The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1951
Page 13
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Ow BoerJmg House with Mo j. HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 'SHOP JOKERS COULD ' KUIN A GUY'S HiSSi? •si A YEAR IF -KXTD LET JM.' THEy SWITCHED GEARS ON HIM AN' H6 THINKS HE'S CUT TH' FIT TOO SMALL. AM' RUWEP TH' SHAFT/ $AY THAT CROP OF CHIW vceos *SISHT UP AMD SWING A SCYTHE , IT SALLS Me fWJtC THAT LAOWDRY X WA« AOVAHCED I •»-MY BeXRO MO DOOBT £WAYeD HIS Decision/— DM/ t YSH, IN TEN MINUTES THEY PUT NOD THROUGH ALL TH' EMOTIONS A HUMAN 86 IN' U66S [M .-- SURPRISE, FRIGHT, DESPAIR, . ELATION.THEN ANGER- AW VOU GOT TO SWALLOW IT ALL I tH06£ WCXXLV TORTIERES AK6 YOUR PROT6CTIOM ASAl^ST AKSOTHER , ^LXTH AS A rS*JT SOWS TO ^ R361TIOM IMA , P /X gEAED gOT OP IT^= Political Announcements •ubj»ct V) Municipal Election November 6, 1951 BAN A. BLODGETT B. R. JACKSON DOYLE HENDERSON For Alderman Plrmt Ward DR. J. r. BROWNSON ' JfOMBR WILSON Thtr* Ward L. Q. NASH F*r Alderman Fourth Ward LB6LIE MOORE Gonpan; for dinner? Don't get edited; Meyer's Bread le your friend, . Bach WMI* lc a treasure And will giye you pleasure, Look for my seal on the end FOR SALE ralTtrta, 13 Inch t* *8 H»i» »r reenf«re«4. Also B«IMtat BI«cka thr.p- Ihu fcnbcr for kanw, ekickei •*•*. •»••> h«naea texanl •**•, »M| aaieda. Wa dcliTer. Ca* a« t*r fn* OSCEOLA TILE * CULVERT CO. rhwn Ml Rent a Camera r»k* Ik* pictures yourself with *mcr» from Barney's . . . b, box or movie camera*. BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 Modern Home — Interior Decorators • UPHOLSTERY • REF1NISHING • DRAPES (A Specialty) L*t Us Show Von Our WorX Bowen & Burris Highway 61 South NO SURVIVORS i?^r W WIIX HENRY THE rroBii job. curiu. »p- twrr-ri antf •dopi«d br tjfouj !•. «»••. tall, 1» love wllli Korlh SlMr XXIII 'THE nine years 1 spent with the Oglala Sioux I rode and'hunted with the Indiana, sharing with them their feasts and famines, i became • full chief in the highest war councils. A ranking brave in the For Lodge society A son and constant associate at the No 1 Sioux bad man. Crazy Horse. A tcnown hostile to the 0 S Go»- ernment. my name on three treaties, my (ace familiar to every comtnaooer oti the frontier. Married to a famous Sioux medicine woman. And carrying, among white settlers, army personnel and reservation redmen alike, the reputation of being a bad Indian. Th« "bad" part had been unwarranted. It was. in fact, due to my heated arguments on the Sioux side In the various councils with the Army. I cut through many of the thin dodges they sought »o perpetrate on the Sioux. Late an the afternoon of June 20. 1373. I arrived in a war camp on the Little Big Horn. For the next three days scouts came tn with information almost hourly. Terry's column, moving from Fort Abraham Lincoln, was very close, only a few s-jns away. Crook was still on Goose Creefc Gibbon's troops, coming from Fort Ellis. were closest of all. Terry and Gibbon had made contact at the confluence at the Yellowstone and th_ Rosebud. Terry and Gibbon were waiting for Crook. Now Terry was coming and Yellow Hair Custer was with him. With the approach of troops my .moral position became intolerable The most obvious thought was to desert, fleeing to * previously arranged rendc?.vous with Star. Next MCA StltWCf, tt4C hought was to throw myself on Crazy Horse's mercy, explaining I would not tcad my red people into certain defeat by overwhelming Army forces Thi? wouldn't wash Then on the afternoon ol June 2.3 came Yellow Bird lathering into camp with news which lifted every lair off the nape of my neck "Yellow Hair is coming!" he shouted as fanned hi? oony up the village street I was with Crazy Hors* as tie slid his oony to It? haunches In front of the war chiefs tip! Present were Gall, American Horse and Sitting Bull. HORSE looked at Yellow Bird coldly "Next you will tell us that Red Nose Gibbon Is on his way. too. Or that the fireboat- that-walks-on-water is waiting! nn the Yellowstone You fool. We know Glister is coming." Yellow Bird would have his little foke. Turning away as though utterly crestfallen, he muttered yoice low. but not so low that Crazrr Horse wouldn't hear "but I thought the war chief would be interested to know that he is coming straight across the hills, for this v*rr rlpi—* Crazy Horse leaped at him llfce tiger Seizing the tall Sioux by the arm he spun him around- The Oglala's eyes were blazing. "Did you say he was coming straight over the hills? Not % going up the river to come on us % from above? 1 Aye." Yellow Bird's voice was weary with simulated self-pity But YOU knew it all the time." "Enough!" Sitting Bull's thin voice knifed into the conversation "If you want to chatter like a magpie we'll slit your tongue for you But if you don't talk like a Sioux and suddenly, well cut It out o your empty head, entirely." Yellow Bird, favorably Impressed with Sitting Bull's frank approach, talked. A war council would be held to- ss soon as an had fed. All he chiefs would attend. Crazy lorse would lead in the field Two Moons. Humn. Little Wolf and Dtitl Cnffe would head the Chevenne. * • • F HAD purnosely come to the council unarmed; I wore only breech-clout and moccasins. The jilence deepened around the ring of infrnt limner? a? T began. "1 am Cetan Manl. son of Tns- hunka Wltko When I have spoken the lodge of my father will be tJnrk wi'Vi ^hnme." A murmur of interest spread through the crowd. I could lust see Horse out of the tail of my eye where he sat on my left. His can frame stiffened at my words but ht* f-"*p remained Immobile. ">Hne snnwy ago T came nmonp [he Oglala. a captive, my life spared by the war chief. He sponsored me. save me back mv weapons He wns my father." I watched Sitting Rn'l hut he w not look at me. "As is known to Ml, I am a whfte man." Actually some of them did not know this. Others had SCOTT- ingly forgotten U. for as T said It another sound sprang up among :hcm. Th«v «TBTIC-.»H now what was coming '*yive sims ago when we counted a big coup on Three Stars (General Crook 1 I rode by my father'? side." Here I presented my hand? in a dYamatic, irnfftine gesture. rtcnly there cnme to me n dream. Even there among our enemie? the- dream came, tt was big medicine,-for a? T dreamed there the little guns were silent. Many enemies shot at me. Many long knives sought my throat. But my medicine was strong Nothing could harm me." This was "vision talk" and it impressed them. I could feel the lessening of the hard tension, a return of a gentler apell of pure interest. I took a little heart, but catching the eye of Sitting Bull upon me, I !ost it. His stare was as flinty as an arrowhead. Visions wfere his business. 1 was encroaching on a closed field. "In my dream appeared the face of Yellow Hair—' 1 (To Be C' 1 "*"line S) REPAIR SERVICE A11 »ppll*mee«: refrigerator*, freeaen, range*, and iraihera. K*dl«» »tf snail appliance*. All oar w*rk la pt«ramW*4. 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