The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1944
Page 12
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12 Tucsdoy, October 10, 1944 jteftergftelb Californian Per Sale^lmprov*d Property For Sale—Improved Property . i or -hfdrorirn It nine <~n T.a F>r.ifn Hi i i-rt in I .HIM it:i Vrr d<\ lit: \ < r en n hn \ P i m- mrd in te r»osse» ion. J '; ;» c $ N 7 j u. pmne t Drills. Oiv-VuMlrnom liomp *-n >Vrt h T'n k 1 " r. 1;t t «** douW»» Fjtrap- , >i"'i>ft i!i i i'i,(! * on. Immediate !'<»«.- M-J^IUM. J 1 : ;*e $;!:.' ."<<*. trims. J*ivo turps in I'hnvo In-HiVm <-n r"> II ph- TV'jy rmrth, has -177 f« •-! ;";<• n-if ;ni:'i\\,i v : ' has nmnll biniMit KP. pluntlnn*? :imi ens -rvrl! lor ii i 'c;ii 1 >'C<\«:. \li jd.-.i ! or inoiol «r auto 'H T".J t-ns' »; I "••• !"•;(' ion ' «-r '.intu camp. J'l i- o nn«l o v. :h tu,, !M ;h . < Mi.' (if f •!,'•<! .V MPMI. Ft if ;»' 't t«T).- - ( A h"ii)«> any woin«n n.'ii.-l 1.. I 1 ''. I lo 4-i oom homo In OiMn \0, la T CP I; 1 .•' nt i c'l'Ti, la rp*» (I ;innR i onin. i\wi Pii^M-Miir nn.m*. en rap". larp« lot : hwlf }>M»< k off hi is Imp. This plan* i? iin- jii;n -;!a fe; 913.10 down, ba lance J3j a ninni h. pi'^r I .n Crrsta—Nir^lv In nrlsrn pod )ni, l M or Uvlr-'ionis anil Jen. MV bit t h». n 111 In phriwei ui ma in hath, Io\ r!y la I-KI* 1: i . • :iif roncn, 1 tcht n : ry fl intnit ronin, I \\'o< ;» r Kainii- with Mor** room. Thin plarp only nho'it ft y^n ra oM n n») in fxcpllpnl i i (M'i 11 ••!']. i*h(.u n l>.\' n jipo;iil nipnt <m ly. T..H1 pi iop $11.0UO. substantial down l-;)>inriit. J \'< •• i. r <'s of land and 6-r oom modern home nn Pi on *-•*•! Drive. This placp Is In <:x f fllr-Mi uoiii]n ion. lia.w f ome shade n ml u-o-ii; 1 hf ttlr:i 1 (or a I-PI snn wn h n h"j >c (-)• t\\ u. 4(..j()U f'ill pi'i' e. u bout lir. HOL'SK. fTirT,;.«h. d. 14 \-iilf'. in doer > M' ';ti y. wnrl i t'>t. C. .i.-li «'MiI _ - 0 J *> S . ________ ?-be<1ronm hniiT. nltno.^t ru-w. Lot fiOxCbO. lots of f i int. and ch;< U'-n enuipmcnt. < Ino.l soil. good water. Fouthwpj-t dist net. HIGHLAND PA RK— Five-room 2-bfdrnom home, hardwood iloniP. inti of tile; parage: nice vard. "Lot KO^I 30. $4750— Five-room home near Jeffprson School, Two hedroorna and f leeptns porch. basement, caracc, fruit and shade. Good lot. I3ROO — Five-room houso on Pacific npnr Kern General Hospital. Two bedrooms, garage, fruit, chicken equipment, E. C. Uffert. 801 Wiles. Phone 2-71E2 9-1-tf K« O.VK or Tin-; P.KST nni'ii-^ in ni- d.4 !e disl IK I , '_',"» ;n i ' .-• 1- v. -1. 1 '.' a tt If EI Ha. bnhitM f in Mid an so! x inn. cdllr I C'lO irripH) '-Mj s> Mf. ID. 1 ",\l I \vr|] with n h* \v Thni;i liiitni a 1 K p !iio. Pinups H Ort ^;i II un« per imn riood >)"K "Oiiipnii'Mt fnr 1110 h"iid. n n pniili ry lunist s JIIH! ii'» l;iy ink' h Tnstod J'-i'^rv t-fiw, lr.-;iiii t-f u MI k in; a nd IIM |-(f :..'- ; MHII*' f :i vin hn hlf MM i-.-ni.l) hmi^c. all i ny nun t-n 'i-m \vuh nifi- htivn ittnl plenty -^hiuh- •well In nit flrill.-ii iK-:nhy, un.'-ruunh riKlns. S 1'1.0'Hi. EJX ROOM K.uniry lif.mi- v.Mtli 1 (1 ;i.-i"H pnorl ^M}|. < '.ty u;i •--, 1^ lit s ;unl \\ .i Cfnirl v ^ 11 li fid rj:l- h \v;i 1- r. < ;;iSM pllinp ;unl 1 :i!ili. ( :«'( ( ,1 I.:i I it :MII] bu:l(l!iit^. ^';•ln?ty ot fruit. KIMJTS .. EOl'THKAPT -\v1nlP pii.'KK h on tiiir-liair a- re. A Mii;tll barn, K>"iil Plrn-e for tun*-". $i:.0o. 'ARLINGTON STREET— Nice T-bcdronm home, lai'trf It vine room, dinhm rociin, kitchen. Rcrviro porch. Back yard fcnci-il. 13700. $1400 down. KKXLAXD Af'HI'.'S— Five-rnnm home hnlll in 1P?9, Ti)n sink, liardwnnfl fUmis, steel w»n*tinn bllnrtc. In! &0x3f)0; j:t8f.O. OILDALE — Ncnrlv new 2-hedroom homp. nice livjnff room dinette nnd klirhpn with lota of nice tile. Underground sprlnhllnc ey stem and vord nil fonccd Closo to Bchnoln and market: 14500. J'JOftO down. JjO V ELY cntintrv homn. rnmnletelv fur- nlPhed BeHUtifijllv lnnd«cjippd. T-arco Bflsortmcnt of fruit trees and berries; 16350. 1C71 Cheater Avonue Phone ?-7&M _ D-22-tf Jtrk^on Sit -opt—.Tust •wt^Mt nf liak^r nt fiL'O. a \'-ry \\. IHn.-aifd olil I 1 l.nlix.oin home, but \\ OM h ?: '",'.>» on irrtn«. Gl ^(*n .-\' i * >~ An «'\i i a h M-C ti'iiiu' of t wo bedrooms xviih li.' f has-'men I, on mm- niprrja 1 a i it- wild lots hr ; i JI-.H a ml f i nit. equii'ment for I'M'HI , hn kf-ns and t'nir nhadf (!tr>-J«. I'li-f Jr.:>,">(', (.tit- hall' down, balfi n< e n-rnis J. T. 'Sv» \Vu J,f r ICCn ' , • -d-r Phone I'-Ol'.;'.'. K\t-iunKH --:!«:«;. ».T :'-(i4fi*i II-TMT rnuvr tnnplrtply Tut li-sh- d. n.i t> lot-atlon, rxrd- J.-T.' i '.rulitioij , iiiMMiic' $.'!4T,ijO IMT niontli, SU 5<M' EouihBRtr — One-half a: ic. tw<i-be<Iruuin housf, 531"-". Bom i"'w ht i f f-f " Id -— Tin .-. • lu-drtmni lir.iiM-. HOL JM-V.' t- ml, lurt-iu L ulla r. n !i !.'n- '•(! ! :tj . ;.. to in. 1 - FOP. SAIJ.:, by <. \\tit:. I'-h^lru-.m hom-. ;; v«*ftrs old 1 I'/Mitt.-d u, M»ijl|i\vf*-! Ff'lmh (.f Fkk^rsf irlci ; « <iiMpii-i"l.\' I'm ir^hed, :--t«*-l vcnf tiHn bl'nds t r unmhuni , Mini nnm"H i- 8708 12-42 Feel luxurious—really ?o— In 1hin rlri'm- Int nighteown und lied .l:nkt-i n-t. jr>.' i-,, •a»y to makB, in nil ymir n.ini'K from white lo aqua, in «liHicn.nK t'Htin eoft raynnB. all-nvi-r*-, n \vntiiri make a truly lovely uift lor iii« full brkl.'. too! Pattern No. 8708 coin"/ In nizi-f 1' 14 I«. IS, 20; 40 and 42. Size 14 K.IWM. ln»» •kirt, requires 3% yards of Sii-indi material; bed Jackel, 2'i yunJ.i. The new full and winter i*.«ue r.f "Fanhlon" la now ready—;!'_' iiajice. ir> * complete guide to sour tall nnd winter wardrobe. Send for jour couy, J'rn-e J5 ceiiln, For this attractive pattern, wnd 20 cents 5n cornn, wkh your name, addrmx. iwi- tern numtjeiand «lz« to The llakera/itltl GaliforniaiF<F<xtav'» Pattern Service, Tin Hittion Stritl, Sun Francisco t. straff on !hp bti." lin<» — Fi\T-room fMi'c, home, h.irclivnod flrxirs. nk ni'r lot. l^'illl Mi'.e 5-^100.':i P: i.i i <lft\vn I'nvinonl 1'i ' .-.nnno r'ui k — Lr,\ "!y T hptlrnnm and <}"n l-.nnt ^ iti this I'm- sulidn isi'-.n. T:Ie IIM.I. ,].-,n'ly k:t(Jirn. cxti.-i lurK* 1 5"iv;• c noi.h ni'** li.