The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1952
Page 3
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'six BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1952 Quoted as Saying U. S. Has Abused Power To Tax, Controls Plans By MARVIN L. ARROWSMJTII ( ins brings ever-increasing taxes WASHINGTON t.f-—Gen. DwlfihL; taxes which if Ion? cominm-rl will D. Eisenhower was quoted today! strangla incentive!, (he very qunluy ; as saying the government's an.swe "to excessive control is more ctm- that built the nnLion, MfnmvliHe, the government debt rises, The trol" and that there has ht-cn led-j value of our mnney becomes the eral "abuse of the taxing power." fnolbrtl] of pot.tir.s— suhjectod to the political \vhim of the mom CM it . . . •"LJio [rovernment penr-d-fU' 1 more flj.rt more into our d.ulv Jmnp: Sen. Carlson of Kansas, who is supporting Elsenhower for thr> He- publican presidential nomination, paid the general recently made ihepls answer to CXCC.SSIVR control ir statements in a letter to a friend- j more control. In this whole p The senator did not name the i cess, the abuse- of -lie tnxmtc P'JU friend In a speech prepared for hns been one of the <;hirf wr:ipr delivery at a Rotary Club meeting here, Examples Quoifd Carlson salt) thn stiitcniRnts hn quoted are examples ,sho\vinp where Eisenhower stands on dome tic issues. He added that the general has marie his views known "equally clear or. a great number of our fundamental issues," and I hat opponents who -say he hasn't I lie governmem has-used. Me nn while. Sen, Nixon of C'nJi foinia urucd nhovror to "repu- dinlr; linet]\iivot;;iHy" Pi-pr,! drill TVM- nian'R seizure ol the sler-l in<lu<ory. "As a candidate for 1 he Hrpubli- ean noin i nation lie should do so jii^t n.s MHtn its ho tines on inariivft stntus June 1." Nixon told a reporter. Nixon, who is backing fiov. Karl are making "such false chaises j Wnn en of California for the norui- for only one vea.son. They sec the [nation, said all aspirants (r»r the nomination slipping awny frotn \ presidency should make theii posi- them and they are desperate." j lion known on 'the controversial Carlson said Eisenhower wrote: "seizure issue, urn! that most of "Extravagance in public spend- them have. John Taxpayer, Wife, Kids Say\ New White House Is Beautiful 'Balky' Airman To Appeal Case Mississippi Officer Was Given 3 Months, Dishonorable Discharge HATTIESBUnG. Miss. (&, — The rjiro of Cfipt. Carl Izard of MaR- nolia. convicted by a rmn Us martlaE ol inaliiiKrritii;, will hn appea]?tt, says his defense attorney, State Son. Rtantnn Hall of HaUie.^biusf. Ixard was 5PiUencod to dismissal under dishonorablp conditions, forfeiture of pay and nllo-A'anrrs and to three mnnth.s Imprisonment. Announcement of the verdict antf sent cure came from Secretary of Air Fiiilctlrr at a special news conference at WashLnglon. rzarcl. who « r ns assistant county a coin of Pike County, Miss., at Mir tiinr of bi>; rprnll to actp/e duly. '•mild not be reached at, Keesle-r Kjcld for comment. His wife, a hlRh schnot teacher, said hor husband did not Actually refuse to flv, but ter|iie.strri to be 3roundr<! when hr? "developed a Jirv\r>us condition and Inst \veich'." Mrs. Izard. who HVP.S at Colum- bin, MKs., ftnkl her husband offered 10 serve his country "at any time, in any place, in any capacity if they just wouldn't make him fly." Mrs. I/,ardv a 'd a Keeslcr Field siirccon advised Capt. J/nrd to ask relief from Mylnc "before he be- c;une dancrrous to himself and others In the air, 1 Ry ICI> CKKAGH WASHINGTON (,T> — "Wonderful." "Beautiful." "Magnificent." That's the reaction of John Taxpayer, his wife nnd the kfd.i today to their first in-person look at the reconstructed Whits House. They had read abrmt the $5,70(1,000 cellar-to-garret rebuilding job, and they had seen published pictures of the new interior. But not until yesterday did all comets get a chance to see for themselves what the carpenters and decorators had done with