The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1944
Page 13
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Fruit* and Vegetables WHITE HEATH PEACHEg For sale: picking every day; brine c-nntain- er«. Out Kdlson Highway to Magunrlen • tore, south on Fairfax Road to ennui. turn west to third house. F. M. Morley phone 31-F-ii. _ B2 ^^ J»otiHry and Li v«j«tock FOR SALE— Four cood rnlihlt hutches and one doe. cheap. I'hone 3-0173. 1111 Ore. Fon street. _ _ fil ONE aentlo 6-year-old mule. Bar O Stables east of China Grade on road lo Kern River Park. __ 03 WANTED T'J BUY— Heavy ioc' hens7~also red fryers S'i to 3 Ibs. Apply chef, _ ..Bakerstleld Inn Phone B-IJ981. (14 THREE v.-hlte does with litters: 2 white • ml 1 spotted iloe. bred; :i hutches; price reasonable. .lift Uoltby Road. 61 ATTJSNTION, .POULTRf MBNI Our Market !• Open We Pay Tops for Fryers and Rnaatera One BlonX West of East Rnkersfleld Post Office 1106 Kern Street Dial I-I48I s BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET BUT. SELL nr trade, all kinds of livestock. Phone J-3022. Roy Johnson. 1 mile north Pumpkin Center, 200 yards . east on Hosklris Road. 68 WANTED TO BUY— Horses ho««. cattle. any amount. L. Anderson. Route 2, Bn« 908. Phone «-700i. _ t» FOR S ALB— Two span ot cnnd work mares, one brood mare with colt. Mr. _Grnat. Phone 2-7068. _ 7-l»-tf ATTENTION Blond-tested baby chicks, brooders, poultry supplies and feed. W<- buy your eggs. QilckR fib hundred. 22111 Union, or 814 Eighth. Phone 7-7028 nr i-»48». 2-1-tt BABY CHICKS. 116 per hundred. New Hampshire Redi. Rbnde laland Reds, Plymouth Rocks, Rock and Red Cross. New shipment every Monday: order early. Also plentv of metal feeder!, fountains and poullr" medicines. Ward'a Farm ^ Store. 2625 Chester. _ 4.17-tt OFFERING a number »( outstanding yearling and 2-year-old registered Hereford bulls. A H. Karpe. Phone »-8«71. 7-19-tf CHICKS started on order. We have colored broilers, roasting hens. Riverview Hatchery. 216 Roberts Lane. Phone 2-8396. _ 7-19-tt FRYERS for nnle. 40c a pound. 116 West ^_ Bell e, Rivervie w . __ c 2 FOR SALE— Milk goat. Phone 8-8974. 62 FOR SALK—One-year-old Lechorn hens, layinp. You ohooHe them at $1.50 earh First stucco houpe on HcKlBon Drive. r,2 FOR SALE—Good milk Kuat, *n: 3-month- olel Corker .Spaniel puppy, very Htnart, 510. 601 Be.-errtsley. FOR SALE — Throe clops and one liurk, with or withuul hutc h»s. fall 6-69(1. BEAUTIFUL uolden buckskin saddle horse for Hill". l j lentv of life, but Kentle for \vnmMi nr man. Weighs between 1100 HI id 1150. Phone 2-.'.OK4. Demonstration Meet Scheduled in Awn The use of machine attachments will he demonstrated at Arvin by Dorothy Wilkinson of the Agricultural Extension Service at the county building in Arvin Wednesday. The meeting is scheduled for 10 a. m.. with a potluck lunch at noon. The women should bring their own attachments, pieces of cloth and sewing: equipment. More value will be gained from the meeting. Miss Wilkinson says, if women will briiiR their sewing machines and actually operate the attachments. Articles made with the ruffler, hemmer, binder, and tucker will be shown to illustrate their use. Fee Explained by City Council Continued From Pa»e Seven Tho council felt that such forms of taxation as amusempnt tiises, oc- cnpntionnl tnxps. snips taxps. occu- pnncy taxes and sewer connection privilege fees would be even more ohjectional. Kxprnsps Down Mr. Van Riper pointed out that, other than salaries, the city's expenses ha ye dropped since Pearl ITarhor. A $20,000 annual increase in salaries for city employes has been made. In spite nf this, the tax rate has remained the same nnd thpre has been no general Increase in assessed valuations. Mr. Van Riper said. It was also pointed out that the new license fee provides one rate for all. and also allows for flexibility with possibility ot chanpinR the rate when sufficient funds are raised. Other business at the City Council meeting Included appointment of Councilman W. C. Willis to the finance committee. War Chest Gets Flying Start Continued From Page Seven Davlps. A. W. Noon, Warde Watson. Ben Stinson. A. X. Harvey, Mayor Alfred M. tilemon, Lieutenant Norman Main, stationed at Inyokern; Olonel Xewton Crumley, command- ,g officer of Mlnter Field; Emory Cay Hoffman, Leslie Hedge and others. Del Branch, director of the community chest campaign, Issued Instruction on how to obtain the best results in the campaign and complimented local workers on their organization and spirit. Among war chest leaders present were Mrs. Lucile Mosea and a bevy of attractive hostesses, who received salvos at the beginning of the dinner along with Ray Dempsey, head of the team organization, who lauded Leslie Hedge as vice-chairman, Bob Cnttom, chairman of public relation; Albert Phillips, in charge of special gifts; Fred Carlisle. Pat Hilt, Bob Donngan, Hugh Sill, Earl Wong, X. H. Farnham, Manuel Carnakis, John Compton, K. T. Smith, Lieu, tenant A. B. McCreary, Don Craib, F. M. EnKle, George von KleinSmitli, S. F. Bowlby, H. C. Westbay, George Human, Mrs. Hugh Nations, Ralph Bedwell and others. The hostesses serving are Mrs. Moses, Miss Pauline O'Hare, Mrs. Kitty Hastle, Miss Gay Dean, Mrs. Viola Rose, Mrs. Oma Louise McManus, Miss Frances Preusser, Mrs. Luverne Sbatto, Miss Josie Brand. Mi.