The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 8
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*5®p. yrf^ifflpwwi ,<\* " ? ?5< 7 .; ,,'j\, ~s »' i THE nAK^RSPtBLD CAUFOttNUN, TUBSOAY, BftPTBSfttBIV 22* 1»8« S. FIELD CALLE01Y DEAIH Playwright Was Husband of Robert I.-. Stevenson's Stepdaughter ifnllfliJ I'rrm krii»rd Wire) SANTA BARBARA, Sept. Z2.--Kd- word Salisbury VMA. prominent playwright, died lust night at his mountain cabin on thn shorn of ro- molf 1-iiUc '/lira, according to word rroolvcil by the coroner's office hfro. Ho wits fifl Field wiiN Ilif liushnnd of Tsobnl Strong I'Vlil, strp-daughlpr of Holv Prt 1,'itilH Htr-vc-MHori HP nlcio wit.i the nlf|>-fnMi«r of Austin Strung. 11 1 New Ynrli dramiillst. j Dciilh rnrriP IIK l p IHd wnn tnklnjf! A imp n n<] appiironlly WIIH duo to an , attnch of liMirl dlBPdfn. \ Fli'lil wnn tin- niilhor of niimnrousl plays Inrliidlng "Twin Urdu," "t'pj In MlllK'l 'H llnotn" nnd iithorH. llflj also contrll."iil' 4 rt pri-imrliin to motion i plrtnri- HliidlfiN j In luldltlon to |I|M lltprnry nctivl- I (lew, KIHil was a Hiu-cpssful roal f'Btatn oivrntiir and II-IIVPH inni'li , valunhlp propprly In Brinta Hnrlmrii ' county. ! Ho wriH horn In Itulln nap'illM. In- j dlana, and llvr-d IIPI-C for "fi WIITM. j Fiinenil rirriingPin'.ntH WPTP iK'luyml i pending word from HlroiiK CYCLISTS TO PERFORM AT FAIR . Si-|il C. K. I 1 ,0V K MIC WAl.l.A U'Al.I.A. Wiinh.. M. (A. I 1 I --Olio of Sheriff Womlwiird's lirl lovi- iilrdH dli-d. The other. fllwoMHoliilf, wouldn't cut I HIi'Tlff Woodward plnccil n siniill j mirror In tin- rng«' Thn lovn hlrd ! (id nil red llic ri'fli'i'llon. pi-rlird up In HplrltH and rpRiiliiPil an uppptlli- ; Ono of tho otilrtliimllriK vaudeville n'-tH to ho noon al tho n"v- pntppiuli aiinunl county fair, which opnnnd today nnd con- limit's until HppH-rnbor 2(1, will bo thn Thn.'D MacUoriiilds, expert blryclo rider*. I'li'itly of thrills lire promised spectators during afternoon and pvening purformancos of their sensational nxhlbltlon of trick and fancy riding. Radio Programs Tonight KdO-KPO-Nillonnl Hr««i1(iiillno 0»mp«ny—HunnlUi ungriini to; KFI. KEOA, KTBO. K»v!- K(X HOMO KHQ. Kl«. KUA. KOA. KOHL. KOVL, KOIH. KTAH. »"i«r.mi to: KM). K08, KDS. KMJ, KdW, KIIIG-Cns—Dun Leu mill OolumMll—BUM''" KftlK. KtllM. KOL. KVI, KSL. KOIN, KEI'Y. 6:00 to f j:10 p. rfi. KKUV lloviil 'OsuriH lU-rii IK-roli 1 U), Munrli-i-'n DOORS OPEN 6:46 P. M. ON BEINO THERE D A Ml/ DA IX IV TOMORROW On Screen Behind Drawn Curtains the Town Whispered About Her— ROSALIND RUSSELL JOHN BOLES Craig's Wife" With Blllle Burke * Jnne Dnrwell ALSO ======= MIC in-lHorh \VilXAI Ui'i-orilltiK KNX I'lrk Triu-y. ( iivln-Mrn (1:30 to BiOO p. m. KKItN nnd m-lwork Ciunul Turn\ n ii NIK 1 nr-lMiitk Kri'd Anliilriv \VC.XAI ItPi-ocillnltH. KNX llnMilv anil OliiK"r; (>:4D, .Ilirll Al'lllMtrriliK 6:00 to 0:M p. in. KKIIN iinil ni'lwtirli ('linn 1 ! l"iu M v M M Friii] AHtalrc. 1'iln Nil ir iijlw \Vti\AI NIHVII lliiHMi' IIOI I 'lllll-PI-l til ll.ifl. KNX Tnivdl Alii Dniinu, 0 Id, KKIIN 'I'lini 1 NIK' nnlwurlt U'fiXAl « 8:M to 7:00 p. m. And nnlwiirli Miif-li il-lfi. to Ii" iitiniiinii'i'il. Hurry M Tiinli' Tni »f Six Belles ! and All's Well— LEW AYRES MARY CARLISLE ady Be Careful" PLUS Trnvelofliie and New» ENDS TONIGHT Herbert Mnmhnll-Ruth Chatterton Stinone Simon In "GIRLS' DORMITORY" ALSO Hfilph Dellnmy In "Straight From the Shoulder" J<NX ll.