The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 17
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I - I -l f *\{. ' '*;•- '- '• .1* • - i .' Vrl, J I. . ^ •» . . i P L .1 . i . - I - .- - • - f l> \ - THE RWAN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1986 .ff-X Fruit* and Vegetables L _^K f ''^mM ^&^ ^ • ^d_ I M? ^ml _J •_ ^ ^ _ ^^^^^^ k r^E _l .• SADDt-K horse» galted; gfeutle. best reined, lots of class* Har-o stables, Pierce foad* near 09 highway, 44 saddle pony, suitable for lad*** and children. Jn- qiilre at Mltchel's store, 3681 Nbrth Chester. 44 fry em. Tlfeds, Battery milk fofli "Their feet never touch the ground. M Tender, juloy. Dressed, delivered. 131 McCord. .Phono COG7-J. 44 ^ Does and Other Pits 1 •'* for one week, SOO beautU ful bird cngefi,*$Dc and up. CatmHeft nnd tmrakeeta, 96c, Peat monti, J2.m» bale. Shrubs, 2ftc. 1124 Third street. Phone ?m-W. Wanted to Buy-Mlsoellanftout "WAN'THD to buy 16 or will trnde 80-80 vT^ - /i W T t .r- : /-*.. -^ ii_ - - . laTT^: • . . : Jt-'- -- ' ISCUSS of Interest ". — U. S, /=, Transpacific Runs for Passengers (United Frc*« Leaned WASHINGTON, sept. ». Depart or call Rt 2S02 TC «tr*et. Jjtfc rib • •^•k 4 fefe lavage. Phone hient of commerce sanction has bfeen Legal Notices of State of CAllfornlfl, Department PubMc Work*, Division of NOTICE T6 CONTRACTORS SEALED PKQP08ALH will bo re- cfilvod by the Department of Publto Works, Division of Highways, at tho office of tho DIstrlot Engineer, Slftte Highway Building, Fresno, California, until 1.0:00 o'clock A. W.. on September 28, 1936, at which time they will bo publicly opened and road for performing work as follows; Kern County. at railroad arousing one tnllo east of Kofleduta <VI-Ker*G8-l.), about twon- ty-thruo hundredth H (0.2S) * mile in length, to be .graded and surfaced with crusher run baao and road mix BI5ST prices pttld for bottles, rags, Iron and other Junto. Phone 4173 for pickup wagon. Prompt norvloo. 480 t Nineteenth. 7-9-30-tf WANTED—Old burlap and rag». Buying- bottlen nnd other Junk. Call 2170 for nick-up wagon. 717 Sum- n«r Htreet. 6'tB*tf WANTED—Two tiaod tractor scrapers; state mute*, ~ *l«a and condl- ± ' _ j *_.- T ^_ __ _^ -i- ^^_ ^ 4 m^ ^- tlon. Carol Bertch, street, Tularc, Calif. 320 South M 44 For Exchange, Miscellaneous Plans may be seen, and forms proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may be obtained at the above address, , No bid will be received unions It Is hmde on a proposal form furnished by tho DiBtrlct Engineer. Each bid must bo accompanied by rash or a certified check or cashier's check made payable to the Director of Public Works for an tthiotint equal to at least ten per cent (10%) of the amount bid, such guaranty to be forfoiled should tho bidder to whom tho contract Is awarded fall to entor into tho contract. The 'Department of Public Works reserves tho right to reject any or all bidrt. Tn Accordance with the proviBtons of Chapter 397. Statutes of 1031, tho Department of Public Works has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wagon applicable to the work to be done to be an follows: Classification— nate per hour Tractor driver (50 h.p. and OVPP^ _, • **' ' •*« ,4 Rollor operator (finishing high ' typo pavement, including sub- grade for same).., Carpenter of power shovel or other excavating equipment, shovel type controls ($i cubic yard or more) 1,00 1.126 ^^_ _ ^^ ^ ---_--^^,__._ vvv &t U \f Blade grrader operator (finish w*H° 1-00 Dragline operator (except shovel type) *«•**• **• Uelnforalng Bteol worker 1. Holstnmn 1.25 * * * 1.375 1 HA '- -W" '•""-'" •••'*'<»>*>'*t**B<tl4B. l « J^tUU Crtnrreto vibrator operator 1.00 Tractor driver (under 50 h.p) G8 Truck driver (less than 4 cubic yards water level capacity) Truck driver (4 cubit; yards water level capacity or more) Oiler (power Rhovels or cranes). Grader operntor (towing or motor. rouRh work) Roller operator Driller .'. Blacksmith 08 75 82 TBXCHANQia^-Oood doubla bed, prs and mattreaa f«r Kood dotj- hle bed. completo. 2812 P atr«et. l^hono -6643-W. Leeal Notices WOT.FE. B. A. WttirmT, O, D, VO17NO. BEHT J. XANRTTI, Mf^A 7.ANE3TTI; FIRST DOR SF3COND DOR, Tinnn DOB,. FOURTH no®, FIFTH DOE. 81XTH HOW, 8EV- KNTH POK^RICJHTH DOW, NI>TT TKNTH DOE, EM3VTCNT . TWKLPTH POK, TITT T13WNTII IVOR, FOTIHTKEMTH POD. FIFTEENTH DOR 8TX- 5 • • • • • • * t *«*•• * • 4 » * t • t .75 .82 . TICISNTH HOK, SKVENTETCNTH POlC. RiaHTEKNTH DOR. NTNTO- TERNTIT POTt3, TWENTIETH DOK TWENTY-FtRHT HOE. TWHNTY-SECONP DOE, TWTCN- TY-THtnn DOE, TWENTY- FOURTH DOE. TWENTY-FtPtH DOE, T^"ENTY-R[XTH DOE, TWENTY - SEVENTH DOE, TWENTY-EIGHTH DOE, TWENTY -NINTH POE, THIRTIETH POE, FIRST DOE COMPANY, a corporation, SECOND POE COMPANY. a corporation, THIRD DOE •COMPANY, n corporation, FOURTH POE COMPANY, a corporation, nntl FIFTH POE COMPANY, a corporation, Pofendahls. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO: Central Real Estate Company, A corporation, Harold Abbott, Eula D. Abbott, Clark 13. Allen, Lottlo C. All^n, Edtia L. Anderson, Edwin L. Anderson, Minnie L. Anderson, Albert Amour, also known as A. Armour, Augustine Amotin F. T. Androws, .7 amen Arp, "Stanley J. Halrd. TO. P. Baker, C. H. ftarlow, Forest Brown, Krnma V. Bruns, Palmer Burke, R. E. Cady, Mlnnto E. Cndy, Bruce A. Chance, Leona R. Chance, Harold Chappell. B. Clertco, Mao Coffeen, Anna Maria Cogswell, W. A. Croft, Bernlco E. Croft. Pti- wanl Crowe, Joe Pavln, Lydla E. Davis. Norman U Pelmartor, Frieda Dow, ,1. A. Dunahoo, O. C. Earl«, Victoria Earls. L. O. Eokford, Muddle Eckford. O. Ftorlnt, T. J. Foley, Blanche F. Foley, W. G. Foroe. C, B, Free-land, Chan. L. Fudge, Lulu D. Fudffe, William C3allaher, Oonnavleve Oallahor. JOHHO Olbbn, also known to PaH'Amorlcan Airways for flying passengers across tho Pacific ocean, it was announced today. H was'understood horo that Pan- American plans to make Us first senger-carrylng flight October 21, predicted that "Interest ratw within the next two years will avoratfd a somewhat higher-figure than are tho 'Current Quotations for monfty." K. V« Krlck, vtcfc-presidont of the American Trust Company, San Francisco, held that actual control of interest rates has not been developed. "With, I believe, very rare exceptions, interest rates have been set without any comprehensive survey having been made/' ho said. T 13. A, Mattison, vice-president of tho Bank of America, National Trust and Savings Association, Ban Francisco, declared that "tho statement that banks need more loans la not The department of commerce ap- ftj)t to bo challenged." proval \v4i8 given after inspectors Nrbranknn SpraUd FINANCIAL LETTER tho Stephens National Bank, Fre» mont, Neb., spoke on "Account Analysis and nates Cor Banking Services," Darrell O, Ensign. aanisUnt cashier of tho tTUh State National Bunk, Salt Lake City, Utah, dla* GUftaad "modern mechanical equipment an a factor In operating ef- flccncy and economy." "William C. TompUUm, auditor of tho First National Bank of St. Louis, Mo., had as hla subject, In Buying Supplies." Roosevelt Plans Cropjnsurance (Continued »ont Taffe One) 75 .77 .93 .93 t t .00 • * t " t Asphalt plant dryermali or fireman 00 Mechanic (trouble shooter)...... .88 Concrete worker for structures (wet and dry) Concrete mixer operator (except paving type) Transit mix operator , Oil distributor boatman T-aborer ..,...,., Teamster' Handyman (rounlabout) Any classification omitted heroin not less than Overtime, doublet the above rates. Sundays and holidays (except watchmen, guards and flagmen), double tho above rate.s. DEPARTMENT OP PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION OF mmnvAYS, C. TT. PtJRCELL. State Highway ICnglneer. By R. M. OHXIS, District Engineer. Dial. VI. Dated* • Septembftr 11, IMC. PubllBhed September 10 to 24, inc. as Gihba and an J. M. Olhbs, .GO ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 2855? in the Superior Court of the Stale of California, in and for tho County of Kern. PACIFIC STATES SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY, a corporation. Plaintiff, vs. ..CENTRAL REAL ESTATE COM- &PANV, a corporation. HAROLD AB Tony Oil. Krmal B. Haefner, Ralph R. HaftKcrty. Wllma IT. ITammon, K. B. Harris, Ooorae Harris, Ruth Harrison, M. S. Harvuot, Oeororo Hay, Albert C. Hcriot, Mary R. 13. Hollebeckt D. O. Klmball, Arthur KUnirenberfr, Otto O. Florence K. Lahey. Marie D. Potor O. Loewen, A, K. Ludoff, alno known n« A. 13. T^udlnff, Enrl J. Lunceford. J. S. McKlbben, Genie Pearl McKlbben, J. D. McCIain, also known as J. C. McLean, Pfcarl Jonos McRae, Mary Jean MaoCalllon. H. M. MarCallion, n« Guardian of Mary Jenn MaoCalllon, a minor, H. AT, MnrCalllon. Krlc C. Maolntyro. N. M. Malnof. Frank L. Martin, llaell 13. Morpan, W. B. Morgan, Mabel C. Morgan, John Morgantlntl, Forrest B. Mowre, R. F. Munn, Henry J. Newman, Lela Oldakar an Guardian of Vearl Woolsey, a minor, Lela Old- akor. Vearl "Woolsey, V. D. Oshorh, Uvn. 7.. tteborn. Rose Pnohllc, Hallie L. PnrrlKh. Thomas Peteracn, Be«sle R. Peternen, Marie Pieper, RerthH Pleper, Elmer A. Ralney, Marguerite R. Rftiney, O t B. Rollins, Margaret Rollins. Mrs. Charles 1. Rosebrook. Winifred Lavem Ru«h, Fred W. fttidh, Max Seibt, A. W. Sotbt. L. W. Spalding, R, 0. Spalding, John W. Htocle, Pit Sughrue, alaO known an K. P. iSuehrue, Frank G. Suoret, Cnrrlo M. Suproe, Kenneth W. Towes, Vernia Tewon, Paul Vander Kike, Julia H. Vnnder Kike, Adcl Vogel, Olenn O. Ware, Harold IS. Wfldman, Florence R. WIIIIam«, had been flown In tho bl* clipper!., Jt i f '_?? r€ni !?. l }l. vl ce-proiildeni_ of ships of