-tih n'llii tile \-anity, r"»i!M3r dlirts t hi r,u(;lin']t 1hr> houpf. t\vo- «^: Citrnup fun l>e iiurrhased furniahpd <:T unli]|-n<»hi.<l Foir.h of tmvn nn lot r,0x1."0 — Thrce-hi'd- lo'an home. cMin nife Kil^h^n and ii;ith. InvcU' 'Inline loom. UnnHvood floorn tin.) iclioul About $1300 down. Jlfi a lliontli. Tn Buy. Sell or Trade 1918 Street npic - and ovt i-fi h \V-nl. Ih^'h .^- hnol. \vn *)i Ji'junf , (in id in.Ml :a tp p[)«*sr-*»mn) p f,n ni' e IM nra r Four ^aia^r-M a -id i^ t ur ninhcd i m- )f OTIC Side. Pi i" (' TV. T\v.. ai i \<- i < id TILS .ivr-r «a r i M . furnish, -d. MiO. i-u (.-THIS lo HUH plrXfN and MI if Imu.-e HI All MI« "Iv tin - r r;i 1 1 r« and tahlo lop HM(.IH. AVpJI worth ii --lif-.l. u .! h I'ff i i Mnvt's liaidwond ? 1 I 1 'Mi'', nti tc i niH Lf i IN it. • Vr-irlo. ;i dandv 2-bi>droom nnd d'-n hcrm- mi IH i fi»: ''ni IIP i lot. for $,S7 JO. d!1 t (-] III*. OH"-; I ' r i ,;i i if n d.mdy HI tin o. t \vo h*«d- i-iiMins. In run hvinu i nnm. dm'mK rndni, li:'" U ,1' n«-h \\ M h nlcni >• of t th- ; :.' • a r K.'I i .-pf ; '.n nn e i-oi JM'I lot f(jr $ti."*00, il t«'i in». 'Inv, "T bi'lrn t;! I a i id ha nnd n i .1, T Phone L'-U <ri n ncr- s. fi i' NlitiiM* with firepla-e. l r ith i CH T»lu w la nd. in nun i;-h('.lioom TIIC : f lin knn f|i) ;i>|<rd n at J X.'idu. on u-i MIK. U. c, n;i;n ciirsirr iDutilt'X. I in mod in to posseHsion. On la r ere lot in the heart of Alia ViMa. Until sldr-H vacant, nnd lhf> uloce hns been < (tin P I* 1 I'd v ronovatr-d. Price JfifiiMt. On a rorner in t he sou t he. a st r i< t. One bfdroom find slor-piiik' norr-h. Livtre and dun HIT rot nil. L:i riif kiirhf-n. Basemen!. (larrifcp inid storeioum. Fruit and shnde. Tri'-e $47." ( (i. On Cjilifnrnia nvrnnn. r!o«tp lo hiph school, Two bcdi'ornnM and pliiH.sed-in porch. Liv- inc nn<l dininu' room. .1-<-nr carace. This lins W'f n rdMifl'Mdv i 'Mmlnted and Is in P.M nliont c(»ndil ion. I'l ice J&7&0. easv \o ma. Inronm J!»n per rnonib. Two-nlory furnlflh^d IIM me nnd a pa ri mcnt. Two brim* merit a. "-< ar paraup. two Pi i pplru ew. Nice furni- liirc. All this for S.'.UMi nnd It f.i In a fine diMi'ct, cluije to Oleandur avenue. Knsv i fi-nis. FJ v.- ni-fps of t)i beat poll In Kern count v. wit h f I'l.-p water T ,.i rpo t wo hedrooina uml solariiini. Living room and one ht-di ddm fully cnrpe lei]. (Ine nf tho ren II v bfa in if ul kit i he IIM. Two-rnr ear HEP. < 'nnli-r, milk senn rotor, frees: In e cahinet. Thf well Is cood and tho pla''e Is pipe linr-d Spi incline PVHtem. Lots of out buildtnufi nnfl rorrals. 1'rlrp J 1 0.500. 1817 II S tree I Phone 8-86.19. after fi P. M. call 9-fM78 ____^_ Ki-3-tf Old' r, wll-biiilt lio mo of three bnl rooms, ( >--.i 1 f 1 1 1 ptai f. la i n« i (Minif. ; II.'IH new laldf.i-tfip raiiK' 1 , IJITH^ I'f-fi iterator, K"od iiit;*. inn- i spiiiiK in :it l r ess ; vacant ; ini- Jii'-diatf pnssfNsiun. Com tm i a Idc oldi-r lioiif-T on ft ere. well < <in ippi-d to i a ise IncUciis. Ha* fa mily ci'liaid a! assoitrd young; fruit true*; all fcrifi'd. I turned iate po.MSf.ssiori CloM- K. chfMi-r av.-nuf. Oil.lale. older hdiisc with some KCIOI! furniture. This IH ;in .'XLt-'icpl location. Immediate pos&es- p'Mislve rmtnlw and pay IS pt-r cent in- . Sm.i II - oin t \vilh Ih always rented. Wi tercHi fin investmen AVcll-lncat'-d business cnrn^r on \vpll-trnv- el-'d boii leva id. ("losw in und bus two wH]-buill hoiiseM nnd shop. ClMSf tn Phcater avenuf, Oildale. well- hu It home. Can KB turned lulu three r 1\vo nh e u[)a rt mctittt. 9 (!()::> J10.50n—Sntithwea* district. An ex- re I lent 3-bedrnom homo, strictly mod f'MI, li:u d wofxi f limrs, 1 i replace, stool VIMIP- \\i\\\ blinds dininj; room, bienUfual room, lovely J« itr'uMi. ba so m cut Ripening room. Iwo-mr en nine, f pr ink liner sy stern front nnd roar. H bundanm of Him do trees n nd Hlirubs. MUHI be seen (n he nppreciaUui. fcimne lerrns inny be arranged. (1041 T : ::.' 0 —) .n rge comer lot, 9I>x 11 5' k . t IOM* in town, ideal Jorri tinn for future \vholcsa l« hiisiitesK or waiehnnae. There li M- tour old liou,«'-N on (bis property >vhi< h w:ll bririK an income of bet ter than TO i'cr ^ ent unl il you can build. Jn\ i st 'KTUC this at OIK e. U0:.>-nfiOO—-CHrl ImiiHc on H street arross fi '<m Knwhl! Sri i no I, five rooms. l.a rue rm rei' lor puttn ble for income propon y xvbi.-h can bo built in Ibo future. JlUUO S 40 per inont h. ST. E BKA\¥ Hicr Avt?nuo Phone A VISTA diMiict, located on i nrnrr hit. lovely S-ronm duplex. i'.i<- '* I in niched and hns H fir e- Ma i d\\ ood f luoi s, modern in ev- Hpfi-l. Two-i a r fca rasy and laun- Mini Fanntf the side st i ret i« u hfdroom home. >I!NO with I'neplni'p. Kaf;;Kt' Loin of shado and shrubs ni'i, (. for bdih $i:( on.-half 'r-r^ $G7.i»u per month. &' s per Phone 6-67S1 i-l LCNIM-:- •< In. ,, mn tnuimrly. Will not i' h "^l 1 •'• V i riii ,n\ cMLmcnt nf S^,'i,- IH.II. s,v Ilic-harilstin i Siddall. 205 Hun- ; I: !•." h'lilfliiin.^ 1'huiiB _7-70"il >>_\ $13,000.00 MODERN tliree-bedroom home only sevon years old. Located in southwest scciion in attractive nei^h- borhood. Three bedrooms, two bailis, two-car garaRe, patio, furnace and cooler. This home IK of bf-tler than average quality con- ts ruction, built under F. H. A. su- pr-rvi.^ion, anrl has many attractive l'i;aturi>s. ^Ve will show by appointment if you have cash or can arranpo finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1S03 H street Phonr 2-894G 9-14—tf For Sal*—Improved Property FOR SALE— On A Ha Vista Drive, corner, G.'ixluO, 3-bedroom house, living room, dlnins room, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, small basement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Reduced to $9250. $:!L'50 down. J. J. Consani. Phone _»-yn_4- _ ___ __ 9.18-tf SJX-UOCllI Mil, , ;,. ,.!:;,:•, „;>* lr,li|n<<. llmll.lp Ki.l!ll!(-. IlLIMlWIM,,) 1',.,,,. Ihllllllillolll, III'-,.- (•I.MI-, of ill,.. •,,,*,. |,,|. r,. n ,.,.,i y,,,,|. Iliinii-diui. i«ih..|.s»ii.:i. fun nwiifi-. 'vsn7 ___l^;ike hi ri-fi . .j - FOIt SAI.l.;- ; Month riV S'/'lTiBhway. HIOM- buililintr. iraplvx iinrl coiiniii., thn-e an-cs of lanil. -Wiili-r w t .