=s Beverly Moss, Mrs. George Heiler, Miss Gussy Spears, Mrs. lorence Hamilton, Mrs. Frank Davis. Mrs. Marjorie McAdurns and Mrs. Homer Garrett. and pther Pets DOI1ERMANN P1NSCHER pups for sale. _ L'OQil Oregon street. I'hone 7-738S. _ 65 BEAUTIFUL POMERANIAN male puppy, ^9 mnnlliK. Phone 2-S3SJ. _ For. Exchange— Ml«cellaneou« MOVING to mountains, want to trad* late 1942 model Wesllnchonse electric re- frlperator for an Electrolux. Call phone 2-6173. 61 Local Private Wounded in European Theater PrlvHtP First Class Alvin K. Lewis, sun ol' .Mrs. Snra A. I^ewis, Route 3, Bakcrsfiplcl, bus been wounded in action in the Kuropean nrpn according to a report by the war department through Associated Press. Sergeant Bud Zollinger. son of Mrs. Bee Zollinger, Route 1, Delano, has been wounded in the European thealer or action, says a report from the war department through Associated Press. Changes Narrow on S. F. Stock Market SAN FHAXCISCO, Oct. 10. (IP)— Stuc'Us provided r i sensational action today. Nearest was a rise of Monasco shares to another new high nt $l.tii), up 10 cents in brisk trading. Other changes wore mixed and narrow, overusing t share lower. Slock— J..nt Aircraft Are-c-nsrinea 1 r >» Cillnv Cement nfe! fifl ('.ilifornlit riickinB _ S.'i'.i (,'entrnl Kurel<a 2.1", Convolulativl Vultee Ifi'.j <'ro\vn /ellerliac-li 19 Crown Zellorb.'eeh pfcl 102 Krnporluni-mpwell prd „ t.L M i (lIluldlnn-MrRrnn Hawaiian 1'inonpple Honolulu Oil Hunt Hroth'TK pfij Iduho Powor MaKnnvnx ...... MemiHoo Mannfncliii i Pacific: Oils HIH! MIcc I'ai-ific: Public- s»rvi Rheein "MnnurarturiMf? .. Itii hfic'icl Oil . JtciciK Rc-nthc'i-s ccini Sciurulvlp\v I'nlp Southern Pacific SUcMilarcl Oil of Cnlllornla Super Mold ..... Thnninn Al. A Tlrto Water Oil ............. '.'.'..'.' Tran«umerica .............. 1'nlnn Oil cif Californ I'nivrrpal Oil A'iclor TCqiiipmc'tlt M'e-fJtc'rn Pipe it lrir rp 9 3 D9 s ' , 2S '". 1 fl - 1 '10 ' COMMENDED Masler Sergeant Mart B. Bowen. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Mart Bowen, Sr.. 222 Harding avenue, is serving with a group recently commended for outstanding performances in the European theater of operations. As a member of a heavy bombardment B-24 Liberator unit, based in Italy, which has been cited for a sensationally successful operation against the rail yard at Bucharest. Rumania, he is now entitled to wear the Distinguished Unit Badge. The unit is commanded by Colonel Thomas J. Gent, Jr., of Victorville, and has participated in over 130 attacks against the enemy. Sergeant P.owen's wife, the former Helena Rose Stensrud, resides in Bakersfield. Man Dies in Prison Following Argument Tsanc Edwards. 25, serving a term at San Quenlin pri.son on a conviction of forgery charges in Kern j county, died today in the prison hospital as the result of burns from lye 12,000 \VOl XDED RETURNED NKWYORK, Oct. 10. </P>—A total of 12,000 wounded servicemen have been returned by airplane across the north Atlantic since July 6. D-Day, thrown by a fellow prisoner during an argument on September 29. Thomas Choelham, executive secretary to Warden Clinton Duffy, said Sam Williams, 3S, convicted in Alamecla county on charges of robbery and a KPX crime, threw the jar of lye at Edwards. The lye destroyed Edwards' right eye, and some of it got down his throat. Cheetham said Williams has been placed in solitary confinement. No charge has yet been filed against him. Both men were Negroes. EXCHANGES TO CLOSE NEW YORK, Oct. 10. OP)—Principal security and commodity exchanges in the nation will be closed on Thursday, Columbus day. Live stock markets, however, will operate. Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices NOTICE TO VOTERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the State of California that the following Bond Act will be lubtnitted to the People of the State of California for their ratification at the next general election to be held on the teventb day of November, A.D. 1944. FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State. FOR THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF 1*4). TUi «ct provide* for • bond iuuo of thirty million dollikn (1 10,000,000) to IM «t«d by eh* VoMran*' Welfare Board in «MUtin| California war veurant to acquire farmt or home*. AGAINST THE VETERANS BONO ACT OF !»4J. Thii act provide* for a bond iuue of thirty million dollar* (t 10,000,000) to be tiled by the Veteran*' Welfare Board in auttting California war v«ter«n§ to acquire farmi or home*. (Thin proposed law. by art nf the LeRlMaturr paHned al It* fifty-fifth Ken- lion, In anbmltted in the people in accordance with the provision* of Section 1 of Artlrlo XVI of the Constitution I PROPOSED LAW CHAPTER MS An act to add Articlt 4. comprising Section! 99* to 9*1.3 incluaiv*, to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, author-lung the creation of • debt or debts, liability or liabilities, through the issuance and sale of State bonds, for the single object of creating a fund to provide farm and home aid for veterans in accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Farm and Home Purchase a Veterans' 1943; defining Act of 1943: creating Finance Committee the powers and duties of said committee and of the Veterans' Welfare Board and other State officers in respect to the administration of the provisions hereof; providing ways and means, exclusive of loans, for the payment of the interest of such debt or debts, liability or liabllitiee, as such interest falls due, and also for the payment and discharge of the principal of such debtor debts, liability or liabilities, as such principal matures; appropriating money for the expenee of preparing and of advertising the sate of bonds herein authorized to be issued: and providing for the submission of this act to a vote of the people at the general election to be held in the month of November, 1944. {Approved by Governor Hay IS, 1943. Filed with Secretary of State May 18. 