the Pan-American across the longest heavibr-than-alr line In tho world—Alamoda to Honolulu to Midway to Wake to Guam to Manila. On September ft the department announced that preliminary Inspections Indicated that final approval of the line for pae«en(cer*carrylng would be given in 30 or 60 days. Today a letter waa made public from ,«T. Carrol Gone to Pan-Amorl- can granting temporary approval until such time ns flrtal certificates arc issued. At the department It was said that this Is tantamount to final disposition of the matter. Establishment of the trans-Pacific service will mean another long step in providing round-the-world com* meroial air passenger service. With tho dirigible Hindenberg flying tho north Atlantic and American and British Interests inveatlvatlng the feasibility of establishing regular heavier-than*alr service from New York to London it soon will be possible to travel In commercial aircraft entirely around the world with tho exception of the short hop from Manila to Shanghai, DOCKl™ LEAD COMMITTEE J. A. HOQLE A COMPANY M«mb«n New York Stock Exchange Confidence in the longer position and outlook of the market* continue* well justified by broad economic and monetary indication*. l*at* limt week the stock market nxhtbttet) better tendencies after two we*k» of lethargic action, The better tone continued during todny'n early market but tho better level* Invited profit taking al the I old high levels nbovo Iftfr. Thl* i« not unexpected and the comparative large volume of 1,770,000 shares wan well abnorbed. while tho Indeces lost all of the earlier ftalnn brokerage opinions continue conservatively bullish. Currently traders A« well ns investors «r* politically minded/ ' Economic and bviRineaM news is overlooked, Currently steel U tho bright spot while* other linen of endeavor are about MARKET EVEN DAY'S IRAOING LOS ANGELES STOCKS ! Bulls nnd Hoars Get 50-50 Break in San Francisco Market Activity i SAN FHANC1HCO. Hept. SI.-Moult market lug-of-wnr wa« about a 60*50 affair today between the bulls and boars. On tho fttook exchange hosllo Sail holding thftlr own. Trade news Is not 1.OS ANGKi-KS, Sept, 21.—The Los i Angeles slock oxehaniro experienced a quiet forenoon with Universal Consolidated Oil tho most active Htock on the board. There were several small ffalna in the more active Unties^ although there were no new highs. Nineteen stocks nrtvanoed and 14 were down. The turnover was 35.000 Hlwros. Stock— Cnioa Oil A. Natloiutli N>on Hlec Mrllean. SELECI NEW YORK M ' I - ',-') • ! Troubles' Pail Aftect Market; Include Advances I J Close and boam. riaudr Neon Hlec On tho fttock exchange J«p*llo Sail Olnddlnc Mrliean went up 2H to n new top at 40, and 1, J) 000 ^ v 1 ! A --" Hhell Oil ami Somhern Pnclf^ Golden («alo A hi( now hiphs on i,i m »oln Pete XKW YOUK. Sept, 21.—A ermsidir- able degree of selectivity prevailed In \ today'A stock mnrkm. with low- i::t spectacular but 3how« that industry is rldinp on an oven k*el not far under It* recovery high*. A lift to nr\v peaks Is likely before the etui of tho year nnd prospects for 1987 indicate an extension of the long rlso out nf the depression. So much for Industry, tn politics tho outcome of the prpwJ- rtentlnl election is about a foregone ootieluslon although by no means certain. But development* BO far and porhapn not quite HO obvious is to the effect that Congress will be less of a, one-Hided affair during the next B**Mon. On this prospect develops the theory that tho legUlatlVR trend is UkMy to be one of more moderation. I Tills in itself will ho welcome to bus!- i ness and the markets generally ns nothing U so ohllljng upon activity as radical political and legislative factors. fractional gains, -National Auto A, Dl Giorgio 6s ami Coast rotmttoa Os trained 1 or bettor, while A tins l)lo- wl. Univfwal Oil, V<ank of Callfor- j nln nnd Ft reman *a Fund dipped 1 lo 2. Transamerlcn moved \k higher to 1UH, with HOO Hharos traded. t.S 16 |jj r i 107 L A. PRODUCE MARKET Tjockheod Aircraft 1*. A. U. flncl 1C. fi i>fd Mpiuutfn MfR I Pacific Finance 27 Pacific Western on... 107 27 14% OS NEW YORK CLOSE L s Angeles in Lino for Chairman of Appropriations Group nation would be served by Including, as koyatonos of our agricultural policy, crop insurance and storage of reserves along with conservation of soil and water, better land use, and increased farm income." Although details oC the crop insurance plan wore not officially announced, H is known that agricultural department officials have been working on a tentative program under which a farmer would pay a premium, consisting of a'certain percentage of his crop in bumper years and then would receive an Insurance payment in tho form of these coin- rnodlUos when Ills crop proved poor. T1 , The commodity premiums collected Representative I by the government would bo stored, on the individual farms. This would' Close 68 14 ................. 