishop and (ioorge H. of San clared the most original, It being a ' which eight local Blrln put on at j and throe Hlni..-rn. Mr«. Kvn B. (linns- Navajo Indian outfit made, for her i l ho fair. Mr. Ourr said: "TliPHo girls i rock, Bakersfield; Mrs. Dorranna by Mies Ida Phillips, a NHVUJO, when i llro lo be complimented on the flno Mr. and Mrs. HoenHhetl visited the I "how they presented. They worked steadily for throe days, putting on three, shows a day, und the result wan .extremely lovely and Instructive. A short circuit In a radio wire caused a blaze which destroyed a cotton picker's home on the Sconoy ranch southwest of Shafter late yesterday afternoon, resulting in a loss of ujjout J200. Tho state forestry service answered the call. William Doughty, who has been spending two wrecks' vacation with his family In Bakerofleld, will leave Thursday for west Texas to resume his work with tho Western Oeophy- Blcal Research Company. Stolen Truck Found Burned on Highway A truck belonging to Tom Miller. 917'/4 California avenue, was found wrecked and burned on tho Bdlson highway near Bona this morning. The truck had been Htolen fronrBak- erafleld last night. No clue aa to Identity of the th|ef was found. •» » » Valuable Diamond Is Reported Stolen Theft of a diamond ring valued at 1425 waa reported to Bakersfleld police today by L. W. Davis. 354 Chester avenue. The ring was believed stolen between September 18 and 20. •»» * Graveside Service . for Fred Stewart Qruvealdo services were conducted for Frod Stewart, 63, Bakersfleld, who died at a local hospital September 17, at Union cemetery .yesterday afternoon, with tb« n«v B. .B. Cols officiating. . Arrangemcnta were under direction of, Hopnon mortuary. 25,000 Tropical Fish for Aquarium (Asioc(ait<l I'roi Leaned Ifire) SAN PBTJRO. Sept. 22.— More than 25,000 tropical fUih were brought into tho harbor today aboard tho Java Line freighter Ha- paroea for a North Hollywood aquarium. This IH believed to bo the largest single consignment of tropical fUh over shipped to the west coa«t. The fish, Including specimens of the Borneo catfish ana clown fish, come from the Malay peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Java and other Dutch East Indies Islands. Arvin Farm Center Will Hold Meeting Frank R. Stockton, director of the Arvin Farm Center, announces a meeting for Wednesday, September ,23 in the Arvin School at 7 p. m. A potluck dinner will be served. H. T. Strong, assistant farm adviser, will be one of the speakers, Center officers will be elected during the mooting. Charles Wagner of East Side Is Taken Charles Wagner, .69, ot Bast Nile* street, died at hi* home lout night aa a result ot a heart attack. The body I* at Hopaon mortuary. ' famous Indian ceremonial ut Oul- lup, New Mexico, last August. She also curried a typical Indian water Jug which saw service ICO years ago ! ^' ie "how was noncompotltlve, but and woro a hammered silver concha the publicity which Kern county fashioned by Mls« Phillips' brother, gained as a result cunnot bo entl Miss Canflold, daiiRhtor of Mrs. Adelo Canfleld. 20211 Cnllfornla avo- nuo, won first placo aw represonta- mated." The homo economics t«ach- ors In charge of the show wore Miss Marjorlo Barratt nnd Mrs. .lad j Marlon. Tho Kern County Chamber tlvo of the Xontn Club. Her dress, j of Commerce was cosponsor, with a gray creation with bustle, was ! the high school, of the girls' show. first worn In J86G. »"•-* Miss Arnold's award was for tho most beautiful costume. Judges wero Mrs. J. Harl Tenor, James Kgan and Stonewall Woody. Boy Scouts Enjoy Kern River Outing Under tho leadership of Scoutmaster Harold Brown, members of Boy Scout troop 7 of Trinity Methodist Church enjoyed