-lty llm-fli'ii. I'd" I! Hi, lUiniri I'.ui'-niil 7:00 to 7i30 p. m. KIOItN iiml nrlworli Willinni I 7: Hi, Ili-nfrnw nf Hi" Monntpri NIK' nt'lwiirU Aim." mirl Amly. 7 l!>. I.UNI unit Al'iH-r. WtlXAl l.i't'H limiri., 7 Id. Wnrlil I imiri'N KNX Klnn-r MIII-B Hollywood. 7:1.'., I'omniui Knli" 7:30 In BiOO p. m. KI'.'IIN mul iinlxvorli Ki-n Murriiv. Nllf nut work- (..on Iti'lNiiinn'ti i n - I'luiHlru. U'liXAl llnlilnoff• Vli-Klnlii Hen, 7-4ti, I'pi-ll mul Sully. K.S'X - Ni-wlywiMlii; 7:l!i. KliiK I 'owliuy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KHUN mid nflwork —Warlng's I 'rniiHyl vtinlmiFi. NHr iiotwtirh DiMith Vnllny nays. WflXAl Hiillywiiiiil mi Paniao; K:Ki li'rnnU Wiilnniihn. KNX —l/urry I.CI-'M (irrhostra; H:16, Volro of Iliillywiiod. 8:30 to 0:00 p. m. KKIIN nnd NMtworU—MIrk Htliblln Orrlii'iilra. NIK 1 milwnrlc Stovpiin Flotcl Or- i-liitHl ru. WiiXAl Cnli Iti'portcrH; S:«n. HltH mill Hnriiri'H. KNX MiiNli-nl; «:••&, llo«li:rimlans. OiOO to 0:30 p. m. KI'MIN mid noiwnrlt (Hd AK< % lln- volvhiK Kiinil: U:iri, I'url Hr-liri'l- }n-r ( n rhi'fit ru. NIK' nnlwiirh llonun of Molody. WHXAI NIIWH Fliinlii'H; »:!&, Wnrld Viirlnty to '•> 4fi. KNX Ninvn, 9. If., Al Lyons Or- rlll'Htril. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KHUN mid nr-lwnrli—To lift mi- nnuiifi 1 !!. NIK 1 nciwnrk • Mi-rry OnrdnnH Or- i-liKMlru \\'(IXAI Illiyllini mid Iliiiiiatu-n. K NX - I'm. hot! t'linilly. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KHUN nnd m>twi>rli—Orunadorii. Ill If,, Win-Ill In llnvli'W. NIK' riiiiKiuk NUWH KliiHlipn; in I.', Mcmivlll,. chili iiri' U'liXAl All lti>i|unHl I'rowrarn. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. \Vil.XAI All Ui'i|in'Bt I'riiKruin. HUB Hopes Film Merger of U, S.-British Interests Will Not Fall' (Aftoalntet I'rein t.emieit Wire; YOniC, Sept. 22~-Joseph M, Schonok, chairman of the board of tho Twentieth Contury-Foic Film Corporation, expressed hope today for completion of tho deal for entry of American film Interests Into the Oaumont-Brltlsh Pictures Corporation dospllo reports of a hitch In tho final arrangements. An agreement was announced last July whereby Twentieth Century- Fox and Mntro-Ooldwyn-Mayor Company, subsidiary of Loow's, Incorporated, would have acquired half Interest In the controlling stock of Hrltlsh-Gaumont with Isidore and Mark Ostror, dominating figures In thn TCngllHh company. Hchonck, while confirming that he had received notice ono of the brothers was opposed to tho deal, said ho considered tho agreement binding and was waiting for thn directors of Hrltlsh-rJauinont to approve so that It would become effective. Olherwlsn opposition to tho entry of American interests Into tho British company, ho iiSHnrlnd. had como chiefly from Its "competitors." Hchnnck bos been In a hospital for tho lust wnok but said ho expected to be out in four or five days. 4 , » James McSheehy to Assist Anglin (UtHtr.A fretf Leaned Wire) HAN FllANCIHCO, .Sept. 22.