27 /'re** '/>ft«rrr NKW YOHK, Sept. £1.— Railroads Htook— AlchlKon ......................... ftaltimore & Ohio Cheat* neftktt & Ohio ........... »... J rfi I " .• + *|hi«*ii.ttl«44l4«i]ttttt*< (I real Northern pfd ............... Illinois Onlral ......... .... Missouri Pnolfio New York Central Northern Ppnsylvuntrt Southorn Pnolft Union Pacific industrials American fan ................... 12u Aniorit-nn Tel. A Tel. 11 «J I II "II n i 2 H /,r»*M I.OS ANUKljKS, HftDt, 21, ONC Wntsonville nMlefleur*. l.«5; Nowion.s, |2.00W2.25; lied l»or- mulns, |l.A64fl.?5; Hrtntft rinrn oounty Hmllh t:id«r«, *2.00ti S,8ft; Onk Ulon .lonuthitns, lit. OO^jr 9.50; medium H»*- bftNtNpol ilrnvni)Ml«tiiH, $1,76^2.00; \VfthhlnKton nlaco pixok Dclloions, )fi.OO(jfu6Q; placo pack JonathutiH, jfl.r»0; I? tah JonulhJMiN. $3.00; Idaho Jonalliftiiw, J3.l'Hi8,&U; roil l>«llt'ious, $f>.00 per r\vt. Howl local Kentucky Won- V.-o; brown urorl K^ndioky niul grcoii pods. ^3c; l.imas, lAical Oannonbnll. ? $1.00 ornie. J Cauliflower: c)o*ano Snowball. 75tf SOc; Hinivli Santa Maria and < iiwnnlupo stock, fiOW6t>c; bout Ventura county Hnou-lwll. SMl'POr; lorwl, «0fi 7fi'' orrttf*. Oorn: AlammlH count 3* era ton, 6-Da, Heourlty First National.. Kln-11 Pnlon 'Oil 23-H Southern Cnl. Krtlson 31 »- 4 Ktamlnrd Oil California.. Transamerlra Vnivorwal Cons. Oil 12 Wellington Oil s Mining Stocks Ordinal Gold 1 Imperial Development.. Tom Reod 10 01 10 01 -'F < POULTRY. BUTTER. EGGS (Unttcd rvcfut LMMd Wire.) LOS AN'CKLKS, Si»pl 21.— Butter Kxtra. Prlmo Slandardn. dfrir light . light .. * * * ' ** * *»»^ *i •* v-M»«%/*w,fc.iwii, ii/t*^v^^j4v «*j - i •- — -' -n. * -— T^ . - —*..*» H BOTT. KUI-A D. ABBOTT, CLAHK Oeorge 8. \Volfe, QladyB 8. Wolfe, - - -- i B A \vH K ht, O. n. Young, Bert J, tl, Mlna Zanottl, First Poe, Second Doe, Third Don. Fourth Doe, Fifth Doo. Sixth Doe, Seventh Doe, Eighth Doo. Ninth Doe. Tenth Doe, Eleventh Doe, Twelfth Doe, Thirteenth Do$. Fourteenth Doo. Fifteenth Doe, Sixteenth Doe, Seventeenth Doe. Eighteenth Doe, Nineteenth Doe, Twentieth Doe, Twenty- Firnt Doo. Twenty-Second Doo. Twenty-Third Doe, Twenty-Fourth Doe, Twenty-Fifth Doe, Twenty- Sixth Doe, Twenty-Seventh Doe, Twenly-Kichlh Doe, Twenty-Ninth Doe, Thirtieth Doe, First Doe Company, a corporation, Second Doe Company, a corporation. Third Doe Company, a corporation, Fourth Doe Company, a corporation and Fifth Doe Company, a corporation. Defendants. You arc directed to appear in an action brought afainut you by the above named plaintiff in the Superior Court of the State of, California. In and for the County of Kern, and to answer the complaint therein within tnn dnyH after the nervlce on you of this HummonN. if served within the County of Kern, or within thirty day* If served elHcwhere, and you are notified that unlefiH you appear and atiHwer an above required, the plaintiff will tnkc Judgment for any money or damn ITCH demanded tn the Complaint, as arising upon contract, or will apply tn the Court for any other relief demanded In th« Complaint. CJlven under tny hand and -eal of tho Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California. May 20th, QKNMB PEARIj'McKIBDEN. J. D! I 193n - „ ^ ow , mr MeCLAIN. also known aa J. C. Mo- L, . ,.„ , „, , '^ ft - fMITTI. U5AN. PHAHT- JONKH McRAIfi. County Clerk. Clfrk of,?«Pcrlor Court, MARY JEAN MucCAIJ-lON. H. MM ._ Rv D. M. EDWARDS, Deputy. MacCAUJON na Guardian of Mary .lean MacCalllon. a minor, II, M. ManCALUON, tfHJC C. AiB«lN- TYRlt X. M ( AfAt.OOF, FUAMK I., MAUTTN. HASH. B. MOUUAN, W, B. MORGAN, MAHRl* O. MonOAN, JOHN MORnANTINTl. FOHRERT B. MOWItK. S. F, MI'NN. 1IKNHY J. NKWMAK. L13I*A Ol.DAKER UA Guardian of VcaH Woolsey, a minor, M5I^A OhDAKEU, VWAUU \VOOb» BEY, V. D. OSJiORN*. HVA Z t OS- CRN. ttOSHS PACVfLlQ. ITAU-1K « PARRIHU, THOMAS PKTKR- SKN, HESSIE n. PETERSPSN, MARIE I'lEPER. BERTHA PIEPFTR. KbMKU A. RA1XKV. MARQUB- R. RA1KISY. O. B. nOLt-tNfi. ROTJ.IKS. MRS. i. .noKERROGK. vnw* LAV1CRH RUSH, FRFD W, ALLEN, LOTTIE C. ALLEN, EDNA L. ANDERSON. EDWIN L. ANDERSON. MINNIE L. ANDERSON, ALBERT AMOUR, alno known M A. Armour, AUGUSTINE AMOUR, P. T, ANDREWS, JAMES A UP, STANLEY .J, BAWD, 13. D. BAKER, C. H. BARLOW, FOREST BROWN. EMMA V. BRUNS. PAL- MBR BURKE. R. E. CAttY, MINNIE 12. CADY. BRUCE A. CHANCE, L&ONA u. CHANCE, JAROLD CHAPPELL, B. CUflR- CO, MAW COFKEEN, ANNA MARIA COGSWELL, W. A. CROFT. BERNICE K. CROKT. DUWARD CROWE, JOK DAVIS. LYDIA B. DA\HS. NORMAN L. DELMAR- TEU, FRIEDA DOW, J. A. PUNA- HOD, O. C. EARLS. VICTORIA HAULS, L. O. ECKFORD, MADDIE 1CCICFORD. 