1943 ) The people of the State of California do enact ae follows: SBCTION 1. Article 4. comprising Sections 990 to 991.3, Inclusive, la added to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, to read: Article 4 Veterans Bond Act of 1943 990. This article may be cited as the Veterans Bond Act of 1943 990.1. For the purpose of creating • fund to provide farm and home aid for veterans In accordance with the K -ovlslons of the Veterans Farm and ome Purchase Act of 1943, and of all arts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 created by this article ahall be and It hereby la authorised •nd empowered to create a debt or debts, liability or liabilities, of the State of California, In the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided, but pot otherwise, nor in excess thereof. 990.1 After the Issuance of the proclamation of the Governor announcing- the ratification of thla article, and Immediately after adoption of any resolution by the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 hereby created, provided for In Section 991.1, the State Treaa- urer shall prepare the requisite number of suitable bonds of the denomination of one thousand dollars < II,000) In accordance with the specifications -contained ID auch resolution. The agfre- Kite par value of all bonda Issued under IB article shall not exceed the sum of thirty million dollars (130,000,000), autd the bonda issued under any such resolution shall bear Interest from the elate of Issuance of said bonda to the date of maturity thereof, at a rate to f)<> determined by the aald Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 and specl- Aed In auch resolution, but In no case exceeding t per cent per annum. Both principal and Interest shall be payable tn lawful money of the United States, •t the office of the State Treasurer, or at the office of any duly authorised Ment of the State Treasurer, and shall be BO payable at the times specified In •aid resolution or resolutions All bonds issued under this article hall bear the facsimile signature of he Governor and the facsimile counter- Ignature of the Controller and shall be indorsed by the State Treasurer either ty original signature or by a signature tamp adopted for each particular bond saued under this-article and the bonds ihall be signed, countersigned and «n- lorsed by the officers who ahall be In office on the date of Issuance thereof, ind each of aald bonda shall bear an mpreaa of the Great Seal of the State of California. The bond* so signed, cnunterfltgnlng, or endorsing said bonds Bach bond Indued under thin article shall contain a claUKo or •Inline* Mating thai Intercut shall ceaxe n accrue thereon from and after the date of maturity thereof and referring n this article and to the renolutlon nf hn Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 hereunder by virtue of which said hnnd is Issued 990 3 The requisite number of null- able Interest coupons, appropriately numbered, shall be attached to each >ond Issued under this article 8ald merest coupons shall bear the facsimile signature nf the State Treasurer who shall be In ohV.e on the date of liwuancr of the bond to which said coupons pertain 990 4 All bonds Issued under this irtlrle and sold ahall he deemed to have teen called In at their respective dates of maturity and the State Treasurer Khali, on the respective dates of matur- ty of HAld bonds, or as soon thereafter as said matured bonds are surrendered :o him. pay the same out of the proceeds _, although tlM eale hereof be mad* at • date or dates upon which the officers having signed, countersigned and endorsed aald bonda, or sW or either of Mid officers, shall havs icsaasd to be the ineumbmU of th< •OCM Held by tham M UM Urn of . pa: Coi of the Controller's warrants drawn In his favor as provided In Section 990.R and perforate the bond* so paid with a suitable device In a manner In Indicate such payment and the date thereof He shall also, on the said respective dates nf maturity, cancel all bonds bearing nald dates of maturity and remaining unsold, by perforation with a suitable device In a manner tn Indicate such cancellation and the date thereof The pro- 'islons of this section shall be applicable al«o to the Interest coupons pertaining to the bonds authorised by this article to be Issued, and'shall be applicable, as far a* practicable, to any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer 890.5 There la hereby appropriated 'rom the General Fund In the State reasury such sum annually a» will be necessary to pay the principal of and he Interest on the bonds Issued and sold pursuant to the provisions of this article, is said principal and Interest become due and payable There shall be collected annually In he same manner and at the same time as other State revenue Is collected such a sum, In addition to the ordinary revenues of the State, as shall be required n pay the principal and Interest on said >ondn as herein provided, and It is hereby made the duty of all officers charged by law with any duty In regard o the collection* of said revenue, to do and perform each and every act which shall be necessary to collect such addl- Iona I sum. On the several dates of maturity of said principal and interest In each flkcal year, there