Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on May 14, 1968 · Page 19
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Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 19

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1968
Page 19
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6-8 CORPUS CHRISTI TIMES, Tues., May 14, 1968 AILING SINGEE AIDED -- An airport official helps Arriericari-bom soprano Anna Muffo down, the gangway of the plane that flew her from West Berlin to the Italian-capital yesterday. Her husband said last night that she has suffered" a miscarriage. She collapsed during a performance of Verdi's La Traviata at a West Berlin opera house Sunday night, . ; . : ' ; · (AP Wirephoto) TOWN FOOL Medievaf Profession Revived in Canada By EDWARD COWAN Wt, "Now York Times Newt S«rvlo TORONTO. -- The mcdieva profession of fool is being re vived in Canada by ah immi grant from Europe who has two university degrees and quote. 1 S h a k e s p e a r e and "Mothet Goose." This week, Joachim- Foikis Hie self-appointed town fool o; Vancouver, British Columbia has been instructing .southern Ontario, the seal of English Can adit's establishment, in Uie wis dom of Jolly. "Canada may be a land of milk alid honey but. It needs spirit," Foikis told a lunch hour crouTi on Toronto's City Hal! plaza. "I want to help people lose some of their psychic constipation." AHJrcd in hi.s belled blouse, tight pants, dunce cap and bells, Foikis went to a suburban public high school, where many of Uie teen-agers .seemed to reject his message about not following well worn paths unquestioning!)'. A few praised him for having ''made us think." Thirty-six years oid, and a husband and a father of children, aged 2 and 4. Foikis says he wants to shake if not shiftier "the four basic pillars of society -- money, status, respectability and conformity." He discovered his calling while plodding through a course, which he dropped, in library science. "I had an epiphany on the ]4ih of February last year," he recalled. "I saw an archetypal vision of the fool. I was high for six weeks." Ifis English wife, Wendy, sewed a costume of royal blue and fire red. It represents, said Foikis, Blake's "Marriage o! Herfven and Hell," of spirit and body, of the holy and the pro fane. -He is a thorn in the side of the business - oriented ruling class of Vancouver and a delight to the city's hippies and students. Last monlh, he scored a major victory when the Canada Council, a federal agency which subsidizes (he arts,' awarded him a ?3,500 grant "to revive the ancient and time - honored tradition of town fool." He dropped out of a Nazi youth organization at age 12, he said, but later got a bachelor's legree in commerce from the roe University of Berlin. In 955. he migrated to Canada and 10 obtained a .second bachelor's degree, in religion, at the University of 'British Columbia. There he acquired a deep interest in mythology and, from that, nursery rhymes. He admits to being lazy but ast winter he worked -- in cos- ume -- as a laborer for the 'ancouver Paries Department ind he has been working hard espomling to the many invila- ions that followed the Canada Council award. The Foikis family lives in a mall cottage near the Universi- y of British Columbia. At home, Foikis wears ordinary clothing. "I hope to turn older people n," says Joachim. "My success s a spark of recognition in a man's eye." Liz Loses Mooring For Floating Kennel LONDON. (31 - Eliabeth Taylor's ?2,400-a-week floating kennel was kicked out of its'moor- ing beside the Thames River today. The Port of London Authority ordered the $500,000 yacht Rea- triz away from the Tower o f | * * London pier where the actress i* and husband Richard Burton,* have been keeping