0. FIORTNI. T. J. FOLEY. BLANCHE F, FOLBY. W. G. FORCK. C. B. FREELAND. CHA8. L. FUDGE, LULU D. FUPOK, WILLIAM GALLAHER, OENNA- VIBJVK UALLAHEH. JJflHHK OIBHH, also known an .IfNHlo QibbR ami us 4. M. (iibbs. TONY GIL, KFtMAL H. HAKFNER, RALPH H. HAOQEnTY. WILMA H. HAMMON. K. B. HARRIM, OE()R(JE HARRIS, RUTH HARRISON, M. S. HARVUOT, (4KORGE 1TAV. AL- B15UT C. HICRIOT, MAHY IS. E. HOLLEnECK, D. O. KIMBALL, ARTHUR KL1NOENBERO. OTTO C. KLINOENBERO. FLORENCE K. .LAHRY, MARIE D. L1TTIO, PK- TER a. LOEWEN. A. 1C. LUDOFF, alflo known a« A. E. Ludloff, KARL .T. LTTNCEFORU, J. 8. Prtt* Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 21.—Representative John R Dockwellor, Democrat, of Los AngoloA. IB In linn for the cbiilrmnnBhip of the houae ap- propriatlonB subcommlttoo on the war department if hlH recent rcnomi- nation IM followed by re-olection nntl father committee members 1 assign- montB are unchanged. A combination of circumstances created the probability that Dock- wellcr will head the sub-committee next January despite bis comparatively limited service of only two years In tho house. Tho first was the Voluntary' retirement of "Representative Tihnnn Bacon Parks, Democrat* Arkansas, now chairman of tho subcommittee. The next was the defeat in a Texas runoff primary of Representative Thomas R Dlanton, who had served 20 years In the House. Dlanton was Dockweiler's only roal rival, barring a complete committee realignment, although the Callfornian is outranked by Representative* Thomas S. McMillan, Democrat. :8outh Carolina, and J. Buell Hnyder. Democrat. Pennsylvania. McMillan, however, already Is noting chairman of the subcommittee on state, commerce and labor, while Snyder heads the legislative subcommittee. In ordinary courso of events this would bar cither from heading the subcommittee on war, leaving that post to Dockweller. Dockweller, who Is 40 yearrf old, was first elected to Congress In the Roosevelt landslide of 1932 and was re-elected in J994. I Electors Named on Both Ballots bo an attempt to work out an normal granary" plan. t r ever Sol *^» (fi 4 Lucttl Mrunswlrks fillfi-lh., owl and Ventura county Kndotas, few 60, small looso fruit 2'iT3c iti. ; 8nn Joaq\ilu viilloj lb., with MufcrntH bent Hr; Iltblors. Kreano Ueauty and ! St»rvlftu Hlui*. L-I Tokttyn, 2U^&Miu; (ttnr; Hed MuscatH So lorn nrildo lorft! Corn ProduclH National Slot Fox mm "A" Oeneral Klectrlo .. Oenernl Poods (1 old • • » • • t 4 » t t t ****** 42^ ( Ol , 71H • • .. t • * t H o , C orim Htnrr« * * t r t * ,»*(.-• * » • • t • It • i Kcars- U. S. Union Carbide & Carbon United 'Aircraft . Warner Brothers Western Union . t • * t t * • • STUDYING H008KVKLT PLAN TOPKKA. Knits.. Sept. 21. (A. Governor Alf M. Lundon and his , rt , T) agricultural advisors studied with In- iiuirna'tkiiml %Jiu-velst*? 1 teroHt today President Hoosovelt's internntionni Tol. * Td.'.'. 1 '.'. '.!' move toward crop insurancw on tho ,lohn8-Mnnvlll« eve of the Republican presidential Montgomery WurU candidate's major drive for votes • in i JJ or }h American tho middle western farm bolt. i ac "'° Tho President's announcement ' came during last-hour revision of London's Des Molnen, Iowa, speech. In which tho Kammn is expected to detail his views on farm problems tomorrow night In a nationwide broadcast. Landon Silent mt . ! 'T. '-. H«nne> There was no Immediate comment from the I-and on camp on tho President's statement that he had appointed two committees to work out a crop insurance plan leading to "better permanent protection against drought," nntl to "develop specific programs" for "efficient utilization of the resources of the Great Plains area." Landon will begin hl« intensive drive for support of the "oorn 1>clt" tomorrow morning, charting a program of three major speeches and 29 or more brief talks from the roar platform of his "sunflower special" train. 47 dry Hn.itn Maria nud •»«. U URtlll- ; fair (Cftudfcri) *— Ploiui fxtrnK, :tAo. ItKhi 3fic; clenn Mixiulacds, 39o; dirty Ptandnrdu, 2?*o, chockN. 2^ Medium—Clenn cxtrftn, 29o; dirty oxirns, SSi*; rl«*an ritamlAnlii. 2r»<-; Ultht dirty rtftndnnlt*. C3c; •*h*»ckH. 2.V. Small—tMpun cxtms. is>^<-. light dirty «.xtrn«. Cnxo-rouiu Poultry Prices to 31-4 lb* . H.