The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 25, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1963
Page 6
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THE OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, April 25, 1963 Neglectful Mom Needs Attention Dear Ann Landers: 1 cannot discuss this problem with anyone else because I'm ashamed to admit the situation exists. We have a two-year-old boy and a four-month-old daughter. My .wife adores the boy and keeps him immaculate. She is always cuddling him or playing with him. She brags about him to friends Your Problems By Ann Landers and relatives and it's plain see she worships the little guy. My wife ignores our little girl completely. The child is often lying in soiled clothing when I come home. She cries all the time. I sometimes wonder if she has been fed. The child has a rash on her legs which the doctor says is from neglect. My wife keeps "forgetting" to get the medicine he prescribed. I finally went out and got it myself. I'm afraid my wife dislikes this child and is not caring for her properly. Is it possible for a mother to feel this way? Please 16 and 25 years of age have been involved in a major accident. Only two out of ten old gaffers had been in wrecks. give me some help. I am deeply concerned.—J.L. Dear J. L: Your wife's attitude toward the little girl is indeed "unnatural." It is sick. Her resentment against, the child is a transference of hostility and anger which is rooted elsewhere. Your wife needs professional help at once and I hope you will see that she gets it. Very young children must have love and affection. They can be permanently scarred if they are not given emotional support. Dear Ann Landers: I know you will never print this because it's easy to see what side you are on. Why did you publish all those letters about "Old Gaffers" making "it appear as if they are the dangerous drivers — a threat to life and limb? Anyone who has an ounce of sense knows the teenage punks are the guilty ones. This is why insurance rates are sky high for drivers under 25. A recent survey showed that seven out of ten boys between in I'd risk my neck any day with a 75-year-old gaffer before I'd ride with a 17-year-old punk who has to rev up a piece of junk just to get the thrill of speeding. Too bad this letter will go into your wastebasket instead of in the newspaper where it belongs. — MILLION MILE GAFFER WITH NO WRECK Dear No Wreck: You drive a lot better than you read. dad. I made it clear the "Old Gaffer" letters were expressions from readers and did not reflect my point of view. Every survey I have seen proves the drivers under 25 years of age are far more dangerous than the senior citizens. Dear Ann Landers: I am 18 and look and act older. My Uncle Wally is 36 but looks and acts younger. He has told me he loves me and I'm sure I love him. He is not a blood relative, but an uncle by marriage. Uncle Wally married my dad's sister 10 years ago. This was a second marriage for both. My aunt is a pleasant person but she is lazy and sloppy. They fight most of the time because she won't cook or keep house. I know Uncle Wally and I could be happy together and he will marry me if I say the word. Boys my own age are a bore. Please tell me our love is real. Thank you.-PATTY Dear Patty: Your love is real, all right. Real nothing. You are fiddling around with a married man twice your age — a two- Baked Sausage Crisp, By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloisc: I have learned that if you take a pie tin, line it with foil — crumpling the foil a little on the bottom — that you can bake your breakfast sausage on it while your biscuits are cooking! The sausage will be moist, not hard and crisp and it will have and forth when inserting it, it Buy a yeard-and-a-quarter of helps prevent sticking of the stopper. Mrs. H. L. ATTIC REVISITED — Cotton cloth with a water resistant finish was used by designer James Childs Morse to cover these walls, make window shades that pull, to cover a studio couch, bolsters and chair cushions for this attic, Less than 12 yards of the 48-inch material were required. Hints From Heloise a wonderful flavor. We find it quite different than when frying it. The reason for crumpling the foil is so the grease can drip away from the sausage and will stay in the fold of the crumpled foil. We find that frying sausage on a flat surface is what makes it greasy! Mrs. F. Dear Heloise: When the stoppers on my perfume bottles are stuck I place them in the refrigerator until thoroughly cold and then remove the stopper. I have also found that if I twist the stopper back Letter of Laughter Dear Heloise: When giving a child a pill. . . and most children have trouble swallowing them. . . I wonder if you have ever thought about cutting off