— James 8. McShoohy of Han Francisco was appointed vice-chairman for northern California of the National Council of Hoosevolt electors today It was announced by thn Democratic National Committee In New York. McHhceriy will assist Clifford C I Anglln, who previously was appointed finance director for tho Dem ocratlo National Committee, ant stain chairman of tho Council of I'tunsovolt Electors. A vice-chairman for Southern Cal Ifornla will lio appointed later. ONLY ROOSEVELT m LOVE AT 20 John Boles Opening at tho Fox theater W«dnosday Is tho Pulitzer prlzo play, "Craig's Wife," the story of whispers behind drawn curtains by people of tho town as Craig's wife lived her llfotof sham in a house locked to tho world. Rosalind Russell, John Boles, Bllllo Burke, Jane Darnell,- Alma Krugnr and Thomas Mitchell have tho leading roles. Tho second picture showing Is "I,ady Be Careful," a rollicking story of a sailor who had a girl In every port. When ho fell In love, the whole navy tried to help. Lew Ayers, Mary Carlisle, Larry Crabbo, Benny Baker and Grant Withers have the leading roles. A colored travcltalk, "Cherry Blossom Time In Japan," and Me- trotonO News complete tho program. Showing for tho last times today Is "Girls' Dormitory," with Herbert Marshall, Ruth Chatterton and Hlmono Simon and a second feature, "Straight From tho Shoulder," with Ralph Bellamy plus a beautiful colored musical novelty. "Sunklst Stars," arid Fox Movietone News. THREATENED Newspaper Space Wins Endorsement After a Bummer of phenomenal nalcs Increases attributed In a good measure to KB Oulanu expedition "cool-off" campaign .the Calvert- Maryland DlBtllllnK Company Is re- leaning Its fall newspaper advertising this month according to John E. Stewart advertising manager. Calvert advertising will appear in approximately -100 newspapers throughout tho country In considerably larger space than heretofore. Schedules call for continuous weekly Insertions and newspaper advertising will constitute tho backbone of President Gives "Carolina" Its Correct Syllabic Pronunciation BA.U3IOH, N, C., Sept; 22.—Borne- thing in going to bo done about'this laxy way of pronouncing North Carolina, and President Hoouevolt, plus Mrs. Fannie M. Qowan, is at tho bottom of It, mammy singers notwithstanding. Mrs. Qowan, a resident of Wagoner, S. C., but proud of her Tarheel nativity, wan aroused when she read a newspaper story that President Roosovlt was tho only speaker at the recent "green pastures" rally In Charlotte who gave "Carollrfa" Its full syllable count, , The paper suggested a 30-day Jail sentence for anyone using "Car- liny," nnd Mrs. Qowan Immediately Inquired of Clay Erwln, North Carolina's superintendent of public Instruction, "whether such murdering and butchering" was general and asking remedial measures. Erw|n replied: "I agree that such crimes ought to bo made capital offenses and I shall bo glad to help protect proper pronunciations," 41 » Jack Benny Heads Rialto Features "It's In tho Air," a highly amusing comedy starring the famous radio comic, Jack Benny, heads the double bill opening a three-day run nt tho Rialto theater today. Support- Ing Benny are Ted Healy, Una Merkel and Nat Pondleton, as well as other M-Q-M featured players. Tho story, nonsensical but highly amusing, Is that of two young men, living by their wits through shady actlvitos, who inadvontently become heroes through a stratsosphere adventure. The second featuro Is "Tho Valley of Wanted Men," a stirring-western with Franklo Darro In a leading role. Menu Suggestions Offered Hostesses With the approach of a busy autumn season of home entertaining and regular family meal planning, housewives of Bakersfleid are sure Mandarin Patrons AmazecTby Cazan thn nrlvertlHlng appropriation. Calvort will continue Its successful UHO of animal copy but with the addition of two now elements. In the now copy two animals will bo UHcil In the Illustration Instead of ono as In tho past. Also