all that tax money. And the exclamations of delight would have gladdened the heart of householder Harry Truman If he had come over from the executive offices (o hear them. "I saw the old White House six years ago and I saw the new one today, 1 ' said Mrs. Mabel Hnrgrave tif Sou t h San Fra unison, C;\ 1 if"It's much more beautiful nnv>\ The cbntifirlicrs are nia[;ni(ic'eni. " "It's simply beautiful,""' agreed Mrs. Clarence L. J-'rtx of Hrimmond, fnrF, "I couldn't .say impressed me most—the flower arrangements, perhaps. I'm Roint? through again and have another look 1'' Louisiana Elects Kennon Governor NEW ORLEANS OP)—Robert P. Kennon oT Minden is Louisiana's new governor—to no one's .surprise. The Democrfitic nominee swamped his Republican opponent. Harrison Bagwell, the first GOP can- 61 West German Firms Blacklisted BO&N. Germany W\—The U.R. Mi?h Com ni twin n has bbirklistrd fil West Gortnnn firtn.s suspected of .selling strategic material to Soviet bloc nations. American offic'ifiU said the Bonn Kovernmcnl plans to prosecute seme of the firms for violation of currency and export regulations If the illegal trade charges are confirmed. Western officials have -said that this illegal traffic amounts to at least 50 milUon dollars a year. dldate. in 12 years, Iti yesterday's general election. C, E. Bar ham, state senator from Huston and the Democratic choice for IJeutenant- j>overnor, also was elected without trouble. £.F. Good rich Tir Only - j^Ma ptffV.ii AND YOUR OLD TIRE Here is riifch quality at low coat. This tire carries the R. V. Goodrich time Gun ran tee. ft has seven full- depth rins . . . buttress-built jOinuMcrj . . , lonfj-wenrinp cold rubber tread. Put tlieni on your cnr today. $|00 Puti One on Your Car 6.70-1 S EXTRA-CUSHION DEFIANCE Smooth 'cnmfort cost . . . cnsh- rough-road • 9 PIUS TAX and y.ur olrf Tlr. $1495 • • PIUS TA Filler Scat Covers Plastic Seal {'overs Mo kirn la Car Kiullo . SPOTLIGHT . FLOOR MATS TKirOD JACK Hi IT Hoy Pump. I.UK Wrench . . Sparlan Horn Slcerinj; Wheel Cover .let Exhaust K.xlension , , 8 ! " .r .S 2S 2 ns . 1 1!1 .3" ,57 1 o \vel rood 50 dry i can light a match on it] B.F. Goodrich L1 F E - S AV E R Tubeless Tire • Seals punctures • Protects against blowouts • DEFIES SKIDS, TOO This tire protects atrninst all Ihror lirr hazards — punc- tiiir-. hlrt\vo'.it? and skirb! As li".\v n> ?l down puts a set on your cnr no\v! Cojti lets lhan regular tEr* with lately lube. Convenient fermi. Honc/ymon Special I Combfnaflon HAMMEU- SCKl-lW DRIVER 1.00 S VALUE * • 5o/i'c/ braff fiondf* | • Fovr attorted dfivtr tjtotftt P^vr on Ihts conv^tuont 5-in-t tfi^l: All molnl. Screwdriver Ka'iop contained in handle. Hnr.-h- fnr tool bench, auto, bna:.'repair kit. Model Officer Proves All Is Not 'Gold'- NEW YORK <tVi— It was loiiRh for detective N?Mhan Mf-unen, fellow officer. 1 ; thoiieht, whmi his younger brother wa-s arre.sted last fall in a $29.000 Brooklyn £' officc bnreulary. Today it. v.-a^ even ro>i?bor. The 40-year-old Mennen him- srlf was arrested yesterday, suspended from the police force and accused of being lhn leaflet 1 of a 5-man ^ang that stw^ed the rof-.c- officr Job. Brother frv-iiiK Monnen, S7. al- lejretily was one of the gang. Nathan harl been a.ssifined to in- vestLgnte the When his brother v,'».s arrested, he was removed from it.. Later, he ua=. demoted t<o patrolman for his por>r work. Rut. for 13 years be linn been considered a model officer. Rebellious New Jersey Convicts Meekly Give Up RAHWA Y, N. J WV-Rebellious j department yesterday, namely a convicts at Rahu'ay Stale Prison j survey of parole procedures and a Farm .surerndr-rcd meekly to an-1 promise there would be no corporal ' punishment visited on the inmates who lately barricaded themselves." These were the convicts' two major demands. As the mutineers filed from the debris-Uttered building, they were UN Trains Farm Experts Through Office in Rome .hori ties' late yesterday, ending a 'ive-day mutiny, The 231 rebels, who had