shall be returned Into the General Fund In the State treasury, all of the money* In the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund nf 1943. not In excess of the principal of and Interest on the said bonds then due and payable and, tn the event of auch moneys so returned on said dates of maturity being esa than the said principal and Interest then due and payable, then the balance remaining unpaid shall be returned Into the General Fund In the State treasury out of said Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 as soon thereafter an It shall become available, to- rether with Interest thereon, from such dates of maturity until so returned, at the rate of » per cent per annum, compounded iemlannually Both principal and Interest of said bonds shall be paid when due upon warrants duly drawn against said appropriation from the General Fund by the Controller of the State In favor of the State Treasurer or In favor of any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer, upon demandR audited by the State De- K rtment of Finance, and the moneys to returned Into the General Fund In the State treasury pursuant to the provision* of this section ahall likewise be paid as herein provided upon warrants duly drawn by the Controller of the State upon demands duly audited by the State Department of Finance. 990 6 The sum of thirty-five thousand dollars (136,000) Is hereby appro- State, hut the Treasurer must reject any and all bids for said bonds, or for any of hem, which shall be below the par value >f said bond* so offered plus the Interest which has accrued thereon between the ate of sale and the last preceding Inter*l maturity date , and with the approval of the ijovernor. he may from time o time, by public announcement at the place and lime fixed for the sale, con- Inue such sale, as to the whole of the >onds offered, or any part thereof of- ered, tn such time and place aa he may elect Before offering any of said onrts for sale the said Treasurer shall detach therefrnm all coupons which have matured nr will mature before the iay flxed for Much sale , r 990 * Due notice nf the time and ilace of sale of all bonds shall be given >y Mid Treasurer by publication In one newspaper published In the City and 7ounty of San Franclnco and also by iiibllfAtlcm In one newspaper published n Ih* City of Sacramento and ny publl- llon In nne newnpaper published Tn the ty of Lou Angelex once a week during nur week* prior In such nale In addl- Inn to the nntlce last above provided or. the Stale Treasurer may give such urthor nntlre as rm may deem advtsa- ile, hut the expense and c-ost nf such additional nntire nhall not exceed the sum f live hundred dollars 1 1500 > for each le no advertised The proceed* of the ale of mien bonds and such amount as may have been paid as accrued Interest hereon nhall he forthwith paid over by aid Treasurer Into the Veterans' Farm nd Home Building Fund of 1943 and must be u*ed exclusively In aiding vete- an* In the arqulsltlnn of, nr payments or, farms and homes. In accordance with the provision* nf this article and Article X nf this chapter, provided, that he proceed* from the sale of said londs may be nned to pay the debt created by (he Issuance and sale thereof 990 9 The Veterans' Welfare Board n authorised, with the approval of the •itate Department nf Finance, tn Invest any surplus moneys In the Veterans' -''arm and Home Building Fund of 1943 n bonds nf the United States, or of the Slate of California, or of the several nuntle* nr municipalities or other political subdivisions of the State of California, and to nell auch bonds, or any of them, at the governing market aten, upon approval nf the State Detriment nf Finance . or the Veterans' Velfare Board may, with the approval f the Director of Finance, Invest prlated out of any money In the State treasury not otherwise appropriated to pay the expenses that may be Incurred by the State Treasurer In having eald trod and In advertising their amount shall be refunded to the General Fund In the State treasury out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1941 on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose «90T7. When the bonds authorised to bonds| sale. countersigned, endorsed and sealed, be Issued under this article shall be •rhen sold, shall be and constitute a duly executed, they ahall be by the State ralld and binding obligation upon the Treasurer sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash. In such parcel* and number* a* the eald Treasurer ahal be directed by the Governor of the State under eeal thereof, after a ' ' ' " Aug. 1. I, IS, 22. 29; Sept. 6, It, 1», 3«; Oct. I, 10, IT, S4, 11 reaolutloi eteran* r Welfare*Boar< approved by tte Governor of tht requesting adopted' w»« »PI moneys In such fund, in Interest-bearing ertiflcates of deposit of State banks having a paid-up capital of five hundred housand dollar* (IBOO.OOO) or more: provided, that the total amount of money so deposited with any one bank hall not exceed a sum equal to SO per ent of the paid-up capital of such bank, provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall inhibit or be construed o Inhibit the depositing In banks In accordance with the provisions of an act entitled "An act lo authorise and ontrol the depositing In banks of noneys belonging to or In the custody of he State and to repeat all acts or parts jf acts conflicting with this act,' 1 approved April 12, I9S3, and of any and all arts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, of