an onllng at Kern River Scout Reservation lout night. Boys attending were, Paul Brown, Clarence Kltchnnn, .lack Glut, Jr.. Jlmmlo Itormont, Bobbin Pratt, RUB- sell Knlffcn, Bllllo Foto. Harold JCs- tes, Jlmmlo Nofzlgcr, Thornum I-egg, Vornon Johnnon, Charles M. Pratt, Al Griffith and Donald Arnv strong. Discuss Grazing Situation F. R. Carpenter, director of grazing under tho Taylor Grazing act met with cattle und sheep men lu-ro yesterday at tbo courthouse In discuss with thorn mid hoar tiny complaints concerning the operation of tho dlstrlcl known us the California- Mojave Oraxlng District No. 1. Whllo Homo dissatisfaction was ox- pressed it was decided to continue with tho district for another year. Tho land In the district was originally open for homeali-adlng purposes but under the. Taylor net became eligible for grazing purposes. Among protnliiont men at tbo mooting wore Henator J. I. Wugy, u cattleman and l^eonurd Bldart, representing the wool growers. L. A. Man Burned as Blaze Destroys Vehicle at Camp A IX>8 ANOEU58 man was seriously burned in one of four fire* which broke out In Bakersfleld late yesterday afternoon and last night. The burning victim is Earl Slut- fib, 34, of 8810 Compton avenue, Los Angeles, who suffered third decree burn* on the hands and arms when his automobile caught fire at a north Chester avenue auto camp at 7 o'clock last night. He wa* rushed to Kern General Hospital for treatment. Flames destroyed the man's automobllo. a 1932 Nash, but were prevented from spreading by Bakersfleld fire department. An acetylene welding tank was converted into a •huge blow torch, generating terrific heat, when a leaking oxygen hoso resulted in a flro which threatened the Pocrleas Pump Company plant at 3630 Chester avenue at 3:30 p. m. yesterday. The hose caught fire and burned away, allowing the fiercely burning oxygen to flow unchecked from the welding tank. A 60-gallon gasoline "buggy" nearby narrowly missed being ignited by the flame. Tho fire was extinguished by u*e ot the tire department'* new foam generator. An Incipient blaxe In M Indian d hotel "on Nineteenth street wail discovered and put out by Bakercfleld flrqinen before hotel residents themselves wero aware of the danger. KIro fighter* at too No. 1 station sniellod th» odor of smoke and traced It to flame* in the light well of tho hotel. , ~' ; A rubbish fire at Nineteenth and n wus extinguished without prop srty dtunaire *t 7 Koough, Bishop, and Mrs. M»o Mo- Hnl, Dyer, Nov. Hhe also leaves 12 nephews and nieces: Don Glusscock, Helbort Ko- ough, John and Howard Mollnl, Hoy, Jr.. Sonny, Hilly and Hobby l,oldy, Dorronco (llnssconk, I .a urn Lutz, Phyllis Todd, Alice Priest and Marylln Leldy und a gnindnloce, Dor- nco Todd. Funeral services for Mrs. Ix-wls will bo conducted Wednesday afternoon at DouKhly-Ciilhoun-O'Mf'Hni elm pal In KaUerKflnld, wUh thc Hov- orcnd William K. Patrick officiating. Interment will bo In tho perpetual care section of I'nlon cemetery. $100,000 Damages Requested in Suit Boforo Hupnrlor Judge R. B. Lambert, Kaymond Broylos Is suing U. F. Lee, Kthol Loo and other do- fenduntn asking judgment for JIOO,- 000 for InJurloH ho alleges he Buffered in u n uutomobllo collision on Jorlty of contestants came from Bnkersflold, there wero many from Taft und thc whole county was well represented. A last cull wus Issued today, the auditions contlnuUiK this evening from 7 to I) o'clock. Then the two scouts will revlejv tliolr notes and Theso will br\ .uldiHt their specialties at 9 o'clock Wednesday p\-e- Probe of Shooting Is Scheduled Here Inquest Into the-death of Sebastian Domingo. 