|l u ,,,i lOOO-sallmt mor- BBf (link. $'J5(i|i. U'ims. SPP i> tt ,,| Sv- t'l-Mii'li, tn KI.KI Kiuhteenih. I'hanc- _ __ HOl'SIS J'cir «ale. T« o-rootn, $75. 4SO" _M2ill!_'.ll!f^^. 1 l-?.y.1'.".4 l> .- _ L'H.'iL 1 ' 1 "?^ . 63 KOK SAI.K— Oli,-l,..dniutir iniUHO f~»,~. nmlipd, *i7on ca«h ..r ICIIHB :'ij-.»j OWPIIK HinM-i. tall liclworu D iiiiri 7 r, in owner at JUU I'eurl slix-ct. p nvu i« ' Park--Fine duplpx on largo Int. lhtf«> nire-«i7f-d rooms, hath, extra IntKP «['..«,-(! pach pide. nr\vly dp^-oratpd t hi i.'iyho tl donblp Karate ft nd launilty tia.\s, t:.:'0n, si.-l)«tatitia1 down. IfoiT!, 1 j,nM iti'otnt'—I.r,\'ply &-motn home. iiat,l\\<,od riootw. ti]» in kin-hen and ('.•'th. .1'!?*^ I'.-tint.-d ntitside AlnioBt nru-, \f-l^ »tti-a-ti\p 3-] ooln-and-baf h afart- tii'.tit nvr Karace. J.o\-p]y biu tivinit li.iptn. iii.-> in kit'hrn. IBIKP Int. fruit, onii Hti;id«' ti'-rs. (onler. (love to bilft. Itnnip- d.ale iniKi-c.xsioii. IT.T.i). Phone :-;6Sll . nr, FOR SAF.E—Two ^-rnom hoilfps. with batli. tn move off plai-e. Call 7-7.->5r, a n_er 7 p. m. fi^ I-'()fl SAT.K—Small home, . romfortahlo. ni-ar .[f-ffftpon I'nrk and 4 bloi kfl from t'ii»__ljne. I'hone 3-019:>. B: HOME AND FARM buyera wanted. If we hnvpn r what yoti want, we'll find It. San Jonqnin /Knnrlps Edward Mondy. 1 M2 "ICyc." )'hone 2-06r..T. ^•'' t ? I-'Ort SAKB t»y ownpr. 4-room modern lioiist 1 . :n Otlrlale Newly dpcorated tn- siilp .ind out. Call .1 (i!)&6. .\o rpal p«ta tp__^lra_,f rt*. til TWO-BEDROOM house, hardwood floor*, newly <!pcoral.»d; "-car earage. chicken pens and eouiptnpnt. barn? fnr row. Sit- uatr-d on one-half arrp. 170o Normandy Mrlve. Pec Paul Syhrandt. 213 Kast F.iphleent h. I'hone 6-ft003. 10-2-tf For Sale—Improved Farms FOR SALK — Due to Dim-as, this fine 80. acre farm musf be sold. Two model n hoiipp.w. «ood well, all under cultivation. J'ri'-i'd to nell. Pop Ray Branlser. 6 nnlps west of MrFarland on Elmo Iligh- 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch: 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 415 ACRES of good vegetable or potato lancl. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on Investment. 160 ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots ot water, best ot alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. _PhoneJ»-!»C71 : __ ___ 7-29-tf IfiO-ACHM liotato or alfalfa land, good \v-ll, flipup wati-r. tr.-utor. $2",. (MM). h.-ilf B. llolomau. phone Bishop _ :i i :i T_ __ _ ______ in SKB CS l-'Oll FARMS WP sppriali/H in iam-li«.s and farm lands. I,(-L !).•» ii*-ln ,\'oil find thp farm you want. HlfllAHDSnN t SIDDAl.I, COS Ilopkinn Fluildine I'hone 7-7031 64 VINEYARDS AND GROVES FOR SALIC U2 Artpp. with 17-arre vineyard, close In, fail- impro\ pmpnt«. U& Acn>n. witt 'J afien nf ntangefl. 5 acres of flKS. < aorpfi of olivpN; H-bpdroom hotisp, trartor and farm machinery. 80 A'f-a with 40-acip vmpyard and 40 aiip« nf choice oppn land, very (rood hmiHe nnd other huilditiRs new well. Woll-loi a led and as food a ranch as can hp foun i. 80 Acre wit v 40-act-p vine>'ard, 15 acres of orangpM and gt appfruit. 2 acteii of olive*. A very Koud house. A real money makei . 130-Aciu>-nrd vpry good improvements, tractor and farm machinery, well located. Ifio Act CM in vineyard, pr-achea, quinces, nlmonilK and tipcMtif. Will takp in about oiip-lmlf of purchase price path year, We have t.pveral choicp vpKetahle. Hpud, alfalfa nt.d Kcneral farming: ranchpH. Phonn 7HJ Nispcl *• Ninl'e!. Theater tut i Id IIIB ,_Dela no,_( 'a 1 i f.. 6_2 TWKNTY AfRKS alfalfa, just ready to cut. so will show how well this ground pi odticcs; large bain, could be turned into milking hatn, corrals; well-built sho(i, fi-cfl holi^e. chicken equipment : ti-;)in, ) uiplpfncii I M anil a good country homt 1 , tiailly furnished. Sec this for an awfully good huv. Will takp small house on ITIIKP lot. half ar-lf or a<|p and somn ca^h as down payni'Mit. Klwood's. lirjl! "K.vf.'J__ (11 TWKNTY ACRKS alfalfa, just rcaily to i in. NO will show how ^\P|! this ground pt'xlttcps: lar»;c barn, could bp turncrl into mitkiiiK ha t n; cntr-ils: wpll-built Hlioti, fee,I housp, chicken pfiniiimpnt: ti'iiin. !nit)|pmcntB and a KOOI} country home, paitlv furnishi'd. See this for an awfully KIIIII! buy. Will take small hotlHe on laiKP lot. half a( i-c or a--ic ;nid s;onip cash as dou n pa>'mcnt. I-ilwood's, ll'L'^ "l-:yp " lil For Sale—Unimproved Land O.VR-FOfRTH section raw land. 10 miles from i3ishop, lota of Eravity ^\•ate^ fire. JS.'.oo. half cash. Cood for dude, cattle or alfalfa ranch. Kellofig, I3ox 31fl. l.one_ Pine. 61 FOP. SAl.K -L'll IICICH hind: half of oil Kocs ^ilh land. (liiH Titsh, Iloute 1, Bov I'L'll. Shaflcr. l.'alif. fi:l Beach and Mountain Property MOrNTAIM RANPII on thrnuch road. K,0 aci-es. etirinn water, adlolnn Sequoia National Forest. Timber, posts, wood, fruit crops, should retire Investment. Suitable resort, cabin sites, estate. 1'rlce $. r ,G(HI. Boh Fosl. Halance Rock. 6< For Exchange—Property 20 AfRKT near Reedely, & acres In ollvep, 3 acre: in oronwes und lemons: level, excellent noil. Trade for tlakersf ield income or farm lands, will assume. 2-1747. f,3 For Sale—Trailers READV Cash for Your Trailer. Trailer! «old on ea>7 payment plan. We finance our own contract!. MCLEAN TRAILER MART 100 Union Avenue 8-19-tf FACTORY built holme trailer. Ideal for family of three. ftpadv to move in and take away. On display now. (hree blocks Houth of Union Ice Company, 372ti M st reel. Rpitsonnhle price. 61 E'OFt SA1.IO—1!I40 "Crafts" house trailer. Hleeps* fo-lr: Htnvp, built-in ice box, SiiT)!) cash. Alwo new radio, $4&. Phone :M'IITG J t;^ NF.W ;-wriKEI, house trniler, 7x16 feet long, 16-incb wheels, good rubber; rea- sotiubliv __701_\Vefit_j^asa_l.oma. 6j ^4-l'OOT Irallpr hotiHp. sleeps four, btttanp i«l()ve: lu ^ood condition. Will take small trailer house and difference, at bargain _prio,'. :'m_Kilison Hlghwiiy. tl.^ HOI'SI-: TRAILER for Bllle, 1942 eastern lactory-tiuilt American. 24-foot, 3 rooms, t \\in sinks, Venetian blinds. 2 divans. 