been )arricaded In a dormitory wing tor ilmost ] 1-5 hour?, gave up after L'cclnt,' ri^ht Ruards they held a.s ™td P. Lovcll Bixby, deputy InsO- ROME /;P| _ The Unl , cd Nat ion 3 tutions commissioner. i( . ^0,,,,,^ lhc farmefs ' friend by -I'm damned glaci to be oiil ofi tra | n ( nB agricultural experts, there." said one of the hostage I Through the U.N. Food nnd Agri- suards as he left the barricaded cultural Organization, with head- second floor of the wing. | quarters here, 315 fellowships h a ve Another s'lard said. "They treat- been authorized for agricultural Unshaven and ha?i?ard, the con- lets shuffled slowly in pairs out of the building from which they earlier had shouted definace to i prison authot 'itie.s, j Just prior to their surrender, the rebels pulled crudely lettered ' brdshrel siyns \vhlrh him a; outside the dormitory windows, and burned i them. Jn a MH from Trejiion af-i ter the ronvicts ea\ r e up to authorities. the New jersey Department of InstitnttonF; »nd Ac^ncies said : "The set I lorn flit Includes I.|K nie nqrecment stipulated by thr ed us pretty well.' .... ...., __ _ Earlier in the day, Gov. Alfred' frisked by gunrds, taken for phys-; E. Driscoll announced he will ap-1 iral checkups and then sent to a ; point a committee to investigate < receiving fellowships will go to the prison drill hall to spend the night,' ihf* state's prison system. 'United States to study. studies in advanced countries which have farming know-how. More than one-third of all those APRIL SPECIAL! Oatis in Jail For One Yeai AP Correspondent Has 'Anniversary' WASHINGTON I;PJ -- One year a«o today Communist Czechoslo- vjikia threw William N. Oatis into Jail. The Associated Prp?s rot respondent.' s name has become n .symbol of free world opposition to Communist fear and oppression. He is still behind bars as a convicted "spy. 1 ' but it is bet;inning to cost his Red captors somr two million dollars a numth hi American trade to keep him there. Commerce Department reports show the economic squeeze whlirh Vhc United States Imposed in retaliation for Oatis' RI ]'e,st has reduced the volume of Czflch sales in this country by probably 90 p«' cent and is pnttinp tighter. The .sriuei^ze started last October. The Czechs had been selling an average of mare than two million dollars a month worth of their products tn this country. The Con- merce Department said that in January, the latest mnnth for which figures are complete. Czech imports totaled only $205.622. Included were goods kept in bond for re-export. This contrasted with S3.327.6S8 worth of shipments for Tax Lien Filed On Munitions Man NEW YORK t f r—A. tax lien for '. Sl,55fi,2[}5 was filed by the govern- ; merit yesterday against Henry M n;ti'. L son. v.'iirfHUM nnmitions nian- tiTac.'turi'r \vhr> served a prLsori f:en- tenrf 1 on \var contract fraud charts. A similar c!;iini for unpaid taxes, amountina t/> $235,848. was filed G;irs.son here recently. Interna] Rrvenue Colledxir Denis ; MrMnhon declined to discuss the asp a,s he filPri the new Hen Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday, the same month a year earnor. Aniej if an cxpoM.s to Czechoslo-1 vnkia-emitrolled by the ii^ht U. S.j govcrjintent licensing system—have ( almost vanished. Wake Up To More Comfort Without Nagging Backache down of khlncy fun kidney luotlion i» hi'ntth. When lomee S* may b<?«lue In alo ion. Bottom lav a ry imporlnnl to co rryiiay ^ eanfM thi.i imiK>rta man 7 folks suffer na This special offer good anytime during the month of April except Saturdays! Cam? in real soon. > CAR WASH i LUBRICATION > OIL CHANGE All 3 Services for Only $O25 3 Noble Gill Pontiac; Inc. ilHnns many li . Get Dean's Filte today! 5th & Walnut Phone 6817 CENTERPOI5E POWER Vihrnlion and power impulses are "screened out" as engine is rubber-cushioned hclwccn new high-side mountings. LARGEST BRAKES Big 11-inch brake drums apply more leverage for more skipping power. 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