their four;* dogs. . ;+ The authority wanted the:* space for itself and was also fed;* up with jokes about "going intoj* the kennel business." i*. Hflcn Moric Rocn'j Le Petit Gourmet "The Finett French Food" 884-7127 1335 Third Street . * * * SHRIMP GALLEY SEAFOOD AT ITS BEST BOXED TO GO 1014 TEXAS TE5-1952 ** * * * * * * * 8 oz. Chopped Sirloin Served with Tossed Grtitt Salad, Buttttred Baked Potato and Texas Toast 89 TUESDAY May 14 MONDAY Moy 13 WEDNESDAY May 15 Carol Burnett Show Generally Pleasant By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK, tf) -- The Carol Burnett Show, which wound up its season last night, generally a series of pilot programs that failed to make the grade. Carol, a comedienne of talent, has an interesting singing voice has been a pleasant addition toi*nd a warm and generous man __ _ _ · * . . - · . . . fis\t* f hot t\»«ftifl/»T e* imll ner that projects well. HER STRONGEST asset during the season has been Harvey Korman, a performer of multi- the CBS television schedule. The final show, reminiscent in mood and theme of the old Garry Moore program, was what Carol called a "family show." There were no guest stars and pie talents who has backstopped the hard-working regulars had her well. He is a fine sketch - · · actor, has an excellent sense of comedy timing and can even sing and dance a bit. One feature of the weekly show involved a married couple their moments alone in the spotlight. The show will go into reruns until early July, when the network will turn the hour over to Rome Choirmaster Puts Jewish Chants to Music © IMS, ctilcaso Dally Newj ROME. -- Jerusalem is Judaism's spiritual capital, but it has fallen to a .temple in the Eternal City, to honor the Jewish religion with the first written perpetuation of its sacred chants, EHo Piatelli, choirmaster of Rome's synagog, has succeeded in registering for'the first time In musical transcription (he full richness.of Jewish psalms. Rome's. 65-year-old synagog, where the psalms .were, -transcribed, is a temple of heavy Assyro-Babyloflian style iacing the Tiber. It is hardly five minutes from St. Peter's, where ritual masses of Christian composers are sung and played. . Not far away, at Number 119 on the Appian Way, are the Jewish catacombs, where early psalms were sung secretly underground . in the 3rd and. 5th centuries. The candelabra are seven-branched chiseled in brown tufa walls, but no music. Piattelli felt that the great Jewish psalms of sabbath, new year and chanukkah, deserved to be perpetuated nol merely by be attacked briskly, then taper off \with a slower, meditative rhythm, according to the cantor's style. Piattelfi's psalmbook has 14 sections, covering marriage, circumcision, and the seven circuits around the tomb of a deceased male. Artists To Work Before Public in Denver Project DENVER, Colo. ffl -- Denver- ites will have a chance to watch art progress from the ground up starting June 12. as nine artists begin work on wood sculptures up to 40 fe^t-high. : The projects--when completed --will become the property of the city, and any work the city decides not to .keep will be destroyed. The chairman of the Universi- y of Denver visual design department. Roger Kotoske, said the artists will work daily at sketch with Miss Burnett and Korman playing a disenchanted pair given to bitterly /funny cracks in the manner of radio's old Bickersons. : The funniest sketch in the windup show was, however, a Burnett solo--a housewife hearing the voices of all those commercial TV pitches ranging from a challenge to eat one potato chip .to accusations about the whiteness of her wash. TV still can get more satiric kidding itself than any other subject^ including politics. BEST BET-- And : how every cat has its day as