moneys of any of the unds subject to the control of the Vete- •ans' Welfare Board or appropriated for la us« Interest accruing upon the deposit of moneys of the veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of itm shall be paid Into and credited to said fund. 991 There Is hereby created a Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 composed of the Governor, Rtate Controller, ?tate Treasurer. Director of Finance, ana) chairman of the Veterans' Welfare Board, all of whom shall serve thereon without compensation and a majority of whom shall be empowered to act for said committee. The Attorney General of the State shall be the legal adviser of the Veterans' Finance Committee of 943 Upon request of the Veterans' Wei- are Board, supported by a statement of he plans and projects of the Veterans' Welfare Board with respect thereto, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1941 shall determine whether or not a bond ssue under this article Is necessary or desirable to carry such plans and proj ects Into execution. 991 1 Whenever the said Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 ahall have determined that a bond Issue under this article Is necessary or desirable to carry such plans and projects Into execution, t shall adopt a resolution to thla effect The said resolution shall authorise and direct the State Treasurer to prepare the requisite number of suitable bonds and shall specify: I. The aggregate number, aggregate par value, and the date of issuance of '.he bonds to be Issued. 3. The date or dates of maturity of the. bonds to be Issued and the number and numerical sequence of the bonds maturing at each date of maturity. 3. The annual rate of Interest which the bonds to be Issued shall bear. 4 The number, numerical sequence, amount or amount* and the dates o: maturity of the Interest coupon* to be attached to the said bond*. • 6 The technical form and language of the bond* to be Issued and of the Interest coupon* to be attached thereto In determining the date or date* of maturity of the, said bond* and the amount of bond* maturing at each date of maturity, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall be guided by the amount* and elates of maturity o the revenue* estimated to accrue to the Veterans' Welfare Board from th* transaction* to be financed by each la- sue, and shall fix and determine said dates and amount* In mien manner thai, together with the date* and amount* of Interest payment* on th* said bond Issue, they shall coincide, a* nearly a* practicable, with th* date* and amount* of mien eMimaUd revenue* that th* bond* flrat t provided further, that specified number* f bonds of specified numerical sequence) hall thereafter mature at annual In- ervals. and provided further, that the rands last to mature In each Issue shall mature not later than 45 years from the ate of Issuance thereof The rate of Interest to be borne by he bonds shall be uniform for all the bonds of the same Issue and shall be etermlned and fixed by the Veterans' finance Committee of 1943 according o the then prevailing market conditions, ut shall In no rase exceed K per cent er annum, and the determination of aid committee as to the rate of Interest shall be conclusive as to the then irevalllng market conditions The In- erest coupons to be attached to the said rands ahall be. payable at semiannual ntervals from the date of Issuance of laid bonds, provided, that the Interest oupon first payable may. if the Vet- rans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall o determine and specify, be payable me year after the date of issuance of said bonds. 991 2 All actual and necessary expenses of the Veterans' Finance Com- ilttee of 1943 and of the member* thereof Incurred In the performance f their duties arising out of the pro- •Islons of this article shall be paid out f the Veterans' Farm and Home Bulld- ng Fund of 1943, upon approval of the Stale Board of Control and on Con- roller's duly drawn for that urpose, and shall constitute expense* f the Veterans' Welfare Board 991.3 The Rtate Controller, the tate Treasurer and the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall keep ull and particular account and record f all their proceedings under this artl- le. and they shall transmit to the Qov- rnor an abstract of all such proceed- ngs thereunder, with an annual report, o be by the Governor laid before the ..eglslatuf* biennially. and all book* and papers pertaining to the matter >rovldeo for In this article shall al all Imm be open to the Inspection of any >arty Interested, or the Governor, or he Attorney General, or a committee f either branch of the Legislature, or a joint committee of both, or any clti- en of the State. Sic t. This act, If adopted by the «ople, ehall take effect on the fifteenth ay of November, 1944, as to all It* provisions except those relating to and necessary for Its submission to the people, and for returning, canvassing, and proclaiming the votes, and aa to aald excepted provisions this act shall take effect Immediately SBC 3.