\ • 3U and up to 2'i 4 H*»nn, LcRhoriiM, lh*. ( U»c. llonn, LoithoritH. Henn, colored, 3 4 priced j mamllng the principal Intoreat of ! speculators and Investors. : After a wide upward swing in ihf* ' morning, prices displayed mixed. trends ut tho close. Transfers approximated 1,750,000 shares, or th* largest day's aggregate since the latter part of July. ! The market seemed to have bei rome inured to Europe's troubles jand attention was directed prinoi- I pally to domestic recovery and the i prospects of Increasing earnings and I dividends. Several mil, oil, merchan- n*. aircraft, equipment and liquur j stocks r«.spondod to thla. I In tho advance column were Con- solldated Edison, Commonwealth & Southern, United Corp.. American Water Works, American Power & Light, Crown Cork. Atlantic Coasi Line, Xorthom Paolflc. Pullman, Maok Truck. >»urity Bakeries, Chrysler, Auburn, Seam Roebuck, Me- Italian Ston*s. Douglas Aircraft. Sohenley, J. 1. Case, International Nickel, Stanilard Oil oC New Jersey. Soahoard Oil. Indian Ueflnlng, Dti Pont, Clark Kqulpnient, Montgomery Ward. National Power ft Ulght, Columbia Oas and tT. S. Rubber. T-orner Stores recolvod buying: attention as an oxtra dividend was an- nonncod. Allied CliemU-al was backward; along: with International Telephone. Western I'nlon. I.oow's, Wostlng- bouso, Anaconda and Koitnecott. A Hhatln oltlior way won? U. S. Steel. Hothlehem. General Motors, N. Y. Central. Pennsylvania. Paramount, American Can and Good year. i over 1. over 4 Ihs.. l»i. t»> 4 s ut»d up to over 1 V nnd IhM., Cft up. 2.V, lb«., 20 up to 2 1 COTTON FUTURES M«>lntiH: Hun Joauiitn vullc) f'Hvity CttHiibaH, |1(I<|T1H ton; lorn! T!nii< k \i)i*WH Nlundard 12-lCr 6r»Si 7f»i\ . 2.1s IlfK; r»0c; Han .loanuln valley Hon' iWsiuMK. $a25/:u» tun 1 i MiiuiiH 1 .<•< nl SpnnlHh 4&^l f»r»».' por '' MMh KM. It. ao-ii fl[M- hiK. with Hti t ton iniil Idaho \V|»iti» (Mo|H»«, fl If. i Wl-ltl. H!l.-U, ItltnrN. San 1 >lr«o n.uniy. r.'il 7»* lb. Peat?. Huntu Mui'lii, < iiiudahtiio and Hrrrttf" polo i>«*t\r*, HiiiSViji 1 . ln»nl t*<* lb. fair quality 0<U'6^c. bunh i>«aH <4i6i'. few hoftt <07\t**. fair t>oonuo stock, to Kryern, «vor S»4 and up j KM 4 uml xip lo colorod, ovor 'l' t nnd up to Burr oil -*-!' 4 H»B. and up, .Ronstori*, N<ift SO i Uarred Stags Old I' (Mil »>\ IT t !>' '-j His MMiU'r and up. A**ncitttf(t rrnn f.fiiiCfi IVCrrJ NK\V YtUUC. Sept. 21.— Cotton «A*»lor toilay, with prices umktng now ln\v ground for tho movement under t'ontlnuod h(*rtfflng and srHttor^d Ihiul- ilatlon. Tliis « iw absorbod by wcalt- dmvn Iniylng 1 from tho trndn cir otlu-r HH, ttul then, 1 was little nfigrfts'- Hupport. Tho ml<1-Aftenionn tnnr- krt wus nbont N tn !» points not lower. ItrM-iMiittnr sMHnu around 11. Si. l-'ntun-w rh'isod barel iui-1 up. HlP., It. 1 • t • * > > t • t . t < 54 tt 1 Curry '..••» it Tranfianierlfa Metal! American Kmelttng- .. Anaconda Meihlohem Steel Internationnl Nickel . Kennoootl Oopper Repiitj|lr Stool ... I*. S, 8teAl Vanadium Kto«l ., Tobaooo and Sugar HuRar . Amoriran Tohacoo "A".. i t * I • 40 01 i • » • * L'r lb.; Vtinilpu KriinnnolH and C t OOs, Kruin- IM«*IH. 2sf2>Sic; San Joanuln vnllry Sul- way« and llllyou lHt«s mnftUy 3r; Plnf«»r munly HuhviiyH, 303'iji'; Mnii .1 oaf j vi In vullt-y Chiinipioitn. frotn rolrl l-lllMTlUM from fold Htor- t * ^ V 1 *Jt' In < 11 ilklikllitlll^i liMOtK* r.U. 2-lno'h mlnlniuin stock Young torn turkny*. ll»(4 Jttlll Ynung torn turkeyw. »>\ IM is H»K., ll«*n turki»>'N, !* II»H. nnd tip. I'Oo Old tom turkeys. Old h«"n turkeys. under 11 lb» per dnxen. 1M« 11 UIH. per doK. and tip, 2d under * tbn , 2Cn\ 7 Il>*t. and tip. ?Si-. . Nn. 1 while, 34 to N«\ 1. Jtinimry. 11 «0: May. 11 SO; July nUddilnp I2. Mar-'Ti, TREASURY REPORT I r.'l<A'jrfrifrif Prf** T.fonrtl ! WASHINGTON. Kept. 21. "flitl'Mi »>f thi* Trt'HNury on IS K«retpt»i, $60,12S,SfiT.S2; cxpendt- Tho no and No. 1 olil. moHtl\ Lulti Ih. t 'uunt v • i » • • « • * » * j ttiiuiU. ordinary OOVii } Him UartlrtlK, Amorlrnn Tohncoo "B",... Cuban AntiTlran Sugar .. Suirar ,l(t ... BIRTHS t R. J, Reynolds "11" OIU Ailantio Hnftntng itonsoliflRtod , M ex Iran Keahnnrd « • * • * * • * 27 t • • • ' * • • I * * t I • * * Born to Mr. and Mr*. Gem-go t Hholl Union .standard of r'allfornla. Ktandard of Now Jurney...» Hooony Vacuum Company Martlrttn JtartloItN, Olonn ronnty ami M«*dfonl. i.-. 5-7*4 3i:. ntnall Oak San .low* Wlntrr Nina Ik' r &• . MaryHVlll** Winter Nrllls, 2Ur; Han ,lo*« Hardy from HloniRM. I *fcc; ('at inc) valley inonUy 2 l i'' lb. Loral uiul San .louquhi valley large* Kolfi*'.v« from ooM fftornge il<^ lit., nuMllutn U'/i^j ZVijr. Hinall 1'v* 1 . Damson* Miomiy :\?\ Vucalpa Frennh nrunttN S'jt^^lc Hi . WitNhliiKton Uullan II. ft*, l»i*Ht Idaho Italian }1 40 half tm- * I - t * I < I 1*4' F v * -r m - -^*f irvv* ^ • f •• • > » «»••*• »T p • tf • i,- %-- - • 4 M i«p *•* • V W. Hoed, R40 Prun*'l« utrret, High- rlilownter A (inn n (now)..,.. _ J_ ^ m. _bj__AA_ * 14 37% land Purk, R son, Walter Kdwin, on Keptcmbpr 14 at Miss FYeise'H Maternity Homo. i . • > f > • (Untied Prct* Leated Wire) CACRAMENTO, Sept. 21.