the nn-1- mills will be humanized and Invested with personalities. The text continues to feature tho "clear heads call for Calvort" With a plea for moderation In drinking-. to welcome the suggestions presented In a now series of messages appearing regularly In The Bakersfield California!!. Tom Brown and FranceSi Drake G IVE a flno cast an outstanding story—that's the formula for successful movies; and' that's tho formula which has been followed In "I'd dive My Life" which opens at the Nile theater tomorrow night on a new double feature program with "Down to tho Sea." The terror of a woman, faces with the resurrection of a youthful Indiscretion which will ruin her happiness and wreck her husband's career, has been thrllllngly brought to the Nile screen where "I'd Give My Life" featuring Sir Guy Standing, Tom Brown, Frances Drake and Janet Boecher will open tonight. Tho story, based on "The Noose," stage success of ten years ago, Is the tale of an honest politician's fight to clean his stale of the racketeers who have gained control. The companion picture, "Down to the Sea," is a romance of sponge divers, with a cast of favorites Including Ben Lyon, Russell Hardle, Ann Rutherford and Fritz Lelber. a girl Houdtnl _ headlining ono of, the finest floor shown ever to be presented at the Jfcinaarhi cttte, mystified an unusual Monday tilgfnt crowd last night with hot escapes from such restraints as a straightjacket and a United States itiall bag. In the latter She wore police handcuffs. Her manager challenged the Whlskerlno committee to hold her^ In the kangaroo cage, and arrangements are planned to test her ability to escape from the cage sometime during the week. With Cazan Is seen . VantlM. known as the '.'dippy mad magician," who witty remarks accompanying his display of tricks kept the large crowd In laughter. Others '} on the program are the Three Revalons, who present a variety of dances, while Miss Patsy Stlner, popular ballad singer, Is mistress of core- .monies. Tools in Family Three Generations (Atioefatcd frctt Leated Vftre) NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 22.— Jimmy Dealy, 20, represents the third generation of his family to use tho draftsman's tools ho Is employ- Ing In tho study of civil engineering at Vanderbllt University. The tools, made In Germany, wero brought to the United States In 1868 by W. A. Dealy, Sr., Jimmy's grandfather. His father, W. A. Dealy, Jr., also used them while he studied at Vanderbllt. 4 » » Reduces Price on Reptile Bounties ( A»socfa/e<i 1'rasi Leased Wire) ..... DELAWARE, Ohio, Sept. 22.—Cut These are sponsored by the makers , pr , cos brought a docllne , n business LAGT TIMI-B TONIGHT—7 nnd Bi'15 P. M. TODAYl TOMORROW TlltlWONI ilt • CONTmUOUt I!»O IO IIMOKK IT'S (IKANI)I "TO MARY-WITH LOVE" Warner IIAVIHH M>rnn I.OY "DON'T TUnM 'EM LOOSED "HEARTS m'uONOAQE" A F T E R 0:'tQ p. in. 1 ACE HITS TOMORROW BANK on 2 GRAND HITS! IT'S HILARIOUS 1 "LOVE BEOINS AT 20" lliiKli llliHIIHHT H'B n Sere n in! ' "3 LITTLE WOLVES" Silly Syniplinny In Color , VIRGINIA LAST DAY—WM. POWELL "THE EX-MRS. BRADFORD" uml QEOnoH O'URIKN In "O'MALLEY OF THE MOUNTED' Conindy, Mown nnrt Novulty ~— ALSO TOM nnnwN. rnANCKM niiAKi: Rill (IIIY RTANDINII "I'D QIVE MY LIFE" STARTS TODAY Jnok BENNEV, Unn MEI1KEL "IT'S IN THE AIR" anH FRANKIB DARHO In "VALLEY OF WANTED MEN" Al»o Comedy nnil Nrwureel GRANADA LAST TIMES TODAY 30 Sliirn, C««t of 10,000 "UNDER TWO FLAGS" Win. Bovri, J li nip u Elllion "THREE ON THE TRAIL" Aluo Nrwn nnd Cnrtnon | C. of C. Stand on 11 Proposals Given ft nili'il I'rpKK l.mtril Wlrr) SAN l-'l!AN('IH('(i. Ki-pt- 22.