2 doors, heavy duty tires, A-1 condition, electric biukps; price $178r>. See at (lie,.11 Acres slorp, or plnint 2-201';!. 6:1 For Sale—Automobiles EFFECT1V1C IMMEDIATELY—All "For Sale" advertisements of automobiles/or trucks carried in ihe columns of The liaketsfield (Californian must (1) elve ln-ense number and slate (If not California) of Issuance: (2) must state whether for sale by private owner or dealer: 13) each car or truck advertised for sale must curry price asked—"as is" or "warranty" if advertised by dealer, "as Is" If advertised by private owner. Ceilinp prices may be obtained from local UPA off ire. 10-3-tf FOR SAL.n:—1!U4 La Salle (2M431S); has good tires. .Set: at 210 Ciyde street. 63 SELLER OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional cash to complete purcbaie of car? If »o. Just phone or drop by the ACMffl FINANCB COMPANY, oppoilte Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential itrvlce. W. ,1, "BUI" Bergman, manager. Phone H-6796. 1-13-tf FOR SALE— I!i41 Ford convertible flve- pas)*enKcr coupe, radio, heater. $1125 as is. Want cheaper car. See Claude Norman. Hob's Auto Camp south 99 Hinhwav or call 2-IillU. between fi:30 nnd 7 o'clock. Tiiis is a nire clean car. Pri- _ y a t e_n w n er _ I ,'t l H lltiai, ____ 6 1 LOXO-WFUOKLRASE Packard (9B4682) with fo-ir Rood 7x19 heav^' duty prewar Ures, Kiiltahle for cotton trailer. Has hail Rood tnrr Sold b\ owner. 1520 Lake _st i p_el . _*2[i_a s Js __ ____ K2 FOR SALE, by dwncr, 193C Fold V-S 1 1 r, \\- 1; 1 1; I loui-iloor sediin. In excellent lunniiiu condition, yood titcs. J',£,0 us is, Mi- Wah-hinKton avenue. Oildale. I'hone _2-:.4;,:. __ f.2 Wll.h TRADR FOR T^ATER CAR, ]9.'!5 T.-TOX FORD TRUCK, Ahl-rSTKKL, BODY, Is'RW MOTOR, HOOD TIRKS (L1CENSR PCF710K). IXQI'IRR ORIGGS '' FOR SALIi— ReaKonnble. 19U4 firaham ttiriM7tHO, by pri\'ate ovvnrr. IK,0 as if. _ 1 40!) Twi'illy-liinth_KtlcHl. _ 02 Full S.M.I-:- lirjit l-'ord l-otlpe: private _|iarty I 7HX sn:l»j_$l O.__61 1 linker. _ li:: FuK S.\ I .K-- fiv ptivate owni-t, Model A I:M, Xirtti J17j UN i*. I'hone. 2-ti*iitl _: 1 rii.r_7. _ __ ___ «:i Foil SALK- -Man's heavy weiiiht blcydf. in Kiiujl ccinditioii. frice Jfili. See at 1.17 llltss slu-ct 01- phone 3-0396 alter 5:30 p. m. 1932 I'ONTIAC sedan (Callf.-U6OU80), new • pray .lob, new urade A-1 tire!, new top, new seal covers; completely overhauled: price S:i20 an i!. By owner. 1'hnit" 2-5S09. US 19;i7 CHKVnOLKT do liTise coupe ('JA277!D, eood niotor. ui>od tlren, radio, heater. Neal bi-ani Itfl^is, new windniiteld whieiItiKtallation: Tfcr,i) an is: also, bed divan, luewar. 'ike new, |6!>. 1S«1 Flower, phone 7 a. in. to 7 p. in , 3-2423. 02 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles I Wanted to Buy—Automobiles THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADMTNSTRA- TION baa set dollari-and-centa celling pt-lcfs on used refrlgeritori. wishing machine*, vacuum cleaners, typewriter!, bed springs, cameras and photographic equipment. Theae maximum prices apply to every seller, even tn an Individual selling his personal household effects. For Information concerning these and all other celling prices, call the Bskers- field War Price and Rationing Board. Phone 9-9419. 6-13-tf TOR USED CARS DRIVE TOUR CAR TO TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-21-tI WE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS SELL ELSE 1 ULL CEILIKG Fl RB BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf WIL.I. PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH i;: s MINUTES. 8-11-tf \VAN"1' 1011 f:hevrolet sedan or cluh coupe, cawlt o i- 19;t7 (.'hevrolpt coupe and cash difference Write Robert Outs. Box V. -Moiav. or cai: Mojave !*'». (12 WANT l!inj-104fl Chcvrol-t coach or cotltn . .Must be in isooil coiidilloii. Will ray rash. Mhonn :. -:, B 4 !l. liL' PUIVATK PARTY wants 1941 or 1012 Siiidcbakpr t'h:unpioti or f'ointnatKipi or r,!hcr light car; ")-TiasH"tit:cr coujie pre- fi'lTPd.__Phoiie 2-.",l.|0 after r,:::tl. «:! WANT to buy. Ford. Chevrolet or Plymouth. I'l .",9 or l!l.|0 model. Will pay cash. _ Phone 3-27:!:;. ii2 FOP. SA1.I-: — I9.T.I l.'ord V-S sedan (S3W22H): pri.-e $2S.'i an is. ptlvate o\vnr-r; can he seen after 6 at 1129 K Mri'ct. l j hon<- 2-^;i7,1. ^Automotive Service, Part* COM LHJTE body and fender repairing, also from wheel alignment. Charles Vleatrom'H Qarage. 1620 Twenty-eighth ati iet. Phone 2-7937. 4-12-tf GRANT nliton ring! last longer. Motor tuned up. greasing and oiling: car storage. Blue Ribbon Cjarage. 1>1« Nlne- _teenth. Phone Z-0«7«. 1-16-tf WE CAN PAINT Tcur Car Immediately. QMAC Budget Plan Call for A. Cartel FRED C SCHWEITZER OLDRMOBILE DEALER Phone 6-5697 Eizhteenth and N 1-4-tf WE HAVE the following used tractor tires, which may be purchased without certificate, 11-36, 10-38, 900-36. 825-36, 550-16, 600-16. Benzine's Auto Service Twentieth and K streets. 9-28-tf ^Motorcycle* and Bicycles FOR PALE—Size 2fi bicvcle with nccpa- noiies. excellent condition. 2115 J'aliu Nireel. r,:: FOR SA I.F, -— Iticvcle. in excellent condition, $-1.x l<>l?_Kast KlBlUeenlh_sti'Hpt. FOIt ,«Ar.10—194(1 streamline Powell motor rcootcr. reaKonatjle. I'hone 2-s:l.'i:t or may be Keen at 4U7 Beardsley av- niie, Ri^-ervlew fl:t For Sale—Lumber O. P. and 2x10 redwood. Liocatlon, Standard OH Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left aide, near Rate. Gate open 9:00 a. m, to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERNT WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 10-7-tf HOtlTS * ROX Cut Rate Lumber Yard, 2200 Edlcon Highway, Bakersfleld. 9-30-tf For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures USED FURNITURE, tools, stoves, miscellaneous articles of all kinds. We will buy anything. Call 4-4828. Authorixed Alnytac service and pans. Furniture repaired. Bob Moiley'e New and Used Furniture Store, 1800 Q. 82 P'OR SALE—New and used mattresses: all kinds of furniture, radios sold, traded and repaired. First olasE workmanship. Pumpkin Centnr Secondhand Store. On Taft Klghway 1% miles west of Greenfield. 68 FOIl SALE—Prewar davenport, dresser. 