the "sequel" to It's a Dog's World is telecast. It's called Big Cats, -Little. Cats, and producer-writer Bud Wiser, who says he is not a cat lover, has approached his subject with a certain, objectivity. You'll see an alley cat making its daily rounds, a cat : having a kitten and several pets who "own" eople. There is also a look at :he big cats of Africa as well as the infhience felines have had on advertising. Fun even if : you In connection with television commercials, there is great in-; terest and ; in many quarters, concern, about a current trend} " s p l i t t i n g GFsecotiu jrison*s Gorillas are in Italy prefer dogs. Lome Greene nar- ·ates. 7 p.m., Channel 6, . 6:30 P.M., CHANNEL 3-Gar-j spots into two 30-second com- nercials. It started when companies bought the usual minute periods and started selling two of its products in the time. Then companies started swapping 30 second spots among themselves. The question nosv is whether the networks will sell 30 second spots the way they sell minute participations'. The idea has considerable resistance. · '. where they have 24 hours to rescue some American prisoners before : Allied bombs' raze the town. The gimmick: Infiltrate Brendan Bpone into.prison. The Know One", on It Takes a Theif the first i time around, catch it tonight It's a sly, amusing and highly suspenseful episode with a delightful perform- old-fashioncd shoot-'em-up in "Incident .at ''.Phantom Hill," with Robert Fuller, Dan Dutyea and Jocelyn Lane. It's all about a brand of Union soldiers out to retrieve gold, hi-jacked by 'the Rebels. : A 1965 release, (NBC will bread into the telecast with five iriiuute summaries of Uie votijig in the Nebraska primary.) (R) , · ; ;;; _ 9 P.M., CHANNEL 3--The In-1 vaders has. a chilling premise with "The Spores." It has to db ance from Susan St. James. She with an alien experiment goes awry. The .aliens plan to ship seedlings,to earth in large] numbers: The seedlings, \vf|l ] hatch into aliens/Only .the'.first shipment, gets /lost : and My \ Thinries joins forces with the a]-' (Gene H a c k m a n ) "'"* plays a cool princess visiting a country where the crown Jewels are about: to be stolen. They mustn't be. So Robert Wagner is get there first. The jewel robbery climax is fasci- n a c k - m a n , wno ^J^S'SilSaiS^^^fS*?. the seedfcngs before they begin to hatch. (R) and contains an amusing sur-j prise.. (R) 7:SflP.M;, CHANNEL 10-The, Red Skelton Hour has Roy Rog- 1 ers and Dale. Evans as guests and they are good in comedy skits. Dale is p a r t i c u l a r l y smooth breaking up her romance with "Bolivar Shagnas- ty." Another feature of the show: Several blackouts/Gilbert · S t o p p e d "it Pays ~Q Call An Expert.'" j AASani-Roofer I . U12-0847 *·····*········«····« surprise when he gets there? jprice displays . h i s beauflfulj The prisoners are wounded and in no shape for a. getaway. (R) 6:30 P.M., CHANNEL 10 to M pei-peiuaiea noi mereiy oy three locations f0r three or four his own memory and that of his weeks . or unti , the work is fin . 41 r*rti'f}'x nt »vi * * r\r* /"·rtAC*n /·OrttrtT'C · « * THE THREE networks obviously are finding coverage of the peace talks in Paris somewhat frustrating. The preliminaries are not producing much news that the cameras can capture. Dignitaries entering and leaving the conference hall and mass news conferences are hardly .'the .-ideal-TV news story. NBC, handling, the networks' pool, has a staff of 60 tied up on the conference, and the other two networks have almost as many. Some important news events are just not adapted to TV's visual requirements, and ey include diplomatic conferences behind closed doors and courtrooms, to which cameras are denied access. 