—Tho Sliili. ('limnlirr of t 'onimi'rro toilny Hlllllllim 'I/I'll ItH Ntllllll fill II <lf till! 28! | !iliili'\vlili' luilliit prn|ioHlll<inn to lip' pear <ni tln> Novpmlior !l ballot. I In mi minoiiiirpiiH'iil, Hi" i-lmmbor '; until II WIIM III fiivnr of Iho followlnif: I'ropimitliin No. II, Iliiwir rnnlrnl; No. 'I, rt'KiiliiHiiK Ililrliinil ilrllllni;; anil No. 21, viillilitlliiR IriflHliilloii liiTi'lofori' ciuii'ti'il to crriilo n nnp- 1 n ni I o n'oiui'n'N iirlnnn ill Trim- rlmpl. ; 'l'ln- ohniiilii'r llHtcil llnrlf IIH iigalnHt I'ruimnltluii No. ff. rnpnnl of per- Honiil liiriuiin tnxi'H; No. 7, ooimly mill Hlllllll'llMll I'lvll HITVll'O, No. 0, loi'iil iipllon; No. III. inolor volili'ln fiii-l liixi'H mul llooiuin fpi-s; No. I, IIIMI mcl.n'H 1 triuini; No. IK, nlooinnr- pirlno »tnx; Nn. "2. rptn.ll Htovn llr.-ii.Mi-, mul No i:;i. pulillo Hcrvlrn Hiuln rlininbrr." Iho an- noiiMi'fiiiont Hiild. "iiiMH only upon IIHMIMIIITH whli'h ari< illroi-lly roliitod li> tin |iruj;i inn ol' worlt or which arn di'i'iiifd hv Ihf hoard of dlroi^toi'H to !»• ill' niirrirlrnt Hlnlnwliln public In- Salt Lake Will Be 11 Heel as Air Target ] )ATH1CIA HLLIfl and Warren • Hull, who with Hugh Herbert arn principal meinbnrn of tho cast In tho fast moving comedy, "l.ovo HnKlnH at. Twenty," ono of tho tlin-n attraotloiiH HhnwInK today and tomorrow at tho Fox California tlipntor. Tho Bocond foal urn In "To Mary With T..OVO," tho Hatur- day lOvimhiK Pont utory Hint hiis horn rnad nnd lovod by nilllloiiH. AV'arnnr Hnxlcr, Myrna Loy, Ian Ihnitor, Clalrn Trovor and Jonn Dlxon aro In tho caul. Tho techni- color Hilly Rymphony, "Throo l^ll- tie AVolvoM." and latent nown ovrntH foiiiploto tho program. Policeman Shows He Is Impartial (At»nclntt(t Prat I.coned Wire) I3OWLINCI GH1210N, Ohio, Sept. 22.—A patrolman brought his father- in-law Into court, charged with park- Ing two hours In a 16-mlnuto zone. "Didn't you know It was your fa- thor-ln-law's car?" asked Mayor Alva W. Bachnmn. "Hure," said the officer, "but ho was In my end of town and' two hours Is two hours and that's too long for anyone to do a quick errand." "Ono dollar." said tho mayor. of oviyi-fresh Snow Flake crackers and are addressed to the perfect hostess, which means every modern- minded woman who wants 1ier table to reflect quality and discrimination. Tho keynote of successful meals Is always an Interesting topic. This particular group of hints appears on our food pages every Friday . but no protest from Herbert E. Man vllle, who had offered 5 and 10 cents each, depending on size, for snakes slain along the Olentagy river, Man- vlllo said he paid for 1248 snakes, then cut tho bounties to 1 and 5 cents. And ho burled every snake brought In, to prevent double payment. N ANNETTE AND BUDDY THINK , THE SANDBOX SHOULD BE TWINS,TOO I Cotton Prices Are Soaring! Now Is the Time for All Good Housewives to Follow That Thrift Impulse and Lay in a Year's Supply of Turkish Towels 'i Mont Unli|ii« Cnln CHOW MEIN CHOP SUEY 25c Bervod From IP p. ni. to 9:110 p. m. Dnlly FREE COCKTAIL. With BOo Oiclor or Min-e Chlncic or Ainnilonn THREE FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY < \ i SALT S3.