—Namea of the following persons, choflpn by «tate party oonventlonn, will appear an proHidentlal oloptorw on thti Democratic and Republican ballots in California November 8: Democratic—Leo J. Smith, Marys- vlllo; AV. H. Jacobs, Stockton; Mr». M. J. Knox, San Franolaco; Sheriff Daniel C. Murphy, San Francisco; u«»or«re F. Irvine, Alamcda; 11. H. Whltlnir. nev^oley; Argyll Campbell, Mfcnteroy; Stephen P. Gulvin, Mer- cecl; Lloyd KholOon, Carplnterln; Dan Omen. Ulenditle; James B. O^g, Al- PRIJ5RKN—Horn in Mr. and Mm. John n. Frtaftfin, 221R Kami California ftv«- nu*», a son, John n. Prlftftcn, Jr., on Replember Ifi at MlM Prei»e*n Maternity Home. • • • • * SMITH—Born to Mr. nnd Mrc. Pharloa Smith, Roiilo 3, Box HR-A, ft dRUffh- ter, Frnnces MyrlU, on Heptember 10 At Mlft* FreUe'A Maternity Home. BRNCH—Born to Mr. and Mr*. Hernard )^. Hfthoh, !>04-A Seventeenth street, a *on, I>anl«l, on Heptember 10 at M1»B Fr«ino'« Maternity Home. INTENTIONS TO WED 1 ,URH. MAX SKIRT. A. W, IV, 8 M. - - * - - - H, q. JOHN \V, 8TKKT-K PAT W, al«ci 'knnwn an >c. p, FUANKO. «nORKX. NOTICE APPEAUANOK: "A defendant ap- In an action wh«n he anuwf-rfl, demur**, or pi veil the plaimW written notice of hi* appearance, or when au attorney for him." notice of appearance 1014. C. C. r.) or d*murrerit tnuat h« In writing, In form pumuam to rule of Court, and filed with the Clerk. July 27; Aug. 3, 10, J7, 24, Bl; Sept. 7, 14. 31. 28; Oct. 6. NOTICE FOR BIDS f The Uoard of Trufttwe* of th* K*rn County Union Illirh School District hambra; John Baumgartnor t Ix>s An: Arthur Llvlngaton, I/)» Ange* Htanl«y 8. Anderson, Beverly IIills; Mrs. Doris McAOoo, wife of Senator William Olbb* McAdoo, Santa Barbara; Charles W. McQimr- rie, Qaixlena; John II. Burke, I-ong Beach; C, W. Brown, nbdiandt; K. O. Busfinburgr. S»n Diego. I51«ctor«-at- larjre: Mm. Hancock Banning, I^o» Angolee and Maurico K. HurrUon, San FrunclAca. Rppubllcan—Joseph Scott, Ixj« An- fti-ics; Tallunt TubbH, San FranpUco; ] Dr. JameH O. AnUornon. Petaluma;! CharleH H. Hogernlrom, Honora; A. K. 1 (ioddard, Sacramento; Allmri Iloncn- ahlno, San Francisco; Thomas C. Meavher. Han Priinclnco; Thoman M. Carlson. lUchmoml; Mrs. Newton Cleaveland. lierkeley; Mrs. Uuth Comfort Mitchell Young. Ix>« Oatoflj IIA^KINB>CART1SR— Robert U Han- Idnw, 83. Taft, and Ovartda a. Carter, 18, 1.4 b«c. Motor* Auburn Motorn Chrywlor Uon**ral Motors Hudson Packard Motors Htud«bak«r — Tltnkpn Roller Hearing.. Equipments American Cur Fovin<1ry.. Amnrlcnn Rnlrtwln riMirrul Timk Stewart * • * MrokiM's' waU»H Idaho t,'. H, No. 1 tnoHiIy $2 owl, t>ri»- Run HU,«H.?(M. T H. Nu. 1 $M& itiimtly 12.15. U. 8. No. 2 M.*K.; KiuoktoriH $2 IK, Pportal aiurkn $2.40, choice I1.G6, wmall II. SO. (luod Oranco * * t » • • t t t t I'orto lUi'uiifi 3r. lit,; Kt-rn county Ji»r- "5rtrl; K'i" i;<i»rtiKrdiiin Portn Rl- 8Dlil»Oo; Nancy Halln 7&«S5c lug. fair quality i'lilno Nancy Hulln T S. F. LIVESTOCK SO. balance, runtorns rocelpta for th« KU.11Q.S22.61. for the flpoal year July I i. Il.0i4.472.130.a2; exp ?t.44fl.f.l3.4fil.«1. Inrlurthifir $493.004.004.- ftS7.2R of omono-ney txpondllurew; ex- of expt'nritturfft, 5432.040.^22.29: debt 600.1 47. 4S; u do- o of S2.223.3U4.4S undor the provi- day; pold a»Metet, $10,770,790,054.5^ <*«.,< 'fated I'rrn* l.rttfrd IVin't KOKTII HAN KHANt'lSCu. Hppt. L>1, iiKH--itttpp|pt« t;;*(i. t.uiit ir.o.^sn.ih. ('ftHforiiinfl, SlO.K04Hl.iMi. !atl-r lop nn lnnfl nrntmd IKO-th, wt*I|thtN. lojid I60-J«0-Ih. hutohtMH. J10.R0010,70, packHKf plain 140-11*. Hirhi 110.00; imrktnir down. wo«k to Inwor, iiiiiKlly $800, odd ht*ud nittliuin down to $7.00 llo Itori'lptH J2«0; loud KMO-lh. Idaho (-rasn dtoi-rn loutl Nwvttda £ $7.1'!. K«W IK I • i i t t t r 49 Tomatoci*: \'<Mitutn i.*oiinty t j and IVind^rounn, Ixf.w AOfllfTftp, fe MHf > > 4 4 • 67 i * * » 1 I . I UIR; f»»w Stone*. f»xf>H 7u-if70o; li«*al and Orange founiy HtoncH, lific; fix6H 7f.<i85r fmv Hanla Maria and fiimdalup* M«r- CHICAGO GRAIN (A**ocialc<t /Vf*« fiep*. \\'irt} BAR SILVER f her. 1 1.13^4 May, rorn May. T>ARUNO-HAHtUROX ~- Ocorgit Darling. 21, Hakontflrld, and Doris .1. Harrlnon, id, Hanta Crux. MH.V, CO11NKTT-HAVICK—Hichard T. Cor- iiett. 22, and l-ovlnu M. JUyc*. 18, both of Arvln. ; May, iinrlcy—Hei>t«mbar, ber, 77c. l)*r«mbar ( December, , Uoccm- i ^*^^ftr^t^tcf| Prv** Lrnxrtt Wire) NKW YOUR, Bopt. 2l.-»1«ar «liver and unchauftcil from l^rtday, IN, nt i|H«ir- $7.;^. ftouttd ii No- VftdH Hti'M-H. fti.riOfrK.UO; foil H(onrn quntiM) itrnuiHl loml NIO-II>. raKforniH |i 15.75. f>ort(*it !! licHil. ln.iil Mnho COWN antl hntf^rM, J.I,40; inimnroiiM [ lomiM motllutti-KfKul t*n«-nOO-lb rariKP .' «'ow«, ff'.OOfrb.ifS; llRhtlv KortiHl, bvilU \ lou iMittorM-outlorH, $.1 Oftli 4.00 fr\v i ilalry <-o\vw. |4.26; bull*, ti.Bfi down; ! nlitnil uti-mly. (*H!VCH Hi-r^lpiH f>, ; nominal, choice vcal^rn «inot«Ml around f |!».«0. nroinlp 5000; lon«-dock nicillnrn-pflt in jif»r ront; IdmbM quoted nnujntl IP.OO. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK THE WEATHER Sivn Juariuln and Siioramento vallnyn: Pair tonight and Tuesday: Mltghlly i*ool*»r TuvndAy and In the ilnltii ti>nlirht: li«ht variable wind. .San 1-Yani'lNc" buy ri'K'uti; and niH'l tnntKht «nrt Tu^ftday, with furly inorniiiK fotr«. moderate \vr-M wind. Nurthcrn California: Fair tonight nnd Tuesday, but orrasloniU fog on cuaxt; ctllxhtly cooler in delta region I untight nnd the interior Tu**sd»y; Keiitlo northwest wind off i*oa>I. Slftrra Novndn: Pair tonight and Turiidrty. tdifrhtly cooler Tuesday; H«Millo fnniili.vrly wind. Santa OJura valley: Fair tonight and Tupnday, Htightlv cooler Tuea- *)ay. northwest wind. SAllnnn Vitilfy Puir tonight arsd TiiAHday but morn tug fog north portion, little rhnnjr* in tempera- lure, northwest wind. Southern Palifornta: Fair tonight and Tuesday, except local thunder- tttorntfi ov^r mountains nnd morn* ing fitR nn foam; no change In aturp. g<niU* to moderate i'st wind off coast. (United /'rr»* 7,rn#rif l.OS AViJICMCS. S*>pl. :M. t $11.00^11.25; 11.00, <*ttttlr.- n^ceiplA 2600; fully »7.60ffS.5Q llr»g»— RrHln- SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS 4- Kdvar S, Curti«. 22. and Mary K. Chaplin. 22, both of !!aker**n*ld. FINANCIAL * t ' ' t • < GOVERNMENT BONDS VVttlti-r II. Puvttl, Ventura; Walter S. Hun*aU*r, .Vlnalla; Mrs. Ttuth Huchanun, Ulendale; Uaymond Smith, Pomona; Cfeoll B. J>* Mille, Boyle Hook; Charlotte A, BUSK, ixw Angelea; Frank J. Buckley, l<on Angeles; tx>ul» H. Mayer, Sunu Monica: A. E. San Pedro; Mm, GlaOy* NWW YORK, Sept. 21.—Cloning U. 8, boiidn: * I HAPILAMKNTU, Hept. 21— Hutu of $110,UUU NlHlv warrnntM bearing 3 por r«nf lutoreKt to Hchw/diarlior A <N>i»i- pkny, hait Kruu«|«oo, at a premium of breti iiniiottin.'tMl by Htuto Hay 1.. llil«y, fUfldN Will bff Uhf'cl In tl.MK) HIi'l control <»n the 8ttonim0nto and 1 rivifi-H. ' i or It - (,'n>u r n /ell. coin. l»l (Ilnr-Kin Krutt Klr*Mnuii'H Fund North Am< i rl«'Uh oil . 1», 11. fit H, ft?i fhm ufd . . ru'-. !.tR. J6 fiiv pfd . . MM-. Ut«w) i HIM , btHtl.' pfd. 1't-ll uifUdi X I' 7*1 uiU.r pfd on Wire) High I.UM $H.OO down, 0hort~fpr1 down; Krn»« H. GOfcS. hullP, 15 001tfi.2&. 1400, \i*r> hlow, u «*alvft(i |U vr» dfi\vn IC.26. Shif<M»- -Hore iptn billnd (hnniuh, medium 1 2,1 down; i lowo f<»\v at ir.OO Including fully * 3 11 *, I«i7»fc i FUNERALS I Intelligent Investment Policy cyfN 'intcll i AKUJtKTK X J. I «.«n r»«u'ii s Ul 114 und Mm. 47-. r i2, 43-45, 108.24, O'COnneil. Long Beach; Charles K. Ftrouee, Rivers id* end Charlo* B. Wlncote. San Dte«ro. on oim accounting ma- with standard tj-pewriter kcy- and Htand ncrordlnK io specl- IB on file In UHB. office of thn HUKlttffiiti Mandg^r at th* K*rn County 1 TAK IK itATfniwnv Union Iflirh «Jnhr»nl Uak*rHfUtri f'til. *-*»*!!« II/\I V IlIVIll MiiM^ii i nun nnnifOi, waKerffiiPici i.,aii» j \t/^,rji i A v»\»tt t »•• \* - /-, fornlu. UldK will he received at tho L,/ f ii RU . I J^ 1 -^. Kun., g«pt. Office until 5l«k- i*»>—A ooff^o cun proved «n effective incubator herfc. Two taken from u no«u plox^eO In can ttnd forgotten. Thrift j 1 wnekn later <wo^ chick* wcrr rh-' -. . - • • ' i 43-47, 10P.J2, 41^48, 100.7, 3Vi**j 41. 109.4, ' 3J4H, 44-40, 10«.lfi. fl^H. 4fi*4i*. 107.3. 8»l ( 48-48, JOtf.7. 3». 61-66. 10&.2. 2%*, 55-dO, J03. WASHINGTON, H*pt, JJ.-A ftfrt;uri- «d t<Kjuy Unit J. N. l'«?w, Jr., an officer ttnti director. Mold i(KK> «httn?« ot HUM oil Company rotnmon »t*iok in iJuly, } Tint cniitinlHMton'H ol*w#!okly Hum: njurx of IraiiXttctlonn by %!c*r|>un (jfrlc*r» ulwo mhowod u gift of of TrunftroiitJnentjU & \\ Unei* common by Jack I'Vye, an (officer of thft company, to an un- 'i'H for Infant MJO »»f Mr Strllo AUirct*', f»3t» Alpine the ll*f\ • 2 *• rlut k Oil nf (,'»lif. com . * 3ti . or<*U KutluT Htuhlnuut at this HflHiitooii at I'nton . . VV'<-*t. I'lpc Pullf. com uf llopHon ni«'i * I METALS MARKET iJoilN.STiiN—Kuncnil H, T <*rn for incnt policy demand? 4 periodic checking ot in view of chang- economic condition*. The laciiitic* qf our $U* department arc without co* i or r n In named recipient. S04.U. 41-01. 101.24. 101,1. Farm 42-47, 103, 49, 103.28. 84 105,3. m^ Ownen Lo*n 103,11 • . IN APPRECIATION f I 101 iVo wi»h **> ^xiireii* our for tho many and fjur&l our recent befetvitmcnt Mil. ANO MH8. J. A, ANU during l*rr«f Levied H'lreJ YOHK, 8<t|>l. 21.- -Copper qutftt S electrolytic npoi HIM! futui'i* $».7&; ex-j | port 19.90. Tin barHy ^leuily. »iw>l and j noarby $4&.60f|46,fi8H; futurn |t:>.3rtn * I; H.06«H,a.; Ku^t HI . dull; l^fcl H(. hou Iron quiet; N'o. 6 f. o, l» cam • :o,:io, iiuffuiu AliiMiiuuni lift $ir.;»o. ut ut lo oVIurk thU mornttiK, \vUh Hev. Wltliain K. nurlck «»ftfciututtf Hit-hard Sklmu'r v\tix \<H- That ronmltu* worn titken tu cremation. 4.V V«»rk X.inr Aialmina $15. &Q. ntimony, \V>>)f Ceniiiry "J •J ::-* \ i t - ' ••I * I -1 -• v * j., - r *. -i *• •;.-< obligation. CO, A. HOGLE ornci* Utu* •5 A IT LA

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