'chazzanim," or chosen cantors but also in a form that could be ;hared with other temples and churches. The synagog's singers, gifted in voice and memory but not in formal musical training, always lave passed their tradition down he generations written form. by ear, not in Piattelli has undertaken these transcriptions in English as well is Hebrew and Italian. It is a move that parallels loosely the changeover of the Catholic mass from a Latin service to the living languages of the world. "This is an effort," Piattelli says, "to reach specialists in re- Igious music to enable them to compare our psalms with other iturgical melodies, especially Christian ones." Out of respect for the oral tra- ition, Pialtelli has avoided spe- ifying any tempo. This is because the psalms are meant to 01 low as *168 00 Acme TV Appl. Go, SALES - SERVICE 1015 Main (of th« wot«r tower) Portland 643-2826 islied." The artists Include Eobert Morris. Dean Fleming, Richard Van Buren and Peter Forahis, all of New York City. Wilberl Vcrhclst of Texas; Anthony Magar of Great Britain; Robert Mangold and Angelo Di Benedetto of Colorado, and Kotoske himself. Kotoske said because of its scope and fame of the participating artists, Denver's symposium could be the most important contemporary art activity in America this year. RECOMMENDED tonight: 'Big Cats, Little Cats," NBC,| 7-8 p.m. CDT, a survey of the world of felines from the house pet to the lion, with Lome Greene .narrating. voice in "The I in p o s s i b l e ' Dream 1 ' and "It Ain't Necessar-jj ily Clarence finds himself in posses-i 8 P.M., CHANNEL 6-Tiies- sion of a harem on Daktari.jday Night at the Movies has an Like" humans, however, he soon discovers the harem owns'.liim. It starts when the cross-eyed Lothario sneaks out Co. the jungle to escape an experiment and finds a trio of lionesses-only too willing to take him under their protective care. (R) 7:30 P.M., CHANNEL 3-Ifj you missed "It Takes One to! Bill PROBLEMS? WE CAN HELP YOU - TODAY rVOBOOV WUSCO UP TO SJ8.000.00 Bjd Credit No Problem · Not a Loan Cp... .. . . . . t For FSIE Application ID NcjrMI Office IHTERNATIONAL ACCEPTANCE, dept 57 V 5133 X. Ctntnl Aw, flmtta, nil. »K». " 71i-14t»StK.».W«slilni»», O.C. JMOS * Mr drcndilit St, K«« OrtMM, U. 701M THE PETROLEUM CLUB PRESENTS SKIP STEPHENSON A WEST COAST FAVORITE RENTAL CENTER 4530 Aufotown Dr. (o! 4300 Blk. S. StopUi) Call 854-3008 "Before. . . You Run fo Buy* . * ft»nf an J Save" MEMBERS AND THEIR GUESTS BOYS CLUB AFFILIATE At Underwood' TUESDAY and THURSDAY Hot -- K«ady*to-S*rvf VtAL CUTLETS "TO-CO" ONLY I.J» LB. PHONt 1)13-7111 -- IT'S X t A D Y n t 4129 S. AUMEOA SfCONS OH MEAT UlNNtR INCLUDES CAFETEWA-CATEftlNIr SEKVICE Live Better in a Better Climate with YORK Whole-House AIR CONDITIONING! Call now for more information ! C/ayfon, Sfewarf Co., Inc. TU4-8162 3609 MORGAN STEAK HOUSES Corpus Christi Kingsville Alice TUESDAY SPECIAL! 6 Oz. FILET Baked potato, tossed qrcen salad, Nolan's famous garlic bread . $·69 Serving the Finest Steak, Barbecue and Shrimp "Texas Only Franchisee! Poor Boy Sandwich 1 ' Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Regional Convention May 16-18 * · * Sandy Shores Motor Hotel Jamti Brown Presbyterian Dr. Howard Ervin Baptist Judge Kermit Bradford Methodist THURSDAY, MAY 16th 2-.00 p.m. Registration 2:30 p.m. Pretonvenlion rally and fellowship Joe Jordan, speaker 7.