-— LAST DAY—2 DIO FEATURES Carole Lombard • Frod Mm;Murray IN "THE PRINCESS COMES ACROSS" and Otto Krugor • Qlorln Holden IN "ORACULA'S OAUQHTER" Comedy • Cartoon - News • ••HHMHMIHIIHHHHHIMHHHMIIM THE KAVERN I', Mlln Cull on Eilliun Illolmny MIXED DRINKS Food Thnt U OB Luxn QOOD MUSIC I.AKH CITV. Hopl. (iinoiiiMi- HiMiry II. lilooil l»'i iiilimliiii toilay to tho tinny nil' I'OI-|IH in IIHI' tircul Halt Lalio nH u A flci't of ulno liiunlilliK will lulu- nfr from Marr-h IHflil III i 'iiltfiirtilu. fly liilmnl and clump IOIIH or I-\|I|IIH|VI-H mi u floating far I.Ill III till- Illluv Thn iimnriivtM, datPH for which will IIP HP! luti-r. In Inti.'iiiltHl to nhow of- fprilvi'iii'HM uf IOIIK raiiK" boinhli\n o|ionitliniM liv t'liltoil SlaloH ulniuMi. i:nr(\\Tou DIKS KMMITSHl'Kd. Mrt., Sept. 2S. (A I' I Tin' lit. HPV. lloi luiril .taiilPH llriulli-y, proHlili'iH of Ml. Ml. Mnry'H I'olli'isi' for ncavly ^'ll yiMii'M, dlod to- iluy ut I'rovltltMU'O lloHpttal, \ViisU- liiKton, lifter a nluirt lllni'NH. lie li'.l yon I'M ulil. Watch for Opening ofth« NEW HINKY DINKY I Oc HOUSE 1924 L Street Vlto Qiuntoli, Proprietor "GLORIFYING THE AMERICAN CHILD" Tim Mi-Kilo nyMi'in of triilnlng- luiB aohloveil a Mnvi'HM iinvrr ln'forn ultiilniMl liy any nthor ni'hool of Its html. Our HI-PHI ohjiuitlvo Is child ili'M'ii'iimiMit rU'iin, alert mlinlH In heulthy limlii-M tiooii (ruining brings profeBBlunul op. |IOI lUllllll'H. Tup, Imllc't, <-liiit-i\i-lor ilunohiK, ncrubatlril Bliil vnli-p unit iiriiiniiiii'ii fur Hinge, Hcroan ftiul radio, Hpi-rliil inilnliiK in iiiU>ro|iUoun teohnlijUi>— • lill'l or ii.lull The Moulin Dnnc.o btudlo will tl« looottd *t th« I. 0. O. F. HALL I'10 Chester Avenue Phon« 854 "ITS A DISTINCTION TO UE A MEQUIN KI&DIH" bllio all llttlo boyH. Uinlcly Is ofa/.y tiboiit his Miillor null. ospoclully tho collar. KannoUu'a u Hollor luna In flno broadcloth with n smart, bow uiul n iiixulli-iU dOHlgn. A Shirley Tomplo stylo. Sizes 1, 2, or 3. $1.95 Start them right 10 twig is bonl, so is the tree inclined I" Start your . out in smart apparel from our Infants' Departed! t to you $1.25 $1.95 "As (he littlest incut mul their good lusle will be u credit to you later on. C11UX—in two sizes. The hundy disposable diaper INFANTS' SETS— Wool knit sots of three pieces..., ESMOND BLANKETS—«i»e 30x50. fl*-| A A Lovely sateen binding. Nursery designs. t|) J.»\lvf Infants—Juniors—Twixteens Department on Mezzanine—Take West Stairway A fortunate early purchase enables us to sell at a truly low figure in the face of advancing prices. Colored, Borders Visit Our Yardage and Domestics Department on the Main Floor Frequently. New and Lovely Things Arriving Constantly. Solid Colored Grounds and Colored Borders 19. Colored Ground and Border White With X--€ Colored Borders 29c Large Towels in Colors With Artistic Border... 59c WEILI/S This Week j s SPECIAL! Extra Large, Extra Heavy Snowy White BATH TOWELS 69c The Kind the Men Folks Like Best. A Convenient Size TURKISH TOWEL 39c Colored Ground "With IJody Stripes mid Border 29c lor Guest Size Turkish .Towels to Match. 25c for 2 Wash.'Cloths to Match. Here ,is an ideal gift suggestion ART DEPARTMENT East End of Mezzanine STAMPED PILLOWCASES ^2-inch Bucilla tuhing. New patterns. Slumped for simple embroidery. Per pair $1.00 STAMPED DRESSER SCARFS 65c Of oyster linen. Size 17x45. New fall patterns stamped for simple embroidery. Each < New Fall Yarns and Style Books Are Here. Now Is the Time ijt Start That Suit!

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