27, Delano Filipino who wan shot in ti West Delano cafe Sat- light, was scheduled by Coro- C. Houre for late nlni< nnd a committee of local judges will make the final selection of six MO prize winners. ! Francisco Hlboroesa. 25. who is al- 1 legod to have fired tho fatal shot I with it gun carried in bis trousers i pocket. In a statement to investlga- ' tot-H yesterday is said to have claimed \ he shot Domingo In self-defense. No j charge hn« been filed against him to : datn. | Tomle Patoo, 25. nephew of Do; mlngo, who came to the aid of his ». T, , ,7^T .,,„„ ,, ^ ' uncle and assortedly slushed at Rib- Mrs. Price Kdwurds. 1900 Hughos | orcesa with a knife. Is also being Lnno, nnd Mrs. Guldo Martini. 716 \ held pending outcome of th« inquest i K Htrect, loft lust night for Gallup, i —— •»-•-• i N. M., upon receiving word that their husbands, bound for a hunting trip to Pueblo, Colo., had been injured In an automobile wreck. Dr. Kdwards und Mr. Martini wero bellovod not seriously hurt, although Bakersfield Men Injured in Crash T»«x IvliGS Tho body of BurrU tester Young, confined to a C.allup huspltul Ac- I 39 - Delano High School teacher who cording to meager report* received j ?i'" 5 ... H J; "J? 4 ? 1 . h °* P I 1 " 1 . J 3e .? t .1™^i r liero, their uutomobllo was being '" ' towed when another cur struck them. thc Golden Htato Highway, near tho Grapevine on May 3. 1935, according to u. complaint being presented by Onborn & Burum. Brltiun & Mfiek roprom-nt tho d«- I fcndanlB. The bearing In before tho | court without a Jury und opened here today. Kern Republicans Planning Meeting if 19. was sent lust night to McMtnn- vllle. Ore., for funeral services and Interment. Mr. Young is survived by a widow, Pearl, and hi* daughter, Italic. Hopjion mortuary waa In charge of iirnuiKements. Library Buildings Topic for Session HlHlorical development of library buildings and their architecture will bo tho topic of John I). Henderson, librarian of the Korn County Freo Library, In a talk before the Lions Club at luncheon tomorrow in El Tejon hotel. Mr. Henderson's review will data from the early Greeks of about 500 B. C. and will demonstrate the relation between library architecture and the developing facilities and service* of libraries. Donald Durable and Robert Kin- aiid will provide music for the day. Homor Sledge is the program chairman. AL SMITH TO 8PHAK NEW Y&HK, Sept 22. (A, . JTortner Governor Alfred 13. Hmlth will addrww n mass mooting at Carne»»« halj, October l under the BUS- ploea of Uie independent Coalition Of Ameritmn Women. Vhleh t» working: to dofeftt the new deal. A general meeting of the Republicans of Kern county Is scheduled i for tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock ' ' at tho Padre hotel meeting hall. ! W. J. Schultz, chairman of tho ' I Republican central committee, will i i preside. It l» expected thut lit this i ' mooting plans for tho campaign in j Kern county will be, discussed nnd 1 adopted. George UllHH, candidate | for congressman and Louis Luncas- 1 ter of Bantu Barbara will bo it) at- j tendance. 11 MONUMENTS * » » Thursday Is Last Day to Register! Thursday evening at B p. m. registration of voters will be closed here at the office of the county clerk. Any citizen not registered at this time, or registered but having changed his address silica last registration should register before Unclosing hour. Citizens not having registered but eligible to do so should also make'; their registration affadavita at tho clerk's office. The general election will b« on November 8, SALE EXTENDED Until October 1 Final Opportunity to Buy at WHOLESALE OR LESS MANY DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM ED, HELM MonuiMntt EIGHTH AfcD BAKER { Phone 130 t. „. < \ , • ,

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