-30 p.m. General session Rev. James Brown, speaker FRIDAY, May 17th 7=00 a.m. Prayer meeting 8:00 a.m. Continental buffo! breakfast 9-.OQ a.m. General session S. let Broxton, speaker 2:30 p.m. General session Jo» Jordan, speaker 7:30 p.m. Genera! session Dr. Howard Ervin, speoker SATURDAY, May 11th 7:00 o.m. Prayer meeting 8:00 a.m. Continental buffet breakfast 9:00 a.m. General session 12:00 noon President's luncheon 2:30 p.ra General session Joe Jordan, speaker 7:30 p.m. Closing bonouet Judge Kermit Bradford, speaker Henry Krouse, speoker REGISTRATION FEE $1 Everyone Is Welcome To Attend For Further Information Call UL3-2569 Or UL3-9162 AS A PUBLIC SERVICE FOR EAST COMPARISON TUESDAY, MAY 7:30 Jock LoLanno 8:00 New Bcatlci c- S:30 Miko Douglaj c- 9;30. Dick Cavctt Shovf c-1 1 :00 Bewitched c-11 :30 Treajurc Isle c-12:00 Dream House c-12:30 Wedding Forty c- I :00 Ncwlywcd Game c- 1 :30 The Baby Game c- 1 :55 The Children'! Doctor c- 2:00 General Hospital c- 2:30 Dark Shadows c- 3:00 Dating Game 3:30 Matinee Theatre "Copocoboni" c- 5:00 ABC tvcning New» With Bob Young 5:30 McHafe's Navy c- 6:00-Big News Local News, Weather, Sports c- 6:30 Garrison's Gorillas The Gorillas set out to free American Dfisoners held in on Italian town. c- 7:30 It Takes A Thief Al Mundv is assiancd to thworr Communist plans to topDlc a era-Western princioolitv vrhosc crown jewels tor the basis of the economy. 8:30 N.Y.P.D. A Policewoman is the a tran to catch o. manioc. c- 9:00 Tht Invaders David must recover o suitcase stolen bv sc^ne tecn-oacrs . . . the satchel contains scedlinos that will Dfodu« tull- orowrt aliens. e-10:00 Bis Nswt, Weather Sports 10:30 BIG MOVIE "Guns of th« Timb«rlond" Allon Lodd 12:30 Church of Christ 12:35 N«wi, Weather, Soorft t-tolor erevoml c- 7:00 Today Show c- 7:25-Area 6 News-Weather c- 7:30 Today Show c- 8:25 Area 6 News-Weather c- 8:30 Today Show c- 9:00 Snap Judgment t- 9:25 NBC New* c- 9:30 Concentration c-10:00 Personality c-10:30 Hollywood Squares c-11:00 Jeopardy c-M :30 Eye Guess £-11:55 NBC News c-12:00 Area 6 News-Weather c-12:30 Colonel Christopher c- 1:00 Days of Our Liv«i c- 1:30 The Doctors c- 2:00 Another WorU c- 2:30 You Don't Say c- 3:00 The Match Game c- 3:25 NBC Newt c- 3:30 Colonil Chrittophir c- 4:30 Panorama c- 5:00 Ur'i Make A Deal c- 5:30 Huntky-BrinlcUy c- 6:00 Area 6 Newj-Weathcr c- 6:30 I Dream Of J»annia Roger decides 1o Quit the astronaut program fo become a movie star. c- 7:00 Big Cats Little Cots A special program about the intriguing, aloof end · .independent feline species, c- 8:00 Tuesday Ntqht At The Merits "Incident at Phantom Hill" Robert Fuller Don Duryeo A Union officer and his men are ordered to rc- trfcve a million dotlan in 'stolen flold bullion c-10:00 AREA 6 NEWS Action news on film as if happens. c-10:30 Toniohf Shaw Joe Garaaiola n host. 12:00 Si«n Off Color furfrtmt KZTV TUESDAY; MAY 14, 1968 6:29 National Anthem 6:31 CCChdpeJ 6:35 University.w'fhe Air 7:05 CBS Morning News 7:30 Big Ten Cartoons . 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:30 Dick Von Dyke Show *lltOO Love Of life " " · . " · · · *11:25 CBS MID-DAY NEWS *11:30 Search ForTomorrovpfll * 11:45 The Guiding Light Ji||| ^2:00 TEN STAR PHOTO · · NEWS . '.- - *12:15 RFD-10 RADAR WEATHER * 12:20 Circus Porode * 12:30 As The World Turns *1:00 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing * 1:30 House Party ·2:00 To TeH the Truth *2:25 CBS NEWS *2:30 Edge of Night Stem 3:00 Color 3:30 Stage 10 Movie "The Female Animal" · Hedy lamarr · Jane Powell (B/W) *5:00 Gilligan's island *S:30 CBS NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE *6:00 Corpus Chrisfi Today *6:15 RADAR Weather *6:20 Photo Ten News *6:30 DAKTARI Clarence, the cross-eyecf lion finds three old friends out in the bush. * *7:30 RED SKELTON HOUR " Guest sars: and Dale Evans. Rogers| 8:30 TEN STAR MOVIE A wildly amusing come-? obout o scoundrellyj:, ^professor. **· "A Jolly Bad " Fellow" · Leo McKern · Janet Munro. (B|W) I 10:30 Ten Star News Weather, Sports * 11:00 Joey Bishop £ *12:00 Ten Star Final N«wv *12:05 Prayer far Tomorrow' * FULL COLOR ^

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