a piece of banana and inserting the pill in the center of the banana and then giving it to the child such as you would a lollypop? It works with mine. Frances Arms Dear Gals: Please do not clean plastic cups and dishes with steel wool. This only ruins the finish. The manufacturers of these plastic dishes write to me that even scouring powders and bleaches will ruin them. Once the finish has been removed there is nothing you can do. They suggest using only baking soda or a special product made for this purpose. To use baking soda one dips a damp cloth into regular soda and polishes as if they were clean- corduary and some matching blanket binding. Sew the binding around the edge of the corduroy either by hand with a pretty stitch or by machine. My sister, who had this great idea in the first place. . . . uses the fancy stitches of her sewing machine. The results are just lovely, inexpensive and the best receiving blanket ever made yet. This blanket will be larger than the "store bought" kind, lint free and will wash beautifully in your washing machine. My three-year-old is still using the original gift from her even after daily use — both in winter and summer! Lucky Mother will never stop singing your praises for such a practical gift. These aren't bought in stores! uneasy out one. of visiting, or sitting in dry waiting ing silver. Heloise Peggy Williams Dear Heloise: Look into any one of my purses and you will invariably find square of foil wrap! VyBl 1 y lllg « ••I"""*.'' ~V ~ wcorne such a habit,, that Carrying « iquM* rf ever lit a cigarette house while or hostess to appear, wildly around for an Should we put thai* our shoe? In thit chilia v the window rill? Or painted dish on have you ever your cigarette gingeriyv M ly daring to breath, whtte the grows longer and the hostess wiU arrive befef* ' late? I simply tear a from the little piece I my purse, crinkle the ifc I have a useful, handy, sal ashtray. These May' : be ed into a tiny ball, replace* your purse and discard*! la Virginia Polak lime loser and an uncle at that. Where are your parents anyway?—Stop seeing this moron at once or. you'll be in more trouble than you need. To learn the difference between a marriage that "settles down" and one that "gets dull," send for Ann Landers' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Wellsville WSCS Elects Officers WELLSVILLE - The election of officers was at the meeting of the WSCS Evening Circle of the Wellsville Methodist Church. Elected were Mrs. Marlin Chanay, chairman; Mrs. Kenneth Hausler, vice chairman; Mrs. Bob Stauffer, secretary-treasurer. The meeting was at the home of Mrs. Larry Avrill with Mrs. Jim Nabors, co-hostess. Mrs. Bill Warnock presided at a short business meeting. The program was given by Mrs. Clarence Coffman, whose topic was "Christian Symbols, Signposts of Devotion." Devotions were given by Mrs. Stauffer. Refreshments were served to 16. Book Review For Program The program for Child Study Club last evening was a review of Peg Brandon's book, "I Hate to Housekeep," by Mrs. Harry Rybolt. Mrs. Lelan Davis was hostess. The president, Mrs. Allen Unruh, read a poem, "Wash Day Loot." and conducted a short business session. Refreshments were served to the 16 members present. Find Beauty »./ At National Convention WELLSVILLE - Mrs. W. H. Moherman and Mrs. Bernhard Fleming retuned home by plane fom .(the National Garden Club Convention in Atlanta, Ga. They attended as state delegates. More than 2,800 women were present from 47 states, including Alaska, making this 34th annual convention the largest. Highlights included tours of the dogwood district and the old homes. The ballroom of the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel, where the convention banquets and luncheons were held, was lined with pine trees. It was an especially breathtaking sight when one evening the tables and stage were decorated with 3,000 red roses. Each table of 10 held a tall silver container with from 30 to 36 roses. For another evening, the room was decorated with carnations and pink plumes. Club Forecast Friday DE MOLAY MOTHERS, visit of grand officers PEOBIA-COLE community SENIOR CLUB, Youth Center BAXTER community, Baxter School, Baptist WMS Has Meeting North Baptist WMS had devotions given by Mrs. Emmett Taylor at the meeting last evening at the church. Mrs. Clarence Keefer gave a scripture reading Shower For Baby Girl A layette shower was given last evening for Deane Elizabeth, baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Stevens, at Janice Whitcomb's home. Assisting were Miss Whitcomb's mother, Mrs. William C. Whitcomb, and her sister, Starlene. A pink and yellow color scheme was carried out. Gifts were Dear Heloise: Here is a little trick for anyone who likes to sew and is faced with the problem. . . what to give at that baby shower next week! following a hymn. Mrs. Lindel P laced in a y ellow P lastic bab y Chism and Mrs. Earl Richardson gave a vocal duet with Mrs. Tom Ingle at the piano. Mrs. Fred Kaub gave a closing prayer. Mrs. Kaub conducted business and installed new officers. They are president, Mrs. Clarence Keith, secretary; Mrs. Olive Baxter: treasurer, Mrs. V, C. McDowell; departmental secretaries, Mrs. Allen Troutman, Mrs. Virgil Thomas, Mrs. Claron Cordie, Mrs. Chism, Mrs. Loe Howard, Mrs. 0. 