- This act shall be submitted that t Issue. o the people of the State of California, or their ratification at the next general lection, to be held In the month of November, 1944, and all ballots at said lection shall have printed thereon and n a square thereof, the words: "For he Veterans Bond Act of 1(43,* and. n the same square under said words he following In brevier type. "Thla act provide* for a bond Issue of thirty million dollars (330,000,000 1 to be used >y the Veterans' Welfare Board In assisting California war veterans to cqulr* farms or homes." In the square mmedlately below the square contaln- ng such words, there shall be printed )n said ballot the words, "Against the Veteran* Bond Act of 1943," and In he same square Immediately below said words, "Against the Veterans Bond Act >f 1943." In brevier type shall be printed "This act provides for a bond Issue of hlrty million dollars ($30,000,000) to be used by the Veterans' Welfare Board n assisting California war veterans to acquire farm* or homes." Opposite the word* "For the Veterans Bond Act of 943" and "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943," there shall be left spaces n which the voters may place a cros* n the manner required by law to Indicate whether they vote for or against aald act, and those voting for said act shall do so by placing a cross opposite he words "For the Veterans Bond Act of 1943" and those voting against the said act ahall do so by placing a cross opposite the words "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943." Provided, that where the voting of said general election Is don* by mean* of voting machines used pursuant to law In such manner as to carry out the Intent of his section, such use of such voting machines and the expression of the voters' choice by means thereof, shall be deemed to comply with the provision* of this section. The Governor of this jtate shall Include the submission of this act to the people, as aforesaid, In lie proclamation calling for said general election. Sac. « The votes cast for or against this act shall be counted, returned and canvassed and declared In the same manner and subject to the same rules as vote* cast for State officers: and It t appear that said act ahall have received a majority ot all the votes cast Tor and against It at said election as aforesaid, then the tame shall have effect as hereinbefore provided, and! shall be IrrepcalaMs until the principal and Interest of the liabilities herein, created shall be paid and discharged^ and the Governor *hall nwik* proclama. tlon thereof; but If a majority of the' vote* cast as aforesaid are against thlw set then the same shall be and become void. BBC. 7 ' It thall be the duty of tM Secretory of State In ^rdance with law to have thl* act published In at least one newspaper I" «»?* 1 oou r.V f L°r city and county. If one be published therein, throughout this Stole, for three months next preceding the general election to be held In the month of November, 1144, the costs of publication shall be paid out of the General Fund, on Controller'* warrant* duly drawn for) that purpose and anal! be refunded to the General Fund out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund. Said relund* *& C"3f£g| JSfti _—,_ upon Cont warrants duly drawn Malnst said fund for aald purpose upon demand* audited, by the a^e^epartnrent oFFtaance.~ NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE NKW YORK. CM. If) (/P>— Air Reel noli on ................ Alaska Junpflit . .............. Allied rhomira I and D\ c . Allis ChftlrrifM-fl ........ American iar nml Koitiuliy Am^riran Loromot t\ *• ...... America n Kml a ml ^',<\. Sa n. Amnrirnn Holt. UK Mill .. . A TUP I ic;i n SmHl'M- H ml ii-'f : in t Amerir;iM 'Irl. nml Trl AniericHii 'J nhnr ro B Anvri' fin Vim ose Annromlu A riiK ur n Md < 'onipa M v Atrhitinn. Topokn & Snnta Alia nt ir Fir fin inn A v i a t fun ( *oi ri>r n t <oii Fin Id win I .oconmi i ve Hr-Mclix A vi. » i ion I't'lhlphom St.'tM ... Hop i UK A it piaiiH .............. Hnrtlon ................. UtirK \V« rncr t 'H nadn Dry . Canadian f 'act fit- CaRK 'J. T,> t 'I'lanosr Corpora t ion < 'hppt'H'ioak- & O\\\tt ........ Chi\fliT . Columlnn i ,n* and Klp< t ru* C<imiiT'frial Cr»'ih( Cum morn In 1 J n\ cntnicnt Trust Commpivia I PoU't-nts * Ninininn wraith Kdison (.'onnnunw^ultlt & Sumlipin ( 'nnfloiiilatrd K*!i.«.on Consul ula tnd A"nlt<»i* Con la inr- (. nrpnrn (tun Contmontai Oil I >«>la \va ru Crown X^llpfharh .......... * ' ur 1 1 RB- Wriifht ........... DonRlti A ii-crn fl [111 Pont DP Nrmmir KaBtPt n A irllnpfi V'.i}»\ man KrnJn k Klprtrii: Autn I,iKht ...... Klprtrio Final Klprtrlr FNnvor & J.itrlH C,en»*rttl Kiprlrie f Inn'M n 1 Foods f Jpnoral ^VIotorR Condrlch (loodyenr Tire & Huhber C.rnft t Nortliprri Railroad pr« J fprr* c,rry hound Cnrpnra t inn Hnmpsiake M inintr Hmnl Uprshpy B ....... Inlnrnnt i*niH 1 ITarvojitpr IntprniH inn a I Nickel Can Intprnat iona I Paper .......................... 1 !t Internal innal Tel. A- Tel ................... 17 ' — Close 40 JTN " t, -i 1 1 ~* i:>»i IB 41 H;::'l BS'j 4c: * 4 ......'. "«'H ~ ^ 's -, 2 :'• ' 4 I'l i; 'i '-j .:;.;.""; i .-.-•» *[[,, ci 1 j "HI, Ill', :i:, 4 1) r 'ic 1 r. 4] i 4 t .'.'...'. 47 \ If, ', :s>. 1 TI T <c n;\ "vi 3,", (j ........'. fill'; ir.i 7 . :vi i^ ~!H,.-, 4r, n i; n4 4"g ns'» 4i:*» r> 2 ' A 4!t ei-reci S - 1 *4 .'.'.-.".".'." 4S', 17 "...'.'....'. .ln' 4 Johns-Manvi!"i'j Kennecott Liblecv-Owen.-i- J ",M <l Miccnn Hi. 1,. ' ... . Marten 1'atrv Me K.'.vsem Ct H-lhie:l Nnsh Ke'h -n.i Inr . , Nateonn 1 L'isc 'lit NM lew il D-c'c v 1': Neil ICena 1 1 »i.«l ill' 1 s N 1 1 !Cin:i 1 1 .":cil Natietli.el l-e.u..'' ,V N"fl h Anif: ' in A v Ncn i h A inn ,. a n c Nor HI-MI I'.c. I.,- cihi.i i)tl I'.d . I'M- t ',:t* \- Kl. I'lickiii'l M 1 'tin- Anifve ;c'i \ • • 1'ii r:c ineeun I r . i ;n •> J'emfy's |Vnns\ Ivan :.c I;. i ii Phflll.l 11. nil;.' I'hitip Mnn is I'llilbns I'-i oile-um I'llllin.i.i Kaelioei Ceirpi.e :ei ."c H:cclic»-K''il h -c irpheMi Itepllbl'e- S!" 1 Hc'Mlcilclx T.ebile.i) !' K-hi" i»'li| (hi Sr hen lc'\ I' 1 -M . 