1801 Cherry. l j hone 4-4SKI. 64 OSKD FURNITURE wanted. W« call any place In city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerlv Roy White Furn Iture Phone 1-1 021.<^.?.-*J ROHKRTK livit'K SPI, prewar, price $tiO; laiKe dlllintf tulili-, prue $15; 4 chairs. $ 1 IP ._ pjiiiiie_4 • 4 ilojj 6:; FOK SALK—By owner, nil furniture of modern five-ronm liotisp, ritss _iiiHl_all_nt I!)_i7_"12yp^' stiwt.__ fil RKKHKiliHATOIl nt,d \vii«hillB machine. Corner Kusi Twi-nly-f irst stteel and _Kfiii. In tnijIiM-. \\'illi;iin Hall. til 3-HrH-Nlvll tiiisiiline sio\o with oven, fust ilns', IJj llniihcs avcnnp. CJIRO.MK itiiH'ltu si't, 11 In- new: pirvviir lindioom Hiiitc. box spriims and 1111101- Npriiifi muttrt'Ns; radio, fi-lt ruff. llxl.'>. lieiv. Phonr :l-L'01.'i. [il 1 GAS TtANi;K with trash burner. I'hone 2-OOH4. Cl For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures Maple rockers with springs, beautiful rovers. $44.50. Writing desUf, mahogany or bleached. $40.00. fi-pifce ilineite sets, $29.50 and up. --piece living room sets, carefully se- Ipoted i-overs, full spring construction. $l"i'J.r,o and up. Hollywoorl beds, twin size, mahogany or maple. $23.05. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of the courthouse. 65 ATTENTION, mothers. We carry a full line of baity furniture, at reasonable prices. H'.'e us hpfore > ou buy. Victory Fuiniturp KxchanEe. *i 1S t'nion avenue I'liotiejl-ioo;,. si; FOK SAT.K—Two mahogany end tables. t\vo throw ru&rs. 4xti: all Jl.'t. I'hiine 3-242CI. FOK SAl.K .-Simmons "» bed. niatln-ss a lid yprintfs, in good condition. HIMI Luke sti''ot, o;: FOR SALK—Prewar Chesterfield and matching chair, wine colored mohair and mahogany, spprinl covered studio coin h Pli-war. ritso biihy blipgy, nrvor bct'i iwnl. 4 Hi Lloyd stre»t. Cinldon Slule Tr;ii-t._east_of South till Highwiiy. KOH SA1.1'.'—Living room set, neurly new. I'lione .1-1119. tfl'l.NKT desk and choir, s i rolhiway bed. 2-|iipce coat anrl dress ensemble, size Hi. ('hone 2-4 H7 after :t p. m. TABLK TOP STOVH. ilini,i B room and brdrnoni suit^. twin bfds. dresser, ru mattresses, lamp and diiv bed. Can be st j r»n nt ]!IL'7 "lOye" street. ICK l!O-\", radio. sewinB machinp. liedroom SPI. dinins set, desk, davenport anc chair, miacellaneoiifl; after ti p. in. 3,",^1 _ < 'lieHter tj:l FOK KALK — Simmons ? 4 bed. mattress nnd .sfiriu^s; in good condition. HOI: l.ake sti-ect. f,3 FOR SALK — Electric mallBle, bed divan and chai". child's large bed with spritlKs. lull Woodrow a.velrtlp, Olldllle. USI-:n FITRNITritK for sale at 730 Quino '" Hlt pt. TI I RI ; ;i-MUE("E Monterey living room set divan makes into bed : blonde maple din PUP. tnbl* witb li upholstered chairs Kood c-ondition. (.'all eveninK.s: phon, _ l'-!M07 __ til FOR SA.L1C cheap, one modprn divan am: chair, one Coca-Cola ice box, a bah chest ot drawers and a library table. We are moving. S»e. at 8(1 5 GI-RIU Drive, Olldllle. FOR SALE—One bedsprins? and two mattresses. 911 K street after i» p. m. 1'bonn 2-Hllf.l, or phone 6-0887 through the day. For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR S.\Li3 — Two reversible raincoats SHOKS for sale, 4',-i-B. Price, 7Sc up fall 2-U26. OXK KRM1.NK COAT, size 40. Price reasonable. Phone "-4^44. FENCING We still have a good soleclinn of poultr> netting and stock fencing, including hen\ y-K.'itiBe barb wiro. COrSINH THACTDH COMPANY 424 Twenty-fourth St. 1'hune 6-(iT1l _^_ _^__ li 7 FOR SALK—Play ni>n nnd biiBB.v. both li wood condition, for $14. i'houe 3-U541 l'!'tU_CHiil^. f, FOR ."ALE—Portable welder, 200 to 800 iiiiip., General KliM-trii:; driven by V-8 motor; cableB. torrhi's, hose and regula tors included; mounted on Chevrolet 1'a ton tnu-k (Calif-KK. r ii;6;il; will Hell as a unit, or separate. For particulars, cal COMHtjETK layette to he sold only as unit. Hassint'tte. scales, prpwar Taylor Tot: show to size 4'if; diapers, shirts rompers, baby buntings, etc. Cull 2-220! only before noon or after 4. SALIC—-Cold Spot electric reftrgerator JUKI as ia. Call after 6:30 p. in., phone FOR SALK—12-Bause do'ublebarrel shot Kim. Call alter f. p. m., phone 2-52S5 2111 Stephens Drive. FOR SALK—IliBh oven BUS ratiKe. odr slra xhl chairs, half bed and tull-flized small bed. complpte with mattress. Also Play pen and GO feet chicken wire. 21: Kast_\y_a£r_on. Phunp 2-l»r>,"i7. t\ FOR SALK—Klpctric meat slicing: machinp practically new. Phone 2-H044. i;: FOR SALK—Lady's all-wool suit, size 40 lady's all-wool suit, si/e Ifl: pair o brown slippers, sr/e 7 AA; black pair SIXP 7 A; two blouses. PIZP Sti; corduroy dress, si/p 5. I'bonp :t-1119. FOR SALK—Thirty acres of Breen alfalfa Will cut and rake liny amount per day Phone _2_-1020. s: FOR SALK—Pink Heedless ThoiiipHor »:raiipviuf-s ah early routed. 1 ,"»c each Illy bulbs, bloom all summer color pink, ll'c per do/,en. Phone 2-Snli lietween 6 nud 8 u. in. and from 4 to t> p. m. FOR SALK—lil-II model A. C. all-crot liHrvet-'pr has been nspd three >ears price Sttr-O To pee no to the tirst rancl on north Kide of Rosedale Highway aflei crosslnif Kern river bridne. 61 For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures I For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures $21.95 BERWYX RUG. 9x12, CHOICE OF COLORS $11!.!I5 A1OUKRXK (JLASS TOP COCKTAIL TABLIO $U'.!>5 MODKRXB GLASS TOP L'-SHELP EXD TABLE $U'.!>» aiODKRXK GLASS TOP 2-SHELF LAMP TABLE $G'J.9o COIL SPRING B10D DIVA7S', PREWAR COXSTRL'CTION THIS COMPLETE LIVIXG-ROOM ENSEMBLE, J100 , All Brand New Pieces—Terms—Limited Quantities ATZ-S) Eighteenth and L Street* Phone 2-6277 For Sal*-—Miscellaneous Flylnr and balsa mnilcl plane klt«. jeeps, trucks, tanks, ships fitting's, balsa wood carving knives, dope and cement. Come In and look around. Edward's Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street. 8-22-tf FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway »9 3 Miles South of Town 9-5-tf WASHING MACHINES r.epaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co.. 