0. Tucker, Mrs. Clyde Griffin, Mrs. James Daugherty, Mrs. Leona Eller, Mrs. McDowell, Mrs. Keefer, Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Kaub. Mrs. Keefer served refreshments. 7:30 p.m. potluck HAWKINS community, School, 8 p.m. Hawkins tub surrounded by pink and yellow tissue roses. The tub was on a pin receiving blanket which each guest signed with her name. Twenty high school girl friends were invited. Those unable to attend sent gifts. Refreshments included individual cakes decorated with yellow and pink booties. Nut cups were in building block form with the baby's name spelled out on the top and sides. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doctor's prescription, our product called GALAXON. You must lose ugly fat in 7 days or your money back. No strenuous exercise, laxatives, massage or taking of so- called reducing candies, crackers, cookies, or chewing gum. GALA- XON is a tablet and easily swallowed. When you take GALAXON, you still enjoy your meals, still eat the foods you like, but you simply don't have the urge for extra portions because GALAXON depresses your appetite and decreases your desire for food. Your weight must come down, because as your own doctor will tell you, when you eat less, you weigh less. Get rid of excess fat and live longer. GALAXON costs $3.00 and is sold on this GUARANTEE: If not satisfied for any reason just return the package to your druggist and get your full money back. No questions asked. GALAXON is sold with this guarantee by: KAISER DRUG STORE - 420 S. Main. Mail orders filled. HICKORY CURED ... Folks used to think rheumatism could be carrying a hickory nut Today, we laugh at old wives' remedies. We have so many reliable, acting medications now. Medical discoveries m years have eliminated or greatly eaaed and suffering. But, remember—moat medicsaes be used only upon the advice of your When you or a member of your family see your doctor first Then come to as for medicine he prescribes. Kramer Drug Store 134 S. Main Professional Pharmacy CH 2-2055 CH 2-3547 ProfeaMaal'Hrl Beveled and Piain Edge MIRRORS For Any Room in Your Home SUFFRON Glass Go. 418 N Main Ph CH 2-2515 "Singer" Repairs and Service Albright's SEWING CIRCLE For year 'round comfort ... CHOOSE AIR COHD1J10HIHG! Controlled comfort can be yours at the touch of a dial ... iummer and winter... with a central Gas air conditioning system. Because a simple Gas flame takes the place of the major moving parts in the refrigeration unit, you enjoy dependable, economical air conditioning that can't be matched. GAS saves you up to 40% on cooling costs... (compared to'electric units of the same capacity) FOR FREE DETAILS: see, call or write us right awayl THE 5 SERVICE CO. Nttunl Qts for Hom», Bus/ness tnd Industry Look For The PINK TICKETS Save P/enfy In Our Self Service Dept. D • I. • I Women's HEELS Reg. 7.99 3 99 NEW HEELS White, Red Patent 6 99 FLATS 2" Men's DRESS SHOES •799 Children's Canvas OXFQRDS Red 272 to 12 2 50 Boys' SHOES 3 99 Women's HEELS 2 99 FLATS J99 New FLATS White - Bone 3.99 4.99 ^•B mm^ V^^H ••• ^^v iBi^ ^mmm m^^ «••» ^^^ «B^ m^^ ^pv K SELF - SERVICE BARGAIN STORE Open Mon., Tues., Thurs.. Fri. — 8 a.m. to 6 pjii. . Wed. and Sat. — 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. :' WE DISCOUNT THE DISCOUNTERS Adult LIFE JACKETS $2.49 U.S. APPROVED Sleeping BAGS 12.95 VALUE $6.95 Women's JAMICA SHORTS 1.98 VALUE 79c Children's SHOES Patent-White 2.99 3.99 • • • • • • Men'* , Bib f* OVERALLS 2 Pairs $5*00 BOYS TENNIS SHOES 2 99 3.99 OXFORDS 4.99 BOYS TENNIS This Department is Loaded with New Spring Shoes LOOK FOR THE PINK TICKETS AND SAVE! PAINE'S BOOTERY Polystyrene LUNCH PAILS Good for Minnow Pails, Lunch Pails or to keep things cold. 99' — Men's Khaki or Gray • WORK PANTS I $2.79 Pair $COO Pairs Women's and Children's SHOES $2.79 Pr. 2 Pairs ••-.•I YARD GOODS ' Group No. I . .3yds. $1*06" . ,••. .••$.... - -a Group No. 2 ... Group No. 3...... FANCY TERRY CLOTH PRINTS ; $1.98 Yard Valut 'If 77 Yard BOYS SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS 79c WOMEN'S Canvas SHOES $1.88 AMERICAN MADE 12 QT. PLASTIC Water PAIL 33c LiMrr—2 1ST QUAUTif NYLONS 39c LIMIT—3 You Don't Have to be a Member to Buy Here "Just Smcirf *•

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