1 !>• t v«. Hii. i,ci, ;i S'l.-ccliv V.I. IIIHll . SciUlll.'1-n I'.c, ),,• SCHII lie-in l{,ii!w;cv Spe-f TV c "(M lien :cl inn Standard III rcliclx St:irul:ircl i;.-i« (( K! Si aeiel.e id c d 1 of c Standard Ilil c.l Ind Standard Oil nf .\. SlU.ll'hake-r 'IVvas c -tun p.i n v Tide Wat' r As*e,,' i Tt :ins;ccncM ', ;i Truiis.-iiiie-i ic.i & \v I'timn (hi of e'-.el.r Vriiciii J'acifert . ... rmieel Air Linen .. I'llllc-Cl AlIC 1 Mil 1 "n iled f'cu pcjrn t ion fintc-cl (iiip Imp rnileel Slate? Until rmti-d Statoy Stool Wnrlier Krnthers 1' Western t' Tel We-Bt Klee-. "h I.e. i 'in T . .1 e V. ,1[ 11 n ,1 ] ' i.i n J •si ('!' In •ct & 11 Arncrii a. Eight Issues Up on Los Angeles Market LOS AXGELES, Oct. 10. (^)—The early price trend was higher on the Los Angeles Stock Exchange today with eight Issues showing gains, three losses and seven unchanged on an active turnover of 11,700 shares. Stork— Close nine Diamond Corporation !.r>o Bol.ia Chii-H Oil A 1.7. r ) Hroadwny Department. Stores com. 17% Consolidated Steel com _ 14 Hlc'hficld Oil !i«» SontnKe DniK fitnres ™™..~ Id'a Southern Callforrila Edison com 25 7 i Tnuiieeaniericfi „. $\ Union Oil of California ~ IS-^g Poultry and E« T.OS ANOHLES. Ort. 10. (U.B— Ecgs: Wholesal prices, consumer grade: Large, grade* A fViilii r,6c ,?rade B 34c3>36c: nie- rtium. grndti A 47<i('49c; small, grade A 23<fl 1 24c. Retail prlfts to connumpr: t,aree, (trade AA 6li(S'68r, grade A 62@6Cc. grade B 40i9 l 43c: medium grade AA 66®61c, grade A BfBWGOc; smal!, srade A 26(?M2c. Candled graded esgs 10 retailers (cases): Large, grade AA 68 '4 ciji 5iic, grade A 56 f&H7c'. gr.ide B 3f»cS>3Sc; medium, grade AA riOiBTi2c. grade A 486'52c; small, grade A 24<H>2nc. Bulter: Cirade A A 43r: grade A 4L'/jc; grade B 4;',io, grade C 41?«c. Lo* Angeles Hay I.OS ANGKLES, Oct. 10. </P>—Alfalfa. «nd grain hay prices were unchanged today. Cai-loi arri\als: 39 whent, 1 barley, 1 oats, 11 flour. 2 hran. 3 rye. 78 hay. ev» 1 ^ ' ^ non Telc'cr-mlt .|:,\ •e Klec-. It Mrs,' lor,\ AYonhvnrth _ 44'.. Younu'ftet'A n She ft & Ttlhe 3!) l -j Cotton Futures XRW \OKK~. IVt. |(). l^pl—After el : -=- Pl:i>ini^ early wi-aktle^s em he-clwe- selling. tllej C'UUOH iniUke-l ICIMH'el Hteady InciHV CJM null buying and Hiviall local elc-maml fur later monthcs. Volume- of ti acting was re'Strie'te'il pe'ildinK fe-uMhcnnilne c-iu- tein c-onrere-ne-es in \Vaslinmtem uii both domestic and export programs. Late nftrrncicen pric,-H \vc.rp 5 to ".", rents a hale hlchrr. CVtobor 2J.04, December IM.8H. .March L'l.M). Filtilrpw closed 10 eenta a bale lou-er to 1 ,"i cc'iitR hiuher. Oe-tober _".ufi nominal. Dec'emlier 51. Si! Cef lil.RT. Mai'h "1.S7. May L'l.SB'y. U1.S7. July il.;,ej. Middling ^pot JJ.4^ nominal. Los Angeles Livestock I.OS AXOBr.KS. Oc-t. 10. (UP) — Cattle- Soluble ]^ye|. fairly active »nd fully steady on she Block, steers steady to L'3 rents lower, oth'i- elasses steady, few medium steers, J12.55 Wl.i.l'S: medium to good heifers. $11 ''MU.OO; medium to ffood co\v.«, $10. '-Oc3> 1 '2. 25; c-eitter to common cowa. tt.fiOftlQ.Za: eanners and eiitter.i. JtlcW S.LT): medium to Rood bulls. Sil.r.dfii 1 In.feO. I,ate Monday, good to choice fed steers, Cnlyes: Salable [>00: nrtlve, sternly: medium to Rood ranee calves. $ 1 2 ft/-1 4 : common to medium, $10®11.75; culls, down to J7 and undrr. Hois: Snlnhle noO; active, steady: medium to choice. 180-2'IO-lbs.. 115.7ii; heavier weisats, $15; medium to choice «ow«. JH17M4.75. Sheep: Salable none: holdover lambs nhnut steady ewes stronc to !.l e-enls hiBber: medium lot 3 wolh c-ulls at 110; medium to (food woolecl lombs, $13.l'u; feeder end .it $10. Los Angeles Cash Grain T.OS ANT.KLISS. Oc-t. 10. </P>—Hriee quoted are cwt.. field run, in c-arlota only. California barley, ciadine 4U Ibs. bulk $2.17 '.••<8>!;.22 's; Texas yellow milo. No. 2, bulk $:.IIiM2.20: California \vhnat. bulk. No. 1 bard or Holt white $2 UJ'.rcr 2.67V4; No. 2 oats, 35 Ibs. bulk JL'.COiij) Trading Dull on N. Y: Stock Market XK\V TI.H:K, Oct. to. (UP)— .•-tcM'i.H elf \ I'jc.pcel ,i <c)tt«.:iiin-s un- tli-fTc-jiio ill fen "iiuon tradini;. Th'Tt; wot 1 "' ii" fresh invcntlvcg to trading, nicest Wall St rooters trimming tlei-ir rcmnnitrnents in .•iiivanc-i 1 t-i the tniehv«',"l< Colurnbtjs day holiday nml in \io\v of the 11 iii'e-rta i nt ic-- iiihc-'ri'tit in present military action-* in f'et-rmatiy and Tnilcd .Sl.ite.s Ilulilic-r dropped a full point and Alii'-d Ch'Mnical lost more than a point, \\hih' SaiHa. Fc, liethlolii'iii St"i'|, Chrysler and Cnnnnian Ain-rat't dropnfd fractionally. (iPiieral Motors re-cmmon litiiuel a minor frae-tion Imt tho prclViTi'd dropp. .1 m than " points. i',i-or^i> Hi'lnir. ICx-Ollo-O. and International Business Machines \vt-ri- du\\ n a point or motx- *-:tch. C'tirtis Publishing" preferred countered the trend with a rise of. a Los Angeles Produce ! I.c is A.M;I;I.KS. c.ici. in. iA'> —Trad- | ill,; ell I [Ull* need Ve yt I ,lte|,'S -.V.IS .tlelW j uelejupc-s. M,ua*h. • cirri and Im- j c.luh peppers . muy, ic"d j Alan.i .--tin ele-,.. cialc-s i.lej.: ::,; Washing- ! luu Sim UP--, eiaO'M $ 1. ."MI u 1. ", j ; L'luli, I ll-'aiea. l.tmu*. h'e'al au-1 San Lueso !-•• Ib.' ' ! e '.i HI .1 Inui'c.s : T.IM al, Sansus and l.'ettle 1 I'.euk ll.ele-.