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf ONE-DAT SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHADSEN'S 801 Niles Phone 3-1402 68 JABBAGE cauliflower, broccoli, chard. lettuce, celery, onion aetn »trawberry plants, raspberry, blackberry and flower plants bulbs, Ktda and fertilizer; fruit, shade tree. 1 ' and shrubs Plant them now. Krauter Nursery. 601 Eighteenth FKRTfLIZER—100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized. J6 per load delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy. 2-4027. 81 VACUUM CLEANER. Irons, clocks *nd all • mall appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company. 113 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf REPAIR yonr own shoes. We carry a tood stork --f leather and accessories I'or repairing. Paul Hornung. 1C06 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf WARDS HAVE JUST RECEIVED A T.ARGK SHIPMENT OF SPRING BULBS. INCLUDED ARK RANUNCULUS. DUTCH 1KIS, TULIPS, DAFFODILLS AND OTHERS. GET YOURS NOW FOR EARLY BLOOMING. SEE THEM IN WARDS GARDEN DKPT. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. TWENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7S71 6. 1 ! DECORATE your home with mirror*. W« specialize In morrora for mantelfl. walls and doors. Bakersfleld Glass Company. 1715 Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Company. Phone 8-8681. 9-18-tf 50 VOLUME!?, complete Harvard classics. Phone 8-8365 after 3 p. m. fil HEAVY stake bed. steel reinforced 140"x84"x48". adjustable sockets, trailer hitch. Call 2-2455. 61 BARNYARD fertilizer, may be had for the hauling. Phone 2-3478. 61 ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or service, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring, 2-8970. Electroluz Corporation. 1831 Orange street. •« S-1NTII driver table saw with stand and two bl;idf*a. romplete, all but niotor. Pri ••) J:H>- Pee at 813 El Tejon avenue after 4 n. ni. 61 TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAY SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANT 1717 K STREET PHONE 6-«0«l 7-19-tt "Paris Liberated" and "Tank* Capture Guam" and other newsreeli. 8-mm and lb-mm erenic. adventure and cporti pictures. New cartoons. Little King. Dr-iald Duck. Mickey Mouse, eta. Edward's Camera Exchange. ItOt Nineteenth. 9-19-tf N>.w and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest «tock In Kern county, r KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 70 FOR SALE—200-amp. heavy duty G. E. arc welder, powered by V-8 niotor. to be mounted on Chevrolet truck; acetylene outfit. Phone 3-1377. 61 RANCHERS. builders. Prefabricated metal buildings. No priority. Any size or design. Daley Oompany. Mills build- ine. San Francisco. 64 O.N'E pair of 8-Inch hard-toe driller'* boots, size 12; mi stamp. Jli. One outdoor baby play pen, 10x10 feet, $3. 2506 Union No. 1. «J BED AND DRSSER, Jlo; small baby bed. with spriiis and rollers, $6; red fox fnr collar. *30, new. Phone 7-7497. 61 PUBLIC address muBlc Instrument, pirkup and amplifiers. Gore's Radio Shop. Arvln. " NOTICE J. & I. Electric Iron Sbop 811 Nineteenth Street May have heating element* to fit your Iron. Cords and a few motors for sale. FOR SALF—Used cafe equipment Including roun'er, stools, steam table, griddle, dishes, etc. Write Box 263. McFarland. or phone 155L 62 HearltiK wit'n my VACOL1TE, I can laugh with the others when a good joke is told. Clement Hershey, 2735 Center. Phone 3-OS71. 10-9-tt BLACK WALNUT dining room table and 6 chairs, $25; large Ironer, $36 large Ice box, $20, at 711 Kentucky street. • 6] ELECTRIC motor, Westinchouse, 10 horsepower, 3-phase, 44-volt, enclosed 830 r. p. m.. $145. Phone 6-5222. 61 BROWN "ur coat, practically new, for sale. Phone 3-1717. 62 WARDS ALL STEEL FARM TRUCK, ARC-WELDED FRAME FOR EXTRA STRENGTH SMOOTH RUNNING, LIGHT DRAFT. TIMKEN ROLLER HEARING EQUIPPED. AD.1UST ABLE BOLSTERS. ONLY 1 INCHES HIGH FOR EASY LOADING. PRICED AT $104.50 SEE IT TODAY AT WARDS FARM STORE SSL'fi CHESTER AVENUE FOR SAl.K—nine-gray fingertip fur chubby, worn very few times, $75. Cul _ ;l • .^lii: 5 - ONl'I complpte lfl-horsi*power Pomona pump with switchboard, approximately 100 feet setting; price $300. B. J. Handel, TUiutH Hox 103, Waj*co. on AVeMerr H\ i-nui 1 : phoni*. 49i;i. ti" SAX .TOAQI'IN «nd Larey'B feed dcllveret to you. tiudd'u Market, Oildale. Phone (1-S7S1. 6T srrtAPKRS We carry tli« Hi-lie linn of Icvellnc scrap- cri«. These are hydraulic-control type nnd can be easily ad.insted to build holders. from fi to 12 feet, 6 am S-foot models available for immediat delivery. We also have n larKe selection of hydraulic, pumps, valves and adaptors for your tracloi. rOI'SINS TRACTOR COMPANY 424 Twenty-fourth St. Phone 6-C711 ONE HOUSE nnd lot at ono depp well pump, fiO feet ting, i:!00 gallon capacity, gooi rnnditlnn; 2-ton bnle cotton trail ers: one latly'.s black saddle mare f. R. Cort. Phone 3-C008. _ 6J O.N'K F-14 Karmall tractor with cultivator unit fertilizer attachment: new rubber fiimpletplv overhauled. Three miles weal of Shafter on Tulare avenue, % mil« north on Wasco avenue. Phone Shafter 4366. O.N'K 10-hotftepower 220-voIt 3-phase 120( apeed vertical motor, good condition, flOO, Phnne Shatter 4366 or 3 miles west on Tulare avenue, Vi mile north on Wasco avenue. GENERAL ELECTRIC phonograph attach- BIIUU Phone (-172T. For Sal*—Miscellaneous 'RACTORS—One Caterpillar .10 wilh double drum locoing O r hoistlnB wim-h: one fi-cyhndT Model 35 C'letrac with bulldozer. Wea Waldon, 222 South Union. fil ARRVALL SCRAPERS—We have two 15- yard La Planti? Choate cnhle-operatpd si-rapera for 12500 each, as is. W<-s Waldon. 222 South Union. 61 FOR See the DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVENUE. Wn have a limited number of now. not used, nrmy regulation heavy duty 5-cal- lon jeep runs at $1.3.i each while they last. \\"es Waldon. 222 South Union. ^ H2 ;AN DELIVER at once the following new C'ase machinery. Model L tractor; also hay chopper; also 3-bottom plow; also 55- liorse pumping pnBlne. and Adrian bale loaders. C. L. Stiincliff. Twenty-fourth and .