-, ln'M jimibus. :\(-n and l.crK-rl J:.:;,(cl.;. San J.Mciuin valley. jumbos, ;'.i;s ami larger f". r >0 fu ,1.!li|. Hon-yck-ws. S;en .leeic.iuin jumbos. lis-.Sn and standaid !et- IL'.s jl.7;,(clj; eje ensha \Vfl, Sein Joaeium Sun .hunimn valle-y. pony ti* Sl.uil'cj'^. Casabas, Sail .luauuni valley Jumbos, tis-3s t I. "ill 'U -. Pol a le>.'*: Stre-et salc-tf, 100-1K yac-ks, Inns whiles. S.eiiuus and Tec'bacbapi combinations i;l. Jo ( n ;:. :in ; Hut-banks and I'eides. StcH'kton. N. S. 1-A .*:!. ,">7 'if Z.j'J ruNst-is, Idaho. I'. S. l-A $;i.l!,'i w 3.40. Ceibbacp; Loe a 1 Cannonhall crates $2.7 Si-:i.:: ."i; Utah. iU-ll>. n.-cks St.7.". 4t1.SO; re cablnine. leicell crateyc Jfe..",() it. d. Cauliflower: Local Snowball. lettuc ciale-H, untrimmpd $1.75<u:.'; Santa Oar coumy $ 1.7;'e '<l J. LTe. Squash: While, summer, loc-al San Pi eso county anil northern, lups $1. '2ii Cy) 1, 7 "e Italian local. Sun Dic-wo county and north ern, IUKS M "e. l.,"eO; ye'llow crookneck IUK Ji.J.-i'cj L': banana, local and San Dies county ^ li 1j/ ^ '.j c Ib. Corn: Local Uielden Cross. ItlKS 3-:! 1 do/.. J 1. "5 ftji 1. r»0 ; Kern county. IUKS 3-;j ! . cloy.. $l.L'.'e'ci Liu; l-'rcMio, orange boxes, doz. S^'u I'.ull. AoparuRus: Imperial valley, bunched selec i Jde- tb. FIRS: Local Tiunswlcks S 6 U'o Ih.; Ka dotas IMaycr flats $ 1.38 lf( L 60. I'cae-bes: neaumotit-Yuc-aipa Krnmmel and champions. tiOs and larger 8 ^ 9c Ib. San Joaouin valley Champions and Kr-nni me-is. tills and larger :. il'9e- Ih. ; local Luca IJeautys. 60s and laniee- 7 3 i:ip Ib. Peppers: Bells, local, San DICHO count mid noithern 7(fiSe Ib. ; ttreen chili Infyl:.' Ib.: .lalopmos in,- Ib.; Fresno chili 1<) Ib. , yellow chill 12'tl'lne II). Government Bonds NEW YORK. Oct. 10. (>PI—The closinB pru'e's of bonda on tho New York Btocl iCxchange: Trmsury 2'L.i. II8-S.1,' 100.7.' Tuesday, October 10, 1944 nli: .-^.iiii.i Ii:irh:ira Jv> 'U •"'. .''I'. S.ini.i c'ru* irrigation facilities *» for Ac long seasoa Ordinarily Ahoy Southern California Ii a three-minuta chat with Lieutta. ant-Commandar L. D. Blanchard, In charge of thl» Navy Recruiting Dlltrlct. Tcday'i pl«ci-ln-th«-Qag«r, however, ll written by FRED BECK, aulgned to the nttlce of Rear Admiral I. C. Johnson, director of the offica of naval officer procurement at Loi Antjelei, Calif* I nm such n guy as lias got (n bo olil enough to ho voting soon for the fifth time and have no more sense yet than n stumble bug. So, once, in a huff over not boin;; able to cot my rivilinn laundry back before the hockey season and boi-atise I never did fancy .Taps much nnywny, I decided to run fivrny and go to sea, which I did as far as Persh- injr Square. After boot camp the nary put me at a battle station behind a typewriter. Instead of boot en nip better I should have gone with the Camp Fire Girls to Lake Okeychokec, because I find I am practically in the WAVES. This, it turns out, is hokay. WAVES being lovely girls and strictly high class and smart and better to look at than the pigeons in the park. I am under orders to create strictly high-class propaganda mainly about how if you girls bad any brains in your belfries you, too, would join the WAVES. In no time at all the navy promotes me to yeoman third class, but I am not such a type as who would throw his rank around. My navy job doesn't pay as much as I got when I was on the Burns and Allen writing team, but the work is steadier and no doubt will be for the duration plus six. So I have been putting pieces in the paper about the many advantages for girls in the navy. Every Saturday the homely, belligerent managing editor of this paper—an Irish terrier lover named Mr. Payne, sir—has let me hare (his valuable space to advertise for girls wanted for WAVES. My slogan is "Why be a ripple, girls, which is not much better than a drip, when you. too. could be a WAVE?" That did it. Anyway, something did it. Girls have been rushing in to navy recruiting stations and screaming, "I wanta be a WAVE!" "I wanta join the WAVES" , was the cry on every woman's lips. The windup of the whole thing is that the navy's authorized quota of about 85,000 WAVES is almost reached. A sailor name of Admiral Randall Jacobs has stated that after December 1 we wouldn't be taking many more new WAVES except as replacements to maintain full strength. It is expected that the full quota will be reached. Even I, the only sailor in the navy who carries an umbrella, will be released for active duty most likely. So pretty soon I will not be putting any more ringing appeals In the paper and the way things stand right now ard that if you want to be a WAVE you better start rolling in. WAVES are wonderful girfc. At first old sea dogs thought the idea of letting .smart girls join the navy was a punk idea. One or two sea wolves I could name figured it would be fine. Xow that the WAVES have shown what they can do. everybody is for the WAVES. The girls have done, are doing and will do plenty toward the winning of the victory. Even Admiral Chester Nirnitz ( has asked for WAVES to fill vital jobs at Pearl Harbor and (bo President of the I'uited States has signed the bill that makoq overseas duty in the western hemisphere available to WAVES who want it and tire smart enough. Xow the navy's traditional proposition, "Join the Nary and See the World," is open lo yon girls, too. But there's rom for Just a few more. Go now to your Navy Recruiting Station, Post Office Building, Bakersfield, and file your application for enlistment. This Advertisement Sponsored by GENSLER-LEE JEWELERS , 1434 Nineteenth Stwet

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