\ streets. (>5 SIMPLEX gas it-oner. 26-inch roll; also gas hen ter. Phone 9-93S4. t; 1 CLARK'S auction rale, every Tuesday at 9 a. m., 3',i miles south on Highway 9!l, Rabbits, poultry, miscellaneous, one feed cutter hammer mill, house trailer. Sale ^starts at 9 a. m. _Phone_2-91_7G. 61 '•«.1R SALE—Portable electric welding machine, complete, in eond condition. Also 120-bass piano accordion. Call 6-6;lL'll _or see at 3703 .lewett avenue. ti2 FOR SALE—Dry ear corn on stalks. Phone 2-1961. f,l 'OR SALE— Used hot water heater In A-1 condition. ran he Been at Koule 4. Box Sal. last house on Olive Drive. _ 61 IET TOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's leadln . rubber stamp company. You will be satisfied witb its prompt seivice. Pads. inks. (Inters of all makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102.. 69 LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts anl service, fall Welll'» service department. 5-5851. 1-5-tf VACUUM CLEANERS. Irons, toasters, heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. 917 Water street. Phone 2-4570 or _2 1 9_3_54 : 80 FOR SALK—Man's prewar bicycle, good condition. $50; also practically new .'Ui- inch mattress and 2 pairs 3-ttleat drapes and chenille spread for sinKlp lied. 41 r, Dougla.HS_j;UTet. I'hone 2-42H2. til; FOR SALE—Wool plaid coat with Kipppr. pair pants, brown pin stripe suit, tan »port_^coat, all_Rize. 12. Phone 2-5X07. BASKETBALL with' ring and backboard. J15; alr'o lady's prewar bicycle, nearly ni'\v. $45: niptlium nine boys' bicycle, $25; larup size boys' bicycle. $40. J'honp Don't wait any longer. Plant now for fall and winter vegetables. Onions, cabbage, cauliflower, celery and head lettuce at oOc per hundred, very cheap per dozen. Snapdragons, stocks, calendula and other bedding plants. Lovely second-year-old columbine, delphinium, foxgloves at reasonable prices. Fresh cut flowers at all times. Open Sundays. Call 1311 O street, corner Fourteenth and O streets. Sale Saturday and Sunday. FOR SALK—A wardrobe trunk. Phone _ ,1^1407 after 5 p. m. (i:! LAROB old-fashioned roll top desk. 6 feet lonB. 3 feet deep, 3 feet hiph. $50 cash. I'hone 2-lllSS. 63 Radios, Musical Instruments We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio o Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12-2-tf PIANO WANTED—Highest cash prices paid for new and used pianos. Phone -8981. »-12-M CAR AERIALS for any make ot ear, SOS and up. Poston Radio corner of K street and 89 Highway, »-l-l HIGHEST PRICES paid for used radio*. Bakersfleld Radio Pupply, 1808 Chester avenue. Phone 2-5160. 8-11-tf WILL PAY highest cash price for your piano. Call 8-867S. l-2«-tf Several good reconditioned radios. Priced $20 to $3b. Quick service on radio re- poirs. Buck's Radio Service. Phone 2-5193. 715 Washington avenue. Oildale 62 WANT TO BUT amall shortwave portable radio for serviceman overseas. Phone 2-7197. RADIO REPAIRS Quick serlvce. Oenersl Service Company. 3U Baiter. Phone i-9278 4-24-tl TOP PRICES paid for late model radios Poston Radio Service, corner of K and 99 Hlghwai. Phone 1-0498. 2-1-ti FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities tor mounting and dismounting auto radios Aerials Installed while you wait, POSTON RADIO Corner K Street-and 99 Highway 3-27-tf Radios, Musical Instruments ------------ >J->-->J-J-'-> J-i-r,Jn_r- L ri-nJ--ru-a--ILii_ru-_r,j^i.,iJ u i,^-^ FOR SALK—Ttadio-phonoKrai>h combination, dininpr tnblc-. 4 chairs, floor lamps, waxophonp C-meludy. cold plated; round tahh>. 203 Kast Seventh, phone n-2-{ti4. I'JANO for pale. Kimball practice piano.^ walnut raM-. in Rood condition, has hern thorouKhly reronditioned and Is fully BmiranU'Pd. Full price $125. term* J8.S4 per month. I-'rop delivrry. Halihvin Piano Distributers, 1513 Seventeenth Typewriters, Office Supplies WILL PAr CASH for typewriters, adding machines, checkwriters and cash registers. Lynch Typewriter Company. 1650 Chester avenue. <-19-tf WANTED—Flat-ton desk, typewriter, typewriter desk, leffal-slze file cabinet, office chairs. Phone 2-8769 after 4 p. m. M Fruits and Vegetables $1.89 Full Lug. Bring your own container!. 1019 Baker East Bakersfleld 9-7-tt Vine Ripened Lug, 7Bc 1019 Baker St. East Bakersfield 10-fi-tl SWEET POTATOES for sale. Viirsery. iiOl Eighteenth. Krauter's 10-B-tf rroi Bring bjt won't Inst lonjr. Slirlngr nr My the IIIB, J1..10 and up. J'OTTKP,' NfRSF.RY l!iiP.9 Lake Street B2 FOR SALE—White Rose and Ilnnspt pota- tors and Washington parked appli's: ran- niiiB pears. Maple's Market, on Third and Tnmn. T'hone 2-lfi3f,. 62 CHOICE APPLES . WP have received another load of Watsonville apples. These apples are all of choire quality. You will find the Bolll'leur and Pippins are large, fine canning apples and can be purchased for the following low prices: Bellflpurs, $2.R9 per box. Pippins, $:i.49 per box. Also Delicious, ifS.S!) per box. AVe also have Tehaehapl commercial Ktissett potatoes at $3.49 per sack, some No. 1 Tehachapi long white potatoes at $3.79 pet- sack. Jloonpy's Market Spot, Kiphteeiith and Union. Phon* :i-iil)Bl. C7 Legal Notices NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL fROFERTS AT PRIVATE SALE No. 200319 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles. In the Matter of the Estate of ALFRED EDWARD VE.NTON. (al«o known u A. E. VENTON). Deceased. Notice Is hereby given, that the undersigned. Dorothy Agnes Venton, Admin- istratrix with the Will annexed of the estate of said Alfred Edward Venton, deceased, will sell at private sale, to the highest and best bidder, upon the terms and conditions hereinafter specified and subject to confirmation by said Superior Court, on and after October 21. 1944. at the office of said Administratrix with the Will annexed. Rooms 201-2-3-4 Neville Building. In the City of Monrovia, California, all the right, title. Interest and estate of said decedent In and to all that certain real property described as follows: The East Half of the East Malt of the Northwest Quarter; the East Half of the West Halt of the Northwest Quarter: the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quar- er of the Northwest Quarter: and the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, and the West 20 feet of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, all In Section 11. Township 25 South. Range 26 East. Mount Diablo Base and Meridian, In the County of Kern. State of California, and containing Ul acres, more or lens. Terras and conditions of sale are cash, lawful money of the United States, on confirmation of sale and delivery of deed by said Administratrix with the Will annexed. Said real property will be sold subject to County Taxes for the fiscal year 1944-46 and subject also to all conditions, reservations, covenants, restrictions, easement*, and rights of way or record. If any. affecting eaid real property and subject further to a reservation of one-half'of all oil, gas, petroleum and other hydrocarbonate substances found or underylylng said land or that may be produced and saved therefrom. Bids or offers for the purchase of said real property must be In writing and will be received by said Administratrix with the Will annexed at the office aforesaid at any time after the first publication of this notice and before the date of sale. Dated this 29th day of September. 1944. DOROTHY AGNES VENTON. Administratrix with the Will annexed of the Estate ot Alfred Edward Venton. also known as A. E. Venton). deceased. Dunn ft Sturgeon. 201-2-3-4 Neville Bids.. Monrovia, California, Attorneys for eald Administratrix, C. T. A. September 29. October 16 Incl. NOTICE OP INTENTION TO ENOAriE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BKVKK- ACJES—October 9, 1944. To Whom It May Concern: Notice 'is hereby given that fifteen days after the diite posted, the undor- aigned propones to sell alcoholic bevi>r>iK<( HI thPKi? prcMiiisea. dest-ribm! as follow*: Brand Blvd.. Krazler Mountain Park. Kern County. Pursuant to such Intention, the undersigned is applying to the State Board of Kqiiiilizat ion for i,««uance of an jil<:oholic Vu'veniKOs license (or licenses) for thpp'i premises as follows: On Snle Beer and Wine License. Anyone desiring to protest the Isfliianceof such llcensp(s) mny j'ile a v*?rified protest with the State Board of lOaualization at Sacramento. California, statint? grounds for denial ns provided by law. Tho premises are now Ik-nnsPd for tho pale of alcoholic beverages. James E. VfnlKHf. October 10. OBITUARY NOTICES tTAKK, CLINTON—Funeral services for Clinton Clark, 3-year-old snn of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Clark of Richmond, were held nt 2 p. m. Saturday from the chapel of Delano Mortuary with the Reverend Konald White, pastor of Delano Community Rlelhodint Church, officiating. Interment WHS in Delano Cemetery. The child, a native of Delano, died October 5 in Kirhmond. He is survived by his i>n rents and one brother, all of Richmond. M1IJJGAN. 'FRA&KR R.—Funeral services for Fiaaer R. Milligan, ft 6, who died October 7 at a Phoenix, Ari'/.. hospital, will be held October 11 at 10 a. m. at B net el & Frietzsche Funeral Home in rorterville. Interment will be in J'or- tprvillo Cemetery. Mr. Milligan iH a former resident of Porterville and Exeter where he wns in the rattle business. He moved to Avondale. Ariz.. 12 years ago. Survivors nre his father, the Reverend J. A. Milligan, Porterville; hit* wife, Mrs. Callie Mill tea n, Claremont; two fiHlet'B. Mrs. Klhel Wrifiht and Mrs. Charles BiRhnm. both ot" Forlerville. SIMMS. rUFFORD C.—Funeral servlcea for Clifftml C. Simms. 51, 303 Second Mieet. Taft, who died Friday, wore held Monday morning at 11 a. ml from thn fhaiiH of Si offer Funeral Home, wilh tin; Reverend Carl Hioi-kinu conduct in K th»- HtM'vit'PH. Mr. Si linn s, a veteran of First World AVttr and a resident of the "West Side for l'S ypurs, was hoi'n in iJpuiinn, Iowa. December 2, tSiJl'. At the lime of hi« death he had beon in the employ o£ the Brlridsn Oil Comptiny for nine years nnd previous to that hnd be"n a trucking contractor here. He is survived by his widow. Henrietta: two rlauRhters. Mrs. Dolores Rhetton of Tiitt nml Misw Cecile Pitnnis of Santa Barbara Plate Collie; his mother, Mrs. Minnl* A lice SininiH, and a brother. William Simms. both 'if Gardenia, and n grand-* son, Clifford Shelton, of Taft. Kntomh- mont was in the Angeles Abbey Mausoleum at Compton today at 1 p. m. Ttcri/KT. MAMJEI,— Funeral service* for Manuei Tuculet, 40, who died October 7 north of Orange Belt Highway, wilP be held October 11 at fl:30 a. m. at St. Joseph's Church, the Reverend Thomas J. Kar!y officiating. Interment will be in Vnion Cemetery. Rosary will be conducted October 10 at 8 p. ni. at Hopson Mortua ry. Pallbearers are Raymond Ca.sianehoa, Inocencio Juarena, John An- sohtbehere. Pedro Baraxabal, Alejandro Hernal and Auspicio Zn mho ran. Mr. Tuculet was born and raised In Kern county anl was an active member of the Woulgrowers Association. Survivors are parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P. Turulet, Bak- ersfietd; brothers. Pete Tuculet. Mojave; .Tnc Tuculet. John Tuculet, Frank Tucu- let, all of Bokorsfleld: sisters, Mrs. Mary Xnhrnlrl. Kfttleman City; Mrs. Christine CeccnrplH, Bakersfieltl. and eight nieces and nephews. WYNNK. THOMAS J.—Funeral norvlcea for Thomas J. Wynne. f»9. who diod Oc- iobor ^ at a local hospital, were held October 10 at 1 p. m. at Doutfhty-Cal- iHiuml-O'Moar.'t CbHitol, tho Reverend Ralph fox officiating:. Interment WHH in l T n ion Cemetery. Pallbearers were Max SimtiiH Hurry Headon. Raymond (i. T:i y lor. Ouy Timmons. Fred C. Schwrit- Ker and ';. C. Patterson. Survivlnv Mr, Wynne a.'e his widow, Mrs. .Ian* Mi Wvnne. 1111 F.iffhtecnth street: brothern. John Wynne nnd Chuide Wynne, both of Fresno: George Wynne. Han ford; sister. Mrs. Alleo Linvllle, San Francisco; Miss Anno Wynne. Fresno; several nieces and nephews. « UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digfor CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 Chttttr Avenue »t Thirteenth J, 0. Fltekhujir - Frank Ditto AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT «

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